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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  August 25, 2021 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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live from the cbs bay area studios. in is kpix5 news. now on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area working families rally against the recall. why a labor lead said california residents shouldn't vote the governor out of office. good afternoon. new at noon, justin andrews has more on that effort out of oakland. >> leaders and working families gathered in snow park pushing for their agenda, urging oplee on the recall. >> no. >> these leaders say the recall is bad for working families and say it's a conservative attempt to destroy voting rights and tear down the state's housing policies, economic recovery and a lot
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more. the leaders at this press conference were labor leaders and elected officials. they say the governor's commitment to science based public health, environmental policy and low income assistance must continue. the assembly woman said the state doesn't want the candidate currently likely to replace newsom at the helm of the state. >> he wants to take us back to the 50's. is this the person that should govern the most diverse, inclusive, progressive, state in the united states of america? >> other leaders talked about any push to curb crime in oakland. they say a republican victory on this recall would endanger his $100 billion economic recovery plan which is the largest rescue package in the nation. >> voting no on the recall is a matter of life and death.
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i'm serious. what we have here is larry elder, a crazier trump than trump himself. >> california you will decide in less th r 14ether oof offi three years into his first term. in oakland. justin andrews. kpix5. critics of the government say that they want him out over his handling of coronavirus restrictions, school closures, and business shut downs among other reasons. one of the many candidates hoping to unseat him is making her bid in san francisco today. she plans to discuss the opioid epidemic and homeless crisis with community leaders this afternoon. she will wrap up the day at a log cab kin republican event. and late their week vice president will be in the bay area to help campaign for the governor. remember, kpix has you covered as we have you into the election. we have a full guide on the website and continuing coverage
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on cbsn bay area. we just got that new view of pg&e's latest effort to try to reel in some of the power safety shut offs that they have been doing trying to reduce the risk of wildfire. the company just gave us a tour of one of its new weather stations, more than 300 of them around the bay area. all in areas deemed as high fire threat districts. during a public safety shut off they turn off specific power lines to try to prevent tree branches and starting fires. the stations will help them call for a psps only when hyper local conditions warrant. the weather stations along with the -- that we are doing, the grid, replacing wooden poles with steel, the sectional device that we are installing. the technology that helps peak the grid into smaller pieces, adding the micro grids, all of that is helping us reduce the
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impact of a psps. >> they have installed about 1200 of these weather stations. mostly in high fire areas in northern and central california. back to you. new numbers on the credit, aldor fire just in. it's grown to 126,000 acres and remains at 11% containment. more than 600 construct europes have been destroyed. smoke from the fire is blanketing the lake tahoe region. mary lee is here with a closer look. we have gone several days of smoky conditions in tahoe. this is a live camera up in tahoe and you can't really make out anything. this is how smoky it is. in fact still dealing with unhealthy to hazardous air quality. some of the worst air quality in the world. this is due to the caldor fire. here is a live look and this is in san francisco. you can see blue skies, it's pushing that heavy smoke away from us. we have one more day of that
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strong ocean breeze bringing us the relatively cooler temperatures. little below average. watching this ridge of high pressure that will build in for hot temperatures inland and a return of some haze and smoke back to the bay area. i will show you what to expect on the smoke concentration forecast taking you through the next few days coming up in just a few minutes. >> thank you. until now johnson and johnson has been largely left out of the conversation on booster shots. today the company said a booster improves resistance to the virus. the company said that early trial data shows a second dose of its vaccine increasing resistance nine fold. they have been testing booster shots amid the spread of the delta variant. the white house said its planning to roll them out for the pfizer and mode, na vaccines. some people who are immune compromised have the green light already. new data shows coronavirus cases in children have surged over the last month from 38,000
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at the end of july to more than 180,000 last week. this is a cording to the american academy of pediatrics. three weeks in to the school year almost 12,000students have tested positive with nearly 29,000 quarantined. one describes impact on kids as a train. >> what i mean by that is the clinics are over run. >> what would you say to people who say they are young. they will be fine. >> we are see that in our population. kids who can't play the flute anymore. kid whose can't participate in sports anymore. that's heartbreaking. >> in mississippi barely one out of every three people is fully vaccinated. it has the country's second lowest state rate. in coronavirus news out of washington, the president has received a classified report on the origin of the virus it. looked at if the rujumped from an animal to a humor escaped from a lab in central
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china among other things. the intelligence community is reportedly seeking to declassify parts of that report for public release. now to the developing situation in afghanistan. the biden administration said that it is confident that the united states withdrawal out of that country can be completed before the august 31th deadline. othersaren't so sure. they are criticizing the president's actions. >> the military said that it's doing everything it can to make sure that every american and afghanistan ally quiet of gets out of the country before the august approximate 1th deadline. >> 90 flights total yesterday that left the kabul airport. that is accounted for 19,000 now safely out of afghanistan. >> the president announced tuesday that he will not be extending the deadline. he said he has asked the pentagon and state department for plans if the withdrawal is not yet done. >> a completion by august 31th depends on the taliban continuing to cooperate and
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allow access to the airport for those who are transporting out. >> the president said staying beyond the deadline would be dangerous for united states troops. >> every day we are on the ground is another day we know that isis is seeking to target the airport and attack both united states and allied forces and innocent civilians. >> lawmakers are criticizing the administration's handling of the withdrawal and question figure the united states can complete the operation of getting people out before the deadline. >> they will put a timeline until every american comes home. >> two congressmen made an unauthorized trip to kabul tuesday to see the situation for themselves. >> really? we are trying to get people out. >> in a statement they said because we start the evacuation so late we won't be able to get everybody out on time. the white hoat we advise against any americans, whether elected or not, attempting to travel to kabul right now. skyler henry.
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cbs news. >> and representatives say they flew on a jump seats in the air craft and did not take space from any people. the pentagon said it altered missions to provide protection for the congressman. still ahead on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, how to deal with the back to school nerves, especially during coronavirus. >> seasame street is trying to help kids handle the stress of going back to school. i'm diane king hall with details on a new series of videos and books designed to show little ones how to relax. about ha is the best time to exercise. researchers put it to the test. what a morning or evening work out may
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live look at the white house. the president is meeting today with some of the country's top tech and phelps leaders. he is getting their help in firming up cyber security defense as ransomware attacks get more high end. among the expected guests the heads of amazon. economicking in on wall street the dow is up about 50 points. investors are waiting to hear from the federal reserve which holds its convention later this week. some of the first grapes of the 2021 vie were picked today in livermore and we were there as the grapes were pulled off the vines and pressed. wineries hoping to avoid the smoke damage thataffected varieties last year. >> this year is different because it's a pr
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obviously coronavirus issues are still going on. from the vineyard standpoint, that is -- that hasn't had much effect. the weather has been very mild. its been favorable to quality of grapefruit production. they will pick red wine grapes in a couple of weeks. we just got this new video of the blessing of the grapes. this was in livermore. a rabbi, priest and pastor taking part in the century's old ceremony. just as children have started heading back to school seasame street has launched a new collaboration with an app head space. as part of cbs this morning, school matters series a special guest stopped by to tell viewers all about it and diane king hall has more. >> my goodness i get nervous. >> on cbs this morning, our furry friend admitted being on live television made him nervous. he found taking deep belly
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breaths helps him relax. >> you breathe in through your nose and throat. >> and then you let it all out. >> he stopped by because seasame workshop has teamed up with the meditation app head space to create a series of monster meditation videos and books and a new podcast called good night world to help kids deal with stress. >> grover. >> yes. >> i think you are doing too many things at once. how about we start with one thing. a monster meditation. >> monster what? count 1, 2. then two. >> education experts say kids often don't have the language yet to describe their emotion so it's important for parents to help them express their feelings. itch don't say you will be fine. that doesn't help children. you want children to understand that having a big feeling i'm going to call it frustration or disappointment or worry or
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nervousness. then help them figure out how can be -- make this big feeling feel beater. >> he also a tip. >> let's watch a cute soap bubble. let's imagine it floating up, up into the air. >> tips and tricks for children that may also help their parents relax. diane king hall, cbs news new york. >> studies have shown that sleep helps children with their health, concentration and their ability to learn. children and adults i think. right? >> all of us. >> and we know exercise is also needed for good health. >> a new study suggests evening workouts may have some extra benefits. a study in norway monday tomorrowed the levels of over weight men on a high fat diet. study participants did five days of training. some exercised at 6:30 in the morning, others at 6:30 at night. the study found morning and night exercise improved fitness
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and oxygen but only evening exercise lowered cholesterol which could help burn fat. >> really changed the blood chemistry here. >> it did. only the evening exercise group reduced their ldl after these days. >> researchers say they need to test their findings in women as well and they trees even if you can't exercise at night it's not an excuse to skip your work out all together. note, taken. >> we have our work out in today. we walked those steps today. >> we d. >> a big hill. >> i loved that. >> we are looking at beautiful weather to take it all in and enjoy it. thingswill be changing as we look ahead to the end of the week. we will heat things up and a little bit more haze back into the bay area. here is a live look at the santa clara valley. you can see blue skies and a bit of haze out there right now.
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let's look at the san francisco cam are blue skies, fog as we look north. temperatures running in the 60's and 70's. air quality looking at the good to moderate range, thanks to that ocean breeze. pleasant day, below average. daytime highs cool to mild day. the air quality looking all right at the service. that hazy sun. high above our upper levels of the atmosphere aloft inland but not affect its air quality that we breathe at the surface at ground level. we will be heating up as we look ahead to the end of the week and also with light off shore winds, a fire danger concern as we look to the end of the week. the smoke concentration forecast a little bit of haze inland, in the upper levels of the atmosphere, not impacting the weather at the surface. a was he go through the day today, same for tomorrow. as we look to the end of tomorrow, and into friday, watch as more haze pushes in with that light off shore flow and that change in wind direction friday and into the
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weekend. that's the reason why we will be watching end of our week, not just for the heat and also the fire danger but also for the haze and smokpushing back into the region. sunset at 7:48 sunrise at 7:46. below average. cool, cloudy, breezy along the coast and 60's. mid to upper 60's to low 70's. mid-70s for the peninsula and mid-70s to low to mid-80s's inland this afternoon. there we do with temperatures on the rise as we look to the end of the week. san francisco and oakland around the bay in to the 70's and 80's by the end of the week. for the south bay, san jose topping out at 90 by fried and saturday. inland by some of the hottest temperatures upper 90's to triple digit heat. low 09's for the north bay friday and saturday. warming up as well even along the coast to about 70 degrees. we will be watching those temperatures and the heat that we are expecting as we go through the end of the week with that fire danger. of course everything is so dry
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out there with our drought. also monitoring the possibility of more haze pushing back. enjoy today as it -- it's not going to last too long. >> things are he up. thank you. >> story of small town is the subject of a special 48 hours tonight on cbs. for nearly two decades a writer terrorized the town of circleville ohio. the mystery has long interested tv shows and podcasts. i folk about the quest to finally unmask the writer. >> the thousands of letters seem dissimilar. some were written in cursive, some block letters, some typed, some had a lot of miss spellings. i assumed there were some copy cat writers and more than one writer but the former fbi
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profiler and the document exam more both believe one person wrote all the letters. and coming up when you hear the word bunker it doesn't exactly scream vacation spot. >> no it does not. this underground site has been transformed into a b and b. the unique features just ahead.
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it's not your typical bed and breakfast. >> guests and friends are running out a former bunker turned b and b. it's buried in the french landscape and the owner converted an old world war ii bunk america to a guest house. he said he wanted to give the building a new lease on life. the 4300 square foot building took 18 months to renovate and it's adorned with artifact from the war. it's a hot spot for history buffs. that makes sense. it's sometimes a party pad. it coughs just under $400 a night. >> you down? >> that looks cool. >> it does. i don't know about that underground thing. >> it's just for a couple nights. you will be fine. >> okay. as long as there's a party. how about a
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two republican candidates in the bay area. we will catch up with them as the race to recall the governor heats up. that story and more at five. and finally this afternoon. your italianllawaits. the town is selling dozens of stone dwellings for 1euro. the catch they are neglected and need a refresh. you must commit to renovation was in three years of purchase
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and front a nearly $6,000 deposit that would be returned after the work is done. you aren't required to actually live there. >> that's cheap. that's $1.18 in united states dollars but that's a big commitment though. >> i would do it. >> i'm thinking. >> yeah. >> have you to make sure you -- fix it up. >> true. ú>> that's going to >> let's go have these. anyone in? >> yeah. >> it'll be a triple threat in italy. watch out. >> that's it for the news at noon.
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[ upbeat instrumental ] ♪♪ ♪♪ >> steffy: sorry. sorry. so sorry, okay. >> hope: get stuck in traffic? >> steffy: uh no, just uh, running late. i apologize. >> hope: oh steffy, you have a lot going on. i appreciate you even being able to make this meeting. >> steffy: yeah, i wish i could be more excited about going to san francisco. >> hope: well, it must be hard to leave finn and the kids right now. >> steffy: you have no idea. i just keep imagining all the terrible things that could go wrong. >> finn: you want me to let sheila come in here to meet my son? you can't be serious. >> jack: she won't stay long. >> finn: stay long? no. dad. absolutely not.


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