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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  August 31, 2021 1:37am-2:13am PDT

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now at 11:00. the caldor fire entered the tahoe basin tonight. we are live on the fire lines with the evacuations and the effort to keep the flames at
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bay. >> it is the worst that i have seen it. >> i am tracking the fire weather and the local cooling trend. we are learning about a rescue after the crew of a cargo ship comes down with covid-19. tonight, the caldor fire burning into the tahoe basin. just what firefighters hoped to avoid. >> now, crews launched an effort to keep the flames from reaching southlake tahoe. good evening. >> all of lake tahoe and surrounding community remain under evacuation orders. businesses and other structures are at risk. tens of thousands of people fled the area earlier today in a slow-moving evacuation effort. evacuation orders are under way
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and weather conditions are not helping. we begin our team coverage tonight live from southlake tahoe basin. katie? >> reporter: liz we are right outside of christmas valley. this is a community at the south end of the tahoe basin right along highway 50. this was an area where the fire did make it into the basin today. the big concern now, the winds because they are picking up tonight. >> there is a climbing area up there, too. that hillside it is cooked. >> 77-year-old will waited until the last minute to leave his home south. turning on the sprinklers and packing up everything they could. >> the home that i worked ought for the last year, i had to get things on newt what i see now, it says bail out. >> reporter: cal fire call inside extra strike teams to protect the homes and the businesses in the tahoe
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basin threatened by the caldor fire. >> this is the number one priority for wile fires right now. we are able to get the resources we need. >> reporter: the concern was along echo summit where flames were pushed down towards the more populated areas leading to mandatory evacuations for all of southlake tahoe to the state line. causing massive traffic jams as everyone tried to leave. >> sitting in traffic now for 40 minutes. i only moved about three cars. >> the town is crazy. just trying to get out. >> reporter: by late in the day southlake and heavenly village were quiet. only people left, mostly those who do not have cars and were walking out of the evacuation zone taking only what they can carry. >> we are taking the bus. >> katie, the fire spreading into the basin is a big concern for
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awhile now. what is the immediate plan tonight and going forward through the early morning hours? >> reporter: so, ken, there are dozers and hand crews that are working south of meyers overnight tonight trying to keep the fire from moving north closer towards the lake. all of there is really depending on the winds. we are seeing red flag conditions in the area. so, what they are hoping is that the fire is going to lay down tonight. the winds will stay calm so they can get some of the fire lines, cut the fire breaks overnight tonight and then tomorrow they are hoping to get some of the firefighting aircraft in the area. today the basin was so smoky that all of the aircraft were working on the other side of echo summit. >> brutal. all right, katie, thank you. our team coverage continues with chief
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meteorologist paul hagen. >> the winds prompted the red flag warning that katie referenced and it remains in effect for another 48 hours, this is a brood area. the dixie fire is within this, the tamarack fire is within this as well. let's zoom in, the red highlighted area is the perimeter of the fire before the weekend. you can see all of the activity on the eastern and northeastern flank of the fire driven in the direction of the southwesterly winds now over the ridge and into the tahoe basin. the fire wants to go uphill. it needs something else to go downhill. the humidities are going to remain dry. there is the view looking towards the caldor fire. i will put it in motion, the view from the distance, we seen the up close view but from the
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distance about went miles or so it is haunting to see that smoke plume pushed along by the westerly winds and the air quality around the south end of lake tahoe is awful as all of the wildfire smoke is collected in the southern end of the tahoe basin. we will talk about the big picture that is creating this effect and we will talk about the impact in the bay area's weather that will be positive. that is coming up in the full forecast. >> all right, paul, thank you. our reporter will continue our live coverage tomorrow morning on the kpix5 morning news. we will also have the latest evacuation orders and warnings and the updated fire forecast. our coverage starts at 4:30 right here on kpix5. switching gears. taliban leaders are marking their victory, 90 minutes ago they posted a video walking across the empty runways now after the u.s. withdrawal today. u.s. military final plane left today 20 years after the start of the
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longest war in u.s. history. more than 100,000 people were airlifted out of the country in just the last two weeks. and tonight, we are hearing from some california veterans who served in afghanistan. >> we have known we were going to do this for more than a year. no excuse as to why we did not plan for the worst case scenario. >> i feel good we are getting out of there. i also feel really bad that we are leaving a lot of people that have helped us behind. >> reporter: the white house says about 100 americans who wanted to leave are still stuck in the country. president biden is expected to address the nation tomorrow morning. >> taking a look live acpier 26 in san francisco where a cargo ship is a quarantine zone after nearly the entire crew was infected with covid-19. kpix5 is live in san francisco with more on the emergency rescue on the
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bay. andrea? >> reporter: elizabeth we have not had a moment like this since the grand princess pulled through the golden gate what seems like an eternity ago. but members of the ship, the cargo ship that pulled into san francisco bay they have been evacuated and others are still on board. >> reporter: from chopper 5 you can see san francisco fire rescue boat 3 approach the striker in the bay. calls from 911, the u.s. coast guard, the ship itself came in to dispatchers at 1:20 after 19 of 21 crewmembers aboard said they tests positive for covid-19 this weekend. six of the 21 asked to be taken to the hospital. >> none of the 6 that we currently have are exhibiting severe signs of covid-19. they were all able to walk, they were all able to breathe comfortably. this is a mild onset. >> reporter: evacuated from the ship, the six crewmembers
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and paramedics were loaded into the fire department's massachusetts casualty bus bound for three different hospitals. the vessel owned by stevens line company limited out of japan have had multiple ports of call up and down the coast. in early june they were in vancouver. then, los angeles in mid-august and sacramento last thursday. the remaining 15 members of the crew, even the uninfected ones will be staying on the striker to quarantine. >> they will not be allowed to come to shore to a restaurant or bar. they will be on the vessel. >> what happens if the other crewmembers deteriorates? >> if the other crewmembers f their status gets more severe sf fire will head out there and evacuate them off of the boat and take them to san francisco area hospitals for treatment. it is not just if their concern
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deteriorates at all. this will also happen if any of those crewmembers feel that they want to see a doctor, they will take them off of that boat and bring them here for treatment. >> until then they are stuck on the boat until further notice. already, andrea, thank you. new at 11:00, right now thousands of stanford students are demanding the expulsion of a classmate behind racist and violent social media posts. we go to the campus with the university's response tonight, maria? >> reporter: stanford university call the media posts ugly and disturbing but students are say that is not enough. they are calling on the university to expel the student. >> i assign what a woman can handle. >> reporter: accused of tweets how women should serve men. posting a picture of former stanford student turner a woman always
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gets what is coming to her as well as pictures showing a black student being be headed. >> if they do not expel him i don't feel safe. >> do others agree? >> yes. >> he is an extreme threat. >> reporter: students spoke with me about their disappointment and stanford's response to the situation. >> we don't feel safe at an institution when there is no particular system in place to like how are you protecting black and marginalized folks on this campus. >> who is stanford making this community safe for? >> reporter: san jose state professor says the university needs to prove safety is its highest priority. >> this person had threatened a muslim student in the past.
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stanford had plenty of opportunities to take this person aside or expel this person or make the community safe. >> thanks for spreading my message around campus for me, i will see you in the fall. >> reporter: stanford has not said a word about disciplinary action. >> we are also looking at an institution that continues to protect students like this that continues to protect whiteness. >> it is me or him. it is him or us, and i may need to consider another school for my under graduate education. >> reporter: students were told that the university told him not to step foot on campus. the president's message included ensuring safety. at sanford university. kpix5. still ahead, bay area schools are coming up with detailed plans to handle 6 students. tonight, doctors explain what parents and students should know >> there is not really any features between a common cold and covid-
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new at 11:00. kids are heading back to school some are coming down with the sniffles and the tummy aches. should parents keep them at home? what is the guidance? the rules may be tough to
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figure out. >> reporter: what makes it all challenging is there is not one set of rules for everyone to follow. every parent has to know what their local health guidance is, what rules the schools have implemented and what a sick child means to you and your workplace. >> kids and germs go hand and hand. now when they get sick it is a different thing and you, it freaks you out. >> reporter: as every parent knows back to school means back to the days kids bringing home colds and viruses. any one of them could be a sign of covid-19. >> there is not really any features between a common cold and covid- 19. >> reporter: the doctor with stanford health says with a different set of rules with each county and school district the best piece of advice is to up on what is required, have a plan, including a place to get tested. >> it is not if, it is when the kids develop some of these cold symptoms what are you
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going to do? >> reporter: here, if a student has a sympton they have to get tested and provide negative test, get evaluated or quarantine for 10 days. the doctor hopes more rapid testing will become available in the coming months to make the process easier for parents. >> it is super disruptive. we are all working from home. having your kids be home there, too, trying to work it is crazy. >> reporter: it is an inconvenient parents are willing to deal with to have kids back in school. >> i am happy to have my kid back in school. >> reporter: with the delta variant breakthrough cases are happening and fully vaccinated people are getting covid-19 and transmitting it. different workplaces will have different rules on when and how you can return. kpix5. tonight, wildfires burning across the state have prompted the u.s.
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forest service to extend the closure of california's national forest. so beginning tomorrow at noon, all 20 million acres of national forest land in the state will close. the closures will last through at least september 17th. tonight, the caldor fire is threatening a piece of property that holds fond childhood memories for thousands of residents. camp concord, owned pie the city of concord was -- owned by the city of concord was built in the '60s. the property was evacuated a week ago due to the fire threat. the same conditions that are producing that fire threat and the erratic fire conditions in the high sierra will improve the pay area's air quality. this system pushes the winds to a westerly direction instead of out of the north like late last week when the smoke came down towards us but it is
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squeezing the atmosphere and it means the wind accelerates. we are getting strong gusty winds from a consistent direction from the caldor fire and other fires burning in northern california. the fire does not lay down. the good news for the bay area is that the onshore winds will help push the smoke away from the bay area. at least temporarily. we will take it. surface level smoke lingering, as we go through the day tomorrow, a little bit back in the north bay. that will not last long. we will see the bulk of the surface smoke blown out entirely. everything circulates around it. i think we will see some smoke blowing back in the north bay. this time of the year never too far away from the next off shore wind event and the source of the smoke. the wildfires burning to the north and east. moderate air quality today improves tomorrow. maybe barely.
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for the north bay, inland, east bay, pretty good for wednesday and thursday before some of the smoke backs up towards more of the bay area by the end of the workweek. that is when the temperatures will warm back up. the temperatures are going down, right now, in the 50s and the 60s, the fog not a factor early tomorrow morning, confined to along the coast and around the bay. the temperatures starting off in the middle portion ever the 50s. normal for the last morning of august. high temperatures tomorrow will be a little bit below normal. around 60 degrees along the coast. 70s, and with temperatures in the valley close to 80 degrees in san jose and santa clara and then into the 80s farther inland. tri-valley, barely 90 degrees. several degrees in the last several days. consistent to what we had today. upper 60s and 70s for oakland
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and the east bay and high temperatures mostly right around 80 degrees until you head farther north where the temperatures will be in the 90s. the temperatures get cooler wednesday and thursday. we start to climb on friday and labor day weekend brings a warm up that will be noticeable away from the water. temperatures in the middle to upper 80s by sunday and monday into the middle to upper 90s for inland parts of east bay by next week. when it gets hotter it is likely the winds will send more wildfire smoke to the bay area. we will track that for the rest of the week. >> all right, paul, thanks for that. we continue our live coverage where crews are trying frantically to keep the
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looking to get back in your type 2 diabetes zone? ask your health care provider today about once-weekly ozempic®. oh, oh, oh, ozempic®! you may pay as little as $25 for a 3-month prescription. live in southlake tahoe, late this afternoon the caldor fire made its way into the tahoe basin. strong winds over echo summit
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pushed the fire down the highway 50 corridor and those flames making it toward the neighborhoods. especially those just south of meyers near the highway 50 and highway 89 interchange. trees torched in the hills above homes. embers blowing into the communities. firefighters were prepared for this with dozens of strike teams in the area providing structure protection, overnight tonight, dozers and hand crews will cut fire lines south of meyers trying to keep the flames from moving north towards the lake tahoe. stay with us throughout the night and into tomorrow morning as we will provide continuing coverage on this developing situation. live near southlake. back to you. we will bring a little levity to it. straight ahead on the late show it is the eve of the roster cuts and that means 49ers moves and normally you feel comfortable at home, right? well, it turns out, well, the
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giants they need a lot more of this. the best of the national league central had a lot to do
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baseball up top. injuries and illness greeted the giants on their return from the road. illness, call inside sick, this was his turn tonight. they sent out the fresh
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bullpen. alvarez against the brewers. burns, treated tonight like a homecoming, striking out 9 in 6 innings. if that was not enough, batted in the brewers second run to make it 2- 0. wow! same score, second inning, now, bell scores, cut the lead 2-1. down 3-1 in the 9th. runner on, brewers they have weapon, they have josh hatter. a pop up, giants, they got back to back losses now. 3-1 final tonight. giants dropped three of the last four games. so down in los angeles, there is mookie bet's mom, style points, arm action, too, with the ceremonial first pitch. her baby boy went in the third inning, big fly, one of four home runs, mama liked it. if you are scoring at home, dodgers won the game 5-3.
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game-game on the front running giants within a game and a half now in the west. 49er business rookie quarterback lance has a microchip fracture in his right thumb. he is out for a week to heal. he hurt it in sunday's win over the raiders. 49ers open september 12th at detroit. vegas, the next night hosting the ravens, back to yesterday, what did you think of the 49er rotating quarterbacks the first couple of series? lance and jimmy g. almost every other play. each ran for a touchdown. about that offensive look. >> the rotating quarterbacks. is that, is that the normal moving forward? >> probably not. we wanted to practice today and what a good time to practice. it is a preseason. >> it catches you off guard. i am used to having jimmy in there the entire time. trey comes in, what are you doing here? >> oh, they are not getting any ideas. let's do a rotating sports
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guys, no, no,
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new video tonight of a bear that did not get the memo to evacuate. this was taken in the river parks estates area of southlake tahoe. the poor little bear. he was checking out garage doors and wandering through backyards. >> a lot of them out all over the sierra. >> yeah, scared and not knowing where to go and looking for water no doubt. the late show is next. >> tha s for watching. - hi everyone and welcome to the legal help center. today we have legal professionals standing by to answer your questions and give you a free consultation. so if you've been injured in an accident that was not your fault and you don't have an attorney,


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