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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  October 1, 2021 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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now on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, we begin with breaking news, governor newsom announced vaccine mandate for all eligible students in california schools. good afternoon. i am len kiese. >> i am gianna franco. good newsom made the announcement in the last two hours, the mandate a first in the nation. the requirement will roll out in two phases, grades 7 to 12 and then kindergarten to 6th. it is relying on fda approval. once approved they could be required as soon as january. >> we are leaning forward anticipating a future. with the winter surge that's been the most challenging for this state and states like california in the past, we are mindful that we still have work to do. we are humbled by the challenge. but we want to get this thing
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done. >> along with students, all k through 12 staff will be required to be vaccinated in the first phase. our other big story, massive water main break send hundreds of gallons of water gushing into the streets in alamo. >> justin andrews has been on the scene all day. he is live again. you've got some incredible video. >> reporter: the video is almost unbelievable to watch. before i show you that video, i want to show you what crews are doing. they have moved in not only to fix the ruptured pipe but to repair the buckled pavement too. it was a watery mess for hours leaving many without the very thing they saw pouring into their streets. >> a lot of water. >> reporter: hundreds if not thousands of gallons of water pouring from this buckled pavement friday morning. >> a lot of damage to the street. the whole street is lifted up. >> reporter: an hour afr mi cre
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water turning streets into streams near intersection of hemme avenue and danville boulevard leaving it impassable. tom thomas was trying to get home. >> i have never seen anything like this. i think there are two breaks. when walking this way i noticed the one on hemme and there was a big sink hole. >> reporter: east bay municipal utility district working. >> it is not known, the main is a pipe installed in 1950. >> reporter: as people were trapped in their homes crews struggled because the valve is under water. it took well over eight hours for crews to stop it. they say it can be another 4 to 12 hours before repairs are done. mike and his wife owns this private school. >> probably will be closed for a few days, at least mid week. >> reporter: luckily there is
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no damage inside the building. kpix5 uncovered there have been a few water main breaks recently in alamo and crews admit the 70-year-old infrastructure needs to be replaced. >> it's interesting because a lot in the neighborhood has been replaced but this one section wasn't. >> reporter: now that all of the water is gone, the big question is just how much damage is left? that's what crews are currently surveying now. justin andrews, kpix5. >> thanks, justin. we have a spare the air alert that was just issued for tomorrow. that's because of the strong ridge of high pressure and with that sinking air just trapping pollute abilities at the surface. we have ozone pollution for tomorrow, moderate air quality for most of the bay area though unhealthy for sensitive groups for east bay. a little bit of wildfire smoke, so there is a bit of haze as we look to tomorrow. we are actually going to see a change in wind direction with
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the easterly winds. not expecting a lot of wildfire smoke but you might see a little bit haze as we look to tomorrow. more on that, coming up. >> thank you. a possible break through in the treatment of covid. merck ys of experimental covid-19 pill are encouraging. naomi ruchim has the latest on this. >> reporter: pharmaceutical company merck is reporting promising results with the experimental covid-19 drug. the company looked at 775 adults with mild to moderate covid-19 at high risk for severe disease. patients who received the antiviral pill took it within five days of symptoms. >> they were given twice a day and dramatically by 50% reduced hospitalization and deaths. an oral pill that works against covid-19 hospitalization. david agus is cbs news medical contributor. he says this can be a big step
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forward because current therapies for nonhospitalized patients require a trip to a medical facility. >> we can prescribe it rather than them having to come in and be given intravenous therapy of an antibody or shot of an antibody, they can get a pill. this makes it much easier to treat and in the end will probably save many lives. >> reporter: an apartment group of experts recommended to stop merck's trial because results are so favorable. the company plans to submit data for fda review in coming days. other companies are testing similar drugs that could also report results in the coming weeks. naomi ruchim, cbs news, new york. >> earlier results show the drug did not offer benefits for patients in the hospital with severe disease. supreme court justice brett kavanaugh has tested positive for covid-19. the high court says he is fully vaccinated and does not have symptoms. earlier in the week he tested
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negative with the other justices. supreme court is slated to return to the bench for the start of its new term on monday. lawmakers averted government shutdown ahead of last night's deadline but now democrats are struggling to move forward with two bills that are key to president the c meeting behind closed doors friday morning ahead of a possible vote today. >> we understand that we are going to have to get everybody on board in order to be able to close this deal. >> reporter: speaker nancy pelosi hoped to move forward on a trillion dollars bipartisan physical infrastructure bill thursday but negotiations stalled late into the night. >> we are laser focused on trying to make sure we establish universal pre-k, free community college, expanding medicare. that's what we want to deliver for people and what we are fighting to protect. >> reporter: progressives say they're not voting for that bill until agreement is reached
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on proposed $3.5 trillion separate bill for social spending that would fund programs like universal pre-k, extension of the child tax credit, paid family leave. >> the resolution is not in senators. we havwaiting for an offer tont trilli that isthe table. >> in the evenly divided senate, democrats cannot afford to lose a single vote. moderate democrats are raising concern about the price tag. west virginia's joe manchin told reporters thursday he wants to see a much smaller social spending bill suggesting a price tag of 1.5 trillion. >> i have never linked the two bills together. >> reporter: protesters arrived by small boats and kayaks at his house boat in washington, dc to voice frustrations. >> if you don't pass this ... >> they're not going to pass things like this for the people.
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this is our chance. >> reporter: the white house said they're closer than ever to an agreement but not quite there yet. there is another crisis looming. lawmakers must raise debt ceiling by october 18 or the government will be unable to pay its lls. e treasury secretarne llenid consuenc of t tingsere. a rosa police asking for help tracking down two jewelry store robbers. it happened wednesday at the downtown santa rosa plaza mall. one suspect was carrying a hand gun and made a customer lie down on the ground while the other suspect broke jewelry cases and stole numerous items. police believe the suspects may have been driving this car, a late '90s early 2,000 lexus es300 with a fake plate. if you have any information, contact srpd. a study finds deaths caused by police have been under counted. researchers at the university of washington looked at 40
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years of stats from multiple data places and found police had been involved in more than 30,000 deaths between 1980 and 2018. also concerning, 56% were not included in the national database. officer from pittsburg accused of smuggling cell phones into san quentin prison. someone bought 25 cell phones and paid the corrections officer $500 per phone to deliver them to the death row inmate. the inmate then sold devices to other inmates for $900 each. >> they're going to uncover probably more corruption than just this one individual. it is not just one bad apple that causes 25 cell phones to be transported into a maximum security facility with death row inmates. >> the three current defendants have already been charged in federal court and are facing max of 20 years in prison and a
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quarter million dollar fine. news at noon reports, frightful good fun returns to the east bay. we are meeting a student who exemplifies what it
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a live look at wall street
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as we close the week, dow is up more than 600 points. a warning if you plan to enjoy the outdoors, copper tone is recalling some sunscreens. it is voluntarily recalling five aerosols after it found the carcinogen benzene in them. the recall includes certain lots of spf50, pure and simple travel size sports spray and sport mineral. fda says products were manufactured between january and june of this year. if you receive snap benefits you will see your payments go up. benefits jump an average of 27% above prepandemic levels. this is after usda review of the program. things are going to get spooky in the east bay tonight. halloween's nightmare island returns. >> the event will be in a new location at the corner of 9th and nimitz on mayor avenue. it's a 45,000 square foot warehouse with three story ceilings. get a true roller coaster of frights every friday to sunday
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this month. i hear you laughing mary. that means you are ready? >> i will never be ready for that. i am a scaredy cat and i also can't take roller coasters. not for me but hopefully you will be out having fun. here is a live look with our san francisco cam. you see all the sunshine out there. we are looking at temperatures on the rise in the 70s and 80s, warmer compared to yesterday at this time. upper 70s in concord, oakland low 70s, 76 san francisco, 81 for san jose and santa rosa. sunshine, warm temperatures, we will continue to warm things as we look to our weekend. then big changes for next week. we will see cooler temperatures, stronger onshore flow and also the chance to see showers as we look to next week. i will show you this in a moment. the heat dome, surge of high pressure in place today through the weekend and that's why we will see temperatures soar. plenty sunshine for today, it's a nice start to october for us.
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we are looking at relative humidity values dropping, very dry air down to the teens for many locations inland this afternoon. here we go with this weather system we are tracking. long range weather models bring a little something as we look to next week later in the week. at this point looking at next thursday for the chance of a few showers. fingers crossed on that. we take what we can get. daytime highs, about five to ten degrees above average for this time of year. warming up for sure. upper 70s in san francisco, 80 oakland. daytime highs for peninsula, mid 80s and 80s and 90s inland. it gets warmer as we look to our weekend san francisco, oakland, san jose. there we go with still a warm start monday but then cooler temperatures as we look to tuesday, wednesday, and next thursday and again really hoping for a few showers for next thursday. inland east bay and north bay heating up more into the 90s
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saturday and sunday, so even hotter. we are looking at mild conditions along the coast for our weekend. if you have outdoor plans this weekend, it looks great. >> sounds good. thank you. we are taking a quick break. >> we will meet the rising above scholar. how the student shows all the hall marks
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working at recology is more than a job for jesus. it's a family tradition. jesus took over his dad's roue when he retired after 47 year. now he's showing a new generation what recology is all about. as an employee-owned company, recology provides good-paying local jobs for san franciscans. we're proud to have built the city's recycling system from the ground up, helping to make san francisco the greenest big city in america. let's keep making a differene together.
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having many talents is a hallmark of students rising above scholars and so is being smart and focused. >> his drive is evident in everything he does including his hobbies. here is elizabeth cook. >> i am more of a hands on kind of person. >> reporter: the knack for mechanical engineering drives ability to fix just about anything. >> this is pretty clear. >> reporter: including cars owned by friends and family who pay the 22-year-old senior to perform basic maintenance like oil changes. >> i worked on cars for a little side hustle i guess.
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i want to help them. they don't know they're capable of doing it themselves. >> he has always been willing to help others. when we first met him in 2018 he was interning at san francisco's ritz carlton hotel behind the scenes. hands on with everything from building maintenance to woodworking. >> you are either working on a different project or new things come up in the hotel. >> work and school provided him with a clear path to success, steering him away from a road he had seen others take. >> everything that was around me that was going on, i am like it's not in me. i want to do something different, make my future better. >> i am super excited to finally make it to the senior year. i am almost at the finish line. >> here he is now, graduating soon with a degree in mechanical engineering, professional resume' shines
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with coveted internships for bart and other employers. after graduation, he will take those self taught car repair skills home along with his college degree. but he confesses he left his heart in san francisco at the ritz carlton where he hopes to land a permanent job. >> i really like the environment at the ritz carlton. everyone was extremely nice, really helpful and i picture myself working there for a long time. that's something i want to do. >> he will start applying for jobs after graduation this fall. he would like to stay local but says he is open to other opportunities. blue bloods is back on cbs tonight for premiere of season 12. i got the chance to sit down with the stars. we chatted about how they prepare to tackle real life issues as their characters. >> as people i think it is impossible not to approach without a tremendous sense of
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responsibility, you know, to deal with some of the issues that sort of come up to deal with. just that. just a ton of responsibility and we want to be sure we get a right and try to remember the stories. >> it airs tonight at 10:00 on kpix5. after postponed by the pandemic, world's fair kicks off in spectacular fashion. >> today on the drew barrymore show, guest phoebe robinson. watch today at 2:00 on kpix5. catch up with the news at a new time. join us at 3:
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today's tip of the day, this time of year on the grill you cut the figs in half or leave them whole like this because they're so good, full of sugar and dietary fiber. they're great for us. because the weather is still beautiful, i cut them in half, wrap them, little bit of balsamic glaze and put them on the grill for 40 seconds to a minute. not much heat on the grill, off to the side. the sugar comes out more. the balsamic gives more sweetness to a little bit tart. that's a dessert right there. it's so delicious. let's talk about the figs. i got a little carried away. i love that recipe.
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when you buy them, a little bit of cracking is better. when you bring them home, on the counter, not the refrigerator. don't store them too long because they're nice and ripe at the market. always remember to eat fresh and stay healthy. >> sounds so good. i do love a good fig. a live look with our matt hamilton camera. blue skies out there and that sunshine on sales force tower camera as we look east across the east bay. we have a spare the air alert tomorrow with ozone pollution, moderate air quality for most of the bay area though unhealthy for sensitive groups for the east bay. we will warm things as we look to our weekend saturday and sunday for san francisco, oakland, san jose. cooler as we look to the middle part of next week, inland east bay and north bay, heating up for our weekend and a mild
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weekend ahead along the coast. >> thanks. it took eight years of planning and $8 billion in spending but the world's fair opened for the first time in the middle east. it is hosted in dubai after postponed by the pandemic. >> since it was supposed to start with 2020 they're sticking with name expo 2020. 192 nations are represented at the expo. that's it for kpix5 news at noon. we are on 24/7 on cbsn bay area and streaming on >> our next newscast is
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♪♪♪ >> brooke: katie, what is this? you're taking quinn's side? >> katie: no, no. it's just that she's telling the truth for once in her life. >> brooke: that eric wants her to have an affair? there's no way that's possible. >> katie: trust me. it is. eric is encouraging quinn and carter to be together. >> ridge: no, you wouldn't do that. you couldn't do-- you would never-- >> eric: i would never what? ask my wife to be with another man? but i did, ridge. quinn's back with carter because of me. ♪♪♪ >> hope: more coffee? >> finn: sure.
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