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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  July 30, 2021 1:37am-2:13am PDT

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y4f7fy yi0y 11:00, vaccines will soon become mandatory for tens of thousands of workers in the
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south bay. the new rules and regulations. >> the more people we get vaccinated the faster we get through the pandemic. >> her heart and soul was dedicated to helping people. >> me bay area is paying tribute to a trailblazer who spent more than half a century helping poor and marginalized communities. we will take you out up close and personal with a will with unusual behavior off the coast. 11:00 and streaming on cbs and bay area, we have learned santa clara county will require county employees to get the covid vaccine. we are live in. katie, this comes on the same day president biden announced similar requirements for federal workers. >> it does. there are 22,000 santa clara
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county employees who work in buildings like this one who will fall under the vaccine mandate. then, there are another 10 million who will fall under the federal mandate. >> want to know how we put this virus behind us? we need to get more people vaccinated. >> president biden announced new protocols for all federal workers as vaccination rates are lagging and the delta variant is spreading. >> if in fact you are unvaccinated, you present a problem. is a problem to yourself, to your family. >> the president announced around 10 million civilian federal employees and contractors will have to get vaccinated or get tested for covid-19 once or twice a week. they will be required to wear masks, social distance, and may have official travel restricted. in santa clara county the more than 22,000 county workers will be required to be vaccinated as a condition of employment with specific expressions for health
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or religious issues. >> anything we can do to get people vaccinated to save lives, get the pandemic over, we should do. >> dr. john schwartzberg, a public health expert at uc, berkeley says he supports employers requiring vaccinations to encourage holdouts to get the shot. >> the more people that get vaccinated the faster we get through the pandemic. >> government employers are not the only ones requiring vaccinations. within the last couple of days, a number of bay area companies have announced similar policies for corporate office employees including google, facebook, twitter, netflix, uber mac and lyft. >> the county has not released a timeline but has said unvaccinated employees will continue to undergo testing and at some point, this will become a condition for employment with the county. >> katie, thank you.
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you may guess cities and counties across the bay area are deciding right now whether to bring back mask mandates. beginning today foster city requiring everyone to wear a face covering inside their facilities. this is the reason why. california's current test positivity rate over the last week 6.2%. that is up more than 1% from just last week. >> take a look from capitol hill. house speaker nancy pelosi will begin talks tomorrow morning on what congress can do to prevent a nationwide wave of evictions. today, president biden said he would not extend the federal election moratorium set to expire saturday. he says he doesn't have the authority. an estimated 12 million americans are now behind on their rent. california's eviction moratorium will remain in place through the end of september.
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janice mirikitani who ran san francisco's glide memorial church with her husband has died. >> the 80-year-old transformed the church from a traditional methodist church to a liberal one advocating for rights. we take a look now back at her life and we share the attributes rolling in tonight. >> a woman known as the first lady of the tenderloin, cofounder of the church that has made the church its mission passed away at the age of 80. janice mirikitani, cofounder of the tenderloin glide memorial church passed away suddenly this afternoon. born in stockton and then sent with her family to an internment camp during world war ii she worked at glide for 60 years empowering poor and marginalized communities in the tenderloin. >> her heart and her soul was dedicated to helping people. it is a big loss for our city.
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it is a big loss for glide and for cecil. >> while most see feeding the hungry, janice spearheaded the efforts with domestic violence survivors, women and children. she and her husband, the reverend cecil williams. >> you have been there, not now do it. >> they made their work at glide their mission. >> whenever i went there it was cecil and jen. when there was interaction it was the two of them. she loves him so much. >> tributes to janice poured in from city leaders including state senator scott weiner who said jan was one of the most exceptional human beings i have ever met combining love and strength like no one else. from mayor london breed -- >> she had a way of making you feel like you are important to her, especially because she genuinely cared about what was going on in your life.
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she cared about including people. she cared about feeding people. she cared about supporting people and lifting them up with her words of wisdom but also her poetry. >> memorial services are still underway. you can find details and a link on our website tonight, warriors fans waited on pins and needles to find out who will be joining the squad. >> vern glenn is here with the critical night for golden state . >> getting drafted by a team is one thing. sticking with the team, that is up to the two newest warriors draft picks. at the draft, the commissioner strolled out to the podium and announced the first of two selections. >> with the seventh pick in the 2021 nba draft, the golden state warriors selected --
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>> 6'8" forward from the congo just 18 years old seven foot wingspan played for the nba's g league last season seen as a long-range project for golden state. there is moses moody, 6'11" wingspan. the ability to defend makes him attractive. he can score too as the warriors took him with the 14th overall pick. you combined thereto ages? you get the age of former warriors nba finals mvp andre iguodala who is 37. more details to come in sports. >> babies with really big wing spans. >> seven feet. >> thank you, vern. we will tech back in a couple of minutes for more on a very busy night in sports, for sure. still ahead, after a wave of covid outbreaks linked to summer camps, why some health experts fear it could be a preview of what is to come.
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>> our northern california prosecutor reveals his plan to file criminal charges against pg&e in connection with a deadly wildfire. >> in a believable scene off the coast. what made this well siding so unusual? >> it has been really a once-in- a-lifetime experience.
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trtry nature''s boununty slee3 a a unique triri layer supuppl, that calalms you helelps you u fall a sleleep fasterr and stayay a sleep l longer. great t sleep comemes naturaly with s sleep 3 only from m nature's bountyy 11:00, the u.s. has seen a wave of covid outbreaks linked to summer camps this past month. >> reporter nikki battiste
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explains health officials worry it could be a preview of what is to come in the new school year. >> in rural hudson new york, where 67% of those 12 and up are fully vaccinated, news of a covid outbreak at nearby camp pontiac has rattled the community. >> by monday it was 23. by wednesday it was 31. they are all in the 7-11 age group so of course they are unvaccinated. >> jack made his public health director in columbia county where the campus located. >> what was your reaction? >> i can't say that. >> the outbreaks have been reported at camps around the country. in north carolina a camp outbreak is linked to at least 75 cases in 17 states. at pontiac, almost all older campers and staff were fully
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vaccinated and everyone was tested on the first day. still, it wasn't enough. >> covid can get in there. whether it is the variant or not, despite everything you do, i think that is part. >> funding for nurses to do rapid on-site testing but protocols were cafeterias, athletics and buses are in the air as the county waits on guidance from new york state. >> if buses still have to keep six feet or three feet between students, that is not going to allow us to bring all of our students back. >> my granddaughter starts in five weeks as a five-year-old. >> your worried about her? >> yes i am. a worry that will only grow as summer winds down and the school year starts. tonight the district attorney in chester county said pg&e should
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be held criminally liable for a deadly wildfire last year. the zog fire killed four people and destroyed more than 200 homes last september. state investigators say it was sparked by a pine tree follow falling on pg&e powerlines. prosecutors are still considering which charges to bring in the case. they say they disagree with the das conclusion that criminal charges are appropriate. last week the company said the equipment may be to blame for california's largest wildfire so far this year. now, pg&e will likely take a financial hit as the result of a dixie fire. that could be bad news for people who lost their homes in the wine country wildfires since much of their settlement money came in the form of stock. new video tonight as severe weather sweeps all along the eastern u.s. to tornadoes touching down in bucks county, pennsylvania today. it caused massive damage to the building. it is home to multiple car dealerships including buick and honda. police say five people were injured there. storms knocked out power to
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thousands of homes and businesses in that county. rising temperatures and warming waters are being blamed for an increase in shark sightings along new york's atlantic coastline this summer. waters off a popular beach in long island had to be close after a siding this morning. yesterday there were multiple sharks spotted about 20 yards off the coast forcing a nearby beach to also close. warming waters caused by climate change are helping to drive the sharks for the north. >> our guard spotted numerous, not just a singular but numerous black tipped reef shark's. >> these are more of a caribbean shark. they are known to come close to the shoreline in feeding areas. the concern obviously is with swimmers. >> not 11:00, a bit closer to home. take a look at this. a rare and counter. this is monterey bay. will watchers say they rarely have seen anything like that. >> beautiful! one recent brush with nature was captured on video.
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>> well, well watching tours come out every day on the monterey bay but this one recent group got the tour of a lifetime. a very close encounter with a friendly whale who seemed just as interested in the people as the people didn't him. >> video shot on board the princess monterey shows a curious whale popping his head out of the water to check out and recent tour but he didn't dive down. instead, he stayed close by floating next to the boat, exhaling through his blowhole. if you listen closely, even talking a bit. >> it was once in a lifetime experience. >> kylie weltman leads towards almost every day but what she and some lucky will watchers have seen lately has been
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extraordinary. >> we have had friendly wells where they come up and seem to want to interact where they will circle as and sit next to us for extended periods of time. it is unbelievable. >> the video shot last week shows the whale wasn't threatening or acting dangerously and they are not scaring the tourists far from it. >> it is really neat seeing the whales get super close to the boat. it is almost like they are following. >> why are they getting so close? operators don't know for sure but they do know whales are highly intelligent and highly communicative mammals. could it be they are actually trying to talk to humans? >> they do make a lot of vocalizations, groans, moans, and mumbles. there is a chance they are talking to is. they do those same kind of sounds to each other. i guess we will never know. >> it is such a gift when you get to see one of those majestic beasts up close. they are so beautiful. it is such in all at them.
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>> definitely! it probably speaks to the great environment there in monterey. >> everything getting rearranged by climate change including our local weather patterns and the drought continues to intensify. of course it is a matter of how much the climate change. exceptional drought on the map last week this is the new map from the u.s. drought monitor where the exceptional drought has expanded. includes all of alameda county and a chunk of santa clara county as well. extreme drought for santa cruz county, san mateo county but more and more of the bay area and the state classified as being in exceptional drought which is the worst category from the u.s. drought monitor. 46% of california in exceptional drought. almost half the state with 89%
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in extreme drought or worse. that is the second worst category. the only time the number has been higher in september 2014. 62% of the state was an exceptional drought. we hope things don't get that bad but we are months away from the next chance of rain. >> we have moisture in the form of fog. the fog is expanding across the bay toward open where the temperature is 60 degrees. to the 50s downtown san francisco and in santa rosa. 68 degrees in san jose. still warmer for concorde and livermore in the low to mid 70s. the fog is not going to spread too far across the bay except into some of the northbay valley's big visibility is reduced tomorrow morning in santa rosa but it will improve by 9:00-10:00 at the latest. the fog should back up by the coast by late morning and early afternoon. along the coast i think you will see sunshine breaking through by early to mid afternoon. temperatures tonight drop into the 50s along the bay with 60 certain parts of the east bay in the santa clara valley. high temperature tomorrow will be around normal near the bay.
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4 or 5 degrees above average as you head further in the. lead zoom in for a closer look. around 60 degrees mostly 80s down the peninsula and around the south end of the bay with 80s giving way to 90s as you head further in the and in the santa clara valley. to butchers in the and in the east bay low 90s for the tri- valley with upper 90s for fairfield, antioch and brentwood. temperatures around the bay near-normal. and 60s for san francisco with a mix of 60s and 70s. mostly the middle portion of the 80s for the northbay until you head further in then into mendocino county, lake county reaching near or above triple digit territory. temperatures will back off slightly. a deeper marine layer helping us. temperatures dropped to the low 60s for san francisco and stay there around 70 for open and 80 degrees for san jose. still warmer in the and and the tri-valley but upper 80s to around 90 degrees for the hottest spots east of mt. diablo with temperatures for the northbay in the low to mid 80s. along the coast you will not notice too much change. temperatures are stuck around 60 degrees. state ahead on a busy
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thursday, giants up, dodgers down. been, added strength. the nba draft tonight. did the worriers get better? we will talk more about it with the number 7 and 14th draft picks.
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the nba draft up top. players names were called. blank stares from the liens were formed following the list of previous warriors number 7 overall draft pick stefan curry and chris mullen. say hello to jonathan kuminga. and 18-year-old forward who came from the congo in 2016. he skipped college, developed his game in the delete program. he had been projected as a top- five selection yet slipped to 7. >> then the dubs went out and picked up forward moses moody out of kansas. there he is. 6'11" wingspan. the team considered taking him with the seventh pick but considered more pro-ready than jonathan kuminga as each are eager to be on the floor with steph curry, thompson, andy
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greene. >> i feel like my game will go from the bottom to the top as long as i stick around them. >> i don't even know what all they are going to teach me. i know they have small tricks and nuances to get an advantage on another team. given how great they are and how great the team is in that environment i have no choice but to get better. >> oklahoma state guard jade cunningham with number one overall to the pistons. jaylen green went number two to the houston rockets. scotty barnes went to toronto and jaylen suggs to the orlando magic with the fifth pick. >> guard russell westbrook is changing zip codes. the former mvp is being traded from the washington wizards to the lakers. in the deal, and they were sent three players +2 draft selections back to the wizards.
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lebron james and anthony davis meet russell westbrook. >> baseball, a deal is finalizing which will bring pitcher max shares her, three- time cy young winner and shortstop trai turner to the dodgers from the washington nationals. the giants got brandon crawford in the lineup from the injury list. watch the shortstop do damage on l.a. pitching today. he didn't wait long either. here is the bases-loaded first inning two rbi double. it came to to open the score again this series. picture johnny cueto through a clinic today. over five innings of shutout ball struck out 5 as the giants beat l.a. 5-0 and increased the lead in the west 23 games. >> meanwhile, say hello to number 2. that is the ace new outfielder in anaheim. he was on-base when ramon
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laureano ripped the first inning double and brought him home with matt olson. the a's grabbed a 3-0 lead. the starter have his stuff tonight. struck out 10 angels in seven innings. the a xuan 4-0. the are asked that -- the astros are off the a struggle by 5 1/2. 2 1/2 up in the postseason sweepstakes. liz, i know you wanted to know this before you play summer league fantasy baseball. jonathan kuminga will be wearing 00 and moses moody will be wearing number format as you make a lineup . >> i will put that in my notes. very good. importing information. thank you. that
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11:00, some big support coming to how bay area families put food on the table. >> food insecurity has skyrocketed in the pandemic there is a new expansion project to help keep up with the demand. >> a san francisco marin food bank broke ground today on its new san francisco warehouse. it should be completed i the end of next year. 900 pennsylvania avenue and officials say the need for food banks has surged during the pandemic. there is a critical need for more storage, delivery, volunteer, and serving space. >> this warehouse is like the
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heart pumping resources into our community and the heart is just not big enough right now. it needs critical expansion to meet current needs. >> such a fantastic organization. we partner with them every year during the holidays but they do work year-round. >> at work too. we will be right back.
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the late show with stephen colbert is next. think you are watching. news continues streaming on cbsn bay area. have a great night. - [announcer] the following program is sponsored by food for the poor. - [voiceover] it's so difficult to look at my children who are so hungry and i can't give them food. - [child voiceover] i'm scared because the trucks aren't careful.


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