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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  August 6, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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tahoe city in placer county. >> chief meteorologist paul heggen joining us now. air quality becoming a big e ha skies ahead across the entire bay area. it's a matter of how much of that smoke is at ground level in terms of the air quality, and that is all over the place. look at the current air-quality map. looks like we spilled a bag of skittles on the screen because we have good air quality along the coast and around the bay and it's even making its way into parts of the north bay as that onshore breeze filters through the gaps in the valleys. not so good air quality for the santa clara valley and around the south end of the bay, but kind of topping up towards the top end of the moderate category or the low-end of the unhealthy for sensitive groups category, the worst air-quality this afternoon has been in the
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north bay. that's no getting pushed a little bit further to the east and inland in the east bay especially in the tri-valley, where the air quality has either been unhealthy for sensitive groups or just flat out unhealthy. the onshore wind is going to have an effect on our air quality over the next couple days. tomorrow i think we're still going to max out in that unhealthy for sensitive groups category for the north bay and inland in the east bay at least we stay out of the red around the central band along the coast. air quality is going to be fine because that onshore breeze is going to be with us. i think things are going to max out in the moderate allegory for the south-central bay and the santa clara valley, and more improvement is in store for sunday. we tracked the storm with futurecast ground level smoke that we have to worry about when we breathe. that's coming up in the full forecast. check out a thick layer of smoke also drifting to utah. visibility dropping below two miles in many areas, including right there in salt lake city. here's the reason for all that smoke. the latest on the dixie and river fires, those are burning out of control in northern california. the dixie fire spread throughout beaut, lassen and tehama counties. the river fire is raging ins of counties. intense heat from the relent is dixie fire has destroyed the
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entire town of canyon dam. that is the second town destroyed in just two days. the flames scorched cars, homes, buildings, reducing them to debris and ashes. the fire exploded by more than 100,000 acres overnight. it has grown to more than 432,000 acres total. it's only 35% contained. cbs news correspondent jonathan vigliotti ha ghwinds overnight caused the dixie fire to explode by more than 100,000 acres. it's now the third largest wildfire in state history and is continuing to grow. in just 24 hours, two towns were destroyed including canyon dam, where we are right now. we are actually standing in front of what was a general storm. we spent the entire day traveling this region, watching firefighters as they struggled in some cases to hold back the flames. officials believed this fire is going to continue to burn for several more weeks, putting communities that have largely been spared in harm's way.
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back to you. >> thank you, jonathan. fierce winds, flames from the dixie fire also left the gold rush town of greenville in ruins. the three-week old fire has destroyed about 75% of that town, which was home to about 1000 people. >> i'm a lifelong resident of greenville. my heart is crushed by what has occurred there. >> you have to live with the fact that there's going to be wildfires. there's always going to be wildfires. >> we are seeing truly frightening fire behavior. we really are in uncharted territory. now to the south. we mentioned the river fire, that's near the nevada border. it has destroyed or damaged more than 100 structures and chart about 2600 acres. containment now stands at 30%, and as reporter heather janssen shows us, many evacuees in colfax are frustrated as they wait to return to their neighborhoods. >> the house, both my trucks, both my pickups are burnt. >> reporter: eric kumble, among
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the many penalties awaiting a chance to return home and seeing what he can salvage, already aware there is not much left. evacuees like him filling the parking lots of centers run by the red cross, in grass valley, anxiously awaiting updates after some of the most stressful days of their lives. >> we're going to pull our bootstraps up, keep on going and rebuild. that's what you do. >> reporter: already pushing forward, eric still feels frustration. he lives close to the bear river campground, left wondering what caused this catastrophic fire. >> it's just someone -- can change someone's life that had. just got someone, a whole community, over someone's negligence. >> heather janssen reporting. for information on how you can help the victims of the dixie ú website, we'll have more on the northern california wildfires coming up for you at 6:00. taking a live look at oakland now, where it is the last weekend of summer break
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for students. teachers and students are getting ready to head back to the classroom on monday, despite a rise in covid cases. today the state recorded more than 14,000 new cases. the seven-day positivity rate is now about 7%. that's about a half a percent increase from a week ago. kpix 5's katie nielsen is live in oakland tech high school with more on the precautions and planning for the first day of school. >> everyone here very excited, but also anxious to go back to the classroom after more than a year of distance learning. district leaders say that they are doing everything they possibly can to keep everyone safe, including hosting covid vaccine clinics on school campuses like this one. it's happening here tonight at oakland tech high school. it runs through 6:00 tonight. >> reporter: teachers are back on campus in oakland today, getting ready for students to
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fill the classrooms on monday. but this year, in addition to markers and colored pencils, there are also masks and gloves. >> you wear the mask to protect everyone including yourself and to stay in school is that's where we want to be. >> right now i feel prepared with what i have and ready to keep them as safe as possible. >> reporter: oh usd leaders say they have a number of precautions in place to prevent the spread of covid in schools, including requiring masks indoors, upgraded ventilation systems, and rapid covid testing available on campus. >> we are doing everything we can, especially with the guidance of the state and the county to keep everybody safe. >> reporter: oh usd does not require teachers or staff to be vaccinated and at a press conference earlier today, governor gavin newsom said he feels confident in the state's current plans to reopen schools without a vaccine mandate. >> we've done every single th
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make sure studentsstaff, and families are safe. if you arrive here you have to have a mask on. before teachers come in they have to do a safety check. >> reporter: while administrators finalize the last details on covid protocols, kids say they're just excited to get back to class and see their friends again. >> now we actually eat lunch together again and hang out like fully, and i can't wait to attend and be on the soccer team. >> it feels kind of weird but i feel like i'm going to get the hang of it in a couple weeks, maybe, so i'm not really worried about it. >> katie, what is the district doing for families who think it's really too early for in person learning? >> oh usd is still offering distance learning. it's part of their independent study program. and of the approximately 36,000 students in the school district so far about 870 have signed up saying they're going to be staying home and working online. >> gives them the option, especially for health reasons. katie nielsen, thank you. meanwhile, marin county is taking things a step further.
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district employees, teachers and students 12 and older will be required to submit proof of vaccination. schools are still deciding whether to ask for copies of a vaccination card or a digital record from the state's online vaccination tool. those who aren't vaccinated will be required to undergo weekly testing. today, governor newsom made a stop in southern california to visit students who are already back in the classroom. he was joined by san bernardino county and state leaders to tout his plan to reopen schools. some of the points that the governor highlighted include expanding mental health resources for students and $2.5 billion investment for universal transitional kindergarten by 2025. >> we are getting all our kids safely back into in person instruction and we are doing it in a sustainable way. we don't want to do it in an episodic way. we want to do it in a safeway where these kids can get that full support.
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>> newsom was also asked about this week's debate, featuring four republicans hoping to replace him as governor. he said he is running to defeat the recall and criticized his opponent's stances on public health. we brought you the governor's update on cbsn bay area. you can watch 24/7 streaming on or the kpix 5 news app. we are also keeping track of bay area school districts reopening plans on and every day we have medical experts answering your questions on cbsn bay area. coming up for you at 5:30, dr. peter chin-hong will join us live to discuss what activities may still be risky, even for those who are vaccinated. still ahead on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, an oakland a's player suspended after testing positive for a performance-enhancing substance. plus, -- the number of companies and organizations that will require employees to get covid-19 vaccines is growing. it now includes major airlines. i'm max darrow. i'll have this story come. no, that's not snow i'm
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aware it's actually raining ash from the northern california fires.
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more companies and organizations are requiring employees to get vaccinated, and some are pushing back. but as kpix 5's max darrow tells us, some airlines are getting on board. >> united airlines is the first airline to make this move, and in san francisco, several more companies are announcing vaccination mandates for their employees. plenty of people say they understand the logic, but there are others out there who say they think a vaccine mandate is a step too far. >> reporter: the list of
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companies, organizations, and entities requiring employees to get vaccinated is growing. >> if it makes everybody safe, i say do it. >> reporter: united airlines announced today they will require employees to get vaccinated either five weeks after september 20th or five weeks after the fda fully approves a vaccine, whichever date comes first. california's department of public health ordered all healthcare workers to be fully vaccinated will receive their second dose by september 30th. the city of san jose announced it will require employees to submit proof of vaccination or weekly negative test results beginning august 23rd, and in san francisco, door dash and the ymca will require vaccinations to work, according to the mayor's office. in downtown brentwood city today, dana moore thinks it's good to see more places requiring vaccinations. >> i really think it's that simple. get vaccinated and we'll be
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okay. all of us will be okay. >> reporter: the city of san francisco has announced it will also require all city employees to be vaccinated once the fda fully approves the shots. however, the head of the san francisco deputy sheriffs association thinks that's a step too far. >> it's going to impact our staffing and it's going to even impact public safety, even further in san francisco. >> reporter: id like to see employees have the choice to either get vaccinated or submit to regular testing. while he says a large chunk of employees are already vaccinated, some aren't on board yet, and he's concerned they won't stick around. >> if we do it that way, our employees would not quit. we would be able to retain a large percentage of employees. >> reporter: today, mayor london breed praised san francisco businesses that are putting vaccine requirements in place for their employees. >> max, are any other airlines joining united with an employee vaccination policy? >> late this afternoon we learned that frontier airlines,
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another airline that comes in and out of sfo, also announced a vaccination policy for its employees. they're going to start to mandate the vaccine for employees, or if an employee either cannot get vaccinated or chooses not to get vaccinated, they'll have to submit to regular covid-19 testing. >> we'll see if other airlines follow suit as well. max, thank you. alameda county boasts one of the highest vaccination rates in the bay area, but health officials are still urging residents to get their shot as the delta variant infections surge. of the 1.5 million people who live in the county, health officials say more than 1 million are already vaccinated. today we spoke with a bay area doctor who says she's worried about the transmission rate of the delta variant even among vaccinated people. >> delta doesn't care who you are. it doesn't care if you're vaccinated. so everybody is at risk. covid is not over. it's not done with us yet. and delta is ultimate proof of that. >> dr. rhodes tells us the vaccine and staying masked up are our best weapons in the
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battle against the virus. starting today, people in napa county have to wear a mask inside public spaces, regardless of vaccination status. the county's mandate went into effect at midnight, joining all other bay area counties except solano. new details now in the case of the runner found dead after an exhaustive search of pleasanton regional park. preliminary autopsy results for philip kreycik don't show any signs of trauma. now the alameda county sheriff's office is saying there were no broken bones or signs of an attack. toxicology results, those are still pending. sheriffs say that he may have suffered a medical emergency. kreycik's remains discovered on tuesday, about 250 yards off a trail in a remote area of the park . in the south bay, san jose firefighters worked fast to put out flames that broke out at a homeless encampment. it happened around 8:00 this morning near mill pond drive. fortunately no one was hurt and there was no word on how it
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started. at first glance, this may look like snow flurries, but it is actually ash falling from the sky in reno overnight. it's coming from the massive dixie fire raging out of control in plumas county. let's get back to paul. the air quality, we haven't seen the ash falling certainly the smoke. >> there has been a little bit of it settling down on outdoor surfaces. one of our dogs has black fur and he was rolling around on the outdoor carpet that we had on our deck. when i went to let him and i noticed he was now a great dog, so i had to quick brush off and find a wet paper towel to get that stuff off of him. you're going to have to hose everything off once the air quality improves. right now we are going to take a look at the ground level air quality. the smoke basically at ground level as simulated by one of our forecast models. this is the simulation for this evening, which matches up almost perfectly with what i showed you about 10 minutes ago on our current air-quality map. we like it when the forecast
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data matches up with what we are actually seeing. we want to see as much green taking over this map as possible, and as we head through the rest of tonight we are going to see that green expanding. but not taking over the entire map. tomorrow morning, the higher elevations of the bay area, which makes sense. you're going to see reduced air quality because there's plenty of smoke aloft in the atmosphere. it's the ground level air quality that's going to be improved by that onshore breeze. as it makes its way farther and farther inland, things will improve, and that improvement should continue as we head through the day on saturday. we are not going to be green across the board as we head into sunday, but i think the worst air-quality we're going to see on sunday is going to be in the moderate category. the worst it's going to be tomorrow is going to be in the unhealthy for sensitive groups agree. keep the doors and windows closed. you want to limit your outdoor activity to some shorter time frames. doesn't mean that you necessarily have to avoid anything outdoors on saturday. the worst air-quality is going to be in the higher terrain of the northbay and inland in the
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east bay but just take it easy overall and make sure you take plenty of breaks if you're going to be trying to get some stuff crossed off the honey do list outdoors as we go through the weekend. better air-quality on sunday and improvement is going to continue as we head into early next week. the worst air-quality is inland in the east bay where it's flat out unhealthy in the tri- valley. by the time monday and tuesday roll around, expect air-quality across the board is that onshore breeze is going to continue and it's going to continue in the lowest depth of the atmosphere just kind of scrubbing the atmosphere clean, but still hazy skies out there over the weekend, even if it's not settling down to ground level as much. plenty of hayes out there as we look out from mt. diablo. just kind of looks gross. temperature stands at 91 in livermore, 93 in concord, 88 degrees in santa rosa. so it's hot and smoky for the northbay and inland parts of the east bay. 82 degrees in san jose is plenty warm. low 70s in oakland with 64 degrees in san francisco with hazy skies overhead around the bay and the smoky conditions as you had farther inland. hayes overhead for the a's game as they take on the texas rangers this evening.
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gametime temperature at 6:40 in the upper 60s. pleasant temperatures but just that milky hayes overhead with the smoke aloft in the atmosphere. we going to see some fog spreading out into early tomorrow morning. it's not going to take too long to back up towards the bay. that should happen by 9:00, 10:00, and it backs up towards the coast as we head to midday on saturday. bright blue skies overhead, that's not going to happen until early next week. >> translator: tonight drop down to the mid to upper 50s to around 60 degrees, pretty close to normal for this time of your. high temperatures tomorrow for inland parts of the bay area aren't going to be as hot but still hot inland in the east bay with high temp mac in the low to mid 90s. the northbay is going to be mostly low 90s with color spots in the napa valley in the upper 70s, san jose in the 80s once again, a little warmer as you had farther inland in the santa clara valley with pence in the upper 60s for san francisco and
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the low 70s for open. those temperatures jump off a little more as we head into the second half of the weekend. i think the fog is going to be a bit more stubborn on sunday. temperatures drop off, especially in the city, but inland, temperatures warm back up into the mid-80s for san jose, tuesday until the end of the next work week and thames are going to heat up for inland parts of east bay, back into the low 90s, which mpr noaythe the coast. temps mac in the lower half of the 60s but what we really want is to get rid of the smoke. it's just a gradual process even with the onshore breeze. we take a look at the smoke from space and zoom in on tomorrow's highs at 5:30. >> really eerie in the east bay today. >> it's between about 11:00 and noon, it went from -- >> what is this? all right, paul. thank you. coming up, the warriors reach a deal to bring back one of the most important players of the championship teams. plus, as you get ready for your weekend, we ask a bay area dock or what activities are safe, and what's too risky even if you're vaccinated. a reminder, kpix 5 news app gives you 24/7 access to cbsn bay area and kpix newscasts.
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just to the left of that skyline, looking live at chase center, home of the warriors. this evening, dubs fans excited to welcome back a familiar face to the team. >> 80's return. gianna franco joining us with the scoop. >> warriors fans have been waiting for a big move in free agency, and they got it today when andre iguodala announced he's coming back to the bay area. iguodala told the new york times he can't wait to ride into practice with klay thompson , enclaves boats, of course. the 2015 finals mvp was a key part of all three championship teams. now 37 years old, iguodala gives the warriors a veteran that knows their system better than anybody and can help
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mentor the team's younger players. big news out of oakland this afternoon. a's outfielder ramon laureano will miss the rest of the season after testing positive for a banned substance. major league baseball suspended laureano for 80 games, which means he will also miss the first month of next season. lori said in a statement, he was shocked and devastated to learn he tested positive. onto football, kyle shanahan still says there is no open competition at quarterback, but trey lance continues to impress at 49ers training camp, and today shanahan said that the rookie will play the season even if it's only a handful of plays each game. lance will get his first real test a week from saturday in the 49ers first preseason game agaifs, course you can watch it right here on kpix. so the countdown to football is officially on. still ahead at 5:30, as covid cases surge, are any activities to risky these days, even if you are fully vaccinated? we'll speak to a medical expert, life. an historic and discouraging first here at oroville dam, where power and
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water have come together in the worst kind of way. and help from the
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california, did you know our homes share power? but when we try to stay cool in a heat wave our supply is pushed to the limit. but you have the power to keep us up and running! “i do?” yup, we all do! with flex alerts. they notify us when to shift our energy use if our power supply is stretched. so from pre-cooling our homes, to using less energy from 4-9pm, together, let's flex our power to save our power. sign up for flex alerts today. you're watching kpix 5 news at 5:30. >> right now on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, more local news for you at 5:30. for the first time ever, the drought shuts down one of the
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largest hydroelectric power plants in the state. a dangerous high-speed chase in one california neighborhood. how it all came to an end. as we look to the weekend, people going to be gathering, but that is causing concern for health officials closely monitoring the spread of the delta variant. good evening, i'm ellen martin. >> on julia it. joining us live now is ucsf infectious disease specialist dr. peter chin-hong. thank you so much for joining us on this friday, giving us some information on how to stay safe as we enter the weekend. what activities might be too risky, even for those who are vaccinated? >> so the activities that are involving a lot of noses and mouths that are unmasked, that's basically unsafe. outdoors are okay in general unless you're gathering with 10,000 people, which probably most backyards can't hold, so that's generally okay. but indoor settings, just be careful. be careful about indoor bars, alcohol may make you be less
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inhibited. but if you wear your mask and you're vaccinated, that's going to be the safest route. i worry the most about the unvaccinated folks, because we haven't hit our peak yet in san francisco. >> you know what i'm finding? i actually got an email from a viewer that was telling me that they had heard that a couple people at a restaurant had covid. they worked at a restaurant but they were still working and vaccinated, because they still felt okay. so there is this kind of disconnect, because they don't have the severe symptoms. so talk about that concern for those who are vaccinated, have covid, and are still out and about, maybe with a mask on, too. >> i'll give you the science first and i'll give you my recommendation. science is people who are vaccinated and get covid, even though they feel like they have mild symptoms, they have the same amount of virus in their nose and mouth compared to somebody who is unvaccinated, which is a lot.
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delta gives you 1000 times more virus than the regular covid. so it will take a while for


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