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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  August 29, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix5 news. a deadly truck crashed takes the life of the east bay high school student and injures five classmates. plus, details on the service member from northern california killed in thursday's attack at the kabul airport. we are tracking your quality and the big question now, when is it going to improve ? >> good morning, onhurricane id.
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as hamore the cially become a prationsand the sh obviously, will focus on our local weather here always but in light of the fact that there is a category 4 hurricane about to make landfall today, i will give you a quick peek of that they are. it does appear to be on track to be just west of the delta mississippi. that is going to be a major story. we will have much more than that. there is good news on the air quality. it is not perfect out there, but it is better than it has been. it is unhealthy for sensitive groups. even though the air is better than yesterday, it is still going to be unhealthy out there at times, and it is still hot. 99 for inland locations and i will be back for the rest of
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our forecast just a few minutes. this morning, and east bay community is remembering a student killed in a car crash this weekend. a crash happened just before midnight friday in unincorporated livermore. there were five other students in that truck when it flew off of the road and down an embankment. everybody can lean on one another. >> saturday night, the livermore community mourned the loss of a beloved high school student and prayed for five others badly hurt in a car crash. >> i am praying for all of the boys still in the hospital. >> a roadside memorial is growing at the side of the crash in unincorporated livermore. the pickup truck rolled over a 200 yard and bake it. they haven't released the cause
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of the crash yet. all six passengers went to the hospital to of been airlifted and one boy died. >> hunter was the best brother ever. >> family and friends identified the victim as hunter, livermore high school junior. his father took a moment to share this with the crowd. >> he was my best friend. i'm going to miss him. i love him so much. >> friends said he was a fixtond >> his coat told the d overall just a good kid. >> try to make the most of the moments with everybody that you love. >> i am honestly really overwhelmed. >> he and others were amazed but not surprised to see how many people showed up on
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saturday night. >> it might say 95,000 on the billboard of how many live here but we are so tight and full of love and support and not just tonight, the support is going to continue on and on. >> there is a go fund me page link on our website. the u.s. state department is urging all americans to stay away from the kabul airport they have credible evidence that another attack will happen there. >> u.s. forces are in the final phases of evacuations. there is roughly 1000 civilians still waiting to board planes.a next 24 to 36 hours. this is video of afghans crossing the border into pakistan in fear of violence. the country's currency has
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crashed and banks are currently closed. the ituse sa a e strike killed membe the remains of 13: servicemembers are now on their way back to the united states. a 23-year-old marine sergeant died in her family said she was a bright light with passion for everything that she did. the 23-year-old was deployed earlier this year and her family said that she loved her job and was proud of the work that she was doing in afghanistan. >> one of the last things she said is i love being here. this is amazing work. she couldn't wait to tell me more about it after deployment. >> nicole and her husband just celebrated their fifth anniversary this month. he is stationed here in the united states and was not a part of her deployment. the other three were from
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other areas. taking a long look at san fransisco, it is one of the places under a spare the air alert because of the wildfires. the air quality management district says the air is bad enough that people should generally limit their time outside and avoid strenuous exercise. they say that most masks won't filter out the smoky air. >> some of that smoke is now filtering down towards the ground level where we breathe it. if you smell smoke stay indoors with the windows and doors closed. that is going to be the best thing you can do. >> the highest levels of pollutions are in the east bay and santa clara valley. right now, caldor fire has
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areas evacuated. the blaze stands at more than 152,000 acres in size. containment said that 19%. crews are trying to stop the flames spreading into residential areas. >> you can hear the popping and cracking of dry brush up and down highway 50. the joe biden -- caldor fire choking the air with thick smoke. the u.s. forest service deploying crews from across the nation. we met this team of hotshots from idaho. >> what are the challenges you guys are pacing today? >> there are a bunch of challenges. falling trees, the fire is coming our way, so we have got to make sure we take care of that. >> the cal fire captain is making sure we have adequate
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fuel water and everything that we need to continue on for a 24 hour shift. sometimes it goes 36. sometimes it goes 48. >> this is really, really steep country. we've got rolling rocks and rolling material. if the fire comes towards us, it limits our way to escape, so you really have got to have your head on a swivel. >> that is highway 50 behind me. this is what fireghtee lyni these little spot fires that keep popping up all along highway 50. the scene is a complete 180 for what you typically see in town from these times of the year. >> nearly 500 homes destroyed
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in that fire. the weather watch was issued for the higher elevations of the northern sierra for tomorrow. still ahead upon kpix5 , the defense strategy revealed a case being called silicon valley's biggest fraud. plus, herds of elk are starving to death. how activists are fighting to help. taking a live look outside. we will be ri
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welcome back the time that is 6:11 am. court documents are revealing homes are likely to claim she was the victim of a decades long abusive relationship with her ex-boyfriend of former coo. the documents claim that the abuse was an imperialist state of mind. the two are accused of engaging in a multimillion dollar scheme to defraud investors, doctors, and patient.
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hurricane ida has rapidly intensified into a category 4 store and is nearin levels with wins as it approaches the coast. >> we are going to start off with that very specific number that technically makes a category 4 which founds pretty ominous. a category 5 would be two miles an hour faster. it is right on the verge of making landfall, and that is going to happen at 1 pm central time, so it is around 11:00 our time today. this is going to be a very busy day along the gulf coast for much of the state of louisiana. it is too close for comfort new orleans. the impacts can still be felt, particularly in terms of flooding, and that is what
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the hurricane looks like right now as an intensely wild developed hurricane bears down this morning on a populated coast of the united states. much more on that through the day. boy, that is pretty. >> we did not have the marine layer yesterday morning. that is your view over san jose. temperatures are in the low 60s has the take away on the forecast, in general it will be moderate or unhealthy for sensitive groups. let's get you some other numbers. these are the current numbers out there right now the low 60s but look where the it doesn't
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really get into more widespread than that however, we will take it, because that is enough to get to these numbers. it was hot yesterday having made it to 84 in san francisco. today will be just about as hot bay area wide. we will be in the upper 80s to low 90s for much of the south bay. we are going to have several locations make it to the triple digits although it will be a couple of degrees cooler than yesterday so like 102, 103 for concorde. 78 in berkeley, 85 in san leandro, and there are more low hundreds for mendocino and lake
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county. we are going to continue a cooling trend here. you will go down to the mid-70s san jose as you get into wednesday and thursday. good news in terms of cooler temperatures. monday and tuesday to look like good days for air quality. there is good news for tomorrow. for now, back over to you. >> just last year, 152 of them, a third of the entire population. >> over the past two years, they'll here at the mall's point have been dying.
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there are those who say this fence is the reason why they have an obligation to try and seemed idyllic with plenty of water in today it looks like this. the ground looks dead and some of the elk look like they are getting close. >> >> we see emaciated elk, i mean just skin and bones. >> activists have been demanding the park service provide water and recently three water tanks and troughs were installed but the elk further north have little to drink, so there is a six mile round trip hike carrying individual gallons of water. >> if this is what it takes to
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give them water, that's a good thing. the elk are in fact starving from lack of forage due to the drought so the park services this is a natural population decline, and we say it can't be natural if they are in a fenced compound where they can't escape . >> because they are not allowed to roam onto the bordering counter land, the park service has a moral responsibility to provide for them. >> you can't have it both ways. if you want to fix the meeting, and you have got to bring in food and water. >> the job and she just completely halted any new breeding within the population. she worries about the future viability of the biodiversity
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of a planet that will be headed up coming generations. >> this is a representative of ground zero we have the opportunity to do the right thing, and it is not happening. the activist believed their protests forced the park service to take condition of the elk herd seriously. coming up, positive signs with the giant starting rotation. homelessness, housing, taxes, water, electricity, crime, wildfires. [sfx: bear roar] gavin, you've failed. we have to immediately cut taxes twenty-five percent. fix housing and homelessness.
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and make life in california affordable again. i'm a businessman, the only cpa running. shouldn't we choose ability this time? do you think john cox will be a better governor than gavin newsom? [sfx: bear roar] does a bear sh*t in the woods?
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i'm so glad you're ok, sgt. houston. this is sam with usaa. do you see the tow truck? yes, thank you, that was fast. sgt. houston never expected this to happen. or that her grandpa's dog tags would be left behind. but that one call got her a tow and rental... ...paid her claim... ...and we even pulled a few strings. making it easy to make things right: that's what we're made for. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. get a quote today.
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good news on the starting pitching front, anthony is finain atlanta today. series the giants looking to run past the braves in the top of the first, tommy was robbed of a hit on friday night in the game. this time, he goes deep and the giants have a 1-0 lead in the braves have runners and corners. webb pitches seven shutout innings and since may 11, webb's era is just 1.47. the giants going to win the game
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5-0. the giants lead in the west remains at 2 1/2 games. the yankees and the a's, bob melvin wasn't around to see if oakland could snap their six- game losing streak. a solo shot is 3-0. could the bullpen do it? oakland hangs on to win the game 3-2 could snap new york's 13 game win strak. before the game, the a's pitcher chris bassett spoke to the media for the first time since being hit in the face by a line drive on august 17 in
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chicago. he had surgery to repair a fractured cheekbone and said he hopes to pitch again this season and that he has no fear about getting back on the mound. >> i know i am a little bit of a mess of individual, i don't really have any concern about getting back on the mound. i don't have fear or something in my head telling me that this is going to happen to me. obviously, i went through something but i don't remember it. i'm glad that kind of work comp -- work out the way he did. >> perfect season was shattered after finding out just before the fall game five of the six arbors were not available. san jose state opening up against southern utah and playing in front of their fans for the first time in nearly 2 years.
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this went to a wide open sam olson for a 75 yard touchdown. less than three minutes later in the game, he hits charlie ross right over the middle. ross race is 65 yards for the score. the spartans win the game 45-14. next week, a much tougher opponent for san jose state. the pro bowl left tackle trent williams saw enough to know both the is ready for the regular season. >> very few people come back from a major injury and are better than they were when they left. you know, i mean he is better.
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so, i mean, it is definitely good news. >> the 49ers and raiders play today right here on kpix5. vta light rail service will start up again. it is the first time since the deadly mass shooting at the san jose railyard. a mass shooting left nine vta workers dad and the gunmen as well. the vta will operate with limited light rail service. limited service will also continue along the green line, which operates along first street. still ahead and streaming on cbsn bay area, the people of louisiana scrambling to get ready and get out before hurricane ida makes landfall. right now, winds are nearing category 5 levels. plus, the bay area
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community standing up from here for afghans in crisis.
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live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix5 studios and the news.
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>> one of the best signs and improving from yesterday, the heat and the air quality are the marine layers looking east over the bay bridge. having said that, we still have some issues for the air quality. it is good actually in the city. the forecast for today means expect moderate to unhealthy for sensitive groups on the readings. we are improving the smoke situation and monday is going to be much better. as far as the heat goes, we've got more day. 99 for inland locations in the mid-80s for the bay. the complete forecast is coming up in just a few minutes. back to you. it could be the strongest storm to hit the state in more than a century. here is a live look where ida is set to make landfall as soon
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as this morning. experts predict it will intensify with winds up to 130 miles per hour. louisiana governor and new orleans mayor issued these stark warnings. >> if you are voluntarily evacuating our city, now is the time to leave immediately. if you're planning to ride it out, again, make sure that you are able to hunker down. >> i don't want folks who are further inland to be caught off guard, because there is potential as we expestorm surges 10 15 check out this aerial view of the bumper traffic headed out of bone bruise yesterday. >> at least 10 more are
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expected overnight. city officials say that everyone is coming in and being tested for covid-19. those are just positive are being placed in a separate area. >> drivers packed up cars as best they could hit the road and apparently, a lot of drivers have that same idea. >> the traffic is really bad. we have been driving for five hours, so it is that. >> i left my house at 5:00, the mayor of houston says he is in contact with his counterparts in louisiana and is ready to provide assistance if needed. >> katrina made landfall in that storm caused catastrophic damage.
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keep an eye on any developments on the situation throughout the morning. in the meantime here in the bay area, communities held rallies with the huge show of support for those affected by the crisis. hundreds of community groups rallied with what they called a protest for afghan lives. they gathered at the united nations plaza. >> let's push our congress, our senator, our government for the people of afghanistan. >> hundreds of afghan refugees will be arriving in waves very soon. we got a look at the relief efforts underway to prepare for their arrival. >> at this point in time, we know there are a number of families here but anything beyond that, we don't know yet.
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we do know that we are going to try to help commit to jobs and help be able to get them here but there are a lot of unknowns. >> is that he wanted to show support for the local afghan community. >> the pain that everyone is feeling right now, afghan americans and everyone in general, we are all in pain together and we are all in shock together and we are feeling very hopeless >> it is driven by the inability to get more people out of danger. >> the thing that we can do absolutely is to do something here locally so that those that are finding their way to america , we can support them to get on their feet and help support agencies that are helping them get on their feet. >> i feel like if we have large
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brands taking care of the people in their community, there are going to be less efforts than the government to bewe arng care os. >> everyone has just been reaching out saying how can we help? i am overwhelmed by the support and empathy that sympathy that everyone is providing. everyone is feeling the same pain, and we want to do the right thing. >> will have continuing coverage of the situation in afghanistan on air in online at cbsn liftoff happened at the kennedy space station in florida about 3:15 am local time.
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it is sent to doctor tomorrow at around 8 am pacific time. >> thousands of people gathered in washington dc yesterday in a call to protect voting rights. >> there was a famous march on washington. our cbs reporter nicole killian that says some says they are fighting their own battles. >> the nation's top civil rights leader that thousands of support for a call to action for the federal voting rights legislation. >> we are not going to let you filibuster away our voter protection. >> they touted a bill passed in the house this week and urged the senate to add it. >> one of more than a dozen states has passed border restrictions this year. >> hopefully, it is going to
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protect our basic rights to lessen suppression. >> this comes on the 50th anniversary of the march on washington. what does it mean for you as a family to be here in this particular moment? >> will number one, in a real soon, so i may be asking the question does history repeat itself? once again we are demanding that voting rights be expanded for all people. >> this democracy is for us all. >> so we can stop talking about
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the dream living the dream. there are similar events in atlanta, miami, and phoenix. the recall election is just about two weeks away. a lawsuit was filed by a civil rights attorney seeking a court order blocking the election with a replacement candidate including governor gavin newsom. he could be replaced by candidate who received far fewer votes. still to come, a young boy attacked by a mountain lion. what you should do if you find yourself face to face with a big.,
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me this
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a five-year-old boy is
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recovering this morningmon herniforni >> a terrifying attack in the santa monica mountains on thursday a five-year-old boy prayed on by a young 65 pound mountain lion to the south side of the boys home south of calabasas. >> that lion dragged him about 45 yards actually to the front of the house. >> the caliber department of fish and wildlife states the boys suffered wounds to his neck, head, and torso with the vicious attack was interrupted by the boys mother. >> the screaming alerted the mom who was inside. she ran out and immediately started striking a plan to get the lien and managed to pin the lien off of her son. >> the ball was rushed to the hospital. a fish and wildlife officer responded to the home to investigate. he found the young mountain lion and killed it. he also found this lien
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believed to be his mother named p 54. at this age, the young mountain lions are learning to hunt and fit for themselves. dna was collected from the boys wounds and the dead mountain lion. >> there was only one lien responsible for this attack. >> p 54 was tranquilized and tagged with the gps tracking collar. mountain lions are elusive and usually avoid humans. but do not turn and run from them ever. >> try to make yourself look bigger than you are, and give it space to move on. if that doesn't work and you're kind of in a standoff situation with this mountain lion, then that is the time to start throwing whatever you've got at it. >> investigators believe the boy was attacked because of his small size. he is now recovering following the rare incident.
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>> what this mother did was truly heroic. she saved her son's life. >> wildlife experts say these types of attacks are pretty rare. before thursday, a mountain lion had not attacked a person in the santa monica mountains in more than 20 years. this is in the south bay there is security camera video shared with kpix that shows a cougar prowling around his yard passing a car. at 3:15 am. i've got to show you a gorgeous view on the start of this day. the marine layer is back. if you look at the time lapse over the last 30 minutes, right now it has only made in the immediate bay. let's take a look at the first item right out of the gate. we will switch from that beautiful time lapse. i want to go straight to the air quality.
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if we look at the future cast for smoke, this is ground-level smoke. you don't see a whole lot of change really right around 3:30 with the timestamp. this is the second half of the day monday. it is already a lot better out there than it was at this time. there is still an issue with smoke out there which is why the bay area quality management district has extended the spare the air. it stays in effect throughout the day and by monday, that should be allowed to expire if you give me written consent by the door, we are in the low 60s it
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will melt back quickly today and is going to be plenty of pays left over for the small law not as hot, we are just a couple of degrees side. it's over here back in the day the man i get there it will be in the low hundreds through
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mendocino. look at is. that is item. at 150 miles an hour, technically, this is still a category 4 hurricane is way too early to start making for addiction into the low to mid 70s by the time we get to the
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for most of us really, the pandemic has been an incredibly stressful time. young people missed things like graduation, >> mason phoenix misses the high notes of playing hezbollah saxophone in person with the
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time he started calling in san jose, mason was hooked. >> the most. music you can play teaches you how mason and siblings were raised by this single mom
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master and mentor, you come with the stress to, both familiar to mason. >> i remember in high school and was >>. passionate about some and
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eventually, it will come to the a curious bay area homelessness, housing, taxes, water, electricity, crime, wildfires. [sfx: bear roar] gavin, you've failed. we have to immediately cut taxes twenty-five percent.
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fix housing and homelessness. and make life in california affordable again. i'm a businessman, the only cpa running. shouldn't we choose ability this time? do you think john cox will be a better governor than gavin newsom? [sfx: bear roar] does a bear sh*t in the woods?
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a palo alto girl is creating quite a buzz after making an amazing discovery. she found a rare type of thing this be normally found in brazil. decades ago they were brought to the united states but a handful of these in palo alto did. >> she found two colonies. that is very amazing all of the scientists found none. it shows that we have a new perspective, she looked at that says there is something different with these fees. select pleadoname t but ted tht
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september 9. it includes a round-trip ferry ride and guest to stop is a solitary confinement cell and listen to stories of famous inmates like al capone.
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edison 6:55. hurricane ida is turning
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towards louisiana expected to make landfall as a category 4 storm. forecasters say it could reach atlanta with 150 miles per hour with the storm surge of 16 feet. >> wildfire smoke filters down to ground level. if you smell smoke, it is best to stay inside the windows and doors closed. >> the caldor fire is now threatening el dorado county. people in south lake tahoe are also preparing to evacuate which much of the area blanketed in toxic smoke. >> police say late friday night a pickup truck rolled over an embankment six teenagers were inside one of them was killed. he was a junior at livermore high school.
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it is really hard to beat the view right now. is fantastic. i doubt you will notice much, but you will notice somewhat improved air quality. it is going to be moderately unhealthy for sensitive groups throughout the day but the air quality is noticeably better right now than it was yesterday most of them are actually moderate, and that is why changes would be in the upper 90s for most in the location that is a cool down for much of next week. >> thank you so much for joining us. cbs sunday morning with jane polly's next. enjoy the rest of the sunday.
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homelessness, housing, taxes, water, electricity, crime, wildfires. [sfx: bear roar] gavin, you've failed. we have to immediately cut taxes twenty-five percent. fix housing and homelessness. and make life in california affordable again. i'm a businessman, the only cpa running. shouldn't we choose ability this time? do you think john cox will be a better governor than gavin newsom? [sfx: bear roar]
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captioning made possible by johnson & johnson, committed to improving health for everyone, everywhere. ♪ ♪ ♪ [trumpet] ♪ >> pauley: good morning. i'm jane pauley, and this is "sunday morning." night after night, in city after city, there are reports of shots fired, often with lethal consequences. we asked our ted koppel to fnd out what is behind this contagion of gun violence on the nation's
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streets. >> reporter: the


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