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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5am  CBS  July 29, 2021 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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coast of alaska. where tsunami warnings were lifted. live in san mateo, one city has a new mask mandate. minutes from an official drought update. dramatic images show how worse it's gotten in a couple months. plus. i am in a lot of pain. >> hear from the fan hit in the face by a foul ball at the dodgers giants game. good morning. thanks for starting your thursday with us. i am anne makovec. >> i am len kiese. breaking news out of alaska, 8.2 quake hit after 11:00 last night, epicenter near the alaskan peninsula. tsunami warning was issued for portions of the state. afterward that warning was lifted about two and a half hours ago. check out long lines of cars trying to evacuate the area when the tsunami warning was in effect. so far in reports of damage but
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after shocks continue in the area, a lot of them in the three to four magnitude range. this quake is alaska's strongest since 1964 and tsunami warning for hawaii has been canceled. >> national weather service's tsunami center says there is no tsunami threat for washington, oregon, or california. we are getting ready for another hot day inland, a first check on weather and traffic beginning with darren peck in for mary. good morning. good morning. it's pretty much an exact repeat of what yesterday was like. we'll be in the upper 90s inland. we'll see a healthy marine layer. how was yesterday for you? just replay that. that's what today will be like. we are starting in mid 50s in santa rosa, mid 60s in livermore. that's the range we've got and
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it's a ten degree spread in there. same number for inland east bay, 97. inland north bay, we'll keep temperatures closer to the low 90s today and it will be 70 in the bay. how does the drive look? good morning. let's start with a look at our maps as we take that drive into altamont pass. if you are ready to take 580 west it is busy out of tracy on the 205, 580 connector. we are seeing sluggish conditions around grant line. plan for that as you hit the roadways. right now we are at 31 minutes west bound 580 from 205 towards 680. east shore freeway is clear, no delays. if you are headed along highway 4, 25 minutes west bound from antioch to 80 which is east shore freeway. bay bridge toll plaza, quiet and no delays.
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masks, vaccines, delta variant, things have been changing by the hour. >> where do we stand and what's next? justin andrews joins us live from san mateo where one city has a new man date. >> reporter: it seems like every day we are hearing new guidelines from federal and local health officials basically telling us to follow new guidelines. in foster city if you enter any city buildings beginning today, you must wear a mask. this requirement follows new guidelines set by california department of public health urging even the vaccinated to wear face coverings indoors in hopes of protecting us from the delta variant and to slow its spread. san mateo implemented requirement earlier this week to wear face coverings in doors at county facilities for employees and visitors. foster city's masking requirement applies to city
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operated and not businesses, other government agencies, or private employers. however those other places are encouraged by foster city health officials and leaders to require face coverings. some counties and cities have recommendations. others have masking mandates. either way i think the best thing to do is have a mask handy because you never know when you will need it. i am justin andrews, kpix5. >> thanks. we'll check in with you in about a half hour. the pandemic now is a pandemic of the unvaccinated. today president biden expected to announce federal workers must be vaccinated or undergo regular covid testing. the order which includes contractors would affect upwards of 10 million people. new u.s. world champion pole vaulter sam kendricks is out of olympics after testing positive for covid. the former ole miss star won bronze at the 2016 rio games.
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his battle with the world record holder duplantis of sweder was expected to be one of the highlights. san jose unified school district is raring all teachers and staff to either be vaccinated or tested for covid twice a day. >> a mask mandate inside and outside for everyone in k to 12 schools. it is a step farther than state guidelines. one doctor says these mandates can boost protections in schools against the delta variant. >> kids under 12 have fewer receptors where the virus uses to enter the virus called aster receptors for whatever reason we don't understand. that's why it seemed kids were always the protected ones during covid. >> emergency use authorization for pfizer vaccine for kids age 5 to 11 will not come until late september, maybe early october. moderna is looking closer to early december.
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>> i am kind of worried. it has been hard to watch everyone in my family get vaccinated before me. >> fda asked pfizer to double study size because of concerns over reports of myocarditis or inflammation of the heart muscle in young people. a lawsuit in a hit and run that killed the family of a young boy, his family says they want justice. alameda county attorneys' office says the victim was walking on park boulevard when a lexus suv drove on to the sidewalk, hit him, crashed into a parked car. after the crash the 64-year-old suspect left the scene leaving his injured wife behind. court documents show his wife told police her husband was the driver and he had been drinking throughout the day. investigators say they were never able to determine his alcohol content because he left
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the scene. >> he has robbed my 10-year-old son of his father. he's robbed me of my partner. his actions have inflicted inconsolable heart break upon our family that we will never fully recover from. >> the victim's family has filed civil suit on behalf of his 10-year-old son. the suspect faces charges of vehicular manslaughter and leaving scene of an accident. vta moving forward with getting light rail service back on track two months after the mass shooting at a rail yard. starting next monday buses will run up to the bay point station and over to the milpitas transit center. buses will stop at each light rail station along the way. service will start at 5:30 a.m. and run through 8:30 p.m. on weekdays and 7:00 to 7:00 on
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the weekend. riders will not need to pay a fare. this is until service is restored. 84-year-old thai immigrant died in january after violently shoved to the ground in an unprovoked attack. a city supervisor proposed naming a street there in his honor. >> my pain will never go away from when i lost my father. i have to stand up and i have to be strong. >> two men were later arrested and charged in the deadly attack. since, his family has come for harsher punishments for those who commit hate crimes. in san francisco, new surveillance effort aiming to crackdown on people trashing
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the streets. places like bay view and cite drivers who toss waste to the road. a bay area school district struggling with a staffing shortage. school is about to start. what will they do? a stunt in the sky is making a come back. the warning issued to pilots of the man in the jet pack. later, a parking attempt gone very, very, very wrong. how police say everyone lucked out here. take a look at the bay bridge, no metering lights. we are starting to see extra volume for the ride into san francisco. we'll check your travel times coming up in a few minutes. a live look outside before we head to break, a crazy view from our sales force tower camera. you don't see much but fog there.
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new, another mysterious sighting in the skies near l.a.x. a pilot reported he saw what appeared to be a man flying in a jet pack on the approach route to the airport. a live look at lax will the control tower had to quickly issue a warning to pilots.
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that jet packer was spotted. use caution. there was a report of a man in a jet pack. the jet man is back. let me know if you see him. >> a chi cheese airlines crew reported a similar sighting when their flight was making descent into lax the stunts are extremely dangerous and total disregard for safety, pilots say. new images show how much worse the drought has gotten. the first photo is from three years ago. you see the lake at decent levels, vegetation flourishing. the next image was april of this year, water nearly gone and lots of dry land. the last photo shows what's left as of last week. almost no trace of the lake.
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. unprecedented effort to preserve water storage in lake mendocino. the situation is so dire that some agricultural users are being cut off completely. >> it is frustrating because we are supposed to have water. if there is a declared emergency, it is worthless. >> if reservoirs don't get replenished, residential will be in for a major problem. it can get kind of dangerous just because there will not be enough water for people. >> it is expected regulators will begin notifying those whose water will be curtailed all the 5 with the order taking effect the next day. governor pushing for more federal help to fight wildfires. he joined nevada's governor to fight fires and saw some of the homes sparked by fire which sparked on federal land.
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meanwhile the massive dixie fire in butte and plumas covers an area nearly twice the size of san jose. at least 54 buildings have burned. the fire is 23% contained. all the smoke pushed air quality in sacramento into the unhealthy range yesterday. some local outdoor events had to be canceled like sacramento's police boot camp. a doctor at uc davis is warning inhaling smoky air too long can increase your risk of covid. >> alters our immunity and immune system's ability to manage infections. then you throw in delta variant which has has ability to evade our immune system. >> mask up while outdoors to help filter out the damaging air particles from the wildfire smoke. 5:15. we are getting a check of weather and traffic now beginning with mr. darren peck. good morning. i am going to pick up on that
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smoke story because i want you to see where the smoke is going and why we are doing okay in the bay area for now in terms of any wildfire smoke getting over here. first, a live look. that's the scene from the sales force tower looking towards the east. marine layer is back in. that's part of the reason why our air quality has been staying good. we've got a strong on shore flow, keeps temperatures relatively cool in immediate bay and gives a study supply of the breeze coming in off the coast. let's look it he smoke plume off of the tamarack fire. you see the lighter shades of blue through central valley. it does filter back and sit over much of the central valley. on futurecast most of the smoke keeps getting nudged in the right direction that it is not becoming much of a concern at home. keep your fingers crossed. start preparing for the
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possibility over the next three months. current numbers, mid 50s now, it's 58 degrees at the moment in hayward, 64 livermore, 58 in oakland. you see where the marine layer is filling in much of the immediate bay this morning and north bay valleys, mid level clouds. we are not looking at fog. clouds will burn to the coast by late morning. that gets us to 10:00 or 11:00. the big picture shows us we might see a few high clouds but any thunderstorms will stay in the sierra. let's get the daytime highs in here. mid and upper 80s for south bay, 86 palo alto, 77 hayward, 90 campbell. let's get into the warmest spot on the tour. that would be inland valleys of the east bay. we'll see numbers climbing to the upper 90s, 96 walnut creek, 94 pleasanton, 96 liver more.
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east bay shoreline, mid 70s. they'll climb to the upper 80s for valleys of marin, 90 santa rosa, 103 in ukiah, 102 in clear lake. across the seven-day forecast for san francisco, oakland, san jose, there is a cooling trend on here. since we didn't warm up a whole lot in either of the locations, there is not a dramatic cool down. we'll go from mid 80s in san jose to around 80 for the weekend. here is where the big change happens. inland valleys of east bay where we'll be 97, we will cool numbers to 90 for daytime high by the early part of the weekend. similar story for north bay, we'll get you back down to average. how does the drive look? good morning. let's look at the drive into the altamont pass because that's our busiest spot. we see brake lights already building. ride west bound from 205 out of tracy near mount house, 580
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near north flynn, that's our slowest spot. speeds are dipping down to about 22 miles per hour. your travel time, 37 minutes. that's what you will need 205 towards 680. we know that increases as morning commute gets busier especially closer to the 6:00 hour. keep that in mind if headed towards the dublin interchange. things are moving at the limit. a live look at the golden gate bridge, you can make out the trek as they do lane changes. it's looking a little foggy, a heads up as you head out. over all a quiet commute out of marin into san francisco but lane changes may slow you down a bit if you are hitting the roads pretty quickly on the north bound side of the golden gate. bay bridge toll plaza, no metering lights just yet. san mateo bridge is looking good as well. smooth sailing between 880 towards 101.
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a live look at 880 near colosseum, nimitz freeway, everything is moving smoothly in both directions. west bound 580, castro street to 101, seven minutes. san mateo bridge commute, a 12 minute ride. all travel times are in the green which is good news. new video of horsepower on the highway getting a new meaning. drivers on i-70 in colorado spotted a group of horses that escaped from a nearby rodeo. check it out. whoa, easy. >> this happened friday night. one horse in the rodeo was reportedly spooked by an electric fence. when they all took off patrol and fire crews blocked traffic to get what they could to get the horses to slow down. none were injured. >> we think the traffic in the bay area is wild. >> that takes it to another
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level. one word, ouch. >> how this baseball fan at oracle park ended up with stitches as a souvenir. that is next on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. coming up at 7:00 on cbs this morning, more on president biden's plan to get federal workers vaccinated. an interview with actress elizabeth banks. we'll be right back. tonight i learned how to get to the world cup. [ laughter ] that is me as soon as evererybo
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y4fn3y yi0y welcome back. 5:24. a live look outside from the camera on our roof top looking at the financial district in san francisco. today, a watch party hosted by warriors. >> it's for this year's nba draft. it's happening at 4:30 at thrive city, plaza outside chase center. fans will get performances from
5:25 am
the entertainment teams, access to plenty food and drinks and it is free to attend. that's good. this is not so good, dodgers fan recovering after hit in the face by a foul ball. >> it's kind of hard to watch. it happened while she was watching her team play against the giants at oracle park. she was sitting in the stands next to the dug out enjoying tuesday's game. justin turner came up to bat. , hit a foul, went to the safety netting and headed straight for her face. >> it was still coming full force and it bounced off my face in front of me. >> she had glasses on. >> yeah, it broke my glasses. i honestly didn't even know what happened. >> she got a cut so deep that she had to go to the hospital and get six stitches. dodgers organization says they're aware of the incident and are looking into it. >> thank goodness for the
5:26 am
glasses. >> yeah. that's the bright side i suppose. 5:26. a lot of tech workers will not be going to the office. the big change because of the most recent covid surge. also next, covid outbreak at a santa cruz concert venue leading to a voluntary closure. a live look outside before we head to break this thursday morning, this
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on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, we are hours away from a big announcement from president biden. his new strategy to stop the spread of covid. lots of tech workers won't
5:30 am
be going into work. the company closing its doors because of the delta variant weeks after reopening. a rare moment of bipartisanship in congress. what's next for the long awaited infrastructure bill. >> i don't have anything to say exempt thank you to everybody. making sure this employee never has to walk to work again. we are minutes away from the latest unemployment numbers. breaking news out of alaska, national weather service's tsunami warning system so no significant tsunami is expected after an 8.2 magnitude earth quake hit the state's coast late last night. this is video from alaska as emergency sirens were blaring during the evacuations. usgs is reporting at least two strong after shocks shaking the area, the biggest a 6.2.
5:31 am
>> this shows the epicenter near the alaskan peninsula. brace yourself for another hot day. >> let's get to darren peck with today's forecast. top of sutro looking at the top of the sales force tower which means we can get views from the top of the sales force tower, that's what it looks like towards the east. it's a pretty start to the day. the take away is it is exactly like yesterday. that means it will be hot for inland locations. in immediate bay, it will be a perfectly normal day, temperatures climb to about average. 54 santa rosa, 64 in livermore. that's our ten degree spread. that shows how much warmer we are for inland valleys of the east bay. that's where that 97 really applies. almost exactly like you did yesterday. immediate bay, low 70s to mid
5:32 am
70s. gianna, how is the drive looking? not bad. if you are taking the bay bridge things are moving at the limit. we are seeing extra volume so here is a live look. you see traffic near the toll plaza. more people are hitting the roadways as that 6:00 hour gets closer. into the city, travel times are looking good. golden gate bridge, quiet in both directions, adjusted lane changes adding one more lane. quiet out of marin. things did look foggy at the golden gate. altamont pass, a little windy and usual slow and go conditions to north flynn. looking live at san francisco, the city is considering a mask mandate indoors for everyone, mayor also mentioned the city is looking for ways to go further with vaccine mandate. this comes as the city
5:33 am
experiences a surge of covid cases and hospitalizations largely among unvaccinated. we are seeing recommendations, rules, mandates changing every day. >> what is next for the bay area? justin andrews is live in foster city this morning where there is a new mask mandate. justin. >> reporter: good morning. it seems like things are changing every single day. it seems people are confused because of the new guidelines. if you come to foster city, you don't have a choice. if you enter any city facilities you must wear a mask. this applies to city operated buildings and does not apply to businesses, other government agencies, or private employers in foster city. those other places are encouraged by foster city health leaders to require face coverings. it is a mandate that begins today. health officials say it helps protect everyone from the delta variant and slows the spread.
5:34 am
alameda, marin, san francisco, contra costa counties and many other counties have recommended people mask up. delta's transmission has health leader in his contra costa county concerned. >> in the last days i have been very concerned seeing our hospitals fill up. either way we are at a point where it is quite concerning. >> leaders here in san mateo also implemented mask mandate for the county. if you enter county facilities you must wear a mask. that applies for employees and also visitors. >> i think you have it right, just take that mask with you everywhere. be ready to whip it on. >> put it in your pocket. thank you. cdc says covid hospitalizations and deaths will likely increase in coming weeks. the agency also noted that vaccination rates have started to rise again. >> if we get people vaccinated
5:35 am
who are not yet vaccinated, if we mask, we can halt this in a matter of weeks. >> president biden is expected to unveil new rules for federal workers and contractors. they'll either have to get vaccinated or submit to regular testing and social distancing rules. a union representing law enforcement officers says lacks authority to force them to be vaccinated calling it a civil violation. twitter says it will temporarily close offices again as coronavirus cases spike. this comes two weeks after the tech company began welcoming back workers. another pair of silicon valley tech giants will require workers to get the vaccine. google is going to require proof of vaccination from employees back in the office or planning to be. the company is postponing official return to work date from september 1 now moved to
5:36 am
october 18. facebook is also announcing vaccine requirement for its employees. yesterday the company said how that is implemented will depend on local conditions and regulations. a live look at capitol hill where an infrastructure funding plan advanced in senate but has a long way to go. 17 senate republicans joined democrats to advance the bill last night. it calls for $550 billion in new spending on things like public transit, clean water, broadband. some house democrats say they won't support the plan unless a $3.5 trillion budget bill is also passed. cinema says she does not support the bill throwing future of both measures in doubt. >> my goal remains to pass both bipartisan infrastructure bill and a budget resolution during this work period. both. >> the timing of a final vote is still up in the air. new u.s. jobless claims report just dropped, let's take
5:37 am
a look at the new numbers. they've dropped to 400,000 this week. as of july 17, the number was 419,000. that dropping number is a sign of strength for rebounding economy and job market. speaking of, let's check with our money watch, robin hood making public debut and also in the spotlight is amazon. good morning, diane. good morning. today is amazon aday to turn in quarterly earnings. investors are wondering if the growth slowed. robin hood sets sail as a public company. it will make debut on the nasdaq under ticker hood. it is valued at $32 billion. it's become a great way for new investors. app experienced record trading
5:38 am
during the meme stock frenzy earlier this year. delta says consumers who buy basic economy tickets no longer have to pay change fees through the end of the year. airlines had dropped change fes earlier this year but didn't have the option. this is amid the delta variant of the virus. >> that's good news. i just bought one and i always go for the bottom barrel fare. >> i understand, i know. i am scraping like oh where is that cheap one? >> how willing am i to commit to this. hate those change fees. for others it looks like they're ready to go post pandemic splurging. >> yeah, oh goodness, impulse buying. nearly 60% of millennials say they are willing to go into debt to celebrate the end of the pandemic. travel is the number one
5:39 am
category. they're happy to pilot plastic. that's followed by outside entertainment like concerts. new clothes and accessories are also top. i have to add this, experts say don't do that. >> that's probably good financial advice. >> don't do that. don't go into debt. >> but we can have a little bit fun. maybe pick one splurge. >> within set guidelines. set guidelines. make yourself a budget. >> kids, listen to diane king hall. we're going to see you again when the stock market opens at 6:30. a big bay area school district does not have enough teachers and classes are about to start. what are they going to do? coming up, new information just in about how much worse our drought has gotten in just one week. grab those mickey ears and
5:40 am
grab that mask. when disneyland is bringing back mask mandate. u.s. world champ out of the olympics because of covid. can't get enough of this view this morning from our exclusive cameras on top of the sales force tower. we are looking east. that's over the bay bridge. we are waiting for sunrise. that will happen in about 30 minutes. we're going to be hot inland. i have to show you that repeat of yesterday's numbers, coming up. first reports of a crash along the peninsula. details are coming up. a live look outside before we head to break from our sales force tower camera this morning. a pretty shot as we start the day. it is 5:40. we'll be right back.
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5:44 am
lasts. new, a parking attempt gone very long. the driver ended up like this. that's not all. police say before this went down the suv was on the fifth floor of the parking garage. the driver says trying to park she accidentally accelerated instead of reversing and careened to the parking floor below. luckily she was not hurt and the cars beneath her car were empty. >> thank goodness for that. today marks launch of city's community ambassador program designed to help china town recover and thrive post pandemic. across the bay the san francisco mayor will join the city's chinese chamber of commerce in announcing legal defense fund to fight rash of americans with disabilities act lawsuits that have been targeting small businesses in china town. new, state figures show that cover california enrollment has hit record high with 1.6 million californians
5:45 am
signing up for health coverage. the large pool will enable reduction in premiums. health officials this santa cruz investigating coronavirus outbreak connected to an indoor concert. this was on july 18. at least four have tested positive along with most of the members of the crew of the l.a. based band the grateful shred. >> it's devastating that after a year and a half of being shut down that we can just get open again and have something like this happen. >> the venue is voluntarily closed now. owner plans to require masks when they reopen next month. happiest place on earth is masking up again so you can't see the smiles. >> you can't see them but you can feel the energy. disneyland and disneyworld will start requiring masks indoors tomorrow. disneys parks unit announced it would be adapting health guidelines based on new cdc
5:46 am
guidance. resorts require workers and guests to mask up including people who have vaccinated. >> sigh. >> double sigh. >> keep hearing about this. 5:46. we are looking for good news. gianna, darren, what have you got for us? >> i think i can deliver in the weather department for the most part. but there is heat. i want to show why some of us will experience this day so different than the rest of us. when we get heat spikes it picks on inland valleys of the east bay. that's the view we looked at a few minutes ago. when you get a marine layer this expansive and you are looking over the city, that sales force tower is all you can see. when you have that, it's your sign that temperatures in the bay area will stay relatively comfortable today. late july and it's barely going to make it out of the upper 60s in the city and 70s for east
5:47 am
bay communities. if you look at the current numbers, you can see a head start. 64 livermore. that's our warmest spot. it's 54 in santa rosa. if we look at this in a different way and spotlight where we are going to be above average and if you can color code it and show deeper the shades of orange, higher above average you will be, now you can visualize an overview and see where it will be felt and where it won't. if you are not shaded you will not notice anything different. deeper into the yellows and oranges, you will notice temperatures. i will put some numbers on that will go to 97 for concord. if you look at the shades, that's a good 12 to 14 degrees above average. 95 livermore. come on the other side of the hill and we don't have any shades. a little bit blue showing up over there from the strong on shore flow that helps cool
5:48 am
things in the east bay. 62 in shades of blue for outer sun set. let's take the numbers for inland east bay. 88 would be average daytime high, have to go to 97 today. watch the line take the dip. by saturday we are down to 89. that's where we should be. we'll start in the south bay where we are in the mid 80s, 86 palo alto. santa clara goes to 87. milpitas will go to 85. pleasant hill, 97. san ramone 92, 94 pleasanton. east bay shoreline, 70 at berkeley, 73 san leandro. san rafael hits 88, novato does the same. it will be 90 in santa rosa and 103 for ukiah. heat in inland valleys for mendocino and lake county. the seven-day forecast, we
5:49 am
don't notice a lot of change. we don't need to. you get a moderated influence from marine layer. here is where we need to see the change. inland valley of east bay. i showed you that. look at the middle line. we'll get you to the low and mid 80s by the weekend. how does the drive look? a little busy. trouble spot along peninsula north bound 101 near hills dale. there is a crash blocking possibly two lanes. chp just arrived and it's causing a bit of a back up. north bound 101 at hills dale, that's where the crash is. as we zoom in we are seeing red on our censors. traffic is starting to slow a little bit as you approach. checking with our speeds, pretty slow around 14 miles per hour in some spots. use 280 as an alternate. that's always an option. you can use el camino as an
5:50 am
alternate. around mount house on 205, that's where the brake lights start. it extends to north flynn. no crashes. this is the usual stuff for the morning ride through altamont pass. the good news is our bay area bridges are pretty light. no metering lights at the bay bridge. traffic is moving nicely with no delays into san francisco. if you plan on taking golden gate bridge, now is a good time. we are not seeing brake lights or issues north or south bound but just foggy in spots. be advised as you head through. limited visibility can be an issue. san mateo bridge is quiet, 13 minutes between 880 and 101. it is 5:50 and time for a look at this morning's entertainment headlines. new music from prince being released tomorrow. it was recorded in 2012.
5:51 am
welcome to america features 11 songs and a cover, stand up and be strong. luke brian taking you for a look at his life. details of his triumphs and struggles on his road to stardom. reece witherspoon has signed up for coexecutive producer to this year's stand up to cancer event. it airs from los angeles on august 21 on cbs. starting today, four days of live music will echo through chicago grant park to celebrate. attendees must be vaccinated or test negative for covid to gain entry. organizers urge everyone to wear a mask during the event. >> thanks. eight minutes before 6:00. next on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, your chance to live like a 49ers coach.
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>> a birthday like no other. wait until you hear what these california co-workers gifted this employee. on the drew barrymore show,
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5:54 am
a man in chico surprised
5:55 am
with a birthday gift. >> some of his co-workers pulled together to buy him a car after learning about his walk to work. they put a bow on this red toyota camry. about 100 people donated and raised about $10,000. chico nissan hyundai matched the rest. >> cools off on the walk in after walking an hour and a half every day. he makes sure he is here 15 minutes early so he can cool off. that's the kind of kid he is. >> i am speech less. thank you to everybody. i really appreciate it. >> he also got a $500 gift card for gas and his first year of car insurance is paid for. >> not bad. here is your chance to live like a famous football coach. >> putting his mansion up for sale, check it out, five bathrooms, seven bathrooms plus
5:56 am
a guest house. the former had ther head coach is asking for just about the time when he made the jump from stanford to the nfl. >> lifestyles of the rich and famous. >> once you put that point in there, i know i can't afford it. well before that too. 5:56. how worried should we be about delta variant? school is about to start. one bay area district still needs dozens of teachers. now what? we will get some answers. a mystery in the skies leads to a z4fn3z zi0z
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y4fn3y yi0y [baby crying]
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i got it. i gogot it. ♪ ♪ gigive grandmama kisses. mwmwah. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ gettining some helelp wiwith the litittle one, from herer biggest f fan. someme real facece time. just a an amtrak a away.
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breaking news on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, an
6:00 am
8.2 earthquake off the coast of alaska. where tsunami warnings were lifted. rules changing quickly when it comes to masks, vaccines, and delta variant. we are live where one city has a new man date. how bad is the drought? we just got the official update. these dramatic images show how much worse it's gotten in a couple months. i am in a lot of pain. we will hear from the fan hit in the face by a foul ball at the giants dodgers game. ouch. good morning. it is thursday july 29. i am anne makovec. >> i am len kiese. we begin with the breaking news out of alaska, 8.2 quake hit after 11:00 last night near alaska peninsula. tsunami warning was issued for portions of the state but that warning has been lifted. >> usgs is reporting at least two strong after shocks shaking the area


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