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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  August 23, 2021 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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>> reporter: 26 students at foster city elementary are in full quarantine at home after the school learned of an increase in positive cases since last there's a. >> what did you tell your kid? >> we didn't want to tell him too much because we didn't want him to get too concerned. >> reporter: when asked about specific, the school declined to comment today on the outbreak about kpix 5 obtained this letter sent sunday from its principal stating it is considering all students that are in fourth or fifth grade as close contacts and requiring proof of a negative test, sending parents on a mad dash to get students tested. >> we had the test yesterday evening and we are waiting for the result. >> reporter: many children who are not part of the quarantined class still cannot attend school in person today because they're waiting for test results. >> i didn't know i had to stay home. they just said that somebody tested positive in my class.
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>> she had a test, they took her right away for her test. she's waiting to find out results of the test and in the meantime we keep her away from details. >> reporter: the school says it's taking additional steps to penalize contacts, including more spacing in classrooms and lunch by grade level only. >> we are seeing cases in schools because kids reside in the community. we are not seeing a lot of credible transmissions within schools, but mainly testing from the community coming into schools, and that's not surprising. >> reporter: parents are realizing this school year is looking a lot different already. >> separate the kids even more. everybody really work together and try to slow the spread. >> do you happen to know how many other schools are dealing with a similar situation like foster city elementary? >> this school is not the only school that's dealing with an out break. in this district and outbreak is considered two or more cases. i talked to one school district official who tells me that nearly every school he is dealing with this kind of scenario. not necessarily this exact scenario, but this kind of
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scenario or potential outbreak. we did ask the san mateo county department of health how many schools have reported outbreaks since schools reopened a couple weeks ago. we have not heard back. when we do, we will tell you and update you. >> it will be interesting to hear those numbers. another big story tonight. the full fda approval of pfizer's covid vaccine for anyone 16 and older. local experts say that it could persuade more people to finally get a shot. it could also lead to more mandates across the state. full approval opens the door for more companies requiring workers to be vaccinated. >> be? about these vaccines was can you mandate the vaccine in any way. fda approval removes that question and puts workplace met vaccine mandates on very strong legal footing. >> moderna has also applied to the fda for full approval of its vaccine. johnson and johnson says that it hopes to do so later this
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year. across california, more than 46 million doses of the vaccine have been administered, and in the past day the state recorded more than 10,000 new covid cases and three deaths. positivity rate has dropped again to 5.4%. let's take a live look at san jose, where thousands of city employees are now facing some strict covid mandates. starting today they must show proof that they are vaccinated or get tested weekly. if they don't they could be fired. kpix 5's len ramirez tells us how the fda 's approval of that pfizer vaccine is having an effect on the city's mandate. >> that's right, the approval of the pfizer vaccine by the fda is giving a big boost to the city's efforts to make sure that everyone is vaccinated, because it does take away one of those arguments for people having not gotten the vaccine. >> the vaccine mandate is now in place for about 6000 san
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jose employees, including city hall workers, library and parks employees, and police and firefighters, requiring all of them to show proof of vaccination or proof of a negative covid test. now with fda approval of a pfizer vaccine, the city's largest employee unions as it may help lessen vaccine hesitancy. >> this is actually a step in the right direction, so individuals now know that it's approved by the fda, so they feel more comfortable taking that vaccine. >> reporter: sent as a firefighters, who are some of the most vaccinated employees, at about 90%, are pushing back against the city making it a requirement. >> we still don't believe in a mandate. we believe in vaccinations. we are not saying that we are an anti-vax organization, but we believe there should be options and a choice for our members. >> reporter: city officials say the goal is to make the workplace safer for workers and
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but a very few employees incoming weeks. >> they are working towards a stage two of this program, which would require all employees to be vaccinated, unless they have proof of a medical exemption or a religious exemption. >> reporter: officials aren't sure how many of the city's workers are now vaccinated, but a voluntary surveyed showed a rate of over 84%. but one infectious disease expert says even with high rates of vaccinations, there can still be a danger. >> vaccines create a very safe environment for people. >> is city hall open to discussions with employees over there concerns over this mandate? >> there are a lot of concerns, especially with the fire union, as you heard, and the police union as well. the city is having those discussions, but the city is also moving forward with this. they are about to go into that phase two, which will take away the option of getting tested every week, and instead make sure that everybody gets a
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vaccine. so that is moving forward. that could be coming in the next couple weeks, possibly in september or october. >> len ramirez, thank you. the moraga police department mourning the loss of a detective who died of covid. detective kevin mooney died saturday. he had been with the moraga pd since 2013, was a former deputy with the contra costa county sheriff's department for 21 years. mooney also remembered for starting the department's holiday toy program, which collected hundreds of toys for the marine corps toys for tots program. not clear whether mooney was vaccinated. he was 58 years old. taking a live look at sfo, where time is ticking for united airlines employees to get fully vaccinated. the carrier set a new deadline of september 27th. those who fail to do so will be fired. united moved up that date from late october after the fda's full approval of the pfizer vaccine. take a live look outside. wildfire smoke is still kind of
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hanging around. hasn't cleared out completely from around the bay. a thick veil of haze you can see still visible, especially in the east bay. >> chief meteorologist paul heggen is tracking those conditions for us. that hayes blew in from over the pacific that it's mostly farther up in the atmosphere where we don't have to breathe it. ground-level air quality has been okay today. let's take a look at the current map, showing those are quality conditions. it's not fantastic. there are a lot of yellow dots, more of that than anything else, indicating moderate air quality, but the worst air quality is farther off to our east and northeast and there are some green dots sprinkled in indicating good air quality. we're going to see more and more of those over the next couple of days. the air quality forecast tomorrow, i think it's going to be good around the bay itself and along the coast, even the south end of the bay. farther inland still moderates, one more day for the north bay, a lending the east bay and in the santa clara valley, we're
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going to see even more improvement and bluer skies overhead as we head towards the middle of the week on wednesday. we're going to take a look at that part of the forecast, tracked the smoke hour by hour with the futurecast and we'll haveta inland heat wave that's going to be building later this week coming up in the full forecast. to our fire watch tonight, cal fire has now made the fast spreading caldor fire in el dorado county it's top priority. it has grown now to more than 106,000 acres and is only about 5% contained. a 15 mile stretch of highway 50 remains closed between pines and myers after flames jumped the highway over the weekend. governor newsom is seeking federal help for people trying to recover from wildfires. today he requested a presidential major disaster declaration. it would provide housing, food, as well as medical and legal services for those affected by the sea, monument, and mcfarland fires. still ahead on kpix 5 and cbsn bay area, -- >> students here at concord high school are mourning the death of a fellow classmate who may have died of an accidental drug overdose. the warning the concord police
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new at 6:00, concord police are issuing a warning after the death of a 14-year-old. kpix 5 reporter andrea nakano is live in concord with more details. >> according to the amount diablo unified school district, the student was a freshman here at concord high school. police say she died at her home over the weekend and they believe she may have died of an accidental drug overdose. concord lease department released a picture of a pill that she may have taken. investigators say they do not know if there are other pills circulating among students here at concord high or other schools in the area, but they wanted to make sure parents
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were aware. police say there are incidents happening in communities, where pills are laced with other toxic substances such as fentanyl, and that can be lethal. students on campus were shot to hear about the loss of a fellow student, and most found out about it through morning announcements. >> if they just waited over the intercom, were like sorry to interrupt, and they explained what happened, and they said be respectful and everything, we're going to have a moment of silence, so we just sat there for a little bit in honor of her. >> superintendent dr. adam clark released a statement this afternoon same amount diablo unified school district employees and stakeholders mourn this tragic loss. we send our heartfelt condolences to the family and all those who knew the student. at this point the district and the police department saying that they will not comment further in this case. detectives say this investigation is still in the very early on stages, and if you have any information, to contact the concord police department. so incredible he heartbreaking to hear about that. all right, andrea. thank you. we're getting some new video of a devastating fire in sonoma county. this one erupted in downtown greenville last night. take a look at this. cinema county fire district
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says the fire tore through three different businesses. they are all a total loss. crews used an aggressive attack, trying to keep the flames from spreading even further to other nearby buildings. there's a look at some of the aftermath. it's sad. thankfully nobody got hurt, though. the cause of the fire still under investigation. so what's in a name? more than $17 million, if you are the cal app attics department. the payout comes from a sponsorship and naming agreement with ftx, a crypto currency exchange. so starting this season, the home of the football team will be known as ftx field at california memorial stadium. cal says the 10 year deal is the first in collegiate history to be paid for by 100% crypto currency. how about that? all right. >> changing times.
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>> that's the same one that baseball umpires are wearing as an advertisement. i had to look it up because i didn't know what ftx was. >> strange. >> crypto currency. >> obviously crypto currency could use a little bit of a boost. as we head through the rest of this week we are going to see an inland heat wave taking over late this week and as the winds turned more to the northwest it has potential to direct more wildfire smoke at least closer to the bay area by thursday, friday, and saturday, and temperatures inland are going to be substantially warmer by then. in the short term it's good news. there is still some smoke hanging out in the upper levels of the atmosphere, so this map tracks all the smoke, not just surface level, the whole depth of the atmosphere and some of that is going to be hanging out tomorrow, especially over the east bay and santa clara valley. as those onshore winds persist that's going to get pushed further up to the east and northeast. we're going to see bluer skies and even better air quality as we head to the middle of the week with improving air quality across the board. everybody in the green category
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on wednesday but then as that inland heat wave and the offshore wind's kick back in i think things are going to deteriorate by thursday and friday, but only forecasting moderate air quality, knowing all the categories just yet. it's something we monitor as we get closer to the end of the work week. right now the clouds are trying to build back in over san francisco and having a fair amount of success. temperatures down to 60 degrees downtown. 66 degrees in oakland, only 63 in santa rosa, another unusually cold. the warm spot is 73 degrees in san jose, in august this is very unusual. we've got a couple more days of below average temperatures to go including four ruby and bodacious. fantastic name, in south san francisco. it looks like they're not going to be willing to leave their nest for a walk this evening. >> translator: in the low 60s right now, dropping down into the upper 50s as we head through the rest of this evening.
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get your pets out for some exercise tomorrow and wednesday with those below average temperatures before the heat builds later on this week. the fog is going to spread into the inland valleys and pretty widespread by early tomorrow morning, but it will back. good visibility by 10:00 in the morning for most inland parts of the bay area with improving visibility's around the bay and along the coast as we head towards midday and into early afternoon. temperatures mostly starting off in the low to mid 50s early tomorrow morning, even upper 40s around santa rosa. just a couple degrees below average but several degrees below normal for most high temperatures tomorrow, almost exactly where we were today. mid-60s in the city with low 70s and the east bay. only low to mid 70s for most of the northbay around 80 degrees in san jose. that's close to normal for this time of year with low to mid 80s for inland parts of the east bay. that is well below average for late august and him are going to stay in the same territory again on wednesday before we heat up friday and saturday. heating up only puts us into the mid-70s in san francisco for the end of the work weekend the first half of the weekend, but low 80s for oakland in the east bay and up to around 90 degrees for san jose by friday and saturday. the hot spots, no surprise where those are going to be. inland in the east bay up into
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the upper 90s for a couple days before gradually cooling down next week, and even the northbay after several consecutive cool days, temperatures are going to be back up to around or above 90 degrees by friday and saturday and even along the coast pence are going to reach up to around 70 degrees. we'll zoom in for a closer look at tomorrow's high temperatures coming up at 7:00. cbs evening news is coming. >> here is norah o'donnell with a preview. >> we've got our back-to-school series. what parents are telling cbs news about confusion over mask mandates as tens of thousands of students and staff are forced to quarantine. the cbs evening news is just minutes away. straightahead in sports, something we may never see again. and 49ers sunday aftermath. we've got plenty to talk about. and in six days, it's the raiders.
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just twenty-five bucks a month gets you unlimited 5g and a free 5g smartphone. that's half the price... ...for one line of unlimited 5g smartphone data a free samsung galaxy 5g when you switch and trade-in. all with the power of the t-mobile 5g network. rule your day with 5g. only at metro by t-mobile. vern is here with sports. we know we've got to talk about the 49ers, but really excited to hear about the raiders. >> the raiders, that's right, liz. liz is in midseason form. i love it, as we segue to the nfl up top. it's 49ers final preseason week and the countdown to the
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finale, hosting the raiders. kpix, sunday 1:00 kick. under center, one would expect jimmy grove low to be running the offense, especially when the regular season starts. but there are many who are drawn to the it's guy, trey lance. now that decision will be from one man, and the coach says, i'll get back to you on that. >> it's hard for me to get a date when it's based off of we know when we feel like naming it. whenever that happens but i promise it will be by that sunday. >> at the charger sunday, lance shook off a slow start and lead a scoring drive. his birthday boy mohamed sanu even before half. garoppolo had to praise that one . then in the third, lance hooked up with travis benjamin, a 16 yard play that gave the 49ers the lead. lance 8 of 14, 102 yards against the chargers. the rookie quarterback joined me and lorenzo neal on the
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postgame show. >> what do you think of tonight translating to next week as you finish up the preseason with the raiders? >> like i said, we'll watch the tape. i'm super excited to be able to break it down with our staff and the quarterbacks and i'm going to learn as much as i can from it. like i said, i learned so much every single rep and i took a step in the right direction. some good, some bad. turnovers can't happen, but at the end of the day i definitely learned a lot, felt more comfortable out there today than i did last week. >> the niners did not get away clean. their depth on defense took a little heat last night. maurice hurst, a former raider, suffered a high ankle sprain, and linebacker mychal kendricks, who signed just last week emma injured his toe. both are expected to be out for at least one month. in baseball, the giants are off, the a's host seattle. picture chris bassitt hit in
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the face by a chicago white sox line drive last o y tomo isqueson --will he pitch again and ifanybtoat, itwould be chri so he's a pretty tough cookie. outside of new york, the pga's northern trust finale took place today, thanks to hurricane henri. tony fino, what a great second shot on the par 513. if we could all do this. set up an eagle three. grabbed a share of the lead. this one went one extra hole of sudden death. here is the playoff with cam smith and here is the end of mr. smith. his drive went out of bounds. he had to take a drop. fino hit fairways and greens and parred the hole and won it, won for the first time in five years. you may never see this again. the batter, rougned odor. it looked like a yankee's home run against the twins, but odor had called timeout just before
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the pitch was thrown, and put his hand up. so the home run didn't count. he put the hand up. umpire granted time. the very next pitch, odor struck out. it's his own fault! he's the one that called time! >> oh boy. >> went do that again. >> it happens. yankees will be okay. >> i'm not worried. >> thanks, vern. items belonging to a notorious alcatraz jailbird hitting the auction block. how you could own some of al capone's personal treasures. plus, more businesses and employers are mandating covid vaccines. now there's a surge in black- market vaccine cards. we received the tip a couple weeks ago and immediately started working the investigation. we have seen the numbers really increase. >> a surprising place where you can find them and the
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unforeseen cost. counterfeit vax cards. that's tonight on the kpix 5 news at 7:00.
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personal items once used by one of alcatraz's most notorious residence could be yours. >> some of the belongings of al capone are preparing to be
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auctioned off in sacramento. the only child of the infamous prohibition era gangster had reportedly been living in auburn. now capone's granddaughters are selling the estate, including his pistol, dubbed sweetheart, his diamond watch, jewelry, and even a prison letter to his son, and they say they are not doing it for the money. >> these items have been in the family since the '20s, and if anything happened to us, no one would know the stories that go with these items. these are heirlooms that need to be preserved, and the stories need to be preserved. >> the auction happens october 8th at the sutter club in sacramento. >> would be neat just to see those in person. fascinating. want to see that diamond watch, too. thanks for watching the news at 6:00. the news continue streaming on cbsn bay area. you can find it on the kpix 5
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news app and the cbs evening news is coming up next. >> we'll be back here on the kpix 5 news captioning sponsored by cbs >> o'donnell: tonight full f.d.a. approval, the major milestone for pfizer's vaccine. will it move the needle in the race to vaccinate america? with the fastest vaccine approval in f.d.a. history the military, businesses and school districts now mandating shots. president biden's message to the millions of americans waiting to get a dose. >> the moment you have been waiting for is here, time for you to go get your vaccination. >> o'donnell: plus an update on hospital i.c.u.'s filling up with unvaccinated patients. deadly flooding: 17 inches of rain in tennessee turns into a dangerous wall of water. the devastating story of twin babies ripped from their father's arms. henri's aftermath.
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