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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  August 3, 2021 1:37am-2:12am PDT

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now you know. sir, do you know what you want to order? yes. now at 11:00, breaking news, a freeway shooting bringing traffic to a stand still. what we learned so far. in just one hour most of the bay area
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will, once again, require everyone to wear a mask indoors. not everything will return how it was. >> none of us wanted to be here but the virus changed. >> with the mask mandate returning, bay area businesses are scrambling to adjust. why some are finding it difficult. new evacuations ordered tonight as the dixie fire jumps containment lines. good evening. we begin with breaking news in contra costa county where the police are on the scene of a shooting that shutdown a stretch of highway 4. the shooting happened just after 7:30 tonight in antioch. investigators shutdown eastbound highway 4 between l street and hillcrest avenue. no word yet on any suspects and no official word on if anyone was hurt. although the coroner was on the scene. on to the coronavirus
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pandemic. now in one hour seven bay area counties and the city of berkeley will once again require masks indoors, kpix5 is live in san francisco with the changes, tonight, andrea? >> reporter: the announcement came from public health directors across the bay area and berkeley this afternoon. the mandate goes into effect just after midnight. >> reporter: with spiking covid-19 case rates indoor mask mandates are back in the pay area. >> unfortunate that we have to do this at this point in the pandemic, none of us wanted to be here. but the virus has changed. >> reporter: the highly contagious delta variant is ripping through the bay area unvaccinated community and causing some breakthrough cases among the fully vaccinated. for many, the masks were pulled from draws after today's announcement. >> i will ar require it. >> i think it sucks. everyone is affected.
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the businesses are struggling as it is. >> you want to protect our employees and protect our customers and everybody needs to be safe. and it is a hard decision. i wish i did not have to. i really -- i don't know where we are going. >> reporter: while the masks are back on there will be no limits like earlier in the pandemic, the june 13th reopening remains in place. >> we, you know, are bummed like everyone else is that we are in this position but if this can help us from sliding further back to more constraints then, you know, i think this is what we have to do right now and hopefully it is, hopefully it will solve the problem of the continuing spread. >> reporter: lori thomas is the executive director of the golden gate restoration and the owner of roses and calhollow. they are asking you to wear your m t ho and walk to
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the table and every time the server approaches and another request. >> i speak specifically to this 20-35 year age group, go out and get vaccinated. we need everybody to get vaccinated to help slow the spread. >> are there any concerns how it will effect business again? >> reporter: well, the concern from business owners is how their staff is going to be treated by people who potentially don't want to follow this mandate, who do not want to wear masks and perhaps try to take it out on waiters, waitresses, hostess, clerks at retail shops, they are asking everyone to be kind. they are not the ones that made the rules they are simply following them. >> chill out, put the mask on. all right, andrea, thank you. tonight, businesses across the bay area are scrambling to get ready for the new rules. kpix5 betty yu is here with the last minute preparations.
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>> reporter: tonight was the last hot yoga class here where students did not have to wear a mask. all of that changes after midnight. the signs are already up and the owner says the new rule will make it more difficult to run her business. >> with your shoulders. >> reporter: turbo 26 has been reopened for three months, the owner says the county's indoor mask mandate was expected but unwelcomed. >> i was really disappointed and really feel like it is just a blow to the business. we have just slowly making progress back towards something that resembles normal and now it is really going to set us back again. >> reporter: she spent the day updating her website and instructors and students. she says she has seen a drop in attendance in the last up ekevined students. she is now thinking about offering viua asseagain. an lower the
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temperature in hot yoga classes. >> you will get overheated and lightheaded or break out in a rash around their mouth if they are sweating and wearing the mask on their skin. it is no fun for the teacher, no fun for the student bus we do the -- but we do the best we can. >> reporter: classes will be more tough, the mandate will not stop her from coming. >> my husband works in the medical field so, he sees it up close. we have two kids we just want to take every precaution to keep all of us healthy and safe. >> it is tough because i can't breathe a lot of it is focused on breath. it is hard to get fresh air in when i am overheating. >> reporter: the goal of the mandate is to slow the surge before stronger measures are needed. >> i am not super optimistic that we can rely survive another surge or another set back. it is just, it is hard enough to build a small business when everything
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new year and school year and eight of the 11 schools in the brentwood unified school district are already reporting positive covid-19 cases. the district leaders say they are following the safety guidelines but in contra costa county where test positivity is running at about 8.6% 12 students and one staff member have already tested positive. superintendent says none of the cases were contracted at a brentwood union school. >> the health department says the percentage will not be different in our schools as in our community. as long as there is spread in the community there will be studient and staff that come to school that -- student and staff that come to school that will be positive. >> for more go to and we have expert answers to your medical questions. tonight, kaiser is telling
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all employees they have to be vaccinated by the end of next month. 240,000 workers and physicians are effected nationwide. >> reporter: kaiser says they have seen intensive care units at hospitals here in oakland fill up again with covid-19 patients. now, the nation is in this 4th surge, kaiser feels vaccinating all employees is the best way to protect its staff and patients. >> our health care workers are tired. they are disappointed we have a fourth surge. when we look at it we believe it was mostly preventible with vaccinations. >> reporter: the senior vice president for kaiser permanente says they worked with the mandate, 22% of the employees remain unvaccinate flood in northern california we are at 78% -- in northern california we are at 78% vaccinated and 95% physicians, although the numbers are high, we want to get to a
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fully vaccinated workforce. >> reporter: there have been breakthrough cases among some of the vaccinated staff members but points out 97%-99% of those hospitalized have been unvaccinated. the hope is that other corporations will follow kaiser's lead. >> we know that it is, you know, maybe more assertive than what other organizations are doing, we are a leader in preventing disease and care. >> they set september 30th as the deadline to get the shot. in the community there is mixed reaction with this move to require vaccination as a condition of employment. >> that is, no, that is forcing somebody's hand, like, no, people have the right to the have their own, their own decision about this vaccine, no. >> i just don't understand why so many people have a problem with the vaccine if they are saying it can help you. >> there will be a couple
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exceptions for religious and medical reasons, evaluated on a case by case basis. in oakland, kpix5. tonight, the dixie fire has jumped its containment lines and forced new evacuations. people in the small town of greenville, we one northeast defire zone. the new evacuations coming over 24 hours after people in that area were allowed to return home following a previous evacuation. the dixie fire has now scorched about a quarter of a million acres since it started about three weeks ago. and still ahead tonight, the u.s. forest service is promising more aggressive approach to handling california wildfires. the new strategy that could have a huge impact. >> we can not be waiting. it just does not take too much. >> an warning where the plague
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ed up once again. why meat producers are warning that pork products could soon be in short supply here in california
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california, did you know our homes share power? but when we try to stay cool in a heat wave our supply is pushed to the limit. but you have the power to keep us up and running! “i do?” yup, we all do! with flex alerts. they notify us when to shift our energy use if our power supply is stretched. so from pre-cooling our homes, to using less energy from 4-9pm, together, let's flex our power to save our power. sign up for flex alerts today. a live look at oakland, just one of the places where spirit airlines passengers encountered a bit of trouble today. customers were lined up at ticket counters across the country when the rline flights, delayed
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hundreds of others. the spokesperson says weather and operational challenges were to blame. some, are still stranded tonight. >> we were coming from vegas and go to nashville, they sent us out here and from here we have been stuck. we had three delays and then two cancellations. >> i am tired. i am exhausted and i am actually just disappointed. >> well, right now b.a.r.t is running late night service for the first time since it was halted for the pandemic part of an effort to restore service back to 90% of normal. trains will also start running every 15 minutes on weekdays, cutting wait times in half. meat producers warning that pork products may be harder to find on california store shelves come january 1st. it all has to do with prop 12 that was passed back in 2018. that law required humane
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treatment of farm animals if they are sold in california. pork producers have been fighting to block the rules but an appeals court rejected their arguments. the national pork producers council says only 4% of the farmers are compliant with the t . >> 80% pork in asian market. i don't know, it is pretty crazy. >> california is an important market for pork producers. they will be racing to comply with the mandates for those animals. new at 11:00. recreation sites in southlake tahoe has closed after chipmunks tested positive for the plague. there was no human contract
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with the infected chipmunks. tonight, federal officials are vowing to take a more aggressive approach to fighting wildfires in california. reporter anesexplains the change came from outrage from fires left to burn and got out of hand. >> reporter: fires that started small and then exploded it is fueling big changes in federal firefighterring. >> the fire history that we have here, we can not be waiting. it just does not take too much. >> reporter: the congressman says the july tamarack fire in alpine county is a good example. at first, u.s. forest service officials just monitored the fire and let it burn. things were okay until the flames grew to tens of thousands of acres and threatened homes. >> when you have a chance to fight a fire and spot it and get after it, you got to do it up front. >> reporter: he says it will be the new policy at the u.s. forest service. in the past, the forest service
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would let fires burn to help thin out overgrown vegetation, but he says drought conditions are too dangerous for that now. >> we have to take into account they are stressed on resources and number of firefighters and they had a practice of monitoring fire. >> reporter: cal fire battalion chief says his agency has always worked to put out fires as soon as they start. >> our mission is to extinguish that fire at 10,000 or less, we do that 95% of the time. it keeps people from evacuating out of their homes. >> reporter: fires are bigger and more destructive and this is why local representatives say it is time for the forest service to change. >> we want to help them have the tools and hold them to account to get it done. >> they say they much of the discussion with the forest service has
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centered around clearing dead vegetation. he wants them to contract with local companies to help in those efforts. tonight, crews plan to allow an island on the delta to flood in hopes of putting out a brush fire. two structures were damaged when the flames broke out on bradford island early this morning. the area is only accessible by boat and most of the homes are on stilts. the plan is to turn off the pumps that keep the island from flooding until the fire is out. you can see 10 or 15 or 20 miles today. >> a clear day. >> exceptionally clear. >> nice to get rid of the haze. the breeze pushing the haze and smoke what little of it made it into the bay area away from us. tomorrow similar set up. high pressure controlling our weather. more atmosphere on top of us pushing down on us and compressing the marine layer. it is till there. things are going to -- it is
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still there. things are going to change. allowing the marine layer to get deeper and spreading inland and that results in cooler temperatures. especially away from the water. a minicool down before we have a miniheat wave by friday and saturday. looking outside. compressed marine layer is still a marine layer and it is there. the fog is spreading out making it through the flight. current temperatures are a mix of 50s and 60s and we will end up in the 50s for most of us by tuesday morning, the fog, trying to spread into the inland valleys tomorrow morning, the only place to have much success is in the north bay valleys with reduced visibility around santa rosa tomorrow morning. not too much in the santa clara valley. inland, fine, 9:00, 10:00, around the bay, taking until 11:00, maybe noon. should see plenty of sun and sunshine breaking through along the coast by tuesday afternoon. the temperatures it were morning, again, mostly in the 50s. e cospots, barely
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50. the warmest spots barely above 60. this is normal for early august. high temperatures tomorrow, close to normal for san francisco, oakland, san jose. still several degrees above average around concord. it will be more of the same for inland parts of the east bay. get to you in a second. the temperatures on the coast, mix of 70s with a few act degree readings down the peninsula and the south end of the bay with temperatures in the lower 80s. warming up farther into the 80s as we head farther inland topping out at 90 degrees for morgan hill. temperatures in the upper 80s and 90s. hottest spots farther east. reaching up into the middle to upper 90s. around the bay, normal early august temperatures, upper 60s and 70s for the east bay. lower to middle 80s for the north bay until you head farther north. still hot. high temperatures approaching 100 degrees. the temperatures will back down slightly for san francisco and oakland heading into wednesday and thursday. noticeably in san jose before the temperatures heat
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back up. for the end of the workweek and some of the warmth sticks around for the weekend. more of the same by sunday and monday. slightly below average temperatures, that is the case elsewhere. noticeable drop in temperatures inland in the east bay and north bay boy wednesday and thursday. the price u y is noticeable increase by friday and again, that heat will stick around into the first half of the first full weekend in august. vern? straight ahead in sports, nba free agency has opened for business. strange monday night in the arizona desert for the giants. two types of games
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let's go to where the giants were tonight. downtown phoenix, the diamondbacks, the last place team. the giants loaded them up in the 5th. they were up before one was hit. ch other, ken and i looked at the game was over, it was 7-1.
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but the diamondbacks were grinders tonight. fought back from that deficit. the 5th inning, 2-run homer, rallied to make it 7-5. bottom 7 now, 8-6. then walker doubled. two runs came into score and tied the game up at 8. the game went to extras when posey hit it where no one else was. crawford scored. giants put three on the board and survived this one. won it 11-8. the dodgers did not play so the national league west lead increased to 3- 1/2 games. nba free agency began today. this guy making the corner pocket 3. the warriors signed him to a minimum contract. looking for pieces that fit. how can he help? the 8-year veteran is a 40% three-point shooter. he will fit right in. meantime, basmore can pour
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water on lebron james, he left the warriors and joined the lakers. reportedly a 1 year deal opting for reportedly a bigger role over more years and money that the warriors had on the table. nfl and the 49ers, they put the pads on, well, not quite yet. they did change the routine training in santa clara. repetition, rehearse, refine, mastering the complex offensive scheme. but every now and then you got an audible, right? i tried to sell this idea to try in a game. >> when you are at the line and you are calling it and you throw out one of those, you know, dummy audibles like omaha or something like that. just work in a little kpix in there. >> kpix. >> a simple one to mix in there. [ laughter ] >> it will be dummy but it will confuse the defense. >> all right, i got you.
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>> keep the hot mike on us. [ laughter ] >> see, i was going for the cross promotion, knowing who signs my paychecks, 49ers play the chiefs on august 14th right here on kpix5 followed by the rams and the raiders to close the preseason schedule. >> we like that shout out. thanks, vern. tonight, a welcomed sign of the recovery in san francisco and the return of the cable cars coming with an extra bonus
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a familiar sound returns to san francisco [ bell ringing ] >> cable cars are rolling against. service has been suspended since the beginning of the pandemic, longest shutdown since the 1980s. they hopped on the first official ride. [ applause ] >> i can not think of this city without cable cars. and i can not think of the city without all of the great thing that we know, love and treasure. >> i am so happy to be bringing these services back. >> riders can jump on for free all this month. by early september all three cable car lines will resume paid service. >> free. tourists love that. >> remember the cable car
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it is back to schooltime and today sunnyvale community hosted their back to school event. this time, a drive through. families stopped and volunteers loaded supplies into their trunks so the goal is to provide children with tools for success as they start the new school year in person. always fun to get your new school supplies until the homework starts piling in. >> yes. a crazy work. >> it will be one. >> it is the start of the week. >> yeah, late show with stephen colbert is next. >> news continues streaming on cbsn ay area. - hi everyone and welcome to the legal help center. today we have legal professionals standing by to answer your questions and give you a free consultation. so if you've been injured in an accident
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that was not your fault and you don't have an attorney, give us a call right now and we'll let you know how much


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