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tv   KPIX 5 News at 7pm  CBS  July 30, 2021 7:00pm-7:29pm PDT

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to help keep california from burning below. right now on the kpix 5 news at 7:00 a.m. streaming on cbsn bay area, san francisco could be the next bay area city to issue an indoor mask mandate amid a surge of even vaccinated health professionals can't escape. good evening, i'm elizabeth cook. >> i'm ken bastida. let's get to the numbers tonight. 6.4% of californians being tested for covid-19 are now cming back positive. >> that average stood at 1.5% just 30 days ago. the state confirmed another 10,000 new cases in just the past 24 hours. you have to go back to early february to find a one day total that high. >> statewide, about 4100 covid patients are in the hospital, 122 more than there were just yesterday, and 3 1/2 times the number we saw in mid june, right before reopening. >> san francisco is averaging 176 new cases a day. úthat's a
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beginning of june. most are turning up in unvaccinated or partially vaccinated people, but there are plenty of break cases as well, and as juliette goodrich tells us, not necessarily where you rthdeltt, led cischaving to ouin sick. we've also learned it did not happen inside the hospital. >> delta variant is a different beast and it can still be there when you are vaccinated. >> reporter: the cdc finding vaccinated individuals may be able to infect others as easily as the unvaccinated, and then this latest news that healthcare workers in san francisco are coming down with covid-19 outside the hospital setting. >> we are seeing healthcare workers who are being
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nosed with >>epor sa neral af stinpositive for the c according to the hospital's chief medical officer and the san francisco chronicle, three quarters of them fully vaccinated. at ucsf, about 140 staff members reportedly infected since mid june. 80% of those who tested positive were fully vaccinated. >> we are monitoring the situation carefully because people -- if people are fully vaccinated they're unlikely to experience serious disease. >> reporter: doctors say right now, the number one way to protect ourselves is getting vaccinated and wearing a mask indoors, a mask mandate may be coming as soon as next week. >> we are very vigorously exploring issuing an indisionth coun andhealthce
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>> reporter: health officials in san francisco talking today about mask mandates. they say they'll do it on a county by county basis, but they may start as early as next week. in the east bay, juliette goodrich, kpix 5. just a couple of hours ago, we've learned nearly 100 contra costa county jail inmates and staffers have tested positive at the martinez, marsh creek and west county detention facilities. the covid positive inmates are isolating, and no one has been hospitalized. the surge isn't stopping travelers from getting out of town, but many we spoke with told us it is top of mind. >> on a little bit nervous about it. i think it's coming back, and i feel like we all did our best ed feing prettyrian anw, be are foin-person eaols about ning, the surge of delta
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variant has some families reassessing their options. so far, no bay area school districts have changed their plans, with kids under 12 not yet eligible for the vaccine. many bay area parents are nervous about sending them back, but many students told us they have had enough of zoom and just want to get back into class. >> mostly to socialize with my peers. i think although online learning, it's good, it's not the same as the real thing. >> because i'm wearing the mask, it helps me know that i'm safe. >> we definitely are eager for the kids to get back to school. he misses his friends like crazy, and we're all looking forward to more normalcy. >> if you'd like to read more about the cdc and state health department's official guidance for schools, we posted links to them on our website, . now to our fire watch, the dixie fire growing by 20,000 acres over the past 24 hours, and now covers an area of butte and plumas county's that's more
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than twice the size of the city of san jose. it's threatening at least 10,000 structures tonight and containment is still only sitting at about 23%. nearly half 1 million acres have burned across california so far this year, and it's only midsummer. governor newsom pointed that out during a virtual meeting of western governors, where le surs den for morefederal help. >> we just simply need more boots on the ground. we can't do it without you. we are in july. we already have 7400 personnel actively working to suppress fires. >> the governor also called for more aggressive attacks on fires on federal lands. he used the 68,000 acre tamarack fire in alpine county as a prime example. the forest service initially figured they would allow it to burn itself out. ne. , it burned, clear into >> we ne ange the culture in s of the
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suppression strategies in this climate, literally and figuratively, to be more aggressive on these federal fires. >> when this meeting is over, i will be on the phone to the department of defense and talking about the access to satellite capability. just yesterday a lightning strike set off a new fire on federal land in plumas county, not far from the dixie fire. they're calling this one the evans fire and it burned through about 45 acres in the plumas national forest this evening, near the town of greenville. police and sheriff's deputies will take a fresh look tomorrow for a berkeley runner who has been missing for nearly 3 weeks. 37-year-old philip kreycik hasn't been seen since july 10th, when he told his wife he was going for a run at pleasanton ridge park. the initial search was called off after five days, though volunteers have continued looking. bart will return to near normal service every day but sundays. trains will also run more frequently, with more week day
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trips to sfo. masks will still be required to ride. a live look at san jose, where city hall will reopen to the public on monday. masks will be required inside, as they are in all other city facilities. and the cities of mountain view and brentwood will also make masks mandatory inside public facilities. starting monday, regardless of vaccination status. foster city did the same thing yesterday. still to come here at 7:00, some stunning chopper video of drivers pulling off reckless stunts on oakland streets as passengers held on for the ride. their landlord wanted them out. now a san francisco couple is cashing in. the six-figure incentive to leave their rent-controlled apartment. and if you think bay area real estate is wild, wait until you see what's behind the walls of this dallas mega home. and more importantly, what's
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not? in the popular bay area fair is back this weekend. are people taking extra precautions? it's an appropriate view this evening as we approach the end of no sky july. ave degreen
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chp chase through the streets of oakland. passengers seen hanging out of signs. officers say the group took off from a large gathering at 90th and holly, eventually stopped
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in a parking lot at foothill and macarthur. police moved in and impounded those cars. if you'd like to see the full video of this chase, we've posted it on our facebook page and on . bottle rocket napa announcing today all guests will need to show proof of vaccination or a negative test within 72 hours to get into that event. so that means you will need your single dose of the johnson & johnson vaccine or your second dose of pfizer or moderna by august 20th to be considered fully vaccinated when that event opens on friday, september 3rd. if you have not gotten your first shot yet, it's already too late to meet that li as for pfizer, you have to do it today. taking a look at your top headlines, ardelta variant may be far more
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contagious than anyone thought, spreading as easily as chickenpox. it also found anyone can carry large amounts of the virus, vaccinated or not, and vaccinated people can spread it to each other. however, the vaccine has been proven highly effective in preventing those carriers from actually getting sick. >> that's the biggest take-home point for everyone. you can get infected. you're still going to get infected at a much lower rate than someone who is unvaccinated, but you're not going to get very ill. you're not going to go to the icu. you're not going to be on a ventilator, and most importantly, you're not going to die. >> for instance, in san francisco, of the more than 3000 covid patients hospitalized citywide since the pandemic began, 16re imatedmilo americans behind on their rent could be at risk of eviction as soon as sunday. the federal moratorium is on track to expire tomorrow night after a bill to extend it failed in the house today.
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>> when it comes to the technicalities and legislation, we just need more time. >> the lapse will not affect california renters. the statewide eviction moratorium will remain in place through september and some counties have taken there's ivan further. a live look at capitol hill where lawmakers are racing to get a national infrastructure deal done before the senate takes its august recess. a bipartisan group of senators agreed this week to advance $1 trillion plan that would invest in things like roads, internet service, and drinking water. and the long legal showdown over former president trump's taxes appears to be ending. the justice department is now telling the treasury to turn them over to congress. during the trump administration, democrats sued to see them, saying they needed to look into whether mr. trump complied with tax law, and then treasury secretary steve mnuchin refused to do it, saying the returns were being sohtpolitical
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reasons. all the fun of the fair returned this week to sonoma county fairgrounds, but with the current surge, there was an error of uncertainty in the crowds. a mix of masks and unmasked people enjoying sunshine. the fair was smaller this year, to encourage distancing. some of those who went hope that there won't be another prolonged shutdown. >> i give up. i mean i hope it's pretty quick now with the new regulations on all federal employees getting vaccinated. >> the county has mandated that any of the county buildings, regardless of vaccination status, that you're required to wear a mask. >> the sonoma county fair runs through august 8th. it's closed monday and tuesday. and a live look outside at the other end of the bay. plenty of sunshine to be found in san jose, for sure. >> meteorologist paul heggen here with your weekend forecast. >> things looking pretty good as we head towards the end of july and sudden but the same
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pattern is going to prevail this evening. tonight the low cloud cover and fog already in place over san francisco. it's going to spread across the bay, a little farther than last night, but just some passing clouds overhead by saturday afternoon. slightly cooler temperatures farther inland and as we head through next week some ups and downs to our temperatures but nothing out of control for the first full week of august. the air quality is going to improve. we're going to see a more persistent onshore wind and it's going to be directly onshore through the lowest several thousand feet in the atmosphere. that is going to take what little smoke and other pollutants we have in the atmosphere and kind of scrub the air clean by monday and tuesday. green dots in the forecast by early next week, so if you have noticed a little bit of hayes on the horizon, whenever the fog breaks up, you're going to be seeing clear skies by monday and tuesday. there is the fog right now, definitely settling down lower and lower as we speak. temperature downtown is down to 59 degrees and it's not much warmer on the east side of the bay. 62 in oakland and santa rosa 67
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degrees. 70 for san jose and 84 degrees and livermore and concord. quite a bit warmer inland in the east bay. the winds right now only 15 to 20 miles per hour. for the strongest sustained winds. once again today parallel to the coast. that's going to shift as we head into the weekend. a directly onshore wind is going to reduce temperatures somewhat inland. it still going to be fairly warm to even hot inland in the east bay but it's also going to be responsible for improving our air quality by early next week. is going to try to push the fog into the inland valleys, particularly the northbay valleys by tomorrow morning. visibility's are going to improve rapidly for inland parts of the bay area. it's going to take a little longer around the bay and along the coast but we should see plenty of sunshine by saturday afternoon. just a few passing clouds overhead. temperatures drop to the mid to
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upper 50s and low 60s for most of us. pretty normal for the last morning of july. high temperatures tomorrow very close to average for july 31st, right around 60 along the coast. mostly 70 to around 80 degrees around the south end of the bay and down the peninsula with temperatures in the 80s in the santa clara valley, from 81 to san jose to 89 degrees for los gatos and morgan hill. warmer and warmer as you had farther inland. same is true for inland parts of the east bay. upper 80s to around 94 the tri valley come into the mid to low 90s for fairfield, antioch and brentwood, not as warm around vallejo and benicia. temperatures around the bay exactly average for this time of your. mid-60s for san francisco, a mix of 60s and low 70s for the east bay with temperatures in the northbay topping out around 80 degrees in most locations. this may be a degree or two below normal but you don't mind that wind out of the southwest is going to help bring some marine air into the northbay. but not too far. temperatures only reaching 100 degrees for ukiah and well into 94 inland mendocino county and ke county as well temperatures in san francisco d day as we head inearly next week. droppi kld hove the
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upper 60s through midweek. temperatures in san jose just staying right around 80 degrees, slightly below average but pleasantly warm. a bit more of a warm-up for everybody by thursday and friday, and that's true for inland parts of the east bay and the northbay as well. temperatures will be hottest in the usual spots, far inland as you go further east and the coolest locations right along the coast, not much changed there. staying right around 60 degrees until a little more sunshine pushes temperatures up into the low 60s. i'll have another update on that weekend forecast coming up at 11:00. still to come, six-figure payouts smashing records. how far one bay area landlord was willing to go to get his tenants to leave. >> it is unquestionably the largest buyout in history. we might have a million-dollar buyout in a couple years. think bay area real estate is out of control? this dallas mega home is getting a lot of attention. not for the number of bedrooms, but because there aren't any.
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-nice work, guys! -introducing togo's new cheese steak melt, featuring fresh artisan bread, layered with tender seasoned steak, sautéed mushrooms, roasted red peppers, and smothered with melty american cheese. the new cheese steak melt, now at togo's. a san francisco landlord was so determined to get his tenants out he offered them nearly half $1 million to pack their bags. $475,000, to be exact, to move out of their rent-contro
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they were among a dozen tenants who complained about noisy, large-scale renovations at the building. the couple took a buyout, but others who up and left are now suing the landlord. one says he was never offered any incentive to leave. >> we were forced out of our apartment. we were effectively evicted, because they made the apartment uninhabitable. >> the landlord's attorney denies that eviction claim. the tenant buyout is the largest in san francisco history. you think the bay area real estate market has gone wacko? well wait until you see what's behind the walls of this mansion that just hit the market in dallas, or rather, what's not behind the walls. >> this must be the living room. >> yep. >> this is a little weird. s pa rsan ectric utility e altor is to turn this never a home into
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someone's forever homea challen if you are getting ready for the zombie apocalypse this could be where you want to be. >> 6000 square foot property is listed for just under $1 million, and while there are no bedrooms or kitchen, it does include a one half bath. no thank you. still to come, a celebrity sighting in carmel makes one instagram user's day, and it wasn't former mayor clint eastwood.
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car week coming up in a couple weeks down there, but a celebrity sighting on the streets of downtown carmel today, and it wasn't former mayor clint eastwood. >> yeah, it was the beebe's. justin bieber and wife haley bieber stopped to take a couple selfies with one very lucky fan, and it clearly mater dei. >> the biebers. >> biebers. >> in carmel. if you were there you could have seen them. >> i could have cut the bieber fever. you have to wear a mask, though. >> very well. >> thanks for watching. the news continues streaming on cbsn bay area. >> you just all denny's pancakes are made to order with fresh buttermilk. but this month's spotlight stack is a patriot. fresh, sweet and full of freedom. new red, white & blue pancakes. this month's spotlight stack. see you at denny's. ♪ reynolds wrap makes it easy to cook and clean up meals in no time. ♪
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