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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  August 10, 2021 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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or, ask how to get a prepaid card with other internet offers. call today. now at 11:00, breaking news. another major bay area school district will require vaccines for teachers. the announcement came within the last two hours. a criminal justice professor from the bay area accused of starting multiple fires in the dixie fire burn zone. the high-tech investigation that led to his arrest. a southbay family is holding out hope that their puppies will be returned after they were allegedly stolen by gang members. you are fearful that people i want the revenue to come to the napa valley. >> the bottle rocket festival forced to find a new headliner. to date, the concern
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surrounding the northbay event. we begin with breaking news, live look from oakland where all ousd teachers and staff will have to be vaccinated or take weekly covid tests, according to the oakland association. all students return to the classroom yesterday. it taking a live look at san francisco where the school district is also requiring staff to get vaccinated. san francisco unified aching that announcement today. betty yu explains that the announcement comes just days before thousands of students head back to the classroom. >> reporter: that's right, the district has gone from encouraging staff to get vaccinated now requiring it. this new mandate comes as cases and hospitalizations infant san francisco are rising.
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kristy sampson says she is sending her five-year-old daughter to kindergarten with more confidence after the san francisco unified school district announced it is requiring all staff to be vaccinated or undergo weekly testing. >> thankfully living in san francisco people have been very open to vaccinating and i'm thankful to that. due to the fact that my five-year-old has asthma and cannot be vaccinated. i'm okay with that right now. i really encourage people to get vaccinated. >> reporter: the requirement for the districts nearly 10,000 employees will be effective september 7th. in a statement the superintendent said "given that we are in the midst of rising cases and a new variant in our community, a vaccine requirement is a necessary step to keep our students, staff and families a safe." >> since they are not eligible for vaccines yet, the under 12 set that is, the best way to
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protect them is to form a wall of immunity around them. >> reporter: today parents gathered outside the district headquarters to protest the return to the classroom. >> i don't think it is safe to do in person learning, at least not right now. we should have the right to choose how we survive a pandemic. >> even when people get vaccinations, they still get infected. we don't want to put families and kids at risk. also teachers. >> reporter:'s parents had the choice to get vaccinated ultimately should be left to the individual. >> i do not agree with that. some people have different conditions. >> a lot of people are worried about their children and a lot have questions about a timeline for when these vaccines for kids under 12 and older than five will actually be available. any word? >> reporter: well dr. peter chin-hong said that the
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timeline has been moved up a bit, hopefully to the end of september for pfizer and moderna should follow a few months after that. ultimately it is up to the fda. >> just weeks away. sounds good, betty yu reporting live, thank you. in just a few hours kids in south san francisco return to their classrooms. and like most bay area districts, new the particles are in place. schools will have upgraded hvac systems and students and staff will be required to wear masks at all times. 30 mobile disinfectant units will also be used across the district. >> it is in ultraviolet antimicrobial. anything that the light hits, it will kill any bacteria in the room. we call it zapping. we zap every room in the school. >> kpix 5 has you covered on all platforms for back-to- school, all your questions answered tomorrow morning, talking kids and mental health.
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expert advice live on how to deal with the school year that is anything but normal. that is tomorrow morning beginning at 4:30. onto the fire watch, this brush fire near santa rosa is fully contained tonight. it's bark just after 5:00 this evening and several fire agencies responded. the crews were able to get control of the flames nearly two hours later. at least 50 acres scorched and nobody got hurt. man who taught criminal justice in the bay area is accused of setting up multiple fires as the dixie fire reached nearby. >> reporter: as the dixie fire continues to burn through northern california, a college professor is accused of starting multiple fires near bu >> reporter: and a 32 page gary
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minard's charged with purposely setting the ranch fire earlier this month. he was forest fire agent started investigating him july 20th, the day of the cascade fire. investigators eventually placing a tracking device on his car after a witness says they saw him come from the area where the fire sparked. saying he appeared mentally unstable. "mumbling a lot and having bipolar like behavior." well tracking his movements they believe he started more than two fires and explained that they appear that maynard was in the midst of an arson setting spree. >> they really went quickly to get warrants on his phone, a tracker for his vehicle. and they kept this person is big suspect right away. >> reporter: court documents suggest that at one point the suspected arsonist worked at santa clara university.
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he also taught at sonoma university, specializing in criminal justice. maynard denies the allegations. once arrested he told officers "i'm going to kill you pig. i didn't start any of those fires." a professor once specializing in crimes is now accused of committing his own. >> they will try to put a map up to say this is somebody that had a goal to set a lot of fires. >> tonight, the crews fighting the dixie fire were hindered by heavy smoke, that fire has damaged more than 550 homes. let's take a live look at san francisco's union square where police say a teenager was shot this afternoon. this happened just before 2:30 on stockton street. a video from citizen app shows emergency crews on the scene
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loading the victim into an ambulance and he is expected to be okay. the suspects ran from the area and have not been found. let's take a live look in san jose where the search is on for three french bulldog puppies. police say they were abducted by gang members. detectives recovered the pups mother and one of the siblings during a recent drug and weapons bust and reunited mom with her human family. the bust also netted drugs, guns and three arrests. police say the puppies are worth up to $15,000 apiece. stevie nicks has dropped out of headlining this years bottle rock festival. the fleetwood mac is singer announcing on twitter her concerns over the spread of covid. andrea nakano is live with what this means for the labor day festival. >> reporter: can't bottle rock is just about three weeks away and while there is a lot of excitement in this community, some locals do have some
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concerns. despite stevie nicks bowing out, the show will go on a bottle rock 2021. event organizers sent out this tweet saying "while we are disappointed that stevie nicks will not be joining us, we are very excited to announce that chris stapleton will now be headlining bottle rock on friday september 3rd." >> you are fearful that people will be responsible. but, like i said, come, be responsible and enjoyed the town. i do want the revenue to come to the napa valley because we need it. because we lost a lot of it during this pandemic. >> reporter: bottle rock is requiring either proof of vaccination or negative testing 72 hours before the event. at the festival was supposed to be held memorial day weekend but was postponed, which according to ucsf infectious disease dr. peter chin-hong, may be perfect timing.
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>> the model suggests that we will begin starting to decrease by the end of this month. >> reporter: and while the delta variant has been described . ter chin >> it is more transmissible doo compared to the regular covid. but, we do know that outdoors, if you want to put a number to it, it is 20 times less risky than indoor transmission. >> is so has bottle rock responded and are they planning to change any of their health protocols? >> reporter: in a statement bottle rock says that their health and safety protocols are subject to change and it will notify ticket holders. dr. peter chin-hong says that he is more concerned about the pre-and post-parties than the actual music festival itself.
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in just a few hours when san francisco restaurant is imposing strict new safety protocols. john's grill is taking a stand to help protect its staff and customers. it's the first known restaurant in the city to require proof of vaccination for people eating both inside and outside. >> i'm sure there will be some people who really appreciate us for taking the extra steps to be safe and make sure they are safe and our communities safe. and i'm sure there will be plenty of people who don't love it. we will take it as it comes. still ahead, governor newsom causing a little bit of confusion among his supporters as we approach the recall vote. tonight we clear up the uncertainty. many bay area wineries are seriously struggling right now due to the drought. the drastic measures underway to salvage the season. we are tracking some monsoonal moisture that will be over southern california early tomorrow. and as it spreads we will at
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least see some passing customer night into thursday with the potential for some dried ligh
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we are just a little more than a month away from the recall election. tonight, a new request from governor newsom is causing confusion among some supporters. julie watts looks into the questions over question 2. >> reporter: in a matter of days, the recall ballot should arrive in your mailbox. according to the polls, the majority of californians know how they will answer the first question, shall governor newsom be recalled and who should succeed newsom if he is recalled. the governor and democratic party are telling voters to
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leave question two blank. some people think that they can't pick a replacement candidate if they vote no. >> some people would like them to think that is the case. but it isn't. >> reporter: nearly half of the replacement candidates are not republicans. you can vote no on the recall and pick a backup candidate here you can also write in a candidate and it has to be from a preapproved list of writings. but discouraging new some supporters from naming anyone as a replacement could that actually help republicans if he does not get 51% of the vote? >> it it could only help republicans in naming the replacement candidate and that potentially is not a big threat in a clearly blue state where the supermajority controls the legislature by democrats. >> reporter: a republican replacement would have their hands tied by a legislature and
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would be up for re-election next year anyway. adding that assuring a republican placement gives new some better odds if he runs again. but if you leave it blankã >> you are giving up your vote on a replacement nde an dehag say do u ha al eltion ce required to start sending out mail-in ballots by next monday. a lot of you may have seen this today. a huge cloud of black smoke caused by some flaring at the chevron refinery in richmond. we are told it was a sulfur dioxide release and chevron says it does not pose a threat to public health or safety. that plume was visible from petaluma to san francisco. california is drought emergency is having a devastating impact on some wineries.
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griffin's vineyard is bone dry this year. in order to preserve the life of the vines the owner th thfruit re could s saowing chn varieties will be planted but this is the kind of thing that can change an entire region. >> it doesn't happen overnight. it will take five or 10 years to find out if we can still maintain the wind that made this area famous. >> heartbreaking to see that, especially knowing how those winds are revered around the world. but a lot of people are having to make tough decisions because of the drought. it is one of the things we deal with, talking about climate change. not just the facts about what is happening and where but how to mitigate the effects. we are worried about the potential of a couple of dried lightning chances. we talked about one before the break, this will be tomorrow
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night into thursday. we will see passing clouds overhead overall the potential for the dry lightning will remain pretty low. this is the first of two. there will be another one headed our way from a different direction. this is the remnants of tropical storm kevin. it will be caught up in the overall flow of weather across the pacific and head towards the bay area as we head into the weekend. so again, some moisture will be elevated in the atmosphere. bringing the potential of at least some showers that can grow into thunderstorms. the cloud to ground lightning could reach the ground. tomorrow morning, we will be in full sunshine, any fog will dissipate quickly. and this forecast model does anticipate some of those elevated showers. the rain will of apple worry way before getting to us. anything like this on the radar, basically will not be strong enough to produce lightning strikes. but there are of few blips here
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or there that will have a full- fledged thunderstorms. it only takes a couple of lightning strikes when the vegetation is destroyed. only a 5%-10% chance that a storm will get going. but it's one of those low probability/high impact scenarios that we have to watch carefully. i thursday morning we will see clear skies overhead into thursday night. and then you may be able to catch another glimpse of the meteor shower. it is a three night peak of the meteor shower between midnight and 4:00 a.m. get away from the city lights, 30-50 per hour with temperatures dropping down into the 60s. if not down ine 50s already. still, 75 in livermore. andy will not take long for the fog to dissipate tomorrow. temperature starting off in the upper 50s and low 60s. we will end up well into the
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mid to upper 80s, mid to upper 90s for the east bay, some spots even getting up to around 100 degrees. upper 60s and low to mid 70s around the bay with mid-60s along the coast. temperatures don't change a whole lot as we head through the rest of the work week and into the weekend. really not much change day today but some slightly cooler air makes its way in by monday and tuesday with the cold most noticeable for inland parts of the bay area. the hottest days for the northbay topping out around 90 degrees for saturday and sunday. and again, trekking at least some clouds, if not another chance for a few dried lightning strikes into the weekend. a little friendly competition is pushing two of the 49ers best players to get even better. and only the edge of the seas we
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while. games at oracle before venturing across the h gu 22nd first of two with the last place diamondbacks. giant starter alex wood had a 5- 0 lead but unraveled as a two home runner ties the game. he still tied bottom of the eight, rendon crawford, there is a gap her. all the way to the wall and buster posey homered earlier in the game and this time he steps up his cardio with another trip around the bases in the giants retake the lead, jake mcgee comes in but can't hold it. lamont wade firing and its off- line, tied at 7. bottom of the ninth, giants with runners at second and third, chris brown grounder off the glove, bang, bang, he is safe, and the
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giants win 8-7, baystate four games ahead of the dodgers in the n.l. west. the a's in cleveland, looks to be pulled pork and froot loops. gotta have the sweet and savory. sean minaya, was not great here he doesn't get through the second. myles straw, doubles home, top eight, starling marte puts on his rally cap, with a single and a steal. later scored to tie the game. the game goes to extras and jed lowrie delivers. and oakland wins 4-3. the a's are sizzling right now. 9-2 in their last 11 games, remaining two behind the astros in the al west. the old saying as competition breeds excellence. the 49ers have arguably the best tight end end george kittle and the best linebacker.
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i would say those are some of the best off-season reps money can buy. >> going up against fred warner, he is the best at what he does and i try to be the best at what i do. >> he is by far the best at what he does. he does everything superb in every phase of the game. we both make each other better. >> the writing was on the wall for nico manion, agreeing to a multi-year deal to play in his own country. and bajust excited to not play in arizona this season. that's why they have these big smiles on their faces. and they will have a pretty good team. >> it's always nice when you
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don't have to play in 130 degree heat. tonight, a rare find on the pacific coast. how a
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some exciting news for science, but not so great for bugs. >> for the first time in 20 years, and insect eating plant has been discovered along the pacific coast. now it is for real. researchers say the plant traps insects using the sticky hairs on its flowering stem. it is found in boggy but igarea from california to alaska. scientists used fruit flies labeled with nitrogen to track and identify the plants. they plan to publish the full report on friday. just when you think the
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the late show with stephen colbert is next. >> thanks for watching. the news continues streaming on cbsn bay area. have a good captioning sponsored by cbs >> breaking news out of new york. governor andrew cuomo has resigned. he will step down in two weeks. his announcement comes after a scathing report from the state's attorney general's office accusing the governor of sexually harassing eleven women. >> now, despite stepping down as governor, cuomo continues to deny that he did anything wrong. >> the most serious allegations made against me had no credible factual basis in the report. >> so let's start new york tough, with the truth. i sexually harassed eleven women. i was continuously trying to recruit more women to hug and kiss. no other state government
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accomplished mse


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