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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  August 15, 2021 6:00am-6:59am PDT

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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. right now , something we haven't seen for more than a year. 49er faithful feeling this to fans stands at levi a look at a much different fan experience. and the efforts from the governor which is one month until his recall election. cool colors and covid-19 fixings. resu good morning. t might it is sunday, august 15th. i am deven fehely. >> marine layer great to start the day in the immediate bay and
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what this masks is how hazy the sky is and as we will see as the sun comes up within the next hour, it will be hazy again today the air quality should still stay in the good to moderate category. much like it did yesterday. air-quality advisory will stay in effect through today. count on modern air quality from the smoke. temperatures in the low 60s for most locations although santa rosa is only 52 and for daytime has the date we will be back in the upper 90s for inland locations at 98. topping out at 75 in the bay and i will have the complete forecast in a few minutes. back to you. sounds that haven't been heard at levi more than a year, fans finally returning in person for the 49ers preseason open>>t wasn't experience.kpix 5 has more on how stadium officials were to keep everyone safe last night. >> reporter: covid-19 changed
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up the game day safety playbook here at levi the most part today, the fans we spoke with said they were just thrilled to get to see the niners play in person. the 49ers were back on the field saturday night. playing in front of fans at levi time in a long time. naturally fans were excited to be back here due to the pandemic, levi few changes to the game day playbook. fans scanned themselves into the stadium grounds with a digital tickets. parking passes were also digital. >> everything is easy. it has been super easy. eslike store, museum and luxury boxes but fans were not required to wear masks while in the sands however, many did anyway. >> i still believe in wearing the masks. it makes no difference where i
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go. >> reporter: the last type is where was on january 19th, 2020 when the niners beat the packers in the nfc championship game. these brothers were in the stands then and they make a be sure to be bad for the preseason opener. >> it was amazing. it was great. >> reporter: they were all for the new safety measures. >> is a good thing with all the crazy covid cases going up again. >> the family felt like most faithful fans were on board with the new policies. >> everyone is very respectful of personal space. the staff is great. everyone is wearing a mask inside which is important for us to implement the niners are back in about two weeks. they will-the writers at this f covid-19 test. plenty of th posting they're not upright on social media. here is a look at some of the
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fans. be sure to tag kpix5 to see your photos on there and stay with us. we will have all of the highlights from last nights game coming up a little bit later in the show. licking live at the state capital, governor gavin newsom is in campaign mode this weekend. he is on a mission to convince every california divide no in the upcoming recall election. is one month away now. yesterday the governor campaigned at a restaurant on the east side of los angeles. at the same time, republican leaders from across the state held a special convention in valencia. the ballot is jampacked with more than 40 names so the republican assembly debated endorsing a single candidate. cbs news is polling californians onesefe the reca ec. e nation will e thlts apu the nationth a spike in covi is prompted the santa rita jail to suspend all in person jail
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visits. according to the alameda sheriff's office, 10 inmates and 12 staff members of tested positive for covid as of yesterday. it is unclear when the jet were resumed in person visits. since the pandemic began, over 620 inmates of tested positive at the jail along with 139's staffers and contractors. looking live at san jose this morning, a 3rd covid-19 vaccine dose will be given to a specific group of people across santa clara county. dozens of tables were set up in a vaccine site in san jose. ready to administer the 3rd shots. per cdc recommendations, the county is only offering the extra dose to people with weakened immune systems. page and chronic conditions are not being considered for the 3rd dose at this time. the classic auto event celebrated 40 years in san francisco on saturday with the push for everyone to get vaccinated. walker has the st
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>> reporter: this event was grabbed by the pandemic last year and this year organizers are still doing their best to fight the virus but first, we have to talk about the colors and since we can't mention them all, we are going to focus on just one for a moment. is a 1961 in paula. >> it is amazing, the detail is incredible. >> you want to get everything perfect. you want to get your paint perfect, you're crying perfect. you want to get your interior perfect. there is a lot of love in the car. >> it is a love-hate relationship. is an old-school, the breakdown and you fix it and do it again and go back on the road. >> reporter: it was finally back on the road for the king of the streetcar showed as the san francisco low rider council celebrated its 40th anniversary. >> i got arrested 113 pounds th banded together and organize and we are celebrating that we are part of the social justice movement about equity in san >>or e amidng pandemic the
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founder saw his opportunity. >> we really wanted to educate our community that you have to get the vaccine. >> reporter: every single person who showed up to date had a chance to do that with a clinic set up right at the front gate. >> there is a t of filot of opportunities for people from our community to speak directly to those who otherwise are working all the time. or they are living their lives and we are trying to bring our services directly to our folks. >> we are really happy that we are doing our part to make sure that people stay safe and stay alive. >> reporter: after a pandemic hiatus, this institution is rolling again. as the low riders helped drive vaccination rates a little higher. happening today, an expanded program offering rides to young people arrives in san francisco for anyone 19 and
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under can takepart in the eddoy r is happenias classes are set to start tomorrow in san francisco's public school system. they are inspectors will not require proof of payment. older teenagers are encouraged to carry a form of i.d. a close call for an east bay community when a brush fire got dangerously close to several homes. it started as a structure fire south of mt. diablo. it spread quickly and emergency official sent out alerts to residents in the area to be prepared. note official evacuations were issued. now to the dixie fire with the latest. evacuation orders will not be lifted for the plumas county community of chester and
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several other areas as authorities had planned. safar the fire has burned about 550,000 acres. is cont in southern california, fire captain battling the dixie fire is back home this morning. after getting injured. the captain arrived in san diego on friday. he was welcomed back by supporters as he landed. and although he was strapped to a gurney, it didn't stop him from high-fiving his supporters. the captain was injured after a tree collapsed on him and three other firefighters. he suffered more serious injuries than the others. officials say he is expected to make a full recovery. a bay area woman has been arrested for arson in el dorado county. on wednesday, deputies responded to a fire near the echo summit, the mountain pass over the sierras. fire crews pointed them to a possible arson suspect at the same. a suspect, a 43-year-old woman from fremont was only wearing a bikini covered in scratches incident. deputies say the woman admitted to starting the fire pit the suspect has been arrested on a
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laundry list of charges collubstanhaitstdition of a bs a triathlon makes his return to san francisco today. the man hoping to take on is for straight win. and the efforts to help dixie fire victims find a safe place to keep the pits. taking a live look outside, we will be right back.
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this morning, a teenage girl is dead after she was knocked off her horse in stanislaus county on wednesday. summer gardener was hit by a distracted truck driver in turlock. the chp says the driver admitted to taking his eyes off the road as he reached for something in his truck. he slammed into the horse on east harding road. throwing the 19-year-old into the road. the horse died on impact. charges have not been filed against the driver. i'm going to pick up the forecast this morning by taking a look at what the air quality looks like in case you have plans to step out the door early this morning. we would take a look at the general forecast for the rest of today. san jose looks a bit hazy but this is a mix of mid-level marine layer cloud and there is some smoke visible in the view. but we care about most is what
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is the smoke like on the ground where we breathe in the air and here is where the good news is. as we take a look at the conditions, there are a few moderate ratings. there is one for san jose, another one showing up as we get towards the inland valleys of the east bay but most of these are green. is good air quality for the majority of us except for the usual suspects. the inland valleys, whether it is in the heart of santa clara valley or the inland valleys of the east bay. and, for now anyway, the northbay valleys are doing okay. air quality is good but that likely won't hold. the take away for sunday is if you are making plans for later in the day, we will have moderate air quality conditions. very much bay area wide. that is the official forecast from the bay area air quality district who still has us all under an air quality advisory through today. it could be worse in this. we went through many days that were far worse than this last summer but today at moderate you want to keep in mind and we
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still have a long summer together we can see the air quality could only appear the other headline is how hot it is. for most of california. and for some of us in the bay area, just not most of us. take a look or the heat advisory is for today. he is most of the state. will become closer to home you can see the area that is influenced by the onshore flow is not included in this but it doesn't mean it will still be hot for inland locations but there is the marine layer right there perfectly outlining the areas that don't have to deal with the worst of the heat. we will make it back in the upper 80s and low 90s for much of the south bay. but it will only be low 80s for laces like san mateo and hayward. we go to the inland valleys in temperatures well into the upper 90s. 97 in concord and livermore. 96 in walnut creek. l erates in the mid-to upper 70s to the east bay communities and look at the
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valleys of marin and sonoma. novato going to 91 santa rosa 92. top out at 92 in sonoma and 82 in napa and low hundreds. ukiah 105. minnesota still feeling the heat. look at san jose's numbers. see how they go gradually lower as we get into the middle part of the week weather that shut even more when you look at the microclimate in the upper 90s today. back into the low 90s for much of the rest of the week and the northbay valleys will go from 97 today back down into the mid- 80s as we get into the main part of the week. >> when i see triple digits, but i am always surprised by how much hotter it is inland than at the coast. >> and this last seven days, the pager you see that the most, highs in the 60s and hang in if you are inland. it is today and tomorrow the are the peak and then it does get better by tuesday.
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animals driven from their habitats by the dixie fire and other wildfires, many injured are now being nursed back to health. rachel wolf explained. >> he is a baby. he is only about 16 pounds. about the size of a big fat house get people met go country wildlife rescue is taking care of this little guy who came in wednesday afternoon from the antelope fire up north. >> you to get burns on all four feet but there are sec and the third-degree burns that are horrible in and of themselves but not as bad as the 5th degree we've been seeing which is all the way to the bone. >> reporter: the wildlife disaster network brought the bear cub in. he is being treated by a team of experts including dr. jamie payton who is world renowned for her expertise in wildlife berm treatments. >> he will have to go into rehab and be put with other cubs and grow up. certainly not able to be released this year probably. it will go into next spring. >> reporter: fortunately he will only have to wear booties on his back feet and is already
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feeling better. >> is walking around and climbing and slurping up formula out of a bowl. he is eating fruit salad. >> reporter: the team is nursing this bobcat from the lava fire in weed, california back to health. >> he was in bad shape your it is an adult bobcat and he was probably only 50% of his normal body weight. he was so emaciated and dehydrated. with very serious burns. >> reporter: it is not just the fires but the drought in the tree claim associated with clearing defensible space and with 4200 animals helped so far at the rescue, 60% more than normal, the director is pleading with people for help. >> we have to buy special formulas for these animals and special managing for the burns and special medications and drugs. and we have to pay staff to take care of this. we can't do it all with volunteers. >> that was rachel wolf reporting. good morning. from the sidelines of levi stadium where last night, the curtain raised.
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owned the 49ers 2021 season. want to see the highlights quitting i have him. you just wait. it was a story of a couple of quar
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look at those ladies. such wisdom. mmm. but it's really genesys that helps me understand people and what they truly need. i'm just glad i can help. good morning everybody. in fl up top and why not? 65,000 tickets were sold last night to check out the 4090s
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opener with the kansas city chiefs. it sure sounded like a. quarterback jimmy garoppolo, he is the starter. but last night, it was the trey lantz show. the number three overall pick in april's draft. made his nfl debut. but jimmy garoppolo, first play of the game, he hits deebo samuels for a 13 yard gang. jimmy's numbers three for three. 26 yards and a drive. but then, it was trey time. rough first possession of his pro career. sack by chris jones on 3rd down and the 49ers with three and out. the forest play, here is the plate we will talk about. looking deep, hit sure field on the dead run. adr play. his first nfl completion. levi
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frenzy. but trey continue to face pressure. sack then fumbled in the final minute of the first half. lantz was sacked four times, finished five of 14 pa 8 rd wit won the game, 19-16 but the final score was secondary. to date debut of number five. >> it was super exciting. it is the moment you dream of, scoring your first touchdown even though it is preseason and is pretty cool with my teammates in the locker room. they were so excited for me for making that play. it was a special moment. he made some nice place tonight. he really did. i thought it was awesome. the first preseason game is a lot but i thought the guys play great. >> las vegas last night.
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the writerhostinfa allegianta first time and you know john bruton was all in a lather about that. the quarterback set out to get seattle and nathan peterman played the entire game. opening drive hit jones inside the five set up a writers touchdown. b.j. edmunds up and over the pile for a two yard run and the writers, welcomed the fans back with a 20-7 win. now, off to baseball in the bay area big leaguers the giants last night were staring at seven straight wins but the rockies, made them blink. hello evan longoria. haven't seen you in a while. not since june 5th. at in this one in the second, c.j. cron, deepx ni. mcmahorouted what n'work out th
6:25 am
as the rockies went on to win 4- 1 the giants leave it in its over the dodgers. what a night for a's matt chapman. flashing the leather in texas over the shoulder diving catch. he was also good with the plate. seventh inning chapman the and yard for the second time of the game. oakland one 8-3. they remain to one half games behind the astros in the al west. and, history last night in arizona. diamondbacks tyler gilbert in his first career start. no-hit for the san diego padres. gilbert, santa cruz native, became the first pitcher sie vet his first career start and . he is the eighth of the nfl
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season. the most since 1884. that my friends is a long time ago. that will do it from levi stadium, everybody have a great day. i will be back with more content later in the day. still to come, some bay area families are on edge. they are struggling to reach family and friends following a devastating 7.2 earthquake in haiti. and the taliban closing in on afghan capital. the biden administration scrambling to give delta one citizens out as thousands raced to leave the country. we will be right back
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welcome back. he is 6:29 and thank you for joining us. i am deven fehely. let's start with the quick check of the weather with. >> there is smoke up there today at the higher elevations of the atmosphere and you will see that haze once again today. we have another air quality advisory. a areawide expect moderate air quality conditions but i will give you specific details on the forecast for smoke full focastfor san jose was ur.
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temperatures in the low 60s although santa rosa is a cool 52 and daytime highs, it will be hot in 198. once again, temperatures nearing the century mark for many inland locations. mid-70s in the heart of the bay and i will have the rest of the forecast in just a bit. to haiti were dozens of aftershocks including a 5.8 have rattled the area. that is after a 7.2 quake decimated one community. more than 300 are confirmed dead and thousands hurt. the epicenter is about 78 miles west of the capital of port-au- prince. that is the largest it's 20 twin when it 7.09 struck 15 miles west of the capital. hundreds of thousands of people died in the earthquake. here is how the quake is affecting bay area counties families with ties to haiti. >> it is troubling. everything that is going on right now. i know that both of us woke up to the news. we have family members in haiti in france have family members
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and loved ones and things like that. leads. >> joanne and her father, a pastor, or heartbroken. new video and images coming out of haiti are and all-too- familiar reminder of the 2010 earthquake in that capital of port-au-prince. it killed hundreds of thousands of people. >> it is hard to get in touch with our family members. my father, he has a brother that still lives in haiti and is been hard getting in contact with him. >> almost impossible. >> reporter: based on his location, they believe he is safe. still they worry about how much the country can endure. >> with everything going on in the world with the pandemic, the assassination of the president, we have tropical storms on their way. hurricane season is coming up on haiti. it is like, we will we get a break? >> reporter: the pastor has made six trips to hades is the 2010 reveal ake to help the country
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>> itis veand i'm ry e thpeople try to help them but it is so quick. something else happened to them. >> today, haiti's new prime minister in office since july, declared a state of emergency. >> they know patients are resilient and the prime minister also called on the nation to check a spirit of solidarity in the face of yet another crisis. the associated press is reporting the taliban fighters have entered afghans capital city of kabul. esential at fo palace. allegedly waiting for what they are calling a peaceful transfer of power. this amid reports of the taliba force. back in the u.s., the biden administration is grappling with the fast-moving events in afghanistan and readying a plan to evacuate nearly all u.s.
6:33 am
diplomats. days ago, and american military estimated it will be a month before kabul would come under insurgent pressure. the taliban seized three other provinces. president biden held a videoconference from camp david with the national security team to discuss the evacuations. he also said in a statement the 5000 u.s. troops will be deployed to get americans out along with afghans who assisted the mission. and he wanted the taliban and not to interfere. today the taliban took control of the eastern city without a fight. a taliban spokesperson posted a video of men standing on the side of the road as militants in pickup trucks carrying weapons and waiving the taliban flag drove t in the meantime, thousands of displaced families in northern afghanistan have arrived in kabul. many are living out in the open in public parks. people are standing in long lines to get food as shelter and staff and volunteers from
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comparatively affluent background. cobbles international airport is busy as insurgents closing on the capital. people with the means to purchase plane tickets are trying to book flights as fast as they can. today, many could be seen pulling their suitcases as they prepared to leave their homeland. new this morning, at least 20 people are dead after a fuel tank blew up in northern lebanon near the border with syria. the lebanese army says it sees the warehouse were fuel was stored illegally. soldiers were handing out gasoline to residents when the explosion happened. the exact cause is not clear. fuel smuggling is an ongoing problem in lebanon amid severe shortages. now to the coronavirus. los angeles county is continuing to see thousands of new virus cases every day. on saturday, more than 4200 cases and 21 deaths. more than 1600 people are being
6:35 am
treated for the virus in hospitals. on saturday, l.a. county health officials offered booster shots to qualifying people. that includes organ transplant recipients, cancer patients and others with compromised immune systems. some who are not eligible state they are eager when it is their turn. >> i am definitely interested in it. i would want to do anything that would help me boost my immunity. i want to protect not only myself but my family members, my grandchildren, people in the community. >> 3rd doses of the pfizer and moderna vaccine received approval from the federal health officials last week. strap meantime, doing demonstrations clashed over the issue of max vaccine mandates and they turned violent in downtown los angeles. several hundred people showed up in city hall calling for what they describe as medical freedom. they were confronted by counterprotesters and a man described as an opponent of masks and mandates was stabbed. so far there have been no arrests. in the bay area, hundreds
6:36 am
of vendors are putting up their talents on full display this weekend. the harvest festival is back at the alameda county fairgrounds and gianna franco shows us how it is giving a big boost to es. >> this unique shopping experience featured local artists and nd get back on the fee after being hit hard by the pandemic. >> it was a huge crush for us. it was devastating. now that we are back, there is a sense of excitement with all of our artists. and with our attendees and if you play these are their only opportunity to showcase their work. >> if you don't support them, they won't stay in business so come on out. it is one of those things were a lot of artists don't have storefronts and some are just getting websites up. >> the majority from the bay area and throughout california and the work includes, crafts, handmade art, jewelry and even hummingbird feeders like this one. >> i sit for hours and hours on
6:37 am
end every day and all i do is paint. >> reporter: the event is family owned and operated and something attendees look forward to every year. >> i missed it last year. it is something that women and men and families get together d that come out every year to buy christmas presents and holiday prisons. just to come out as a goat layout. >> reporter: the festival runs through sunday at the alameda county fairgrounds. happening today, a celebration of life for the cofounder of san francisco's glide memorial church who died last month. today's memorial is meant to honor her legacy of advocacy for the most marginalized members of society. mayor london breed will attend longwood congresswoman jackie spirit in the former mayor willie brown. hybrid event will be broadcast on the screen outside the church. thprogram ines live music
6:38 am
and poetry reading. coming up on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, the stunning aftermath of a monsoon storm triggering a state of emergency in arizona. plus we introduce you to this week's units rising above scholar. how her mother told her
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daily flooding is probably
6:41 am
a state of emergency declaration for part of arizona. heavy monsoon rains hit maricopa county and especially gilbert in. a woman died after she was swept along the river bottom. second victim was trapped in a car that was found upside down the flooding and shut down a state highway in both directions. the monsoon also caused the roof to caving with debris crashing onto a church in north phoenix. >> reporter: the pastor tells me the fire alarm went off around 10:00 last night when they got here, this is what they found. a massive hole in the ceiling. the roof completely caved in and take a look at the damage left behind. debris everywhere.
6:42 am
furniture thrown around, it goes to show you the strength of that monsoon storm late last night. >> when we solved the whole, it was just shocking. >> a sobering site at moon valley bible church. the senior pastorrry, ins place of worship destroyed. >> we saw water just pouring out of every door in the building. format the monsoon packing a punch in the valley last night. the church in north phoenix taking a massive hit. >> as far as we can tell, the rain came down so fast and hard that the roof just couldn't sustain it. >> reporter: the pastor says the church was filled with four inches of water. luckily, the room where the roof caved in was for storage and no one was inside. for that, pastor kerry is grateful. >> it doesn't keep us from bringing life to our community.
6:43 am
it is an inconvenience but thankfully no one was here and no one was hurt. >> reporter: the pastor says thankfully, the church is insured but it is unclear how long it will take to repair everything for now. service will be held virtually. that was emma lockhart reporting and the city of sturgis, michigan is under a state of emergency after a powerful storm damaged or destroyed 50 miles of powerline. check this out, one resident says her cat may have saved her life during the storm. she says she wanted to lay in bed a bit longer but her cat woke her up. five minutes later, a tree came crashing through her bedroom landing squarely in the middle of her bed. turning our attention to the forecast. i want to show you what the smoke looks like in the diablo valley. this is a camera looks out over
6:44 am
concord. it will put a time-lapse on and play the last 50 minutes because it does help at least show the hayes and sunrise which appears just as we get to the last minute or so. you can see the sun peek on the horizon in the distance. what is the air quality like today? it doesn't look all that good and that is the way it has been for the last few days. you can see that haze for sure. down at the ground level, where it matters the most, we've been doing okay. air-quality sensors showed moderate ratings for concord. i will come to that for a close up look at one second. here is the south bay. is moderate for san jose but it becomes good as you work your way up the peninsula and the east bay and certainly in the city. the concert will be the inland valleys of the east bay were the air quality is been the most of an issue over the last several weeks. today is moderate. at least for now it is moderate and that is the forecast looking ahead for today. as we look at the good air- quality ratings for the north by, here is the forecast for
6:45 am
today. moderate in general bay area wide and the bay area air quality district has is under age air-quality advisory through today. as a result of the smoke. if we look at future cast, watch the low-level smoke being read and the marine layer taking most of it in the onshore surge pushing most of that inland and away. it has to look wonderful because it does show we clear out the air from where we are. better air-quality coming for the next 36 hours. current temperatures now. in the low 60s. for most of the bay area is mid- 50s in the north bay and we have marine layer out there in addition to the hayes we were looking at it we could see the marine layer filling in most of the bay. sonoma looking at low clouds. morng and burns back to th coasby early afternoon. it is e rest of california with the exception of us and you can see the heat advisories extended through the central valley. heat warnings in the san joaquin valley and everywhere
6:46 am
you can see marine layer there was nothing on the map and as what has been insulating us from the heat. hottest july california has ever recorded since we started keeping records on things like that. except in the bay area, not the case because we've had a pretty strong onshore surge. daytime highs today only in the mid to upper 80s for much of the south bay. upper 90s for the inland valleys of the east bay today. temperatures back down into the low to mid 70s as we get into the bay proper in the numbers, again as you get into the inland valleys through marin and sonoma. 92 for santa rosa and low 100 for ukiah and lake port. seven-day forecast for san francisco, oakland and san jose. acetylcholine trim. most for san jose from the mid- 80s to the low 80s by the middle part of this week and for the inland valleys of the east bay, you see the change. from mondays, 99 to tuesday 89. same for the valleys of the north bay. monday 97 to tuesdays 88 and
6:47 am
that will stay in the mid-80s for much of the rest of the seven-day forecast. >> i like the cooler temperatures in san jose. i am going to hold you to it. >> it looks like a pretty good bad. those are pretty much average >> it was move in day for many students at the university of san francisco. yesterday it was far from a typical college dorm move in day. second-year students come to the campus for the first time. student ambassadors and residence hall staff were on hand to put all of the new students and most parents hope when their child goes to college, they will hear from them at least once in a while but for this week's units rising above scholar, calling home is a daily comfort for her and for her family. everyday erika santiago makes time to face time with her eldest child abigail. >> she is my support, my strength and my pride.
6:48 am
i am extremely proud of her because she has done things that other young peers may not have done. >> reporter: the connection, important to and mother and daughter who have been through so much. erika was just 20 years old, living in the united states on her own when abigail was born. desperate for help, the young mother brought her newborn daughter to mexico to live with family.while she returned to her job in the u.s.. >> i was about to turn eight when i first got here. >> reporter: abigail lived in mexico for the next seven years until erika was finally able to bring her home to california. at the time, abigail only spoke spanish. and the transition at school was tough. >> there was even a time where i remember saying i never want to go to school again. all these kids are making fun of the. i will never learn this language. there were times when i want to
6:49 am
give up. >> reporter: giving up was not an option. abigail's education, eric is top priority. i remember hugging her and telling her, you are going to b go ths beng her and said, okay. i'm going to do it. >> i started learning english. >> reporter: with erica support, abigail did just that and much more. within two years, she mastered english. by six grade, she made oakland unified school districts latino student honor roll and it was an achievement she held on to high school graduation. and now, she is a rising junior studying psychology at lehigh university in pennsylvania. >> i had no idea what it looks like. fulfilling her mother's dream. and never forgetting to call
6:50 am
home. >> any decision she has made and anything she has done, she does thinking about us first. and how it will benefit us. that is what makes us happy. >> reporter: for students rising above, i am elizabeth cook picture abigail is a fellow at lehigh university's admission office and she helps hopes to do graduate work at the college. to nominate a student, you can head to sra. still ahead, pups on parade in san diego. all of the furry friends who made an appearance this weekend. at that meet homelessness, housing, taxes, water, electricity, crime, wildfires. [sfx: bear roar] gavin, you've failed. we have to immediately cut taxes twenty-five percent.
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fix housing and homelessness. and make life in california affordable again. i'm a businessman, the only cpa running. shouldn't we choose ability this time? we must have a competent governor with management experience and outsider integrity. [sfx: bear roar] that describes only john cox. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ hey google, turn up the heat. ♪ ♪ ♪ receive a chargepoint home flex charger or a public charging credit. see your volvo retailer for details. i'm 53, but in my mind i'm still 35. to keep me movig it nourishes and strengthens
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dogs of all shapes, colors and personalities are on display in san diego. they are being shown and an event called meet the breeds. it is hosted by the american kennel club. local handlers are bringing current and former show dogs for the public to pet and to better understand what makes each breed distinct. the kennel club is touting the event as an opportunity for people to figure out what their next best friend will be. >> i didn't get to talk to some of the experts about what dog breeds are like. what it is like to live with the breeds and what their life is like and how much activity they need. it is a good place to find it what kind of dog you want to fit into your lifestyle. >> event organizer site there
6:54 am
is usually a breed that is a good fit for each type of potential owner. masks are required. a rare sight was spotted deep below the ocean surface off of the monterey bay. signed is for the monterey bay aquarium research institute captured this well fish gliding through the water. is a remarkable site given the elusive fish typically lives in the dark depths of the sea
6:55 am
6:56 am
time for a look at this morning's top stories. fans finally returned to levi stadium for the first time since the pandemic began. safety was increased with tickets and parking passes going digital and requiring muum. the chiefs come out on top 19- 60. the governor is campaigning this weekend to get california's divide no in the recall election. it is one month away. the ballot is filled with more than 40 names. the republican assembly is thinking about endorsing a single benefit candidate picture dozens of aftershocks are hitting haiti after yesterday's earthquake. it demolished one community and left more than 300 people dead. thousands hurt. it is the nation's largest quake since 2010. taliban fighters have entered the afghan capital of kabul and are waiting for a surrender of the central government. date sees speak of the provinces in the nation on
6:57 am
saturday. a 3rd dose of the covid-19 vaccine will be given in santa clara who have weakened immune systems. age and chronic conditions are not currently being considered for a 3rd dose. quite the comparison this morning between what the marine layer looks like in the city. that is the view from treasure island looking back from the skyline and now we check out the view from the hills above the inland valleys of the east bay. concord is out there in that haze. air quality will be moderate for the majority of the bay area. is the inland valleys of the east bay that we will notice that the most pure even at that air quality should remain moderate at worst. that does bring out an air quality advisory from the district for the bay area. seven-day forecast is a cooldown. go from the upper 90s and it will be hot for the inland valleys of the east bay and tomorrow but by tuesday a big improvement. thank you so much darren and thank you for joining us. cbs this morning which ain't poly is next tier on kpix 5.
6:58 am
enjoy the rest of your sunday. homelessness, housing, taxes, water, electricity, crime, wildfires. [sfx: bear roar] gavin, you've failed. we have to immediately cut taxes twenty-five percent. fix housing and homelessness. and make life in california affordable again. i'm a businessman, the only cpa running. shouldn't we choose ability this time?
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but it's really genesys that helps me understand people and what they truly need. captioning made possible by johnson & johnson, committed to improving health for ever, ♪ [trumpet] ♪ >> cowan: good morning. jane pauley is off this weekend. i'm lee cowan. and this is "sunday "sunday morning." california, the golden state, is in the throws of a fire season. fighting those fires often requires state-of-the-art technology, but finding them remains pretty much the way it has always
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