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tv   CBS Evening News With Norah O Donnell  CBS  July 30, 2021 3:12am-3:43am PDT

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the economy roars back: rebounding faster than it did in the great recession. gold medal performance: meet the american gymnast who excelled amid pressure while simone biles cheered from the stands. a seventh athlete sidelined by a covid infectious. scorching heat wave. 110 million americans under heat alert as severe storms target the east coast. tragedy at sea, new video of a military accident that killed nine service members. what family members to have the victims are demanding a year later. sharks spotted: as americans head to the beach, why climate change could be a factor in recent uptick in shark sightings. and the power of social media: how it changed the life of an airport piano of social , how it changed the life of >> whoo! this is the "cbs evening news" with norah o'donnell, reporting from the nation's capital.
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>> o'donnell: good evening and thank you for joining us. we are going to begin tonight with president biden's extraordinary new campaign to try to convince unvaccinated americans to get their shots and help end this horrid pandemic once and for all. the president was pleading with americans to recognize this is an issuer of life and death saying those who haven't had their shot are actually a danger to others. the president is also calling on americans to follow the c.d.c.'s new guidance to wear the masks indoors where covid is spreading rapidly. tonight 70% to have counties in tonight 70% of counties in the u.s. have the high or substantial covid transmission. president biden announcing tonight that the nation's largest employer the federal government is issuing strict new standards for the unvaccinated. the president said it is possible that covid booster shots will be needed later but he says not now, but israel is starting to give a third dose to adults age 60 and up beginning this weekend. we have team coverage starting with weijia jiang at the white
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white house. >> reporter: good evening. less than one month ago on july 4, president biden declared independence from the virus but tonight he has a different, dire mention calling the pandemic an american tragedy and now he's hoping the private sector will follow his lead to end it. today, president biden called out vaccine holdouts and pleaded with them to change their minds. >> if, in fact, you're unvaccinated, you present a problem to yourself, to your family and to those with whom you work. >> reporter: the delta variant is driving the latest deadly surge and so are the 100 million people who are eligible but remain unvaccinated. >> too many people are dying. >> reporter: to reverse the trend, the president touted new incentives like urging states to offer $100 to every newly vaccinated american. >> i know paying people to get vaccinated might sound unfair to
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folks who have gotten vaccinated, already, but here's the deal: if incentives help us beat this virus, i believe we should use them. >> repororter: he announced all civilian federal employees plus contractors will have to get vaccinated or get tested for covid 19 weekly or twice a week. they will be required to wear a mask, social distance and might have official travel restricted. president biden directed his department to look into requiring vaccines for all service members. states like new york and california along with a growing number of the country's biggest companies like facebook, google and black roc are taking matters into their own hands requiring vaccination in order to return to work. more than 600 colleges are also mandating them for at least some students or employees, but young people are also among the most hesitant. a prominent pro trump youth group is fueling the fears over the vaccine.
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>> we are not going to tolerate students to be forced to get the vaccine against their will. >> o'donnell: >> reporter: the president said it's time to cut through the misinformation. >> the vaccine was developed and authorized under a republican administration and has been distributed and administered under a democratic administration. look, this is not about red states and blue states. >> reporter: a white house official tells cbs news that those new requirements for federal workers go into effect immediately, but agencies will have some time to establish new vaccination and testing programs. norah. >> o'donnell: all right, weijia jiang, thank you. tonight, florida and texas lead the nation with the highest percentage of new cases. louisiana isn't far behind and nearly every hospital there has canceled or postponed surgeries and other nonemergency care. the state is also seeing an alarming spike in cases among children.
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cbs' david begnaud reports tonight from new orleans. >> reporter: when you think about the covid vaccine protecting the vulnerable think about 5-year-old dominick albert. are you having trouble breathing? >> yes. >> reporter: he's too young to be vaccinated. he contracted coronavirus and that landed him in the emergency room. >> where do you think he may have gotten it? >> honestly, i don't know. i was taking every precautions to try to make sure that he does not get this. >> reporter: school age kids no. >> reporter: school age kid make up the third largest number of new covid infections in louisiana. what's the lesson here? >> to make sure to wear a mask, number one, at all times. >> reporter: disney is now mandating that masks be worn mandating that masks be wor indoors at all u.s. theme parks. some cities and states have brought back mask mandates, too. >> people over the age of two must wear a mask indoors wear regardless of their vaccination status. >> reporter: but there are holdouts. at least five states are resisting the call to mask up.
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>> it's confusing. they're sending mixed messages constantly. >> reporter: in louisiana, covid hospitalizations have exploded from 259 on july 1 to more than 1600 today. children's hospital new orleans had four covid patients monday of this week and today they have 20. how sick are they? >> a lot of these kids are very sick with respiratory symptoms, literally starved for oxygen. >> reporter: chuck is a 17-year- old high school football player. we met him here in the emergency room. what are you struggling with? >> breathing, major headaches. and coughing, too. >> reporter: fatina watkins is his mom. it's hard watching someone struggling to breathe. >> it's very hard. if he wouldn't have gotten the first dose of the vaccination, his sickness would be way worse than what it is now. >> reporter: both the mothers in our report is fully vaccinated.
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jaquez is in the emergency room behind me. nurses say he is doing great. dominick has gone home, treated him with steroids and albuterol and after 36 hours they said he's well enough to leave the hospital. >> o'donnell: david, thank you. about a third of the population is broiling in a heat wave tonight. nearly 110 million americans are under alert from nebraska to georgia. severe storms popping up in maryland. lonnie quinn joins us with the good evening, lonnie. >> reporter: hello, to you, norah. the storms are pushing through the north east. big rain, big wind. you can't rule out a bit of twist in the atmosphere so tornadoes are a possibility as well. rainfall could end up being a big story. 1 to 4 inches is forecast for a good chunk of the northeast. if that happens, the wettest july ever, breaking records set in the 1880s. heat is the other big stories from the plains to the gulf
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the plains to the gulf coast. felt like 105 or hotter today. in alabama, felt like 110. in carbondale illinois, you felt like 108 today. the same tomorrow. topeka feels like 109. charleston, 110 degrees. it will be a slow process to cool down. for the plains the extreme heat is done by saturday. the latest, norah, all yours. >> o'donnell: a very hot summer, lonnie quinn, thank you so much. turning to the summer olympics the u.s. extended the lead in the medal count 38 followed by china with 31. 18 year old sunisa lee brought home the gold. >> she was golden at the women's gymnastics. simone biles withdrew to focus on health. sunisa became the fifth straight
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straight american to win the women's all around event. >> this means a lot. there was a point in time where i wanted to quit and i didn't think i would get here. >> reporter: back home lee's parents could not contain their excitement. >> it's been through rough, good and bad time. it's amazing for her to do this tbar r far and actually win the gold. >> reporter: biles the defending champion watched from the stands after tweeting the outpouring of love and support i received made me realize i'm more than my accomplishments and gymnastics which i never truly believed before. aimee boorman coached biles for 12 years. >> that's going to be great to give voice to athletes to say to the coaches i'm not okay at this point. >> reporter: isn't that a bigger part of her legacy at this point? >> yes. >> reporter: meanwhile, caeleb dressel captured gold in the men's 100-meter free style setting an olympic record. talking to his family, he broke down after the race.
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>> i love you so much! >> reporter: norah, american polevaulter, sam kendricks is out of the game, sidelined by a positive covid test. it's morning here, 81 degrees with 85% humidity. i can tell you it's so oppressive. organizers are moving events like tennis to cooler times to have the day. norah. >> o'donnell: tough for the athletes. thank you. disgraced cashed nail theodore mccarrick has been charged with sexually assault ago teenage boy in 1974. he is the first cardinal in the u.s. to be charged with a sexual crime against a minor. the 91-year-old mccarrick was defrocked by pope francis in 2019 after a vatican investigation found he sexually molested children and adult. we learned the u.s. economy grew by 6.5% in the second quarter, clearest sign to have the economic recovery from the pandemic recession.
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consumer spending surged for a second straight quarter up by an annual rate of 11.8%. one year after nine u.s. service members drowned in a training accident off california, families of the fallen are taking steps to make sure it never happens again. nearly a dozen marines including a general have been disciplinedg in the accident and we get more from cbs's david martin. >> reporter: these cell phone videos of doomed marines crammed into an amphibious assault vehicle only lasts for seconds. they have no way of knowing that within hours nine will be dead. drowned when their vehicle sank off the coast of california. it's been a year, but at a press conference, the families held today, their grief is still raw. corporal chase sweetwood was just 18. >> why is my son gone? why was he not kept safe? he died the day before his 19th birthday.
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>> reporter: the marines had left the mothership in their vehicle for a practice tick landing on san clemente island. first class bryan baltierra texted his father "our tracks started smoking." it was the transmission. >> overheating? due to no transmission fluid in the vehicle. >> reporter: the transmission failed, the engine quit and the vehicle took on water. it took 45 minutes for help to arrive. >> one of the boys who did survive did say, when i looked back, i saw bryan and his roommate praying. >> reporter: the grief-stricken families today called on the marine corps not just assault vehicle back into the water until flaws that make it a death trap are fixed. david martin, cbs news, the pentagon. >> o'donnell: tonight, more news out of the pentagon. an unidentified american sailor is accused of deliberately starting a fire last year that destroyed a u.s. warship docked off san diego.
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the fire aboard the u.s.s. bonhomme richard burned more than four days. this month the u.s. has seen a wave of covid outbreaks linked to summer camps and officials fear it could be a preview of what's to come in the new school year. nikki battiste has our in depth report. in rural hudson noshing where 67% of those 12 and up are fully vaccinated, news of the covid outbreak at nearby camp pontiac has rattled the community. >> by monday, it was 23. by wednesday, it was 31. they're all in the 7 to 11 age group so they are, of course, unvaccinated. >> reporter: jack mabb is public health director in columbia county where the cam is located. what was your reaction. >> oh, crap. i can't say that can i? i think that's pretty much our reaction. we haven't seen this. >> reporter: this summer outbreaks at comps around the country. in north carolina a camp is linked to 75 cases in 17 states. at pontiac, almost all older
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campers and staff were fully vaccinated and everyone was tested on the first day. still, it wasn't enough. >> covid can get in there whether it's the variant or not, despite everything that you do, and i think that's a harbinger for the schools. >> reporter: new this fall in columbia county schools funding for nurses to do rapped onsite testing, but protocols for cafeterias, athletics and buses are up in the air as the county waits for guidance from new york state. >> if buses still have to keep six feet or three feet between students, that's not going to allow us to bring all our students back. >> my granddaughter starts here in five weeks as a five-year- old. >> reporter: you're worried about her? >> yes, i am. >> reporter: a worry that will only grow as summer winds down and the school year starts.
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nikki battiste, cbs news, hudson, new york. >> o'donnell: and there's still much more news ahead on tonight's "cbs evening news," including how climate change is luring sharks closer to shore. h. but we both live with the results. [announcer] you can quit. for free help, call 1-800-quit now. age-related macular degeneration may lead to severe vision loss. so the national eye institute did 20 years of clinical studies on a formula only found in preservision. if it were my vision, i'd ask my doctor about preservision. it's the most studied eye vitamin brand. if it were my vision, i'd look into preservision. only preservision areds2 contains the exact nutrient formula recommended by the nei to help reduce the risk of moderate to advanced amd progression. i have amd. it is my vision so my plan includes preservision. with downy infusions, let the scent t set the momood.
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the northeast including today. cbs' mola lenghi explains why climate change may be to blame. >> reporter: sharks off new york's atlantic coastline are causing concerns. another sighting at the popular jones beach state park on new york's long island this morning temporarily closed the waters to beachgoers. >> they let you go out to your waist. i'm sure i'll be back in the water again. >> reporter: multiple sharks spotted 20 yards after the cost closed neighborhood beaches wednesday. >> numerous black finish sharks. more of a caribbean shark. they're known to come close to the shoreline in feeding areas. so the concern, is obviously, with swimmers. >> reporter: there have been several recent shark sightings along the new york cost. scientists say warming waters from climate change are driving the sharks north. chris paparo captured this shark feeding on schools of fiber off south hampton. they tag sharks to collect
3:31 am
migration data. >> climate change is playing a role especially in sightings this yea role especially in sightings this year and last year. as sea temperatures are rising, populations are shifting north. >> reporter: experts stress the need to continue to learn about shark habitats and migration patterns especially as they're now impacted by climate change. shark attacks are incredibly rare, but officials say it is always important for beach-goers to remain vigilant out there. norah. >> o'donnell: mola lenghi, thank you so much. up next, the kindness of a stranger changes the life of an airport piano man. uld get?t? advil. pain s says you cacan't, advil saysys you can. .
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3:35 am
>> reporter: most travelers ignore him, got a plane to catch, but carlos whitaker felt an energy. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> i feel lighter. >> reporter: also light, carter's tip jar. whitaker, a motivational speaker, reached out to his 170,000 instagram followers. whitaker collected virtual tips for a half hour. >> you got a lot of money copping your way, bro. >> reporter: carter could use it. now 66, he gives himself kidney dialysis nine hours every day. >> i'm about to give you $10,000. >> the (bleep) you talkin' about? get out. >> you deserve this. >> oh, man! >> reporter: donations now top $66,000. >> i've cried for four days. total strangers reached out to show me love. that's amazing. >> reporter: think people today have stopped caring? this piano man's story will change your tune.
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news." we'll see you tomorrow. good night. captio >> announcer: this is the "cbs overnight news." i'm chip reid in washington. thanks for staying with us. president biden's latest push to stem the spread of the coronavirus is sparking both cheers and criticism, from main street to the halls of congress. the president announced that all federal workers must either get vaccinated or follow strict protocols that includes testing and wearing masks in all federal buildings. the cdc is advising people who live in high transmission areas to wear masks indoors whether they're vaccinated or not.
3:41 am
president biden is also calling on congress to extend the nationwide ban on evictions that's set to expire tomorrow. the moratorium was put in place during the height of the pandemic. about 6 1/2 million americans are behind on their rent, and about half of those could face eviction in the coming weeks. congress earmarked $47 billion in rental assistance for those affected by the pandemic, but a lot of people can't get the aid. janet shamlian has the latest from las vegas. >> reporter: la vita hub is well aware the moratorium ends on saturday. >> i'm terrified. job offers are coming in, but they're coming in very slowly. >> reporter: the las vegas mom of two teens lost both her jobs during the pandemic unable to pay her $900 a month rent. when you walk up to your door and you see an eviction notice -- >> it's the hardest thing to see in the world, when you know that you're a single mother and you have no one to turn to.
3:42 am
you'll be homeless. >> reporter: harvey has been approved for more than $9,000 in federal rent help through a local program. the money hasn't come through yet. more than 8,000 other renters in nevada's clark county are still waiting for an approval. despite billions in federal dollars available, some counties and states have been s slow to dole it out. lilike nevavada, whichch has git more than $3 million, of almost 125 million available. >> tenants really have no idea where to turn to for help. they don't know if they're protected, if they're not protected so a lot of tenants are just kind of frozen. >> reporter: even with the moratorium in place, property owners across the country have filed almost half a million eviction petitions. the treasury is now promoting a website of resources at consumer >> the tool allows you to go online and to find out where your local community you can go to apply for rental assistance. money if you're


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