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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430am  CBS  July 30, 2021 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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live from the cbsn bay area studios this is kpix 5 news. >> right now looking like from the exclusive tower camera looking east, but you probably cannot tell which direction it is pointing because it is so foggy. it is all good morning it is friday. and that is why it is good. thanks for starting now with us, darren peck with mary lee, happy friday. >> happy friday guys, we have one camera here not fogged over but even this one from treasure island you cannot make out the tops of the towers of the bay bridge you can see some lights going to the city but only the low stuff. that is looking down 880, just a few mid-level clouds, and the view from san jose the same story. temperatures of 53 santa rosa, 66 in livermore, looking to
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daytime highs today it is hot but not as hot. it will be 93, 5 degrees above average in general for inland locations, still warm but better than yesterday. starting a cooling trend gets better and weekend, i will show you that coming up in the complete forecast. how does the drive look? >> off to a very busy start, if you plan on taking 880 this morning a heads up. we have closures, chb issued a traffic alert due to a deadly crash that happened around two: 35 this morning involving a pickup truck. at last check the lanes were shut down and the latest from chb, they updated four and five are open and one, two and three remain close and this is north of wynton. you see that mine of red buildings behind it, traffic flow approaching area. closures in both directions. they are starting to open up a
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lane or two, it is been out there since 2:30 this morning, we will continue to keep you updated on that. back to you we've learned santa clara county will start requiring all county employees to get the kubicek scene. this announcement came hours after president biden settle federal workers will also have to be vaccinated. katie nielsen has more. >> reporter: you want to know how we but this virus behind us? i will tell you, we need to get more people vaccinated>> president biden announced new program covid protocols for all federal workers as the delta variant is spreading. >> if in fact you are unvaccinated you present a problem, your self, to your family. >> the president announced around 10 million civilian federal employees and contractors want to get vaccinated, or tested for covid once or twice a week. they will be required to wear a mask, social distance, and
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might have official travel restricted. santa clara county the more than 22, 000 workers will be required to be vaccinated as a condition of employment, with specific exceptions for health or religious issues. >> anything we can do to get people vaccinated, to save lives and get the pandemic over, we should do. >> dr. john schwartzberg, public health expert at uc berkeley, says he supports employers requiring vaccinations to encourage holdouts to get the shot.>> the more get vaccinated the faster we get through this pandemic, and it is so important that your people wind up in the hospital and i did>> government employers do not always require vaccinations. within the last few days a number of the area companies are similar policies for corporate office employees, including google, facebook, twitter, netflix, uber and lift. katie nielsen, kpix 5 . >> santa clara county has announced a specific date for
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when the vaccination will will take effect. cities encountered trying to decide when to bring back mathematics and foster city now requires everyone to wear face coverings and other city facilities. the reason why, test positivity rate in california is up 6.2%, a full percentage point over last week. the u.s. seeing a wave of covid cases linked to children summer camps raising concerns about protecting students during the upcoming school year. pontiac at upstate new york, nearly all older cameras and staff are fully vaccinated, everybody was tested on the first day of have and now there are at least 31 cases in group ages seven through 11. those kids too young to be vaccinated.>> covid can get in, despite everything you do, that is a harbinger for school funds fall. >> schools in columbia county
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new york plan on doing rapid on- site testing but protocol for cafeteria, sports and buses are still up in the air. house speaker nancy pelosi says she will begin talks today on what congress can do to prevent a nationwide wave of evictions. yesterday president biden said he would not extend the federal eviction moratorium set to expire tomorrow he says he does not have the authority. an estimated 12 million americans are now behind on the rent. during california the state eviction moratorium will remain in place through the end of september. this morning the district attorney in chester county say pg&e should be held permanently liable for deadly wildfire last year but it is on fire killed four people and destroyed more than 200 homes are september said investors it was sparked by a pine tree falling on pg&e power lines and pg&e disagrees with the conclusion that promote charges are appropriate. last week the company said its equipment may be to blame for california's largest wildfire
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so far this year and we're talking the dixie fire. pg&e said it will likely take a financial hit and that could be bad news for wine country wildfire victims and much of their settlement money came in the form of pg&e stock. this morning tributes are running in from janice mirikitani. >> the 80-year-old transformed the church into liberal one advocating for -rights . andria borba takes a look back at her life and legacy . >> reporter: janice mirikitani, cofounder of the tenderloins glide memorial church . and san francisco port laureate from 2000 two 2002 has recently and was sent to her family to and internment camp in world war ii a short reply for six years and borrowing for marginalized communities in the tenderloin. >> her heart and soul was dedicated to helping people. it is a big loss for our city
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and a big loss for glide and for cecil. >> while most of the work why does on holidays, like thanksgiving and easter feeding the hungry, janice spearheaded lies efforts with domestic violence survivors, women and children and she and her husband, the reverend cecil williams, made their work to live their life's mission. >> when i went to glide it was cecil and jan. whenever there was any interaction was the two of them and she loved him so much.>> tributes to janice borden from city leaders, including state senator scott wiener who said "jan was one of the more and sexual human beings have ever met combining love and strength like no one else." and for mayor london breed. >> she had a way of making you feel you are important to her, especially because she genuinely cared about what was going on in your life. and she cared about including people and she cared about feeding people. as she cared about supporting
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people and lifting them up with her words of wisdom, but also her poetry. >> memorial services are still underway by details and a link on our website, . in the tenderloin, andria borba kpix 5 . the mike ceide news, such a beautiful person and but coming up, a close encounter in the monterey bay. >> a whale watching tour group witnessing an unbelievable thing off the coast. and let's give you a live looked outside as we go to break from our treasure island camera. you see the bay bridge amidst the flog. 4:39 is the time, we will be right back.
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the support this morning coming to help bay area families put food on the table>> food insecurity skyrocketed during the pandemic and now there is a new expansion project to keep up with the demand. the san francisco marin food bank broke down yesterday on it is emphasis the way house and it should be complete by the end of next year. officials say will help meet critical need for more storage, delivery, volunteer and serving space. this one several dog food brands are being recalled because of toxic mold.
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an amazon misses revenue targets for the first time in years. here is lisa preston with your cbs money watch report. >> reporter: the markets ended a two-game losing streak despite a new report from the commerce department suggesting that economic growth has level off somewhat. dow jones gained 153 on thursday and the nasdaq rose 15 and the s&p 500 is up 18. just phases and his tenure at amazon on a down note as shares in the company declined 7% in after-hours trading following his growing's report and the e-commerce giant reported its first revenue missing three years, being $113 billion. slightly off what a list out for. jeff bases step down as amazon ceo earlier this month and he was replaced by andy jesse 6:. fridays are recalled because it may contain toxic levels of
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mode this includes deboned chicken and rice. they were made by sunshine mills with the best by date of february 11, 2022. no adverse health is also been reported and unused you can be returned for a full refund but that is your cbs money watch report for more go to cbs money at the new york stock exchange i am elise preston and bird check out this video, two tornadoes touching down in bucks county pennsylvania causing massive damage to the spelling, it is home to multiple car dealerships, and at least five people were injured. not part of thousands of homes and businesses. rising temperatures and warming waters are being blamed for an increase in sharks sightings. it's been a waters of popular beaches at long island how to be closed after starting yesterday and also multiple sharks spotted about 20 yards are the coast forcing a nearby beach also close and warming
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waters caused by climate change are helping drivers sharks further north.>> our guards by the numerous, not just a singular, numerous black tipped reef sharks and these are unique, more of a caribbean shark. they are known to come close to a shoreline and feeding areas and the concern is with swimmers. still experts say shark attacks are rare but it is important for beachgoers to stay vigilant. ever encountered monterey bay. whale watchers say they rarely have seen anything like this.>> that was crazy, as kpix five len ramirez reports. >> reporter: will watching tours go on every day here on the monterey bay but this one recent group had a tour of a lifetime, a very close encounter with a friendly whale who seem just as interested in the people, as the people did in him.
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video shot on board the princess monterey shows a curious way will popping his head out of the water to check out a recent tour but did not dive down the and said he said close by putting next to the boat exhaling through his blowhole, if you listen closely even talking a bit. >> it has been a once-in-a- lifetime experience could>> kylee walterman leads tours almost every day, but what she and lucky will watchers have seen lately has been extraordinary good>> we have had what we call friendly whales where they come up and seemed to want to interact with both, circle us or sit next to us for extended time. unbelievable. >> the video shot last week shows the whale was not threatening or acting dangerously and they're not scaring the tourists, far from it.>> it is in need to see the wheels get super close to the boat, almost like they are following. >> why are the wheels getting
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so close? tour operators don't know for sure but they know that wheels are highly intelligent and highly communicative mammals and could it be they are trying to talk to humans?>> they do make a lot of vocalizations and groans and moms and mumbles. there is a chance that talking to us, they do the same sounds to each other. i guess we'll never know.>> in monterey, len ramirez kpix 5 .>> it does not get better than that.>> that is wild. all right what's going on this early friday morning?>> as far as the weather is concerned there is good news. cooldown is coming which starts today. it will not be a significant cooldown yet but we will cooldown a lot of inland locations. it is a part of the reason why from her camera sitting on treasure island looking back towards the city. some mornings you can see more than others. on this one not so much. that is a great start to the
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day from her camera on treasure island looking at the bay bridge cannot see any of the towers of the skyline. you can see down at the lower elevations of the bright red lights which is for hillsboro coffee i think that's it out there and is maybe see the ferry building lights. now this is east bay down east 80 or 880. some fairly low clouds but no issue with fog. just a great start. we will put some numbers on the morning, at this point still a warm 62 in san jose, a warm 69 around ukiah, california, mid 60s for inland valleys of the east bay. let's look from current overtures to where the clouds are and now we get the real clear idea. that is why it looks so gray over the city, clouds a little bit down into san jose but not to gray. it should get sunshine into late morning and that is looking up the santa rosa felt
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smelt back by 10.00 for most, except for the immediate post which hangs on typical. sunshine is likely cooler today and i will show you the daytime- a second. let me show you the big picture. a very good summer for thunderstorms in the desert southwest. we put it into future tests the line of thunderstorms cropped up, that comes up in this era and then again tomorrow but a few high clouds at home from this but that is about it. no forecast for us that we would be looking at thunderstorms again. daytime highs up into the mid- 80s and once again that is similar to yesterday for the self-pay locations, 85 at redwood city and 85 san jose, 89 around cupertino. enter valleys and easily up to the low to mid 90s, 95 at livermore and 90 for san ramon and back on the east bay shoreline overtures will be in the low 70s. 72 for oakland and san leandro, mid 80s for the valleys of wren, same for santa rosa and
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napa up into the upper 80s, daytime highs well into the hundreds for ukiah, governor. that is why it is a 70 there temperatures keep climbing up. the seven-day forecast shows not a whole lot of change we look at san francisco, oakland and san jose. if we switch it up and look at inland valleys of the east bay using quite a noticeable improvement for the weekend with temperatures as her moving out back down into the low 90s it it will feel a whole lot better. how is the drive?>> a busy one, if you plan on taking 880 this morning chp is issued a traffic alert. this is due to a deadly crash that happened around 2:30 this morning as out 880 right at winton not far from the 92 connector three right lane, or three left lanes rather, are blocked until further notice they just open of those two right lanes and at one point
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all but the winton transition road was shut down for traffic has been squeezing by and travel time is 28 minutes to go down to 237 any physical alternates. it is quiet early so the backup is not getting too far out. we'll see if that changes is the morning commute progresses. southbound aad right at whitten avenue which will affect your drive as you go to the san mateo bridge been to have a backup before you get here and which are on the bridge itself, traffic moving at the limit in both directions. we will keep a close eye on 880, also aggression itself 80 on letter a street. that will be likely in the back of we're seeing on that map of add. at the self-pay a couple things look out for a car fire on 101 southbound after montague's press way, history of the fire crews are on scene but also aggression 280 northbound right around stevens boulevard. now here is burn with sports. >> good morning. giants and dodgers down. and the dodgers added strength yesterday, and the nba draft
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last night, the warriors get any better? let's talk about with a number and seven and 14 draft picks, we'll talk about that. >> was strictly live looked outside before we go to break. it is nine minutes before 5:00 ♪ ♪ find a friridge that fits y your budgetet. anand your gooood taste. explplore the shshowrooms of stytyle at lowewe's.
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every friday, a low deck of clouds and marine layer was shown to fog in some places on the bridges witnessing in issues with fog on the roadway today. just a low cloud around and daytime highs will have a slightly cooler place if you're
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inland. so low to mid 90s for many inland locations but better than the mid to upper 90s which we had been doing as of yesterday but that is the start of a cooling trend. i will show you what that looks like coming up in the complete forecast. back to you. the nba draft on my mind, players names were called last night and blank stares from french brands were formed. following the list of previous warriors number seven overall draft picks, steph curry and chris mullins, say hello to jonathan hemmingr. eight to go forward from the congo, sip college and developed his game with the games julie program has been projected as a top-five rejection yet slipped a number seven. and then they picked up forward moses moody out of arkansas. a defender and a score, the team had considered taking him with his seventh pick because he is considered more pro- rattie than jonathan kaminga.
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both are eager to be on the floor with steph curry, thompson and green.>> as long as i around green, i feel my game will go from the bottom to the top in a couple months. i don't know what all they will teach me because i know that have me going with small tricks and nuances to get revenge of other teams. the given how great they are and how great the team is and how about environment is i have no choice but to get better and oklahoma state guard kate cunningham what number one overall to the detroit pistons and merced jehmu greene to the rock that followed by evan mobley to cleveland but scotty barnes to toronto, and jaelyn says to the orlando magic with the fifth pick. and guard russell westbrook is changing zip code. the former mvp is being traded for the washington wizards to the lakers and in the deal but los angeles group would send two draft selections back to
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the wizards. lebron james and anthony davis, meet russell westbrook. in baseball a deal reportedly finalize fast last night that will bring pitcher, and teachers are, two-time cy young winner, and shortstop trey turner, to the dodgers from the washington national. last night the giants brandon crawford the lineup from the entry list and watch shortstop do damage on la pitching. did not wait long, bases-loaded and night two rbi double, came through with a serious getaway, the pitcher threw a clinic estimate over five innings of ball, the giants beat la 5-01 increases league in the west to them spit meantime say hello to number two. the a's new outfielder in anaheim last night. he was on base when a first- inning double was ripped to
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bring him home and met all sanford the a's grab a 3-0 lead, plenty for the starter frankie montas who struck out 10 angels in 10 innings as the angels when it 4-0. the astros were often the a's trailed by five and half of the west and 2.5 a in the wildcard postseason sweepstakes, for those of you that are scoring at home. that is enough for it we will see you later. >> coming up next on kpix 5 as trimming on cbsn bay area rapid fema giving local firefighters to get they waited nearly 2 decades.>> i live looked outside before we go to break looking at the very
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trimming on cbsn bay area, as people get reggie away for the weekend alarming new information from the cdc about just how contagious the delta variant is. the rules this change again, the bay area workers now required to be vaccinated. pg&e facing criminal charges for delhi california wildfire.>> bay area file fires getting help with a been waiting for for years>> in morning is friday july 30th and you probably feel like getting to this point it has taken years.>> were starting up the weekend already and it is still a weekday but we're rolling into the weekend. >> friday officially a part of it on most people psychology, not doing any different in terms of whether it will be cooler than their safer inland locations. plenty of fog in the bay area but no major issues with fog on the roadways bu


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