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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  August 20, 2021 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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morning. th anorks f tcwahing kpix5 . news dot n'forget the news wick ♪ wick >>go> od morning tu.o yo it'sda friy,ug aust 20th, 2021. i'm gakiyle ng. that'sho antnyas mon. th tat'sondoy koupil. lcweome "tocbs this morning." let's get igstraht to today's ye"e opener," it y'sour world in 90ec sonds. >>wi tthhe delta var iant radlspy reading acrohess t s., three u.s. senators annod unceth heyave covid despbeite infug lly vaccinated. an important treatment to fight the coronavirus for people who have just been diagnosed. w hoit c souldavlie ves. > chaos outside the bukal -- airpor ay bab pasdse othver e wall as erdespatnio sets finor those trying to get out. >> if they dptisru o ur evacua otionpetiraons at the
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airportht ey will be mitet wh a swt ifand forcefulpo resns e. tensions hbeave enro gwing aiin htive or the slow pace of aid reaching victims of the ake that kleild more than 2,0 10people. >>a > man is in cuy stodafter ao urlos ng standoff edforc part he t capolit intloo ckdown. you need to step ba. ck >>br> itnespy earsnd uer stinveigioatn over battery allegations. r hseoukeeper is accusing her ofitngti her during spa diute. all that. >> howre a you not jusint gog. >> a shog ckincrh ascaught on ca me arafter a trains hita mise on theck tras. > >>all that mat. ters >>woeg lends of musi cc,arlos santana d anclive davis,il wl talk about h auge and historic concert this weekend in central park. >> o"cn bs this morn"ing. >>sc warinner sean panenn d hidahtuger dylan aree herto discuss ristarngog tether in thneeir w lmfi "flag daddy d>>id you get ilonto ggheerads wiacth eh heotr over notes.
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di he give you somethiikng le, thanksou, thgh. bo>> authe wther i couldr wea mascara or neaot wr scmaara. wheon. >> ts hat'a t figha thfaer usually has awith dghauter when shs .12 >> this morning's "eye opener" isrentseed by progree,ssiv makingea it syo tbundle nd>> a sn eaand his daug hter dylalln wi bhee re later on.>> lkioong forward tato th. we wel ycomeouo t"cbs this morning." we begin with the dire state of thpae ndemic and ht ow itoheucs everrty pa oamf erica. yesterthday reu.e s. senators id they testosed pite iv-- johnke hicnlpeoor, angus king, d roger wicker. hickenerloop a knding said the vacce inmade their somympts ssle sere. anmod re young peoarple e getting sictok o. onnatiwi tdehe pace of hospital miadssio inss at an altil-me fhighoreo pple under the e agof 50. we did h 1it million vac cine sedos administeresed yteayrd,
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thrse fit meti that's happ ened in nearly motwo nt.hsda vibed gnaud joins rous fm sct,ou lisiana. many areas oatf th steta are inrunng t ouof icu beds. good mngorni. unrtatunely that's pofart the story,. too >> repor gter:oomod rning. rst the goods. new yeerstday for the t firsti imen6 ds,ay louisiana dotid n s aet corerd for covid-19 spitalizations. t there are l stil3,0 00people ithospalediz with covid stewatide. this morningwa we nto ttalk aba out trtmeaent that is ingettg loa t of good press usbecae ctdoors say it'sng doi a ohellf joa b at keepingid cov patients of ut oa hospital. indesi of those ivps dri ia s powerfeaul wpoinn the fight against covid-19. monoclonal boantidi,es lab-grown proteins ttha help the body ta rg aetnd eliminate covid inctfeion. rdaccointog the chief medical ficer in nrmooe, louia,sian thavey heec bome the most fective theryeapy t. >> it's donere a gatob j of helping rhighispak tients stay ouoft theos hpital.
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>>ep rorte tr:he trahepy is cobeming more avblailae at sphoitals and clinics ar toundhe cotr by,ut it's only miadnistered aftheer t inctfeion,it whin 10 days heof t first symsmpto and before those sytompms get too se.ever atwh symptoms do s youayha tt's tocko si treo ceive? if they arein havg ofpround enoxyg ruieqrements, conedtinu high-grade fs,ever dydehration.i ncjue ly 1st we'veen giv autbo1, 70do0 ses. ep>> rorr:te one went to -y42ear-old scotohty jns.on we were therene wh hgoe t his infusihron tee weeksgo an i mo anroes vicod was attacking hi body. >> it feels keli somodeby is okching u.yo u start coughing buthi notng comes out. >>ep rorter: this wweeke llfoowed up with a himndis h fewi mega, they gboth g tothe -bantiodtry eatments. >> it jusstteard feg elingo od three,r fouda aysgo, probably. i feel lik% e 90now. >> repor wter:hi slecotty did no t t gethe vaccine, d megid.
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>>y fewi got the trentatme on thursdayte, i st pedositive on friday, onur satdashy e was back upleinang dishes likthe noing bothered her. reporter: trehe tatntmes are a not sutibstute to vaccesin dsaysr.av did agus. >>o questionac a vci ines betthaer tn aanntibody but in a case youim're mu sneuppressed and can'ket ma aoo gd response ato vacneci, th'reye lisafevero ts hiis an importpaant rtf o our arl senabunot t the only we ap ionn our arsena ccvaines are thent fro le,in no quonesti autbo it, to fight a rus in todayor's wld. r>>eporter: tha st isomhietng jon hnsoacowknledges he led arni rsanthd. oudo y pn lato get vaccid?nate >> yes. , we ifwas vaccinati ed, wasn't. shsteday sick for twyso da, i stedic sk for ten. it was absolylute miserable. >> reporteowr: h autbo that. looken, ev wh itthe anti-body tr eaentmt scotty sai d he codn s'tleep for 60 hours.
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thishrtoa felt like it had knives in .it thrse wot cksiness of his life he said. i aswhked eryoe u were getting your inftiormaonha tt led you to beevhee shouldn't get ccinated? doctors on sl ociamea?di juno, stri fends. nowa hdayse idsa he's listening only tcto door s. >> hecko n tcio soaled mia, hece s ttohe vaccine. thank you. > thtae libaarn e puinttg down atsctereprd otes wtshile their leers insist they will not harbor troerristins that country. at k theab aulirport, some peopleer we se henandi tngheir ildren to u.ros. tops guarding the perimeter. xarona saberi isqa in tar tracking e thevaatcuions and the despe eratefrtfos to get out. reporter: gmoood a senior.s u. border official lls cbs news his agencys i busy seecrning ahafgn whiso arrive in doe har before they avtrel tmio lita bryasesn ithe u.s. stbut ill many can't make it
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this far. e thmain route of ut o afanghista nremains a sce onef dee,spir filamies so wriored for thfuretu trehey'an hding their chdrilen tu.o s. topros while thousands push, wait for a long flight ftoreed. om i'met gtingo tthe rpaiort. >> rorepter:e wmet foa rmer translator for t.she u. limitary whlmo fiedis h attempts eaierlr this week. >> unfortetunalyo. n >> reportewir: tcee hfailed. s>>o 6:00 came orin sti ju we akup. so todayla i pn gtoo to airport. >>epteorr: in june hlde to charlid'e agata he rishiked s owli tfeo save the lesiv of amaneric sdiolers. >>y thehumeg and kiss me r>>eporter: now t thealanib are ban ck ipor wehe sheays 'sn i more dr angeth eanver. >> they kwillilmel , aneyd th will bd eheame. >>y thewi bllehead you? >>f urcose. >>re a you afraid eiof bngef lt bend.
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>>'v ie already beefen lt behind. >> rteeporr:in sce saturday s.u. foesrc have evacuaarted ou nd 9,000 peoprole fm e thairport. mostly. u.s citizens and afghans who once worked for the u.s. we joined hundreds of them on a u.s. military transport plane wednesday night. on the ground, another journey begins. this video on a u.s. air base shows conditions as people wait to be processed. one man tell as usrod un2,00 afghans d anu.s. citizene s ar hereow, crdeand d hot. nyma peowaple itou hrs for food says, but trehey' sllti gr atulef for all the. u.sis giviheng tm. and we jheust arbad ck from the foerrm translator,di he dn 't ke it onto agh flit datoy. said this te imhe was turned ck not by thlie tababun t by u.s. thy.on >> thank. you >>th> ere's new evceiden tt ha the biadden mistniration cereived a starkni warngbo aut e taliban's neimmint takeover. the "wstall re jetournal" rerta s state depart mmentemo told staecreryf ostate tony
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blinken laonst mthha tt the af gh ganovernment cocould llseap afthter e hescduled troop widralaw august 31st. the papers sayhe t csslaified caebl onul jy 13th came fmro a group of diplomats ae t thu. s. embainssy kulab. itrg ued acamerins to pull people out othf e cotruny berefo the troops wgoere ne. the biden administration sd ai 'sit now focusedn ogettg in every american and afghans who stassiedhe t u.s. out of the uncotry. e president'tis naon al cuserity advisore jaksuivllan o ldor nah o'donnellte yesrd ay that tdmhe aintrisation does not know how many americans are still fgin ahastnian. >>wainshgton is on eafdge ter another htfrigeng inincident on catopil hill. a man pdarke hisck tru in front theib lrary of corengss, miclainge h had a powlerfu exple,osiv then demanded to speak with pderesintid ben. buils dingwe erevacuated and adros were closer d foseravel hourfos berehe t standoff
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end. jeegff pueiss on capitol .hill that's not tayhe w tgeo t to the pridt,en saying you ahaven explosive. r>>eporter: youri're ght. it was aten innssie tuation beuscae this guy wivas le stamg induring this bomb scar he,is ai-ntgovemernnt rant. is morning itinvesgarsto are tryio ng tfiregu out why he did whatdi he d d anwhether anyone se was >> whae d informatiod n an evidence of atwh was in the bed of hisck tru a tndhere were th in tgshat were conincerng. >> reporter: 49-year-old floyd ray bosebeyrrf oth nor carolina ove hisic pkupck tru onto the sidewalk in front of t lheibra of ilwhe broadcasti lngive on facebook he claimed to have explosives. >> c youanho sot md e ankill me ghrit here and blow up two and a haitlf cy ocblks. >>ep rorte hr:e requested tosp eatok joe biden. t'>> is up to yojou e reporter: and suggeedst if lipoce fedir sho atst hiitm would getrigr plexosives in hi uctrk.
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>> the revutolion is on enve ha >> reporte sr:nipersos pted arndhe t peterimer and bonimb-sffgin dogs seahercd for diadtional explosive wshile po slicepe hntours negotia.ting e>> wrt staed with a white bo ar wd,riting messabages cknd a forth. used a robotot get a lephone downhi to m. but ouhe wldot n use the telephone. >> reporteror: aund 2:00 p.m. ursday, he sndurreer.ed a relio ef tpoceli. he>> t ttiaccal units therat we cle osby took him toin custody without inci.dent >> reporter:ic pole d dinot find boa mb but did fpoind ssleib bomb-making mates.rial thine cide cntomese morthan seven mohsnt aft terhe juaanry 6th attan ck othcae pitol. a recent btiullen rnwaed of a he igenhted threat ennmviroent pod seby individuandls a gupros gaged in griceevan-bedas viol.ence rit w nothe working rytheo is hthate s waacting alone.
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but sas iai id,nvestigators ntinue to lontok io isth case. s hiex-wife spok ue tos d anshe libeeves he is mllentay unst, ablebusht e said she never expected t himo sdoomething li ts.hi tony? >>nsbltae ffth, ank you veryh. muc 'shere setomhing you don't seeve ery day, newla engnds i acbring for whatld cou bite s firsret dictit h from a hurrican 3e in0 aryes.he nr ti isheam ne. 's a tropicaorl stm bunow t 's expected trto senhegtn and coulked ma ldfanall this weend. meolteorogtis jeff beelrardlis i watc ihingt l alfor us. ff, good mor tningo u.yo >> gmoood rng,in tony. goodrnmoing, everyone. big chans geovernight an d we have reason elto bie tvehe shift westwardre is al. l we'lta alkbout that in a uple seconds. the meantimoue, y c sanee the m storrit ghnow, it hasn't rengthened oigvernhtut b lilyo tstrengthen t.oday ndwis around 65 s milepehor ur. ewexpect later today it probably wilcol beme a hurricane. ithiss y whwe believe the werdstwa tndre in the comp uter
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models. it bauecse last night hurre icanhuernt went out and salempd the envirot nmenweoo tk thdae ta, fed it ithnto e co mperut model asnd they spit out a shift heto t that means iokt los keli it's ngcomi places cl tosero nglo island. putsot a l me orof the coastline to jeopardy .hereth eer bmuda high is tracking th iswest. 'sit going tod fina rrcoidor eebetwn e thtwo systems. ast idoes so, loo tk athi s, ocean ertempatesur 2 to 5 grdeees above no.rmal sohiiss going to fu el a strongyser stem. notit ce aso pmeoint the area of w pressure cesatch hrien and it start cs toapretu it and push ites wtward. and alotso nicthe e zigzag, th anmes the systemws slo dn owas gets close hoto sreco, uld ba ttterhiwhs ole area foasr much as 24 s houroro. s this ie s thofcifial track from the nationural hrineca center. you cae n sewhe erit's located sonunday makingdf lanall.
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but on oe ofurom cputer models chmu further wes loa t of them fur rthewe tsthan the acturaal tckf othe hurricane ce.nter weavtoe watch anywhfrere om yonew rkit cy, but east from lo ngsl iand to new endngla. shyou ou hldave your hurnerica plan in e placrit ghnow ouif y li in that area. >>otd goone. ws >>si> x days afterti hai's de vaatsting earthqualike, fe saving has r noteaedch some of thhaesrdt hit parts heof t country. a re sliefhienpmt did reach this rulow tn yesterday and hundreds of peop lleined up for fo.od a dsdeli earlier thieks we had bld ockethmae in road into the area. vladimir deruthis iisn port au prince and hisas vit sedeveral heof t tnsow where people need e lp. vlad, mgoodorngni. >> reporteoor: gd rnmoing. eaaych d tt hapasses the mood heres getmo treense as people it for relied f anwo ordn whether missloing veond es are dead or d e onthing that'sin makg itdi ffulict is the inasfrtructure, roadans, my of which are collntroedy b nggas, makgin it ha trdero get food and medical suli teso those who
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deerspately need it. arevnda a her sister were bdurie un ader mountainf orubble when their -sfourto arypartment bu ilngdi collapsed dg urinthe saturdayee's wk. she says her sister was ater h si adendld cou hear her rescamin bgut cn'ouldt do an ytnghi because shese herlfas w reha tn 12,000 peoweple re injured ssacro htiai. it took 12 h foursor r aescue tteamo g diher out. siher ster was kd.ille alg thwi many of their neigs,hbor iluncdingou yng e yssa that three drchilen were pulfrled omhe t rubble sterday, andy thedi iedn the ambulance on theay w to the hoit. al r>>eporter: manrvy suivs orare being tetread hatospitals opat oedr suppo brtedy deinpendent disa rsterelf ie groups. sweaw their eff fortsirhastnd. hereth at e sphoital run by doctors ouwitht rdboers victims e arbrought herens trapoedrt by
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aircraft.on cehe ty're stabilithzed eye 'r taken reto aa sphoitals where eyth undergo majuror sgeesri. th iiss the secondth earque aka geneonrati ohaf itians have rvsuived. 30r--yeaolred ginald told e us h lived through the country's 2010 earthquake s andaiwhd en he felh e buildingke sha ts hitime he kn hone ly had two ceshoic. either i'mng goi tdio e here beusthe e building is going ncpaake on me or g i'moi tngo jump off this balcond y ani y ma be hurt atbut lstea i'll be ivale. he jd umpefr tomhat second floor lcony, fractg urinhis vertebrae anjud inri hngis arm inhe t process. but good news, usaid partners have hdeand outho tusands of hygiene kits andav he been handed out and aur sgical team omfr the u.s. narrvy aiv teshis wed.eken >> mpeost op gleo through thr ei velis ner vego touhrgh o ne eartuahqke, 'she beethn rough two. ank u,yo vlamidir duiethrs.
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eaahd thgre owing problem on ru plyassengers in the sky. how somegh flit teatndants are geinspg ecial trainio ng tdeal with them. d>> iidt n'think that woias gng to be e thfoagote we h
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l-algirl roboticeas tm have mead it safely out of afghantaisn, 're happy telo tl yout tha thisni morng. they're atin qarhi ts morning. fiofcials sent ala pne for tsehe young girls w whoere known as th afghan drea.mers the digitalit cizen fund, the team'sen partrg oanizioatn, woedit wh qar'tas govertnmen to get the girls out and speed up that visa ocpress. thea tm from afghaannist ptured a lot of hearts in 2017
7:25 am
after the u.s. initially denied tthemheis vas to travel here for a competition. enevtual tlyhey made it. they etcomped, , andd thehey s the rlworld j just htow talhat . wno that i'veee snhi ts video, i remember -- >> ye s,right. had the same reaconti. iga b story. >> we weresa ying, do you reermemb the story, then you see em, and i demo rember them.>> a inncrediblerg oanatizion an irencdible groupf o s.girlth at p'sart of the legacyf o eramica'sol invventme there in afanghistan. cthatoun'ldt hnappend uer the a lin baand prior re.gime >> fortunatehely tyot g out ieearlrhi ts week. itouotld n beep rorted until to day. a oncthe ere a gerenation concert nc-- oe in aen geration concert tomroorw in new york's cent pralar wkill feature some of the biggest namesn i simuc. ♪ that's rock and roalll hl of famerlr caos santanf a, ocoseur. hejo'll ins u with legdaenry producerli cveda vis. we'll atalkbout the concert and a salpeci reunion performance.
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local news coming nupext. > good morning. it 76.:2 i am gi annafran. co one of e thstrictest vaccioinatn ndmaates in t he trcouny effective in san francisco. you must owsh proof that u yo are ccvainat tedo enter bunesisses like rerastaunt s, bars, . gyms e theris no uncot of the nu mb oerf homes destd royeteafr three fi tore throh uggrizzly s.flat sherifldf hoina g conerors inquest adryviso datoy to determa ine case in the cedemberea dth oa f man in antiafoch tepor lice forcibly ldhe h imdo wnduring a mental
7:27 am
health crisis. utcomming along 237, mpra towards 101 has been shut down due to a crash whe era vehicle t a tree. in juesri are rtrepoed and there ara e lot of delays hein t eaar. plan for thatif you are headed in that area. 1 busy, 237 and the coecnntor. brbay id mgeetering lights main on at the bay bridge to plllaza. l alapproaches are lookg in ayok, just a ttlile slow on wahighy 4. > a spare the air alert in effect, kitracng hazy smoky sk ie us,nhealthy ailar innd. as c youanee s as we go lieu to da uy,nhealthy air r fo sensitive gr oupsbut itdoes get bettaser we look to our enweekd thwi the stronger on shore flow puinshg in. beer r aiquality for e th wed.eken with that haze temperatures a little it
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i aneedn entire store . no'w, 've got one. explore fl oor & r decoin person o ornline at ra floondr.decocom i aneedn entire store . no'w, 've got one. > welcome back to ">> > welcome bkac tocb "s this inmorng." flight adattennt asre showing renewed interest in learngin selfef-dense. the afa reptsor there have been msoany incenidts on apliranes isth yearha tt ist' levd iea tolta of more than $1 milonli in fines on dozens uofnruly ssenrsge. how fsomelit ghattendants are w getting spl eciatrniaing ju tsto deal with .them rol,oo gd morning. >> good rnmoing. u're right. is is aom ment unlike any other in crcommeialat aviion hiy.stor you phaveanmidec stress fraz lg thneesrv of covid-anxious
7:31 am
travellellrs a wlehi flight attendants hthave isew n sense f urg aencyrodun lrneaing how to protect themselves. i ,mean after l,al tarhey e ones trying tepo ke t pheeace while doindgg punesch. ep>> rorr:te it is no wo -nder- >> no! r>>eporr:te whyed feral rsmahals -- >> hit and stick -- ep>> rorter: areui gdingli fght ew on how to b hitack. g>>etti cngrazy out the re tely. >> get down d anrema cinalm -- >> reporter: this year it's truly been chaos in the cabin. >> stop! >> rteeporr: flying on this americiran alisne pla tnehis moh,nt a sthouwest ft ligh attendantno kckedlo body by a sspaengenr i may, andeo pple being rerastined to theirts sea cluding this o mann onfrtier airlines. teafr being accuofsed gpirong two of t fhelight crew, ashe w wrapped wiapth te all the way up to houis mth. ashe w entveually chargethd wi battery. >> i would halire l rethe of the dilaes to be fed aeralir maharsls today if wtheyere at h'sow much i ththink eye 'r
7:32 am
ouserisltay king the class. ep>> rorr:te stephanie meretzg manages thr e aimaharsls new fyorkie oldffice and sahiys ts post-9/11 raprogm behad enn o hiatusin durg e thpandemic. stla month it reedturn wh ita renewed see nsof urgency. >>e' wve had greatan demd ncsie we reintcerodud e thclasses. >>ep rorter: the fnnaa aouednc thursday thawit th me orthan ahalf mliilon dollars iw n ne fines toen dozs uofnruly enpassge irst has exceed $ed1 llion in finalanci pisunhments for the .year lathe rgt,es a $45,000 ffoine r jea tblue passenwhger o allegethdly rehiw s luaggge, got on the floor, and put his head up ali fght teatndans t'skirt. thpre esident of tlihe fght attendannits uonon ctinues to puorsh f jl aitime. >> what wed neetoo dis we neeo he avthe doj alsomi crinay ll prosecutind g anusg inthe peienalts atth are there u nder thw e laaladrey up to 20 y ears riin psofon r any one ofse tho cidents.>> t phealm strike irts ceaiy nl
7:33 am
something thatre we' tghaut duriasng bicra tining and also ugtaht the elbow. one r>>eporter: in stalmo aec dade heon t fghlit deck, judi, thwho cldeined to provheide r stla na, mesays she's n heverado t t gephysical witpah a ssgeenr t busays if she tohas , w no shs e'ready. >>on i d'tno kw what that' llcaed, but you tgrabhe hirand anyocau n roll them o on tthe grnd. i tht oughthasat w ufusel. it was reallrpy suringsily fun. >> repr:orte n, owdisputes over skmas make up thlke bu othf e almost 4,000id incen rtseported fsoar this year. ancod acrdg into the faa, a qu arr teof those inctsiden a re alcoholal reted. and thathy's w sthouwest airlines andri amecasun spended alhosal nyam, erican airlines an noceund it won't re esumthe ossa leuns til sometime in mijad-nuary. >> wow. that's quite the sig tn ofhe tis ecpie. guysm , i'kind of on e thedge eebetwn ilsming at it bee caus it sewomhat ridiculothus, e ea that you thaveo keta on tthatraining, and then yicrng about itau becsepp aarently it
7:34 am
is. people ahare tt azcry. ou>> y se urdon't want tsso me with juditw.h no no, you don't. tch out. >>ut b they shouldhan't veo tbe king this trngaini. it's that lesimp. >> it's sad d anmaendding at the mesa time. toi tally agree ywithou. unitedou annnc tedhe other day atth you can no erlong dt uctape passengers. m okay with dthemuctat ping a ucknklehead who'nes go o outf control. htflig aenttdants havet los thteeir eth, they've been saasulted, pcahysill vy,erballyn d 'sus jt wrong. just wrong. >> it is. l alright. >>congmi up, shockindeg vio shows sharomks cinwig thin esinch opef ople in the r wate includouing r rtcaer evans. micong up, why sencitisty s sa the ksshar don't actlluay care t abouthswe immers in sornuthe californbuia, t eyth do in other plesac. okay, whatce plas? l we'lte yllou. you can getht e news by crsubsibg into the "cbs thismo rng"in podcast. u yoget the top iestors linessh an0 2minutes. we'l rl beig bhtack. (raxg inmusic) el
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>> ashe t sum wmerindsd win wn, single t oearn that,y man are hngeadi to the caand lirnfoia they couavld he lofts o cpaomny in d ancalifornia tcohey ulhad ve tslo of company hein t werat. receront dne images from near s loangeles showheed tse juvenilere gat white sharks imming along tsidehe people. yikes. and they'vene be dplisaying you d coulsay surprising behavior. caerva ens shows us what's en hpeapning. >> rorepter:et gtingnt io the ter thwi gre wathiteha srks seems alike terrible .idea i dot n'dareta snd uonp this board. we're just off the coast of ntsaa baarrba, a wndithin mitenus -- this shisark so
7:40 am
clos ie, cou aldlmosgrt ab i ts doalrs fin. it is ghrit unrndeeathe. m scientistsay s thaart shk is not interested in me or heotr people. wathtch is huge shark swimig rht up to these unsuspecting ilchdren and simtuply rnwa ay. thpoe pulaonti of e thesgrt ea whites off so cal beaches is exploding. i can only see it now because i'm up high. as a surfer i'd be lying down and nhaveo idea it was uneadernth me. h,>> o mgoy d -- >>epteorr: wedding photogphraer carlos gauna started ptcauring stunning ages off thest coa wn hethe paem dicried up busi.ness >> aoslmt evy ertime s iee an interaction with a human and a shark, my t heardo pesound. wee l albeen conditi eonedver since "j caws"amoue t to fear that inttieracon. >> rteeporr:ut b this is far from "."jaws watcash a large shaalrk cmly uicrses onalg with th o anepproaches a lyfami, a
7:41 am
swmeisr hearided ghtot ward anher, and a ollf the sharks useemninterested. >> despite theac fe pe aoplere u t astrhing around arand msre a nghaing off boarndds a laregs e hanging ofarf bodssh, arks justg no iret. ep>> rorr:te chris low i redictor of the k sharlaatb cal statone, lg acbeh. why t don'th weyant to eat us? >> well, we don't really fully kn the answetor that question. first of a, llwe'rnoe t cle osto beinong theen mu. >> rteeporr:os mt of sharks spotted off southern californiae acs heare vejunilere gat whites. deitthe eir size, the ey'ronly to ouabt siyex ars d oland ve irynexperiencedun hters. low'ams te swehod where the sharks use the warm coastal water as a nursery. >> wn hetheybo're rn, they're complelyte on eithr own. thsae fest place fheor tm btoe is in shallow water. they have to learn to feed on wh'sat there. anthd e number-onehi tng that'sh ere are stg inrays. >> reporter: the video shows thheat ty' vreery aware th rfsuers are ther y>>eah. in face't, wveee bn able to document ss harkregncoizing that
7:42 am
mebody's neay rbso they know e thsounds of a onpers smmwiing anrfd suing. >> reporter:th so eye 'vlearned thatre we' n aot threat. k>>ind of seemst thaway. >>epteorr: bowut l ss aythat cod change iopf peleta srt going afthter e arshks. >> they're w aild animal. heif ty elfe threatened,y the will defend >>or repte ir:n 20, 19the coast guard ha ad toirftli a surfer wh o s wabitten by a k sharoff ntsaa rosa island. t low says uronpvokeead grt white shartak atckars ounder he are emextrelray re. we're essellntiay llteing people n'dot woy rraboutht e ba gbyreat whesit in e thwater. but does the same thing apply on e theastoa cst? >> actuallo.y, n there we hadave ul ttshat are there to fee sd onea.lsth ossee als are sharing the beacwih th ppleoe. so ts hat'a dveryifrefent siiotuatn. even in nort chernalorifnia, i'd be l motore hesitantut abo getting in w>> reporter: t offheo scal coast --s thishk aris swimming lmly and grallcefuy ghrit now. low's team is working to eventually predict the
7:43 am
condioitns that woulled ad to shark encoun wtersitpeh ople. i>>'m kind of hinopg in about fieave yrsou y'll get a rip current rertpo and get a srkha report. >> reporter: they say these videndos a miny teraction ar stju more examplhaes tt hgbeacoe arsnd great white shksar cano- cexist at lean st i southern calniifora. r fo"cbs this mog,rnin" rtcaer anevs, santa bar.bara >> d ion't know ifan i wt a shark re.port >> i don't t chinkarr tedoes. ashe wn'trt usting the scecien.o t enev a pinky wen tt inhe wateenr wh hwae s ont >> i hgrave earet spect for arks. 'rtheye vsoilified, but the people who wwiork thhe tm and know them saeyy th'rfae ntastic, great alanims. >> yeah. >> just wao nt tbeef lt alone. they're stug nnincrtueares. sti ju d'ton want to be e ther-- >> i'm witu.h yo i likeli my mbs. ye.ah up next, s thetoesri you'll
7:44 am
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>> >im te for "wh tato watch." i nikkbaisttte continues f toill inor vdulad thrsie. understand yeou'v got an up fdateors u on ato sry wvee' been folwilong onar hry du.nn >> yes. an incredi dblyifcufilt story. the familyf o harry dunnas h re acd hean agreementh witthe amaneric dverir who strucndk a lled him. shadttmied to drivinng o the onwrg side othf e rdoa two years ag wohen she hit dunn who was on or mot kebi. e left britain after the crash aimingip dlomatic imtymuni. the settlement tmser haven't enbe made blpuic b,ut it will effeelctivy d enthe family's gooning lawsuit against her. we spoke to the dunnsbo aut the sa last month.>> it jus want her to own it -- her accabountilyit forha wt she s done to us as ail famy and to my son. aniee ndo tsk a her why she le.ft why did shehi tnk it was okay to leave my sonhe tre and -- and
7:49 am
just leave the country. it still htsur after y twoears not knowingse the swaners. >>uc ah difficult story. >> ah.>> you spoke to themev seral time t>>hey've beene her atht e bltae a couple of times. al tlhey wanted was an apogoly. th aat'sllhe ty wanted and an acknowledgme ant,she t dad sa,id frheom t very beginning. it's been very maeyb thisl wilri bng somein kd ofeangli for them. their son, their beloved sons i goanne, d nointhg, nothing can climatane chg change that -- unimaginable. nt to thank our colleague in londonmt, iiaz tyab, for his repog,rtin awes ll. up next, tesla is ckba. on musk is prongmoti aew n inntveion thatoo lks aot l like you and me. you're looking atis h plans for a humanoid robotle cald tesla bot. muxpsk eec ats prototypebe to yread by nextar ye. heop hesha tt one dayhe t bot will be abloe t do repitetive an d ribong jobs for youik le ckpiing up groceries. sign me up.
7:50 am
the tesla bot has seom stiff competitionn i the humdanoi ro bo tdepamertnt. onbost damynics atlas robot de bud tein 2013, and on wednesdawey showed a viofdeo at robotli naing an obstacle course. i know. >>ay, lethis has a .head>> 'sit got a head. >> i do likeha tt it has a head. i do like >> lovet tha mkus prosmise atth his robot will be a benign presence.>> aols says justn ica se, you can run away fmro it andos mt kelily erovpower it. >> wdohat esha tt mean? th's frightg.enin >>heth oer robot -- the bosnto dynamicsob rots sca trehe hell out of me. ahye. >> it wan towo knf i tshi rotob eswash byab besottl and soothes babiesti getng up a ntight -- >> is that a job y douon't want to do in the midedl of the ni ght? >> the beottl washing iou cld do thout. typret rkremaab.le we'll see if thisob rot comes to frtiuion. i kthin wlle' hear a lot of eas from elon mu.skwe heav tot wai -- elon thinkuts osi tdehe box, an iik le atth. >> apparentlity 's 5'8"nd a hsweig 125 pounds .
7:51 am
can lt if45 pounds and run. i>> weighed 125 psound in fo urthgrade. >> i weighed that wnhe i was bo. >> a lot l yikeound a me.>> >p u next, a special birthday wi. a msoinnetaee tnarge didn'ant wt cash or cthloes foris hir bthday th year. hinls oy wish was for his mom to get a covid sheletta bruidndge made hish wis come true, getting her first doze ofhe tze pfir vaccineas lte ek. she had nola pns to be vaccinated becau ssehe didn't ttrus the setafyf othe .shot e shsaidhe s's had bad experiences with the health care system, buter h son andrew lpheed change her mind. t'les listen. he>> t oneng thiha tt he said atth really touched me was, at's gngoi to hapnpe to my threeou ynger sibnglisf iou y get sick and die? i realizedt tha tshi was not ju st a decisionha tt was imctg inme. itad h anff eect on my fa.mily we all heav too d our part to ma keur se that we get control of this virus. >> so sweet.wh at a birthday wish. reappant hlyer son did a bunch of researc bhefeor she presented
7:52 am
this birthdaisy who t her. >> ie lovha tt she listeneod t soher n. >> love families that take birthday wsishe rlleay ouserisly. >> yeah. ere is shiometngbo aut appeal omfr one of your children, a direct apalpe, that can get y ou in aay w not ehinglse can. for sure. >> that's autbsolely true. al l ghrit. thk anyou very much. congmi up, we'll talk to amycade award win snerea pnenn and his dahtuger dylan penn abouthe tir new moviefl "ag day." at it was like for dylano tbe dire bctedyer h dad in f herirst big ro le. ththis is e tgap,hat opened n up wheeverything swnhut do. ♪ en but trepreneursve ner pestopd. d anfounlud sotion s thatth kept emng goi. ♪ .sat u. bank, we can help you adapt d anevolve your bu,sines atno mter what you'rnge faci. becaus ye whenoucl ose the gap, wo a rl pd ofossibility opens. s. u. bank. ♪
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go modorning. 's 7:56. i am gianna cofran. stngarti ndmoay san jo setyci oyemplees stmu show p roofof vicod vaccinatio n. if not eyth can ndfi themlvsees edplac on unpaid le ave. if eyth don't get a shotthey mu stagree toa weekly covid st. >>st> feiv algoing virtua aiagn. orzeganirsca lled off the plan tong bri it ckba due to the covid rgsue. instead it will be live stedream oobcter 1-3. >>crs ewup aicontneofd the cae fire to af35% ter it rnbued 8ac0 res d andestroyed at least 50homes.
7:57 am
repopuonlati m aytake time e du to dagema and downed trees. hea ads up if you are on 10 a1, ttlile owsl north unbod as you head out of mountain ew. weve ha a troue blspot west bound 23 7,cotonnecr tonorth 1 10is sh utdown due to a crash ere a vehicle t hia tree. a lo t ofactivi, tiesinjuries re poedrt as llwe. usane alternifate you can. we std boun80 nearpa l stre, et crh asto the shoulder so fitrafc isslowing. spare the air alert today, heunalthy air peescially inla nd fonor rth y,ba inland east bay, uth bay, motedera r aiquality r the coast anped ninsula. sme okconcenattrion forecastat the surf ace. you still see the haze and smoke today orin an geand red. tcwah as we looktoyo ur saturday. shore flow will help to clouear r iesks as welo ok to r ouwe end.
7:58 am
7:59 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ securi atyt yourin fgertips. control feels good. chase. make me orof wh't's yos.ur
8:00 am
yes,t' is fr.iday happy fri-yayo t all of us, augu 2st0, 2120. we welco ymeou to "cbs this mo rning." that's tony tdokoilup,'m i gayl ngki. we'lskl ahe t question abo airport. >> >sc oar winner here witsh hi new movie "flag day." how theyt kep aam fily atmosp, hereevenns oet. and a massive oorutdo concert llcaed we love nyc. 'lwel talk withwo t music lendges, who will hebe tre. >> it wlil beig b but first
8:01 am
he'sre today's eyene oper at 8:00. the ditare stef othe paicndem. tinaonwide, theac pe of hoitspalizations is at an all- htimeigfoh r people und er the ag 5e of0. tremeatnt is get ating lot good press because they say it's keengpi a good job keepingo vipad tients out oe f th hospital. ty'hell aivrreer he before traveling heto t u..s but many can't evaken me tithis far. hi ts guy was leivtr seangmi during thisom bb scare, his antigovernmeannt rt. this morning investotigarsre a activelyin tryg tour fige out whydi he d atwh he did. that littleig z zagns mea it going tolo sw ,downnd a could batrte the wleho arer a fo as much asho 24 urs. >>ea dchay that psasse the mood gets more tseen as they wa itor fel rief d annews of loveond es. ehi tnglo swi ingt do iwns the frasuctrture. ewa nl polshows "jeoy"pard
8:02 am
fa woulduc mhat rher have burton, mthanik reichards. >> they select exeticuve pruc, ermike richards producer atwh are the odds? about theam se as steenph co lbt'ers minagazeam ning me "s exstie man alive." >> it is an interestinglo anagy. a lot eoof pplare e saying that> >e w welcome youk bactohe t cbiss th e u.s.s say around 3,000 people w ferelo ownut of the ka bu alirport yeste.rday thsteat depenartmt says it ndoesot know exactly how many ericans are l stilinhe t country. and we just learned onef othe fakey citilies rugefees have beenwn flo tiso at capacity. ivsullanns iists any americans infg ahanianst wilel b able to lee by preside bntiden 's augu1sst 3t deadline. >> videoho sws babiesnd aou yng
8:03 am
chdr beneing hdeand to american soldiers and passed over airportal wls. it reaevls how desperate afgnsha e toet g themseeslv andov led eson outf othe uncotry. thtae libahon, w cimlaed t hoave form,ed are clashing with protestersa in fewre aas and sponding toe som demonstratioitns wh nfguire. in the capitol, pstroteers chte odur flag,ur o intdeity. cbs wsne, chief whiasngton correspondten joins us tok tal abtre psident bideno 's ngo od very beead wk. odgo morning to you. i ask this fstirue qstnio with o odeg dree ofe huility because e answer mayi be dot n'know. wh dato you thinkre a the implications politically for thr esenidt? >> thiwo tnghas ve happened to e president hiin ts ekwe. s use of expnceriee. i'm the moster expieednc. vei' seen these beford e ani know howma to na tgehem. and his competence was
8:04 am
refoedrc by the early response toci vacnaontis and their dibustriti ionn thely ear days cofovid-19 under his watch. both compeetenc a ndexperience ve been seve relyundermined. i've tkeald to democ oratsn washingtcaon, pil tohill. theley bie tvehose two things ve happened. onand cehe t cracks in venear arere the, eyth're very har d to e prentside who says i'm experience id,'ve been to afghanistan anso my times and didn't feeores, didn'tla pn for th kisind of scioenar, when many people inside andut osidehe t adstminiraonti were at le ast warning it'ssi posble. an the cntouryas h twro ap its e adro aund this. ri ghtnow,or f amensrica to leaveha afgnianst anord/ our afghan allies, the only ways i with rmpeissionnd a at the suercean of the taliban. >> wow.>> so, the pderesint has yet to owacknleedg any errors of judgment a orny errors peodri, enwh it c tomeso eth pull out in
8:05 am
ghafanistan, which see tmso the be they onl postureit policnsia caken ta tsehe days. >> thesi prede dntoes one thin erov and over.i ma ade bold decision. i decido ed tlee avafghanistan. an americanre psintde was going mtoake that move. t as president, you ownve ery eqconsuence of e tveryough decision. and i'veb cor cov aered lot of eramican presidents. wh you circle aat de on a calendara in btlate space in ghanistan, you own every worse case sceonari and if yonou d't planor f them, youil wl be doublyon cdeedmn by history for circling thatdatnde a n ot plan aningdeatquely for it. >> let's talouk abt e thdate, major. trigh w,no it's augustt. 31s how can you say you'llt mee the deliadne when you don't knowow h many peoplede ne toe b evacuated.
8:06 am
>> i cannl oy imagine a pr esenidtin sayg wweill leave on wlyhen every amaneric ious t safely. there's a hugela bnkce spa in thite whe ushoe preparatio fnor this.i have tkeald to many in the sa immigrantmu comni.ty sie the presidentad me this decision,ol bd as it was, they warn there were thodsusan of afghans whok wor for us, who wee made a moral commitment to d youav he to be prepared to process themid raply. weanel hp you. the admisintration iedgnorhe tm fo weeks upon wksee upon weeks. andow nve eryone is deerspate, trngo t get out and the only toway do so is ifhe ty get a thumbs uomp fr t thealiban. >> the psiredent is goi tngo give remarks later today on the acevuation efforts. why do you think the president has been so detfian ins thi deci asionndha wt do you think h e nglo-term impact is goiong t be onhe t presidency? >> in mornderi amecan pocsliti,
8:07 am
defianceee smso t be the coin of political realm. i'm doing it. tit'shere and i'm not gngoi to ma any olapogsie or accept ble amor acknowledgeis but this is a claicss exalemp where, y ifou llwi, theio aud doesn't h matctheeo vid. what the admisintration is saying pulyblic simply doesn't ho uldp to any scnyruti, even ca sual scrutinny o thero gundn i afisghantan or, ase w just menentiod,n ithe emernggi huhu matanirian crisis ohin da. weeot n prepared wfoith od, air coitndioning and peeoplho w veha made it out that we're processing bseecau tyhe made a commntitme to ,us can't get a throom aea ml or havree lief fr srccohing heat. all of that is an enormou s stress on mithe liryta and state pamertnt. they're doing the best tyhe can and i'm n otitcricinizg for whee ware. what i'm saying is this prestiden a hndis indreiffence to things he was warned about puust in tpohis sionti and
8:08 am
th's f aact. >> an ugly scene in now two uncotries, as yoinu pot t.ou and major facfaes "cehe t tion." lwitharry gahon, who wtsan to bring ahafgn regefues thio s nd ahe t isssuehi cldrennd a paresnt anddu ecatorsac fe as eth kids get set to goac bk to school forhe tec sond time rings thindpaemic. an dignt io nccoerns over lear lningos asnd enstudt's menteaal hlth during another oyearf counnventional linearng. we're l wege tagd along at a new york city school to dssiscu some of esthe issues. anfd i there's somethingou y wodik le to learn,as plee ndse quess tionto us. or email.
8:09 am
thatll sti wksor. email us at coronaviruscb at s psychologindst a cbs news co ntburitor will answer tiquesonons thursday riheght re on cbs thirns moing. coming up, we'll talk to not bone,utwo t musiceg len.ds ucproder clive davis c andars lo santana. l we'ldiusscs the highly anticipateed w love nyc
8:10 am
8:11 am
that'as re cative answer and that's oscinar-wning actor, sean pencnde a his daughter,il dlen pee,nc in "flagay d." arue story of a conaisrtt and hires lationship whiith s daughter te o thbiscg reen. reyou' wchating "cbs this morng." ♪t wa is br♪oken ♪ morning".
8:12 am
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8:16 am
♪ ♪ou yan c'tor fget autbo it ♪ >> tt'has the grammy-winning ng ot"smoh"y b match 2box0 front man. th rat'sob thomas. th'sat jus ttwo men in whast' be in cgalled the concert of a lifetime. toowmorr at cenaltr park it's called "we love nyc, the homecoming" tamidhe ndpaemic. it will feature more than a dozen startis,nc iluding bruce spstrin springsteen, lloo cl j, jennifer hudson and many, many more. d anthat's righthe, t many, myan more. carlosta sanna and cliveav dis josin u w ihos codu-proci tnghis event. goodni morngo tyou both. >> good morning.
8:17 am
>> we're going tota srt with rlcaos, he's herte a the table, but audi,ence we just had a very nice momentwe beten cloars and clivhee wn cs arlowas sent frsl rlcaos. 'sthat nice thatou y sent clyde flowers. >> i have to thnank those angel whooo tke mm fro being a dishwa tshero wherem i a y.toda ou>> yr relathiionspit whly cde goes back 50 years,ht rig? e >> wwe iren theid mdl oef a paem, icbut it never occurred to me that youug thohtf o thi s as a gdeoln opportunity. atwh did you me?an >> tishis aopn portunity of naaltionism. at the end of eth oiclympsn i e past, ieeuyo s aee river of colors. u can't disuitingshne o flag from the other,s it' just
8:18 am
colors. at is myav foreit ntmome. ke when the berlinal wl came dondwn a mandela was free the same day, we earab caple as man beings tomo ce together with unity, harmony, erambce our tality andea hl one another. >> it's the fstir timeou ye hav ayed thtogeer. you have ag son "move" which is a smooth mo,ve i might say.>> when weak te this move, we ride ahell tay was pt theea bch to the parking lot,as pthe t bbloy and erevything. th iiss aea butulif wave that cl diveav -is-f ocouritse, sttewid th the surnpeatural. i catll ies wav ofht lig that allows for yoou t reach the fouo rns erof the world and b ring mom ople encouragement,hu entsimas and joy. >>clive, you don't doth anying small. yore alwayshi tnking outside the th hisas been described as a concerft o a tilifeme. wh watas your pitch whenou y
8:19 am
lled peopleer oth anth, hi, it 's clive? f>>irst i did go to tseho ttha i had a tremendous loanngstding lationship .with wsohen i called carlos and i llcaed bruce springsteen, hailey smith, manl,ue i just gsaid, we're reenop in new york, ofalficilyut o of thepaemndic, ywillou be there? thout quonesti, honestly,he ty eachd sai earth, wind & fire, and then wead broened it. nti waedve ery genre of music esreprented. ll cool j is going to be there with melly l,me river run anboieog with the hoogie. >> clive, can you say oo"bgie wi th the hoogie" again?
8:20 am
>> boo wgieith the hoogie." >> it's a hkec of a stli, clive. you're aat nive new eryork. whats doe it mean to you to brineg th city togheetr like ?this >> it mnsea everything. i grew up whit no nemoy, so indebtored f the public school 161 educioatn, nyu, my work hic, my edatucion, the mtielng pot, the kosher capital ofew n rk. werine trouble. the pandemicit h us hard. so right w,no yes, we'll be careful,s, ye eonveryet a the erconct will be vaccinated, but 'rweeoi gng to use music as a enmessge ar,nd we'reng goi to inspirpee op,le hofupelly, all over the world. >> rlcaos, s youai tdhere would be grace and gratutide emanatinr om the stage. think those are beaulutif words.yo uam ce to n yework for the fitrs time toer pform back in
8:21 am
19. new yorkay tod is a lot different and we could use some gracnde a gratitude. what are your impressions coming back to the city this ti?me >>ri ameca ansrees rpoibnsle for imccilabity. this divineel intlincgee you have y,ouan c say i'm going to wake up at 7:00n i theni morng and you don't need a tcwah. beecaus ofs thi epidicem, we're learning to cryalstlize inntnio and purpose for the hiesght good. that is t bheest of wtha hsuman do. one lange sdai to another angel, you wknowha it like btes about humans?th iss iafter the earthquake in san frscancio.he sd,ai whato dyo luike the best about hunsma? he sayhes, wn things are at their wot,rs the best of tmhe co t.ou this is who we are. lit,pi sritnd a ulso. deinstructible.
8:22 am
th'sat what we want to promote o moowrr and every day with us being midwooives to a new paradigm. ow>> h do you plan to do that? ou>> y have to rembeemr you're o t chri and cent.eredyo u ear a ltmui-dimensional spirit, am bea of light. rrcay yourselfe lik it. >>e' rreeallyki loong frdorwa to this weekend,lo cars montesasantana? >>reou y ready? >> i'm ready to burn.>> carlos santana, cliveav dis, we thaounk y both. you're watching "cbs this rnmoing." 'lwel be right back.
8:23 am
ki ds le ovvisiting kidifornia. but parents li iket to, like a lot. theyo gbonkers. (w uaahh) totally boom it 's aadn venture. (sound of playing) you know ,you thaveo ke ep an en ye othem. you got to let tm heexplore fiand gurehi tngs out for sethemlves. so hurry up (screams) theye 'rnot goa nnstay this way ferorev.
8:24 am
ck ki offou yr kidiforniaat vacion at howoo cl is to hear carlos santana say he's ready to burn ght trehe ont tha e?stag >> righthe tre on that stage. >> howe knsow h to burn -- h>>e doesno kw how to burn. u'yore going to be leik tenee ft from erthe. you're coti-hosng. >> i'my ver eitxced about it. >>re a youea rdy to burn? >> i'm ready -- >> she's extecid. >> ahead, oscar winner sean
8:25 am
pe annnd his daughter dylanil wl beht rig here in studio 57o t lkta about theirew n movie "fl > >>goodni morng. 'sit 8:25. i am len ca ldorfire has burned 68,000 res. erthe is no count ofthe number of h omesderostyed afr tee th fiorre te rothugh grizzly ats. > >>one of e thstctriest invacce ndmaates is effeivcte inanra fncisco. itreirques you show proof of vaccinatifion u yowant to go to indoor nebusisses like ba, re straaunts and gyms > >>as we look atthe adroways, wee t goa febrw ake lights. somees lan stju opened up for th23e 7, 101 nncoector but n agaistl ilvery slow. e crash is cleared. sl aownd go along 101 but it
8:26 am
oks keli gsthin will be eangsi as gsthin clea tr tohe shldouer. bwestou nd4 nearsan o,marc onlae ne blocked, a ascrh with ba up out of bay inpot. 17 mesil per hour through ere. ouif y a reedhead to 242 utsoh at 680, atth coecnntor road is blocked. itoo lks like we've t goa crash there and traffic is busy through concord. spare the air alert toy da due to shazymo kyskies. we wl ilincontue with the smoke r fothe bay area. unaly thair for ponsrtio of inlandt easbay as well as noh bay and south y bawith moderate air itqualy for ascot anped ninsula. yo u e sethosore ange co lors cainditi mngore smoke pug shin in. as weoklo to our weekend, g bi chan ges. strong on shore flow and ocean zebree kkiicng in, and th at ans better air quality for theke ween d. daytimes lobew eravage for isth time of year because of the hazy s. kies mi70s
8:27 am
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8:29 am
8:30 am
welcomace bk to omwelceac bk to "cbths is moin"g. it's t timeo bring yomou se of theri stoes weal cl "talk of eth ta"ble. why? usbecaet' is the table and we'ra tony is first. >> something that cghaut my eye beecaus o mfy reporting o pnorn b,hu and if you d'tonno kw what rn hub is, goodor f you. >> anthony,xp elain iav he no idea whouat y're talking about.i' m g toingo lkwa over to the gr apc hiboard. the suipbscrtion see,rvic only fans, has announcedt ins pla to nex sually expliconit cte.nt onnslyfa lset people pay creators tcco aess exclusive photos and vs.ideo and until now has included co
8:31 am
ntten definy itelnosat fe for wo rk. is ban will gont io feefct tober 1st. ssay nitudy is still ayok, as long ast ils fal withihen t guelidines but notar cle wt ha the idguelesin are. onfalyns says thean b is surelt requestro fm bkianng mpcoanies and partners that handle tratinsacons. they say they have 130 million ers and 2 million ptoaid put content on it's a pcela still to get t-nosafe for work but safe enghou for busseiness dtoo busssine >> myk tal of the table isbo aut e hit play "to kill aak miockin bird". >> it's heret tha a song can lift yffou o the ground.
8:32 am
here that ace sne p canut you on the edgef oyour seat. herehe wre a sinegl momten can inbrg tearso t your eyes, put a mp in your throat, or makue yo fe fel aootat ller. d it's here where a simple cainvotion will makeou y shiver. daelnis will return as atticus finchhe wn the play reopens. eth wrientt by the person who wrote the stage adaptn.atio i and cat n'wait. i know the iy'ren rrseheaals already a lo tt ofheus micals are. >> i saw the "liong" kin ppleoe resihearnges yterday. justkn to ow's i coming back is eat. myk tal othf e tables i pinteser. they're launching aew n tool
8:33 am
th latets you seaharch iry b hair pattern. it was created with latorin x in mind. uyo can choose coily, curly, wave, sthtraig a bndald/shade. itin remded me, enwh i was a kid, i lived in turkey as a kid mandy bestri fend was a little bld rlgi named carol. an iem rember sinayg howom ce i don't have a blond pony tail that swings bkac andth for t he way carodol's es. mine was two pony tails that ok like pipean cleers. she would sayt' is very beautiful i butt 'tdidn fl ee beaul tifutoe. m and now i can bseecau y couan buy one. u yocan have whar teveyowau nt. but i think ist' so nice they're puttinghi ts up r foyoung girls d anwomen to see. maya angelou used to say we're
8:34 am
more alike thanfe difrent but wh ientes com to hair, there's morefe difreesnc. take a lookt a w'sho in our gr eeron om today. two-time adacemy d awar erwinn, anse pence. who's that whit you tayod? >> myau dghter, dylance pen. p>>roud papa. >> they'll
8:35 am
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♪ ou rex nt guestsre a ouexr nt ur oex nt guest are am fro the highly-anticatiped "flag day." seance pen stars as the notoouris nn's dteaughr,yl dan, plais thdae ughter. it'sas bed on aru teto sry of aa th aernd ugdahter's complicated relationship over yethe ars. y' there cngallihi ts dylan's kobreaut pemarforncane d her biesrot le yet. >> did you tell yoanne? andid yo pneick you up? >> the truth is i've actu ally been out f wor ahi.le >> how long? >> a year a and bit. a yearnd a a bit? whathe t hell? n'dot call or write. you've beenut o a year and a bit.
8:39 am
w>> irote you a hundred tim es from the prisonnd a i didt n' hear a responseth, noing. why would ihi tnkth anying would anchge out here? thanks for g beinwi uths. >>has nkfor having us. >> sean, how did this start? because you first saw a stcrip for t ohisvea r decade ago. did rowav hean dyl ind minve en then? >> i staedrt to read the script an whiitn 30 gepas,er hac fe bemeca imprteind on it and it wanot somngethi ild cou s ee any r othewafry om that time. >>ea rlly? >>h. yea >> dyn,la how didt i go wnhe he prapoached you for the fstir meut abo theol re? >> their fst timet i was a reunngdi no. why? w>> iason wdering that too.wh y? >> agctin isom sething i never thtough'd i do in ali milon ars, especially at ttihat me. ian wted to be in the industry bu tbehind the camera, ucprodin dg,irecting, wrg.itin
8:40 am
and i ftel like i dn'idt have an y feli experience. i readhe t bo,ok i lovedhe t bo ok but in' didt have exripeceo treference tong bri to that chaerractnd a then5 1 ars later,'m i 30 noinw, kd of different. nd>> a your mom, who's aln so a acess. i often wonde ir ift'ins your dndi d yrou mom say you should ink about it? too >>o. n i mean, tshi is a special -- i don'hit tnk either ofhe tm suggesteacd i t. b>>ut this ro wleorking with him? cause it's eheitr tfyerriing you're worngki with him because 's sean pe annnd he'sou yr dad orre the'som sething comfog rtin about it.>> when i was thinking of opting out of it this time ndarou, she said she had the best experience working hwithims aa director. so, it fel like -- >> so, you sigdne up bseecau
8:41 am
he aoo gd director? >>ls ao working with your family, youon d't know, in a professional vienronment, it can be dasistrous orre gat buthi ts is the firimst te. >> you said youot g a daily dose ofri wdeorking with her. byhe way,he tre are intense ensces by both of you tarhat e knockouts. isre the somethinghe tyo d that no o enelsean co? d what was it like directinger h? >> as it turnedut o, trehe's an exsipresonha tt i'll borrow. i ink there is alo bod harmony and that in ,that we were able to heav an itintuiveho srthand so mofuch t theime. i typically don't wanto t put an id iean an acstor' hdea until i seet whahe ty'reri bnggin witthou ttha and very -- itas w veryar re ttha iea rlly vega a
8:42 am
oflot decirtion to her. she wusas jt tra uth inmache. >> a truthac mhine. d you esaver y to him, dad, i don'ket li thatir deconti or why dotn' we dito this way? >>ep y. ten. >>ow did he onrespd? >> he's a great abcollororat. ias w really surpd,rise tually.i jtus thohtug he would kif nd o shoot me down. i also think we were on the same page a lot omef tis. didou y see somethi ingn him you maybe hadtn' before? >> no. i think just howai fr he is onset - is -waa s surprise. also heus jt treedat me leik an actor, notis h daughter,hi wch rewas al hlyelpful. you mentioned when you were readthing e sc,ripter aftbo aut 30 pages,ll aou y could see was urau dlt'ser face in the aracter of tauhe dghr.te d you also see your facen i theha craerct of thaie mn characte n>>ot aalt l.
8:43 am
deespit my -- despite me, i en ded up havgin there gat portunity to act with her because iou wld never -- i've ne ver thougo ht tdictre myself. if i dirtec a e,movi i just want dtoirect a movie.we had another actor iolnvved rfo ag lon time and in prroctduion, on location,us jt a ce ouplofks wee awaym fro starting and that actor had a pealrson - a- family iuess and hatoow b out. uli codn f'tind anybody else. >>nd a you had an acady emaward wiinsig tting around. so you were likehy won d't we put him in eth game? direg,ctin which is a 17.5 hour-a day job. but once i got in the,er i dnwoul'tra tde ir t foanhiytng.> you neverhy s away from ntcoroversy, sean. an i love wnhe you say,he wn yo cuome seehi ts movie, get
8:44 am
vaccinated. 're all vaccedinat atht e table. >> as with any movie, wean wt as many people toee s it ane d seit in the tatheer as possible. tbu io d k,as ncsierely, that yoanne who is chosen not toe b vaccinatwhed, osn i't interested in the movieit, wa f iort to amstre. >> sincehe t 1020 earthq,uake u'yove been back a fndortho t haitnyi ma tesim. whats i your teamng doi now? >>so , from day one, we hadur o yheav equipmentea tms go in, he lpgin in the seahrc and rescue and clegarin rdwoaays for acceso rouesrces and medical t.eams i'll be going down on tuesday and i'll have- - be able to give a ttbeer personal asmssesent. but i'm in coacntt with the amtes and trehey' very active dan it's ooone ft finront of th e other. howou tgh is thesi tuioatn, wfromhat you'veea hrd? >> it's exemtrely ffdiicult, in part -- one complication
8:45 am
differenhat tn 2010 is the area between port au prince and so, v enmb aulances will be jack.ed everyt hhingas toom ce in by rotary or fiwixed ngr osea. the'grs eat need for medical ppsulies, great ndee for srtuppo the erbecause it i s so mplicated. >>ou y always step up, sean nn. i've heard you sayel hping is in e thfamily dna. ve seeu,n yo danyl, helping on e throad. atwh's the best thing about snea penn as a fatrhe andn sea penn as an actor? >> it mhtig be one hein t i think just hisase ad venustur so aulnd heav a lot of memori-es - i d'ton want to eshar theer psonal mieemors but
8:46 am and azors dia rector, similar. >> very tcoolo e sethe family wo.rkth ank youot bh for beiitng wh us is mniorng. "fg laday"s iout tinheats er now. g>>et yr ouvaccine. no up heruce, sceepss dends on the choices you make. bu t i iknow've got this. and wht en icomes to controlling pehis ty 2 diabetes, admy d's'got this, too. th wi tighe rht choices, yo u ihavet in you to control your a1c andwe once-ekly ittrulicy hemay lp. mostpl peoe ta tkingruli cityred achean a1c under 7%. itand srttas lowering b lood sugar from the first dos, by helpingbo your dyea relse the insuitlin 's alreadngy maki. tr itand ulicity is forpe b lood sty 2be diates.first dos,
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it isn'f't r lepeop with tdiype 1 ab.etes it's noovt appred for use in crehildn. don't't keli trucity i' you'llre aergic to it, yo u or your famiely hav medullary thyrncoid caer, or have multiple end ocrinene oplasia syndroe me t. yo stop trulindcity a cv malllyour docghtor rit away if yavou he an allergic reaction, a lumpel or swlin ng iyour neck, reseve stomach paingn, chaes invision, or dc iabetirepatino. se risious de effects y maine cludpancreatitis. reseta kirung tlicity withes invonsulfyl ourear insulintino. raises low s bloodugisar rk. side effncects iluaude nsea, vomitid ng, andiarrhea, cawhich n tleado dehydrationd anmarsy woen kidney problems. ow sh your world at wh's'truly inside. k asyourto docr ab out once-weeklicy trulity. atntioten, california. new federal fu nding $3 ofbilln isio avaabll to help moree peoplpa yfor health insurance — teno matr at ywhour income. mu how chs yo iurs? julie and bob yiare pang $700 lveess, eryonth m. dee goret compheive nscoverage fo $r only1 monta h. annad the vaos arrre paying haless tn 00 a$1 month. ec chk toou see yr w, lneower price. the sooner you sign up the more ye.ou sav onlyt co averecalid forn ia. this way to ihealthnsanceur.
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meholessne, sshousing, tax the sooner you sign up water, electricity, es, crime, wildfires. [sfx: bear roar] gavin, you'aileve fd. weav he to immediatelyut c taxes twenty-fpercive ent. fix hog anusind meholessness. d anmake life in calniaifor af fordable again. i'm a busine tssman,henly ocpa running. s'ouldn't choweose ability thms ti? we must have ate compent go vernor th mwianagement expe ariencend outsider integty.ri fx: [sbear roar]
8:49 am
that describy es onljo coxhn. > saturdayft aeronno there will be ,06000 people trehe in th field. eth greatn law in ctrenal pa.rk gae ylking will be o onef .them >> it's all there gat lawnn i celntra park. lookingwa forrdo tit. thatl wil d iotor f us. ese youon mdaymo bere we go, slet' lkoo at all at mattered this ekwe. >> oh, that's right. u..s forces in afghanistan arehi rusng to evacuate thoussand of americans. >> rorepter:re we' autbo to take off fromab kul in a u.s. tamiliry transportne pla with 300 afghans, n,me mewon, and chdrilen. >>ep rorter: theha afgn military sn't ready for this. >> ist i yourel bief, ragenel,
8:50 am
at we should notav heef lt afanghistan? ab>> soteluly. >> reportel r: aqaa,ed isis, heotr terrorist organizatio ns w have an eentir cntoury that th taliban ntcorols. >> the w tholehing collapsed like a tten on toothpksic. >>o dyou chaveonrnces around th aenniversary o/1f 91 coming upn i a few weeks? >> yes. most ofhe tseie patnts have ha walls fall on them. >> reporter: victims are being e rrdie to sphoitals. rehe's why -- this ist' whas le of the only hospital. >>ep rorter: it staedrt yedastery aas qituick glyrew, dinoublg in size to about 0030,0 reacs. ,guys this is soak freing es this meanha ttll we' be spendings les time in the office? i msis lepeop. >> ye ou'rprabobly ait b more exertravtethd an most pe.ople >> i miss peeopl i don't like. ♪ >> oawh. d>>on't get me started. >> geez. wed nee to haveam ceras on us. ckba to onanthy.>> ttha was wild. >> i may hav teo stifle that. th watas nnfuy.>>
8:51 am
>he th matoo bk turnedo int -->> a doodle book. >> wow. i love atth! >> how about ?that >>an c we frame that? >>ectre ,fact aieudnce -- thony mason ledoodsll a othf e time. ♪ he's got something to say- - ♪ enwh you get older, i do care more about- - >> maybe tllhey' meov the hours ofhe t show to 11:00o t 1:00.♪ jason, whato dyou say toho tse disgleruntd nsfa who don't like the protocols you put in? >> one of amour eranic freedoms tiso stay home and do whatever you want all by uryose.lf >> jan,so i love atth. please sdprea the rdwo, jonas isllbe, please seaprd the word. ♪ jenn,ifer ty'here adylrea talk oingsc baruzz for u.yo n't be edscar. >>re atha waski talngbo aut osrca buzz right away. better win o ansc -ar- >> that's the very fstir thing e said. oh, .lord>> >ri ban o'whs my sgeta manager --ri, anlean over and say hi
8:52 am
toev erybody. he said, gayle, do you think ey're going tcoo me in and si -ng- play aretha franklin song igo, i hadn'tug thoht of it, i'but llet b they d dneard if you -- we like it, we like it, we like it. ♪ it aaylws --ou y caught me mid stretc dndi't know you were counting. wake upop, pele. wow!>> ion d't know whaurt o micedal unitld wou tnkhi about there y,stud but ie lik it. it about howid veoes gam may ac tulyal hpel you lose i>> read this. i don't know i if believe it. do you belie vethis? >>an i wto tbelieve. >> anth hony,old on. >> i wanto tbeevlie -- >> tshi is according to atu sdy by aam ging platform. they sdhoul know. >> oh, no. >> that is anld oer man, gray haired, embssarraing -- barrassing a younger manho w dcoul o dnlyo twoor befe the olr guyot gow dn and did 25 one >> oh. .h >> all right,ou yng pe.ople considouer yrsfel rnwaed. >> let'sr hea it for the old pe op.le >> i know. >> hrea it forhe t o pldeople. i like it. ♪
8:53 am
yifou smell gas, reyou' toolo cse. leave e thstruurcte, cal91l 1, pkeepeoplawe ay, and cag&ll pe rit ghafter so we bocan th respond out an d keephe t publisac fe. li cafoia, rndid you know ohour meshars e power? and cag&ll pe rit ghafter so we bocan th respond out but when wtry e to stay cool in a heat wave our supply ieds push to the limit. u but yoha theve power to keupep us a runndning! “ i ?"d” yu wp,e all do! wileth fx altser. ey th noty ifus when to shift our en uergyse if our power supply is stretched. som fropre-olcoing our homes, to ungsi less erengy fro4-m 9pm, tothgeer, l't's flexur o power to save our power. sip gn ufoflr ex alerts today.
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one of the mpoost imrtt anthings you can do is t o make sure ca you ll11 b 8efore you dig. calling 811 g toetour ylines marked:
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it's ft'ree, is sy, eawe come out d maanrk your lines, viwe prodeou t yhe informationu so y wl diilg saly.fe > good morning. 's 8:55. st arngti monday n sajose city emoyplees must owsh proof of covid vaatccinio n.if t nothey can ndfi themseeslv onai unpd avlee. if then'y dot get a shot eyth must agree to a ekwely covid . test hardlyri stct lyblues gras festival g oingviuartl again. organirsze cald leoff bringing it back to golden gate park due to the vicod su rge. a new udsty has found that ldwifire smoke could have ayed a role in thoundsas of a extrcod vicases d aneven de lathsasyet ar, peescial ly when lelevs pofartilacute matterro fm wildfireke smo was high e thadvice from experts, stay indoors when it is smoky.
8:56 am
> if you plan on taking 101, things are looking erbett. we had an earlier crash arndou 101 north near san antonio. it'sth in e clearing agstes, a little bitslow out of unmota in view. you t mighcoernsid 280 or el canomi as good altern atesto av oid some of the delays. west bound 80 highway 4 to the ze, 25to 26 minuteom cmute. teriigng lhts are f ofat the bay bridgeto ll azpla. spare e thair eralt toy da because ofth e hazy baaid r quality again to day, moone reda y of . this better air quality d an imovg inair as we look to our weenwid th the sea brzeee cking in. u yosee the hazy skies r fo today wabut tch as we head th roh ugtomorrow withthe ocean zebree hpielng shpu that oke sm awaym frous saturday and r fo sunday. oking so much ttbeer. imdayte hitoghs day are below eravage due to ha zyskies, mid 70s to
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