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tv   KPIX 5 News at 7pm  CBS  July 28, 2021 7:00pm-7:29pm PDT

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wings. what jimmy told us. and governor newsom issues a call for help as california wildfires rage. >> this is life and death, and you can't just fight fires the way we did 20, 40 years ago. right now on the kpix 5 news at 7:00, streaming on cbsn bay area, survivors of the gilroy garlic festival shooting are now suing the gun maker. good evening, i'm ken bastida. >> i'm juliette goodrich in for elizabeth. it comes on the two-year anniversary of the mass shooting. and right now a memorial is being held in gilroy to honor the victims. >> kpix 5's len ramirez is there right now, len? >> reporter: well, the gilroy community came together here in gilroy tonight at precisely the same moment that shots rang out two years ago at christmas hill park, 5:40 p.m. now, because -- instead of being held at the christmas hill park side of the mass shooting, the
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memorial was held outside the new gilroy strong resiliency center downtown. in many ways, they're dealing with the aftermath of the shooting that took the lives of stephen romero, keyla salazar and trevor irby. >> we're never going to forget the lives that were lost here, and many people who live in gilroy already forever affected by it. so that will never change. but the strength that comes from being together in community and moving on is something that helps us pick ourselves up and heal. >> reporter: the new gilroy strong resiliency center was started by district attorney jeff rosen's office. it provides ongoing services to community members who are still dealing with the emotional trauma and will ithis community. the gilroy garlic festival has not been bab at the same site, christmas hill park, but this weekend there will be the secone
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today, but as you mentioned at the top of the show, family members have joined a lawsuit against the gun manufacturer that was what the shooter used to kill his victims here in gilroy two years ago. reporting live in gilroy, len ramirez, kpix 5. >> lenny, thank you for that. and as he mentioned, the shooting survivors are now also suing century arms -- festival shooter. that manufacturer is the fourth defendant in the lawsuit along with the garlic festivaleir sere city of gilroy, which accuses them of failing to provide adequate security. to m or not to mask. it's a more confusing question than ever this evening nowoffich the cdc's new guidance recommending a return to indoor masking in areas of substantial or high transmission.
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now that covers about 90% of the state and nearly all of the bay area. but with no actual mandates in place, confusion and resentment are mounting. >> it's their right, absolutely, it's their right. but why should i have to wear masks inside and outside and i've got the vaccine and i don't want to. you wear the mask. >> they say people like me, without the vaccine, are causing these variants so. i definitely understand why. >> a lot of businesses are now posting their own rules. others are leaving the decision up to their customers. >> they walk in, start taking it out. we're like you don't have to if you're vaccinated. it would be nice if you did. i've seen more people with masks than without it. >> it's a little confusing, but i am requiring everybody to wear a mask because we're a family business and we have many children who cannot get a vaccine.
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>> as for larger retailers, bloomberg reports apple will begin requiring masks at many of its stores starting tomorrow. on the fire watch tonight, governor newsom pushing for more federal help to fight wildfires. and he joined nevada's governor touring the damage from the tamarack fire at alpine county. they saw some of the homes burned by the blaze, which sparked on federal land last month. >> we're experiencing a mega drought in the entire west coast of the united states that arguably is going back to the year 2000. the hots are getting a hell of a lot hotter, and as a consequence, these young men and women in uniform have their work cut out for them. >> the tamarack fire has now scorched more than 100 square miles. caltrans lifted the closures this morning. fire crews expect full containment around the end of august. meanwhile, the massive dixie
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fire in butte and plumas counties now covers an area nearly twice the size o the city of san jose. at least 54 buildings have burned down. the fire is 23% contained. now, the weather not doing firefighters any favors. warmed up so much so a statewide flex alert is in effect through 9:00 tonight. >> brian hackney joins us now, and he's tracking those temperatures, brian? >> some places have actually cooled down today, other places it did at least finish on par with yesterday. but it's in the great valley -- hot over the century mark. and i mean great valley wide. a layer of low clouds from the sales force tower camera o shoreli ys spell innd, and it will. e' goingaveo wai for on theutbulls being driven by a huge dome of high pressure that is parked over nebraska.
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and especially in this part of california it's one of the reasons for the flex alert, because all the way from redding to bakersfield and fresno, the numbers are well over the century mark. we're all counting down to the weekend when things will ease up. and that is not the only thing we're counting down to. we are counting down to 49er preseason football right here on kpix 5. just over two weeks away now. >> yeah, today we got our first chance to see the squad in action. vern glenn here now with a look inside training camp, what jimmy g. had to say about his backup looming right next to him, vern? >> hey, i wonder how many sports hits in a row that we will mention the name jimmyveewor a whgaroolo anooe b umr ory ns got tee for themselves
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this morning at the team's first practice inta candy, number 10 d number 5, quarterbacks garoppolo and lance. lance officially signed a four-year contract before today's practice. garoppolo, the starter, may as well get used to these exchanges with the media. >> given the situation -- >> i don't know what you're talking about awkwardness, but no. me and trey, we've had a good relationship, we really have. it's sort of one of those things it is what it is. >> like i talked about back home with a couple guys, how jimmy looking? he came back to otas looking like a different guy. >> like every year, it's a big year. but we got an opportunity to do something special, and i'm excited about that. >> all right, so they're going to put the pads on next week. hey, i have a question, can you possibly let me in on which stationhas the 49er preseason games? >> hmmm,. right now kpix 5 your home for 49er preseason action. you can catch the three big
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matchups against the chiefs, chargers and raiders live right here starting saturday, august 14th. and still to come, a silicon valley tech giant issues its own vaccine mandate. meanwhile, a california restaurant is taking heat for asking patrons to prove they refused the shot. plus, a covid outbreak at a santa cruz county concert venue, and it looks like the band bore the brunt of it. >> you know, it could get kind of dangerous around here because there's not going to be enough water for people. and they've been hit harder by most by the bay area drought, and for many the news is about to get worse.
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a man has been arrested in
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connection with a deadly shooting inside of a movie theater in southern california. an 18-year-old was killed there and a 19-year-old is on life support. in what's being described as an unprovoked attack during a showing of a horror film. 20-year-old joseph jimenez is being held on $2 million bail. health officials in santa cruz county investigating a coronavirus outbreak connected to an indoor concert. nearly 300 people attended the show at felton music hall back on july 18th. four have tested positive so far along with most of the members and the crew of the l.a.-based band the grateful shred. >> it's just devastating that after a year and a half of being shut down that we could just get open again and have something like this happen. >> the venue has voluntarily closed for now.
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the owner plans to require masks for everybody when it re-opens early next month. meanwhile, southern california, one restaurant is facing backlash tonight after putting up a poster asking for proof that customers are not vaccinated. you heard me right, the flier reads in part, we have zero tolerance for treasonness anti-american stupidity. customers of the restaurant in huntington beach responded by leaving low ratings. taking a look at your top headlines. a new vaccine mandate in silicon valley. google says any employee who is back in the office or planning to be must get the shot. the company is also postponing its official return to work date from september 1st to october 18th. and now a live look at the white house, where a vaccine mandate for 2 million federal employees is reportedly in the works. president biden expected to announce it tomorrow. meanwhile, on capitol hill,
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the senate just voted to start work on a nearly $1 trillion national infrastructure package with unspent covid relief aid. and usa gymnastics confirms simone biles will not compete t. she pulled out of the team final yesterday for mental health reasons. now, she has four more individual events on her schedule next week. it's unclear if she'll compete in those. and there still isn't much news about actor bob odenkirk's health, the better call soul actor. he was taken to the hospital after collapses yesterday on the show in albuquerque. no word on whether the 58-year-old is still there this evening. also, the music world has lost a legend, dusty hill. the bearded bassist of texas blues rock trio zz top has died at the age of 72. said he died p
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at his houston home. no cause was given, but ken, the band did announce a week ago that hill was dealing with a hip issue and was, quote, on a short detour -- texas. >> juliette, thank you for that. on to our drought emergency right now, there is an unprecedented effort to preserve water storage in lake mendocino. california regulators could suspend water rights for some agricultural users in the upper and lower russian river. situation has become so dire, in fact, that some ag users are being cut off completely. >> so it's frustrating, because yeah, we're supposed to have water, right, but if there's a declared emergency, it's worthless. >> if these reservoirs don't get replenished we're goingg te for problem. it could get kind of dangerous around here just because there's not going to be enough water for people. >> it's expected regulators will
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notify those whose water will be curtailed on august 5th with the order taking effect the very next day. well here it's kind of hard to believe you've got a drought when the fog rolls into san francisco like this. it's about the only moisture we can expect to see in our skies any time soon. >> yeah, that natural air conditioning there. brian hackney is here with an update. >> if only it made its way into the east bay, which it's not doing, not quite yet. saturday and sunday we expect a cool change. and we do look at the fog, because that's about all we can see from the top of the mark hopkins. numbers today reflect the fact it's cool at the shoreline but warm inland. right now, concord's got 88. san francisco it's just 60. pacifica managed only 57 degrees for a high today. and we're going to be looking for things to cool off for everybody by saturday. in the meantime, it is still 10 degrees above average inhe way,t what's keeping us where we are -- that high pressure over nebraska, over the midwest. and we're on the westerly edge
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of that, east coast is on the easterly edge, and we're all fairly warm with that strong high keeping hot spots hot. but low pressure begins to move down to from the gulf, and as the low approaches, the marine layer will deepen. by the time we get to the weekend, numbers come down inland, cooler than they were. the effects of that high with a monsoonal flow from south to north. and they got a few thunder bumpers in the sierra, but that's just as per usual this time of year. and the remnants of what has begun to dry up a bit, that monsoonal flow out of the desert southwest. partly cloudy night for us then. areas of fog close to the coast. hot inland tomorrow. we'll begin to change on friday. more so on the weekend when we get a bit of relief coming in. overnight lows tonight, it'll be warm in the east bay. 67 degrees in antioch and 62tir. temperatures forhu in sunnyvale. san mateo
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hill smoking, mid-90s. well, mid-90s for the east bay if you're not warmer, like in antioch, 98. and 9 t at brentwood. sunshine for the north bay. santa rosa took a tumble today by 10 degrees, could bounce back tomorrow with fewer high clouds. it's still above 100 at clear lake and 103 at ukiah. in the extended forecast for the big city, san francisco cool. oakland nice. and in san jose, mid-80s right through the weekend. so what you've gotten lately is what you'll get. we all cool down by the time we get into sunday, monday and tuesday, even the east bay relaxes back into the 80s. that's what's ahead in weather, as for what's ahead in the newscast, here's ken. >> thank you, brian. and still to come the push to name a san francisco street for a man who died from w he has robbed my 10-year-old son of his father, and he's
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heartbroken east bay family demands justice in a deadly hit-and-run after the suspect's wife turns him in.
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of a woman who was shot and killed on highway 4 over the weekend. chp says 24-year-old india prince died. another person was wounded when somebody shot into their car just east of port chicago highway saturday evening. so far there have been no arrested. an east bay wealth manager was arraigned today on a felony hit-and-run charge in a crash that killed an oakland father on mother's day. timothy hamano of piedmont is accused of hitting 41-year-old gregory turnage jr. on a sidewalk then running off, leaving his wife in the passenger seat. she later turned him in and told investigators he had been drinking. but by then, it was too late to test him. turnage leaves his partner and
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their 10-year-old son. >> the reckless choices made by timothy hamano came at the expense of greg's life. he has robbed my 10-year-old son of his father, and he has robbed me of my partner. timothy hamano's actions have inflicted inconsolable heartbreak. mill valley police are looking for the vandal who targeted a black lives matter mural at tam high school. and there's security video showing somebody defacing it on july 20th. they're treating this now as a hate crime and asking anyone with information to come forward. another mural is about to debut in san francisco for the victim of a senseless attack, and that might not be all that's added in his honor.
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well, there's a new mural that is going up at california and grant in san francisco tomorrow calling for justice for vicha ratanapakdee. he's the 84-year-old thai immigrant who was killed in january after being violently shoved to the ground in an unprovoked attack in the anza vista neighborhood. >> this week a city supervisor proposed naming a street in hise mehaanapdeel never go away for when i lost my father.
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and i have too be strong. >> two men were later arrested and charged in the deadly attack. and since then, his family has fought for justice and have called for harsher punishments for those who commit hate crimes. thanks so much for watching. the news continues streaming on cbsn bay area. >> and we'll see you back here with more local news at 11:00. good night.
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