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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430am  CBS  August 6, 2021 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, looking live from our exclusive mark hopkins camera looking east. good morning. it is friday august 6. i am len kiese. >> i am gianna franco. welcome back. >> so good to be with you. >> so glad you are feeling better. we missed you for sure. people are concerned about the air quality. let's get to it, what you can expect. current air quality conditions are looking good. all of us, good air quality as we start our friday. as we head through our afternoon, moderate air quality for bay area. if you live at the north bay, you can see hazy skies. north bay, east bay, possibly the south bay. you could see that haze. we are looking at the mid to upper levels of the atmosphere. some of that could mix down to
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the surface for patches of smoke, so er the possibility. show you our smoke concentration forecast coming up. also we are looking at warmer temperatures as we head through our afternoon. we are looking at highs in the 80s and 90s inland. around the bay, 60s to low to mid 70s. along the coast, 60s. we'll talk more about that forecast coming up. let's get a look at traffic. lots of green on the roads. if you are ready to take 580, 80, highway 4, or 101, we are okay for the most part. an easy commute there, easy commute at the bay bridge, seven minutes out of the east bay from the maze into san francisco. traffic is light on most bay area bridges. we aren't seeing problems or issues. no troubles at the san mateo bridge. east bound, free flowing into hayward. west bound which is the commute direction is checking in with a
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12 minute commute between hayward and foster city. if you are hopping on 880, nimitz freeway, traffic is clear in both directions. flames bearing down on a small town of chester in plumas. 2,000 people are under mandatory evacuation as dixie fire rages. >> pictures, paperwork that we might have forgotten. >> i am kind of holding out, keeping an eye on the neighbors' houses, my house. if i start seeing spots in town, i will leave. >> a strike team from the bay area has been at the dixie fire for almost two weeks. it includes firefighters from alameda county, oakland, fremont. >> spoke to them about the conditions. >> reporter: this is cell phone video from one of the members team 2870 made of firefighters from the bay area, assigned to northside of the dixie fire. >> they're on the active
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perimeter. that is where it is busy, in the town of greenville we they just lost and then chester which they saved. >> reporter: the battalion chief with alameda helps coordinate the strike team, a crew of more than 20 firefighters. >> we have very experienced crews who have seen a lo fire. extreme fire behavior is we are ngth year and last. dixie fire is indicative of that. >> reporter: when she talked to the team assigned to greenville area they described intensifier conditions including swirling winds and unstoppable crown fires where the fire jumps from tree to tree, flames shooting hundreds of feet into the air. >> when they lost greenville, it was a crown fire which is one of the most fastest moving dangerous fires we can face. very hard to stop. >> we've had some pretty extreme conditions out there over the last 48 hours. we have a lot of folks in
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there. >> for information on how you can help victims of the dixie fire look for the link on our website. a state of emergency is in place in nevada and pler count ears due to the river fire. evacuation orders remain in place for more than 5,000 people. flames have now destroyed at least 76 structures and burned more than 2,600 acres. one man stayed despite evacuation orders to protect his and his neighbors' homes. officials say support from overhead has played a critical role in calming the flames. >> there was at some point a large, large number of aircraft here just doing constant laps, dropping retardant, slowing the progress of the fire. low humidities, higher winds, those all led into the fact that we had explosive fire growth. >> people in the colfax area have been asked to conserve water and stop all nonessential use to make sure there is
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enough water for firefighters. california healthcare workers must be fully vaccinated or receive their second dose by september 30. that's the new order by state department of public health. it applies to workers in hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, most other healthcare settings. >> the combination, you don't have to vaccinate but you have to test or wear masks. >> a second directs hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, intermediate care facilities to verify visitors are fully vaccinated or tested negative 72 hours before indoor visits. california is first state in the nation to require vaccinations for all healthcare workers. today people in napa will have to wear a mask inside public spaces regardless of vaccination status. the county announced the mandate yesterday and it went into effect at midnight. solano is the only bay area
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county not enforcing indoor mask rules. to the south bay where dozens of new cases are linked to a new variant, delta plus. it's not emerging as dominant strain but santa clara health officials identified close to 50 cases of the delta plus mutation so far. people in the area had mixed reactions on the threat of another covid-19 variant. >> of course it is concerning. you start with one and then there is another one. where do they ever stop? >> we are outside. we have been vaccinated. not worried. >> santa clara county health told kpix5 cases of delta plus exist statewide and nationwide. there is not enough information on the particular variants to indicate whether they may be more concerning than the original delta variant. >> we believe it is least as bad as delta. >> what we can do is get vaccinated and keep ourselves from getting infected. that's how you stop these
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viruses from mutating. >> experts say mutations are expected with any virus and say the best way to slow them down is get more people vaccinated. an update on the nation's vaccination rate. >> what medical experts are saying is necessary to slow the covid summer surge. >> reporter: covid-19 infections, hospitalizations, deaths are all rising in the u.s. particularly in the south. >> combination of lots of the delta variant and low vaccination coverage. >> reporter: doctors say more and more young people are falling ill during this summer surge. >> i don't think the virus is targeting kids necessarily. i just think there is a fire storm underway and kids are getting swept in it. >> reporter: with schools reopening, public health officials are pushing to get shots into more people's arms. >> the ultimate end game of all this is vaccination. that's why we continue to harp
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that in a very proactive way. >> reporter: experts say raising vaccine rates suggest the public is getting the message. >> have to get it. it's too crazy out here. people wait for the wrong time and then it might be the bad time and it is too late for you. fda is reportedly developing a plan to deliver booster shots to vaccinated individuals particularly those who are elderly or immunocompromised. biden administration official says the goal is to layout national strategy for booster shots in early september. >> we are looking at many areas. everybody is assessing the science. as that science evolves we will report that science to the american people. >> pfizer and moderna say boosters will be needed as protection from original doses wears off. coming up on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, we continue to monitor air quality as wildfires burn to our north.
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we'll get a check of the conditions. mini horses to chickens and a guinea pig, efforts to save animals from flames in placer county. eseaso whatneto know about break through infections. >> a live look trsuisland camer
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welcome back. looking live across the bay area, smoke from fires to our north could make things a bit hazy. a look at the air quality map, we are seeing more yellow especially in the east bay. this is compared to this time yesterday when the map was mostly in the green. we will continue to monitor levels throughout the day. this is the latest satellite loop of the towering plumes of smoke the fires are sending out. some of it is coming back toward the bay area and an air quality advisory is in effect through today for north and east bay. placer county animal services is helping reunite people with pets and keep dozens of animals safe at shelters as devastating river fire continues to burn. so far the pets range from a miniature horse to a guinea pig. workers are asking people to be proactive by calling 211 if they need a to
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>> we pasture for livestock for large animals, lots of dog kennels, open cat kennels and assistants provided by our partner shelters. >> it's taken in a pig, steer, chickens and a goat. the workers expect to take more animals as the fire grows. a creative ways to help save pets. a woman created decals to let crews know there are pets inside a home. she's been passing out the decals at parks throughout the bay area. they can be displayed in front windows where first responders can easily see them. unprecedented move as a result of the drought emergency. water levels at lake or ville are so low one of the three power plants had to be shut down. there isn't enough water to spin turbines and generate electricity. the loss of power can be replaced by increasing use of
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natural gas and importing electricity from other states. president biden's push for more electric cars plus how apple is cracking down on child predators. elise preston reports from the new york stock exchange. stocks rallied thursday ahead of this morning's jobs report for july. dow rose 271 points. nasdaq gained 114 for a record close and s&p 500 was up 26 to finish at a new high. apple preparing to open new software intended to catch child predators in the act. the company says it will work by scanning photos on user's devices and comparing them to a database of illegal images. if a certain number is found the user will be child abuse.
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president biden calling on auto makers to ramp up electric vehicle. at a sum yesterday the president urged them to speed up the transition away from gas powered cars and trucks. mr. biden signed executive order to set a goal of having half of the vehicles sold in the u.s. be electric by 2030. for more head to i am elise preston. amazon is the latest tech giant to delay return to the office. corporate workers were slated to return next month but now the date is pushed back to january 3. at least one company is going further. lyft isn't reopening most u.s. offices until february 2. uber's new vaccination policies are different depending on a worker's role. uber's ceo says it requires in houseworkers to get shots because they spend more time in the office together. for the millions of drivers who
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constantly move around each month he says it would be too great a task to oversee. the nfl, we are just over a week from 49ers preseason football. >> yesterday the team unveiled a new premium club space at levi stadium. inside the northwest field tunnel sits the new cash creek club where lucky fans will get exclusive peeks at the players. >> i am excited next week to welcome back 70,000 fans and our faithful that haven't been in the building since we went on our run to the super bowl. i am really excited about it and we are ready. >> kpix5 is your home for 49er preseason football. we'll have all the action live starting next saturday august 14. in sports, how 49ers rookie tre lance is shaping up during training camp. just one week away. >> the count down is on. >> super excited about that, yeah. through today, we will warm
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things up a bit. warmer compared to yesterday and in fact today, the warmest day of the week. a live look with our san francisco cam, you see that fog out there, not dealing with all the drizzle that we had yesterday. we did pick up a few hundredths of an inch of that drizzle yesterday. at least that was something good to see. now we are looking at mid to upper 50s to low 60s. the northerly winds, you see the weather system to our north and that's bringing gusty conditions by dixie fire and low relative humidity. that could bring hazy skies to the bay area especially for north bay as we head through the day. i will show you smoke concentration forecast in a moment. it's not going to last long. as we look to the end of the weekend and start of next week we will see the strong sea breeze kick in and that should help mix any haze that we have with the wildfires burning to our north. let's talk about air quality, moderate air quality for the
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bay area. again we could see hazy skies le of t spre. and eastpecithe keby hour with smoke concentration forecast, patches of smoke. some of that could mix down to the surface. we'll be watching that closely for you as we head through friday and saturday as well as we look to sunday, those westerly winds helping push that smoke out as well as for monday. it's not going to last long. you might smell that smoke and see it in the sky but at this point looking at moderate air quality, mid to upper levels of the atmosphere. daytime highs for south bay mid 80s santa clara and san jose, 93 morgan hill. the peninsula, low to mid 80s this afternoon. inland east bay, heating up, 90s across many locations, 9 many concord, 99 brentwood, flirting with triple digit heat
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there. mid 90s for the tri valley. around the bay 69, close to 70 in san francisco, 77 alameda, oakland, north bay. we are talking 80s and 90s later today. a high of 90 in santa rosa and ukiah topping out at 96. extended seven-day forecast around the bay, san francisco, oakland we will cool it down a bit as we look to our weekend and early next week and for san jose, temperatures in the mid 80s today and tomorrow and then dropping down to the low 80s for sunday and early next week. inland east bay, temperatures in the 90s for saturday, dropping to the 80s starting on sunday and into monday. as we look to the north bay, low 90s today, mid 80s tomorrow, low 80s sunday and monday and low to mid 60s at the coast. is it friday light out there? >> in some spots.
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things are good on 101. 580 is not bad, pretty light, 26 minutes 205 towards 680. a hiccough as you work your way west bound from the 205, 580 connector. i would say it is friday light as you work into the altamont pass. head lights working west bound. you always have a lot of cars but now speeds for the most part are moving at the limit. checking the rest of our travel times west bound 80 from highway 4 to the maze, 14 minutes. highway 4 is looking good with no brake lights or issues out of antioch all the way to 80 and hercules. north bound 101 out of san jose, good morning, your drive is looking great along the south bay and into the peninsula. bay bridge toll plaza, no metering lights. it is certainly friday with an easy ride into san francisco, nice conditions on the n
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mateo bridge very light. a live look at 880, traffic is moving nice on the nimitz freeway through oakland towards the maze, bay bridge, you are good to go. south of there traffic is moving as well. there are road closures east bound 37 for overnight construction. a new crash on 880 popping up. i will have more on that in my next report. the city unveiled a compromised over the great highway closure. reopening to traffic on august 16 but weekdays only. weekends and holidays the stretch between lincoln way and slope boulevard will be open to bicyclists and pedestrians only. a warrior slips away in free agency and team gets nothing in return. the only thing cold yesterday was the giants offense until the 9th inning. we'll show you how orange and black turned up the heat on the d backs. we'll show you downtown san jose
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giants have great terms to describe their teams each season. fans have been through torcher years and now the word resilient is being used. bell back in the line up yesterday, was out six weeks with a knee injury. bell and rest of the giants were stifled by kelly who pitched eight shut out innings. with kelly watching from dug out, giants offense wakes up. seeing the ball well, he drops in an rbi single that cuts deficit to two. same score with two outs on the eighth pitch. a single to right, two runs
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come in to tie. to extras, kris bryant with a great hit, double into the left field corner. bryant's third hit of the day and giants win 5-4, their first four run ninth inning come back since 1993 and lead dodgers by four games in nl west. the a's color analyst announced yesterday he will step away from the broadcast booth immediately. he says he has been silently battling cancer for the last 16 years. nba, oubre junior reportedly signed a deal with the hornets. with the warriors he started 50 games and averaged 15 points a game. nfl, in his first training camp, lance has been impressive on and off the field. lance has registered most minutes using the team issued ipad to study the play book and watch film. who really cares about that
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number? kyle shanahan doesn't. >> you can press play and watch a movie while that's going next to you and act like it was on for eight hours. i mean, that's why i don't ask everyone's hours. i see are they prepared? it wouldn't surprise me. he seems prepared each day. >> your 2021 football hall of familiar cast. they were honored before yesterday's steelers cowboys game in canton. first nfl game, the antioch native harris first quarter gets to the outside and picks up a first down for the steelers. third quarter, steelers barrels in for four yard td, pittsburgh wins 16-3. a's had the day off but will be back today hosting
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life-threatening lung inflammation can occur. tell your doctor about any new or worsening trouble breathing, cough, or chest pain. serious liver problems can happen. symptoms include fatigue, appetite loss, stomach pain, and bleeding or bruising. blood clots that can lead to death have occurred. tell your doctor if you have pain or swelling in your arms or legs, shortness of breath, chest pain and rapid breathing or heart rate, or if you are nursing, pregnant, or plan to be. more time is possible. ask your doctor about verzenio. on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, shifting winds, fueling flames and sending smoke our way. hear from bay area crews on the front lines. a new man date down the pike. the order that will require millions in california to visit vaccine sites. covid curve ball. what you need to know about break through infections and how to protect yourself and
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your family. delta surge has many people on edge this friday, whether you are traveling or staying local. see how you can stay safe. we ask the experts live. good morning. it is friday august 6. i am gianna franco. >> i am len kiese. good morning. hazy skies expected this friday as shifting winds from the smoke from the dixie and river fires head our way. this is one of the many spots that could see poor air quality. >> let's go to mary lee who will talk about the air quality. is it pretty good now? so far we are looking at good air quality as we start our friday. you can see on the current conditions with air quality in the green. we are looking good right now. as we head through the day, moderate air quality for bay area. for north bay especially you can see hazy skies in mid to upper levels of the atmosphere and also possibility the east bay and south bay could see a bit of the haze. some of the smoke, patches of smoke could mix to the surface
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at times. we are watching that closely for you. we are talking


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