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tv   CBS Evening News With Norah O Donnell  CBS  July 30, 2021 6:30pm-6:59pm PDT

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lottery. do whatever you can to see this musical. it is phenomenal. thank you for watching tonight at 6:00. the news continue st aming on captioni ♪ ♪ ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs >> o'donnell: tonight, the war has changed-- those are the words from the c.d.c. after new data shows just how dangerous the delta variant is, not just highly contagious but likely more severe and deadly. what it all means for the unvaccinated and the vaccinated. the delta threat. we'll answer your questions. why scientists say the variant is just as contagious as chicken pox, and why the c.d.c. thinks even the vaccinated can spread covid-19 as easily as those without the shot. superspreader fears: hundreds of thousands gather at the lollapalooza music festival in chicago. and florida emerges as the new epicenter of the outbreak.
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nail-biting win. the u.s. women's soccer team advances to the semifinals on penalty kicks as the men's team argues the women deserve to be paid more. and simone biles shows why she's not competing. presidential pressure: what then-president trump told the justice department about the 2020 election, the bombshell quote. plus, a new ruling on making trump's tax returns public. tornadoes tear through pennsylvania and 90 million americans swelter in dangerous heat from the central plains to the carolina coast. where the storms are headed next. scarlett johansson sues disney. what could it mean for the future of the movie industry? and cbs' steve hartman has the story of a devoted son who fulfilled his mother's dying wish. news" with norah o'donnell, reporting from the nation's capital.
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>> o'donnell: good evening to our viewers in the west, and thank you for joining us. we're going to begin tonig people shell shocked, that alarming new data from the c.d.c. the new studies played a key role in the agency changing its mask guidance earlier in the week. well, today, we learned that new cases and hospitalizations are slightly higher than they were a year ago in the summer of 2020. the other bit of stunning data from the c.d.c.: about 35,000 vaccinated people per week are coming down with what's called breakthrough infections. but as a reminder, that's out of 160 million people who are fully vaccinated. so if you do the math, that's .02%. the big message tonight from scientists: the vaccine is still our best tool to fight the pandemic, and cbs news has learned that the f.d.a. is using an all-hands-on-deck approach to speed up full approval of the pfizer shot. and tonight more major american companies announced they will require vaccines for employees, like disney and walmart, and you have to get a shot to perform or
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watch a show on broadway. cbs' dr. jon lapook will join us in just a minute to explain it all, but we're going to start this friday night with cbs' charlie de mar in chicago. good evening, charlie. >> reporter: good evening, norah. this is the second day of lollapalooza. the four-day festival brings about 100,000 people each day. this is by far the city's largest event since the start of the pandemic. and just within the last couple of hours, the city reversing course, recommending that masks begin to be worn inside once again. but looking around the festival here, masks are few and far between. it's alarming news to a pandemic-weary nation. the c.d.c. now warning that vaccinated americans can transmit the delta variant as easily as those who are unvaccinated. but the agency also says that 97% of those hospitalized with covid have not been vaccinated, this as the virus rages out of control, especially where vaccine rates are low. >> i'm worried that this is just
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the beginning of a pretty big surge going across the south. >> reporter: delta can spread as easily as chicken pox. t ea ithat anyoned t for you? eks. readachchettshe c.d.c.'s cause resort community of provincetown, all traced back to celebrations in early july. of the 469 positive cases, 74% were vaccinated. >> as bad as this is, i worry it's going to get worse as the school year opens. >> reporter: the worry is already being felt in decatur, georgia, where classes begin on tuesday. nine students and five staff members at a charter school tested positive for covid. now more than 100 students are in quarantine. in florida, new covid cases topped 17,000, numbers the state
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hasn't seen since the winter surge. but today, the state's governor remained defiant. wrestns and no mandates in the state of florida. is set for broadway to reopen in september. theatre-goers need to prove they've been vaccinated. ( cheers ) that's also the case at the huge lollapalooza outdoor music fest, now underway in chicago. even with the new precautions, few are wearing masks. the thought of 100,000 people packed together worries university of chicago medicine epidemiologist emily landon. >> i am really worried for those little towns, or small places in unvaccinated america that have sent some of their teenagers to lollapalooza for a really good time, and could they see a faster or more-accelerated bump in their delta cases because of this? absolutely.
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>> reporter: and in those internal c.d.c. documents, a recommendation that masks be reinstated unilaterally across the country, not just in those covid hot spots. but the c.d.c. has yet to make that official. norah. >> o'donnell: all right, thank you. and this just in, actually. president biden was just asked by our weijia jiang if americans should expect more covid restrictions. and he said, "in all probability." another element there. charlie de mar, thank you. let's bring in our chief medical correspondent dr. jon lapook. he speaks regularly with c.d.c. director rochelle walensky and other top health officials. dr. lapook, so glad you are here. all right, let's talk about this, because the c.d.c. using those words "the war has changed," what exactly does that mean?he >> well, the war has changed because the enemy has some new weapons. it's more transmissible, more infectious, probably more deadly. remember in may when the c.d.c. relaxed its guidance about mashes, back then the delta variant was about 1% of all cases. now it's about 83% of all cases. and back then, the data suggested that if you were
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somebody who was vaccinated and you got a breakthrough infection, that you were probably unlikely to spread it to somebody else. now, new information, new data out today from the c.d.c. says that if you are vaccinated and you get infected nevertheless with delta, you're probably just as likely as somebody who is unvaccinated and gets infected to spread it to somebody else. so, the enemy changes its tactics. the c.d.c. changes its tactics, just as it should. >> o'donnell: i know someone personally that happened with. i want to show you this graph also from the c.d.c. it shows just how much your risk decreases from getting covid, being hospitalized from covid or dying of covid just by getting the vaccine. that reminds us the vaccines are powerful. >> the vaccines are very effective. you have an eight-fold decrease in the risk of getting symptomatic infection. that helps explain what you mentioned earlier, relatively few people are getting breakthrough infections when you think about the over 160 million people in america who have been vaccinated. and then you look at the amazing illn5 timedecrease in the rif ecinisk
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hospitalizations. with 25 times the decrease in the risk of death. i mean, that's very effective. >> o'donnell: what about people saying, "wait a minute. i got the vaccine so i wouldn'tt have to wea have to wear a mask and now you're changing the rules on me?" >> i get it. i'm empathetic. i feel the same way. remember last may when the guidelines were relaxed we were feeling so good. but, though i'm disappointed i'm very hopeful. think about how it was a year ago. we've come so far. we know so much more about how to treat, there are therapeutics we know more about ventilation and masks and testing and we have amazing, amazing vaccines. but you know something? when the enemy changes its tactics you have to change your strategy and that's why we all have to start rowing in the same direction. that's why the c.d.c. with changes make new guidance. and that's why the administration is saying you have to get vaccinated if it's at all possible. >> o'donnell: thank you so much, dr. lapook.
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appreciate it. well, tonight, newly released documents show that former president trump pressured his acting attorney general to call the 2020 election results corrupt. and there's also a new ruling today from the justice department on trump's long- hidden tax returns. we get the latest now from cbs' kris van cleave. >> reporter: more than a month after losing the 2020 election, then-president donald trump called the acting attorney general, jeffrey rosen, telling him, "just say the election was corrupt and leave the rest to me." adding, "we have an obligation to tell people this was anob illegal corrupt election." that's according to handwritten notes from rosen's deputy, richard donoghue, who was also on the call. the notes were released today by the house oversight committee. mr. trump also hinted at firing rosen and replacing him with an official supportive of his big lie. "people tell me jeff clark is great. i should put him in. people want me to replace d.o.j. leadership." how egregious is what we're learning about what is in these notes? >> the american people deserve to know and they ought to be
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angry, infuriated that the president of the united states tried to overthrow an election by using the department of justice, the very agency that is responsible for enforcing the law. >> reporter: according to the notes, the acting a.g. pushed back, saying, "the d.o.j. can't and won't snap its fingers and change the outcome of the election." the revelations about mr. trump's pressure campaign come as the house committee investigating the january 6 attack is preparing to call new witnesses, possibly some from the trump administration. will there be dozens of subpoenas? >> there will be quite a few. >> reporter: and tonight, democrats here in the capitol may be one step closer to getting their hands on former president trump's tax returns. that's because the department of justice has just ordered the i.r.s. to hand them over to the house ways and means committee. we are yet to hear from the former i also wto federal ban victions t toe torrow.ny relight >> reporter: nora
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between 300,000 and one million americans could be subject to eviction next month, but it looks like there will be no extension. the house has adjourned. it didn't look like there were votes in the senate. now president biden is calling on local and state governments to disburse the billions in relief aid that was set aside for this months ago. norah. >> o'donnell: kris van cleave, thank you so much. we're going to turn now to the summer olympics where the u.s. remains on top in the medal count with 41 while china is in a close second with 40. the u.s. women's soccer team need extra time, but they kicked their way into the semifinals. cbs' jamie yuccas has the wrap-. cbs' jamie yuccas has the up from tokyo. >> reporter: veteran forward megan rapinoe struck her familiar victory pose after converting the winning penalty kick, keeping the team's dream of gold very much still til thvery lwhistle is blown. >> rylov is going to get the gold, murphy with a silver! >> reporter: in the pool, ryan murphy took silver in the 200- meter backstroke losing gold to
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a russian swimmer. but what murphy later said about the race made waves. the russians are competing this year under sanctions stemming from previous doping scandals. >> i don't know if it was 100% clean, and that's because of things that have happened over the past. >> reporter: tonight, one of the world's biggest tennis stars is out. novak djokovic's quest for gold in the same year he won all four majors ended with a straight set loss. and world champion simone biles gave her strongest indication yet she may not compete in next week's finals. she posted video of her crashing to the mat yesterday with what is known as a bad case of the "twisties." what are twisties? >> twisties are kind of when the brain stops communicating with the body and the body decides to do one thing and the brain wants to do another. and so, the athlete feels very out of control.ah, ic for the women's soccer team came the same day the men's team tols team told a federal court ba
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a federal court back home it strongly backs the women's long- fought legal efforts for equal pay, saying, "the women deserve better from u.s. soccer and a lot more money." norah. >> o'donnell: it's about time. jamie yuccas, thank you. well, cleanup continues tonight after severe storms left a trail of destruction from colorado to pennsylvania. in colorado, mudslides stranded 108 people in their cars overnight on a highway in glenwood canyon. and in eastern pennsylvania, two tornadoes, one an ef-3 with winds up to 140 miles per hour, destroyed homes and businesses, including an auto dealership in the town of ben salem. one local official described the damage as looking like a bomb going off. now, elsewhere, nearly 90 million americans are under heat alerts. dangerous heat and humidity on saturday with feels-like temperatures of 115 in pensacola, 108 in dallas, and 108 in memphis. that is hot. all right, finally, some good news on the pandemic
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the number of new covid cases in the united kingdom have dropped by half in the last two weeks. and with nearly all its covid restrictions lifted, the country is looking for an economic shot in the arm starting next week when americans can travel there freely. so cbs' eleth paer is in london with the latest. >> reporter: it's the very height of tourist season in london, but you'd never know it. crucially, there is no sign of the more than two million americans who used to visit every year. this is buckingham palace, and normally at this time of year, mid-summer, the place would be mobbed. but today, just a smattering of visitors. but the government hopes all that is going to change after a radical lifting of almost all covid restrictions. >> two, one! ( cheering ) >> reporter: nightclubs have reopened, pubs are back in business and, as of monday, lly vaed americans canh no
6:45 pm u can me you can come and see friends. you can come as a tourist. if you've been double vaccinated. >> reporter: it's a remarkable turnaround. just two weeks ago, england was looking at a huge spike in infections, but it turned out to be thanks to soccer fans crowding together to watch the european championship. when that ended, covid cases plummeted. and england's highly successful vaccine program, with more than 70% of adults now fully immunized, means deaths and hospitalizations remain low. elizabeth palmer, cbs news, london. much more news ahead on tonight's "cbs evening news." why prosecutors are set to hit california's largest utility company with criminal charges. and the super hero legal battle between scarlett johansson and disney. or preparation h. try oling,oothing relief
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>> o'donnell: we learned that california prosecutors say they will file criminal charges against pacific gas and electric over its role in last year's zogg fire that killed four people and destroyed hundreds of line, sparking the b. llge
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utility company was forced int all right, disney is hitting back at actress scarlett johansson after she filed a lawsuit against the company. the "black widow" star claims she could lose tens of millions of dollars after disney simultaneously released the film in theaters and on its streaming service disney+. now, disney says the suit has no merit and shows a callous disregard for the effects of the pandemic. all right, coming up next, a son fulfills his mother's dream. call it one cheesesteak at a time. time. s retail businesses have a black owner. that needs to change. so, i did something. i created a black business accelerator at amazon. and now we have a program that's dedicated
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as $0 for botox®. so, text to see how you can save. botox® has been preventing headaches and migraines before they even start for 10 years. so, ask your doctor about botox® today. >> o'donnell: now the story about the unbreakable bond between a mother and son. here's cbs' steve hartman "on the road." >> reporter: by his own admission, dustin vitale was a momma's boy. >> mom, you ready? >> reporter: he cooked gloria breakfast every morning. >> that's my baby. >> reporter: and thanked her for the privilege. >> thank you, mom. >> reporter: as we first reported back in march. >> you're going to make me cry. >> reporter: because dustin had such devotion, after his mom was
6:53 pm
diagnosed with terminal bladder cancer he decided to try to take her on the drip she always dreamed of-- to see the pyramids in egypt, with the whole family, 14 people. never mind that dustin works as a middle school teacher in philadelphia and could never afford the $10,000 to fly everyone. he thought he could raise the cheddar by selling cheesesteaks. there's no way you were going to make enough money selling cheesesteaks out of your house. >> correct, yeah, correct. >> reporter: given that, whatre. was pushing you forward? >> just my mom. just a little love for my mom. >> reporter: and so, with his love and her recipe, dustin started making sandwiches, sandwiches so big no container could contain. he pedaled them to friends and family. >> thank you. >> thank you, man. appreciate your support. >> reporter: but those people musthave told their friends and family, too, because almost immediately, cars started double parking outside his house. >> get your mom to egypt.
6:54 pm
>> i'm trying, man. >> reporter: next, word spread on social media. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: and before he knew it, folks were lined up down the block. a food truck operator offered his services, and in just six weeks, dustin raised all the money he needed, and then some-- $18,000. >> the pharaoh is coming. >> reporter: the trip was in may. >> oh, my. >> reporter: the egyptian government had seen our story and gave gloria the cleopatra treatment. >> she repeated over and over it was the best thing she had ever done in her life. >> thank you. >> reporter: and she died not long after you came back. >> yeah, came home and did hospice and passed. >> reporter: did the whole trip help you at all with the grieving? >> yes, we created so many new memories that will last forever. >> reporter: and to make sure no one ever forgets her, dustin wants to open a cheesesteak restaurant. he doesn't know where or when, he just knows the name: gloria's. steve hartman, cbs news, "on the
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6:59 pm
of west virginia, and former f.d.a. commissioner scott gottlieb. and that is tonight's "cbs evening news." peekd. right now at 7:00 -- >> the delta variant is covid on steroids. >> the new warning about the dangers of the delta variant, and what it might mean for bay area masking policies. with thousands of bay area kids about to return to the classroom, the delta variant is giving a lot of parents second thoughts. >> with this new information now, it's time to sit down with my wife and reassess. it does work a lot. plus, a six-figure incentive. how far one san francisco landlord was willing to go to free up a luxury apartment. we just simply need more boots on the ground. we can't do it without you. >> when this meeting is over i
7:00 pm
will be on the phone with the department of defense. >> president biden promising help from thousands of miles up to help keep california from burning below. right now on the kpix 5 news at 7:00 a.m. streaming on cbsn bay area, san francisco could be the next bay area city to issue an indoor mask mandate amid a surge of even vaccinated health professionals can't escape. good evening, i'm elizabeth cook. >> i'm ken bastida. let's get to the numbers tonight. 6.4% of californians being tested for covid-19 are now cming back positive. >> that average stood at 1.5% just 30 days ago. the state confirmed another 10,000 new cases in just the past 24 hours. you have to go back to early february to find a one day total that high. >> statewide, about 4100 covid patients are in the hospital, 122 more than there were just yesterday, and 3 1/2 times the number we saw in mid june, right before reopening. >> san francisco is averaging
7:01 pm
176 new cases a day. úat


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