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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  August 1, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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economic recovery in the bay area and da lin is live at the walnuts station. >> reporter: big improvements with the bart transit system and times will be cut in half her weight and for a lot of people trains will be coming for 15 minutes instead of 30 minutes. >> i have enjoyed the smaller crowds, and maybe that is why feel safe on them. >> reporter: she likes taking bart even during the pandemic and like donna more people slowly returning to the transit system. >> fairly comfortable and they did a good job with cleaning it and it was probably the cleanest it has ever been. >> reporter: jonathan said it is great timing since he soon has to go back to the office. >> we are supposed to start going back to work three days a week.
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>> reporter: starting on monday they will be back to about 90% of pre-pandemic service. >> weekdays we are at 21% ridership, and it is exciting and the weekend ridership has returned more quickly and we are at between 32 and 38%. >> reporter: in addition to having trains every 15 minutes on week done dash days they will extend until midnight on monday through saturday. >> with the federal relief that has come through, we are able to restore service. >> reporter: the midnight closing time is not just great for restaurants and service workers but also great people who use it after a night out. >> that is huge like if we are going to in a's game or something. >> i am excited about it, because it has limited the things we can do and i have company coming in from out of town and i wanted to take them to see hamilton and i was worried about how we would get home but at least now we would get a ride on bart. >> reporter: officials say sunday is the only they were service will be about the same and a longer wait times and stations closing at 10:00 p.m. instead of midnight. >> it would be nice if it was
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back to 100%, but progress in the right direction. >> i appreciate them and i am glad to see they are thinking ahead to be ready and get us moving forward because we need to go forward. >> great changes, but i am curious if they only have possibly 21% ridership, why bring it back to these pre- pandemic service levels? >> reporter: they say because they received money from the federal government, and that prevented the layoffs. they actually have the workforce to go back to near pre-pandemic service levels and also with this surge with covid, they want to have more train so people can social distance and stay at east 6 feet apart. >> it does sound like good changes. thank you. tonight, vaccination rates are rising across the bay area. they are higher than the state average right now. and they saw 46% jump in first time vaccinations between july 9 and july 27. this morning dr. fauci spoke
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about breakthrough infections and how the delta variant is different from earlier mutations. >> when you look at the level of virus in the nasopharynx of people who are vaccinated who get breakthrough infections, it is really quite high, and it is equivalent to the level of virus in the nasopharynx of unvaccinated people who get infected. that is very different from the alpha variant. the alpha variant, the level of virus in a vaccinated person was extremely low in the vaccinated people compared to the unvaccinated people. and not so with delta. we do know now that vaccinated people who get breakthrough infections can spread the virus to other people. >> coming up, what dr. fauci says about the possibility of more lockdowns. looking live out of san jose city hall. on tuesday the city council is expected to hold its first in
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person meeting since the pandemic first started and masked residents could attend the meeting in person. in colusa county, investigators are on the scene of a deadly helicopter crash and we are near the scene with what we are learning about that. >> reporter: we have confirmed four people have died in this crash and that is the latest update from the sheriff's office shared with us in the past hour. investigators say this is how close we can get to the scene of this crash and the ntsb tweeting they will take part of this investigation along with the faa and according to the faa that helicopter went down after 1:00 this afternoon near colusa county and investigators with the sheriff's office are on the scene interviewing neighbors who may have seen that crash and the identities of the people on board won't be released until their families have been notified. just exactly what caused this helicopter to crash remains under investigation. >> this is a story we will follow with updates tonight on our news at 11.
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and now to the fire watch. cameras captured plumes of smoke rising up over alameda county this afternoon at a small fire sparked but fire crews quickly got it under control. no word yet on the cause. nobody was hurt today when a car burst into flames added east bay bart station. fire crews were called to the bay point bart parking lot around 1:00 this afternoon and they said it had to use chain saws to cut open the car and allow the flames to even out. no word on what started the fire. new video shows the moments the drivers took police and wrong way freeway chase last night. you can see sparks flying from one of the wheels of the suspects car and officer say at one point the suspect and a passenger inside tried to carjack two different people. they were taken into custody by arriving police officers and no word on what started the chase. at least one person was hurt following a night of wild sideshows in san jose.
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of you are telling us that the sideshow erupted in front of the san jose city hall. police said they responded to several sideshows across the city, one of which a pedestrian was hit by a car. that person was taken to the hospital with serious injuries and more than a dozen drivers and spectators were cited with no word on any arrest. a developing story. nhl is investigating evander kane of the san jose sharks, this after his wife posted on social media about gambling allegations. we have more on what it could mean for him going forward. >> reporter: san jose sharks start evander kane is under investigation by the national hockey league after his wife alleged on social media he bet on his games, perhaps even tanking them and how does the
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nhl ludy compulsive gambling attic still play when he is obviously throwing games to win money. maybe somebody needs to investigate this. bob dorfman is the creative director of baker street advertising and a sports market analyst. >> this is about the worst thing a pro athlete can do. betting against your own team and if the allegations are true. >> reporter: gambling allegations are not new for him and was sued by a casino for allegedly walking away from a half 1 million in gambling debts and filed for bankruptcy signing 1,000,000 1/2 in gambling debts. the nhl responded saying the integrity of our game is paramount in the league takes these allegations seriously. we intend to investigate and have no further comment at this time. if he is found to have bet against his own team, he would likely be banned from the sport for life much like pete rose in 1989 when he was managing the cincinnati reds. rose has never been reinstated by baseball. in a statement, he said even
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against the advice of my legal time and team i feel strongly that the public and fans here this direct he for me. i have never gambled on a sharks game or bet and never on hockey or never gambled or bet on any of my games and never thrown a hockey game. he thinks it is likely that he among the few black players in the league will be suspended by the nhl during investigation. >> it kills is market value. he was making $7 million a year with the sharks. coming up, the inspiration behind a 3000 mile journey from the bay area at the brooklyn, new york, all on bicycles. how you can get a free ride on san francisco's cable cars this month. it could be a preview of what is to come in california as millions of americans are now facing back rent and no more federal protection from evictions. it is been a bit since we could use the camera on top of
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sutro. looking out at the headlands and see it without having a marine layer get in the way. we cool things out for now, but that doesn't mean we lost a the influence of this onshore flow and the cold temperatures. i will show you how we will eprynenow that its early august and the temperatures and what they should look like this time of year, coming up.
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it sure is pretty what are -- weather out there. and some bay residents are riding their bikes across the country to honor the victims and heroes of 9/11. we are live in vallejo with more on that journey. >> reporter: good evening.
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the writers kicked off this part of their trip today starting off in santa clara county and making their way up to san francisco and here to vallejo just a few hours ago. it is called the data brooke and ride commemorating the upcoming 20th anniversary of 9/11 and for the next 40 days some retired and active firefighters as well as military veterans will be writing each day until they reach brooklyn and a day before 9/11 getting some police and fire escorts along the way well emphasizing the message of unity. >> everybody seemed to come together as one and over the last 20 years, it seems we have had a divide again and hopefully this ride bring the nation together again. >> we will go and spread goodwill and spread a message of remembrance and appreciation all across our nation. >> reporter: money raised will go to the gary sinise foundation helping first responders in these writers
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have been planning this for about a year. they are certainly excited to kickoff this cross-country trip, about 3000 miles all the way to brooklyn. >> how far will they be cycling every day and how long? >> reporter: today they rode for about 60 miles and took a ferry to vallejo from san francisco and another days they will be writing as much is 120 miles a day and the bottom line, they will make a good workout by the time they get to brooklyn and certainly exciting for them as they commemorate 9/11 in this way and tonight they will be at the vallejo fire station staying the night and tomorrow morning they are taking off for sacramento so another 60 mile ride for them tomorrow. >> thank you. los angeles county firefighters are also cycling on the cross country journey to new york city to pay tribute to fallen first responders and the group of 11 current and retired firefighters started their trip
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at the santa monica pier and their 3200 mile journey is called right for america. >> i would really like to see a groundswell of patriotism come back and a lot of people aren't aware of the fact that we are coming up on more people dying, firefighters dying in the aftermath of 9/11 from working on the pile of recovery from 9/11 related cancers and illnesses. >> there hoping to raise $100,000 to help 9/11 survivors in the trip itself is 40 days and the firefighters are expected to peddle 90 to 120 miles every day. happening tomorrow here miraculous news, you can do something for free in san francisco that used to cost money. writers will be able not only to hop on a cable car but they won't be running at full service but operators will be testing the lines, you can hop on one for free. this is throughout the month.
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they run from 7:30 in the morning until 10:00 p.m. all week long. >> not a bad ride especially through the city. here is our forecast. i am excited about that. i want to show you what we look like 12 hours ago the tri- valley because in addition to have it be real pretty, it is a good indicator of how we cooled everybody down today and you could see the view from highland peak and this looks out over the tri-valley. so livermore is out there in the distance and i went back 12 hours ago and look at the light from sunrise. that is the marine layer going onshore, so the coast is back that way and it looks like you're driving down 580 and the clouds disappear by the time we get to 9:00 in the morning and then the sunshine was away for the rest of the day but the clouds got this far inland it did really help today and temperatures did not get out of
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the mid 80s in the tri-valley and if we look at the current numbers now it is only 76 in livermore and san jose at 74 and that is the view behind me right now with concord at 78. this was the coolest day for those inland valleys and you will have to warm back up again tomorrow but only into the low 90s that is basically what you have been doing and today is the day that stands out and tomorrow you will get back to what you have been used to for much of the last few days. tonight the marine layer will come back, and we will wake up tomorrow and will be great for the early morning on monday for pretty much the entire bay area and that is a good surge and we are just not going to get as much of a benefit of that throughout the day. because the temperatures will jump a little more. we do start out in the morning and we go back into the mid-to upper 50s which is typical here as we look at morning lows everywhere and for daytime highs, everybody will do like you did today except for those inland valleys so south bay,
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this is where you were at 81 and tomorrow for san jose we got to 80 and the city and mid- 70s on the peninsula and the san mateo. and now back into the low 90s over here today. so about a 7b0 bump for many of these locations. pleasant h92 and in waut creek to 91. it is still the low 70s. 71 for oakland and 68 with berkeley and the valley up into sonoma will be in the mid 80s although santa rosa we may be able to get 78 tomorrow and you are also getting the benefit in the same clouds and cool air that surged into the tri- valley's today do the same thing through the petaluma gap, and it has cooled down santa rosa and petaluma as well and you will get gray skies for the morning in the north bay tomorrow as well. daytime highs in mendocino and lake county not bad with the mid-90s. in terms of what happens next, if we look at san francisco and oakland and san jose first which is what we do when we
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look at the seven-day, there is no difference and you don't really see much that stands out and we pretty much see the same thing here so we will switch it up and bring in this inland east bay that is the top line, yes we do have a warm-up into the low 90s the next few days and then you will get a little bit of a dip here on wednesday back down to what today felt like and then you warm back up going into the end of the week in the mid-90s and the take away is there is no major swings and we don't have any significant spikes in heat for the next seven days and maybe not even the next 10 days and if you look at the long rage -- range forecast model it looks like there could be some heat once we get past that but a week and a half away that is and more on that as we get closer to it but right now we have a great looking seven-day forecast. the giants got a new guy and put this longtime chicago cub on display and the star player kris bryant at long last is a giant and it created quite
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a buzz from the time he walked into oracle park.
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taco bell's fry force. now serving at a taco bell near you. for the giants it was more than a game with the astros today. it was a debut for its newest big hitter and cameras were rolling. the arrival of kris bryant was well documented and a quiet trade on friday. autograph seekers were waiting any rolled into the park with this comes back. logan webb got the start and just made one mistake and it happened right here. he went deep for a no doubt about it to run shot and an early houston lead and in the same inning kris bryant was greeted by the oracle crowd. he worked in eight pitch at
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that and wave that strikes 3 in his first at that but you will like the second at-bat and it is the third inning, he took a garcia fastball and put it over the wall and send the crowd into a frenzy and a homer in his giants debut and they would then tie it and it took the lead and base hit to write and he beat the throw home with the 3-2 giants lead and he enjoyed that and in the 5th inning, again he made it rough on the astros with a 2 run homer made it five minus 2 and they win it 5 minus 3 and they still lead the west by three games and at arizona tomorrow. before the game, kris bryant was showered with autograph requests and for signatures after seven seasons as a chicago cubs and the giants fan base couldn't wait to welcome him in. and he felt the love. >> taking ground balls out
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before the game and people just screaming for me and it made me feel like i was a rookie again and like i was the number one prospect coming out making my debut, so that was really special and i want to thank all the fans that made this day very memorable for me. >> mom, on the left, that is doulton jeffrey's mother lisa and her son pitched for the a's in anaheim today and just like that they greeted jeffries with a 1st inning to run homer and angels jumped up to a 3-0 lead and here comes the power of the oakland a's and matt olson tied it when he swatted away a three run blast with the big flight but let me show you how to make a first impression and the catcher was just acquired before the trade and a 2 run brought up a three rbi day for him and what about the slugger
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the a's kept him quiet today and the the 5th inning within inning ending double play and you could say that she loved it. her son picked up his first career win and they beat the angels 8-3 and the astros lost but they are 4 1/2 games behind them and the al west and host san diego on tuesday. >> i knew this would mean a whole lot more to me into my family because they could be here and having my dad here and brother and aunts and uncles and fans and everybody was here except my dog i think and i had so much fun. >> they could use help from wherever like the rookie here swinging away with a two-run shot on saturday an ofr the mari heitagto beat the mariners and why such a big deal the oakland? there trailing the a's in the
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west race and a one-time oakland a's the first rookie to hit back to back walkoff home runs ever. and for those wondering what about olympic golf. xander schauffele he held out rory sabatini to get the gold medal and the 49ers look at these big fellas the offense of lineman everyone of them over three to pound including number 69 and they put the pads on tomorrow and listen to how he added 25 pounds. a little touch of home cooking. >> my dad, there is pork roll and i don't know if anybody heard of it from the jersey shore but every morning on the jersey shore in the weekends there is a few pork rolls and cheese waiting for me either from nursing a hangover from the night before or just waking up before we go to church, so those are my favorites and not having to worry about just
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eating one of them is definitely a good thing. >> my doctor is thinking right now watching what is his cholesterol. >> your doctor says don't you do that. coming up, another surge of covid cases across the country and how likely are we to see more? >> plus how a daily jogger turned into a night mare for one california woman. a possible shortage that could impact breakfast tables across california.
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majestic mountains...
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scenic coastal highways... fertile farmlands... there's lots to love about california. so put off those chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm when less clean energy is available. because that's power down time. you are watching kpix 5 news. and now the cdc says more
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than half of the counties in the u.s. are considered high transmission areas for covid-19 and new daily cases are higher at this point than they were last summer. thank you for joining us. with cases rising, mask mandates could be around the corner, but america's top doctor says he doesn't think there will be any more lockdowns. >> i don't think we will see lockdowns. i think we have enough of the percentage of people in the country, not enough to crush the outbreak, but i believe enough to not allow us to get into the situation we were in last winter. but things are going to get worse. >> is the delta variant extends it's a grip, millions of americans remain unvaccinated and unmasked. elise preston reports from new york. >> reporter: as covid-19 cases surge nationwide, dr. fauci is sending a message to tens of millions of unvaccinated americans. >> we really have to get those
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people to change their minds and make it easy for them or convince them or do something to get them to be vaccinated because they are the ones that are propagating this outbreak. >> reporter: covid hospitalizations this week rose 50% and 97% of them were unvaccinated. in israel the government is giving booster shots to people 60 years or older and the effectiveness does wane over time and with the spread of the delta variant. >> we see the effectiveness against diseases roughly 40% and it still remains high for severe disease, but we do see diminished protection, especially for people who have been vaccinated earlier. >> reporter: last week cdc reversed its spring guidance saying all americans should wear masks when gathering indoors
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in parts of the country with high transmission rates. they followed an outbreak last month in provincetown, massachusetts, showing it can spread as easily as chickenpox and then even vaccinated people can get covid and transmit it. at this testing site in broward county, florida, some waited two hours for their turn on saturday. >> my husband's grandmother and mother tested positive for covid, and he was with them over the weekend. >> reporter: the cdc said more than 21,000 new cases were reported in florida friday, levels they have not seen since january. >> nationally first dose vaccinations are up 30% in the last week. at the first of the month, millions of americans who are behind in their rent could soon be evicted. the eviction moratorium has expired and it could be a preview of what is to come here in california. more than 11 million people are currently late on the rent payments and democratic lawmakers failed to get another vote to extend the eviction ban
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which the cdc in post last september. here governor newsom has extended the state eviction ban until september 30. >> not only do i expect to see mass evictions across the country and filings, but expect to see all of those cases currently on hold immediately move forward and widespread eviction and all of those cities and states where tenants are being protected from the federal moratorium. >> how speaker pelosi said local governments should use the emergency rental assistance program to help residents and only a small fraction of those federal funds have been doled out. police are looking for two gunmen who opened fire in a crowd in queens, new york, saturday. it shows two men shooting their guns in the street with the getaway drivers following the shooters on the sidewalk picking them up and driving away. 10 people were wounded and taken to the hospital. the good news is they are all expected to be okay. five people were wounded after gunfire broke out in new
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orleans on bourbon street sunday morning about 3:00 in the morning. the live feed of earth cam captured live moment it happened and you can see the crowd reacting. police say they detained one person as they continue to investigate. a violent attack on a teenage jogger has left residents of one quiet southern california neighborhood on edge and police say the 17-year-old was jogging along the bike path in culver city on friday when she noticed a man behind her with his hand in his pants and the police say the teenager tried to run off but the suspect hit her in the head knocking her out. she did regain consciousness and saw the man right away. >> stay vigilant and know your surroundings no matter what time of the day you are jogging and keep a phone with you jogging in case you don't feel safe and you need to contact the police. >> investigators are searching for a suspect in a say it appears to be an isolated incident. the victim was hospitalized with a serious head injury but expected to be okay. disney is facing a class- action lawsuit from their employees. they are suing saying they are
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not being paid a living wage and lawsuit which was first filed in 2019 was just granted class action status. workers claim that disney is receiving tax breaks from the city of anaheim and that under a city ordinance disneyland employees are entitled to higher pay. a shakeup in the tech world today as jack dorsey's san francisco-based square is and i talk to acquire after pay and the australian tech company has agreed to a stock deal valued at $29 billion and after pay allows for customers to pay for purchases in four installments rather than in a full amount at once. square said it plans to combine after pay with its seller in cash at the businesses. >> all of that money with businesses i have never heard
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of. can you live without they can? the wreck the staple could be hard to find it more expensive here in california. >> this is due to a change in animal welfare rules. come january california will enforce a law which would wires more space for breeding pigs so right now only 4% of national hog producers comply with the new rules and unless the courts intervene or the state temporarily allows noncompliant meat to be sold in the state, california will lose almost all of its pork supply. still ahead and streaming, the questions still surrounding a deadly shooting inside a california movie theater. concrete concerns in san francisco and the list of buildings that could be most vulnerable. coming up tomorrow on our news at 7, they are known on the street as serial plaintiffs and disabled people wh hundreds of lawsuits under the americans with disabilities act. >> it is like, come on, give us a chance to get back on our feet. >> every one of these cases are based on a legitimate
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violation. >> tune into the lawsuit goldmine, at the news tomo
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today california community is remembering the lives of two teenagers who died following a police finding a random attack inside a movie theater. >> we have the report with how friends and family and how they are reacting. >> riley was such a beautiful and one-of-a-kind person. she wanted to succeed and make parents proud. >> reporter: a college student, tiktok star, soccer star and marketing major and of all of the things riley and anthony were, they are missed most as kindhearted and fun. their first date was monday. >> she would talk to mesaying that you're going to love him and us in that.
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>> reporter: a crowd shared memories and grief outside of the very theater were police say 20-year-old joseph gimenez shot the two friends when they were at the movies monday night. prosecutors say the attack was random and unprovoked and workers at the theater discovered they had been shot after the film ended. police are working with riverside county da to add an additional count of first- degree murder charges against him also of corona. the high school, the private high school where they graduated in 2019 released a statement saying among other things we pray for an end to the kind of violence that led to this wasteful heartbreak and in a statement his family added from his quick smile to his compassionate heart his presence was a gift and a friend tweeted that the teenagers organs were donated sut and his friends shared. >> obviously, an 18-year-old woman and 19-year-old man didn't deserve this, and i know there are guardian angels right
6:40 pm
now, and i know they want us to be okay. >> the suspect is being held without bail and also charged with lying in wait, which makes them eligible for the death penalty if convicted. still ahead, devastating flooding and fires in turkey and new videos showed all moment the woman is pulled from the water. the spectacular show that saturn is putting on
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emergency planning for kids. we can't predict when an emergency will happen. so that's why it's important to make a plan with your parents. here are a few tips to stay safe. know how to get in touch with your family. write down phone numbers for your parents, siblings and neighbors. pick a place to meet your family if you are not together and can't go home. remind your parents to pack an emergency supply kit. making a plan might feel like homework, but it will help you and your family stay safe during an emergency.
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good news from the dixie fire lines. some evacuation orders have been lifted and that is a welcome change after it grew 20,000 acres in a matter of hours. the fire slowed down since friday and some worry the fire may flare up again and containment is stuck at 24% and more than 10,000 buildings are under threat. this is a video of air drops and fires burned over
6:44 pm
240,000 acres, an area eight times the size of san francisco, but there is good news. firefighters have beefed up most of the western perimeter of the blaze and here in the bay area brush fire forced emergency crews to shut two lanes of traffic on 580 w. of livermore yesterday and fire crews got control over the burn in 30 minutes but not before the fire consumed about 15 acres . a woman is rescued after being dragged by a massive flash flood in turkey and the woman was looking for her 10- year-old brother suddenly she was swept away and rescued by another woman from a village and also in turkey plumes of smoke filled the sky of the coastal town as firefighters try to contain the blaze on sunday. you can see the flames along the coastline and votes on the water with taurus and hotel staff were evacuating by boats
6:45 pm
on the beach. more than 100 fires have erupted in turkey over the last five days and the death toll from the wildfires rose to eight. wildfire evacuation's also happening in greece. several villages evacuated yesterday with nearly 300 firefighters battling a hillside blaze that spread toward the sea and the fire burned through pine and olive trees and damaged the number of homes and other buildings. greece is experiencing a high risk of wildfires during their heat wave. this is exciting news. this is happening tonight. saturn will be bright as it will be all month and it is a cinch to see. the ringed planet will be in opposition, meaning earth is at its closest approach to saturn, and saturn will pretty much be directly overhead at midnight tonight and if you look up it looks like a yellowish start in jupiter will be in the sky as well and jupiter is brighter than saturn but to find it you need to look to the west of jupiter and they look like
6:46 pm
bright yellowish stars up there. if you get your binoculars out, you can resolve the rings of saturn and that is always fun. you have seen saturn through a telescope? >> you do see rings on it. but now i have to be the planet killjoy. it will be cloudy. just like it has the past few nights. i will use an example and here is what it look like this morning when we started out over the other side of the hill and that is the view of lafayette looking up highway 24 and this was after sunrise and you can see plenty of clouds here and this is a good example of the clouds clearing and in the overnight hours they were thicker than that and the time- lapse will show the clouds clearing out right around 8:00 in the morning happening pretty early, but if you look back over at the east bay hills on the other side of that would be oakland, berkeley, and it did stay cloudy there until we got until 11:00 in the future cast tonight with the clouds in a second and you will see how they built back in in a hurry and they did a huge favor on
6:47 pm
the temperatures with only in the mid 80s today in concord and livermore and those have been the two warmest spots for the last several days with numbers climbing into the 90s and this was the coolest day for little while and we will warm up more tomorrow and 78 cool air flowing in keeping the communities up 101 relatively cool and san francisco did not it out of the 60s all day and we have a nice view looking back over the bridge and the view over san jose is just as clear. so let's play the future cast forward on the clouds and that took us ahead and by the time when we are really at that opposition at 11:00 a midnight those are the ideal temperatures to look at, and it will stay cloudy all through the night and by the time we get to 6:00 in the morning and this is onthe better showings of and onshore with the marine layer pretty much grain everything out, and it will stay that way through the morning and plenty of sunshine
6:48 pm
tomorrow. tomorrow it brings us back into the 50s and 58 in vallejo and not 78 and it will be 48 in santa rosa and we see the temperatures dip into the cooler numbers. tomorrow, the south bay has many temperatures around 80 or 84 will be the number in campbell and 81 in san jose, 80 in redwood city and we will see the temperatures for the inland east bay valleys in the low 90s. 90 in pleasanton, 90 and livermore, and we will see the temperatures for the east bay shoreline up to 70. it will be mid 80s with the valleys in marin and santa rosa we get another day in the upper 70s tomorrow. petaluma will do 80 and the numbers will warm back up into the mid-90s and for clear lake. how is the next seven days? it is pretty much just like this. san francisco and oakland and san jose, no real changes and you really see the swings up a few degrees one way or the other and i doubt you will notice a lot of change and if you look at the microclimates,
6:49 pm
which is where we would be more susceptible to notice big swings and temperatures for the inland valleys of the east bay's it couldn't happen there and we will go back to the low 90s tomorrow but i doubt you will notice and the north bay valleys will stay right around that 80 degrees mark for the next seven days. back over to you. coming up, frcisco faces and
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[singing indri sings] [elephant trumpets] [buffalo punish timpani] [cassowary crescendo] ♪ [goat does a sick vibrato] ♪ every time nacho fries came back, that bold seasoning was drawing something closer. and once they taste that warm nacho cheese sauce... they won't stop till there's nothing left. taco bell's fry force. now serving at a taco bell near you. we probably won't know for months exactly what caused the deadly condo collapse in florida, but we do know it was
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over concrete multistory buildings. >> that kind of building has been a safety concern here because of the ever present threat from the big quake one of which struck on february 9, 1971. >> good evening. a powerful earthquake, the most destructive in 38 years in california today struck the city of los angeles. >> a three-story building simply collapsed and all of it falling into the first floor. >> reporter: february 1971 at 6:00 in the morning a magnitude 6.75 quake was a big surprise that day and the other -- >> brand-new buildings like the hospital collapsed. >> this is part of the coty medalfacility. >> reporter: it was a new but little concrete building. >> mexico city a few days later
6:53 pm
the same thing. >> reporter: this building was designed to meet present mexican earthquake standards, but it failed to survive. in 1994. >> it sliced it down through the freeway. >> the same thing over and over again. >> reporter: san francisco, san francisco weights, packed with thousands of old concrete buildings at risk of collapse and a big quake. >> the old ones didn't have enough reinforcement steel, and we are looking here on the roof at quite a few of those buildings and they didn't have enough steel so they are not that good. >> reporter: he is a longtime structural engineer. >> after a big quake, we will likely, unless we fix them, have a number of large building collapses. >> it really is a time bomb. think of the structure during the 89 earthquake. >> there are cars and trucks smash completely. >> i think most people are totally blissfully unaware. >> reporter: skip walker is an
6:54 pm
independent building instructor and inspector. >> in san francisco you will see city blocks were that is almost all there is are these older concrete buildings. >> reporter: it is a problem the city has been aware of since that day in 1971. >> it was a moment for southern california and we changed all of our codes in response to that earthquake. >> right now, we do have vulnerable concrete are what we call low concrete buildings in san francisco. >> reporter: we don't have a program to actually inspect them and, if they need it to make them safer. in fact, 50 years on, we don't even know exactly how many of those buildings there are and does anybody have an idea?. >> there are 800 or so concrete buildings built before that.
6:55 pm
>> the city has identified 3200 buildings that fit their criteria. >> reporter: 50 years on the city has finally identified and mapped 3700 concrete buildings with help from the structural engineers association of northern california. >> part of what we look at with that inventory is the building occupancy and if it is a multifamily high density unit and those are structures we want to pay attention to. >> a lot of these purple ones, those will be primarily what they call concrete tilted buildings. >> reporter: many are concentrated in areas of high- rise departments and apartments. >> you will get a letter that says are part of this program and you have a timeframe to bring an engineer and to complete this list. >> reporter: the city gave us a map crowded with dots but no addresses but despite repeated and i mean repeated requests from us, the city has refused
6:56 pm
to make the list of the buildings public. guess why? >> the money we're talking about is huge. >> it wouldn't make sense for us to ask every property owner that has a concrete building to conduct an expensive evaluation of the building. >> reporter: this is not stopped los angeles from implementing its own mandatory inspection and retrofit ordinances. they identified and inspected them and when necessary ordered retrofits. san francisco has only finally taken the first step. they identified suspect buildings, but they still can't decide what to do with information that perhaps hundreds of thousands of people may be living or working in collapsed hazards. >> i don't think we have made that decision yet. >> we know the building is unsafe and they need to be looked at, and analyzed to determine the cost-benefit and some hard decisions will have
6:57 pm
to be made. >> we can kick the can down the road obviously for a long time, but there will be a day of reckoning. there will. >> reporter: when los angeles passed its sweeping retrofit ordinance six years ago, that los angeles city mayor said we finally took our head out of the sand and it remains to be seen how it goes here in san francisco. >> but is it up to us the homeowners to check in with the homeowners association? >> that is a good start and you could also put pressure on the city of san francisco to say where is the list. >> thank u for watchi
6:58 pm
at usaa, we've been called too exclusive. because we were created for officers. but as we've evolved with the military, we've grown to serve all who've honorably served. no matter their rank, or when they were in. a marine just out of basic, or a petty officer from '73. and even his kids. and their kids. usaa is made for all who've honorably served
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and their families. are we still exclusive? absolutely. and that's exactly why you should join.
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>> nine years of work, seven minutes of terror. >> he's talking about the descent and landing of the "perseverance" rover on mars. >> execute entry descent and landing on her own! >> and there goes the descent stage. >> wow! >> big sigh of relief. i almost collapsed over this console. >> part of its mission: to drop off "ingenuity," a mini helicopter that would take off and navigate in the martian atmosphere, much to nasa's delight. ( cheers and applause ) ( ticking ) >> good evening! >> as ford foundation president, darren walker oversees a $14 billion endowment.


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