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tv   CBS Overnight News  CBS  August 6, 2021 3:42am-4:00am PDT

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knowing and where it is at. it is so fast that you don't have time to react to anything. more t >> reporter: people are leaving their home because of the river fire, some with just the clothes on their back. >> shaken like a leave but it is okay, i got my family together, that's what's important. >> reporter: flames created fire balls like this one and damaged as many as 45 buildings. firefighters working with bull do doziers to prevent more damage. >> i am concerned i may not have one. >> reporter: fire crews are going to have a busy day ahead of them. red flag warnings remain in effect through the evening. wind gusts reaching up to 35 miles per hour, turning hot spots like this into major flames. >> florida has more than 12,000
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patients infected with coronavirus. the highest number since the start of the pandemic. desantis says new covid restrictions are out of the question and schools are about to welcome back students. he >> reporter: inside memorial healthcare system in broward county, icu beds once again filling up fast. >> it is gone up 400% in the last six weeks. >> reporter: fernandez is the president and ceo of memorial which recently added 266 extra beds to keep up with demand. >> we converted conference centers and auditoriums and cafeterias and these are clean patients. we don't put covid pay she tien thesover flow area. >> reporter: the surge includes children. as of yesterday, 135 children under 18 in florida are hospitalized with covid.
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the highest it has ever been. >> if you are not going to help, get out of ty. >> reporter:n tuesday, president biden called out hot spot governors including ron desantis failing to implement restrictions including mask mandates in schools. that's something the governor has no intention of doing. >> i can tell you in florida, the parents are going to be the ones in charge of that decision. >> repor >> why don't you get this border secure, until you do that, i don't want to hear a blip about covid from you. thank you. >> the rise of covid because of the delta variant and it is infectiousness and permissive behavior. >> reporter: covid cases are surging in florida for other reasons. >> low vaccination rates and
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going out in large groups with no palmasks, you are going to g the virus, period. >> the minimum we can do to protect all of the people who decided to get vaccinated or not is to put our masks on even if we are vaccinated. >> reporter: john escobar's son will begin first grade this year, believes it is up to parents to convince them. >> we are protecting others by putting the mask on. putting the mask is protecting the life of someone else and life is sacred, we should protect all of our community. >> reporter: another challenge facing hospitals right now is not necessarily capacity but staffing shortages. 60% of hospitals in the state could face a critical staffing shortage within the next week.
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this week marks one year of the giant explosion that rocked beirut. nitrate was in properly stored for years. it killed 200 people and destroyed a large area of lebanon capitol. beirut crisis are now clashing with security forces. the over night news will be right back.
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this year investigators are expecting around a million. financial losses last year totaled more than $4 billion. the scams are getting much more sophisticated. our consumer correspondent visits maine. >> a lot of docks. >> reporter: his company, great northern docks custom builds the platforms. he came close to losing it all last october when the company's accountant went online to send a weekly payroll. >> it was like a bomb shell. it was unthinkable. >> reporter: accountant shelly brown says she just gotten a new computer, in order to send out the payroll, she searched the
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internet for a website called "key navigator." >> was it the first site that came up? >> yes. >> a message says it was under going system maintenance but her phone rang showing key bank on the caller id, telling me the system was under maintenance and they should have it fixed within a few hours. later that they she checked the site a and they said we are not going to be able to get it done today but you should be able up and running tomorrow. >> seems totally normal. >> reporter: the next morning she had an e-mail from the bank. it says we over drawn our account. i knew something was up at that point. >> she logged onto the bank's website from her home computer and saw withdrawals after withdrawals. $51,000. >> when you realized that --
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>> sick to my stomach. >> reporter: she had to tell her boss. >> she said something is very wrong, i gotten all these transactions that have happened and i can't explain them. >> reporter: 68 transactions in all. it just felt devastating. i don't know how else to say it. >> reporter: $249,000 gone. >> it was totally shocking. i think of sam as a brother and his reasons for wanting me to be in the role i was in because he can trust me. >> you feel like you let somebody down? >> it is my job. >> reporter: the fbi says are in scammers continue to target american businesses. >> on the business side it is a lot more money. bigger bank for your bucks. you will get six figures or more. >> reporter: those scammers set
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up fraudulent sites that can look identical to the real one. a cyber security firm he hired found it was a fraudulent site that behaves just like the genuine site. the people mary called her are the crooks themselves with a fake caller id. >> reporter: the criminals really perfected this overtime. it is a business. >> reporter: he didn't think he would lose a quarter of a million dollars. but, he says the bank later told him it was not responsible. >> i said so -- >> reporter: you are saying i am on my own? >> he said unfortunately, yes. >> reporter: key bank would not comment on marium's case. it is identified and helped to take down approximately 150 of
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those fake sites. the bank says it takes steps to alert clients so they can avoid becoming a victim of fraud and works directly with clients to recover any losses they can't. marian and brown says in their case, the bank's security protocol really failed. >> i feel like key bank let us down. >> you are mad. >> i am mad. the bank should be protecting us, consumers and they did not. >> reporter: marian was fortunate enough to sustain the loss and keep employees but he's speaking out to warn others. >> i feel like i have a moral obligation to warn other business owners. >> about 66,000 of that roughly $250,000 was recovered by the bank. marian believes the bank should make up the rest, too. he hired a lawyer to negotiate.
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they were not making much progress but since we reached to out to key bank this week, that has chan
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you may know supplies have not caught up with demands in the u.s., that includes jigsaw puzzles. a community in utah has found a way to share love for puzzles while keeping people connected. elise preston explains. >> reporter: one box is never enough. the past year she's been loading up jigsaw puzzles from the selection from her neighbor's garage. one in particular, pandemic isolation more bearable. >> it was all kind of fish and stuff and it took me forever. >> reporter: this is the sun river community puzzle exchange created by lindee and rob.
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>> it was the place to be every sunday. >> it is a blue life special at wal walmart. >> reporter: with puzzle shortages online and in stores, the exchange was just the right fit for seniors needed to stay close to home. >> you needed to take your mind away from everything else and puzzles does that. >> reporter: themes like nature and food and high art, there are puzzles visiting like grandchildren. >> sometimes she does not know who she is but she knows how to put a peas iniece in the puzzle. >> i have a pattern to go by. >> reporter: using small cutting tools and paint. rob creates them.
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a labor of love. >> another thing to bring people together no matter what their views are. we connected friends together that would not have met each other. elise elise preston, cbs news. that's our news this friday. of course you can follow us online any time on
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it's friday, august 6th, 2021. this is the "cbs morning news." superspreader concerns. the nation's largest motorcycle rally gets under way today with fears it could lead to a massive spike in new covid infections. reduced to rubble. a massive wildfire guts a historic town in northern california. why some residents are pulling guns on firefighters even as the flames continue to spread. nearing completion. the deadline given to new york governor andrew cuomo as state lawmakers decide whether to impeach him. ♪ good morning, good t


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