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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  August 28, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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the north bay and east bay, sing the worst air quality this weekend. darren peck joins us now with hopefully is getting better. >> second half of the day tomorrow so that is the hopefulness. it is not all going away but we are going to get moving onshore flow that will help, and really for monday, but we are not there yet. every red dot on here is where an air quality sensor is registering unhealthy. just unhealthy period, mean for anybody to be outside reading the erin. it is just unhealthy for sensitive groups. red dots show up for the entire valleys of the inner east bay. the two items i hear, yes,
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there was another spare the air day tomorrow, first-half likely going to be just like this. look at the specific high- resolution forecast on the smoke coming up in the complete forecast. 84 degrees in downtown san francisco today. do not break a record but it was the hottest day we have had in the city so far. we have all of that coming up. >> see you soon. heartbreaking tragedy in the east bay. we are learning a high school student died and five others were injured after their pickup truck careened down an embankment. fire crews shared these photos of the aftermath. the crash happened just before 11:30 last night. the pickup truck with the teens inside crashed down an abatement in unincorporated livermore. two of the teens were airlifted to local hospitals while fire crews are rescued rescuing one of them from like michael
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truck. one of the students died. in him out to the school district, this -- and our entire school community. provigil be held at livermore high school. the bay area, certainly choked in the smoking of the air quality management district is one of the conditions could soon become even unhealthier. devin fehely explains why. >> some of that smoke is now filtering down toward the ground level. it is downright dangerous. >> we will have unhealthy air quality somewhere in the bay area. mostly it is, getting higher levels in the eastern parts of the region. and also, santa clara valley.
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>> several wildfires burning large swaths of northern california, including the massive calder and dixie fire's. that do not make things easy on the large crowds of people attended the good guys car show in the east bay. >> the weather come you put up with it when it is bad or when it is good and i have been coming here for years. >> the air quality is bad enough this weekend that people should generally limits their time outdoors, and avoid strenuous exercise the also add that most masks other than an and 95 won't filter out the smoky air. or provide much protection. >> if you smell smoke or the loves of particulates in your area, just stay indoors with the windows and doors closed. that will be the best thing you can do. for a look at the air quality, just download our kpix5 news app.
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now to the fire watch, wind and terrain continued to be a challenge for firefighters ballot battling the fire. that is trying to stop the flames. the fire continues to push toward lake tahoe, flames threatening the town of strawberry. new evacuations are still in place for parts of el dorado county, and crews have been battling the fire for almost 2 weeks. over 145,000 acres have burned and over 600 structures have been destroyed. as the fire continues to burn, crews are starting to mop up controlled areas containment is at 19%. huge show support in san francisco for those affected by the crisis in afghanistan. hundreds of human rights activists and community groups rallied in what they called a world day of protest for afghan lives. they gathered at the plaza.
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>> let's push our congressmen, our governor, our senators, our own government to help these refugees. let's become one voice for the people of afghanistan. >> 100 afghan refugees will be arriving in weights here in the bay area. wilson walker is live in concord with a look at the relief efforts underway to prepare for their arrival. >> reporter: a rally here in concord today, organized by afghan americans who wants more time to get more people out of that country but yes your discussion is how to help the people who are getting out and the mayor of concord was here today speaking directly to that issue. >> at this point in time you know that we have a number of families that are here, that are being able to sponsor to allow people to come and live in homes to anything beyond that we don't know yet. we do know that we are going to try to help commit to jobs and help be able to find people some type of employment and be able to help get them into
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society here but there's a lot of unknowns. >> that is the mayor talking about his city's role in helping refugees. he also said he wanted to show support for the local afghan community. >> afghan americans and everyone in general, just any human being, we are all in pain together and were all in shock together and we are feeling very helpless. >> reporter: that helplessness is driven largely by the inability to get more people out of danger. >> so while we would love to help them, the thing that we can do absolutely is to do something here locally so that those are finding their way to america, and to save sure is, we can support them to get on their feet and help support the agencies are helping them get on their feet. >> reporter: he is donating a portion of his proceeds from the burger locations to the refugee effort. >> i feel like if we have large
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brands taking care of the people in the community, there will be less efforts on the government to take care of this community's because were taking care of people ourselves. >> reporter: we are seeing that from fremont to hayward to concord, a community activated by this crisis and desperate for ways to help. >> everyone has just been like reaching out thing how can we help, and i am overwhelmed by the support and the empathy and sympathy everybody is providing pick what i'm seeing is everyone is feeling the same pain and we want to do the right thing. >> reporter: back to the mayor of concord's comments. that really echoes what we have heard from leaders across the east bay from local leaders to congress members. they know people are coming, they just do not know how many it might be a while before we actually know that. >> it sounds like people are preparing and will have a full report in the aftermath of the bombing and a warning from the white house and that is coming up later in our newscast. happening tomorrow, the light-rail service will start up again for the first time since the deadly mass shooting at a san jose railyard. service was held in more than
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three months ago following the mass shooting that left nine vta workers dead. starting at eight a.m. tomorrow, the vta will start operating limited light-rail service. trains will run along the orange line which serves levi's stadium and the alan rock light- rail station. limited service will also continue along the green light which operates along first street. and light-rail service is returning just in time for the niners third and final preseason game. the niners facing off against the raiders tomorrow. the last preseason contest for both squads, niners quarterback jimmy garoppolo is expected to start and rookie trey vance will also see his share of snaps pick at this is the last dress rehearsal before the team's regular season debut against the detroit lions on 12. you can watch the big game tomorrow at 1:00 right here on kpix5 and we want to see when your game day here is on. poster pictures on social media using the hashtag kpix.
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in novato, a garbage truck fire shut down a road earlier today just before 10 a.m. a truck caught fire on san marin drive pick of the passenger compartment was engulfed but luckily, the driver got out in time and was uninjured. the road was closed down for several hours. now at to the recall election pick about two weeks away, a federal judge in los angeles just refused to block the september 14th election pick of the lawsuit was filed by a civil rights lawyer, and it was seeking a court order, blocking the election or requiring the ballot of replacement candidates to include governor gavin newsom newsom. he could be replaced by candidates who received far fewer votes. now to entre delta county and run. police say a driver of a big rig struck a pedestrian and it
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happened yesterday around five a.m. on market street. investigators found the body of a 29 old men on the roadway. officers say he is from alameda. the national park service admits that herds of elk in point breeze are starting to starve to death. how activists are fighting to help. the big cat caught prowling around the bay area neighborhood where this mountain lion was spotted. leader, a curious bay area girl makes a discovery that evaded scientists for 70 years.
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the severe drought is not only affecting people come in
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seven dusting impact on wildfire -- wildlife. just last year 152 elk, one third of the entire population died. john ramos on the fight activists against the park service. >> reporter: over the past two years, they have been dying. the national park service says that is a natural occurrence during a drought but there are those who say this fence is the reason why they have an obligation to try to help them. the elk reserve seemed idyllic with green vegetation and plenty of water. today, it looks like this. the ground looks dead and some of the elk look like they are getting close. the last standing pond is about 8% of its level now and we see in a seated elk, skin and bone. he took this photo of an elk up to its chest in sticky mud trying desperately to get a
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drink. activists have been demanding that they provide water and recently three water tanks and troughs were installed for the southern heard. the elk further north have little to drink so this morning, volunteers began a six mile round trip hike caring individual gallons of water to add to the watering hole. >> there is an and heartbreaking about the elk being out there without water and if this is what it takes for us to give them water, that is a good thing. >> the park service had no comment citing ongoing litigation but on their website they denied the animals are dying of thirst. they say the elk are in fact starving from lack of forage due to the drought. >> so they say this is a natural podecle d can't be if theye in a fenced where they cannot escape. >> they said they could seek if they were out of the park but because there confined and not allowed to roam onto the
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ordering cattle land he says the park service has a moral responsibility to provide for them. >> you can't have it both ways because you want to fence them in, then you have to bring in food and water. >> reporter: she says the drought conditions have complete we halted any new breeding within the population. she worries about the future viability of not just this heard that the biodiversity of a planet that will be handed to upcoming generations. >> this is are presented of ground zero where we have an opportunity to do the right thing and it is not happening. yet another cougar sighting, this one in the south bay. a viewer from san jose shared surveillance audio. a cougar prowling around a yard and then passed a car. 3:1 in the area of selby lane.
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alcatraz night toys back for the first time in more than a year. alcatraz city cruises announsep it includes a round-trip ferry ride, guided tours, and an audio tour of the cell house. they can stop the solitary confinement cell and listen to stories of famous inmates like al capone. the tour is limited to a few hundred visitors per evening. i think it is scary during the day anyway. >> mimi just seems like a cool place to go. it is in the low 100s right now. we will show everybody's numbers in a second but when you crack the 80s in san francisco you have to take him to that. eighty four today, for the daytime high in the city and while that is the hottest we have been so far this year for 2021, it did not break the record for the record for today's date is well into the mid-90s and average would have
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been 79 so we are about 15 degrees above average but this was felt bay area white. still in the low 100's for many inland communities. let's put some current numbers on here. current number for san jose is 90, it is hot enough there. but still hundred one in concord. tomorrow will be a very similar data this. may be a degree or two better. don't count on noticing much improvement tomorrow in the temperatures or in the smoke. but by monday it will get better pick up by the middle of this coming week it will be a lot better, both of these. we'll bring the temperatures way down and we will start clearing out the smoke but we can't quite do that tomorrow. watch the high-resolution forecast. saturday, 6:00. the shades of red and orange on here show you where we have moderate levels of elk throughout the year. you do see some subtle hints right there, a little bit of an onshore flow for tomorrow. i will play that through until tomorrow and it does appear that we get a little more help from an onshore flow. so tomorrow.
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he will be very similar to today. that is why the air quality district still has us under a spare the air. slightly different way now comes to using that high- resolution forecast model, which can only got two days we bring the resolution down, the map has a different color scheme on it and this is smoke throughout the entire column of the atmosphere. for much of this next coming week, that gets us into tuesday and wednesday. do see the flow there? strong entre flow will clear out, a good amount of the smoke, probably not all of it but there is good news for much of this week in terms of the air quality here. finally in the week, some stuff will get in the way. we are not out of the woods for smoke until fire season ends and fire season this year is not going to end until we get widespread rain and that come october, maybe november. as far as tomorrow's situation because with a strong onshore flow, there's a fire weather watch that picks up monday night and goes through tuesday. let's get into the numbers.
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morning close bring us back into the low to mid 60s for most locations. daytime highs just about as hot as they were today but if you look at the seven-day forecast you will see some better numbers. let's get san francisco, oakland and san francisco on here at first. starts to get cooler by early into the middle of next week and for the places that need help the most, inland valleys, we will get you back down into the low 80s by tuesday and wednesday. and i brush over that fire weather watch the sierra. we talk about that in more detail coming up in the next half hour. for now, over to you. chris bassett speaks for the first time since taking a line drive to a space. meanwhile, trying to end the yankees win streak at 13. can the pictures cool off the yankees bats? we will be
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somebody teams at home runs and solid pitching to extend their longest win streak in nearly 60 years. meanwhile they're looking to end the streak of six losses in a row. bob melvin was not around the city of oakland could snap the losing streak after getting ejected early in the game. scoreless in the bottom of the second, he singles into center, chad scores to give them an early 1-0 lead. matt chapman leads off the inning with his 21st homerun of the year. the solo shot makes a 3-0 oakland. starter frankie montage quieted the bats. he strikes out anthony rizzo here to end the sixth inning. he gets up just to hits in seven shutout innings but could the pen finally holds the lead. topping sanchez, lines 1 right at camp come he makes the catch, despite being knocked over and loving that effort. sergio romo on to close the game but he gives up a two run home run to none other than aaron judge to make a one-run game. they have lost four games in
6:23 pm
the last week but today was not number five. he get joey gallo to ground out to end the game and they hang rk's 13 game straight. they also went to stay 3 1/2 ahead in the wildcard race. before the game, chris bassett spoke to the media for the first time since being hit in the face by a line drive. that was on august 17th in chicago. they had surgery earlier this week to repair a fractured cheekbone and said he hopes to return to the mound this season. he says he has no memory of being hit and does not plan on ever watching that play. >> i don't want to remember it. have not watched the replay of it. i will not ever watch a replay of it. i know i'm a little bit messed up but i don't really have any
6:24 pm
concern about getting back on the mound. i don't have a fear, don't have something in my head that is telling me this is what's going to happen. obviously i went through something but i have not really -- i don't remember it. so. i'm glad, i'm glad that can work out. >> i cannot wait for him to pitch again. the reader >> the first trip to the bay area since leaving for last i guess after the 2019 season. they will face the 49ers at levi's stadium tomorrow but for some it is so easy to forget that the silver and black no longer play in oakland. >> and to take this week off and totally they are ready for the oakland week. >> yeah, oakland, raiders, chargers, it is really hard to kind of figure out where they went to. sunday's game will be the team's first preseason meeting in 10 years. kyle shanahan has seen this rivalry from both sides of the 49ers head coach and when his father mike was a raiders coach for all of 20 games in the late
6:25 pm
80s. >> my dad was the head coach of the early readers for about three days, it felt like. but i mean, i always knew, and always know that there was a big rivalry there. a little different now that they have moved by it i know is a little more exciting for preseason games when you get a team to come back does have a tradition like that and anything that can add more excitement to preseason games i am all for. college football complaint defending west champion san jose state opens their season against southern utah and then next week they play a big game at usc but spartans head coach does not want anyone looking ahead. >> you guys want to talk about the sc game and the parents talk about the sc game and the girlfriend was a talk about the sc game and the fans talk about the sek but none of it matters if we don't play good football on saturday night because we are so focused on something way down the road, we willborst pac
6:26 pm
since december of 2019. former head coach chip kelly will be getting his fourth season with the bruins, final minute of the first, you silly running back breaks a couple tackles and takes off for a 47 yard touchdown. they ran for 106 yards and three touchdowns on just six carries and the bruins role 44- 10. fans of the pj playoffs bmw championship get up close to the tea shop there. he came out on fire again. fifth hole, he's thank you long putt for his neck and straight ego. something incredible there. he shot 30 on the nine and had a four shot lead on the back nine, patrick with a long putt of his own, that was in for bertie at 13. he shot a six under 66 and goes into sunday, tied with -- for the lead at 21 under. the 49ers game, you can see it right here on kpix5 at 1:00 tomorrow. coming up in the next half
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hour, president biden vows revenge in the wake of the kabul airport attack. plus, his warning on what could happen in the next 48 hours. the rush to evacuate in the path of hurricane ida. the stark warnin
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now at 6:30, warnings of more attacks coming in afghanistan while the u.s. pledges to take revenge on the extremist group that killed 13 u.s. service members in afghanistan. welcome back. i'm juliette goodrich. looking life out of the white house now, president biden says he will carry out more airstrikes against the group behind the deadly attack. resident biden says another terror attack at the hands of extremists is highly likely. >> the pentagon says to isis k members were killed and one injured in a u.s. drone strike in afghanistan province. >> they lost a planner and a lossy facilitator and they have one wounded. >> reporter: officials have not said whether they played a role in the deadly attack on the kabul airport. they released the names of the 13 servicemembers killed in
6:31 pm
this suicide bombing and perimeter gate. they included 11 marines, one army and one needy servicemember. >> my son was over there helping people to come home and he served his country to the greatest of his extent and made the ultimate sacrifice for us. >> after nearly 2 decades in afghanistan the u.s. plans to complete the withdrawal by president biden's tuesday deadline. on saturday, he issued a statement saying in part the situation on the ground continues to be extremely dangerous and the threat of terrorist attacks on the airport remains high. our commanders and for me that an attack is highly likely, in the next 24 to 36 hours. in the waning days, the evacuation of american citizens and afghans has slowed but continued saturday with about 1400 people cleared for flights. >> we have the ability to include evacuees on military airlift out of afghanistan until the very end. in mid air a woman gave
6:32 pm
birth a bid amid a flight of the cabin crew helped deliver the baby girl, said to be in good condition. the pentagon says august 15th, more than 117,000 people have been evacuated including about 5400 americans. among the 13 u.s. service members killed in kabul, four hailed from california. they were from sacramento, endo, rancho cucamonga, and norco. governor newsom shared the statement saying california joins the nation in mourning the tragic loss of 13 u.s. service members including those from california and many other innocent victims in this heinous attack. we will have continuing coverage of the situation and again is and on air and online at onto the storm watch now,
6:33 pm
hurricane ida is barreling toward louisiana on track to hit tomorrow . it could be the strongest at the state it more than a century. that one dissenting people rushing to evacuate. in fact, check out this aerial view of the bumper-to-bumper traffic heading out of baton rouge, louisiana, today. evacuees are also taking to the skies. this was the tsa line today at new orleans airport. the storm could bring life threatening storm surges and flooding rain and wind over 100 miles per hour. one chopper in gonzales, louisiana, shared this view of a packed store with a long lines to buy generators and gas cans. the louisiana governor and new orleans mayor issuing the stark warnings. >> if you are voluntarily evacuating our city, now is the time to leave. you need to do so immediately. if you are planning to ride it
6:34 pm
out, again, make sure that you are able to hunker down. >> i don't want folks are further inland to be caught offguard because there is a potential for 110 mile-per-hour sustained wind as far north as the louisiana and mississippi line. we expect a strong surge of 10 to 15 feet. >> megan macarthur tweeted at these pictures today, that is the view of the hurricane ida from the international space station. tomorrow, also marks the 16th anniversary since the hurricane katrina making landfall. the category three storm caused deadly flooding, especially in new orleans which suffered catastrophic damage when levees failed. disgraced founder elizabeth holmes is set to go on trial in a matter of days, and now court documents or revealing how she is building her defense. documents to say that she is likely to claim that she was the victim of a decade-long
6:35 pm
abusive relationship with her ex-boyfriend. he was the former coo. the documents claiming the abuse impaired her state of mind. of filing from the attorney called the allegation deeply offensive and devastating. the two are accused of engaging in a multimillion dollar scheme to defraud investors, doctors and patients with sham blood testing technology. a live look at san jose, groups loudly protesting outside the santa clara county jail yesterday pleading for change, and alleging inhumane and violent conditions. the group spoke out ahead of a county led meeting to discuss plans to build a new jail. santa clara county sheriff lori smith is being blamed for the mismanagement of the jail. amid an upcoming vote of no idenceand her. the demonstrators say they want the jail conditions to change.
6:36 pm
not a new jail. >> conditions inside for those of covid were not as they should be. solitary confinement, and to lead matter. -- received mental health treatment they need. >> incompetence, that is, and corruption. the mayor sam accardo is among the growing chorus calling for her resignation. and now onto the coronavirus, all contra costa county employees must show proof of vaccination by october 4th or face discipline. the mandate was handed down this weekend however if an employee get the medical or religious exemption, they must undergo weekly testing. coming up, robert f kennedy's assassin could soon walk free. now another man also shot by
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the man accused of shooting robert f kennedy in 1968 may be one step closer to be reading being released from prison. it is now the governor's hands to decide if he walks free. michelle miller on why some of kennedy's children are calling for his release. >> reporter: sirhan sirhan, seen here yesterday , is now 77 years old. he told the parole board online hearing he had little memory of the 1968 assassination that he must have been responsible for bringing the gun. and said i take responsibility for firing the shots.
6:40 pm
>> weeat couny, usfish country and a hehas ra, can edisel d to southern california as a child. just after midnight on june 5th, 1968, kennedy left the podium and walked to the nearby kitchen. the first shot that rang out that night hit you. >> yes. >> a union official was with him. >> in and out. it was a couple of fragments left there. >> reporter: for bullets hit the senator. 12 his head. he was pronounced dead in a los angeles hospital the next day. a 24 years old, sir him -- sirhan was sentenced to death for three years later, the death penalty was abolished. his sentence was reduced hi
6:41 pm
eligible to seek parole which he did 16 times. three of the senator's children had even publicly shown support. >> my family had a lot of tragedies but many met american families do. >> reporter: we interviewed robert kennedy junior three years ago after he met with sirhan. >> it is hard to believe that sirhan shot my dad. >> that lead you to conclude what? >> my opinion is irrelevant. what is important is what the facts and autopsy system with the ballistic evidence and what the eyewitnesses say. >> reporter: he believes there was a second gunman shooting from behind. >> you believe the man who shot you and for other people did not shoot and kill robert f. kennedy? >> he couldn't. he was not position to do that after the first two shots. he tried to shoot him with the first two shots but missed, shot me first and missed on the second bullet. >> the police department was charged with the investigation
6:42 pm
and has disputed all claims of a conspiracy. in a statement yesterday, one parole board commissioner said age is a consideration of parole and it was part of the review of sirhan. that was michelle miller reporting. not all of his children have forgiven sirhan. it is said in part come he took our father from our family and he took him from america. we are in disbelief this man will be recommended for release. coming up, new video the least of an nba players arrest and why it is prompting in lapd investigation. later, how a four-year-old girl from palo alto made a discovery that is now shocking scientists. we take a close that air quality for your part of the bay area for right now. a look ahead at what to expect for the rest of this weekend and we have a short-lived
6:43 pm
heatwave. today was the peak
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
breaking news, the u.s. state department is urging all u.s. citizens to leave the area of the kabul airport immediately send a credible threat has been made pickle we will stay with his story and bring you updates as they happen both on air and online at now at 6:00, we are seeing
6:46 pm
newly released police body camera video of an nba players arrest in l.a. and a quick warning, the footage is difficult to watch. this video shows new orleans pelican center jackson hates struggling with officers last month. they were responding to a 911 call from hayes's girlfriend who have reported possible domestic violence at their home in woodland hills. you can see him trying to get away from police and shoving an officer into a wall before they tased him. >> hayes is not seriously hurt but he was arrested for resisting arrest. he is now out on bond. the lapd has launched a use of
6:47 pm
force investigation. the union representing lapd officers is demanding the nba investigate the incident and hold hayes accountable. one ted hall mansion could set a new bar for luxury real estate in tahoe. in 2013, a home in zephyr cove sold for a record $48 million but this estate in incline village could blow that out of the water. or out of the lake. 575 lake shore is up first they'll for a cool $60 million because the architecture was inspired by the famed yosemite a whiny hotel. the lot is two parcels that take up over five acres. the main home over 12,000 square feet and of course, it overlooks the lake. i wonder what that would be just for rent for one night. a whole year's salary. >> what sold it for me was the blue skies in tahoe. i cannot wait until you get back to those days.
6:48 pm
here at home, for two reasons, this is probably not the best day to be outside for a whole lot and tomorrow's going to be identical come in terms of heat, and air-quality. i wish i had better news for sunday. i do for much of next week but for tomorrow, if you do not enjoy today, tomorrow is going to be the same. you might want to start planning for that. you can definitely see the hayes. the red dots show you where the air quality is unhealthy. the orange dots show you where it is unhealthy for sensitive groups. do you have asthma, or a general breathing issues? this applies to you pick of the red dots apply to everybody. even here on the peninsula, unhealthy for sensitive groups, i would not want to be outside overdoing it because you are breathing a lot more's and the more we go through seasons the more we are learning how bad this is hour-long. it is orange for marin, radford avenue and sonoma point.
6:49 pm
not a whole lot of change there. big picture shows us like it's better, going into late tomorrow into monday. look at the smoke getting blown that way. we will not given of all of the smoke but we going to get rid of enough of it that we will get out of these unhealthy categories for monday, it should be better. we talk about the heat, 102 and santa rosa today, one of three in concord, 104 in livermore. san francisco was 84. i talked about that off the top of the newscast. we have done those 102 before, still, it was hot and unhealthy outside. morning close to margo back to the mid-60s, we start out with a big head start and we are doing almost the same exact numbers tomorrow so this is why i say not a lot of change. temperatures and smoke. let's talk about that smoke. that is what we look like right now from space. you can see all of the plumes of smoke coming off of the
6:50 pm
mcfarland fire. the dixie fire is still producing pyro cumulus clouds. they look like thunderstorms. they are thunderstorms, taking all that smoke and spreading it. there is the call door fire right there, that is the one on the doorstep right now for tahoe so what i want to do is just give you a unique perspective, where exactly is the fire burning? let's come in for a close-up view because you can take the red line shall give the perimeter and all of the little red boxes show you where the fire is for and most recently. clearly this fire is marching its way uphill and when we put this into this perspective, there is something tahoe, this is the leading edge of the call door fire. for before you get to and bridges and you take that steep incline up to echo pass, the fire is basically knocking on the door there. only about 10 miles as the crow flies from the leading edge of that fire over to the tahoe basin. thankfully there's the big barrier there so keep your fingers crossed. here is not good news on this because started but they going into tuesday can we have a fire
6:51 pm
weather watch, there's the outline. the wind that will help clear our air out are going to start banning the flames of the calendar fire. it to be a big week for the calendar fire.
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
a four-year-old from palo alto discovered two colonies of rare stainless bees. cbs correspondent dana jacobson explains. >> reporter: onycha command of
6:54 pm
nature is combating to many adults things in large part to biologist taras lindsay. >> do you know that carpenter be can eat lavender? >> reporter: he is the caregiver, when she was three months old. so she could explore nature in her neighborhood. >> they look like a bumblebee which is big. >> reporter: this year, four- year-old on a car, by now a seasoned naturalist. she found tiny bugs that were not just your average insect. >> this is really amazing. >> reporter: her discovery found its way to california department of food and agriculture plants past diagnostics branch. where dr. martin hauser is a senior insect biosis missed. >> son about 2 million bedbugs here.
6:55 pm
you see how small they are? they are very small and that is a hottie be for comparison. she took us to the undisclosed location under the condition we were not able to the special tree in her special place. >> how do they get here in the first place? decades ago, the department of agriculture was looking for bees to boost the size of fruit and vegetable crops because >> in 1950 the usda asked a researcher to send them be colonies to see, to have alternative pollinators. he sent to gainesville, florida, logan, utah, davis, and palo alto and he said all of the bees died in one year. they do not like the cold, whether utah, they cannot compete in florida. >> reporter: he also went to stanford professor george
6:56 pm
schaefer in palo alto. >> on the colonies sent to dr. schaeffer survived and palo alto, for eight years. >> more like 70 years later. >> i know, for 70 years there around and nobody noticed. >> and a four-year-old girl noticed them this year. >> we have a new perspective, the eyes of a child, she looked at that and she says there is something to do with these. >> reporter: they were certainly descendents of ones that had been brought in as usda pollinators. they were presumed dead and had no representatives in dr. hauser's vast collection. in fact, dr. hauser had not heard of stainless bees from brazil until nearly 20 years ago. >> i got a submission from pest control guy in palo alto, and first i thought he was pulling a practical joke on me because it was a stimulus be. look at somebody says they have a kangaroo in the backyard.
6:57 pm
>> i was richard schmidt, asked by a homeowner to get rid of buzzing bugs in her backyard. >> i did not kill them. >> reporter: call him an exterminator with a heart of gold. >> i have not seen them before. i captured a couple of them, sent them to the county department. they did not know what they were so they sent it to the state. >> i was wrong with my idea and i sent these days out nearly all over the world to other experts and they were all puzzling, they all said where did you find it and i said palo alto is a kind of were like no. so finally come he came up that is a species described in year 1900 by a bee researcher. >> reporter: after he cracked the case the tree toppled and the bees disappeared. >> this is a part of the be nastier. >> reporter: a single remaining piece made it into his collection. >> you see some of the honey still in there. >> that is all he had to go on until this year when her bees
6:58 pm
became social media stars on i naturalist, a website that posted pictures. >> i was impressed that she found two colonies. that is very amazing that she found two and all the scientists found none. >> reporter: we need more children looking for bees. >> i'm really happy when kids go outside and explore nature. that is how i started. >> reporter: for dr. hauser come as much as the bees are a rare find, so is the four-year- old girl and it was important to meet her. >> my name is martin and i'm very proud of you that you discovered these bees. >> reporter: with that, came the biggest bug book he could find. >> for many more discoveries to come. >> reporter: actually, her bees are not in the books, even after more than 100 years of chance sightings of the bees still don't have a name. though it has been suggested the stingless bees be named on
6:59 pm
the cubbies. >> i hope they do
7:00 pm
announcer: it's time to play "family feud"! give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] [cheering and applause] steve: good. how's everybody? i appreciate y'all. thank y'all. thank you, folks. i do. i appreciate that. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. [cheering and applause] well, we got a good one today. returning for their fifth and final day, with a total of its the . 's throm indianapolis, woods family[cheering and appla] and from st. louis, missouri, home of cedric the entertainer, it's the schmidt family. [cheering and applause]


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