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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  August 13, 2021 1:37am-2:12am PDT

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now, proof of vaccination required for most indoor events.
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how it will all a work. the fda approved a additional dose of the vaccine. getting more people vaccinated how you can earn cash thout getting a shot. >> restaurants are getting hit with bogus lawsuits over parklets they needed to survive the pandemic. now, a live look from san francisco which will soon become the first major city in the country to require proof of full vaccination for most indoor activities like gyms, bars, restaurants. kpix5 has reaction to the order taking effect a week from tomorrow. >> reporter: the business owners we spoke to are all for the mandates and starting next week on august 20th as saob soon -- as
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people walk low the doors they will have to show vaccination. >> just knowing everyone is vaccinated will help everyone's comfort level. >> reporter: he supports what the mayor announced earlier today. saying the new rules are to slow the spread of covid-19 and to keep businesses open. >> we are not out of covid-19 we are still going through it. we are sick and tired of it but it is not sick and tired of us. >> reporter: people have the to show proof of vaccinations to go to restaurants, bars, clubs, theaters, entertainment venues and fitness centers and apply for indoor events where a cloud of 1,000 people or more. it will be up to each individual business to decide how to go about checking for proof of vaccination.
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>> if somebody wants to come in and sit the the bar or in our dining room area and have a dining room we will ask for vaccination. asking for picture id. they support it as well. it is important because we need to keep everyone safe. and need to be mindful. >> if customers are not vaccinated or do not want to show proof of vaccination they can not sit inside but they can still sit outside at parklets like these. in san francisco, back to you. san francisco's order goes one step further than new york city that required proof of one dose. >> tonight, the fda has approved an extra dose of the pfizer or moderna vaccines for people with weakened immune systems,
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it will apply to millions that have compromised immune systems. it fortunatt vaccinated with a chance of it mutated into another harmful variant come fall. kpix has more where there is a new incentive to get more shots into arms. about. >> reporter: we return to school we are seeing more covid- 19 cases among children, pediatrician i talked to tonight says it is not surprising considering the delta variant is more transmissible and kids are back into acting with other kids. she says vaccines remain the best protection against the disease and future variants. >> reporter: the more the virus has chances to replicate we
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are to see variants emerge. just a matter of time. >> reporter: contributing to the uptick in liberty union district has seen roughly 50 cases so far since school opened at the end of july. eastern coco county has lower rates at about 60-70% compared to rates hovering around 90% elsewhere. stanford children's health says vaccination rates matter. >> it is incredibly helpful from the community because the higher number of patients protected in the community the less transmission we are seeing in cni>> rorter: to lower rates in the eastern contra costa county the county is offering another incentive program. the helping hands referral program is handing out $100 for every nonvaccinated person you refer to get the shot. >> take advantage of this unique opportunity. get your friends and family
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members vaccinated and protect your community and get paid while you do it. >> reporter: counties across the bay area make a push, studies are still being done on the safety of vaccines for those under 12. >> we hope later this fall we will start to hear some information about when it might be available. but, again, you know, as we are bringing kids back into school i think, masks in schools for us are going to be the main way we can do this. >> reporter: do doctors really know where kids are getting infected? how it is happening? >> reporter: public health officials are noticing a lot of the cases are coming from outside of the school. they also say a lot of the students that get infected will mirror the positivity rate in the community, ken? >> all right, thank you. live look outside right now, air quality could be a concern for parts of area
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tomorrow after hazy skies in the north bay today. >> our chief meteorologist taking a look at what to expect heading into the weekend. >> reporter: more hazy skies over head the next couple of days. the haziness above ground level. the smoke is remaining in the atmosphere. ground level atmosphere is fine. a lot of green dots on the map now. heading through the next couple of days, the forecast does not show surface smoke making its way into the north bay and inland into the east bay. tomorrow afternoon, a few spots in the higher north bay. it will be confined to those very highest spots. same thing on saturday. same trouble spots. the worst air quality will be in the moderate category, no spare the air alerts, most of us uneffected by it but you will notice the haze but not the bright skies clean up the atmosphere. tell happen as we head into next week. we will take a look at that
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coming up in a few minutes. new at 11:00, struggling businesses hit with lawsuits they insist are bogus. the man files the suits a california attorney wee to the tonight. >> reporter: this restaurant, one of many balances along the peninsula slapped with an americans against disability lawsuit by a plan who business owners believe never visited them in the first place. >> we just came out on the other end. >> reporter: after likely the most difficult year since opening in 2005, tony says the restaurant survived the pandemic's lockdown. >> got crashed by this thing and we don't know what to do. >> reporter: to be hit with another financial blow. a lawsuit filed by scott johnson. >> all of our neighboring businesses were hit at the same time. >> i got four letters from competing defense attorneys that is how i
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found out that i had a lawsuit. >> reporter: one of the thrant now being sued. they say johnson is suing dozens of businesses for their outdoor parklets built during the pandemic. >> it is all vague, very vague and very similar throughout a lot of the lawsuits. >> reporter: th says johnson visited the restaurant twice which lacked quote sufficient knee or toe clearance under the out side dining services for whole chair users. >> none of our staff recognize this person. we look at pictures, he is a recognizable guy. >> reporter: tony and stephanie claim johnson never physically came to their establishments. >> in our case. he sent other people who took pictures and the lawsuit says that he intends to come back once we have things, you know, compliant and no, i don't believe he intends to come back. >> reporter: they estimate it will cost them $15,000 to settle. money, they say, they need as they try to
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get back on their feetduring a pandemic. has been tough enoug small businesses especially restaurants. just want to figure a better way out. >> reporter: johnson is behind six dozen other lawsuits filed against the businesses this year alone. tony and stephanie say they are looking for a lawyer that wants to fight their lawsuits. kpix5. tomorrow, governor newsom will make a stop in san francisco to begin what he is calling a weekend of action aimed at encouraging californians to vote no on the recall. earlier today the republican front-runner in the race to unseat the governor was in san jose. several hundred people on hand as larry elder blasted him on homelessness to the pandemic. he promised to repeal statewide mask and vaccine mabecomes governor. the father of britney
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spears will step down from her conservatorship. what comes next. tonight, a northern california teacher recovering by a sudden attack by a parent on the first day of school. what sparked the violence. the major victory for bay area mcdonald's employees who say they were given dog diapers to wear as face masks.
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big victory for britney spears tonight, after a year's long battle her father said he will step down from her conservatorship. >> reporter: pop star britney spears has a reason to celebrate after her father jamie just agreed to no longer be conservator of her estate following a month's long court battle and pressure from fans and supporters. >> hearing something like that is very exciting but i have learned throughout the years not to get ahead of myself. >> reporter: she is part of the free britney spears movement. in recent months dozens of people showed up at l.a. county superior court to rally for her. oing her $60 million estate for more than a
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decade. on thursday, jamie spears lawyer filed legal documents saying there are no grounds for suspending or removing mr. spears and highly debatable if a change in conservator would be in her best interest. the pop star's attorney wrote in a statement, it is vindication for britney spears, we look forward to continuing our investigation into the conduct of mr. spears and others over the past 13 years while he reaped millions from his daughter's estate. i look forward to taking mr. spear's sworn deposition in the near future. during a hearing last month she wanted to press charges against her father for conservator abuse and called the arrangements cruelty. the victory is a small step towards her true independence. >> it is important we are following those and not saying something like she is free because it will not be true until show has control back. >> in the court filing jamie
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spears said he would co-operate with the transition but not give a time. new at 11:00, northern california father accused of attacking a 6th grade teacher over the school's face mask policy. it happye parent was picking up his daughter from sutter creek elementary school. the police say that da upset that his daughter had to wear a face mask and confronted the principal. that is when the teacher tried to intervene and the parent attacked. he was sent to the hospital with cuts and bruises to his face and his head. mcdonald's in oakland settled a lawsuit alleging dog diapers were given to staff as face masks. a covid-19 outbreak sickened 25 people. workers gained international notoriety after saying managers told them to wear coffee filters and dog diapers instead of ppe.
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in a first of its kind settlement the store will create a worker safety committee that will meet with management each month to make sure proper safety precautions near place. new at 11:00, itale t right now it may have set all-time records for europe. the authorities say the island of sicily topped 48 degrees, that is nearly 120 degrees fahrenheit. a heat wave around the mediterranean contributed to some of the worst fires in europe and north africa in years. back here in the u.s. half of all-americans are facing dangerous heat. officials say 130 million people are under heat advisories with nearly 58 million under excessive heat warnings. now to our fire watch, families will finally be allowed to return home tomorrow. cal fire says some evacuation orders will
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be downgraded to warnings in the morning. the dixie fire has burned half a million acres. the authorities say that more than 1,000 homes and buildings have been destroyed. tonight the fire is 30% contained. checking in with paul right now. we are experiencing high heat but not extremely high. >> not for us. it will set records farther to the north. seattle and portland cooking again. we will heat up as we head into the weekend, too. mere on that in a second. the heat -- more on that in a second. seattle will be close to 100 degrees, portland above 100 degrees, we are watching a glob tropim kevito ourselves. veto watch that heading in our direction heading into a lightning threat. it will slide up the coast to be avoided. passing clouds tomorrow and early on saturday. the heat will build for inland portions of
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the area. as everything circulates around that high, the onshore breeze will return by sunday and monday. especially farther up in the atmosphere. air quality, improving, not that bad tomorrow. not going to tip into the up healthy category just kind of, it is not good but it is not that bad either. should be improving heading through the weekend. the north bay will take longer to get rid of the smoke and the skies over head. just because you are closer to the fires in northern california. looking outside, not smoke, fog at this level the haze is up. the fog will try to spill into the inland valleys heading into tomorrow morning, inland visibility improving by 9:00, 10:00, not obstructed. around the bay, taking longer issue the sun will breakthrough and temperatures warming up to just about normal. near normal for this time of the year. middle to upper 50s and 60s by early friday morning, friday afternoon, lower 60s along the coast. mix of the 70s and the 80s, the
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high temperatures are where we are today, up to 88 degrees in san jose. hotter in the inland area, up to 93 degrees for morgan hill. the temperatures in the upper 80s and 90s. the hot spots, farther east. hot, not that hot. not yet. middle 90s for fairfield, antioch and brentwood. upper 60s and 70s for the east bay. the temperatures in the north bay, mostly in the middle portion ever the 80s until you head farther north it will still be hot for late county friday afternoon. everybody warms up this weekend just a matter of how much. 70 degrees in the city. it is a few degrees above normal. upper 70s for oakland in the east bay and upper 80s for san jose. trending towards hot. not as hot in the east bay. topping out at 90 degrees saturday and sunday. high temperatures inland in the east bay. widespread in the upper 90s with a few spots topping 100 degrees. it is a brief heat wave. the temperatures return to
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normal heading through the week. look who is back and rested and looking good, vern? straight ahead, giants and a's put up 24 wins combined. r ketoitwahaesime of sos in the bi leagues. look at there picture and a reminder, kpix5 has you covered on all platforms as the kids go back to school you can find out information about the reopening plans in your district and expert answers to all of your questions about covid-19 and the
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horror movie classics coming out of cornfields there was reborn tonight. [music] people will come, people will m come. >> actor kevin kostner came.
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look at the cornfield. the star of the 1989 classic "field of dreams" yankees and white sox came out of the cornfields to play. the first mlb game in iowa. picking it up, bottom 3rd. now, into the corn into right field. it sounds weird when it comes out of my mouth. they held a 7-69th inning league and then staton. looks as if the yankees had magic. 8-7 lead. like a hollywood ending, tim anderson, bottom 9th, walk off, 2-run homer ended things in iowa. the white sox won it final of 9- 8. meantime, giants, second straight night hosting a division foe and tore them apart. logan webb struck out 8 colorado rockies in 6 innings of shutout ball.
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bottom 4th, bases loaded. what a shot, missed a grand slam by inches, increased the lead 4-0. big inning for the g-men. lamont, lamonth junior. that took it. a 3-run homer to the deepest part of the oracle. the giants won it 7-0. with a dodger loss increase to 5 games. their record is 74 and 41. meantime, a's pitcher, cleveland native, felt right at home with the indians, got run support. sterling, in the 4th inning, getting through. that scored the a's 5th run. following him, it was mitch providing power with his 9th homer. throwing 6 innings of shutout ball. in fact, the a's bagels these
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guys for the 7th straight win. a largest shutout win in franchise history. the a's just 1 1/2 games out of the west lead behind the astros. nfl, dramatic shot of the quarterback, tray lance, he will be at full speed when they host the chiefs. according to the coach he will come off of the bench after the opening drive and direct the offense for the rest of the 1st half and possibly part of the 3rd quarter. 5:30 p.m. kick off. because i know you wanted to know about this, leonard put pen to paper officially resigning with the l.a. clippers 4 years and $176 million. >> wow! >> chew on that one. >> that would buy a lot of shoes. >> thank you, vern. annual tradition earns to the south bay in just a few hours, what is different
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taking ozempic® with a sulfonylurea or insulin may increase low blood sugar risk. side effects like nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea may lead to dehydration, which may worsen kidney problems. looking to get back in your type 2 diabetes zone? ask your health care provider today about once-weekly ozempic®. oh, oh, oh, ozempic®! you may pay as little as $25 for a 3-month prescription. south bay favorite returns after a year off due to the pandemic. >> the jazz festival starts tomorrow. the three day event will feature 45 different artists performing on three outdoor stages and three indoor venues. all the attendees are required to show proof of vaccination or a negative covid-19 test. >> we'll be right back.
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