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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  August 24, 2021 11:00pm-11:34pm PDT

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now at 11:00, firefighters making a stand as they try to beat back the flames threatening tahoe. the very latest on their efforts. the caldor fire now creating some of the worst air quality on earth. we are tracking the conditions. it's covered in fog and smoke and ash everywhere. >> san jose city leaders voted on a sweeping new vaccine mandate after protesters shut down their earlier meeting. city vo eed to do whatever we adopt stnger mask guidelines. details on tonight's decision.
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good evening, we begin with the very latest on the caldor fire. tonight smoke is blanketing the lake tahoe region as the cruise tried desperately to protect homes and businesses. >> laura haefeli is on the south shore of jenkinson lake on how firefighters are working to prevent those flames from causing more destruction. >> reporter: the caldor fire forcing families out of their homes and they still have not been back. >> it is a glorified camping trip that is costing way too much money. i just want to go home. >> reporter: the u.s. forest service says unpredictable conditions make that impossible. >> until we can get the fire contained we are not a able to stop make that happ. orr:r to s
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the caldor fire in its tracks the crews have to start new fires. it's called back burning. >> we had fire crews coming through here intentionally lighting fires. by letting this fire we are able to consume fuels ahead of it. >> reporter: soap by the time the uncontained caldor fire meets up with these back burned areas it won't have anywhere else to go. >> right, it will basically be in a cage. >> reporter: it's fires like this one behind me that look really scary but they are set on purpose. it could mean the difference between homes is saved in homes destroyed. >> without these back burns, the uncontrolled fire line would be able to burn right up into these houses. >> reporter: the heat maps show the fire activity but not necessarily the bad kind. >> you are not able to differentiate from the back burns and the wildfire on any of our mapping systems. this wire is actively growing
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but not all of that growth is fiare posted outside of homes using retardant to save as many as they can. >> the air quality near the caldor fire is among the worst in the world right now. >> paul heggen joins us with a closer look at that. >> is so bad that the air quality sensors are maxed out. the air quality is dreadful around lake tahoe, unhealthy, very unhealthy or flat out hazardous because this is directly downwind of the caldor fire. it will remain so for about another 36 hours. so the wind is pushing smoke out of the bay area and into the tahoe basin. the wind will shift over the next couple of days. we will see northwesterly winds try to take some of the smoke from the mcfarland fire and derek it down towards the bay area. and even if we miss that,
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the same wind will take smoke from the dixie fire and caldor fire and push it down to the south. but as the wind shifts again i saturday and sunday some could make its way back up into the bay area. so we have all these different directions to track. but at least things are looking good for tomorrow. let's take a live look at san jose where you will now be required to show proof of vaccination when entering city- owned facilities or you will get turned away. maria medina is live into has a worthy emergency ordinance passed tonight, several hours after protesters interrupted the council meeting. >> reporter: it was pretty chaotic. the mayor calls large gatherings super spreaders. despite the response passed unanimously. from outside of san jose city hall. to inside the council chambers.
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anti-vaccine and anti-mask protesters made their message loud and clear. >> we are not going to have any outbursts. >> we are all frustrated with this. i appreciate the frustration. >> reporter: mayor sam liccardo announced a proposal to require attendees and staff at city- owned venues such as the shark tank civic center to show proof of vaccination for gatherings of 50 or more. but it was met with pushback. >> i get shut out of participating in society. that is a form of coercion. the magnet interview have the authority to decide what happens to anyone's body but your own. >> reporter: despite the protest the proposal passed unanimously. >> the first and primary function of government is to
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protect the health and safety of the environment. >> this is a question of whether or not the individuals will be able to enter certain venues without proof of vaccination. >> does this mean that people in san jose will need to carry proof of their covid vaccinations beginnto >> reporter: it is effective immediately but the mayor did say he will give the venues sometime to implement the requirements. so not just yet. less than one hour ago the city of venetia voted on a plan to break away from the rest of solano county and impose its own mask mandate. andrea nakano is live at city hall where there was overwhelming support to mask up. >> reporter: solano county is
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the only bay area county that does not have a mask mandate. tonight the city council here says what works for solano county does not work in here and voted unanimously to implement a mask mandate. venetia now takes the distinction of being the first city in the county to implement a mask mandate. during the city council meeting there was overwhelming public support for the mandate. and we got the same response from those in the town of venetia. >> we need to do whatever he can to get rid of this mess. if we don't it will be with us for a long time. >> it is everyone's choice. i think it is also a respect thing. >> i think it is needed everywhere. >> reporter: unlike areas such as fairfield and vacaville, the cities vaccination rates and behavior align more with the bay area.
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a county public health officer presented his case unlike there is not scientific data to support a mask mandate countywide. >> if you look at the disease curbs in comparison to solano and other counties without a mask mandate, they are identical. >> reporter: while benicia has a mask mandate, enforcing it is the next issue. violations will have to be handled by benicia alone. the city says it will look to educate more than in force but some wonder if this could be handled differently. >> i think we should go out a different way. it seems like the more you are told to do something the less you like it. >> so how long will this mask mandate stay in place, do they know? >> reporter: the city council says that it will stay in place for at least six weeks. at that time it will be re- evaluated. ha be out of high
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or substantial range for 30 days the mandate will be lifted. let's take a live look at oakland tonight where some students and staff will learn tomorrow if they can return to school. ousd officials say they were sent home to quarantine possibly by mistake. the reason, potentially false positive covid tests. the spokesperson says that there was an issue with the rapid testing from the labs that were used last week. more than a dozen false positives showed up and now they are trying to figure out who really does need to be in quarantine. >> as soon as we started to get the answers we dug into it. >> in addition to the false positive, that having clear information from the district the end of the tunnel area vta making some big
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strides toward restoring light rail service. at least one person is dead in a triple shooting in contra costa county. we learned from investigators. massive wildfires having a big impact on northern california wineries.
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tonight the rush to evacuate afghanistan continues around the clock with the deadline for u.s. troops to withdraw fast approaching. >> andria borba joins us now with a look at where the effort stands tonight. >> reporter: more than 21,000 people have been airlifted out end r.
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whmany people still remained trying to get on evacuation flights, president joe biden is sticking to the deadline. >> we are currently on a pace to finish by august 31st. the sooner we can finish the better. each day of operations rings and risk to our troops. >> reporter: outside of the airport the taliban is patrolling and is no longer allowing afghan citizens inside. >> the completion depends upon the taliban continuing to cooperate. >> reporter: house minority leader kevin mccarthy criticized the biden administration's approach to the growing crisis at the airport. >> don't pick lv the probm. hawill be the date. >> reporter: one of the lucky afghans to escape was a man who worked with the u.s. government for five years and was able to
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get on a flight first to cutter and then with family in fremont. >> there are too many people that don't have anything in their hands. and they are t prepared. >> reporter: has relatives in the east bay are begging for more time and help to get more afghans out of the country. >> we want the u.s. government to extend the deadline so we can bring our family from afghanistan. again, how would you feel if you have family over there and they are in danger. what do you feel, you tell me. >> reporter: the door to extending the closing hasn't shut entirely heard president biden is asking both the pentagon and the state department for contingency plans if it becomes necessary to stay longer. >> it is so dicey over there right now. an update tonight on a troubleshooting in contra costa county that left one person
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dead. deputies found two wounded victims in front of the house in unincorporated brentwood. they also found the body of the third victim elsewhere and no word yet on a motive for the shooting. investigator say at this point they are not looking for a suspect. the vta is testing some of its trains tonight. they hope to resume service by this weekend, possibly in time for sunday's 49er raider game. there is no specific timeline for when the system will fully restart but they hope to have some level of service soon. before that happens vta has to inspect and certify the tracks and the stations and retrain and recertify employees. >> taking care of people takes time. we are trying to build a foundation for these employees to be able to come back to work without having setbacks.
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to our fire watch, california will soon receive federal aid to help neighborhoods and businesses devastated by the massive dixie and river fires. president biden has designated plaque or counties as major destruction areas. and as the counter fire burns in el dorado county, thick smoke is making it difficult for workers to get into vineyards and orchards in the area. wineries that are still open have modified their schedules and they can be hurting long after the fire was extinguished. >> the smoke contaminates the grapes and winemakers don't want it because it affects the taste of the wine. the grapes are being picked but it's hard to get people here when most of the roads are shut down. let's check in with paul
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right now. we are showing folks what it looks like in the tahoe basin right now. worst air quality in the world tonight. >> very similar to what we had in the bay area last september when we had some of the worst air quality in the world. the onshore breeze is keeping the smoke away from us and will keep us with below average temperatures for one more day. but an area of high pressure will be strengthening and as a builds towards us, it will not be a full-fledged heat dome but it will be in inland heat wave. this will turn the mid and upper level winds and send some the baarea. the haze in the atmosphere move off to the east. thursday, the wind starts to turn. some of that smoke will try to drifted to the north bay but b but the longer those winds say
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in the offshore or long short direction, the more that smoke will building. this looks bad but it smoking tracking smoke throughout all levels of the atmosphere. it remains to be seen how much will be dragged down to the ground. the wind will continue shifting but as they moved to the east, there is smoke in that direction and as they moved to the southeast and the south, there will be smoke in that direction as well. by early next week things will start to clear out. the air quality will improve tomorrow. it should be good across the board. still okay on thursday back into the moderate category for the east bay. just moderate across the board for friday and saturday. things could be worse if that surface level smoke building but a lot of that smoke will be in the upper levels of the
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atmosphere. forecasting that far in advance is very tricky. right now we just have pleasantly cool temperatures. the fog is and to think around the bay just yet but it will make its presence felt. temperatures in the mid to upper 50s. and the future cash owes the fog spilling into the inland valleys by tomorrow morning. but it backs up pretty quickly, should see plenty of sunshine by tomorrow afternoon. we start off in the upper 40s in the north shore valleys, low 50s elsewhere. low 60s along the coast, mid 60s in the city with upper 60s and low 70s for the east bay. san jose is pretty close to normal, topping up just above 80 degrees. mid to upper 70s in the north bay and low to mid 80s for most in the parts of the east bay with temperatures heating up as we end the work week.
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not too much in san francisco, but oakland and the east bay topping out around 80 degrees for a few straight days, friday and over the weekend. san jose gets to around 90 degrees for friday and saturday. similar temperatures for the north bay, right around 90 degrees friday and saturday with the hotspots into the upper 90s and still mid 90s, not record-setting but it is hot. we will keep you updated through the rest of this week. straight ahead in sports, the champ is here in san jose. and the giants in new york. they say
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rule your day with 5g. only at metro by t-mobile. the giants, a run of four straight losing seasons is a eve skipper, figuring buster posey's night was over, with knee discomfort. first inning, brandon belt, tea smashed a big fly off the iconic egg apple at citi field.
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sickening, mike yastrzemski got it all here, for his 20th home run of the season. sent to the hood of a semitruck. sammy long, struck out four. back to belt, it was four for five tonight. he went to again. 19th on the season, and he was playing with a heavy heart hurried his grandmother had passed away from covid earlier in the day. the giants won the game 8-0. the very first win of the season. it was understandably bittersweet. >> i'm glad i could come out here and do that for her. i just want tohuge supporter as well. >> i couldn't help but feel like something powerful was at play there. we are just really feeling for him right now.
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>> catch alert, it's a catch alert. aj took home run away from manny machado. the dodgers went 5-2 and remain to have games behind the giants in the west. cole irvin had to be consoled to the dugout, minor head injury. the mariners did more damage in the eighth. that was ricky jerry. and the a's lost their fourth straight game. oakland the division and to out of the wild-card playoffs. college football, the mountain west jams are ready to spartan up this weekend. a stadium crowd can enjoy them, too, when they take off against utah state. and the following week against
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usc. you will never catch coach brennan looking ahead. >> you will want to talk about the sc game and their parents and girlfriends want to talk about the sc game but none of it matters if we don't play good football on saturday night. if we are so focused on something down the road we will get our [ bleep ] kicked with what is happening right now. >> sunday at 1:00 on the kpix 5, the 49ers a host the raiders. you can't miss the final dress rehearsal game. because after that the regular season unfolds. that's in september. >> who are they playing again? antheye from i've gotta savemy voice for the balance of the season. i can't go guttural all the
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time. the music world is mourning the loss of a legend,
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the late show with stephen colbert is next. >> thanks for watching. the news captioning sponsored by cbs ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: all right, colbert. first live audience in 15 months-- let's do it! >> aren't you forgetting something? >> stephen: wait, who said that? >> i did. remember me? >> stephen: oh, right! it's been so long since i've worn a suit, i forgot, you have to wear pants! >> i'm all pressed and ready to go! >> stephen: gosh, pantsy, i haven't worn professional- strength trousers in over a year. i don't know if i can do it. >> don't worry, steve, i'll help you. we'll get through it-- together. >> stephen: together? ( to the tune of "together" )


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