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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  July 30, 2021 5:00pm-5:29pm PDT

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the bay area and washington on the latest surge. let's begin with juliette goodrich with new covid rules in the works for bay area counties. >> ellen, yes, i didn't think i'd be reporting this or saying this, but health officials in san francisco are talking about a mask mandate and they'll be talking to other county officials to discuss that, as well, in the days to come. meantime, another developments, we learned that dozens of health professionals who work inside the hospital have come down with covid-19. they are fully vaccinated, but keep in mind they did not get it in the hospital. they got it outside of the work setting. >> the delta variant is a different beast and it can >> reporter: the cdc finding vaccinated individuals may be able to infect others as easily as the unvaccinated, and then this latest news that healthcare workers in san francisco are coming down with covid-19 outside the hospital setting. >> we are seeing healthcare
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workers who are having -- being diagnosed with covid-19. thankfully, these -- r:san frc neraho, 35 staf members out sick after testing positive for the coronavirus. according to the hospital's chief medical officer and the san francisco chronicle. three quarters of them fully vaccinated. at ucsf about 140 staff members reportedly infected since mid- june. 80% of those who tested positive were fully vaccinated. >> we are monitoring the situation carefully because people -- if people are fully vaccinated they're unlikely to experience serious disease. >> reporter: as life after lockdown resumes, many people are cautiously optimistic the surge will pass. >> i feel strong and healthy, vaccinated. >> on a little bit nervous about it. i think it's coming back, and i feel like we all did our best
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in the first variant, and now because some of us aren't masked up, it's coming back again. >> reporter: doctors say right now, the number one way to protect ourselves is getting vaccinated and wearing a mask indoors. a mask mandate may be coming as soon as next week. >> we are very vigorously exploring issuing an indoor mask mandate and in discussions with surrounding counties and health officers. >> without a mask mandate yet, what's the safest thing for people to do right now, especially as we're going into a weekend? >> the key things are to get vaccinated and to wear your mask indoors, and coming up at 6:00, we are actually going to delve into what you can do this we can. doctors are saying you can do what you want to do this weekend, but wear a mask, and one thing i found interesting is if you are vaccinated, and you are meeting with an elderly person who's been vaccinated, doctors are saying, wear a mask just to be on the safe side. so we'll have some more
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specific tips coming up at 6:00. >> i'd like to know exactly how they're sure that those healthcare workers were infected outside the hospital's. that could be some interesting information ther y thwain they did make it clear it happened outside the hospital setting, but the key thing is these workers are having to call in sick, which leaves our medical staff at a shortage. >> it does indeed. juliette, thanks so much . we brought you today's update from dr. grant colfax light on cbsn bay area. you can watch 24/7 streaming, or the kpix 5 news app . now to skyler henry in washington. top health experts there warning it's time to change the way we are battling this delta variant. skyler? >> liz, good evening to you. officials here and in atlanta at the cdc certainly concerned about the spread of the delta variant, saying they need to change the way they fight this war on the coronavirus. that's why we've seen health officials and lawmakers amans k
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upnd >> reporter: the cdc is warning of the dangers of the delta variant, saying it's as contagious as chickenpox and more transmissible than the common cold. a recent outbreak in the popular tourist spot of provincetown, massachusetts, was linked to large public gatherings. the cdc says 246 fully vaccinated people were among the infected. many tested positive for the delta variant. >> vaccinated people who do have a breakthrough infection are clearly capable of transmitting the infection to an uninfected person. >> reporter: the cdc says recent data on delta prompted the agency to recommend everyone wear a mask in indoor public settings where cases are surging. the recommendation is meeting some opposition. >> therell restrictions and no mandates in the state of florida. >> reporter: but walmart is reversing its policy, now requiring all employees in
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areas with high infection rates to wear masks regardless of vaccination status. customers are encouraged to do the same. >> the white house said friday it recorded more than half 1 million new shots in arms, the highest number since the first of july. >> we needed everyone across the country to have a conversation with someone they know who is unvaccinated about getting the shot. >> reporter: the cdc said friday more than 8.9 million children have been vaccinated, and while mild to moderate reactions like arm pain, fever, or headache were common, serious illness was rare. dr. fauci says the vaccines could see full fda approval, at least for adults, as soon as mid-august. kyler,it sekemessaging is somet is really focused on right w. know up until this doing? point there's been a bit of pushback, particularly from those that have been either critical of the vaccine or are vaccine hesitant for fears of
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the long-term effects of what it may do. so now you have the agency reconsidering how it gets the word out about the effectiveness of the vaccine, putting an emphasis on one, making sure that they make clear what it is when someone gets covid, if they are vaccinated, and what's referred to as a breakthrough case, and also, talking about the risks between unvaccinated and vaccinated people, and just trying to make sure as many people get that shot as quickly as they can. >> interesting to see what they come up with. we talked to a public health expert at uc berkeley and he says that doctors really need to see the actual data that supports the cdc report on how the delta variant spreads. >> it's been very frustrating to learn about how transmissible this virus is through leaks and news reports. and no one had seen the data
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gets, at least no one outside of the cdc, and it's terribly important that that data gets carefully scrutinized. >> you can watch our full interview with dr. schwartzberg on cbsn bay area. stream it on or the news at. coming up at 5:30 we're going to speak to another bay area medical expert and answer some of your coronavirus questions. this just in, kpix 5 has confirmed a covid outbreak is hitting three contra costa county jails. minutes ago, the county health services told kpix that 96 inmates and staff members have tested positive. the cases havebest couy detenti facilities. however, none of the positive cases has been hospitalized. all the covid positive inmates are isolating. to the fire watch now, the massive dc fire in northern california grew another 20,000 acres overnight with thunderstorms, strong winds, and warmer temperatures.
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it's expected to swell even more. it's already black and more than 240,000 acres. the dixie fire is the state's largest wildfire this season and continues to threaten homes in buttes, limits, and tehama county's. meanwhile, president biden and vice president kamala harris met online with governors from western states impacted by the wildfires. top of the list, wildfire protection and prevention. california governor gavin newsom spoke out, emphasizing the need for immediate help, with federal support and resources. >> we need your help to change the culture in terms of the suspicion strategies in this climate, literally and figuratively, to be more aggressive on these deral >> when this meetinis the ph department of defense and talking about the access to satellite capability. >> this was the second meeting between president biden and the governors to discuss wildfires. live pictures from capitol hill, where a bipartisan group
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of senators says it is close to finalizing details on a $1 trillion infrastructure deal. congress is racing to get a deal done before the senate takes its august recess. the bipartisan legislation includes roughly $1 trillion for projects, including roads, bridges, and broadband. house speaker nancy pelosi reminded lawmakers, the house will not take up the infrastructure bill until the senate passes a separate democratic budget resolution through reconciliation, which does not require republican support. >> we need to be transformative in terms of how we go forward with infrastructure investments and reconciliation bills that truly need family's needs. resotion to be thfloor an bniid thll pass. the long legal showdown over former president trump's taxes appears to be ending. the justice department is now telling the treasury to turn
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over to congress. during the trump administration, democrats sued for the taxes, saying they needed them to look into whether mr. trump complied with tax law . then treasury secretary steve mnuchin refused, saying they were being sought for partisan reasons. still ahead on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, a wild chase involving several cars on the streets of oakland. how it all came to an end. plus, terrifying moments for neighbors. a home completely crumbles into the ocean, so what happened? in the popular bay area fair is back, despite a rise in covid cases. was being done to keep people safe? for most of this week the winds have been running along the coast, but tomorrow we are going to be back into an onshore wind pattern, directly onshore. i'll show you what that means for temperatures as we head into the last day of july, coming up in the
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a new video of a chp chase through the streets of a and. officers say several cars took off from a large gathering at 90th and holly street. passengers were seen hanging out the sunroof and the windows there. look at that. cars were swerving all over the streets, driving on the wrong side of the road, blowing through stop signs, red lights. more cars joined in. all of them eventually stopped in a parking lot on foothill and macarthur. oakland police arrived and impounded the cars. happening tomorrow, search teams will be back out in the tri-s since philip ey turon pleasanton ciarch, at was ofter ve days, rrow, alameda coun
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sheriff's teams will look again and give an update. a deadly hit and run shutdown part of 880 in hayward earlier this morning. it happened around 2:30. video from the scene shows officers focusing their efforts on the car in the middle lane there. it's not clear if officers have any leads on the suspected driver who took off. and a deadly pedestrian accident in san jose. a man struck and killed while crossing a street. it happened near monterey road and san jose avenue around 9:00 last night. police say the pedestrian was outside of a mark crosswalk when he was struck by a honda civic. the driver is cooperating with police and investigators do not believe that that person was under the influence of drugs or alcohol. live look at san francisco. the city is launching a new street team to help stop drug overdoses. that program going to start on monday. they will work to provide care and support for 700 people experiencing homelessness who s
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million in overdose prevention this year. today, san ramon city officials gave a virtual update on their drought conditions and water saving measures. they're not requiring people to conserve water, but hope that they will. >> zone seven has not declared a water supply shortage. as you saw from the prior slides, zone seven anticipates being able to meet the man's this year pulling water out of store. >> they are asking customers to voluntarily conserve 15%. this aligns with governor newsom's request. incredible video of a house in argentina crumbling off the cliff and into the ocean. not caused by an earthquake. instead, unstable land caused by rising sea levels. nobody home at the time. terrified neighbors recorded video of that incident. severe weather caught on camera in northeast pennsylvania. possible tornado funnel cloud certainly formed along the dark storm clouds there. two tornadoes that touched do t
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state destroyed buildings and injured five people. paul heggen with us. just going to take a look at what we've got coming. >> fortunately we don't have to worry about that kind of thing. it was a busy day yesterday in the northeastern u.s., ohio through pennsylvania, even new jersey had multiple tornadoes. for us the usual, low clouds and fog spreading out already deceiving. that will continue until tonight, not too far into the inland valleys farther than what we saw last night into early this morning. you're going to see some passing clouds overhead on saturday but still plenty of sunshine, slightly cooler temperatures for inland parts of the bay area, closer to what's normal for this time of year, and then some minor ups and do our temperaturesnext wee let's take a look outside and here is the view as we look to the east from salesforce tower. the fog already taking over.
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the bay bridge just that spectral outline through the fog. temperature downtown 52 degrees, 67 in oakland but still warm farther inland. 77 santa rosa, 80 degrees in san jose. still in the mid-90s in end,whate and concoros ns to45 fir pitch t ing to be heading out there, layer up. it's going to be cool, it's going to be breezy. as you saw from salesforce tower, the fog and low cloud cover is already starting to rolling towards the day. futurecast shows the same pattern with that gray showing up, even a few blips of green indicating potential for a little bit of patchy drizzle. nothing more than a trace of moisture there. úthat will back coast as we head towards me day and into the afternoon, even some clearing along the coast tomorrow with some passing clouds streaming in from the southeast tomorrow and into tomorrow night. sunday we're going to see the same pattern, low cloud cover and fog to start the day and then it backs up pretty quickly, except we are not going to have those of clouds moving in.
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some monsoonal moisture farther up in the atmosphere is going to stay locked up in the sierra as we head into the weekend. temperatures tonight dropping down into the 50s and 60s, mostly 50s on the map but some 60s farther inland in the east bay and into the santa clara valley. temperatures at the coolest are going to drop down to around 50 degrees in the northbay valleys. high temperatures tomorrow are going to be closer to normal for this time of your. not much change around the bay, mid 60s for san francisco, upper 60s and low 70s for the east bay with temperatures around 60 degrees along the coast but san jose is going to top out in the low 80s tomorrow as opposed to the mid-80s the past couple days. inland in the northbay upper 70s and low 80s and even england in the east bay, temperatures reach the upper 80s to around 90 degrees for the tri-valley with the warmest spots on the map reaching up into the low to mid 90s as you go east of mt. diablo into solano and eastern contra costa county, which is hot enough to elevate the fire threat, but lyt e most about halfway up our fire danger index scale, topping out 4 or 5 tomorrow afternoon. today's values were 5 or , so this was an improvement. can't let our guard down until we get some rain around here, which is months away.
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as we head into the second half of the weekend, maybe a degree cooler, which means just a fractional drop in at fire danger as we head into the second half of the weekend, and just little minor ups and downs to our temperatures as we head through next week. around they you're not going to notice too much of a difference, just a one degree job for oakland and san francisco. oakland hovers around 70 degrees at the beginning of next week, a little bit of a warm-up by thursday and backing down on friday. san jose shows the same pattern but temperatures hovering around 80 degrees and spiking up to the low 80s by next thursday. inland in the east bay, high temps mac in the 80 to 90 degrees, than a bit more of a heat up for thursday and friday for the northbay, right around 80, than spiking up to the mid- 80s by thursday. along the coast pence stay near 60 degrees. a little more sunshine by late next week, which means that we should see temperatures warming up by at least a couple of degrees. up into the low 60s for those coastal locations by thursday and friday to finish off the last week of august. coming up at 5:00 we will zoom
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saturday's high tempatures so you can plan the first half of your weekend. >> got to love that. coming up, the giants pull off a deal just minutes before baseball's trade deadline. but new information about just how serious the delta variant really is. we ask a bay ♪ unlock a summer of possibilities in a new chevy. expand your options... and your perspective. find your next adventure in a new chevy. enjoy the open road for threst of summer on selecpopur chevy suvs. plus, get interest free financing for 72 months when you finance with gm financial. find new roads at your local chevy dealer.
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hard to play baseball in that. baseball's trade deadline a few hours ago, but a big announcement. we made a big move, big trade, acquiring john franco from the morning show. >> giants working double duty, gianna. >> i'm still working on the details of my contract. i might ask for a little more gift cards for coffee. it's been a long day. but i'm happy to be here.
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giants fans are happy, too. the dodgers made their move yesterday by acquiring cy young winner max scherzer. rm p. welcome to the bay, kris bryant. he got the call in the cubs dugout before today's trade spe career with chicago. he gives the giants another big bat for the stretch run and plays six different positions. san francisco also picked up reliever tony watson in a separate trade with the angels. as for the a's, they picked up infielder josh harrison and catcher jan gomez from the nationals. harrison will primarily play second base and is hitting over .400 after the all-star break. oaklands front office was active this week, making three trades. e wa uced thw rook teenagers earlier today at chase center. fourth overall pick moses moody, he's 19.
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seventh pick jonathan coming is 18, but that's not the only reason bob myers is feeling kind of old. >> love watching the players in i don't think i've got this suit in my wardrobe here, and it was fun and i feel old, honestly, watching i sat a lot of those greenroom tables 20 years ago with some players and the outfits keep getting better and better, so it was a lot of fun and made me feel old. >> you know the outfits to keep getting better and better. alan and liz, i've got to say, you've got all the boxes checked off. confession, because that's a big ring in the nba. these guys, they are ballers for sure. >> they've got game. >> i love watching them come in from the buses and stuff. everybody is decked out, you can see the trends. still ahead at 5:30, the dangers of the delta variant. we're going to speak to a bay area doctor about the alarming new data from c. g music stival to be back thbay
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e beg n littrock. >>usjorain
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>> you're watching kpix 5 news at 5:30. >> right now on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, more local news at 5:30. big events are coming back to
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the bay area and are expected to draw big crowds. the covid protocols being taken. and the war has changed. those words from a cdc document on the dangers of the delta variant, and even those with the vaccine may have to put up with new rules. good evening, i'm alan martin. >> on elizabeth cook. we want to take some time to sort out what's going on with the delta variant and the latest studies from the cdc. joining us now is ucsf infectious disease expert dr. peter chin-hong. we are getting our first look at the evidence the cdc used to recommend masks while indoors. what surprised you about their findings? >> the most surprising finding to me, liz, was that the viral load or the amount of virus in the noses of vaccinated individuals was very similar to the viral load in the noses of unvaccinated individuals. and what that means is that vaccinated folks could potentially spread the virus to >> so do you think that we
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should not waste any more time n question, liz. i think it's all context dependent. so of course in this setting, the heartbreak in -- the outbreak in provincetown, massachusetts, which is the big paper that had the cdc change its guidelines, was really kind of a setting where people were carrying on with wild abandon, like we did after reopening. i think with masking and people being more aware, we probably won't see that happen again. that was a super spreader event. so i think there is a light at the end of the tunnel still, but definitely at this point, mask when indoors. there's a lot of circulating virus out there. even if you are vaccinated, you can get it. you won't get sick, but you can spread it. >> we are learning more about these reported breakthrough cases. what's important for our viewers to know about these cases? is it just that you're not really going to get that sick if you had the shot?
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>> yes, exactly. that's the biggest take-home point for everyone. you can get infected. you're still going to get infected at a much lower rate than someone who is unvaccinated, but you're not going to get very ill. you're not going to go to the icu. you're not going to be on a ventilator, and most important, you're not going to die. when you look at even the current data, 99.5% and above of the hospitalizations, deaths, are in the unvaccinated in the u.s., even in the face of delta. >> i'm so sorry i took a really an opportune time to cough there. health officials in san francisco now talking with other counties about a mask mandate. do you think that it's going to be needed both indoors and outdoors in all settings? >> i think the writing on the wall for a mask mandate is probably going to happen in many counties in the bay area, simply because we are kind of at a really important points right now. people have moved around a lot. there's a lot of


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