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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  October 3, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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i trust 'em. i think you can too. call now! live from the cbs bay studios, this is kpix5 news. in oakland educator is shut and killed in his own home. family and friends reflect on the legacy he leaves behind. >> we lost a leading light in the community. frustration intensifies in the south bay as police break up another sideshow. good morning, it is sunday, october 3rd. let's take it quick check of our weather. another warm day just like yesterday. we might be a little cooler but you won't notice differce.
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the air-quality issues are the same. there is another spare the air alert today. temperatures out there are mid- to upper 50s. there is no marine layer unless you were right at the beach. clear skies with maybe a cloud at the coast today. we will see it at the golden gate like we did yesterday. 82 with the average. it will be a bit warm out there. back over to you. in oakland community is stunned and in morning. and activists fighting for the city's poorest students was gunned down in his own home. we spoke with family and friends and has new details we are learning about the victim. >> repor enheion and li he funded a help udenin see.
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meet the founder of a nonprofit called gradeschool voices. he advocated and talked about school inequities and how to level the playing field. one of his projects was digital inclusion making sure students have access to computers and the internet. >> his longtime friend was shocked by the murder. he says derek was always about helping others. >> he was not loud, but you just love the laughed and it was a hearty laugh and he was filled with joy. >> reporter: investigators say someone broke into his house of white a night in the maxwell park neighborhood. he apparently woke up and confronted the lled m inside his home. someone also shot his wife. she is recovering from her
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injuries. >> he died protecting those that he loved. >> reporter: the managing director of his nonprofit says the murder is a huge loss in the education community. he spent the last three decades working with students in charter schools. >> it is going to be really hard to move forward. he would not want us to not figure it out. >> reporter: he is survived by his wife and an adult son. no one has been arrested in the case. police are investigating whether or not this was a home invasion incident. >> the shooting was oakland's 105th homicide of the year. police have made an arrest in a domestic violence incident that turned deadly. police say ortiz ran from the
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the woman had serious injuries and would die at the hospital. he has been booked for murder, domestic violence and resisting an officer. san jose neighbor say they have had enough after police broke up another sideshow. the nightly chaos needs to end. >> reporter: sideshows have become more frequent around city hall and across the city in recent months. residents and workers tell us they start around midnight and can go until 4:00 a.m. in recent months, this kind of sideshow activity has become more brazen but people firing guns into the air. moving from the outskirts of the city to the heart of downtown san jose. >> i am scared and nervous just for my vehicle. they sound like motorcycles but it is also the lights. people go around an
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s and works near e girls walking to and from the sorority houses. i do not go to at this establishment. >> reporter: houdini smoke shop is a few doors down. workers here have witnessed sideshows outside their business. >> whenever the road gets blocked off or anything it really effects our business. the sideshows happen around the bar and the club scene time. a lot of those people into getting stuck in that traffic. you get drunk and rowdy people in the same area which is not a good mix. >> right when you get to the 380 exit on fourth street. i was caught up on that one for at least 20 minutes. >> reporter: today police tweeted that officers responded to a sideshow in the parking lot at capitol expressway on
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friday night. they towed three cars and sighted 10 other peoptivitynot city. we will continue to respond inkpix5 . s. the city of san jose has gone after social media sideshow promoters. a judge granted an injunction against two defendants aiding and abetting sideshows on instagram. a magnitude 3.5 earthquake struck las vegas. the epicenter was located near the oakland zoo. the shaking started on saturday. there was another quake in that same general area. it was 3.0. no reports of damage caused by either earthquake. millions of americans took to the street rallying in support of women's reproductive
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route's, reproductive rights. we were at saturday's rally in san francisco and have details on the activists call to action. >> reporter: thousands of people marched down busy streets onsaturday chanting and waving signs and hoping that the pro-abortion rights message is heard loud and clear. >> i came out here today to protect women's rights. >> i am here to defend women's rights. >> reporter: the march took place as the supreme court gets ready to reconvene. the nation's highest court declined a request to block the texas abortion law which advocate see as the most restrictive antiabortion bill from going into effect. evans
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abortion points cardiac activity is detected which takes place around six weeks. the law makes no exceptions for pregnancies resulting from incest or . it doesn't impact californians but many activists fear that other states will follow texas's lead. >> reporter: the march was just one of hundreds of marches that were happening across the country. that included marches in the east bay and south bay as well. many antiabortion applicants express the responses to the marches online the leader of a major antiabortion rights called it macabre. many participants told us they were inspired by the turnout. >> a lot of people turned out. lots of energy.
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>> when i saw all these people, i was really shocked and emotional. >> it makes me happy to see not only women but men of all ages too. >> reporter: kpix5. more events are planned around the bay area. the supreme court will reconvene on monday. still ahead, encouraging news from firefighters as they managed to corral a wildfire and shasta county where arson is the suspected cause. but happened before several police officers open fire on a man at a popular tourisspot. here is alive look outside at oracle park. we will be back
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welcome back. on the fire watch this morning, shasta county fire crews say the fire is fully contained. claims burned more than 8500 acres. palo alto woman is facing charges for allegedly starting that fire. a real pretty seen this morning from the camera all the
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way up up sutra tower. this one has the best vantage point looking down at the golden gate ridge. there is marine layer out there. it is pretty much in the immediate golden gate ridge area. it does help keep that summer by going. it doesn't cool the city down a whole lot today. we will be well into the city. when you go into the 70s in the city it will be a relatively warm to hot day. 60, san jose. 58, oakland. i will give you a quick look ahead to the daytime highs which don't change a whole lot from yesterday. 94, concord. we we'll top out at 94 in livermore. santa rosa, 93. in terms of the air-quality, we talked about despair the air that stays in effect today for
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at least one more day. a lot of it does have to do with those temperatures we just saw. we cannot ignore the fact that there is a good amount of smog in the resolution future cast a way into monday. by that point, we are seeing smoke getting pulled west. it gets dragged right over the bay area. by tuesday, this will change. a whole skill shift in the way the atmosphere is set up over us. that will come mainly from the system or at least get started from the system sitting way out here in the north pacific. this is staying away from us but the southern edge of it will develop a good band of showers and as we let that play head into wednesday morning, there is an organized line of rain just poised in the right location to bring rain to the
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bay area. is good is it looks, that system falls apart before it is able to get care. the best way to see how the ring come together is to take the math in color and where it's going to rain where you can actually measure the rainfall. we will take it from tuesday morning and let her play all the way into sunday. by that point, there is not much here. as good as that rain looked off the coast, it does bring measurable rain to crescent city. it does not bring much rain elsewhere. we get a little bit of rain in the sierra, and that is it. we would like to see more rain totals in the sierra. you can see the temperatures cooling off as we go through the remainder of this week. we will do the same thing with our microclimate with low 70s by the time we get toward the end of this week and into next
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weekend. that will get us back down to average but even below average for the entire second half of this forecast. at this point it is just an increase in clouds. no measurable rain in the forecast as we get towards the end of this coming week. >> i like those mild temperatures midweek for sure. >>'s classic fall. we get the big warm-up and then the drastic change. the season is changing. a man has been arrested after stabbing a woman at a tourist hotspot in los angeles. it happen in hollywood. police say the man with a knife step that woman. the police got there, the man had the weapon in his hand. officers ordered him to drop the knife but he refused. officers began shooting. >> two or three cop cars pulled
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up simultaneously. they had their guns drawn. i started filming. as soon as i started filming, that is when we heard the shots . >> both the suspect and the victim are in the hospital. police say it is unclear if they knew each other. the u.s. coast guard is working off newport beach. it is possible that oil spill will make its way too short today. right now it is unclear where it came from. brady and belichick will square off in new england this evening. after winning so many games together, only one can be victorious tonight. a college football saturday yesterday. it is title time in the city of san francisco. all the giants needed to do was
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shake the most wins in franchise history is what it will take to win the west this year. san francisco has won 11 of 14. it comes down to game 162. the city was buzzing yesterday. we've got lots of boats and the
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scoreless pitching into the six, manny machado with a rbi single. the padres are on the board. in the bottom of the inning, slater tater the pinch-hit homer and mlb record 18 time the giants pinch hitters have left the yard. 84 pitches and replace by zach. a runner at third. austin slater spikes it into the outfield grass. plenty deep enough. j cronin worse with another clutch hit for san diego with two outs. the single drives in the go- ahead run. they get wilmer flores to pop it up. giants seven game winning streak was over. >> there's something about the thoughts of giants players
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making laps around oracle park. that sounds better than the dodgers losing last night and clenching, right? >> i just wanted to end tonight. if it comes to that, i will come back out and forget. i will see what i need to see. >> he sums it up. giant fans had some adult sodas. clayton kershaw was placed on it 10 day dl after injuring his elbow. the dodgers were up 4-1 in the fourth inning. a two run homer to center field. dodgers beat the brewers, 8-3. bob melvin was not in a good mood last night. the oakland ace were down and then kyle tucker hits a homerun and they fall to the astros 10- 4. and now to the conference of
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champions. that would be the third ranked oregon ducks. the 49ers trey lance with a thriller. stanford tied the game on the final play of regulation. third and 11. the third touchdown pass of the game. it becomes touchdown or bus for oregon. fourth and eight. anthony brown. what can brown do for you? return to center. what a huge win for stanford. >> a heartbreaker in washington last weekend. may be the highlight of the day and really all of college football. maybe the highlight of the year. kevin jackson jr. the one- handed snack and a toe tapper.
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oh, my goodness. that was all washington state would need. 21-6. nick nash is plying, playing wide receiver. the final minute and the first stop the spartan syrup three. touchdown, spartans. 37-31. and we have simultaneous baseball today. the dodgers, the giants, that is all that is needed for a san francisco division title. a familiar face takes the field when the new england patriots takes the field. tom brady will be in tampa bay. michael george has a look at the looming showdown. >> reporter: in the final hours before the big match-up, patriots fans are soul-
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searching. >> tom brady is my guy. >> reporter: does rooting for the home team mean rooting against tom brady the quarterback who led that came to six super bowl victories. >> when brady returns to face new england on sunday, it will be his first time back since leaving for tampa bay where he won his seventh super bowl ring with the box. brady is feeling the moment, but only for a moment. >> i have a lot of great friends there, but i'm going to kick their butts this week. >> reporter: ticket prices have soared to over $1000. they are drying fans from around the country including this group from texas. >> the tickets were outrageous. it is completely worth it. >> reporter: he has had season tickets for 21 years. >> is going to be exciting to
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see him come on the field. >> reporter: for him, it is the team over tom. >> the patriots are my team. you have to stay with your team. >> reporter: and while this is brady's first come back to foxboro, it is probably not his last. he expects to keep playing until he is 50. at the college level, fans at the university of kentucky put all team said celebratory fires on the streets. firefighters responded to at least five separate incidents including couches and trusts that were burning. several fire trucks were hit by debris that were thrown from the crowd. so far, no arrests. how and oakland hills community is remembering a
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deadly fire that ripped through several neighborhoods 30 years ago. we look at where things stand with president biden's agenda in congress.
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live from the cbs bay studios, this is kpix5 news. thank you so much for joining us. let'start this half
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hey th els most tito yesterday. the weekend, things are not changing. there is a dramatic cooldown that will take place. today will be caught with air- quality moderate from most locations. me check back in on the complete forecast, i will give you the details of what it looks like air quality wise. temperatures are cool and santa rosa at 50. everyone else is mid-50s or around 60. it is mid-90s for inland locations. that is about 12 degrees above average. it is going to be hot for those inland locations. there is another spare the air. back over to you. this month marks 30 years since a massive wildfire tour
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through neighborhood. it became known as the oakland hills fire. three decades later, people who were there remember those who died and talked about lessons learned. >> and with that, it will never jump the freeway. how could it jump the freeway? we went home and started throwing stuff in the car. >> 3300 homes were destroyed including two first responders. this morning nearly 30 years to the day, oakland leaders gathered at the station. awol of titles has been erected to memorialize the horror and the loss of the days of followed. the oakland mayor remembers searching the ruins of her home as a young girl. >> we found a lump of metal that my dad told me was some silver that he had been looking forward to give to me as a wedding present one day.
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i am so sorry. >> reporter: don barker was a fire captain and sent to a rally point at the fairmont hotel with one simple order. >> my instructions were, do not let it burn down. it did not burn down. >> five engine companies protected the iconic hotel. fighting the fire was chaotic. no coordination between agencies and equipment did not fit with one another. a lot of hard lessons were learned that we can. >> we must all embrace and understand the response to the fire continues to this day with our prevention efforts. >> communities practice feels reduction in first responders share a common communication
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system. modern mutual aid agreements have been established to mobilize resources quickly and with better coordination. as the chief read the names of those who died, it came with the challenge to those still living. >> in honor of all those we lost we have a responsibility to make our communities safer, more prepared, a more resilient. >> reporter: in 1991 a fire that. seemed unimaginable. but now they happen on a regular bases. it all started with a wake-up call 30 years ago in the hills above oakland. kpix5 . >> the fire was known as the tool fire. the fire started on october 19 and wasn't fully controlled until october 23rd. this is a live look at the
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lighthouse where a major part of the president's agenda hangs in the balance. the senate extended the act by another month. it was a rare saturday session and they took care of that business in less than four minutes. >> the extension heads a president biden for his signature. 3700 employees that were furloughed cannot return to work. the debate continues over the infrastructure bill and a bigger bill on social programs. the major holdup is democratic infighting. >> there is no reason why both of these bills could not pass independently. it's a simple proposition. and so i think it makes sense. i support both of them. >> senate republican leader mitch mcconnell said that
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democratic leaders are leading the radical left when capitol hill. he is upset that the houses twice the later bill after the senate passed the bill in august. federal employees will either have to get a vaccine shot where look for a new place to work. agency officials can enforce the vaccine mandates next month. the disciplinary will begin on november 9. agencies can start with counseling in providing educational material. if employees resist getting a shot, they can be terminated. brett kavanaugh has tested positive for covid-19. he is fully vaccinated. earlier last week the 50-year- old tested negative with the other justices. donald trump is trying to return to twitter.
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new court filings have asked a federal judge to override the ban on the trump account. the attorney says the democrats in congress and the biden administration are pressuring the social media company to keep donald trump off of the platform. the company has no comment at this time. the search for a 19-year- old woman, the response team may have found her remains this morning. they were searching a wooded area near an apartment complex with a person of interest once lived. >> detectives notified her parents of our tragic news. our hearts are broken. i told you on thursday that hundreds of orange county personnel were committed to this case and working very hard. everyone wanted this outcome to
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be different. >> police say a maintenance worker used a master key fob to enter her apartment that day. he was found dead later of an apparent suicide. hundreds of people marched to rio de janeiro to protest against the president of brazil. tens of thousands marched in dozens of cities across the country. demonstrators are angry over the president's handling of the pandemic and the worsening economy. the number of covid-19 tests in brazil is expected to reach 600 thousand in the next few days. struck the president of the philippines is backing out of his plan to run for vice president next year. it limits presidents to a single six-year term. they would challenge the legality of a vice presidential run before the supreme court.
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the president says he will retire from politics after his term ends in june of next year. that will clear the way for his daughter to make his own run for president. he has sparked controversy with his violent crackdown on illegal drugs. coppertone is recalling five of its aerosol sunscreens that contained been seen. it can cause cancer with repeated exposure. the products were sold in stores nationwide. coppertone has not received any reports of illnesses. another year of devastating wildfires. how the state is stepping in to help struggling homeowners.
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drought conditions in high temperatures are turbocharging
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wildfires across california. is the state law to protect homeowners really working? almost 8000 wildfires this year alone and fire season is not over. 2.5 million acres have burned with 3500 homes, businesses and other buildings. for three years in a row there have been moratoriums to stop insurers from dropping clients. when those moratoriums expire, it could hit closer to home than you think. >> it is like the hunger games. you are just waiting for your number to be called. >> reporter: she asked us to not show her face from fear of retaliation from her insurance company, nationwide. she was warned that her policy
6:42 am
would expire in september due to wildfire risk assessment of drilling location. and then came the massive fire that almost felt like a relief. >> if the house burns wngoing >> her home survived and it turned out to be a blessing in disguise. >> sensor zip code was covered in her policy was still in effect, they agreed to reinstate her for a year. >> it provides my family extra time to sort out what we want to do. >> we are seeing this become a problem. >> reporter: the insurance commissioner introduced a bill that created the moratorium law when he was a state senator. it kicks in when ever the governor has a state of emergency. >> they have the opportunity to
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reevaluate the airport folio. >> reporter: more than 235,000 homeowners got dropped by their carriers and 2019 according to at 25% increase from the year before. >> we are all losers in this. the bay area has dozens of them that are in the crosshairs of property insurance companies because a pipe your risk. 284 policies were not renewed and that is up 30% from the year before. she has talked to many more homeowners that have been dropped since then. that is despite a one-year moratorium sense of fire burns nearby. that moratorium expired last year. >> it is like manna from heaven
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to know the for one year you are okay. i don't think it solves the problem and it may make insurance more risk-averse. >> reporter: we asked him about that. >> the insurance industry has been paying out billions of dollars in losses. >> reporter: what is a long- term solution here? candice moratoriums continue year after year quick >> we have to go to the basic issue. the basic problem is that we have an environment that is changing. it is becoming more risky. we need to address that risk. >> reporter: that is what she is doing. residents can get tips on home insurance and prior, fire prevenon. >> is -- >> reporter: her next-door
6:45 am
neighbors just lost their insurance. >> she has the same carrier that we do. i pray every night that we don't get canceled. >> reporter: this homeowner knows that it's a matter of time. >> we have a year. i don't think that the community where i live will be able to afford living there for too much longer. kpix5 the insurance commissioner says there are new regulations in place when this expires in a year that will protect homeowners and give discounts to homeowners that mitigate fire dangers. and for a list of zip codes covered by moratoriums, head over to . we will start out by pointing out something visible from our camera that you might not otherwise have taken notice of.
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it is important. the view from the top of mark hopkins, you can see the salesforce pyramid, but all of the other stuff in the sky that you would look at and tinker clouds to the east, unfortunately, that is not the case. that is all smoke. it is a lot closer to the bay area than yesterday. that smoke is coming from the fires burning in the southern sierra. it is getting drawn pretty much our way. it was a major factor for most of the sacramento and san joaquin valley yesterday. we have a beautiful on shore surge. you could not ask for a prettier scene than that. the marine layer is so compressed right now that you get that unique scenario where the fox is coming over the deck of the golden gate bridge. you can see to the east those
6:47 am
clouds which is actually smoke. this is what we looked like from space yesterday. there is our marine layer. that is all the smoke. there is a lot from yesterday. if we want to see where it is now, you cannot use the satellite now because it has been so dark overnight. the forecast model can't depict where that smoke is. there we are at 6:30. it continues to get drawn up our way. those are the fires down in the southern sierra. it shows you how the flow in the atmosphere wants to bring that smoke up our way. most of this will stay elevated. this is why we've got a spare the air. it has been extended through at least today. there is probably even more
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moderate. and moderate is what we have been doing for the last 36 hours. we take a look at the east bay both bay shore and inland is moderate. it is moderate for northbay valleys with the exception of santa rosa because you are pulling in cooler air from the petaluma gap. temperatures will be in the mid- 90s were those in the valleys. 94, concord. low 90s for santa rosa. it is warm in the bay. 77 in the city. it is only slightly cooler today. a wonderful weekend, but we are well above average. here is how we will change both of those things. the pacific is getting into a pattern that will try and bring us some rain. look how close that gets to us. there is a line of rain right
6:49 am
up the coast but it will fall apart before it comes on shore. that goes all the way through next week. that is next sunday. where does it rain? only up in the far northwest coast. we might see a few showers in the sierra. the seven day forecast shows you a cooling trend. upper 80s today in san jose down to 69 by saturday. as we go across the in the valleys, mid-90s and low 70s by friday for inland alameda and contra costa county. that will get you well below average. we will keep the clouds around and maybe we do get light rain for the northbay. by the second half of this week, i have no measurable rain in the forecast. it is nice to know that it will at least be close. >> that is a 20 degree drop from the start to the end of
6:50 am
the week. >> that is typical to go through big swings like that. even though the temperatures don't spend a whole lot of time and normal, this is pretty normal. thousands of people are being told to stay indoors because of worsening air on the canary islands. the volcano continues to erupt. nearly 6000 people have been forced from their homes. hundreds of buildings had been destroyed. acute moment at the monterey bay aquarium. the klepper sea otter that invented her very own game.
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a rescued sea otter's getting a lot of attention. the aquarium says the rules are simple. and otter must hide their shrimp in a hard-to-reach place. they have to watch out for sneaky opponents. this video has been viewed
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thousands of times. hundreds of hot air balloons are taking to the skies of albuquerque as a annual balloon festival returns in person this year. this time around, thousands of people are expected to gather for the nine day event. participants from around the world was show off their unique balloons. share photos of getting back together again with family and friends or show us what you have missed doing. we will be
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it is time for a look at this morning's top stories. a man killed by an intruder in his home is remembered as a committed educator. he was an advocate for eliminating school inequities. he spent decades working with students in charter schools. people who live and work in san jose are fed up with brokering sideshows. it has become more frequent across the city. police broke up a sideshow and cited 10 people. thousands of people marched in san francisco in support of women's reproductive rights. tomorrow the supreme court begins -- the phone fire is fully contained. it destroyed my the 180 homes.
6:57 am
it burned more than nearly 9000 acres. a palo alto women is accused of starting up wire intentionally. survivors of the oakland fire. look across the microclimates. another day in the mid-90s. there are noticeable changes happening across the seven day forecast. a significant cool down. an increase in clouds and a small chance of maybe a wrinkle what the northbay by wednesday or thursday. none of it really looks all that likely. thank you for joining us. cbs sunday morning is next here on kpix5. enjoy the rest of your sunday.
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