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vaccinated. the only exemption would be for medical reasons. according to the superintendent, vaccines at another there a protection for everyone. >> for me as a superintendent, the first thing i have to think of the students and by staff. are we doing everything that we can to eliminate the effects of covid-19? >> reporter: the mandate has the support of contra costa county health department, but the county has not issued a countywide band-aid. west cocoa unified will join other districts such as oakland, hayward, piedmont, l.a. unified, and san diego unified. this meeting will start at 6:30 tonight. you can watch it online. the first 100 people will also be able to be here in person. thank you, andrea. california's extra sick leave pay for covid-19 expires today. it is a change that is raising
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fears for communities of color and others disproportionately affected by the coronavirus. meanwhile, the eviction moratorium also ends today but as christine lazar shows us, tenants still have some protections, and can get help paying the rent. >> we are less than 24 hours away from a statewide moratorium on eviction ending. >> reporter: tenants right activist and local lawmakers gathered on the steps of l.a. city hall to assure renters that protections remain in place past midnight. >> despite what you may be hearing, we want you to know that the cities eviction protections remain in place my do not expire, and have been upheld in the courts. >> reporter: the l.a. city council has extended the covid state of emergency until the end of the month, which means tenants are protected under the local moratorium until at least 1 year after it expires. >> the fact is that l.a. is a high-cost city, with a high concentration of the states low income renters. the last estimate for rental debt right now in the city of l.a. is $1 billion. $1 billion.
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w.h.i.p. the city of l.a. has partnered with the state to distribute rent relief, $5.2 billion available for californians who are behind on rent. applications are still being accepted. tenants throughout the state are protected until at least march, if they fill out a rental assistance application, and landlords cannot affect before march of the landlord himself has not applied for rental assistance. >> i'm many months behind. >> reporter: elma is a single mother facing eviction for nonpayment. >> reporter: we would you go if you were evicted? >> honestly, i would be homeless. i would have to go to a shelter. >> reporter: a majority of residents in los angeles are renters. >> relating that's standing between them keeping a roof over their head and living on the streets is an eviction moratorium, simply put. we can't allow thousands of people to join the ranks of those currently experiencing homelessness.
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for a breakdown on everything you need to know about the state ending its eviction moratorium, including applying for the rent relief program, head to our website, san jose police say a gunmen shot and killed a homeless man. today they announced the arrest of this suspect, ricardo maranda. they found the victim's body last saturday at story road near happy hollow park. the police are investigating a motive for the homicide. oakland police spent the day reviewing an incident where one of their officers were shot in the line of duty. it happened 1 week ago in downtown oakland. police were called to a report of a man with a gun. when they arrived, an officer was shot. andria borba covered the story that day and joins us now . >> reporter: it was a tense situation, but oakland officers on the scene deployed de- escalation techniques that they were taught by the department. in this case, crisis intervention and mental health counselors, as well as hostage negotiators, were brought in to
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contain the suspect in one area, coming him, and waiting them out. as a result, the suspect surrendered and was taken into custody without anyone else being injured. the da has filed charges against him, and the officer is at home recovering from his injuries. when i introduce my story on this shooting a week ago, i used words that characterized the oakland police department is having a reputation for being reckless, something i very much regret. that was not my intention. police departments, including oakland pd, certainly have vocal critics, but the words i chose were not my personal beliefs one or that of kpix. this was a mistake. i would like to metallic ice to all of opd, the officers, the other employees, and particularly the officer that was shot that day. the department has worked hard to improve its reputation, for example, since changing for produce policy training in
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2012, which this incident also included, there has been a significant reduction in use of force. in addition, nearly 500 officers have been through crisis intervention training. i have been talking with opd about doing a story on that sometime soon. back to you. thank you. coming up next, a retired area firefighters support dog is stolen. how a surprising phone call changed everything. stunning new images of hawaii's kilauea volcano erupting. the show it is putting on for tourists. all new at 6:00, fish turning up dead in an east bay part by the hundreds. what's going on? fresh water being pumped out of the ground in san jose is just literally going down the drain. why some call this a waste of water, what the valley water district says is going on. kpix 5 news at 6:00 with ken and elizabeth is coming up next. and coming up tonight on the "cbs evening news" -- big news today here in
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washington as congress averts a government shutdown , but will the presidents ambitious build back better plan survive. we will have the latest. plus have you heard about this? the stunning request from the nation's school boards. why they are asking the federal law enforcement for help to protect their members. it's all coming up here on "cbs evening news" tonight. all new at 7:00, evidence is growing that hardening your home against wildfires can save it. this one survived the caldor fire, but if you are looking for a break from your insurance company , good luck. >> we will have an insurance company come in and say we need to do this hardening, and then they still get dropped
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a retired alameda county firefighter facing an unexpected emergency after his two dogs were stolen. >> but these are more than just the family pets. one was just days away from being certified as an emotional support dog. >> things took an unexpected turn. here's reporter tony lopez. >> reporter: this quiet ranch off the beaten path in calaveras county was a bit too quiet wednesday afternoon. kevin johnson's two best friends weren't making a peep. >> i went to call them, and never heard any response. >> reporter: strange for 2 rambunctious dogs. kevin considers them his emotional support, helping him deal with ptsd after spending more than three decades as a first responder. >> they mean the world, just like our kids. poor becky couldn't respond quickly enough to stop what happened at high noon. >> i heard a car speed off down the road.
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>> reporter: had been thinks they were stolen. his family looked everywhere. >> we got into cars and went through towns and adjacent towns. >> reporter: a plea on social media was simply stated. >> we just want our dogs back please. >> reporter: it sounded like it would be a story about us firefighters sudden loss in his unanswered request, but then -- >> those were our dogs. >> reporter: during our sitdown interview, his cell phone started to buzz, and faster than lightning strikes, kevin bolted. >> and i ride with you? i hope they are safe. they look good. >> reporter: the rest plays out like a children's book meets lost dog reality show kind of moment. and the reunion -- well, that is nina, the six-year-old, with kevin's son. but the 10-month-old was a little too scared to come running. then -- >> thank you guys. thank you brother. >> reporter: gratitude and glee replacing gut wrenching worry. a smile says it all. one quick car ride later, the dogs were back home.
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>> come on. come here. say hi. kevin isn't sure who took his dogs. all he cares about, his neighbor who saw them do the right thing, even refusing the reward. a very cute rescue to share out of san jose. look at this. the police department street's crime unit rescued six puppies that were abandoned at an encampment. they were turned over to animal control, and will hopefully, i think it's pretty much guaranteed, though, that they will find good homes. >> who could turn down that phase. the nfl just announced who will be taking the stage at the super bowl halftime show this
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some new video this evening shows a destructive tornado ripping through the german city of kiel. authorities say that tornado injured several people. though tornado swept through
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the area last night. authorities say that several rowers happened to be out on the water and were injured. this evening, new research shows children born this year they say frightening future if global climate policies don't change. >> twice as many wildfires, three times more river floods, three times more droughts, and seven times more extreme heat waves, compared to a person born in 1960. >> scientists say all hope is not lost, but they are warning that politicians need to take serious action. >> it's physics, and we cannot negotiate with the climate system. the only thing we can do is bring our admissions to 0, and then it will stop. >> if not, the report also says that people under 40 face an unprecedented life of climate change disasters. we are getting new video as a volcanic eruption on the hawaiian islands. we showed the fiery show drawing quite a crowd.
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>> reporter: aloha from the big island in hawaii, and the crater here at the kilauea volcano. behind me, some of the crowds that came here not expecting to see an eruption, but happy to see one. the crowds aren't as big as they are at night, when you can see the dramatic orange glow. it all started late tuesday night when the u.s. geological survey started reporting seismic activity around the summit. it moved closer to the summit, and that is when on wednesday afternoon, 3:20 hawaii time, they moved the other to red and declared an official irruption. we were able to see fountains spewing up into the air below in the crater, some 100 feet high. the best news to report as this is nothing like the 2018 irruption that hawaii witnessed back then. we knew that the lava was flowing down into communities and eventually destroyed hundreds of homes, turning several lives upside down. this is just a special phenomenon today that people want to come and see, and what
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will really change and bring people into the park as if that lava lake rises so i that you are actually able to see visible lava from the viewing areas. right now, the most spectacular sites have to be captured from above. you can't really see the lava, but if it raises high enough, it will be a big attraction here at the park. tonight, one of tvs most iconic game shows "the price is right" celebrates its 50th anniversary with a special 2 our primetime episode. take a look. come on down. >> you're the next contestant on the price is right. >> ♪ ♪ we are shooting the nighttime 2 our special of the price is right to celebrate our 50th anniversary of being on the air. >> admitted. you always wanted to go on that show. the anniversary episode will
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feature a look at the shows biggest winners, never before seen outtakes, and a salute to the former legendary host, bob barker. we spoke with current host drew carey about why he thinks the show has lasted all these years. >> i have been telling people, i think the secret sauce to the whole show is that it is all regular americans. you know, just regular people that you would know from work or the neighborhood. it is just people that show up like, you know, if you show up and are in line, that is what you have to pick from. >> don't miss the 2 our 50th anniversary special of "the price is right" tonight at 9:00 right here on kpix 5 , and streaming on paramount plus. the super bowl will be played at sofi stadium in inglewood this season. >> today the nfl announced the star-studded lineup for the halftime show, which includes three california acts. southern california natives
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snoop dogg, dr. dre, and kendrick lamar will perform at halftime. the l.a. area acts will be joined by rapper eminem, and r&b singer mary j. blige . super bowl lvi will be the first to be played in the los angeles area in nearly three decades. that will be a great show. >> a great show, paul. i know you will be there in honor of snoop dogg with your corona. just wandering down the beach handing out coronas to people. let's take a look at what is happening weatherwise. the warm weather will continue away from the coast, but even temperatures along the coast will be pretty pleasant. one change was he is at this storm system will get stretched out, and part of it will get trapped off the coast of southern california, which is close enough to affect the flow of air over the entire state, and that will direct some of the wildfire smoke from the windy fire and campy fire a little closer to the bay area. while the air quality has been fantastic and good across the board through tomorrow but we
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will see some smoke and leaned into the east bay, santa clara valley on saturday, then moderate air-quality sunday and monday. a lot of it will remain elevated in the atmosphere here at ground level should not get worse in the moderate category. high temperatures today took a significant jump compared to yesterday. pacifica even made it up to 71 degrees. san francisco topped out at 83. fremont made it up to 80. above 90 degrees in santa rosa. temperatures tomorrow may be a few degrees cooler further inland, several degrees cooler for san francisco and pacifica. the marine there will reassert itself to some extent. 91 in fairfield right now. a lot of 80s inland with 70s and low 80s around the bay. 79 at sfo. downtown, lower 70s. futurecast shows visibility not an issue for most of the inland valleys, but spilling a bit into the santa clara valley. reduced visibility for san jose tomorrow morning. watch how fast these numbers
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improve. temperatures will start off pretty close to what is normal for the first morning of october. low to mid 50s but with high temperatures a few degrees above average around the bay. 70s for both san francisco and oakland, but well into the 80s for san jose and concord. touchdown and extra point to be specific. temperatures along the coast mid 60s. into all the low 80s around the peninsula, and mid to upper 80s as you had further inland in the santa clara valley. 90 degrees for morgan hill. the dry valley reached the upper 80s with the warmer spots further east, topping out in the lower 90s in fairfield. temperatures around the bay, mid-70s. mid to upper 80s for most of the north bay. temperatures just a little warmer further north around 90 degrees for sonoma and napa counties, and 90 degrees for most of inland mendocino county and lake county as well. we have a bunch of football happening muscle let's check
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out the college forecast. a big game for stanford taking on third-ranked oregon saturday at 12:30. it will be a toasty 80 degrees in palo alto. the next game up will be cal taking on washington state at 2:30 in the afternoon. a bit cooler in berkeley. still plenty of sunshine. gametime temperature 75 degrees. san jose state is taking on new mexico state at 7:30 saturday evening. the temperature in san jose will be in the upper 70s for kick off at 7:30. then we have pro football on sunday. the seahawks visiting the 49ers, sunny and warm. if your seats are in the sun and santa clara levi's stadium, is going to feel like it's about 100 degrees in the direct sunlight. hardly any cloud cover, so it
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will be hot. temperatures will back off by tuesday and wednesday of next week. we hover in place for the next several days, but a sharp drop in temperatures from monday to tuesday. 6 to 7 degrees for san francisco, oakland, as an essay. 9 to 10 degrees for the north bay and parts of the east bay, and the temperatures keep going down wednesday and thursday to below average temperatures by the latter half of next week. we will have the dog walking forecast coming up at 6:00. also knew it 6:00, in the midst of it extreme doubt, we've been told that every drop of water counts. so why is one bay area city wasting thousands of gallons every single day? industry at an east bay lake. hundreds of dead carp floating to the surface. what's to blame? governor newsom embarking on a new chapter in his career, but it has nothing to do with politics. still ahead at 5:00 i'm a
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♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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an update to a story we first brought you last week. a group of formerly homeless seniors who faced off with the city of san jose are now claiming victory. >> they've been battling to stay at their covert shelter motel in downtown san jose. kpix 5's kiet do has been following this story. >> reporter: a group of about 10 seniors have been living here since the start of the pandemic, as it the past couple of months has been nerve- racking and stressful, but now it looks like they will finally be able to stay. >> it has been well worth the journey, knowing we will have a roof over our heads. >> reporter: brian hargrave is
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the head of the surest day association, the hotel is in the early days of the pandemic as part of emergency covert shelter provided to the homeless. however, today was the deadline for the city to confer the motel to affordable housing, and they wanted to raise the rent of $627 per month. that's unaffordable to many of the seniors on fixed incomes. so last friday, the seniors took the protest to the san jose housing department, but the city said it would not budge until they could locate funding to cover the rent reduction. in late last night, the california department of housing and community development intervened, saying charging a flat fee for rent was out of compliance, and that going forward, all of the surest day tenants would pay no more than 30% of their income. >> everybody stays, all the rent drops to 30%, we completely win. >> reporter: homeless advocates broke the news to the seniors last night. >> the state has proven that we
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were right, and we are vindicated and how we felt about that. i think that there is a lot of bridge building that the housing department needs to do with all of these tenants. they need to apologize to them and make amends, and the need to do the same with all of the advocates that fought so hard on this. >> reporter: the ordeal left the tenants stressed, many of them couldn't sleep or eat because of the threat of being forced out of their home and community of the past year and a half. >> elated, relief. a lot of the stress is gone. a lot of the heavy burden that people have been dealing with, it really was a sense of relief. >> reporter: the housing department released a statement, saying we are reviewing tenant applications for surest day to ensure nobody will be paying more than 30% of their income for rent. kiet do, kpix 5. we investigate why thousands of gallons of freshwater is literally going down the drain in the midst of our historic drought.
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why one bay area water district told us there is nothing they can do about it. we will take you inside one of the biggest busts in bay area history. wait until you hear what officials are seized. industry at a popular east bay lake after hundreds of fish turnip dead. what happened? good evening. now it 6:00 on kpix 5, and streaming on cbsn bay area , a story you will only see right here. we are all being told to conserve every drop of water. we found out in san jose, thousands of gallons of groundwater are being flushed down a storm drain every day but with no end in sight. >> kpix 5's len ramirez has been looking into this apparent water waste that has been happening in the middle of a severe drought. >> reporter: there hasn't been a storm in san jose in many months, and even so, this storm drain is full of water. as we go in close, we can hear the water flowing.
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we confirmed today that this is actually coming from a shallow aquifer, and the water district says there is nothing they can do to stop it from flowing out to the bay. on north 10th street near the 101 over crossing, and just below the surface of the storm drain, a pipeline of apparently good clearwater empties out. where it mixes with street debris and flows in an unending stream down the drain. >> i can hear it before i got to it. >> reporter: hasan is a plumber know something about leaking water, so when he heard it while riding his bike recently, he investigated and was upset to find what he calls wasted water. decals painted on the side of the storm drain say it flows to the bay. >> we are in the middle of a drought, all this water being wasted is what caught my attention, why, why is all this water not being put to good use.


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