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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530pm  CBS  July 30, 2021 5:30pm-5:59pm PDT

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point for everyone. you can get infected. you're still going to get infected at a much lower rate than someone who is unvaccinated, but you're not going to get very ill. you're not going to go to the icu. you're not going to be on a ventilator, and most important, you're not going to die. when you look at even the current data, 99.5% and above of the hospitalizations, deaths, are in the unvaccinated in the u.s., even in the face of delta. >> i'm so sorry i took a really an opportune time to cough there. health officials in san francisco now talking with other counties about a mask mandate. do you think that it's going to be needed both indoors and outdoors in all settings? >> i think the writing on the wall for a mask mandate is probably going to happen in many counties in the bay area, simply because we are kind of at a really important points right now. people have moved around a lot. there's a lot of circulating
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virus. i think if it's going to happen, it's going to be a pause button kind of phenomenon and i predict it will mainly be indoors, not everywhere. i think outdoors is still pretty safe. >> still here in the middle of summer, but a lot of folks are thinking about potential vacations they have in the coming months, and then the schools reopening. do you anticipate the delta variant having any impact on people traveling orchids going back to school? >> i just missed that one. i froze for a second. >> no problem, the issues with technology sometimes. my question is do you anticipate the delta variant having any impact on folks rely vacation except for maybe vacations internationally, but if you are aware and you are
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vaccinated, you're not going to get very sick. you just have to be aware and put on that mask. that will probably prevent a lot of your infection risk. and to the schools reopening, we're still not seeing a lot of kids under 12, even in the face of delta, who are unvaccinated yet are infected and definitely not get terribly ill. >> that's still good news. thank you so much, dr. peter chin-hong, for joining us. >> my pleasure, liz. thank you. a troubling sign from southern california. a hospital in east los angeles is seeing a sharp rise in covid cases. reporter christine lazar tells us many of the infected were not vaccinated. >> it's a reality that i'm living in right now. >> reporter: a dolores armenta works at white memorial in boyle heights. after seeing covid cases rise once again, she decided it was finally time to get vaccinated. she told us through tears that she feels relieved. >> i feel for the people that have had it or are not decided
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yet, because it was hard for me to decide as well. >> reporter: this 29-year-old boyle heights resident admits he was the only one in his home and who wasn't vaccinated. >> i gotta, we'll see how i do. mentally i feel better. >> reporter: white memorial was one of the hardest hit hospitals in the county during the winter surge. here they went from a high of 4000 vaccines even a day to a low of just 40 a few weeks ago. >> in the last week we've seen it almost double again, so we were right at about 40 a day last week and we are running about 80 a day this week. >> reporter: dr. ernie guzman works inside the hospital's e.r. >> what we know about the delta variant and that it seems to be aiming at the people under 60, under 50, and so we know -- and i have seen very sick young children. orter: he says almost all s ol of the covid patients he sees are unvaccinated. in the last two weeks dr. guzman says he's had five
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babies born to covid positive mothers. >> many moms i've spoken to in the last few days alone have said, oh i've been waiting, and i told them there's no more time to wait. >> a dr. at another hospital in east l.a. says the median age of her covid patients is 34. the city of brentwood in contra costa county has also seen a spike in covid cases and hospitalizations, so starting monday, anyone entering or working in city buildings must wear a mask, regardless of vaccination status. in san francisco, if you want to get out and enjoy a drink at a bar, you now need to covid shot first. the san francisco bar alliance, which represents more than 300 bars, needs you to provide proof of vaccination or a negative covid test if you want to drink inside. it's part of a citywide effort to protect staff and customers.
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>> not knowing what's safe and what's not anymore, because you just don't know enough about the delta variant. so i don't want to take it home to my kid. i don't want any of our customers to take it home to our kids. >> if you have a customer come in, you're dealing with one bartender, but this one bartender is dealing with 200 customers in a shift and we are getting sick. >> most owners say they received positive comments from customers, who say they feel safer drinking around others who are also vaccinated. bottlerock napa just announced its requirements for anyone attending the outdoor music festival this year. you're going to have to show proof of vaccination or a negative covid test within three days of each day that you're attending. organizers are strongly encouraging all guests to be fully vaccinated. they say they will also have touchless wristband entry, cashless transactions, and more than 350 hand sanitizing stations. bottlerock runs labor day weekend starting friday, september 3rd.
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indoor venues also stepping up the requirements to get in. staples center in los angeles, same rules. you'll need to be vaccinated or have a negative covid test within 72 hours of an event. today the arena is welcoming fans back for th 0 ys at apicago,leckuglast night. everyone had to be vaccinated or show a negative covid test. but it seems like this raising health experts' concerns that big gatherings could become super spreader events. now if you're heading to a popular getaway spot like say las vegas, you better pack the mask. nevada is now requiring them. you'll also have to mask up when you're indoors at disneyland, whether you're vaccinated happening tomorrow, the vid-onwide morat
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this of course doesn't affect californians, where protections for renters has been extended through the end of september. coming up, the sonoma county fair is back, but with the rising covid cases, are people masking up? what we found out. twin sisters in a business that serves two purposes. how the pandemic gave them renewed purpose. coming up all new at 6:00, thousands of east bay students just days away from returning to campus. wysong parents are considering keeping their children home. tenant buyouts are no secret in san francisco, but when you hear the financial figure behind a recent one, you might have to do a
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>> san francisco-based pinterest took a big hit today after the company reported a decline in users. shares closed down more than 18%. pinterest reported 454 million monthly active users in the second quarter. that's down more than 5% from the april report. in a letter to shareholders, pinterest said the earlier bump was disproportionate since users spend more time at home during covid lockdowns. twin sisters in fulsome had to pivot when the pandemic hit in order to keep their business and a passion project afloat. >> as reporter rachel wulff reports, the pair turned to online sales and found a community willing to help them survive. >> having the one suite to pay
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rent on, that's how we survived. >> reporter: sonja munoz and her twin sister sandra have been running a vintage marketing downtown fulsome for five years. they sell vintage furniture and women's clothing, soaps and candles. >> i measure all my vessels. >> reporter: a portion of the proceeds goes to a passion project, project hope center, a woman's outreach program. >> so i meet with inmates one on one, female inmates one on one for about three months on fridays, and i start off with where were you born, all the way to the trauma, and then from the trauma to how they ended up in prison. >> reporter: it's sparked by their brothers stints in jail back in the '70s. >> he came over for help and i said okay, if you want help, ur a two-year program for him. so he goes in, 20 years later
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enwesome >> reporter: when the pandemic closed their doors and the jail, they had to be creative to continue bringing in business and serve women in need, so they focused on improvements. >> painted the outside of the building and then the inside of the building so it could all match. >> reporter: and started two online stores for fashion and home decor. >> the stores are kind of different because they're all drop shipment programs. all they really want is a percentage of the sales. >> reporter: they found an online community to help them continue to click with women. >> i have an audience, which is nice, and i share -- >> reporter: sisters looking to be the light for others in a dark place trying to turn their life around. >> rachel wulff reporting. the sisters are looking for volunteers for the store so they can help more female inmates. up next, she missed her
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time now to recognize this week's students rising above scholar. >> all of us have missed opportunities in life. we wish we hadn't. but for the students, a second chance at a job opportunity is paying off big time. >> reporter: it's true that one moment can change a person's life, and for diamond allen, that moment almost didn't
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happen. >> i kept receiving a call from a number i didn't know, so i wasn't answering. i was like, who keeps calling me from san francisco. >> reporter: the call was coming from a san francisco- woidofan prot pridincrowunits internship diamond applied for, and when she finally called back, bad news -- the job no longer available. >> i think oh my god, so i contacted them and they're like we already got the position, i'm sorry, so i was a little down because i had an opportunity that i clearly missed out on. >> reporter: that was done and then, and here she is now, at work for kiva. one of just five students selected for a summer engineering internship program. new technology and processes, where she's demonstrating her ability to learn quickly and provide value to the broader ye. -old oakland native excelling at a job she got when the other applicant backed out.
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ironic, because growing up, she had no interest in technology. until oakland high gea teendiam plans. assigning the then sophomore year transfer student to its open college track program, engineering. >> so i went there my 10th grade year. so since i didn't get to go through the process of actually taking my major, the kind of gave me what was left of her. i never considered engineering or coding ever, but it was a great experience. i'm actually grateful that i did receive that opportunity to come in that program. >> reporter: an opportunity that opened many doors for diamond, including except vince into clark atlanta university. >> you know we relating, we are all a family. we believe dreams are universal. >> reporter: and her job at kiva with a future intech calling her to success. >> if you feel like it's right in your heart, take the chance as much as you can. >> diamond is studying computer science and she will graduate in two years. her dream job is to work for
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apple as a software engineer. to learn more about students rising above and its scholars, you can go to our website, the olympic games are usually reserved for athletes at the top of their sport. >> one british couple, not pros at all, are trying to compete in every sport that's on the tokyo schedule. that means 49 sports, 96 events over 17 days. stewart bates and charlotte nichols doing this to raise money for a cure for lou gehrig's disease, also known as als. they're calling it the spend olympics, in honor of bates brother spencer, who was an olympic super fan. >> i lost my brother to this terrible disease 10 years ago, and we wanted to do something massive that's never been done before, and carry on until there's a cure, untieats will k
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people want us to do the winter olympics or anything, we'll take things on. >> they're taking it on. they got months of training and advice from former and current olympians. so far they have finished 30 events and have received more than $40,000 in donations, too. >> i want to see the synchronized swimming one. an exciting day for young san francisco giants fans and other big kids. the city's rec and parks department celebrated the reopening of gillman playground. the baseball field has now been completely renovated. giants shortstop brandon crawford was on hand for the big event. >> my wife, jalen, and i, are so happy that we are able to help give back to the community in this way, with this field. in hopes that it will bring young people together here and give them an opportunity to learn life lessons that will help them chase their dreams also. >> amazing facility. the program is located at gillman and anderson avenues in the bay area. just in time for summer, daly city's entry 20 movie theater is back open. we take a look inside today after several months of renovations, i might say.
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customers can sit back and watch a movie in luxury loungers that include foot rest, heat controlled seats. in the laser imax theater, stunning images, heart pounding audio will be on the biggest screen for what the theater chain says is the world's most immersive cinematic experience yet. they've also added covid safe food ordering. >> i miss the popcorn and the red vines, the milk duds. >> the guy kicking the seat from behind you. >> that's true. >> hopefully not. they can put something in the seat that shots anybody when they do that. some passing clouds overhead tomorrow, just a little bit of monsoonal moisture sneaking towards the bay area. not enough to produce any dry lightning concerns. the bulk of the moisture is going to stay in the sierra. let's take a look a little further in the future. upper-level pattern is going to rearrange itself a little bit. we get stronger and deeper onshore wind, not just at ground level but through the lowest several thousand feet in
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the atmosphere, and that is going to help to improve our air-quality as we head through next week. some of the smoke from the wildfires elsewhere in the to back up into the bay area earlier this week. we haven't seen the worst air- quality. a lot of it stayed further up in the atmosphere but if you've been up long enough to see the moon come up in the evening, it does have that orange glow, that appearance because of the smoke particles further up in the atmosphere. but that deeper onshore wind is going to lead to better air quality and scouring out what little smoke we had up there, especially by later sunday and into monday. looks like we are going to see just good air-quality across the board by early next week. let's take a look at it region by region, air-quality today wasn't bad but be tipping into the moderate category for the north bay, around the central bay and inland in the east bay. same category tomorrow, it's not going to be a big deal. no spare the air alert at all the green dots on the forecast map by monday and tuesday as
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that onshore flow continues to persist. now in downtown san francisco there's that onshore breeze whipping the flag. temperatures all over the place, 61 degrees for a high in pacifica, 66 in san francisco before that fog returned. almost 80 in fremont and into the low 80s for san jose, mid- '80s for santa rosa. into the upper half of the 90s for livermore. toback off as we head into the weekend but right now still hot, inland and the east bay, 70 degrees in fairfield, 77 in santa rosa and right at 80 degrees in san jose. temperatures tonight dropping down into the 50s and 60s. pretty close to what's normal for the last morning of july tomorrow morning, and then high temperatures are going to warm up also to about what's normal for this time of year, right along 60 along the coast, 70 to 80 degrees down the peninsula and around the south end of the bay with 80s for the santa clara valley, just farther into the 80s the father inland you going to santa clara valley. upper 80s to around 90 degrees for the tri-valley with the hottest spots in the east bay. further east in contra costa county and solano county, but
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low to mid 90s, which is normally hot for this time of your. mid-60s for san francisco, a mix of upper 60s and low 70s for the east bay with mostly low 80s for the north bay with a few mid to upper 70s kind of sprinkled in their temperatures dropping back from where you are today with that southwest wind delivering some marine air into the northbay valleys. but not that far north. temperatures well into the 90s if not 100 degreetolake county as well. teatop just a lile bit for the second half of the weekend into early next week but eney climb again by thayfriday. same pattern for san francisco, oakland and san jose. the usual temperature differences that we see for the bay area. temperatures inland in the east bay still around 90 degrees tomorrow, kind of the average level, but more of a warm-up by thursday and friday next week, while the northbay gets to enjoy temperatures almost 10 degrees cooler, and a good 20 degrees cooler along the coast, hovering right around 60 degrees. we will take a look at the dog walking forecast for this evening coming up at 6:00. also new at 6:00, why fire crews are making the state's largest wildfire flare up on purpose. thousands of east bay students return to the classroom, but some parents are on the fence about letting them go. mark elicits a six-figure tenant payout, smashing
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records. how far one landlord was willing to go to free
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the cdc says that the nature of covid has changed with the new variant, and with it, so have the rules. >> kpix 5's john ramos visited the sonoma county fair to see how cautious the public was feeling these days.
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>> by definition, those who come out to a fair like this are probably not too afraid of being in a crowd, but it is hard to know what to expect when the rules and the science it self is changing so rapidly. >> reporter: the tradition of the fair may have returned, but a mix of masked and unmasked shows there varying levels of comfort in being in a crowd. >> there's a different feeling for me because i'm vaccinated and i wear a mask when i should, and i still socially distance, and yeah, i'm ready to get out and do stuff. >> reporter: the sonoma county fair opened wednesday and ceo becky bartling says their policies were set even before the guidance from the cdc began changing due to the delta variant. all 200 fair workers must be vaccinated, and anyone entering any of the fair ground buildings are required to mask up. >> we are a county facility and the county has mandated that any of the county buildings, statat you're reeda mask. tn
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>> reporter: most people abided by the rules, but back outside, steve johnson says that changing guidelines are causing doubt in people, and fire what' normal nowadays and who to believe? who do you believe? my belief is you get out there and you get subjected to all these different germs and different things like that, and that's good for your immune system. >> reporter: the fair was smaller this year, to encourage distancing, with popular attractions like horse racing and the flower show taking the year off. but even those who agree with the new restrictions hope they won't lead to another prolonged shutdown. >> i give up. i hope it's pretty quick now with the new regulations on all federal employees getting vaccinated, and companies requiring it. so i think we'll get to our herd immunity sooner. >> reporter: and even though most will never get sick at all, wanda's griever thinks the politics of the pandemic have taken their toll on people's relationships. >> i know some people that i
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always thought was pretty normal, but they won't get vaccinated. >> it's change your opinion of them? >> a little bit. >> reporter: in santa rosa, john ramos, kpix 5. >> the sonoma county fair runs wednesday through sunday, with the gates opening at noon, and ends on august 8th. now at 6:00 on kpix 5, streaming on cbsn bay area, a desperate landlord leads to a huge payday for a san francisco couple. how much they got to leave their rent-controlled apartment. it's a feeling of moving backwards. the surge of covid cases leaving many confused about how to stay safe. thousands of students returning to the classroom in just a few weeks. how the delta variant is sparking some second thoughts among parents. good evening, i'm ken bastida. >> and i'm elizabeth cook. we start with a look at the l a that parents are closely
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monitoring the news on the delta variant. >> reporter: this oakland father and son are enjoying the last days of the summer break. 13-year-old ethan zambrano will be entering high school as a freshman. >> he's anxious. >> i just want to go back to school. >> how long has it been? it's been such a long time. >> it was i think over a year and a half ago that they shut us down. >> reporter: while dad, mario, believes ethan should be safe, he worries about sending his younger son back to school. kids under 12 cannot get vaccinated. >> my 6-year-old, he does have certain bronchitis and i don't want to do that, so it's tough. >> reporter: many bay area parents are facing the same dilemma after hearing about how contagious the delta variant foation now, it's time to sit down with my wi


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