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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  July 28, 2021 5:00pm-5:28pm PDT

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co is infcing ourhre weather wel we continue out here,agai espe. and just toly t bay area. 97 in portland. 107 in redding. 102 in sacramento. 103 in fresno. that is why so much pressure's being put on the grid. and that's what we're going to hear about to kpix 5's wilson walker on the familiar call to conserve power, wilson? >> reporter: yeah, ken, another warm day, another call for everyone to use less energy. are we hitting the point of flex alert fatigue? >> california relies a lot on hydro, and we're getting very low hydro this summer. and that's what -- that's the real challenge, combined with the fact that we already import a lot of electricity, but there's limits to how much i res
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energy crunch, justarm eraturnd you now have year alert of the white noise. andt turns into the boy w a with anyalls to d anything, i think you get desensitized over time. >> reporter: lucas davis is professor and researcher at berkeley's energy institute, he understands why a lot of californians are increasingly frustrated with the power situation. >> it just -- it makes you wonder how -- how are things being managed? >> reporter: set aside the longer term questions about the state's energy needs, there's the immediate problem of avoiding brown outs in the near term and that will mean conservation. >> but i don't think flex alerts are the way to do it. i think -- there's just not that >> reporter: just as california has large scale water users, tht
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energy is actually being used. and that is certainly not your average home. >> commercial and industrial we know from a large -- from a lot of studies, that commercial and industrial customers respond. when electricity prices go up, they use less electricity. that can help balance. >> reporter: yeah, really how much can homeowners do against some of those larger users? now, a little tip from cal iso out of the last flex alert, the head of that group came out and said, you know, when we ask people to conserve, we really need to them to conserve, suggesting that they did not get the kind of participation that they had been hoping for, adding more fuel to this notion that people are burning out on the notion of being told they've got to cut back. you heard the gentleman say, are cwolf sixth falert here, there are bound to be more. so this is something peoplere st g tired of.o get o burgson
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walker, kpix 5. an apartment fire in san jose caused significant damage to two units. fire crews were called to williams street near ninth street this afternoon with reports a second story of a multifamily home was ablaze. the fire was knocked down around 3:00 p.m. no injuries have been reported, and the cause of the fire is under investigation. and on our fire watch, the governors of both california and nevada are pushing for more federal help in fighting wildfires. governor newsom joined nevada governor steve sis lack touring damage from the tamarack fire. they saw some of the homes burned by the fire that sparked on federal land last month. there is coordination between the two states, but the governors say the federal government needs to step up. >> we need to hire more firefighters. we need to have a more federally orchestrated planned response to these fires, because it's not stopping, folks. it's continuing, it's continuing strongn u.s.
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forest staff is understaffed and underresourced. has been for years and years and years. the governor is right. you look at the federal pay, it's deplorable. >> the dixie fire has burned more than 217,000 acres across butte and plumas counties. at least 54 structures were devoy. the fire is 23% contained. more than 5,400 personnel are fighting it, some from the bay area. some developing news out of fremont. an investigation underway after a shooting there. chopper 5 over the scene. police say one person was shot just after 2:00 on locke court. the victim taken to the hospital, is expected to survive. police say they are looking now for two suspects. and a live look in gilroy right now on this two-year anniversary of the mass shooting at the garlic festival. a vigil underway at the gilroyis
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held earlier today, p is hosting a week of events focused on kindness. and we'll have much more in a live report at 6:00. on to the coronavirus. state public health officials are recommending all californians wear a mask indoors in public places whether vaccinated or not. it follows similar guidance issued by the cdc. the agency now says even people who are vaccinated should wear masks indoors in areas of high covid transmission, and that applies to more than 63% of all counties in america. now, some big name bay area businesses are also changing their mask policies, and kpix 5's max joins us live now in burlingame to explain, max? >> reporter: apple is one of those companies, and bloomberg is reporting that more than half of the stores across the country will mandate people to wear
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masks whether they're vaccinated orb not. and some of the local spots near town are adjusting their policies with the latest cdc and california department of public health guidance. at the sandwich spot in downtown san mateo, a lot of customers wear masks. some don't and some simply don't know if they should or not. >> if they walk in, start taking it out, we're like you don't have to if you're vaccinated, but it'd be nice if you did. >> reporter: the cdc guidance take that is idea back ate theyasr aasarigsay the californa department of public health recommends everyone mask up once again in public indoor settings. >> because of work i have to wear it anyway. it doesn't really change my perspective over it. >> so far i've seen more people with masks than without it. >> reporter: the new guidance doesn't change a thing at b street books. the owner has required masks inside his business since he first re-opened. >> most of my customers comply
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and are very happy to do so. >> reporter: his main concern is children who can't get vaccinated yet. cohen doesn't plan onyxing his policy until cases go down and the vaccination rate increases. he'd also like to see kids get the vaccine. >> i don't know what thas going to be, but i is on. or andt prest's ndynd cream in burlingame, here's how they're interpreting the mask guidance. >> it's a little confusing, but i'm requiring everybody to wear a mask because w many children who cannot get a vaccine. >> reporter: so here at apple, the company plans to adopt their new mask rules at more than half of their stores across the country starting tomorrow. reporting live in burlingame, max, kpix 5. >> and today google announced a covid vaccine requirement for employees who are back in the office. the company is also postponing its official
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most workers. instead of september 1st, it is now october 18th. google says once offices are fully re-opened, everyone will have to be vaccinated, first at the mountain view headquarters and other u. eventually overseas. take a live look at capitol hill right now. the house of representatives following the new guidance requiring masks indoors and vaccine mandates could be on the way for more than 2 million federal workers. president biden expected to announce that mandate tomorrow. and within the past hour, key senate vote to move forward on the president's $1 trillion infrastructure plan. cbs reporter natalie brand is live from washington, d.c., natalie? >> reporter: and ken, that vote came down to 67 in favor to 32. 17 senate republicans voting with all democrats, includi fornia's, to frdo
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deal on infrastructure, saying it's the largest infrastructure bill in a century. but important to keep in mind that sonp one in a much longer process that could actually drag out for days or longer. >> the motion upon reconsideration is agreed to. >> reporter: the senate has passed a motion to begin debate on a bipartisan physical infrastructure bill just hours after negotiators announced a deal. >> at a time when washington seems broken this group came together. >> reporter: a previous procedural vote failed to move forward last week after republicans say they needed more time, while lawmakers say the details of this latest deal are still being finalized, they believe they can get it passed. >> i'm confident. >> reporter: president biden said he also feels confident le dur a tripylva
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whi there'se to work together on the few things we do agree on. >> reporter: the president toured a mac truck manufacturing facility while pushing his administration's new buy american rule. >> we're going to make the biggest enforcement changes to the buy america act in 70 years. >> reporter: it would require goods purchased by the federal government with taxpayer money to contain at least 60% of u.s.-made content up from the current 55%. the administration wants that increased to 75% by 2029. >> we got a new sheriff in town. we're going to be checking. >> reporter: the proposed rule would not take affect until after a 60-day review period. >> natalie, what do we know about the fate of the senate democrats reconciliation package, the one that's focused on human infrastructure? >> reporter: that one with a
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price tag of $3.5 trillion, so much larger, ken. the senate majority leader chuck schumer made clear tonight that he committed to mg same time. that has been his stated goal. but we learned earlier today that arizona's kyrsten sinema says she does not support the reconciliation bill in its current form. so that signals more negotiations ahead. and again, the timing of all of this a bit uncertain with lawmakers put on notice that their august recess could be delayed, ken. >> all right, natalie brand reporting live from the white house. thank you, natalie. and a day after cdc recommended indoor masking again, the video caught our attention. president biden during a middle class job event in pennsylvania going maskless, although he was indoors, and technically the
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president was not violating cdc recommendations. the county the president moderad transmission. on kpix 5uidance is for those and streaming on area, a bay area wealth manager facing charges in a hit-and-run that claimed the life of an oakland man. the family's emotional plea for justice. targeted twice in two months. a bay area high school targeted by vandals and why police are investigating it now as a hate crime. and for the first time since the pandemic, the 49ers faithful getting an upclose look at the team. what went
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an east bay wealth manager is facing manslaughter and hit-and-run charges in connection with the death of an oakland father. now police say that timothy hamano crashed his lexus on park boulevard, hitting gregory
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turnage jr. on the sidewalk while he was taking a walk on mother's day. witnesses say the driver left coin dublin, the victim's family pleaded for justice. >> the reckless choices made by timothy hamano came at the expense of greg's life. he has robbed my 10-year-old son of his father, and he has robbed me of my partner. timothy hamano's actions have inflicted inconsolable heartbreak. >> yeah, hamano's wife said in a statement the 64-year-old had been drinking alcohol throughout the day before the collision. a man was stabbed on market street near san francisco'snum, poay suspectbe the a ran off. the victim is expected to
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survive. police do not have a description of the attacker. and for two months, someone vandalized the black lives matter artwork at a high school in mill valley. now, this is surveillance video from outside last week. police say the suspect damaged parts of the artwork where it reads black lives matter and equity. they're treating this as a hate crime, and they want to hear from anyone who recognizes the person or has any information about the case. the same artwork was also vandalized in early june. well, a loss in the music world today. the longtime basist with zz top, dusty hill, has died. you recognize the look there? born joe michael hill, he along with bilbons and frank beard formed the blues trio z top ck in 69. sty hil died inisep
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>>odir cwsanld from spreading into this commercial building in san lorenzo. but you can see the roof had heavy damage. chopper 5 was overhead around 1:00 this afternoon at bouman avenue and worthley drive. fortunately, no one was hurt. all right, we go to brian now to talk about our heat and the flex alert that has been enacted today. >> which in some cases you can interpret as being a bit mysterious, because in some spots numbers are 10 degrees cooler today than yesterday. santa rosa was 94 at this time yesterday afternoon. it's 84 today. in fact, most places will be cooler today. that is not to say it's cold. it is still plenty warm inland, but at least there's good news for everybody by the time we get to the weekend. well, look at the shoreline. fog and a little clouds pouring through theolat e's pressn toploee t influence of tiner
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t makin its wand that's why it s warm. concord's got 95 degrees. in san francisco it is 64. cooler than the forecast high for today, because again, closer to the shoreline, marine layer is there and it's keeping things nice and mild. oh, look at this. still thunderstorms and that monsoonal influence in the sierra nevada. we're still getting this flow from the south to north, all being driven by this massive dome of high pressure we showed you at the beginning of the newscast. but that flow is kind of drying up. while they had a severe thunderstorm watch in the sierra, it's not going to affect us at all, except some high clouds from the south today. there's two flows going on here. one is this robust onshore flow. but you'll notice that just between -- it's just making it this far. hits the hayward fault, the diablo range, tre, i bin the mae
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layer from getting inland. the result is it's warm inland. pull back, and you can see this cool eddy out here too, which is serving to keep the marine layer in place. the bottom line is, it's cooler close to the shoreline today. still warm inland, but the marine layer will thicken up by the weekend and cool everybody down. strong high pressure will keep the inland spots hot as this low pressure begins to approach. by the time we hit saturday and sunday, that low will thicken things up along the shoreline. and that will allow the marine layer to get into the east bay valleys. fire danger index as we get towards friday begins to ease up, because we're going to get the low clouds coming in cooling things down. fire danger not a problem by the weekend. of course, we have to be individual lant, but at least there is nothing coming together to create a recipe for fire danger by friday, saturday and sunday. dodgers taking on the giants tonight. 62 degrees at game time, partly cloudy skies. and we're looking for tonight to be partly cloudy as well. areas of fog, temperatures stay
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warm inland, seasonal near the water and cooler for everybody by the weekend. so there's relief on the way, yay. overnight lows tonight, 50s, low 60s in the east bay. balmy night if you're on the other side of the tunnel. 90 for daytime highs tomorrow. 86 for napa. warm at fairfield, 98 degrees there. and in concord, 97. san jose, where you've been lately, 86 degrees. in the extended forecast for the cities, san francisco in the 60s all the way through next week. look what happens for everybody, though, on monday, tuesday, wednesday. things begin to cool down. inland 80 degrees by the start of nec week. inland east bay does continue warm, but not as warm as it has been. so that's weather. let's get back to you guys. >> all right, brian, thanks so much. and the 49ers hit the field for their first practice as jimmy garoppolo feeling the pressure with rookie trey lance waiting in the wings. plus -- >> one dead, another injured in
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a movie theater shooting that police are calling an unprovoked attack. i'm anthony with more on the victims and suspect. and a reminder, kpix 5 news app gives you easy 24/7 access to cbsn bay area and kpix 5 newscasts.
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well, we're counting down to kick-off, now just 17 days away from the niners first preseason game right here on kpix 5. >> and we are hearing from quarterback jimmy g. as the team had its first workout. >> and of course, vern glenn here also withoplo and the niners were on the field. i always get asked these days, how do the niners look? and i always say they always look good in shorts and helmets.
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fans got to see for themselves this morning. the eye candy, number 10 and number 5. quarterbacks jimmy garoppolo and trey lance. the two will work side by side every workout. asked if the rookie looking over his shoulder will get him going garoppolo answered it this way -- >> i've been around far little while. i sound old saying that, but if you don't push yourself, then you got no chance in this game. if you rely on outside forces to motivate you, it's going to be tough. but at the end of the day, i'm as motivated as it gets. like every year, it's a big year. but we got an opportunity to do something special, and i'm excited about that. that is outfielder starlin marte. the club picked him up via the marlins in a trade today. hits over .300, an everyday outfielder joining a club to remain in postseason contention. they gave one of their top
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prospects just to get him. they had lost four straight and got it rightt cfinn t-run homer, routed the padres 10-4. they open up a series in anaheim tomorrow night, five and a half games behind front running houston. one and a half up on the mariners for thee the king of t. ken, sources close to me say that you have insight to niners games on this channel? >> mmm, absolutely. right here, kpix 5. no question. thanks, vern. you can catch all the preseason action live right here, as i said, on kpix 5. big matchups against the chiefs this year, chargers, raiders, all starting saturday, august 14th. keep>>r a still ahead at 5:30, a deadly shooting inside a movie
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theater, the arrest just made in the case, and what we're learning about the victims. and we'll speak to a bay area health expert live on the state's new mask recommendations and what this means moving forward. plus -- >> i'm john ramos above the russian river where some here respect just talking you know when you're at ross and all those brands have her like... yes! ...and all those prices have you like... yes! that's yes for less!
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babe? ooh... oh! ooh! ooh... yeah? oh, yeah! there are many ways to say it... sí. yes. ...but when you find the best bargains ever at ross, you'll say yes for less! 5:30.u're watching kpix >> right now on kpix 5 and
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streaming on cbsn bay at 5:30. the fight over water rights, the historic drought taking a big toll. the bay area communities being completely cut off. plus, a gunman opens fire inside a california movie theail injuring another. the arrest made in this case. and a major change in mask rules for california. the state now californians should wear masks indoors in public places. good evening, i'm juliette goodrich in for elizabeth. >> and i'm ken bastida. >> and joining us now to talk about those mask changes is dr. jorge salinas, an epidemiologist and infectious disease physician at stanford. and doctor, thank you so much for joining us this afternoon. i wanted to ask you first off, though, with these new cdc guidelines, what data are you seeing that leads us back to masking indoors?
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>> well, there is for sure an increase in cases throughout the rea an throughout thetate that e needs to be corresponded with any increase in public health measures. also we are seeing that there are more cases primarily among unvaccinated people, but there are some cases among vaccinated people as well, and that has led health authorities to recommend masks for everyone when in public indoor spaces. >> yes, when you and i were talking earlier, you were saying vaccinating is the key, so that's really becoming the epidemic of the unvaccinated. so what do you tell people who are vaccinated and don't want to wear masks? >> so you need to get vaccinated, please, talk to your doctor, tryar o public health web p the cdc web page, be infor a as you need tot
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convinced you need to get vaccinated. vaccines are the way out of this. masks are helpful, and i think our public


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