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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  August 12, 2021 1:37am-2:12am PDT

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y4g2ey yi0y now at 11:00, breaking news, a juvenile shot in santa clara county today has now died. what w learis
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air quality could issue tomorrow with wildfire smoke drifting our way. what to expect in your neighborhood. one bay area university is implementing some of the strictest covid particles in the country. tonight, why one doctor is comparing the situation in santa clara county to the water crisis in flint michigan. good evening, i'm ken bastida. >> and i'm elizabeth cook. a juvenile shot in san jose today has now died. elise announcing the boy's death within the last hour. he was shot at littlewood lane and many deluca avenue. just east of 680, no word on what led up to the shooting and so far no arrests. now at 11:00 and streaming on cbsn bay area, a live look outside . the fog is hanging around the bay and that could
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be missed with some smoke. >> is this going to be like what we saw last friday? it doesn't look like it will b atmosphere overall will have plenty of smoke but this particular map shows the smoke throughout the whole depth of the atmosphere. we want to focus on just the service mode because that is what affects air quality. there will be some surface level smoke sneaking down toward the east bay and it looks like the north bay and east bay will be the trouble spots. but it's just dipping into the moderate category. and things will improve as we had through the weekend. keep in mind, we could easily dip into the unhealthy for sensitive groups category, so if you know someone who has lung issues, we want to make sure they are staying aware of
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the air quality. also tr lightning threat. the dixie fire has scorched over half 1 million acres or more than 780 square miles, a little less than the size of alameda county. it is the largest single fire in california history. crews were able to get containment to 30% in the last few hours. on the day the tens of thousands of students return to the classroom, california became the first state in the country to issue vaccine orders for educators in public and private schools. all school staff must provide proof of vaccination or submit to weekly testing. schools have until october 15th to be in compliance. some local parents told kpix that they are on board . >> i'm just super excited and super happy, hoping this is just a little bump in the road.
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>> when we are dealing with our children we have to do things that we are not comfortable doing in the first place. >> according to the california teachers association, it is one of the largest unions in the state, about 90% of their educators are already vaccinated. kpix 5 has you covered on all platforms as kids go back to school . tomorrow morning we will go one-on-one with the santa clara county sheriff as children return. you won't want to miss our exclusive live interview tomorrow morning beginning at 4:30. stanford is taking it one step closer when it comes to protecting students and staff and they will have some of the rigorous covid safety measures of any campus in the country. katie nielsen is live on the stanford campus this evening to explain what is changing. >> reporter: according to an
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email sent out to stanford students earlier today, all students, regardless of whether they are vaccinated or not, will have to take a covid test every week. it is one of the first universities in the country to require that level of testing. these incoming juniors are soaking up the last bits of summer out in the oval. excited for all students to be coming back into the classroom. >> we are willing to do whatever it takes to be in person. if it's once a week, then we will do it. >> reporter: stanford announced that all students must be vaccinated to attend classes this fall. a few months later all california's major university systems announced a similar policy. but with increases in cases in the delta variant, some students they simply requiring the vaccine is not enough. >> a month ago we were getting emails that a lot of students that were fully vaccinated for getting covid. >> reporter: on july 19th eight
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dropped their testing requirement for those who provided proof of vaccination. in three days later they announced seven breakthrough cases of covid in vaccinated students. today the testing policy was updated again with the announcement that weekly testing is required for all students living on campus, living in university provided housing or coming to campus, regardless of vaccination status. >> i think it is a great step. i'm really happy they are doing it. >> is very cumbersome, i will admit, but i know that it's necessary for it to be on campus. >> so what is the timeline for these new testing requirements? >> reporter: stanford university undergrad students are coming back to class. their first day is timber 20th. so that is still a little ways off. but, for anyone who will be spending time on campus after this sunday, they will have to test weekly, regardless if whether they are vaccinated or
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not. tonight the cdc is predicting that covid-19 deaths and hospitalizations will jump over the next four weeks. the nation is now averaging over 113,000 new coronavirus infections per day. just one month ago there were fewer than 22,000 a day. upwards of 90% of u.s. residents are also living in areas with a high or substantial risk of community transmission. a month ago that was just 19%. and unsettling comparison tonight at a community meeting for a east to san jose neighborhood concerned about read hillview airport. a recently released study says there is a direct link between the fuel used at the airport and lead poisoning of young children. andrea nakano was at the airport with what was revealed. >> reporter: the lead dr. of the study presented the results and answered many questions tonight. he equates what is going on
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with what a water crisis in flint michigan. but in some cases he points out that it's even worse. roughly 170,000 piston engine aircraft fly in and out of the airport every year. according to the recently conducted lead study, those planes use tens of millions of gallons of fuel. and while the flint water crisis last about a year and half, lead dr. conducting the study says that the e san jose neighborhood has been exposed to lead for years. >> the release of lead into the environment is continuous, nonstop. a daily unabated flow of an undeniable harmful toxin. >> reporter: the study connect collected blood levels for more than 17,000 kids living within a mile and a half from the airport. it found the children closest
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to the airport, especially those living to the east tested 25% higher. the study continued through the pandemic as air traffic dropped up to 40%. and during that time blood levels dropped as well. >> it endangers the lives of people who live around the airport, especially children. this is one of the most thorough and conclusive reports i've read in my career. >> we live really close to that airport and i'm concerned now. >> reporter: manwell diaz lives directly east of the air airport and wonders how it could be impacting his children. they say unleaded fuel is being phased out and hopes the airport will stay open. >> we can utilize unleaded fuel for up to 90% of the fleet. >> reporter: tonight is just a community meeting and there will be another one tomorrow. no action was taken but this
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will be on the santa clara county supervisors agenda for next tuesday. and that is where they might consider closing the airport. still ahead tonight, a frantic effort to find a bay area woman whose friendly attitude toward coyotes is putting others in danger. a california community now threatened by flames for the third time in just a year. the new wildfire that is forcing evacuations tonight. why overworked firefighters in california could get some desperately needed help.
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some new video tonight out of turkey shows cars that got washed down the street, homes destroyed as severe flooding and mudslides hit the northern region of the black sea. one woman is dead and at least 13 others missing. nearly 300 villages are without power tonight and heavy rain is expected to continue throughout the area tomorrow. in the bay area animal control in san francisco is pleading with people to not feed the wildlife. there are signs everywhere but it does not seem to stop one
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woman. a remarkable photo shows her sitting with a plate of meat just feet away from a coyote. animal control is trying to identify her so they can talk to her. a man who confronted the woman says the coyotes are her "babies". >> i've seen a lot of people feeding the coyotes. there are a lot of people that sympathized with them. so they feed them all sorts of treats. >> it is believed that the same woman may be feeding coyotes and other city parks. some big-name companies will pay a hefty fine for laming that there dog waste bags are eco-friendly. two we will pay $600,000, petco, 375,000, pet smart, half 1 million and target, 300,000. >> the alameda county district attorney says this was a case
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of greenwashing. >> where companies mislead customers into believing the products are environmentally friendly. firefighters facing huge staffing shortages could get reinforcements. the infrastructure package aching its way through congress could get wildland firefighters a big raise, $20,000 a year or 20 50%, whatever is less. for now to make as little as $13.45 an hour. that has caused big problems attracting and retaining firefighters. on the fire watch tonight, a new wildfire is forcing mandatory evacuations after erupting in yuba county this afternoon. the so-called glenn fire has torched 275 acres, only 10% containment. the flames quickly burned through dry brush, and our
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reporter is in yuba county with the firefight that is just beginning. >> reporter: the fire crews wind their way through rural roads onto the front lines of the glenn fire. a say this is the third time in the last year that this rural area near brownsville has based threats from flames. >> my neighbor woke me up, packed up my stuff and got the heck out of there. >> reporter: david mcqueen found himself and his home surrounded by fire suddenly. david says at least one of his neighbors lost their home. we talked to him as he was waiting to hear more about his. the crews are working in extremely dense terrain and there is really only one road in and out of the evacuation area and firefighters are dealing with hotspot i keep climbing into the hills and are very hard to reach. >> it is dry, rugged, rocky. there are very few flat spots.
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>> reporter: john hunt lives in the area and says fires have gotten so common that he keeps his car packed and ready to go for evacuations. >> it's just getting worse and worse and worse. >> reporter: neighbors described the front lines as a small community that watches out for each other. david says his neighbors came out to help fight it. >> we've got a good generator, got the big hose out, started chasing hotspots. >> some orders were lifted this evening but many remain under evacuation, that includes the communis of frenchtown, challenge and parts of the brownsville area. one challenge that many firefighters are facing, unfamiliar terrain. crews have been on the frontlines of the dixie fire and some have never dealt with the kinds of trees burning in the forest.
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>> the one thing we don't have are those big, pointy trees. we get trained in it but until you get a sense of the ground, you don't know what to expect. >> the big pointy trees are the ones that make those big fires. >> paul, you've been talking about the threat of dried lightning, how is that looking? >> debtor, we are not out of the woods but we are looking at the clouds trying to drop a few showers. this is the satellite loop, you can see approaching the area. all of these showers, the moisture is evaporating before it reaches the ground. we will take you through the rest of it tonight and most of tomorrow. it does show a couple of showers tonit into rrt ey are so light on r, thare very low odds that they will grow into full- fledged thunderstorms. if they're not thunderstorms they are not producing
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lightning. so it is not a 0% threat, we will keep an eye on the radar for the rest of the night but things are looking pretty good. clouds will continue passing through into early afternoon and then it will just be that hazy sunshine with the smoke we talked about. the clouds passing through means that that viewing conditions will be that great for the meteor shower. if you can catch a break in the clouds, look to the northeast between midnight and 4:00 in the morning. 30-50 shooting stars an hour. that is a lot of if's. you will not be able to do that in san francisco. plenty of thought, still 72 degrees in concord, but inland temperatures are starting to back off. high temperatures tomorrow are going to be at least close to normal for this time of the
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year. low 60s it for the coast, and temperatures mostly in the low to mid 80s in the santa clara valley. but as you go farther inland it gets hotter. with temperatures in the upper 80s and low 90s and the tri- valley. with the hotspots in solano and contra costa counties. temperatures around the bay almost exactly average. low to mid 70s for the east bay and temperatures in the north bay, warm but not quite hot just yet. temperatures mostly reaching the middle portion of the 80s. farther north temperatures will be hot. 102 in ukiah and 103 in clearlake. everyone else gets a taste of the hot weather as we head into the weekend. the warmest days will be saturday and sunday, but that will mean 70 for san francisco and upper 70s for oakland and the east bay. mid 80s for san jose and upper
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90s for the upper east bay in high temperatures in the north bay will reach around 90 degrees. but it is a brief little heat wave, back to near average temperatures as we head through the rest of next week. next in sports we are setting the scene for the most unique game in mlb history. plus, a little home run party never hurt anybody. the giants had a little derby at oracle tonight. the highlights when we return. when the pandemic had, play dates stopped. >> we couldn't go to any playgrounds. >> now vaccinated parents are scrambling to teach their toddlers the valuable life lessons they missed in quarantine. >> she just loves it, she is so enthusiastic. how this baby jim is helping them socialize safely. that is tomorrow on the kpix 5
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the deck has been shuffled all year for the giants. it is one man in, one man out for san francisco, they just don't miss a beat. johnny cueto was placed on the 10 day injury list and dave kepler is hopeful that johnny will only miss a start or two. i stay at the office for kevin gausman. five innings, one earned run and how about a pair of hits including this rbi single, that gives the giants a 2-1 lead. third inning we go, buster posey, cf, that is home the sea the giants left the park four times, and boopsie daisy, that was an assist from marte. the giants win 7-2. and sweep the short two game series from the steaks. ranking montas went six innidoe him using him as a pillow.
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sending it on a ride and we are tight. still in the eighth, jed lowrie, forget about it. the slider was crushed. that is a three run rainbow shot and he has the leaks second highest average runners in scoring position. a's win their sixth straight, 6- 3. for the first time a major league baseball will be played in the state of iowa tomorrow. it is iowa indeed, if you build it they will come. the white sox and the yankees will suit up in vintage uniforms in the field of dreams. in the movie kevin costner's character built the diamond out of the cornfields and that mlb re-created the scene adjacent m
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the population of dyersville, how about 4000, 8000 will be in the stands will be there to watch what should be a really good game. >> went through an did my own feeling, and there is about 100% chance i want to get lost in the maze. i need to have a flag or something like that. >> the look of it, the taste of it, the smell of it. draymond green, fourth quarter, called gary payton, the second hammer. 13 points and five assists, they win 90-84. that is your look at sports tonight. and we are playabout that? >> that is cool. it doesn't look like much right now but it will cost you a whole lot.
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the east bay tear down that is going for an
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w at togo's. all right, would you pay over $800,000 for burned out teardown building? >> well in one east bay neighborhood, this house is a hot commodity. check it out. it just hit the market in
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walnut creek for $875,000 and reports say offers are pouring in. >> even the roof collapsed by potential buyers don't seem to care. the realtor tells sf gate that it's expected to sell well above that $875,000
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the late show with stephen colbert is next. >> thanks for watching. the news continues streaming on cbsn bay area. have a good night. (male announcer) the following is a paid program for crepe erase, america's #1 selling anti-aging body treatment system for dry, crepey skin. and now it's even better. crepe erase advanced is clinically shown to reduce the look of crepey skin, sponsored by body firm, body first skincare,
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