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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  July 31, 2021 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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live from the cbsn bay area
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studios, this is kpix 5 news . right now on kpix 5, and streaming on cbsn bay area, a man struck not once but twice. the details on the late-night had run out of oakland. plus why a surge in coronavirus cases due to the delta variant has health officials sounding the alarm. with thousands of students returning to the classroom in a few weeks. why some parents are having second thoughts. good morning, saturday, july 31 i am darren peck, let's start with a quick check of the weather. a live look outside to show you why the morning will look very familiar. the front lines of the marine layer, it is gray on the golden gate bridge but that is what it looks like in the south bay. over san jose. very similar drill to what we have done the last couple of days. will have mid-level cloud deck that sits over pretty much the immediate may, in land it is fairly clear, starting sunny,
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temperatures right around 60 for most locations. warming up today but not as much . we should top out at 90 and that is a couple of degrees cooler than yesterday, and that is a trend, we cooling down the inland locations a couple a degrees each day. we are show you in the 7-day forecast in a few minutes. new this morning a man is dead after being struck by two cars on 580 last night. chp officers say he was riding a bicycle on the freeway. it happened around 10:00 last night on eastbound 580. west of macarthur. the man reportedly riding his bike the wrong way on eastbound lanes, that was when he was hit by a first car and then a second. a chb investigation closed eastbound 580 until around 11:40 last night. it is unknown if drugs or alcohol played a part or of suspects have been located. a live look at san francisco. the city could see in indoor mask mandate as early as next
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week. new data shows the average number of new cases a week is 10 times higher than it was back in early june.kpix 5's ondrea borba has the latest details on a covid outbreak at two hospitals in san francisco. >> reporter: breakthrough covid- 19 cases have gone from theoretical to reality in the past month. at two major hospitals. since most pandemic restrictions were lifted june 15. at you cfs, 183 employees out of 35,000 tested positive, and it zuckerberg san francisco go general hospital, 35 employees out of 7000 also turned up positive for covid-19. dr. levett john day says these were cases contracted outside the hospital. since strict ppe protocols are still and placed inside. >> requirements have not changed since the beginning of the pandemic.'s we always adhere to them. i think because of that, and the
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staff is done a phenomenal job, we haven't had patient to staff or staff to patient transmission. >> reporter: he expects that throughout the pandemic, 10 to 20% of his staff would contract covid 19. between safety protocols and vaccines, that has not happened. >> all the cases we see among our staff is mild symptoms. no one is been hospitalized, no one develops severe covid whose fully vaccinated among our staff. that is incredibly reassuring. what we want from a vaccine. >> reporter: the hospital staff breakthrough cases have not ended up being treated by their colleagues. >> the cases where seen among staff, it is mild symptoms. no one being hospitalized, no one developed severe covid whose fully vaccinated among our staff. that is incredibly reassuring and what we want and a vaccine. >> he says he doesn't think it will be until september until we hit the peak of the summer
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surge we are seeing right now. in the meantime, three contra costa the jails dealing with covid outbreaks. cases detected at the martinez marsh and the creek, the martinez, marsh creek and west county detention facilities. we are told 96 inmates and staff members, in addition have tested positive. this comes amid new data from the cdc showing the delta variant is even more dangerous than we thought. kpix 5's betty yu explains what the new findings mean. >> reporter: the cdc acknowledged that the war has changed. the agency warning fully vaccinated americans can transmit the delta variant as easily as those who are unvaccinated. penitas more transmissible than the common cold. a new cdc report released today examine a cluster of covid cases in the massachusetts resort community of provincetown . all traced back to celebrations in early july. of the 469 positive cases, 74% were fully vaccinated. >> i believe the studies show
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us that the vaccines are highly effective at preventing severe disease and death. the second part of the study shows us, it is true the delta variant is different, and their higher viral loads in the nose than there ever was with the regular variant. the higher loads are occurring even when vaccinated. >> reporter: an infectious disease expert says if you're vaccinated, you are unlikely to be as infectious for as long as someone who isn't vaccinated, because your immunity should fight the virus. right now 35,000 vaccinated people per week are coming down with what is called, breakthrough infections. but as a reminder, out of the 164 million people who are fully vaccinated, .02%. >> it really is very simple. there are more mild breakthrough infections in the case of the delta variant. that is why you should be
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masking indoors, even with vaccinated people, until the delta variant passes. >> reporter: this san francisco resident is on board with the cdc's new masking guidance, and the city's impending mandate. >> i know i've been vaccinated, i have taken all the precautions, but it would suck, how much more contagious this version is. to not take a simple precaution. i have already started wearing a mask in most places. >> as far as outdoor activities, doctors say those are generally safe. the virus particles dilute pretty quickly outdoors. just use common sense. with bay area schools about to reopen for in-person learning, the surge and delta variant has some families reassessing their options. so far no barry the area school districts change their plans with kids under 12 not yet eligible for the vaccine. many bay area parents are nervous about sending them
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back. but many students told us they have had enough of zoom and they just want to get back into the classroom. >> to socialize with my peers. although online learning, it is good, it isn't the same as the real thing. >> wearing a mask, it helps me know i am safe. >> we definitely are eager for the kids to get back to school. he misses his friends like crazy , and we are all looking forward to more normalcy. >> happening today, for those that want to get your teenagers vaccinated, santa rosa community health will be giving out shots for anyone 12 and older. doing it this afternoon. the clinic open today from 4:00 until 6:00 p.m. , at the roseland community library on sebastopol road. as an incentive, the first 100 people who get vaccinated will also get a gift card from doordash. on the finer watch the states largest active fire has
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scorched nearly a quarter million acres. that is the dixie fire and it is burning in plumas national forest. threatening more than 10,000 structures and fire crews say the flames are chewing through islands of vegetation within the perimeter line they have set up. right now containment sits at 24%. on thursday, a lightning strike set off a new fire on federal land in plumas county, not far from the dixie fire. they are calling this one the evans fire and that burned through about 45 acres in the plumas national forest so far, burning near the town of greenville. as wildfires and the effects of climate change put strain on the states power supply, governor newsom signed an emergency proclamation freeing up extra sources of power. the order streamlines permit environments to speed up the expansion of battery storage systems it eases restrictions on using back up generators when the power system is squeezed. live to capitol hill, at
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last minute, an effort to extend the nationwide eviction moratorium. but it failed, putting millions of americans at risk of losing their homes, starting today. house democrats scramble to put together a deal yesterday, after president biden announced he would not step in to try to prevent the moratorium from expiring today. but, they could not reach an agreement in time. according to census data, around 6 million americans are at risk of eviction in the coming months. california's eviction moratorium expires at the end of september. time now is 6:10, still ahead on kpix 5, and streaming on cbsn bay area , two teenagers shot in the southern california movie theater. the confrontation between a victim's father and the gunman. a desperate landlord leads to a huge payday for san francisco couple.
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how much they were paid to leave their rent-controlled apartment. a live look outside as we had to break. looking over the bay bridge from our roof, we will be right back.
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happening today, police and sheriff's deputies will take a fresh look for berkeley runner missing for nearly 3 weeks now. the 39-year-old has not been seen since july 10, when he told his wife he was going for a run at pleasanton ridge park. the initial search was called off after five days.
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the volunteers have been continuingly looking for him. check out this helicopter video showing drivers doing reckless stunts on oakland street this week. police responded to a large gathering in the area of 90th and holly street thursday. a chp helicopter followed several of the drivers that sped away from the scene. they were swerving, running stop signs and red lights and eventually slamming into other cars. in one car, passengers seen hanging out of the sunroof, out o the windows. all the cars eventually stopped in a parking lot where police moved in and impounded several vehicles. you can watch the full video on our website, . this morning, an outpouring of support for two teenagers shot inside a southern california movie theater. the tributes came hours after the suspected gunman faced a judge. >> reporter: an excruciating
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four days for the dozens of people who showed up at new beginnings church friday night, to hold a prayer vigil for 18- year-old rylee goodrich, the intelligent, driven young woman shot to death by a stranger inside a corona movie theater after a showing of a horror film, there for a purge. >> i came here to give to the families, give them support per >> reporter: her parents spoke to about her through tears, her mother said she had a vision of her daughter surrounded in light and told her she was flying. her father david said he was her pride and joy. the protective father confronted his daughter's killer earlier in the day at his first court appearance. 20-year-old joseph jimenez faces the death penalty if convicted on charges of murder and attempted murder , along with sentencing enhancements just filed for lying in wait. rescue to say he was the only other person in the theater when he shot rylee goodrich and her friend, 19-year-old anthony barajas, who remains on life
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support. the district attorney calls the attack random and unprovoked. >> it is pretty upsetting. i knew her for only two years, i felt like, she was so welcoming to people and super nice. >> everyone was here, a lot of friends and family. it made a really big impact on everyone. 30 miles away, a private prayer vigil took place for anthony barajas. a tiktok star with 1 million followers., rylee goodrich was a star also, she could see it in the love she witnessed in the crowd. >> nicole comstock reporting, the suspect didn't enter hearing, he will be back in court next week. let's look at the forecast, start by checking in on just how widespread the marine layer is over the city. you can see the clouds hanging out as we check out the view from treasure island, a pretty great start to the day. daytime highs today, climbing
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back in the low 90s. topping out at 90 concorde, 90 livermore, 70 oakland. we will look at this in more detail when we do the grand tour in the daytime highs. let's look at the temperature is now. low 60s along the bay shoreline, 60 hayward, 61 oakland and low 50s santa rosa. 53 santa rosa and 57 petaluma. putting the marine layer on top, pretty typical for what we've been doing all week. the clouds have basically inundated the corridor. 101 through sonoma county. certainly over the city, working down 880. not as great for the south bay and watch how fast the clouds move back. as the marine layer goes back, high clouds once again coming from all the thunderstorms that have been building, consistently in the sierra. an impressive week of the monsoon and thunderstorms in the sierra. here at home, by 1:00, we have the classic scene where the marine layer is covering the west half of the city, never really clears entirely and
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watches it streams across the bay and continues to build into the berkeley hills. that shows a healthy marine layer able to hang on all day and that means it will build back in again tonight and tomorrow morning. no change, keeping the temperatures where they should be this time of year. it is so thick, it is misting out and we get 100th of an inch of rain. for anywhere near the coast, it will missed in the city and the east bay hills. looking at the bigger picture, watching the marine layer going back in the high clouds again, a bigger explanation showing you why, that is this afternoon. there's your complex of storms again. you see the high clouds today you will no, those are coming from the thunderstorms. over the sierra, and that is pretty much the drill the next couple of days. we will see less of that on sunday as the pattern starts to diminish. daytime highs for everybody. south bay low to mid 80s.
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pretty typical. the numbers on the mark for average and i'm happy now, i can say that even over here, for the inland valleys of east bay. low 90s, temperature is coming down closer to typical 88, 89 the average daytime high over here for our warm spot. back in the bay, temperatures upper 60s to low 70s for much of the each bay shoreline. low 80s for places like santa rosa and novato and into mendocino and lake county, low 100s. 7-day forecast for san francisco, oakland and san jose, cruise control. we look at the microclimate, same story. not a lot of change. most of the cooling done, thankfully and now we will sit here for pretty much the next seven days. one san francisco landlord was so determined to get rid of his tenants he offered them nearly a half $1 million to pack their bags. $475,000 to be exact, to move out of their rent-controlled top floor unit and presidio heights. they were among a dozen tenants who complained about noisy,
6:20 am
large-scale renovations at the building. and they took the buyout, no surprise, but others who up and left are suing the landlord. one said he was never offered an incentive to leave. the tenant buyout is the largest in san francisco history so far. coming up on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, a popular bay area fair coming back. this weekend. are people taking extra precautions when they go? we will take a look at that. coming up in sports, introducing you to the newest [baby cryiying] i i got it. i i got it. ♪ ♪
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a couple days after the doctors traded for all-stars max sherzer and trea turner, the giants responded by adding an all-star to their team. former mvp kris bryant found out and the cubs dugout minutes before friday's trade deadline, he was being dealt to the
6:23 am
giants in exchange for two minor-league prospects. an emotional moment for brian who spent his entire career with chicago. he gives the giants another big bat for the stretch run in place six different positions. san francisco also brought back tony watson in a deal with angels. rain should make his debut saturday, today. his jersey already to go against the astros. san francisco trail last night, 2-1, buster posey doubled off the wall, gausman scored to tie the game. top of the fifth, josc swings in a pitch, shoulder high and sent to the left field bleachers to give houston a 3- to lead. next inning, josc up with bases loaded and he goes deep once again. a grand slam to blow the game open, 7-2 and the astros go on to win the game. as for the oakland a's, to trades already this weekend and
6:24 am
another deal before the deadline. picking up josh harrison and younger homes, this was one of the rare moments of frustration for chris bassitt. bottom of the six, strikes out to end the inning. seven shutout innings, 1-0 in the eighth and matt chapman is them assurance with his 14th homerun of the year. they shut out l.a. for the second straight night. 2-0 the final, two and half games ahead of the mariners for the second wildcard spot in the american league. the blue jays, back in toronto on friday. they had not played since september 2019 in canada due to the pandemic. third baseman santiago espinal, i catch, two in the game and they beat the royals 6-4 and their first game at their home ballpark and 670 days. the giants and oakland a's at the only team that added to the roster friday.
6:25 am
yesterday afternoon, the warriors introduced their two newest players. first round pick arrived leading up to thursday's draft. a lot of speculation, golden state would trade their two picks for a veteran player but the general manager said he likes to plan them being part of the nation for longtime. >> to get two guys like this that hopefully can play as long as staff and cleated together would be a dream come true for us and them. >> they are coming to a good place, we need you guys, not right away. if you can play right away great but at some point you will be the veterans. we are excited to watch them girl. >> reporter: coming to a great place and we are excited to see how they mesh with staff, trey martin clay. i am gianna franco, that is bortz. looking for something fun to do, look no further than sonoma county summer funfest. the attraction at the county fairgrounds and they will have everything you would think including carnival rides, food
6:26 am
booths, kids entertainment stage, i use a garden exhibit. two concerts a day in the area called park stage. the fair is smaller this year and they are doing it obviously to comply with covid protocols. some of those who went hope there will not be another prolonged shutdown. >> i give up. i hope it is pretty quick now, with new regulations on federal employees getting vaccinated. >> the county mandated any of the county buildings, regardless of vaccination status you are required to wear a mask. >> reporter: the sonoma county fair will run through august 8, it is closed mondays and tuesdays. coming up on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, san jose bars facing a backlash over what some are calling a new carding system. what you need to bring out along with your i.d. can lawmakers move forward
6:27 am
with a final infrastructure vote before leaving for august recess? what has congressional leaders
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welcome back, six, 29, i am darren peck, let's start with a quick check on whether. no surprise, if you been around the last few days , the marine
6:30 am
layer is back in. that's what it looks like on the front line, the golden gate bridge. that is the extreme case. not even all that cloudy and san jose, and when you get into the inland valleys you are waking up to clear skies. contra costa, alameda county, just like yesterday. the one thing different about today, it will be a little bit cooler. we have been in a cooling trend for the inland valleys the past few days and 90 degrees in general is getting you close to average. we will look at everyone's daytime high in detail and the complete forecast in a few minutes. here are the latest statewide covid numbers. 6.4% of californians being tested for covid-19 right now are coming back positive. that average stood at 1.5% 30 days ago. statewide, 4100 covid patients in the hospital. that number was 122. back on thursday. 3 1/2 times the number we saw in mid-june. right before reopening.
6:31 am
new research indicates covid-19 may play a role in advancing alzheimer's disease and some patients. according to the alzheimer's association, many virus survivors experience a loss of smell and taste and persistent forgetfulness, months after they were covered from the initial illness. researchers say the new data is pointing to some covid infections leading to lasting cognitive impairment and alzheimer's symptoms. to san jose were the city's bar scene is seeing a new form of carding. not only do bar goers need to show i.d., everyone needs to show their vaccination card to get kpix 5's lindeman lindeman harris shows, some the bar owners are facing backlash and threats for requiring customers to show proof of vaccinations. >> reporter: the famous flaming cocktails flowing at the haberdashery bar and josc you have to show your card at the door. i.d. and proof of vaccination.
6:32 am
>> it was time to keep take care of our staff. >> reporter: one man said he and his staff decided customers prove they been vaccinated. >> you want to make anyone feel bad, we just want a special room where we can drink great cocktails and a place that doesn't put us in danger. >> reporter: the all-new it would cause a shakeup in a stir. the bar hit was so many one star reviews, yelp suspended the bars ratings and there is more. >> reporter: some folks called to make vaguely threatening remarks on the telephone. a lot of social media and email. people making inappropriate or vocal comments. i don't think those are people that come visit us every day. a number of bars checking vaccination cards is small but growing. seven stars bar and grill open last week after your long shutdown, and now also requires proof of vaccination. >> we understand its political for a lot of people and i hate
6:33 am
it has become political, but for safety issue, that is guiding us this whole time. >> reporter: one more thing to remember when going out. >> it's annoying for me because i forgot my card >> reporter: the people we spoke with said it makes them feel more comfortable, coming to a place like this >> i do not go indoors a lot when i go out. except if i know it's a place that is tracking vaccination status. that is important to me. >> two of the bar owners we spoke to said they had some customers say they would not be returning. bottle rock napa announced that all guests need to show proof of vaccination, or a negative test within 72 hours of they want to get into the event. that means you need your single dose of the johnson & johnson vaccine or your second dose of the pfizer or moderna by august 20. to be considered fully vaccinated when the event opens friday september 3. if you have not gotten your first shot it is already too late to meet the deadline with moderna, and for pfizer, you have to do it today if you're thinking of going. happening today, any space
6:34 am
school district holding a job fair, the mt. diablo district is short on teachers and support staff as its preparing to return to full in-person instruction august 12, it is looking to make new hires. >> i believe it is a statewide education issue, retirements, cost-of-living, those interested in applying for jobs we have psychologist jobs, behavior assistant technician, behavior jobs, teachers, paraprofessionals. >> the job fair will happen today from 12:00 until 5:00 and again wednesday from 4:00 until 7:00 at the district office on carlotta drive. looking live at san francisco where the mayor is launching a new street team to stop drug overdoses, starting monday. working to provide care and support for 700 homeless people at high risk. the city investing $13 million
6:35 am
in overdose prevention this year. san francisco has seen a rapid increase in drug overdoses due to the rise in fentenyl use. also happening monday, bars return to near normal, resuming early morning to midnight service every day but sunday. trains also run more frequently with more weekday trips to sfo. masks required to ride. live to capitol hill. the senate advance for roughly $1 trillion infrastructure bill, a bipartisan group of senators is embracing to see if support for that can hold. during the next few days, a debate in efforts to amend the legislation. natalie brand has the latest from the white house. >> reporter: the group a bipartisan lawmakers noticed the problem solvers caucus expressed optimism that the physical infrastructure bill they are working on will pass. >> we are not done yet, but we will get this baby across the finish line. >> if what we vote on looks
6:36 am
like what we agreed upon, it will pass. >> reporter: the framework for the bipartisan legislation includes roughly $1 trillion for projects including roads, bridges and broadband. president biden said it also includes billions to prevent and respond to wildfire, something he discussed with the group of governors virtually friday. >> it includes funding for prevention efforts like forest management. >> reporter: the timeline for final vote is uncertain, nancy pelosi has said the house will not take up the infrastructure bill until the senate passes a separate democratic budget resolution through the process known as reconciliation, which does not require republican support. >> we need to be transformative in terms of going forward with infrastructure investments and reconciliation bills, the truly meet families needs. >> reporter: the $3.5 trillion resolution would need the support of all senate democrats, but arizona's kiersten cinema signaled she does not support the current price tag. president biden downplayed her
6:37 am
reservations. >> >> reporter: senate majority leader chuck schumer said the senate remains on track to pass both the bipartisan bill in the budget resolution before lawmakers leave for august recess. natalie brand, cbs news, the white house. coming up on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, a two-week, 200 mile journey for good cause, what each paddle means to the father and son duo doing this. meet a bay area woman helping her small community make a big difference for the ocean. our jefferson award winner, we will be right back.
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of father and son completed a 200 mile kayaking journey to raise money for families affected by the pandemic. reporter anthony subarea has a story from chesapeake bay and virginia. they pulled into st. charles for rest, the last leg of the kayaking journey that's started outside maryland. >> 15 to 20 miles each day. each paddle and support of families hurt by the covid-19 pandemic, still struggling to get by financially. >> reporter: for us it was important to give back, to make sure we can support through
6:41 am
cause. >> reporter: the causes the development released agencies covid hunger relief pandemic response. they braised part of $3 million headed to families in need, but raising money may been the easy part. this 200 mile journey, no leisurely flow on the chesapeake, battling weather incurrence is one part of the struggle. >> i would say some of the challenges, staying hydrated and making sure you have enough fluids. at every stop, we have to fight mosquitoes. >> reporter: at the end of the day, they have each other. >> we always struggle as parents or fathers to find time with our kids. for me personally, i wanted to use this opportunity to spend time together, to have fun together and to challenge ourselves a little bit. >> reporter: making memories while making a difference for those who just need a little help. the father and son kayak excursion started july 16 in
6:42 am
maryland, and ended yesterday and virginia. new video a major flooding in parts of colorado yesterday. logs's washing onto a road and lynn haven north of denver after a fast-moving water overwhelmed a culvert. the water contained scorched earth and debris because it was left over from a wildfire that happened last august. with more rain expected, volunteer firefighters are monitoring areas were swollen rate is also getting close to roads and homes, further west, glenwood canyon, thousands of stranded motorist took shelter in a shuttle for an entire night after rockslides shut down interstate 70. 29 cars stuck in a haney, hanging lake tunnel, thursday night, state transportation officials say 108 people had to be evacuated, and by late yesterday everyone was accounted for. it will be a lot quieter here today. a live look down 880, the good example what it looks like
6:43 am
out there today for just about every location inside the immediate pay. just like the last few days, we have a healthy marine layer. no issues with fog, with the exception of perhaps the golden gate bridge and we checked in on the camera a couple of days, you can see fog on the roadway. everywhere else should look like this, unless you are inland, go to the other side of the hill, inland contra costa, alameda county, we can up to clear skies and warm today. cooler than yesterday, the trend we have been doing. cooler trend are inland. right now low 60s, 61, santa rosa 53. here is where the fog is in is in and when when he look at it this way, san jose waking up to clear skies, so are the inland areas of east bay. marine layer and up on 101, watch it melt back. santa rosa down to the city, half of the city, we'll get you into the sunshine by late morning. one of the classic days were the marine layer will be able
6:44 am
to persist for the west half of the city through the golden gate and into the berkeley hills. classic. so thick, we will get light mist, maybe 107 inch of rain. in the city, east bay hills and parts of the peninsula, especially through the gap, late misting if you about to head out early. big picture shows us in addition to the marine layer melting back, the higher clouds coming from the east. part of a much larger pattern that continues to develop. storms in the sierra, each afternoon, this is been fun to watch from a distance, and totally typical. the sierra usually gets large complexes of storms in the summer but we missed out on it a lot the last few years. this is not the kind of rain that makes a huge dent in the drought. fast burst but thankfully they come with enough rain, lightning has not been a significant concern yet. we still need to watch that closely, hopefully these continue to be good rain
6:45 am
producers. >> down, daytime high low 80s in the south bay. 77 fremont, up in the bay, 75 for hayward. temperatures in land, where we continue the subtle cooling trend. low 90s most locations, conquered 90 in livermore 91, danville 89 in walnut creek 89 and temperatures in the media bay mid to upper 60s and low 70s, although you get in the valley in sonoma and it's 80 in santa rosa 81, petaluma, same number. still hot in mendocino and lake county. 7-day forecast san francisco, oakland and san jose up first.
6:46 am
>> reporter: sonya and her twin sister have been running the vintage market in downtown fulsome for five years. they sell vintage furniture and women's clothing, soaps and candles. >> i measure all my vessels. >> reporter: a portion of the proceeds go to a passion project, hope center, a woman's outreach program. >> i meet with inmates one on one, female inmates, for about three months on fridays. hi start off with, where were you born, all the way to the trauma and from the trauma to how they ended up in prison. >> reporter: sparked by their brothers stints in jail in the
6:47 am
70s. >> he came over for help i said okay, if you want help, let's go to church. we went to church and started to to your program for him. 20 years later, he has been awesome. when the pandemic close their doors in the jail, they had to get created to continue bringing in business and serving women in need. they focused on improvements. >> we painted the outside of the building and the inside of the building so it could all match. >> reporter: and started two online stores for fashion and home decor. the stores are different, they are all programs that provide the inventory, the shipping, all they really want is a percentage of sales. they found an online community to help them continue to click with women. >> i have an audience, which is nice. it's a good reminder to never leave liquids. >> reporter: sisters looking to be the light for others in a dark place, trying to turn their life around. >> the sisters looking for
6:48 am
volunteers for the store to help more a female in lance inmates. a look at this week's jefferson award winner, san mateo county woman rounding up her small, coastal community to tackle billions of pounds of plastic and other pollutants that end up in the ocean every year. sharon chin has her story. >> reporter: twice a month each cleanups collect trash >> plastic bottle caps. >> reporter: plastic bottle caps to cigarette butts. >> i feel like a hero. >> reporter: volunteers like jade stark feel good. >> it is like you are saving the animals in the ocean and land. >> reporter: the beach cleanup, one project of see hugger. >> ez pass. >> reporter: the nonprofit founded in 2018 to heal the marine environment. she got the idea and part after diving at the great barrier reef with her husband. >> large swaths of dead and
6:49 am
bleached coral. it was really shocking to see that. >> reporter: the half moon bay server had an aha moment. >> i realized i had the skills in the heart to be the voice for mama ocean. the ocean and the animals that live in the marine ecosystem cannot speak for themselves. >> reporter: volunteer joanna starkey says they leave the nonprofit and lobbying for conservation laws and supporting solutions that reduce our dependency on plastic. >> she makes the bridge between the community and the politicians organizations that can make a difference. she and her group educate children. on campus lessons gave way to can't see hugger, and an old bus during the pandemic. hundreds of families at pages to the clue classes.
6:50 am
>> you are contributing, pretty inspirational. >> reporter: michelle with a granados school district says she motivates people to care for their environment. as you walk through here as part of your neighborhood, it looks better because i made it look better. >> i am always thinking of you. >> reporter: now supporters inspire shell with neighborhood science and well wishes as she battles stage four breast cancer. >> this is my expression of thanks. >> reporter: her daughter cass says see hugger fuels your fight. >> it has given her a huge sense of purpose. >> reporter: for leading a multifaceted campaign to protect the oceans, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to show klee, sharon chin, kpix 5. see hugger provides monthly support for programs in south africa as well and that program picked up more than 4000 pounds of plastic in two years.
6:51 am
the letter for tokens program is mirrored after program in mexico where families pick up trash, turn them in for tokens to use to buy basics like food and clothing. if you know someone doing extraordinary community service, nominate them for jefferson award. we love to hear about them, go to
6:52 am
local lifeguards competing for bringing rights to be called the toughest in l.a. county. rick montana is with the guy who wanted all, or the gal, we will see. >> reporter: a fun night of competition, this year's big winner zuma beach, they have bragging rights for the next year, allie counties toughest lifeguards. >> welcome to the 2021 lifeguard crew. >> reporter: a fierce competition of physical strength, and skill, lifeguards along the bone the l.a. county coastline competing to be named the 2021 toughest lifeguards >> once you win, everyone is
6:53 am
beneath you. >> reporter: the first time i in beta is competing, a lifeguard for three years. >> it is really exciting. all lifeguards have great energy and super fun. >> reporter: they compete in relays, running. >> reporter: then they hit the water, really swimwear is to see which can pull the fastest times. competition so fierce, the beach body rescuers train and have to trial to make the team. >> friendly competition. at times we are all competitive, that's how i got the job. >> reporter: you want the bragging rights? >> absolutely. >> reporter: the competition part of the international surf festival. the beaches have each claimed the title in recent years, the baywatch crew and the u.s. coast guard even put out a show of skill for spectators >> it is really cool to see everyone come together and put
6:54 am
our training to use. >> reporter: for the teams who leave the sand without the title, they are still proud to be l.a. county lifeguards, watching a 31 miles of beaches and the largest professional lifeguard service in the world. the events continue tomorrow and lifeguards from other counties join the competition. from hermosa beach, rick montanez, kpix 5 news. we know you see what is behind the walls of this mansion that hit the market in dallas, or rather, what is not. >> reporter: the holy exterior of this building disguises its utilitarian past. first, electrical utility building and then a business base that the realtor is determined to turn this never home into someone's a forever home. >> everyone likes a challenge. if you're getting ready for the zombie apocalypse this could be where you want to be. >> the 6000 ft.b2 property is listed for just under million dollars.
6:55 am
there are no bedro
6:56 am
6:56 and time for a look at this morning's top stories. san francisco could see a renewed indoor mask mandate as soon as next week. due to the delta variant spreading breakthrough cases among vaccinated workers, now reported at two of the cities hospitals. ucsf, 183 employees tested
6:57 am
positive for covid-19 and ed zuckerberg general, 35 of them dead. this morning the chp is investigating a deadly hit-and- run in oakland. a man riding his bicycle on 580 when he was hit by two cars late last night and he reportedly was writing the wrong way on eastbound lanes. california's largest act of wildfire has burned more than 240,000 acres, the dixie fire, burning up in plumas national forest. 24% contained. firefighters say flames are consuming islands of vegetation within the perimeter they have set up. effort so far and congress failed to extend a national eviction moratorium. that means as many as 6 million people at risk of losing their homes, a statewide moratorium in california will continue through september. today authorities will make a new search for missing berkeley runner. philip reitcheck has been, has not been seen since july 10
6:58 am
when he told his wife he was going for a run at pleasanton ridge park. all right let's get a quick check of the forecast. we will spotlight the 7-day forecast. san francisco, oakland and san jose of first and temperatures not really going to budge. we will sit here with the marine layer doing this thing each morning, and evening, and as we look at the microclimates for the inland valleys of the east bay, where we really want to look to see significant changes, the biggest things happening there lately and they will not happen there. temperatures that average, right around 90 for the inland valleys of contra costa, in the in the inland valleys of the north bay. low to mid 80s, not bad.
6:59 am
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