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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6am  CBS  July 30, 2021 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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this weekend. we are live. the golden state warriors select jonathan kuminga. >> welcoming the newest warriors, meet the latest faces. later some bay area pets looking for a new home but we are live with a push to get these older puppies adopted. very cute. a nice dose of cute on this friday, it is a friday july 30th i'm len kiese but >> and i am anne makovec, a little cloudy but warming up, let's get our first check on whether and traffic with our starting meteorologist, darren peck. >> good morning, someone it is the cameras on sutro though only give the views of the size and this is the view right now and i am standing in front of the sales force our barely sticking up above the clouds. it is a great start, this is where it is at treasure island and this is what the fight for much of the immediate they the
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council hang out until around 10:00 this morning even in san jose but if you're inland you have relatively clear skies for the tri-valley and into concord as well as a subtle cooldown over there. right now it is 65 around livermore and only low 90s today instead of mid to upper 90s. everybody else is pretty much average. so the immediate bay anywhere from the low 70s to perhaps low 80s for some locations like redwood city. 93 in general for inland but much more in the way of specifics for your part of the bay area and your daytime hybrid i will have the full forecast coming up. gianna how does the drive look?>> busy for those going over toward the altamonte pass. if you are super commuter traveling out of tracy over onto 580, brake lights are starting just before mountain house and extend onto the connector and all the way in. give yourself extra time. travel times, 33 minutes to go from 205 towards 680. the east shore freeway, highway
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four and 101 all are in the brain. the major troubles that are going out of antioch all the way to hercules and the south bay commute looking pretty good. i want to show you a map of 880. reports of a new crash northbound near tennyson road blocking at least one bound lane but southbound lanes always open but still investigation underway is all southbound lanes were shut down around wynton early this morning due to a deadly crash but now it has been completely clear off the freeway, traffic moving at the limit but the investigation may take time.>> we know that one person died and it was a hit and run which all happened around 2:30 this morning and this new video was just a couple of hours ago showing the officers focusing this effort on that vehicle in the middle lane.>> it isn't clear to the police have any leads on the suspected driver who took off. we will bring the latest as soon as we get it. people get ready to go out of town for the weekend
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possibly facing new mask rules, information shows delta variant may be even worse than we thought.>> justin andrews is live at sfo, even talking to people out there and do they seem to be concerned? >> reporter: travelers are trickling in at terminal two this morning. we've been here about one hour this point talking to so many people. and yes, some are scared and others are cautiously optimistic. that is because the cdc finds delta's presence easily as the chickenpox which is one of the most transmissible viruses. right now the cdc reports the delta variant accounts for 83% of all u.s. cases. the new cdc data should be released sometime today. but the cdc director said this delta variant is serious but this is what is alarming to medical experts. with each infected person, on average they can in fact eight or nine others.>> you do not screw around with this virus.
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this variant can kill you but is much more contagious than the common cold, is about as contagious as chickenpox, which is very contagious virus.>> so, in contrast if you have a common cold, you could pass it to maybe two or three people on average. the new data shows that delta may be just as easy for vaccinated people to spread as the unvaccinated and that if i were senior guidelines on masking up regardless of your vaccination status. most we talked to this morning say they are vaccinated. but they also say they are a little scared. you will hear from one guy coming up when i am back. live at sfo this morning, justin andrews kpix 5 . if you're flying to vegas this weekend, as of this morning nevada is requiring masks and in other covert hotspots. another popular spot now reinstating the mandate is disneyland. is morning california grown of our summers are up again but the greatest positivity rate is
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6.2% which is a 1.1% from the previous street week and yesterday settlement of the camp there california county that issued in indoor mask made it behind los angeles and yolo county, all three count is less than 60% of people are fully vaccinated. and live look from san jose, santa clara county will start requiring all county employees to get the covid vaccine. as county workers will be required to be vaccinated as a condition of employment with specific exceptions health or religious issues. this applies to around two two, 000 workers and this announcement after president biden said all federal workers will have to be vaccinated.>> nobody wants to mandate something. but we may wind up having to turn to that from a societal standpoint as opposed to asking individual businesses one after the other to make that decision but they are not public health professionals.>> the county has
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not yet announced a specific date or when the new rule will take effect. new this morning as we look at life from the subbasin is a police investigating yet another of a collision involving a pedestrian which have unless i on monterey road. invest get a say the pedestrian was crossing the street outside of a marked crosswalk when a car hit them but the driver to say on scene and is cooperating with investigators. san jose has now had 33 traffic deaths this year, 13 involved pedestrians this morning oakland police making a new plea for help front of all the cold case that involves a five-year-old boy who was killed nearly 10 years ago near his parents taco truck. in december 2011, gabriel martinez jr. was walking with his father near the truck on international boulevard when he was shot and killed but witnesses say the gunman was waiting for a food order when he suddenly pulled out a weapon and police are still trying to figure out who that suspect was now to siskiyou county were evacuations have been issued
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again for burn scar areas from the lava fire but the neighborhoods along juniper terrace and rising hill roads are underway due to flash flooding concerns from whitney creek. officials say people must avoid entering the flooded areas for up to 12 hours. whitney creek flooded tuesday night prompting similar evacuation warnings and other flooding a site in fact have been spotted around mount shasta since then. later this morning in contra costa county, san ramon city leaders will give updates on drought conditions and water conservation. we'll keep you posted with chapter 5 flying over the east bay hills and you see how dry it is. we are getting a closer look at the dangerous conditions. many sonoma county farmers are telling the press democrat they're having to choose between watering the land or feeding their livestock. the drought is apparently pushing people some people to abandon large animals hoping someone else can take care of them. the time is 6:07. next, who we now know is whatever warriors player.>> also next on kpix 5 , big
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crowds amid a big rotavirus search on what attendees had to bring alongside their ticket to get in. later, the bay area contribute to an 80-year-old woman who transformed the church, next a look at the life and legacy of janice mirikitani . >> we're on sunrise watch, about five minutes from the. if you are in the immediate bay you will not see it. plenty of clouds, we are going high with our camera on top of sutro a beautiful view to start. i will show you when the clouds will melt back to the coast and if you've been around the last few days you probably know that will happen, not changing much but the forecast is coming right up. a busy ride for the altamonte pass and will look at traffic along 880. >> a live looked outside before going to break and this is from our camera on treasure is atattention, c california.. new federal funding of $3 billllion is avavailabe
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do not be surprised if you're somewhere near the coast, or the immediate bay, maybe the east bay heels sprint here is future test and i am entitling this one marine layer missed. the clouds are the get off this morning it is one of those days it is likely a good possibility. i will be back with the rest of the forecast for the rest of the day, i will see you in a bit. if all goes as planned an 18-year-old to be the next does star.>> the teammate is selections last night the first round of the nba draft. >> the two men drafted also have work to do before they can make the team.>> with the seventh pick in the 2021 nba draft, the golden state warriors select jonathan kuminga.>> he is just 18 years
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old and played for the nba's g league, and is a large project. moses moody is from the university of arkansas and has the ability to defend and score but the workers took him for the 14th pick.>> today the workers hold a happy hour featuring a chalk talk with her new draft picks. it begins at tree: 30, at the plaza adjacent to chase center. the staples center in la welcoming fans back for the first concert in more than 500 days today. safety measures haven't upgraded and to go you need to be vaccinated or have a negative covid test within 72 hours of the event.>> i do not believe we should be worried. we have done a phenomenal job in ensuring the safety of our fans. >> a new video with what will make you feel excited or uncomfortable. a huge crowd last night in chicago, night one of the music festival, attendees have to
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have good feedback, with new concerns about how contagious the delta variant is, and to wonder where we may see cases linked to the festival. it looks fun, it is refreshing to see crowds after what we have all been through. >> a lot of people for sure. it is 6:14, let's look to the forecast this friday, traffic right after that. darren how is it looking?>> subtle improvements in terms of bring temperatures down a little for inland locations and part of a trend over the weekend. it will be better by saturday and sunday. this is the camera on top of sutro looking to the east. we are waiting on the sunrise and this is why we're looking at this view, if you are in the immediate bay it is great and you will miss the sunrise, is everybody down underneath the clouds.
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but if you're inland you have high clouds and a somewhat clear start. look at the view from treasure island. at least we can see the tops of the towers on the bay bridge right now. it's not like were doing with the fog but the mid-level gray hanging out in san jose has a well. your current numbers. temperatures in the upper 50s for most locations are at 64 in ukiah, california, a 65 in livermore, those are the two warm spots. that tells a lot about daytime time highs yesterday. all the way down the peninsula and into the south bay, watching all melt back and by the time we get to 10:00 we see a similar scenario. everyone has sunshine except the city and probably the immediate section of east bay across from the golden gate. by 10.00 was of the classical view of the clouds, you may not get mesh ¢ in the city to early afternoon, 11 or noon and yes
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enough that we would get that, friday afternoon, then saturday afternoon we do it again. this has been a good summer so far with the desert southwest summer monsoon. this thunderstorms it really drench the desert and get into this era it used to happen all the time but we're not seen much over the past several years. this summer it is back. more rain in the sierra today. san francisco, oakland and san jose the seven-day forecast shows not a lot of change. but when you look at the microclimates like inland and east bay, to the east 80s. north bay valleys lower 80s, good for the weekend and early next week, the seven-day forecast. gianna, how is the drive? first we start with the bay bridge toll plaza the friday vibes on the good news if you're making the trek for the east bay into the city, no issues at the bay bridge and no
6:17 am
metering lights, good news going early this morning. a good time to be on the roads good elsewhere we have those brake lights along 880 due to earlier trouble spot on northbound 880 on tennyson road. things are improving with speeds around 45 miles for our. a bit of a hiccup, south 88 it was start with major delays we had an early morning pressure was unfortunately a deadly incident all lanes are open and is cleared, soft on 880 as you work your way to hayward this morning. point was san mateo bridge you should be good to go only 23 minutes from experian down to 237 a lie look at 880 the coliseum is the traffic moving nicely in both directions in oakland. brake lights in the altamonte pass a little slow as you, tracy connecting to 580 around north flynn, that is difficult for friday morning commute for supercomputers. 33 minutes from west 580 to 2050 reports 680.
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and starting monday, light rail bus bridges will resume. again on the second, weekdays from 5:30 until 8:30 at night. so check out the schedule for you leave. if you've been thinking of adopting a cat or a dog a big incentive is happening now.>> for the next two weeks the san francisco spca is adopting out older and was a big dogs for free. through august 15th spca's offering free adoptions for cats and dogs over seven years old, and on 30 pounds heavier. the spca said senior animals and large adults can have a hard time being adopted.>> tomorrow is national mutt day. we will chat live with another local animal rescue group about getting some of the dogs and to get homes and how you can help. many have ensuring your photos with us of your mats. them coming. look there is my sandy in the lower left. yeah we love it.
6:19 am
so hashtag kpix and will try to get them on air. >> we need a close-up of sandy.>> i might be biased. >> just a little bit coming up on kpix 5 .>> the san francisco jazz club making it become back. plus, she brings her bad reputation to the bay area, we have all your weekend entertainment. >> this is a live look at sfo
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if you love rock 'n roll, yeah i had to do it, you will want to be in san francisco
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this weekend.>> the liam it is all about the music, the singing and the movies this weekend.>> guys you can knock out and put on your jazz hands as we kick off with a music icon. joan jett.>> saw you standing there by the record machine.>> she is coming to san francisco this weekend. joan jett, a music icon erupt into our lives dressed in black leather, 1980 was the year, music pioneer. she took early ownership around missing a server on record label and after the mages rejected them more than 20 times. shed his like that on there, hello rock 'n roll, i hate myself for loving you, crimson and clover and more. expect her to perform all of those his and more this sunday at two: 00, joan jett rocking out and i will see you there, for more information go to joan
6:24 am new york city has the blue note, san francisco has the black cast it reopens this wednesday with a new menu of music, and food. they are super for some so they can workshop the music, diners of the jazz club will enjoy food, and a taste of puerto rico by the new chef, from 6:00 to around midnight. and tickets for take your jazz hands. a film about autism and the
6:25 am
international film festival, there will also be 15 premieres, screens indoors and outdoors at theaters and wineries around sonoma, and of course, film, food and wine, live music what is all about. this is saturday on tomorrow night, there will be a chef's journey to viewing saturday. for more information on sonoma finn festival. a full list on kpix 5, get out and french kiss the morning air . spirit lots to get into, thank you for joining us.>> coming up, some potential new legal trouble for pg&e in the new criminal charges that every day is facing for the daily
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two popular tourist destinations bring back mask mandates, using land in las vegas but consider cover hotspots. can morning it is friday, july 30th and thanks for joining us i'm anne makovec . >> and i am len kiese, good morning that first start with a live look outside from the sutro camera, beautiful shot to start friday together.>> let's get over to meteorologist darren peck, do you have any more sunrise pictures?>> that sutro cameras only one in the immediate bay that will do it, this is from lafayette and we're not looking at low clouds. it is clear skies if you get east of the east bay hills. and if you are the immediate bay it is gray and san jose you're caught in between, gray to start but plenty of sunshine by the late morning.
6:31 am
current temperatures right now in san francisco 57, santa rosa 52, 60 at concord and across the forecast for the daytime highs, 93 is still hot for inland locations, it's five above average. but also 5 degrees cooler from what we've had the past few days. we'll set a growing trend for the inland locations, more on that coming up. for now, gianna how is the drive? if you're headed towards the bay bridge not that bad, no metering lights, also traffic is smooth as butter. no delays out of the space to san francisco. travel time a little yellow popping up for the ride around altamonte, 30 minutes from 205 towards 680 and brake lights into the altamonte pass coming out of tracy this morning. if you are taking 880, northbound 880 before tennyson are working on a crash, south 880 before industrial they have
6:32 am
a crash as well and over to the right shoulder. no lanes are blocked and conditions very nicely in both directions with travel time through there from 22 minutes from experian down to 2 to 7. more details of an overnight crash. >> reporter: police facility for the driver who crashed killing one person on a 80 this morning which happened around 2:30 this morning and right after chp shut down all southbound lanes for the investigation. so that they went and exit. the lanes have reopened, as gianna said, no discussion on the driver who hit and ran, more information as we get it. another busy travel weekend but now it is happening amid heightening concerns around the delta variant.>> and there is new information about how contagious it is. justin andrews is live at sfo where he has been talking to people headed out of town. >> reporter: yeah terminal two has been very busy this morning. we're hanging out here to see
6:33 am
if this delta variant is really causing concern or worry for travelers. every single traveler that we talked to says it is certainly top of mind. serving details from the cdc which finds each infected person on average can in fact eight or nine others. and in contrast if you have a common cold you could pass it to maybe two people on average which is such a stark difference. delta spreads as easily as the chickenpox. the cdc also released, one of the most transmissible viruses. right now the cdc find the delta variant accounts were 83% of all u.s. cases. the cdc director says this is serious. what are travelers doing to stay safe?>> there is not much you can do on an airplane but you do the best you can. >> and you say the best thing would be to get vaccinated? >> absolutely get vaccinated and wear a mask, keep us all
6:34 am
safe.>> top health officials are pushing people to get vaccinated. every traveler would talk to this morning on camera they do say are vaccinated. live at sfo this morning i am justin andrews kpix 5 . a live look in tokyo where records by covid cases linked to the& pushed japan to expand his state of emergency to four more areas. japan's prime minister also extended the measures already in program in place in tokyo until the end of august, just as the olympics wrap up and the paralympics prepared a kick off. tokyo has reported a record increase in covid cases for three days in a row. president biden urging local governments to offer $100 to vaccine holdouts>> i know that paying people to get vaccinated right sound unfair to those have been vaccinated already. but here is the deal. if incentives help us beat this virus i believe we should use them. >> states could use federal pandemic relief money to pay for those incentives.
6:35 am
this morning the district attorney chester county says pg&e should be held criminally liable for a deadly wildfire last year but those are buyer is one more than 200 homes last september and killed four people it was sparked by a pine tree falling on pg&e power lines. prosecutors are still concerning which charges to bring. pg&e says it disagrees with the das conclusion that criminal charges are appropriate last week the company said its equipment may be to blame for california's largest wildfire so far this year now, pg&e said it will likely take a financial hit as a result of the dixie fire which could be bad news for those who lost their homes and wine country wildfires since much of the settlement money came in the form of pg&e stock. overnight stocks were down, despite a strong month of gains. let's look at the numbers this morning. the dow jones down 17 points. the money march report is
6:36 am
coming up. a live look at oakland right now where the fire department is set to buyer by a new fire but with money from the muppet they been well working fire but since 2003 and now a $825,000 grant will help you get a brand-new went to the boat will be stationed in the oakland estuary. this morning tributes rolling in for janice mirikitani, known as the first lady of the tenderloin but she ran san francisco's live memorial with her husband reverend cecil williams. >> the eight-year-old passed away yesterday with my friends by her side. she was born in stockton but vincent with her family to an internment camp during world war ii should gonna study english graduating from ucla before finding her calling working for clyde in the late 60s. she transformed it from the methodist church liberal one advocating for rights. >> her heart and her soul was dedicated to helping people. so it is a big loss for our
6:37 am
city. and a big loss for clyde.>> and memorial still being arranged. it is now 6:37. coming up, making sure every dog has a good home the matter their age. we're live with a local rescue group right after the break. >> also right here on kpix and streaming in the cbsn area. a car dealership is losing way more money that would have made this weekend just one strike. expense of a lifetime right outside the bay area rapid the incredible video that made this will watching experience so rare.>> the stock market open about seven minutes ago, checking the big board and it shows the dow jones is up a little this morning. cbs money was reporter elise preston breaks down the numbers. president biden will unveil his vaccination rules for federal workers and supports
6:38 am
incentives for the unvaccinated but plus, massive crowds at lice knights lollapalooza concert in chicago, our concertgoers putting themselves at risk? also we spoke to officer harry done on his emotional testimony on the january 6th riot. hear how this has affected his family and hope for what the congressional investigation may achieve. also imagine on every single sport on the summer olympics federal. how one pair of amateur athletes is re-creating all the events the tokyo games but all of that coming up when we see you at 7:00.
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6:41 am
the sun is peeking through on the towers here in the south bay, that is downtown san jose where we will get into sunshine, widespread for the
6:42 am
south bay by 9:00 or so in the morning, 61 in san jose contrasted with 52 in santa rosa. it is a great start for the valleys of the north bay, that whole forecast and everybody's daytime highs coming up. back to you. type in money watch report. a big heads-up for renters and house after wrapping up the week, we have elise preston join us from the new york stock exchange. >> reporter: good morning. the training has been underway for about 10 minutes and pretty red on the board. the dow jones is down four points but it look like it is getting better but nasdaq is down 134 points and s&p 500 down 18 points right now. the biden administration will allow a nationwide ban on evictions to expire tomorrow. white house officials of their hands are tied after the supreme court ruled last month
6:43 am
a moratorium would only continue to the end of july. president biden called on congress to protect renters who are struggling financially because of the pandemic. according to the u.s. census bureau, roughly 3 and have million people in the united states have said they face eviction over the next two months. >> and in housing prices. elise preston, thanks. you will be held inside more credit places at walnut creek for longer but city council extended this program to the end of the year. according to the city's mayor, after surveying some 1400 residents, 82% of participants favorite taking the outdoor dining space is permanent. let's get you caught up with the weather and traffic this friday beginning with darren peck.>> will start out with our view talking and looking at the tri-valley, looking at 580 and 680 where we are waking up to sunshine. you will have to take my word on it. it is cloudy in the bay, if
6:44 am
were not ready for this we can have these two finish. but we are ready for gianna. >> you do not want us to finish it.>> i have full confidence you guys as you listen to me all morning, but gianna you take it.>> i will show you some live cameras so you can see outside what is looking like. there and said it will be warm so a heads up. westbound 580 we have a few brake lights this morning. altamonte pass is one of the busiest spots but this is the westbound, all the brake lights are building as you work your way through the it is improving. if you're out early on friday traffic is looking better through here. 31 minutes to go west on 580, 205, and highway forward to the maze, easy 40 minutes and looks like highway for for many of to the east shore is only 34
6:45 am
minutes. if you're up early out as san jose good morning, traffic looks good. if you have early flight to catch at sfo you should be good to go for the most part it as promised, a live look outside, bay bridge toll plaza, in fact things have been moving nicely, it is friday light. we like that is going to san francisco. if you're headed out of the city on the lower deck the traffic is light there as well. and alive at the san mateo bridge, both directions moving at limit on the right-hand side of your screen, is to realize that it was 101 is typically the commute direction and right now no major brake lights or issues with a pretty easy ride out of 880, hayward onto 92 towards 101. a live look at 880 right around the coliseum, things are moving nicely in both directions. not bad and we get a peek outside. but i bet you that darren has
6:46 am
more information on that. >> you see the sunshine glinting off the cars looking at 580, we have clear skies in it but if you are at the immediate bay she showed all the cameras with gray. daytime highs well up in the upper 90s, or on those numbers coming up. right now though the temperatures are low 60s in the south bay to the low 50s the north bay. it is great in the immediate bay and in the valleys of the east bay have clear skies north bay 101 through santa rosa great for you but watching the clouds melt back, typical, around 10:00 a.m. everyone has such a for the immediate golden gate over the city and it will say grace until late morning or early afternoon. don't be surprised if your near the coast of east bay hills the little drizzle. it 80 salon 90s for the south bay, upper 90s once you get here, well, low to mid 90s.
6:47 am
walnut creek is only doing 92 and also danville. numbers in the low 70s for committees of the east bay shoreline. then i feel 85 in the just were not staying in the mid-eighties but five, california up at acrylic have that. jot manager yesterday shows and increase the percentage of the state in exceptional drought but it makes perfect sense both month of july. if you look for a map of the entire nation for what rains in the month of july deep shades of green you have several inches and djs of illinois it is barely an inch, where it is white it doesn't rain at all. that is the central valley california, the only place in the entire country that were on average the month of july it doesn't rain. is perfect since we went from last week's a lot of exceptional drought in the deep red this week now even more. but it was focus primarily on the san joaquin valley. it has a lot more to do with
6:48 am
the climatology of the summer than we expected any significant change in the situation. keep your fingers crossed for october and november or who knows it might be december. seven-day forecast, san francisco, oakland and san jose not a whole lot of change that seven days. but in the inland valley's you are daytime highs that have been mid to upper 90s that will cool down into the upper 80s the next few days but that is a good-looking seven-day forecast. those numbers are on the mark average and where they should be for this time. back to you. some whale watchers that monterey bay had the experience of a lifetime.>> and a very close brush with was caught on camera. video from last week showed a curious well popping out of water, flooding next to the boat and exhaling zeros but. it's too early to assess what she and lucky washers have
6:49 am
seen. >>: friendly wells and they want to come up and interact with the boats, circle us or sit next to us for extended time. unbelievable.>> the highly intelligent creature sometimes make sounds near the boat as if they are trying to communicate. of course there is no way to know what they might be saying. but of course will always wonder check out the damage to the car dealership after it was ripped apart by a tornado in pennsylvania.>> this happen a buick dealership were cars flipped over and windows were blown out, the service center was hardest hit in the tornado touched down saturday evening around closing time.>> if the storm had been two hours earlier this would be a different report. those places would have been packed with people. >> four people from the business or injured but they are all excited to be okay. 11 minutes before 7:00.>> next on kpix 5, after the nba's big night, the bay area welcoming the newest warriors meet the
6:50 am
latest faces next. streaming today on the trail of the bay area and a black renaissance segment, will hear from chief joseph leroy pare, his restaurant in berkeley and also actress ian duff talks about his time on the republicans there on the cw but watch it on or the kpix phone app . the first before
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now to a subject we're pretty passionate about here. dogs. as we met tomorrow's national mutt day we been hearing from a number of shelters and rescue groups that they have more animals than usual up for adoption right now is joining us live as the founder of muttville, sherri franklin. the morning and i see you have a friend but tell us about
6:54 am
peabody.>> peabody is our 9000 dog we have rescued. oh my god, he is the best sleeping partner. he spent the night at my house to make this early call. excuse me. so with national mutt day, we are having our first, live adoption event in 19 months. we always in these virtual events. what we are doing that on national mutt day. it will be really wonderful to see people. we're doing it outdoors with tents. were asking people to wear masks, there will be a lot of dogs there are a lot of mats. and even met looking poodles. but we encourage everyone to come and visit our dogs.>> and we hear you're looking for fosters these days so what does
6:55 am
that entail?>> well if you cannot adopt we are in need of fosters. our capacity at the shelter is low, we cannot keep a lot of dogs there because of the and inviting all the help. the way to really save a life right now is to think about fostering. if you are in the bay area, anywhere, north, south, east oakhurst, it means holding onto them and giving them love and saw this time since you are not adopted. we've all been been there, or and you may have been there. >> they call that the foster fail.>> you know we know people are on the hunt sometimes for pure breed dogs but make your pitch for why we should adopt a
6:56 am
met>> personalizing there are a lot healthier and i say adopt a dog, a rescue dog is the way to go. you will feel really good when you take on one of our dogs, a dog from a shelter, but it it really does save a life and perhaps even your own, please let me know many times the dogs have saved lives. >> i can see it. sherri franklin founder of muttville, thank you for joining us and peabody>> do not forget peabody.>> thank you. >> kpix 5 viewers have been sending photos of theirs all morning, this is mackenzie with her family and she was adopted. twitting your photos using hashtag kpix . spent here at kpix many of us have a doctor's office that is my sandy in the upper left-hand corner, many wonderful friends with>> so many smiles to
6:57 am
people's faces.>> three minutes before 7:00. chp right now investigating a deadly hit-and-run hayward that shut down parts of 880.>> it happened around 2:30 this morning and new video shows officers focusing their efforts on a car in the middle lane. not clear on whether police have any leads on this is such a driver. oakland police are appealing for help to solve a cold case. the victim a five-year-old boy. december 2011, gabriel martinez jr. was walking near his family soccer truck on international boulevard when he was shot and killed. santa clara county will start requiring all county employees that fascinated with the new rule will affect about 22, 00 workers.>> disneyland and disney world once again require masks indoors regardless of vaccination status. and a lot of buzz about the warrior's newest draft, 18-year-
6:58 am
old draft pick jonathan kuminga from the congo and moses moody who played at the university of arkansas.>> checking the traffic we do see nicer conditions along westbound 580. 29 minutes. ended earlier crash on dixon was on 80. and antioch over towards 80 we do see brake lights, busy through pittsburgh and bay point i checked with chp but no accidents or incidents, the 37 minutes travel time right now and was are one clear out of the south bay towards sfo but the busiest bridges the richmond san rafael bridge with 11 minute ride over it was 101. quick look at the bay bridge and traffic is clear into the city.>> today's daytime highs at low 90s or in the spots and 69 for the bay. oakland at 72, mountain view is 81 and fremont 82, 86 in santa rosa. san jose should not notice must change between yesterday's mid- 80s in today's mid-eighties.
6:59 am
you don't notice a lot of change either. as we look across the rest of the seven-day forecast is the numbers for the inland east bay out of the 90s and into the upper 80s for daytime highs. that is by the time we get it early next week.>> where one more special guest, gianna introduced us to jennifer.>> she is getting all kinds of chips. this is our doggy and we have adopted two. we have our big dog and now have junie, she is chihuahua something else but we love her. look how cute. we dressed her up just for you. >> all dressed up this friday>> and trying to get her not to eat my microphone.>> making my heart go pitter patter.>> so cute. thank you for waking up with us junie and everybody, we appreciate you can count this friday well known is continues
7:00 am
all day on cbsn bay area. >> cbs this morning is up next, have a great friday and a great weekend everybody. good morning to our viewers in the west and welcome to "cbs this morning." it's friday, july 30th, 2021. welcome to the weekend. that's anthony mason and jericka duncan, i'm gayle king, tony is on baby leave. let's go. the delta variant creates new dangers for americans. part of why president biden is demanding that more people get vaccinated. terrifying storms in eastern pennsylvania including at least two tornadoes. we'll look at what's causing the wild weather across the country. we get a personal look at the fallout from the violence on january 6th from an officer who defended the capitol. what he thinks led to the


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