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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  August 12, 2021 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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will split duties. for more news, it's thursday, august 12th, 2021. this is the cbs morning news. covid in the classroom. outbreaks are forcing students back home once again, as the fight continues over mask mandates. brutal heat, extreme weather is baking both coasts of the u.s. how long the scorching temperatures will last. culture change. the next governor of new york is promising reform. how she is already distancing herself from the embattled governor andrew cuomo. good morning. good to be with you. i'm ann marie green. new protection is on the way for
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americans vulnerable to the coronavirus. the fda is expected to announce today that people with weak immune systems will be allowed to get a third vaccine shot.y io amend its emergency use authorizations for the pfizer and moderna vaccines. the move would benefit just under 3% of adults who may not have enough protection from the two doses. meantime, california has become the first state to require all staff to show proof that they are fully vaccinated or take weekly covid tests. the order applies to teachers, custodians, bus drivers and others working in the k-12 system. bradley blackburn is in new york tracking the very latest for us, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. in many parts of the country kids are now back in classrooms in many places without mask requirements, and the problems have started already. just days into the school year, students are being sent home due to coronavirus outbreaks.
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>> she instantly started crying her lilies out. it's sad. >> reporter: eden lucas had just std ki started kindergarten in brown county, indiana. they hope to bring kids home back next week and require masks. in cobb county, georgia, it took only mean days bnine days befor sent home. at least four georgia school districts have stopped in-person classes. some parents say there need to be safety measures in place when kids return. >> you need to bring back the similar protocol we had last semester. there were barriers. the kids had masks. >> reporter: across the country debate around mask mandates have become heated. >> if you vote for this, we will come for you in a non-violent
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way. >> reporter: more than 1600 children were admitted to hospitals last week, nearly four times as many as the first week of july. >> not just the one patient but the parents are positive, all the siblings are positive. >> reporter: to help prevent those types of family outbreaks, california became the first state to require all teachers to show proof of vaccination or take regular covid-19 tests. now republican governors in several states have tried to stop schools from using their own mask mandates, but the list of districts defying those orders continues to grow, too. >> not surprising. bradley blackburn in new york. thank you very much. the cdc is urging pregnant women to get vaccinated against covid, citing new safety data. the agency says there's no increased risk to the baby or miscarriage among people who received pfizer, moderna or johnson & johnson shots. according to cdc data, only 23%
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of pregnant women have received at least one vaccine dose. lch and ahead on cbs this morning we will talk with dr. anthony fauci about pregnant women getting a covid-19 shot ileo extreme ll adults heat alerts as two heat waves bake the u.s. people are packing cooling centers in portland, oregon amid a dangerous heat wave. temperatures could reach as high as 111 in western oregon this week. oppress ever weather is also being felt on the east coast. new york city is under excessive heat alerts through tomorrow with the heat index expected to climb into the triple digits. are you looking forward to three days of feels-like temps above 100? >> no, not really, because i can't take the baby out really too much. >> it's tough. it's hot. it's tough for my dog.
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>> temperatures are expected to cool down saturday. meantime, tropical storm fred has weakened to a tropical depression, potentially making landfall over the florida keys. up to eight inches of rain could fall in some ariaseas by monday. the storm has are will lashed haiti and dominican republic with rain and gusty winds. the next governor of new york is speaking out in the wake of the sexual harassment scandal around andrew cuomo. kathy hochul introduced herself to the nation yesterday saying she's ready to enforce some change. jericka duncan reports. >> in 13 days, i will officially become the 57th governor of the state of new york. >> reporter: new york's lieutenant governor kathy hochul announced she's ready to lead. >> i will fight like hell for you every single day. >> reporter: she's stepping up
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as the state's first female governor once the current governor, andrew cuomo steps down at the end of this month. >> no one will everything describe my administration as a toxic work environment. >> reporter: governor cuomo made his bombshell announcement to resignle resign following a state attorney general report. >> the best way i can help now is if i step aside. >> reporter: do you think there's a culture of sexual harassment ram pant within the workplace? >> i want them to know with me in charge, they better watch t you know, don't you dare think that you can make any woman or any individual feel uncomfortable in the workplace. >> reporter: as a former county clerk and congresswoman, hoefkle is not used to being in the spotlight like cuomo, who kept her out his inner circle in his nearly seven years as number two. >> i think it's very clear that the governor and very not been close. physically or otherwise, in
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terms of much time. >> reporter: hochul was not mentioned in the a.g. report that accuses close staffers like top aide melissa derosa of working to discredit add least one of his accusers. >> no one who's named as doing anything unethical in my report will remain in my administration. >> reporter: for the soon-to-be new governor her title isn't the only thing changing. >> i've always viewed myself as someone behind the scenes. but i decided i have to get in the arena. i have to get in there and fight. >> reporter: cuomo still faces several criminal investigations and possible civil lawsuits. on monday, a judiciary committee will meet here to discuss impeachment. jericka duncan, albany new york. coming up, deep impact. the chance that an asteroid will collide with earth has gotten higher. and later, field of dreams. two major league baseball teams will square off tonight in a special stadium inspired by the
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osteo bi-flex, plus vitamin d for immune support. a jury has been a jury has been selected in r. kelly's sex trafficking case. he will face a panel made up of five women and seven men. dozens of potential jurors were screened. he was arrested in 2019 and charged with abusing women and girls for nearly two decades. well, the chance of an asteroid hitting earth has just gone up, and high school coaches face murder charges. those are some of the headlines on the morning newsstand. the atlanta journal constitution reports two atlanta-area high school coaches have been charged with murder after a teenager died of heatstroke. they were indicted on second degree murder, cruelty to children and involuntary plan
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slaughter. amane bell collapsed during outdoor conditioning drills at elite scholars academy. the heat index at the time was in the triple digits. her father watched er doctors revive his daughter twice. >> the body was so hot it went right back into cardiac arrest. >> reporter: you actually watched your daughter die? >> yes, i was in the room, that was a memory i'll never forget. >> the county has warned of extreme heat before those conditioning drills took place, saying no sports or clubs should be outside. the "new york times" said the judge ruled accountants must give house democrats some of former president trump's financial data. the ruling means congress can get mr. trump's tax and financial reports while he was in office. they are not entitled to any financial information before he entered the white house. the legal fight grew out of mr. trump's refusal to make his tax returns public when he ran for president and once he was in office. and the associated press
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reports there's a higher but slim chance an asteroid could slam into earth. the asteroid has a one in 1,750 chance of smacking into earth between now and the year 203s a calculations of the asteroid's trajectory. and the odds are worse than nasa previously thought. still, researchers are not worried, saying the impact probability went up a bit, but it's not a major change. still ahead, a more-diverse america. new census information shows minority populations growing. what that means for minorvoting tricks. ody who's had it. your uncle had shingles. you mean that nasty red rash? and donna next door had it for weeks. yeah, but there's nothing you can do about it. camera man: actually, shingles can be prevented. shingles can be whaaaat? camera man: prevented. you can get vaccinated. baby, call the doctor. camera man: hey! you can also get it from your pharmacist!
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toymaker mattel is celebrating elvis week with a collectible elvis presley barbie doll dressed in the american eagle jump suit featuring rhinestones and a red scarf. the king of rock 'n roll wore the outfit during several concert appearances. elvis week is currently under way and runs through next tuesday. on money watch, the census shows the country is quickly diversifying. and hackers who stole millions in digital coins have second thoughts. diane king hall is at the new york stock exchange with those stories and more. >> reporter: good morning. stock futures are pointing to a mostly flat open as inflation reports were shrugged off. the ds&p added ten points. new data from the acceptcensus will be released today it will
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show that the u.s. is diversifying at the fastest rate in history. the report, which was delayed several months because of the coronavirus will help redraw congressional and legislative districts. the pandemic is sending dark clouds over the airline industry once again. southwest offered a gloomy outlook, saying it probably won't turn a profit in the third quarter, as covid cases surge nationwide. the air carrier announced yesterday it made money in july, but with the pandemic worsening again, it's lowering expectations. last week, frontier airline blamed the virus for a decline in bookings. and some hackers apparently had a change of heart after pulling off a major cryptocurrency heist. they stole an estimated $611 million in dimmgital coins from poly network. the finance website made a plea on twitter asking to return the
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money belonging to thousands of crypto community members. 260 million was returned as of last night. the rest is still missing. anmarie? >> all rig, diane king hall at the new york stock exchange, thank you so much, diane. >> you got it. up next, a daily double. we will tell you the two hosts who will be taking over the popular game show, "jeopardy."
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. if you build it, they will come. >> that's an iconic scene from eov "f dreams" starring kevin costner. now a real game will be played in that yankees and white sox will face off right next to the actual cornfield maintained as a tourist attraction. fans will enter the stadium
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thr through a maze in the fields. >> one of my favorite memories was driving down that driveway for the first time and seeing that field that i had read about in the book. today here's another field that's equally magical and spectacular. and i had that same kind of fresh feeling, like i was walking through the corn and going, i can't believe i'm here. >> this is the first mlb game that iowa has ever hosted. first pitch is at 7:15 eastern. "jeopardy" finally has the answer that fans have been waiting for. there will now be two hosts for the popular quiz show. mike richards, whos what the show's executive director will take over daily hosting duties, and actress mayim bialik will host the specials and spinoff series. it follows an eight-molament fo
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death of alex trebek. dolly parton is proving she can do it all. she has teamed up with james patterson for "run, rose, run." it will be released next march along with a companion album of music from parton. coming up on cbs this morning, kevin costner joins us from the field of dreams ballpark in iowa, i'm ann marie green. this is the cbs morning news.
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our top stories this morning, the fda today is expected to amend the emergency use authorizations for the pfizer and moderna vabccines to allow those with weak immune systems to get a third shot. and 175 million people across the nation are under extreme heat alerts. people are packing cooling centers in port land, oregon amid a dangerous heat wave in the northwest. and oppressive weather is being felt on the east coast. new york's heat index is expected to climb through the
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triple digits tomorrow. the cost of living is on the rise. consumer prices jumped 5.4% in july from a year earlier. carter evans reports on how it's affecting us all. >> it's been fun planning. >> reporter: karen is finally getting married after a year of deays. how much more is it costing you? >> at least $10,000 more. i mean, a wedding that costs 20 is now $30,000. >> reporter: she's paying top dollar from everything from flowers to catering and her wedding dress. her experience mirrors today's consumer price index, which shows the cost for women's dresses was up almost 20% in july. >> this inflation is impacting across the board. >> reporter: manufacturers are still recovering from shut downs that affected supply chains.
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and now stimulus checks are driving demand for just about everything. >> people are buying more and more. >> reporter: and you have people with money in their pockets, so they're willing to spend more. >> absolutely. that creates this perfect storm. >> reporter: travel costs are soaring. hotels up 24%. airfare up 19% and gas prices up almost 42%. at the supermarket there's also still plenty of sticker shock. and now the delta vavts could slow the recovery, keeping some prices high. >> that's probably one of the biggest lurking variables i'd be concerned with. if we don't have control over that, it could be another year, year and a half. >> reporter: another reason karen is ready to get her "i dos" over with for richer or poorer. >> i have to bite the bullet. >> reporter: you may have noticed prices rising at restaurants, as well. another issue is the labor shortage. restaurants are paying a lot
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more to hire waiters and kitchen staff and passing the cost on to us. carter evans, cbs news, los angeles. comi earth series. we'll see how drones are used to track hurricanes, and we'll talk with allyson felix and kevin costner. that's cbs morning news for this thursday, thanks for watching. i'm ann marie green. have a great day. you may think they look like sai sailboats.
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