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tv   KPIX 5 News at 3pm  CBS  October 1, 2021 3:00pm-3:30pm PDT

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live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. >> it is a first in the country. california about to require
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every eligible student to be vaccinated against coviurkids w the shot. a water main break in alamo sent water rushing down the roadways. and a pill to fight covid could be on the horizon. the promising numbers for one drug maker. good afternoon, i'm elizabeth cook. our top story at 3:00 on kpix5 and cbs bay area. the first statewide vaccine mandate for students. once the vaccines are approved by the fda for their grade, they would be required for in- person learning in january. >> we are anticipating a future with the winter surge that has states like challenging for california in the past. we are mindful we still have
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work to do. we want to get this thing done. >> the requirement will roll out in two phases, 7-12 first, and then kindergarten through 6 next. >> there is a struggle to get where we need to go. and that means we need to do more and we need to do better to reach out. and to make available more opportunities. >> we first brought you the governor's news conference on cbs bay area. you can stay updated streaming on or the kpix5 news app. and kpix5's betty yu is following this story and will have much more for you tonight at 5:00. let's take a live look outside. smoke may be a part of your saturday, the air quality management district issued a spare the air alert for tomorrow. chief meteorologist has more. >> we will see wild fire smoke blowing toward us from the
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southern sierra nevada. it is the knp complex and the windy fire. air quality management district indicating moderate air quality. but they forecast unhealthy for sensitive groups. the orange category for inland parts of the east bay saturday. i don't think that will be that bad. let's take a look at the forecast data. you can see the bulk of it remains closer to the actual fires. but, enough of it making its way across the bay area to drop us to that moderate category. i don't think we will get into that unhealthy for sensitive groups reading by saturday afternoon. the smoke will linger overhead. you will see hazy skies. we will look at the four day air quality forecast in a few minutes. students at los altos high school had to leave school because of a bomb threat. many streets were blocked off. and most of the students were temporarily evacuated. they were eventually released to their parents or guardians. the campus got the all clear
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about an hour ago. chopper 5 over alamo when a water main broke. this was near danville boulevard. kpix5's justin andrews was there all morning long and tells us why it took hour to get it under control. >> it was so much water, it left people trapped in their homes. crews couldn't get to the value f to shut off the water because it was underwater. >> that's a lot of water. >> reporter: hundreds if not thousands of gallons of water pouring from this buckled pavement. about an hour after midnight, crews were notified of water turning streets into streams near this intersection of hemi avenue and danville boulevard leaving it impassable. tom thomas was walking trying to get home. >> never seen anything like this. i think there's two breaks. when i was walking this way, i noticed the one on hemi. there was a big sink hole.
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>> reporter: east bay municipal utility district working on repairs. >> the cause of the break is not known. the main is an eight inch cement pipe installed in 1950. >> reporter: as people were trapped in their homes, crews struggled because the valve needed to stop water from gushing was under the water. it took well over eight hours for crews to stop it. they said it could be at least another four to 12 hours before the repairs are done. mike and his wife owns this private school. >> probably be closed a few days. at least midweek. >> reporter: luckily, there is no damage inside the building. kpix5 uncovered there's been a few water main breaks recently in alamo and crews admit the 70- year-old infrastructure need to be replaced. >> it is really interesting because a lot in the neighborhood has been replaced but this one little section wasn't. >> reporter: and by now, your water should be back on. when it's not, water crews say make sure you give them extra
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time. they have been very busy today. in alamo, justin andrews, kpix5. now at 3:00, a federal judge is considering whether to block the nation's most restrictive abortion law. for the last month, it has been banned, banned most abortions in texas. abortion rights activists demonstrated outside the supreme court against it. it bans abortions as early as six weeks and allows private citizens to sue people who help patients get an abortion. next week, the supreme court's new term will include a mississippi case that could overturn roe v. wade. the landmark decision guaranteeing a woman's right to an abortion. tomorrow, thousands are expected in dc at a rally and march to defend abortion rights. other demonstrations like it are planned across the country. now to a potential breakthrough in the treatment of covid-19. drug maker merck says early results of an experimental pill
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are very encouraging. reporter maddie gather breaks it down. >> reporter: a potential game changer. it could be the first antiviral pill to treat covid-19. >> this is a potential additional tool in our tool box to protect people from the worst outcomes of covid. >> reporter: an experimental trials merck tested it on at risk patients with mild to moderate covid-19. of the 385 participants given the pill, 28 were hospitalized and none died. compared to 45 hospitalized and eight deaths among those who received a placebo. the interim analysis of that trial showed it reduced the risk of hospitalization or death from covid-19. merck plans to ask for
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emergency use authorization. >> the fda will look at the data and examine it as quickly as they possibly can. >> reporter: health experts stress the pill is not a vaccine and would not be a replacement for it. >> preventing infections is a much better thing to do than treating them after people have been sick. >> reporter: oral antivirals are already essential treatments for viral infections. one of the best known is tamiflu prescribed to reduce risk of influenza if given quickly. a big rally on wall street as we close out the week. the dow gained 482 points today. the nasdaq was up 118 and the s&p was up almost 50. a breach for a luxury brand and big money on the line if you are feeling lucky. kpix5 morning anchor len kiese has today's money watch report. >> reporter: millions of customer accounts may have been
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hacked at neiman marcus. payment cards, user names, passwords and contact info may have been exposed in may of 2020. americans loosen their wallets for the back to school season. personal spending rose eight tenths of a percent in august. this came as more students went back to class in person. and, as personal incomes went up 2/10 of a percent. and, this could buy you a lot of school supplies. power ball's top prize is now up to $620 million. that's the 10th largest in u.s. history. no one matched the lucky numbers in wednesday's drawing so tomorrow is your next chance. tickets cost two buck to play and your odds of hitting the jackpot are 1 in 292 million. so liz, what i'm saying to you is there's a chance. back to you. >> i like that. there is always a chance. thank you. still ahead on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, they have been gathering and
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making a mess along the waterfront for years. we will tell you about one bay area city's plans to clean up its growing problem with geese. plus, it was crocodile versus drone. wait until you see the
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working at recology is more than a job for jesus. it's a family tradition. jesus took over his dad's roue when he retired after 47 year. now he's showing a new generation what recology is all about. as an employee-owned company, recology provides good-paying local jobs for san franciscans. we're proud to have built the city's recycling system from the ground up, helping to make san francisco the greenest big city in america. let's keep making a differene together. in a couple of hours it is the return of first fridays. we will be out there live tonight at 6:00. and it is a tricky and messy problem that has been growing for years along the foster city waterfront. now, kpix5's max reports there
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may be a solution in the works. >> reporter: for years, foster city has tried to keep the canada goose population under control. but the population continues to grow. as the migratory birds don't seem to be migrating so they are considering taking a drastic step requiring permits for geese where they would capture and kill some of the canada geese to keep them under control. the mayor says this has become a public safety issue. goose droppings are one of the leading sources of bacteria that is polluting the lagoon as well as the parks where children play. this is not an easy decision and nothing is happening just yet. but the idea is not sitting well with everybody. we will tell everybody about the step it is city has taken up to this point. and have more at 5:00. in foster city, max darrow, kpix5. officials prepare for the return of the blue angels.
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it is the 40th anniversary of fleet week. last year it was canceled because of the pandemic. today, city officials said they are coordinating with other agencies to keep everyone safe. >> so, that is why we convene public safety meetings in advance of fleet week to make sure we are ready and prepared to make sure that san francisco is safe for everyone. residents and visitors alike. during fleet week, our emergency operations center will be activated and we will monitor all activities throughout the week. >> fleet week starts monday and runs through october 10th. this next story should remind us all not to mess with wild animals. a camera operator for the australian broadcasting corporation was flying a drone over these crocodiles as part of a documentary. he was lining up the shot and noticed one in particular started drone. then, this happened. yeah. the crock leaped out of the water and just sunk his teeth
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right in. >> i looked at the lagoon and heard the great clamping noise of a crocodile's jaws coming together and looked down at my controller and sure enough, it was blank screen and i thought wow. that was brand new. this is going to be a really hard one to explain to the boss. >> lucky for the drone operator, park staff found it two weeks later. the crock actually fished it out. technicians managed to recover the footage. it is amazing. and, something a little friendlier, dogs looking for their forever homes right here in the bay area. joining me live now is sherry franklin from muttville senior dog rescue in san francisco. thanks for being here. >> thank you for having me. and lammy. >> who do you have there? >> her name is lammy. she is from santa barbara. she is a 14-year-old little
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girl. she was brought in as a stray in the county there. and muttville had her delivered to us and she is available for adoption right now. >> she is just precious. can you tell us more about the types of dogs you have at muttville and who you take in? >> sure. our dogs are all seven and older. we have dogs that are this size, six pounds. we have three pound chihuahuas. we have german shepherds. pitbulls, poodles, everything in between. they are joust wonderful dogs. they are just a little older. and our very lovable and ready to go to a new home. >> i have had the opportunity to visit your facility and it is impossible not to fall in love with all of the dogs. you want to take them all home because they are just so wonderful and very special. but, i want to let you have the opportunity to say what kind of is the ideal home for a senior
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pet? what do potential owners need to know when it comes to adopting an older dog? >> i think it is the same as any animal, you want to look until you find the right dog. muttville has dogs that want to go for a hike and other dogs that just want to sit and watch netflix with you. i think finding the right match for your family and for you is what is really important. and, when a dog is seven or eight, that doesn't necessarily mean they aren't going to be energetic and playful and everything else. and, we have young, we have young families with children. we have a lot of senior citizens that come to us and want a mellower dog. we have young adults who don't want to make a 15 year commitment to an animal, but they want a dog. they want to have a dog about five years then they want to go
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into the peace corp. or something. or something else. so, we can fit all of those people into our profile. everybody can find the right dog at muttville. >> as we said before, they are very special animals. sherry franklin, thank you so much for joining us. and muttville's weekly open house adoption events start next saturday october 9 from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at the shelter at 255, alabama street in san francisco. more information on time for a check at the weather with paul heggen. >> we have featured a few of the muttville adoptable dogs at 6:00. they have a hard time rehoming. it will be hot inland as we head through the weekend. a heat dome in control. mild along the coast. warm around the bay, but hot away from the water. and, that heat dome is also going to be trapping some of
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the wild fire smoke blowing toward us. we will not see a lot of it at ground level, but we will see enough to send us into the moderate category across the board saturday and sunday and monday. then the on shore breeze will strengthen. a big drop in temperatures. for now, beautiful blue skies. no haze, no smoke. temperature ins the 80s . back down to 75 in san francisco after reaching 83 last hour. 90 in santa rosa. a lot of temperature ins the upper 80s flirting with 90 degrees. that will not be the case at oracle park as the giants take on the padres. hopefully, the padres collapse like they did against the dodgers. 67 degrees first pitch at 6:435. clear and mild. a light breeze. it will not be a chilly night by the bay. a little bit of fog trying to fill in around the bay and along the coast, but it will be a shallow layer of fog and it will dissipate quickly. and, temperatures will warm up.
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upper 50s to begin the day. and hot temperatures will be about 10 degrees above normal. 80 degrees at least briefly. mid to upper 60s along the coast. you get the relief further inland. around 90 degrees most of the north bay. low to mid 90 inland. temperatures will back off slightly sunday near the water. temperatures really drop monday to tuesday at 6 to 7-degree drop for san francisco and oakland. a 10-degree drop in san jose. even a chance for a couple of rain showers at the tail end of the seven day forecast. it is a long way down there. the seventh day of the seven day forecast. but there is that roughly 30 to 40% chance of at least some measurable rainfall. anything more than a trace, we'll take that in early october and keep you updated as we headthrough next week. time for a look ahead at the cbs evening news with norah
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o'donnell. >> happy friday. a lot of headline ins the pandemic. california to mandate all students get a covid vaccine. and a new pill that could be a game changer in treating the virus. in new york, the deadline for teacher to get the shot is today. we will break it all down. plus, the new rule that's go into effect that could impact how long it takes to get your mail. that's all coming up on the cbs evening news. still ahead at 3:00, some might call it a musical miracle. >> when that music comes on, something happens to him. >> as legendary singer toni
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you could call it a musical miracle. singer toni bennett has alzheimers disease and has difficulty holding a conversation. when it comes time for him to sing, the 95-year-old emerges from the fog and gives a signature performance. 60 minutes correspondent anderson cooper spoke to lady gaga about navigating shows with her good friend. >> reporter: in rehearsals this july, she found new ways to connect and communicate with her old friend. when asking him questions, she would keep it simple. >> if i were to say tony, would you like to sing love for sale, he would say yes. and if i said you want to sing love for sale or it don't mean
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a thing, i might not have an easy as a response. >> you to sing anything goes? >> yeah. >> when that music comes on, something happens to him. he knows what he is doing. and what is important for me to make sure that i don't get in the way of that. >> amazing. you can watch the full story on 60 minutes on sunday night. also on 60 minutes, she left facebook with copies of thousands of pages of research and recently filed federal complaints against the company. she reveals her identity sunday night at 7:00 right here on kpix5. well, it will be a very busy weekend in sports around the bay area. the bi
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at the tail end of the seven day forecast. we are looking at santa rosa because the north bay, north of the golden gate has the best chance for the early season systems. and we are not talking about a 50% chance at this point. but forecast data has been trending in a slightly more unsettled direction. we will keep you updated with the chances.
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a look now at our new afternoon lineup here on kpix5. the cbs evening news with norah o'donnell is coming up next. that is followed by back to back episodes of judge judy starting at 4:00. and then, i'll see you back here on the kpix5 news at 5:00. and all new tonight at 5:00, pushback on a major housing plan for people's park in berkeley. it adds up to hundreds of millions of dollars. why opponents say this is not the right solution. and we have a big weekend on tap in bay area sports. the 49ers take on the seahawks sunday afternoon at levi stadium in san francisco. hoping to bounce back from the tough loss to the packers last week. and chopper 5 was over oracle park where the giants are looking for win number 106. they played the padres a few hours from right now. san francisco could clinch its first division title since 2012 if they win and the dodgers lose. fingers crossed for that. that will do it for us here in
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the kpix5 news at 3:00. the cbs evening news is coming up next and we will be back with more local news at 5:00 and of course, streaming y haver captioning sponsored by cbs .>> o'donnell: tonight, the vaccine mandate for kids as california becomes the first state to require the covid vaccine for all students, impacting millions of children. the mandate means all public and private school children in the nation's largest state will need to be vaccinated. could other states soon follow? plus, a new pill to cut hospitalizations and deaths by 50%. president biden's high-stakes trip to capitol hill. what happened inside the president's meeting with fellow democrats? will they reach a deal to save his domestic agenda? >> it's been six minutes, six days, or six weeks-- we're going to get it done. >> o'donnell: women's soccer
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