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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  October 3, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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live from the cvs transit studio this is kpix5 studios news. >> that is all it took clenching the championship took a look at how the bay area is celebrating the giants big win. >> the giants would not have it any other way. >> i cannot say what i want to feel. i am going crazy. >> tomorrow, it is only an air
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quality advisory. that is an improvement. i'm going to show you how things really change for the better in this forecast, coming up. plus, how emergency crews came to the rescue to save and east bay families dog. >> but, we start with a live look at oracle park. the giants ending the regular season in a major way. we want to thank you so much for joining us. >> i will bet that your job is easier today than it was yesterday. >> reporter: much easier. everybody is happy today. you know the game ended after 3:00, but there is so much excitement and joy that a lot of fans just don't want to leave the park that is why they are packing the nearby bars and restaurants, and they are
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continuing to celebrate this big win. >> the last out of the game in regular-season giants fans slat 162 games for this celebration. friends hugged and strangers high-fived each other to celebrate one of seven wins, the best in the league. >> this is what you want in baseball, the giants would not have it any other way >> i can't say what i want to feel. i'm going crazy. >> that is because the giants of this year's cinderella story. not even the diehard fans in the beginning expected them to
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have the best record. >> nobody expected them to be the nls champions but here we are, we beat the dodgers. this is the most wins in giant history, this is absolutely awesome. >> 42,000 fans and some of them fans for more than six decades. >> michael fitzgerald said he had to be here to witness a franchise history. they are proud of the players and proud to be a giants fan. >> this is worth the whole season, all of the torture. nobody saw us coming. we are going to go all the way. >> reporter: 107 wins and fans are dreaming big. they are talking about the world series. other fans a little more cautious saying let's take it one game at a time. nonetheless, a lot of great celebrations happening today in a lot of happy giants fans.
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>> thank you. let's go to your your sports anchor live at oracle park with what is next for the giants. >> no giants team has won more games than this 2021 squat and yet, it took until the final day of the regular-season to get it done. there was a struggle to finish the victory. it was euphoric for the giants and finish with a franchise record 107 wins and beat the dodgers by one game to win their first nl west title since 2012. i caught up with the team captain during the celebration.
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>> you know, i'll be honest with you. this is something i want to really bad. this has been a special team all year long. this is just such according to set the franchise record. i'm going to tell my kids a better step it up. they are living with the winner and we don't allow losers in this household, so they better step it up. >> as we send it back to you in the studio, nine nl west titles. i have been fortunate enough to be around the last six and let me tell you something, it is like choosing your favorite kid we try to figure out which one means more. take it away. >> plenty of giants fans are celebrating a big win on social media. some have already gotten their
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championship shirts, and they'll shine those off. >> switching gears to some news happening, surfer critically injured after being attacked by great white off of the coast of sonoma county. other surfers and bystanders were able to help the man get to shore. he was rushed to the hospital. . >> now, let's go to a live shot of the golden gate bridge. our meteorologist is joining us now with more of the temperature dropped on our way. >> we are in october summer right now. 80s in the city with a big drop coming for the second half of the week first, we are going to talk about air quality. that is going to get better. you can see the haze out there looking ahead tomorrow, their quality is going to improve. it is an air quality advisory
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that is one step down. we will see a lot of moderate around the bay area , but we should be pulling in the smoke going to show you much more on that later. that covers the forecast side of this. this morning, there was a minor earthquake that happened that 502 a.m. way down in the south bay northeast of morgan hill. it wasn't widely felt so if you're in the south bay and you thought you felt something, for context, we had an earthquake yesterday and it is not related. the reason we know that is because this one happen just off of the calaveras fault. the one that happened yesterday was just off of the hayward fault. these were not related in any way. more than 100,000 gallons
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of oil has spilled into the ocean. in fact, a new video shows a pipeline leak that may be to blame. crews are continuing to clean up the area today. >> birds have been spotted covered in oil from the spill. the situation is being described as a potential ecological disaster. >> are wetlands are being degraded, and portions of our coastline are now covered in oil. >> my throat hurt, and you can feel the vapor in the air. >> cleanup crews are urging people not to touch the oil covered holes. the coast guard is urging residents to stay out of the water as crews clean up the oil. a violent weekend continues in oakland with police responding to yet another deadly
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shooting. the woman later dying from her wounds. there is no word on any suspect so far. police responded to a shooting in police say dirk tillotson was killed in his own home during an apparent robbery. he dedicated his life to helping students in east oakland. new at five, first responders in the east bay are being called heroes tonight after they saved a pet during a house fire. oakley firefighters said they heard a dog barking in this smoke-filled house on east ruby street this morning. when they finally found the pitbull, it was unconscious and barely breathing. >> the owner is so relieved. >> that is her child.
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the dogs are human, and the spokesperson says the dog will be okay and everyone living out the house also got out safely. the cars can drive more business into san francisco's chinatown. >> one of the bay area's biggest vaccines holdouts to get the shot. we have the details coming up in sports. >> cbs news are about to unmask a facebook whistleblower who left the social network with thousands of pages of research recently filing federal complaints against facebook. she reveals her identity
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>> is a infrastructure bill and domestic agenda but mr. biden says he is ready to go to battle to get it back on track. tom hansen has the latest from new york. >> president biden expressed frustration over the rift in his own party calling the domestic agenda. last week, the house failed to hold rell.
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progressive crwi sut without a separate 2 tron d spending package which moderate democrats say is too costly. >> this is coming for the more conservative part of the democratic party in those other conversations that we need to have. >> chuck schumer expressed optimism, a deal will be reached. >> democratic lawmakers are also working with the white house to increase the nations that limit to prevent the u.s. from defaulting telling democrats to do it on their own. gop senators have indicated they will support raising the debt ceiling. >> the treasury department estimates a government funding deadline will come no later than october 18th. tom hansen, cbs news. house speaker nancy pelosi
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says more time is needed to get a deal on passing both bills. >> and old county jail had some resonance to support saving it back in 1903, but the county voted last month to tear it down. and architectural foundation once the building transferred to another entity and preserved for historical and cultural reasons. one local resident says he has a personal connection to the jail. >> i was in there twice, and the last time i was in there right before they closed it down, the holding cell was so full, i had to spend time in the bathroom with four other guys. >> why do you want it saved? >> because of the history. >> renovating would've cost too much. they plan to replace with a new three-story complex with county offices. >> business owners and
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community activists organized a car show in san francisco's chinatown this weekend. they're helping to jumpstart its economy. >> organizers hope the sports cars and luxury vehicles will drive tourists to the area. they are still struggling to recover from the pandemic and i wave of anti-asian discrimination and violence. >> if you came down here in the middle of the pandemic last year, it was empty. it was such a sad sight to see. >> the street largely empty and many of its storefront shutters shuttered. things have improved, but they have yet to return to pre- pandemic levels. >> our purpose with this car show, we want to bring back more visitors, okay and the customers back to chinatown. >> for san francisco's chinatown, the economic slowdown was only a part of the
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problem. the immunity -- the community was hit hard. >> there is still a long way to go. >> it is our duty and our obligation to our community, especially with this being our backyard to do something about everything that is going on in the community on the hates, the violence, and businesses shutting down. >> >> a beautiful looking view this morning looking out towards the golden gate bridge. there is no marine layer here, but there is also less in the way of smoke. the air quality for the most part is good. for the most part, there is still smoke coming our way. the view from today's high- resolution satellite shows us that there is no marine layer off of the coast which you can see the plume of smoke there is not as much of it. you can visualize where the
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smoke is. see the higher concentrations of smoke. let's watch it over the next couple of days. we do still have an air quality advisory but watch what happens as we transition. that is tuesday going into midnight. as we go through tuesday, we are going to start pushing that smoke away, because there is a whole scale shift you are really going to see the change in the seven day forecast. there is a small chance of rain and we will look at that in one second.
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some of these were cord out tomorrow. tuesday, it starts, wednesday, thursday, and friday, it is really different and much cooler. you can see the big change out here in the pacific. there is not a lot to this. watch that line of organized showers try to get here in then fall apart just as it gets to northern california we are not going to get much out of that. we're going to start this sunday we haven't got much here, but there is a little bit of rain that falls upon the northwest coast. for the second half of the week, it looks better, it is mainly in the sierra you do see the gauge but a little bit. some of the models want to say we will get rain here in the bay area that there is not enough agreement on that yet. it doesn't look too impressive.
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we'll go from the low 90s today down to 70 on thursday have a slight chance of a sprinkle by friday. all right, guys, back over to you. i will call my down to santa clara and the 49ers where the niner empire got a long look at
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there was a franchise record with 107 wins. >> if you got to write greatest days of your life
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professionally, this has got to be at the top. >> this is number one so far. >> was the celebration like? >> it was fun. it is a fun time in there. a lot of alcohol being thrown around. >> the 49ers trey lance replaced jimmy garoppolo . tied at 7-7 middle of the third, russell wilson as he always does scrambled around and going to escape and get in for a 16 yard touchdown run. seattle took a 14-7 lead. to the ensuing kickoff, trent cannon, fumble, got it back trying to get him, he fumbled again. two plays later, someone will nca rough to drives but on the
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drive, the seahawks faced third and 10 from the 41. wilson's past incomplete. two plays later, alex eased his way through the defense for 14 yard touchdown run to make it a two score game. the seahawks won the game 28- 21. the 49ers second straight loss as they fell to 2-2 for the season. >> to chris bassett, they were down and chris davis not ready for the season to end. at 409 foot blast to tie the game 6-6. there was a walkoff single. houston won the game 7-6 and
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they will play chicago in the final game for the a's longhouse manager. >> big news out of warriors. andrew wiggins has been vaccinated. he changed his stance i will now be allowed to play in all home
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that is it for us at five. we will see you back here at six for a full hour of news. >> cbs weekend news is next. captioning sponsored by cbs . >> duncan: tonight a major oil spill off southern california. crews scramble to contain the crude after an offshore pipeline ruptured. at least 126,000 gallons pour into the ocean. beaches are fouled, wildlife killed. >> the impact to the environment is irreversible. >> also tonight vaccination or suspension for not getting shots. some as early as tomorrow. the crackdown rejected in some states. >> i truly believe that the mandate only divides us and only divides us more. >> duncan: overseas, covid contradiction. poor countries still bait for vaccines but in europe the virus' retreat mark


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