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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6am  CBS  August 23, 2021 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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what we are just learning. fighting to get hundreds of employees out of afghanistan. the city rallying behind them. fire evacuees in eldorado scrambling for a place to stay. how cal fire gave money from their own pocket. good morning. it's monday august 23. i am len kiese. >> i am gianna franco. we start with a live look outside as smoke from wildfires across the state still drifting into the bay area which is prompting yet another air quality advisory this morning. the good news is things are expected to improve. let's find out how much and check with mary. good morning. good morning. happy monday. we are looking at that strong sea breeze kicking in. good to moderate air quality through the day and even with that air quality advisory, could see a little bit haze from the north bay and for the east bay. i will show you our smoke concentration forecast at the surface and you see a little
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bit haze for the north bay and east bay with that strong on shore flow. it does get better for air quality as we look to the rest of today and for tuesday and for wednesday. so nothing like we saw last week for sure. as we go through today with that strong on shore flow, 70s and 80s inland. below average for this time of year. mild in the south bay in san jose, 70 in napa valley. around the bay mid to upper 60s this afternoon, upper 60s oakland, peninsula in the 70s and along the coast with the afternoon sea breeze, low 60s along the coast with those clouds. we are going to heat up especially inland as we head through the week especially by the end of our work week. details are coming up. let's check with gianna for a look at traffic. good morning. first reports of a trouble spot at the bay bridge west bound past the toll plaza. one of the cars reported as a
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cal trans truck. keeping an eye on that, no word if injuries are involved. see all the yellow and red popping up for the ride into san francisco. no metering lights yet but things will likely change as we see slow speeds across upper deck as you head into the city. we are seeing extra volume out of the east bay into san francisco. we'll check the rest of our bay area bridges in my next report. fda is expected to fully approve pfizer vaccine as early as today. it will be first covid-19 vaccine to move beyond emergency authorization. approval is expected to pave the way for more vaccination mandates from cities, counties, and private companies. today, thousands of city employees in san jose must show proof of covid vaccination. >> san jose joins a growing number of local governments handing down those mandates. justin andrews is live at city hall in san jose. what happens if city workers
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refuse to show proof? >> reporter: g, if you don't, you have to get tested weekly or find yourself on unpaid leave. the city says there is no other alternative to this. beginning today all 8,000 employees within the city in san jose from the mayor to police, firefighters, city hall workers, even dispatchers, under this rule, all city employees including those still working from home will be required to show proof of vaccination. if you need to get tested, the city will give employees an hour or so paid time to do so. if you don't comply with the mandate, you will be on unpaid leave. vacation days, comp days, sick time cannot be used. city leaders say the vaccine is the best most effective tool in preventing covid. obviously there is push back. it's coming from some union members. >> we are not antivaccine. we are pro vaccine. we want everybody to get
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vaccinated. but we are antimandate. >> we need everyone in the community to get vaccinated and we are going to start right here with our own team at the city. >> reporter: there is another layer to this vaccination proof and it is way more intense. city leaders are talking about it right now. i will dive into that at 6:30. >> justin, looking forward to it. thank you so much. happening today free drive thru covid-19 testing in fremont. vaccines will also be available. at the be at the central park softball complex on stephenson boulevard. it will also be held on wednesday. this is as hospitalizations are on the rise across u.s. covid hospitalization rates for children and adults under 50 are hitting highest levels yet. cdc says people under 50 make up majority of the patients. it says this fourth wave of
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covid patients are getting sicker quicker and cases in american hospitals have shot up more than 240% in just the last month. in california alone, nearly 8300 patients are in the hospital for covid-19. that's a nearly 210% jump from this time last month. i am anne makovec at the live news desk. we have breaking news we are following. a shooting investigation going on in the east bay after a woman was shot while driving her vehicle along i-80. it happened about 10:00 last night. her vehicle was hit several times. it looked like almost a dozen times, bullet holes all over her car. she was able to pull over just west of 37 in the west bound lanes and summon help. she was taken to the hospital, still waiting for official word on her condition. we haven't heard anything from police right now as to if there is a suspect they're looking at, if they believe this was a targeted shooting. we are going to stay on top of it for you.
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>> thank you. a bay area nonprofit is struggling to get more than 300 employees out of afghanistan. >> warning, some of the images we are about to show you are graphic. his father has been working for afghan military with american forces and is connected to roots of peace based in san rafael. he says taliban recently sent his family a violent warning to sever all ties and his father is in hiding and is hoping his son who moved to california after working for roots of peace for more than a decade can help. >> we had four types of forms. they're very arduous asking for birth certificates, marriage certificates and now thumb prints. how do you get those when people are on the run? >> bay area is home to 60,000 afghan immigrants including many in fremont. the city launched a relief fund over the weekend. >> this is a humanitarian
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crisis. we need people to know that we are there for them as communities, as cities, as leaders. >> last night members of roots of peace boarded a plane traveling east saying they're making a trip to get answers. caldor fire has grown to more than 100,000 acres across eldorado. this morning containment is at 5%. at least 475 structures have been destroyed with thousands more threatened. there is new evacuation warnings for parts of amador county. many evacuees are going on second week forced out of their homes. one says she was forced out of her hotel room to accommodate someone else's reservations. the family of of seven says they were forced to leave the best western in placer ville. they're staying with family in bay area because they cannot get another room closer to the evacuation zone. >> we were already in the room. i am not understanding. is there a way we can pay whatever to extend our stay?
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>> however, that evacuee had unsecond help over the weekend. a cal fire worker behind her in line paid her hotel bill. today cal fire is expected to give an update on the raging wildfires. a news conference is set to begin at 1:00 this afternoon. today the first day of school at diablo valley college and return to in person classes. students at both campuses pleasant hill and san ramone are required to wear masks in class. this morning students must go through a self assessment before they step onto campus every day. they're supposed to stay away if they have possible covid-19 symptoms and if have been exposed to a known or suspected case of the coronavirus. kpix5 has you covered as kids go back to school. live coverage every morning as districts return. plus questions answered about covid and the classroom, exclusive interviews with experts on the kpix morning
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news and the time is 6:08. >> an urgent plea in the east bay. arthur luckily survived his encounter but the next person may not. >> where neighbors are asking city leaders to fix a dangerous intersection. more than 100,000 people without power as tropical storm henri makes its way through the northeast. the destruction left behind. our air quality looks great, all in the green this morning. i will let you know what to expect. i will show you our smoke concentration forecast. we are going to heat things up as we head through the week. details on what you can expect where you live. here is a live look with mark hopkins hotel camera. you see the foggy start, even tracking a little bit califofornia, did d you know r homemes share popower? but when w we try to s stay cl in a heaeat wave ouour supply i is pushed to the l limit. but you hahave the powower to kekeep us up a and runningn! “i dodo?” yup, w we all do!! with f flex alertsts.
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ththey notify y us when toto t our energygy use if ourur power supupply isis stretcheded. so frorom pre-coololing our ho, to usingng less enerergy from 4, togethther, let's flex ourur pr to save ouour power. sign up for flexex alerts today.
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good monday morning. something to brighten your day, how about cute little mitchell
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in pacifica starting 1st grade. it will be a cool one. low 60s with mostly cloudy skies as we head through our day in pacifica. we would love to see your first day of school photos of your little ones. tag us on social media and use #kpix. hopefully we can see your cutie on the air as well. >> thanks. an east bay community pleading with city leaders to take action on a notoriously dangerous intersection. it's b street and mission boulevard in hayward where neighbors say they see crashes and near misses in the cross walk constantly. a business owner shared this stunning surveillance with kpix, shows the moment a truck slammed into a wheelchair bound man and that happened earlier this month. >> we are imploring the city of hayward to do something about the safety of this intersection. arthur luckily survived his encounter the other day but the next person may not. >> every time i cross an intersection, every time i go
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outside and there are cars rolling by i am seriously traumatized. >> a spokesperson for hayward tells us there is potential for short term changes but no plans yet for anything permanent. a live look at oakland where housing activists are trying to prevent family of five from losing their home to foreclosure. he is trying to save his family's home where they have lived for 15 years. >> he bought the house in 2006 where he took out a $75,000 loan against the home a decade later to jump start a business. the loan was from community fund llc and that company then bought the mortgage on his home. >> they give people loans they know they cannot afford. and they go behind and buy the property back through the foreclosure. >> housing activists are urging owners to stop the eviction process and give fred and his family time to secure a loan to buy the house back out right.
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we reached to community llc and a spokesperson claims fred's home is no longer owned by the company. checking the path of tropical depression henri. it made landfall in rhode úisla parts of new york city with more than eight inches of rain. on long island the storm caused flooding but the last minute shift spared people from widespread destruction. henri knocked out power to more than 100,000 people and flooded neighborhoods throughout the northeast. >> when i opened my door, water just came into my car. >> i will remember henri. he is on my list. >> 49 million people from new jersey through new hampshire are under flash flood watches or warnings this morning. 6:15. let's get you caught up on our local forecast starting with mary lee. good morning. we are looking at that strong sea breeze in the bay area and with it cooler daytime highs, below average for this time of year, running about five
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degrees below average. with that on shore flow, better air quality. it was so great to see the blue skies yesterday, hazy in the north bay and east bay, air quality advisory in effect today once again. that's because of the haze. i will show this on our smoke concentration forecast in a moment. as we look to the rest of the week, we are going to heat things up by the end of our week, daytime highs in upper 90s to 100 inland by the end of our work week. you see our air quality now is in the green. it looks great, nice to see. as we show you our air quality forecast as we take you through the day, looking good on the coast, peninsula, south bay. moderate for the north bay and east bay. tracking this upper level low and a weak short wave or weak disturbance just swinging and rotating around that low pressure system bringing in that strong on shore flow for today. as we take you through the day again looking at good air quality for the most part today and as we take you through the
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next few days, smoke concentration forecast with westerly winds pushing most haze away today, tomorrow, and for your wednesday. near tahoe it is very smoky and of course hazardous there and to our north. thinking about everybody, especially dealing with wildfires to our north and up in the sierra. as we go through our day today in the bay area, we are looking at the skies clearing inland around the bay, still the cloud cover along the coast, cloud cover retreating back to the coast tonight into tomorrow, marine stratus pushes in along the coast and around the bay with that on shore flow. as we look to sunrise, 6:32 and sun set at 7:51. mostly cloudy along the coast with afternoon sea breeze, low 60s. around the bay mid to upper 60s this afternoon, 70s for peninsula, upper 70s for south bay in san jose inland, low 80s concord as well as for
6:18 am
pleasanton and about 70 for napa valley. inland 70s to low to mid 80s later today. the seven-day forecast for around the bay, san francisco, oakland, you see temperatures rising as we look to the end of our work week and our weekend ahead. we are talking 70s and even in oakland in the low 80s by friday. san jose, into the 80s as we look to the end of our week for you. friday is the warmest day of the week, inland east bay, you will heat things up. we are talking 90s to triple digit heat by the end of our week, north bay low 90s and along the coast to about 70 on friday. let's check with gianna for a look at traffic. >> busy as you head towards the bay bridge. you see on the maps all yellow and red. that's for your ride into san francisco. there is a crash involving a cal trans truck past the toll plaza. the good news is it is over to the shoulder, not blocking lanes but we are seeing that back up anyway as you head through. looks like a stalled vehicle
6:19 am
along 880 working into the maze as well. a bit busy for the ride out of the east bay into the city. metering lights are officially on and we are seeing a bit of a back up now behind the toll plaza. keeping an eye on that, looks like your commute around 11 to 12 minutes into san francisco. to the south bay, north bound 101 near allen rock avenue, there is a crash. this is in the center divide. looking at speeds traveling through, it doesn't look like it is causing many delays. if that changes we will let you know. the ride along 101 out of san jose is looking okay for the most part if you want to use that maybe 87 or 280 heading north of there towards peninsula, you should be good to go. hellyer to sfo, 37 minutes. we have a slow ride for folks heading into altamont pass, super commuters west bound 580, 205 to 680, 47 minutes. sluggish conditions out of tracy as you get on the 580 connector and brake lights extend to just beyond north
6:20 am
flynn at this point. the san mateo bridge, right hand side of your screen, tail lights working west bound towards 101 into foster city. it looks like we are seeing extra volume. travel time 13 minutes between hayward towards the peninsula side. 6:20. still ahead. >> 49ers coming out on top. why the rookie qb is getting all the praise. >> businesses and employers mandating covid vaccines. now there is a surge in black market vaccine cards. >> we received a tip a couple weeks ago and immediately started working the investigation. >> we have seen the numbers really increase. >> surprising place they've been found and the unforeseen cost. counterfeit vax cards, tonight on the kpix5 news at 7:00. a quick look outside from our roof cam. it is 6:20, looking at kids love e visiting k kidifor. but parerents like i it to, likeke a lot.
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welcome back. 6:24. giving you a live look from our mark hopkins camera. looking east you see the trans america pyramid kind of covered by fog. we are glad to have you with us. 49ers came out on top in the second preseason game beating chargers in l.a.15-10. >> the rookie quarterback tre lance led two touchdown drives making precision passes. niners leaned on their running game which racked up 130 rushing yards. lance's teammates are praising his professional approach as he begins his nfl career. >> i saw a guy willing to listen, a guy that wanted to ask questions. he has the talent so what kind of person is he? i think he is a stand up guy and i think everybody will be able to witness that throughout
6:25 am
his career. in baseball action, giants got yet another clutch home run to power a victory over a's. oakland carried a 1-0 lead into the eighth but then don value solano came off the bench and drilled a two run home run. giants 2, a's 1. 6:25. in our next half hour on kpix5 and also streaming on cbsn bay area. looking live at san jose where thousands of city workers are facing a serious mandate. we are live with what happens if they don't show proof of a vaccine when they show up to work. we are counting down to california's gubernatorial recall election. how the white house is sending support to the bay area. let's get a live look outside at the bay bridge at the toll plaza, seeing a back up there as you work
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if you are just waking up with us, here are your morning headlines. fda is expected to fully approve pfizer covid vaccine as early as today. it would be the first covid-19 vaccine to move past emergency authorization. approval is expected to pave the way for more vaccination mandates from cities, counties, private companies. another freeway shooting along i-80. a woman driving west bound vallejo around 10:00 last night when someone opened fire and
6:30 am
hit her vehicle several times. she was injured but was able to pull over for help. she was taken to the hospital. an air quality advisory is in effect again for the bay area due to the smoke from the wildfires. north and east bay seeing most of the haze but thanks to a strong sea breeze our air will be in the good to moderate categories. good morning. it's 6:30 on monday august 23. i am gianna franco. >> i am len kiese. let's go to mary lee with our new work week. it's looking good as we start our work week. we are looking at the strong on shore flow with good air quality as we start our day. our air quality forecast is good along the coast for peninsula, south bay, santa clara valley. moderate for north bay and east bay and that's why the air quality advisory is in effect today, just a little bit haze possible for the north bay and east bay. showing surface smoke
6:31 am
concentration forecast through the day, you see a little bit haze for north bay and east bay and otherwise with westerly winds pushing most of the haze out of here as we look to the rest of today, tuesday, wednesday. cool below average daytime highs today. we are talking 70s to low to mid 80s inland. a mild day. mid to upper 60s around the bay and 70s for the peninsula. we'll talk about temperatures on the rise through the week and warming up for sure especially inland. let's check with gianna for a look at traffic. good morning. let's start with a trouble spot in the south bay north 101 near allen rock, a crash involving a couple vehicles in the center divide. traffic is a little slow as you approach the area. once you pass that you get a break and then brake lights approaching the 880 connector. the ride out of the south bay has been okay. your travel time is 38 minutes north bound 101 from san jose towards sfo. busy through altamont, busy
6:32 am
from tracy towards dublin interchange and metering lights on at the bay bridge. today, more than 8,000 san jose city workers must prove they've been vaccinated. >> if they don't, they must be tested weekly for covid or be placed on unpaid leave. justin andrews is live at city hall in san jose and leaders may be adding to the mandate soon. >> reporter: the mayor supports making vaccinations mandatory without option of getting tested weekly. that's the other layer but nothing is set in stone, just discussed among city leaders. what is official though today, all city workers including the mayor, police officersfirefighters, city hall workers, dispatchers must prove vaccination. this even includes city employees working from home. if you don't comply you have to get tested weekly or you will be on unpaid leave. vacation, comp days, sick time cannot be used. the city is offering an hour of paid time to get your test. city leaders say the vaccine is
6:33 am
the best most effective tool in preventing covid. this is getting push back though from some union workers saying they want people to get vaccinated but say they are not okay with it being a mandate. justin andrews, kpix5. >> thank you. i am anne makovec at the live news desk. breaking news in san francisco, there is a three story building on fire in laurel heights. taking a look at the new video from the citizen app this morning. this is geary boulevard cross street of parker. the fire broke out in a three story building. we saw firefighters on the roof in this video trying to make sure that everybody was out of the building, no word from firefighters yet on exactly went on there. but it broke out sometime before 4:00 this morning. you see smoke all over even from highway 101. we will keep our eye on the fire in san francisco. back to you.
6:34 am
>> thanks. new, a visit to singapore today, vice president kamala harris says u.s. must focus on evacuations from afghanistan rather than questions over what went wrong. today she met with singapore's prime minister who said u.s. can use singapore's air force aircraft to help with evacuations. >> there is no question there will be and should be a robust analysis of what has happened. but right now there is no question that our focus has to be on evacuating american citizens, afghans who worked with us, and vulnerable afghans including women and children. >> at the same time president biden is working to limit fall out from his decision to pull u.s. forces out. yesterday he said mass evacuations from kabul were always going to be a challenge but history will prove him right. >> so i think when this is
6:35 am
over, the american people have a clear understanding of what i did, why we did it. look, that's the job. my job is to make judgments. my job is to make judgments no one else can or will make. >> the scenes outside of kabul continue to show a dire desperate situation. pentagon says more than 25,000 people have been flown out of the country in the last several days and the white house is now enlisting commercial airlines to help. at least 18 planes will carry americans and afghan allies who have evacuated from kabul. g7 leaders called for a virtual meeting tomorrow to discuss what they believe is fast becoming international humanitarian crisis. a live look at the state capitol. california's gubernatorial recall election is just three weeks away. this morning state regulators are claiming that gop front runner larry elder failed to properly disclose the source of his income. all candidates are required to share the information to expose any possible conflicts of
6:36 am
interest. the elder campaign says it was all a simple mistake that has since been corrected. later this week vice president kamala harris will be in the bay area to help campaign for governor newsom. she'll join him for a rally ahead of the election. remember kpix5 has you covered as we head into the election. we have a full guide at new zealand is extending its nationwide lock down that was first prompted by one coronavirus case. it was the first case from community transmission detected after nearly six months. the country will stay locked down at least until the end of the week to get a handle on the delta variant. island nation reported 35 new cases today. most of the cases were detected in which will remain in lock down until the end of the month. to music for the soul and medicine for the body. >> a free pop up concert and covid clinic in san francisco over the weekend sponsored by hardly strictly bluegrass festival. the event typically draws up to
6:37 am
700,000 people but because of covid, it is going virtual again. in an effort to be able to gather again in person organizers desired to host a mini festival and vaccine clinic outside the bay view opera house yesterday. >> we didn't realize at first but then we were like awesome, you know, that's really fantastic that it worked out. >> having anything, any live music is kind of like medicine for your soul i guess. >> hardly strictly will host another community immunity pop up on december 12. as for the virtual festival that's online october 1. dramatic rescue in the north bay after a group of teen boys got stranded on a 400-foot cliff. crews used flash lights as they hoisted the boys up. one said climbing the cliff was probably not a great idea. >> there were points where probably all of us grabbed rocks, slid down, and were falling on a cliff side, you
6:38 am
know, 100 feet above sharp rocks. it was one of the stupidest things we have done. >> fortunately none of the teens were seriously hurt. coming up on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. with covid cases continuing to climb, is it safe to fly? we ask a travel expert live after the break. doing what it takes to get to safety. how homenners are getting creative as henri made landfall. let's get a quick look at the big board. it looks like dow is up about 230 points. elise preston breaks down the numbers right after the break. good morning. on cbs this morning we are following two terrifying weather events in eastern half of the country. we will show you rescue efforts in tennessee where flooding swept away homes. plus we are in rhode island as record rainfall from tropical storm henri lashes the northeast. also only on cbs this morning we go to school with the
6:39 am
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good morning. i think all of us need something to make us smile. how about this cutie mitchell
6:43 am
in pacifica. love this photo. we have an afternoon breeze kicking in. food and drug administration has approved pfizer's covid vaccine for normal use. this goes beyond its emergency use authorization which was issued last december. this is the first coronavirus vaccine to get the stamp of approval from the federal government. it is expected to widely increase vaccine mandates and people who just decide they're okay to get it. back to you. >> thanks. time for money watch report. traders and investors keeping an eye on the federal reserve symposium. elise preston is joining us live from the new york stock exchange. good morning. good morning. trading has been underway for a little more than ten minutes. we are green across the board, dow up about 227 points, nasdaq
6:44 am
up 113 points and s&p 500 up 26 points. federal reserve has moved its annual jackson hole symposium to a virtual event. traders will be watching to see what the central bank has in store as it continues to deal with the coronavirus pandemic. >> elise preston of cbs money watch, thanks so much. a live look at sfo, covid cases and hospitalizations spiking due to highly contagious delta variant. the question now, should we still travel? >> as covid cases continue to climb due to the highly contagious delta variant, the big question, should we travel? we are thinking about this because families are trying to do some fun stuff. >> important conversation. good morning. >> good morning. >> let's begin with the cruise ships. last week cdc advised those at risk of severe illness to not
6:45 am
board them. have people been canceling trips? >> that's a great question. what had occurred is cdc came up with new guidance saying anybody who has likelihood of getting infectious disease or immunocompromised should not board. that includes older people. we have not seen any significant drop off in the number of people canceling cruises. cruises have become the very hearty breed and they really want to be back on board. there has been a drop off in the last weeks on the level of inquiry, people looking for new travel. 10 to 20% is the industry average of the reduction in demand largely due to the delta variant. no matter the mode of transportation, people are traveling in large numbers this summer. are there concerning trends taking shape? >> concerning trends, not so much. there has been significant increase and obviously conferences and conventions
6:46 am
back in place. i am curious is what the vaccination status is at each of the destinations. it's something worth noting for the locations you go to. we are concerned about watching and making sure if there is an outbreak what the mitigations set up in addressing it. i was meeting with cruise lines yesterday reviewing their policies and how they communicate it to the front line staff about what happens when somebody does come down with covid. >> if someone wants to change their trip, what recommendations do you have? >> sure. there are two possible things you can do. you can cancel. that is always an opportunity. cancellation rules have changed pretty significantly over the last year. many of them actually have cancel for any reason protection built into the price. it's really important for the person looking to do so to check to see if that applies.
6:47 am
honestly look at rebooking. inventory is particularly strained particularly if looking at the holiday time period. if you are thinking you might want a trip but you don't feel comfortable now, look at different dates. that can be very easily worked out with suppliers. >> good advice especially with these changing numbers and changing dynamics as we continue to work our way through this variant. thank you so much for joining us this morning. we appreciate it. >> my pleasure to do so. be well. new video to show you out of new york where tropical storm henri blasted towns with rain sending some looking for higher ground. this is how one man managed to get to safety. he paddleboarded through two feet of flood waters in one new york suburb. central park broke maximum daily rainfall record for saturday seeing nearly five inches of rain. that's a lot of rain pouring down for sure. >> look at that. 6:47.
6:48 am
let's get a check of our forecast closer to home. we start with mary. you are starting with smoky skies in tahoe. those orange skies in tahoe due to all the smoke. in the tahoe area because of the caldor fire, looking at very unhealthy to hazardous air quality. you see how bad it is on our tahoe camera right now this morning. for us in the bay area, nothing like that. we are looking at that strong ocean breeze kicking in for us for better air quality. so great to see the blue skies yesterday. we will continue with the on shore flow as we look to our monday and through the rest of the week. a live look with our san francisco camera, it is a foggy start to our day, even catching a little bit drizzle along the coast this morning with that on shore flow. temperatures are in the mid to upper 50s. air quality at the moment is looking great, all in the green as we start our day. as we head through the
6:49 am
afternoon, looking good for the coast, peninsula, south bay, santa clara valley, moderate for north bay and east bay. here is what you can expect. stronger sea breeze today with cool below average daytime highs, better air quality today, a little hazy in north bay and east bay, a possibility as we go through our day. the end of the week, we are going to heat things up. we are talking upper 90s to 100 inland by the end of our work week. satellite and radar view, upper level low to our north swinging a weak short wave, weather disturbance around the low bringing the on shore flow for us. as we go hour by hour with air quality due to the smoke again looking good. that's in the green. maybe a little bit moderate air quality for the north bay and east bay. smoke concentration, another weather model and with westerly winds pretty much pushing most of the haze out of here today, tomorrow.
6:50 am
as we take you hour by hour on futurecast, you see skies clearing inland and for parts of the bay, still the cloud cover along the coast and tonight into tomorrow, that marine stratus pushes back in along the coast and around the bay with that strong on shore flow even for tomorrow and wednesday. daytime highs, low 60s along the coast with mostly cloudy skies, mid to upper 60s around the bay, 70s for peninsula, 78 in san jose and 82 for concord this afternoon. here we go with the seven-day forecast as we are going to see temperatures rising in san francisco and oakland, 70s and even low 80s. san jose warming to the upper 80s by friday, warmest day out of our extended forecast. inland east bay 90s to triple digits by end of the week, low 90s for north bay friday and saturday and for the coast, about 70 degrees on friday. as students head back to school, i wanted to show this awesome throw back pic, gianna
6:51 am
franco looking gorgeous in that high school pic. love it. >> oh goodness. i thought we lost that. that's a lot of hair spray. >> that's a recent picture, right? >> ten years ago or likely more than that. i won't share. you will see a lot of kids out and about near surface streets, school zones. keep an eye out for them. if you are hitting the freeways north bound 101 near allen rock, a trouble spot there in the center divide. we've got brake lights. it looks like beyond where the trouble spot is. if you are headed towards 880 off of 101 out of the south bay, a slide ride speeds dipping down to 37 miles per hour in some spots. it doesn't look like injuries were reported. busy in the altamont, red out of tracy, red and yellow on the area into 580. north flynn, grant line, you will have a lot of brake lights, company for folks
6:52 am
working towards the dublin interchange. chp did issue a wind advisory for altamont pass. that was issued overnight. things are gusty as you work your way through there. that travel time about 50 minutes from 205 towards 680. look at the rest of our travel times. if taking highway 4, 35 minutes from antioch towards 80. if you are connecting onto 80 from hercules down into the maze, 17 minutes. at the bay bridge even though metering lights are on we have had a couple crashes past this point. it doesn't look like much of a back up. there is crowding on the upper deck of the bay bridge as you head into san francisco. a live look at 880 in oakland, so far, so good. a live look near the colosseum, no delays. traffic is slow south of there as you head to hayward. your travel time is 13 minutes between 880 and 101. 6:52. next on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. >> message for thousands of
6:53 am
city workers in the south bay. get vaccinated, get tested, or don't get a paycheck. we are live with the strict mandate in effect in san jose. fire crews climb to the roof. what we know about this
6:54 am
6:55 am
6:56 am
good morning. i am justin andrews. before you enter city buildings, if you work for san jose, you are required to prove you have been vaccinated. if you don't, you have to get tested weekly or have basically unpaid time off. this mandate comes as fda just gave full approval to pfizer vaccine 30 minutes ago. this affects more than 8,000 city employees in san jose from the mayor to police officers, firefighters, city hall workers, even dispatchers. under this rule all city employees including those still working from home will be required to show proof of the
6:57 am
vaccination. again if you don't, you have to be tested weekly or have the unpaid time off. city leaders say the vaccine is the best most effective tool in preventing covid-19. obviously there is push back coming from some union workers saying they're fine with being vaccinated but are not okay with the mandate. another layer, the city is considering possibly moving forward in making this a requirement. so getting the vaccine and the option of testing will not be an option for that. so the city is looking at that and they'll be moving forward with that. we'll let you know if they do approve that. back to you. i am anne makovec at the live news desk following breaking news, another shooting along i-80 starting off in vallejo where the investigation continues. a woman was driving west bound in vallejo and her car was shot at multiple times. you see from the video, a lot of gun shots. she was hit and ended up being
6:58 am
able to pull over and made it to the hospital but there is no information on a suspect. what you are looking at here is our other breaking news story. it is a fire that has been burning in san francisco, a three story building caught fire. we can see firefighters there on the roof trying to make sure everybody was out of the building. it broke out sometime before 4:00 this morning. there is no word on the cause. we will keep our eye on both of those investigations as we go throughout the day. back to you. >> thank you. we are looking at the strong on shore flow for today. with it, with that strong sea breeze, cool below average daytime highs, better air quality, so great to see those blue skies yesterday. a little bit haze in the north bay and east bay, we are looking at temperatures really heating up by the end of the week, upper 90s to 100 inland by the end of our work week. air quality is good through the day for the coast, peninsula, as well as for the south bay,
6:59 am
santa clara valley, moderate for the north bay and east bay. that's why air quality advisory is in effect again today. you see in our smoke concentration forecast at the surface, most of the haze pushing out of here but again a little bit haze for the north bay and east bay as we head through tuesday. watch as even more of the haze pushes out of the region tuesday and wednesday. 70s and 80s inland, mid to upper 60s around the bay. busy as you are headed towards 580 west bound. we have a wind advisory in effect issued by chp this morning. the travel time in the red. a 48 minute ride. we are seeing braque lights along the east shore as well as highway 4. give yourself extra time there. >> thanks for watching kpix5 news this morning. the news continues all day on cbsn bay area. >> stick around. cbs this morning is coming up
7:00 am
next. have a wonderful start to your work week. good morning to our viewers in the west. it's monday, august 23rd, 2021. i'm gayle king. that's anthony mason. that's tony dokoupil. we welcome you to "cbs this morning." let's go straight to today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> the rememnants of troropical ststorm henri dumping more rain and it could trigger more flooding. >> reporter: some places will see an additional ten inches of rainfall. >> henri weakens but is still wreaking havoc. we are in new england and tennessee where a separate storm turned deadly. >> tremendous loss of life. a number of missing people on the ground. >> reporter: a fire-fight broke out between afghan security forces and unknown assailants at kabul airport.


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