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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5am  CBS  July 28, 2021 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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governor newsom pulling his kids out of summer camp over masks. how the move could affect him in the recall election. california's largest wildfire slowing down. new numbers and with the cruise are facing, next. and what led to this scary scene near lake tahoe. who was on board the luxury jet before it burst into flames. morning. i am anne makovec. >> and i am len kiese. get ready for the wednesday warm-up. we are being asked to conserve electricity before 9:00 p.m. and let's take a look at the weather and traffic this morning. meteorologist darren peck is here in for mary lee. temperature climbing back into the upper 90s today. a few places could get to 100 on the extreme side. that is a frat fast turnaround from where we were. we had been experiencing a nice cooldown for the early part of
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the week now we are back off to the races. here is a live view in san jose which shows that we are not looking much in the way of low clouds. we will see a little bit of the marine layer. we are having a hard time seeing the city skyline of san francisco. it is not one of those mori mornings where it is gray everywhere. temperatures up to the mid-60s for the tri-valley at this point were we will be at or near 100 today. 100 inland and 77 for the bay. we will show specific forecast highs in your corner of the bay, coming up in just a bit. gianna, how is the drive? let's start off with a live look at the golden gate bridge where we are dealing with a little bit a fog this morning. no advisory will be listed. be careful if you're heading to 101 southbound, down over into san francisco, it will take you anywhere between 19 to 21 minutes to meet that.
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things are good overall for the morning ride. here is an overview. we have the brake lights building out of the altamont pass which is business as usual. expect that for the super commute or severe coming out of tracy working way onto the 580 connector. it will stay sluggish to north lynn and a few trouble spots. the entry ramp to one north 101 over from first street is blocked due to a crash. chp is working on a crash. grab your keys and your mask before you head out this morning. the cdc recommending that fully vaccinated and unvaccinated people mask up again indoors. but will the bay area listen? we are joined live from 24 hour fitness in walnut creek with the early ambitious work outers. >> reporter: we've seen a lot of people coming into this morning, and only one person out of more than a dozen people were wearing a mask as they were entering the doors here. right now, the cdc director
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calls the science of this delta variant very worrisome. that is why it updated the recommendation for everyone, regardless of vaccination status, to purchase masks indoors. we look at the cdc map and it is four bay area counties, san francisco, contra costa, alameda, and solano counties are areas of high transmission. santa clara, san mateo, sonoma and napa counties are classified as substantial. you can see those an orange. masking is currently recommended but not required in every bay area county except solano county. the prevalence of the delta variant and the low vaccine numbers are two factors that went into the decision. >> a virus like the delta variant, if it leads to more hospitalizations and more deaths, or backed what we saw in january or december, with the wuhan strain, that is a
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disaster. we have to aggressively act on that. which means that we have to make changes in the way we live. when the cdc previously revised the guidance on may 13 for vaccinated people to unmask, delta only represented 1% of reported infections. now, according to the cdc, it represents at least 83% of the cases. masking up is important. the cdc says that it is important especially if you have a weakened immune system or if you live with someone who has a weakened immune system. we're live in walnut creek this morning, i am justin andrews. we saw some people behind you not wearing masks. i guess it is everyone's choice at this point. okay. very good. were going to have to wear a mask if you go to to vegas. or parts of tahoe starting on friday.
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nevada will require that counties will see substantial and high transmission of covid- 19 which includes clark county and carson city. governor newsom has pulled his kids from a local summer camp for sports because of the issue of masks. >> why this could be another hit for him as he faces a recall. >> reporter: kids and face masks , it is a pandemic issue that sparks passion from parents. >> of the kids get sick, then the parents of problems. we want to take precautions. >> reporter: fueling backlash from groups like reopen california schools, which condemns the mass requirements for kids and supports candidates running against the governor in the recall election. >> you find campaigns looking underneath the cabinets,
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underneath the sheets, really trying to dig up anything and everything they possibly can. >> reporter: public relations experts say that recall campaigns can get ugly. a spokesperson for governor newsom's family said told the associated press that he and his wife are concerned and unaware that face masks were not being enforced at the camp. >> families of candidates, particularly children, have always been off-limits, whether it is on the national stage or the local stage. >> reporter: some of the biggest critics agree. former state representative running against him in the recall election tweeted, governor and mrs. newsom deserve privacy in dealing with family matters. >> the real intent of the campaign is to drive up the negative view of the opponents. >> when it comes to reopening schools, the governor's stance is that kids and adults must
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mask up indoors. we have new numbers from tokyo. 2177 new coronavirus cases. we are taking a live look at out there. this is the all-time high since the pandemic began. topping 3000 for the first time as the olympics are underway. tokyo's into the fourth state of emergency and now simone biles is saying that she will not defend her olympic title. she withdrew from tamara's over all around competition to focus on her mental well-being. this is following her removing yourself from the team competition. simone biles took to social media on monday. you might have seen it, saying that she felt like the weight of the world was on her shoulders. she will be evaluated daily before deciding if she will participate in next week's individual events. keeping a close eye on the
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scene of that fire the earned along coyote creek in north san jose yesterday. monitoring any flareups overnight. it took off at 4:00 yesterday afternoon and the brush of coyote feet near mill river lane. people if they are were asked to shelter in place will the flames burned 50 acres to 75 acres. >> they came here to help her get a little to go back just in case. >> you do not know with all of those trees. if the wind shifts, the embers could get up there. then we have a problem. >> the fire never jumped the levee and nobody was evacuated. the tamarack fire south of lake tahoe. crews are making progress. we learned that the lightning sparked fire is up to 59% containment. more than 60,000 acres have burned. meanwhile, the dixie far, the largest in the state, has burned more than 200,000 acres across butte county and plymouth county. there battling strong winds and
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terrain. at least 31 structures have been destroyed. the fire is 23% contained. in san mateo county, police are searching for multiple people who apparently stole from a licensed pot farm in half moon bay on frenchman's creek. the thieves shot at but missed the caretaker who lives at the property. the suspect stole process marijuana and growing supplies before taking off in separate cars. $20,000 for a trash can. one bay area city decides that was not a good idea. the scaled-down plan. and coming up next on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, a new twist on the fight of a controversial school mural. the surprise decision. and the 49ers holding the first practice at training camp with a coach. who is his starting
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it is 5:12. there is a new twist in the fight over a school mural in
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san francisco that some consider to be offensive. the judge overturned the school district decision to remove it. this is the mural at the center of the legal fight. it is called life of washington. it is a fixture at george washington high school and has been there for more than 80 years but drew controversy for the depictions of native americans and enslaved people. the school board voted to cover up but an alumni board sued. ultimately the judge sided with the decision. >> i find the whole thing of slavery offensive, of course, but it is history. this is where we can learn history. history is illustrated by painting. >> the judge ruled that they meet and conduct an environmental review on the mural before the next court hearing at the end of august. mac we are learning more this morning on the crash near truckee involving a luxury jet.
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we have more details on the investigation. i'm looking forward to seeing you guys. >> reporter: the final words before his jet crashed in truckee, killing everyone on board. >> it was surreal. condolences to anyone who lost the lift on board. they were out of the crash site for the first on tuesday and confirmed that four people were on board the jet including two passengers and two crewmembers. they've learned the identity of one of the victims. out of respect for the family we are not reporting the name but we know that he was an avid golfer and may have been coming from a golfing trip. >> if i want to pay later and i actually said, where is the plane? it is one big pile of metal. >> reporter: the jet narrowly missed homes before crashing into the golf course. people the ground were lucky to be alive.
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>> it is a miracle that it did not hit a house. >> reporter: or anything else. a school bus was going down the street just seconds before the plane crashed into the road. you can see the's explosion. neighbors unable to escape the memory. the home surveillance camera caught the explosion in his front yard. >> just watching it, you are in shock for little while. the adrenaline is high. it was surreal. it was like, this is not really happening, but your brain is recording it will completely in shock. >> we have heard how bad the drought is but check this out. looks like there is barely any water left in the reservoir in morgan hill. there is not. it's 80% empty. the santa clarita valley say that there at 13% capacity. >> sometimes we have to leave the tap running, but now we turn it off right away.
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>> a watcher emergency declared in sunnyvale. it is a 15% reduction in water usage and restricts one properties can water landscaping. let's get you caught up on the weather and traffic here beginning with darren peck. destroy out there. there is no rain coming our way over the next few days. and said, what we have is a warm-up. noticeable for the in the locations. temperatures back into the upper 90s. look at the golden gate bridge. we are watching the fog here it is not too terrible at this point. it does not look like it is hugging the roadway. this is the view from treasure island. we can see the tops of the bay bridge there but you cannot see much of the skyline. the clouds are not too widespread but in the immediate bay, they are quick. it is mid-50s. 58 in oakland and hayward is 62 in's efforts san jose. will which aware the marine layer is this morning, two
5:17 am
areas to keep an eye on. when is the immediate bay with plenty of clouds over here we also have clouds that are streaming in through the gap and that drive up through sonoma county will have clouds on it but it is not like it is fog in the roads, just low- level clouds gone by late morning. as it goes back to the coast, higher clouds will come in with no rain. it is part of the same pattern that tried to throw over the rain over the past few days. you can see on the big picture here, as we watch on the futurecast, it is a wave of clouds. we will have scattered thunderstorms in the sierra again today and tomorrow. that is classic normal for the summer. it is nice to sit there to get the rain but hopefully we will get plenty of rain and we will not get any dry lightning like we had before. we have done okay and the sierra for the past several cycles. in the daytime high, warming up into the mid-80s for this out a. 83 in sunnyvale. 84 in san jose. numbers in the inland valleys
5:18 am
in the east bay in the upper 90s today which is where we will feel the warm-up the most. 98 in pleasant hill. 97 in concord. 95 in evermore. temperatures in the east bay shoreline will be in the mid- 70s. we will warm up to the low 90s for the inland valleys of marin. daytime highs will make it back up into the 100's for mendocino and lake county. on the seven-day forecast for san francisco, oakland, and san jose. 60s up top. mid-70s for oakland and mid-80s in san jose so you will see the spread today but he gets more noticeable when we pull out some more of the microclimates. inland east bay valleys, concord through liver or livermore. we will cool down significantly for the weekend. good news there and for the north bay valleys it will be in the low 90s for the next few days. how is the drive looking?
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>> reporter: let's take a look at some of the bay area bridges were the drive is looking good this morning. if you're up early like us in getting ready to hit the roadways, that is one advantage of being up early, you do not deal with a lot of traffic. no metering lights and no delays. the traffic is quiet as we go into san francisco. that will change as the morning commute regresses and we will keep a close eye on that. we are seeing extra volume but no brake lights or inch issues. it is visible for the most part if you're heading out of marin county into san francisco. just be advised that things could change. the travel time is only about 15 minutes on south one went through the richmond-san rafael bridge as we head into san francisco. san mateo bridge is looking good. no troubles as you work your way westbound. we do have a crash as you head into the area which looks like it is impacting the right side of the roadway which is not the main lines of 92 as you work
5:20 am
your way towards it on the san mateo bridge. look at the travel times. 12 minutes between 880 and 101. the bay bridge commute is seven minutes from the maze into san francisco. what we have is the ride into the altamont pass. it is slow and business as usual. extending all the way to northland at this point where they go bulk of the delays are. the good news is that once your past that heading toward the dublin interchange, things look better. chp is at the scene of the crash near the exit ramp there at crow canyon. everything over at the shoulder. no lanes are blocked. it's been there for quite some time and evolves an overturned vehicle. hopefully this in the clearing stage. new details on a proposed pilot program to replace trash cans in san francisco with some very pricey designs. >> there was major push back on the cost. the cost has dropped. funny how that happens. one of these trash cans is
5:21 am
mass-produce. each will cost more than $3000. they are expected to design 15 prototypes to replace the current bins on city streets and sidewalks. >> that is high living for oscar the grouch. it is 5:21. coming up next on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, a new travel warning for a popular weekend getaway spot. and coming up at 7:00 on "cbs this morning", hear from dominique dawes about simone biles's move and the pressure that gymnasts face. and more on the major mask reversal and why the team usa winners would be the secret to success. p cool: air- conditioned jackets, that contain a battery-powered device placed on the back of the jacket, blasting the wearer's neck with cold air in a similar way to how computers are kept cool.
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it is 5:24. new advice if you're thinking about traveling to las vegas.
5:25 am
they have a warning. a string of covid cases reportedly traced back to travelers returning from vegas. health officials in hawaii are blaming the city's relaxed rules on the delta variant. chicago and los angeles have also issued travel warnings. they have the list of the most common items people forget to pack and we want to see if you could guess what they are. the top five are toothbrush or toothpaste, cell phone charger, brushes and razors, underwear or socks and other articles of clothing. i don't know with the other articles are but they from a californians are more likely to forget sunscreen. there is always a pharmacy or a store around the corner to get those things. but the toothbrush does get me. >> i always have to call them to the hotel desk and get the little flimsy one that does nothing good for your teeth. >> that has the one row of wrestles. it is 5:25.
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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news . right now on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, will the bay area get behind the cdc's new indoor mask recommendation? we have already seen in just the past hour. and marking two years since the gilroy garlic festival shooting. plus the california recall race heating up. the top contender attacking governor newsom on his home
5:30 am
turf. good it really work? good morning. it is wednesday, july 28. i am len kiese. >> and i am anne makovec. it will be a hot day today. let's get over to darren peck with the wednesday weather forecast. in the mid to upper 90s today. in some areas that is where we will feel this the most. look at the top view from the top of the sales force tower. that is oakland as we go toward the port of oakland and that is the marine layer hovering above it and you can see the lights of the oakland hills above it. those are not stars, those are homes in the hills above the clouds. it is a beautiful view. the picture tells us that it is not so foggy on the bridge. a similar story from treasure
5:31 am
island, you can see that it is not covering the bay bridge. it does not get too far inland. most inland locations or we can to mostly clear skies. we will range from a cool 53 in santa rosa to a 65 in livermore. that is the warmest temperature. look at the daytime highs. hundreds for some of the hottest indoor spots. we will pick out the rest of the bay area. it is busy this morning. this goes into the traffic center. they are road closures in san bruno. this is san bruno avenue between huntington and 101. we have closures in place. we just sent out a alert and they recommend that you avoid the area if you can. it was reported at 5:03 this morning. no injuries reported and they are confirming from san mateo county fire the it is a two alarm fire. the closures are between huntington and the 101 freeway. it doesn't look like it is affecting the road itself but it could be visible especially when the sun comes up. traffic is moving at the limit if you want to use 280, that is not a bad idea.
5:32 am
we're tracking the brake lights into the ultimate pass of the traffic is busy as you work your way westbound 580. several bay area county seeing substantial or high levels of transmission when it comes to the delta variant. >> the cdc is recommending that fully vaccinated and unvaccinated people mask up indoors again. justin andrews is live at 24 hour fitness in walnut creek this afternoon. we are wanting to see if anyone is following the cdc recommendations. >> reporter: masks are not required for the vaccinated here at 24 hour fitness. that is likely why we have only seen really just one guy over the last 45 minutes wearing a mask. this delta variant is running rampant. dr. anthony fauci says that it is twice as transmissible as the alpha variant, which is the dominant strain we saw back in the spring. the people in the gym are going maskless, the cdc finds that covid cases have increased over 300% nationally from june 19 to
5:33 am
july 23. here locally, four bay area counties, san francisco, contra costa, alameda, and solano county have high transmission. the cdc director calls the science of the delta variant worry some. some medical experts point to unvaccinated americans as the driving factor and the mask guidance saying that the merger had to be implemented to get them to mask up. here is dr. anthony fauci. >> nothing changed about the science. it is the virus the changed. we are dealing with fundamentally a different virus. >> reporter: he says that vaccinations are still the bedrock of ending this pandemic . we live in walnut creek, i am justin andrews, kpix 5. of the information changing every day. >> it is like it is never ending. thank you. we appreciate the. state health officials have confirmed another 7700 cases of covid-19 that is yesterday alone. 5.4% of tests are coming back
5:34 am
positive which is a nearly eightfold increase from where we were back in may. here is a live look at capitol hill this morning where the vaccines may soon be required for all federal employees. sources tell cbs news a president biden plans to make the announcement tomorrow. and csu officials have announced all cal state faculty, staff, and students will need to be vaccinated to return to the campus in the fall. for the guidelines in your area and guiding advice, head to this morning, a new uc berkeley pulses that california voters are evenly divided over to whether to remove governor newsom for office. 50% opposed and 47% in favor and 3% undecided. monks the 46 candidates looking to unseat the governor in september, conservative talk radio host larry elder is leading the pack.
5:35 am
as we look at the dismal track record of this governor, a governor who has supported the lessening of laws when it comes to stealing items under $950, lowering those consequences, when we look at a governor that has just allowed for the early release of 63,000 violent criminals. >> the recall of election is going to be very interesting. it will be held on september 14. the town of delray will mark two years since the mass shooting in the annual garlic festival. they are expected to expand the lawsuit to go to the gun manufacturer. victims had previously announced a lawsuit against the festival organizers saying that
5:36 am
the proper safety precautions were not in place. meantime, remington is offering $33 million to the families of nine victims from the 2012 sandy hook school shooting. 26 people died, mostly children, during the loan attack . after klebsiella set of his hit show, sources that this 58- year-old was shooting the final season of better call saul in albuquerque, new mexico when he collapsed yesterday. does not clear what caused him to collapse or how long he might be in the hospital. were taking live look at san francisco where there is a new push to close planning code loopholes impacting affordable housing efforts. home developers must follow the inclusionary obligations to mitigates the impacts on the housing market. one supervisor
5:37 am
says not all developers are following suit. this morning, san francisco has the highest prices in the nation, according to the real estate website. the average price for a one bedroom is $2720. it is 5:37. walmart out with a new program that will help employees seeking a degree. and big tech seems to be doing fine despite the pandemic. we have more on the mother money watch report. >> reporter: all right. let's start with the tech sector. apple another big tech firms appear to be weathering the pandemic well. yesterday, apple boasted the highest springtime profit. the rich and $22 billion. in april and june. microsoft and google parent alphabet had strong report cards. facebook had the earnings reports as well. >> they posted better than expected results.
5:38 am
they earned $2.6 billion in revenue. ups benefited from consumers continuing to choose online shopping amid the ongoing pandemic. healthcare deliveries, including vaccine shipments, also helped the bottom line. walmart says it will pick up the full tab for employees who want to further their careers. the largest retail will cover 100% of tuition and books at some schools in the college tuition program. those enrolled will no longer have to pay a $1.00 per day tuition bill or pay for tests textbooks. and pizza hut is dishing up more than pizza. >> reporter: they have the first ever loan of line of clothing which has shirt, sandals, and a set of cups. the prices range from $9.00 to $99. if you are looking at the cups, there sold-out.
5:39 am
i do give credit to my producer, he is the one that doug that slice of fashion line. and really give that delivery for the tracksuit and sandals. i'm going to rocket this morning with my white socks. it is going to be a hot summer. i don't like that part. i'm not mad at that. >> a slice of fashion. we will see again at 6:30, when the stock market opens up. i want a closer look at the pizza network necklace. >> that is hot. coming up on kpix 5 and streaming a cbsn bay area, 49ers news. the coach is saying about his starting quarterback this morning and being an astronaut is apparently not what it used to be. just ask jeff bezos. the new roles from the faa on who qualifies for the title. and we're keeping an eye on the current numbers here with temperatures in the mid to upper 50s at the moment.
5:40 am
a live look outside from the camera that sits on treasure island back toward the city shows you that it is a great day out there this morning for the immediate day. the real headline is the warm- up. more on that, coming up. and we're tracking the brake lights as we work away into the altamont pass and then a road closure in san bruno due to a structure fire. he tells her,. and were taking a live look outside before we head to the break. this is our camera on the salesforce tower looking at the top of the transamerica pyramid. it is 20 minutes before 6:00. we will be right
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choose wisisely, choosose wend'2 for r $4. we went to get the daytime highs here because there are differences from today. look at the inland temperatures. 97 today in concord. it will be a bit of a jump over what we have been as we went through the weekend and at least through monday. we will show you how long the warm-up lasts. it is not superlong, i do have a cool down. we will see in a bit. it is 5:43. ware county down the kickoff of the 49er preseason football here. they begin the first training camp practice today. they arrived to the performance facility yesterday. this is for the first live press conference in over a year. and kyle shanahan made it clear that jimmy garoppolo is there.
5:44 am
>> jimmy is coming in is the one. >> i took him to come out of the gates firing at this camp and i'm excited to play with him and excited to get back and huddle with him. you can catch the preseason action live here on kpix 5. big matchups against the chiefs, chargers, and raiders starting saturday, august 14. and sir richard branson will not be able to add the title of esther not to his linked in profile. why the faa has tightened the official definition of who qualifies as an astronaut. billionaire jeff bezos flew his own rocket into space but that does not necessarily make him an accident asked about. the faa change the policy on who qualifies as a commercial space astronaut on the very day that he blasted off.
5:45 am
july 20. the faa tells cbs news revision change the focus to recognize what crew who demonstrate activities during flight that were essential for human safety. the faa's definition is mostly symbolic. the agency gives you a set of wings to pin to your flight suit. >> think about an honorary degree from a college. it is like that. >> reporter: at a time when space travel or civilians is becoming more common, it opens a debate of who is an astronaut. >> i considered it a professional job title. if it is your job to fly in space, however you define it, then you are an astronaut. >> reporter: sir richard branson who made his space flight nine days before bezos may also not meet the new criteria. >> it is berry.
5:46 am
they think you've done something to advance the cause of space expiration and play a role beyond being a passenger, they reserve the option to give you the astronaut wings. >> reporter: it is an argument that is mostly semantics but one we might have to settle now that space travel is one expensive to get away. spacex landed a $170 million contract to launch nasa towards one of jupiter's icy moons. the europa clipper mission will look for conditions that could support lift life. do we want to know? >> i want to know. i'm good like we are now. i am not in the know. >> i want to with the weird tictac things are flying to the ocean that the air force released on 60 minutes. i want to that came from europa or not. let's give into the forecast. we will take it a live the you from the top of the salesforce tower. it is a really cool perspective at the top of the salesforce
5:47 am
tower and the light showing up there. this gives you a good idea that the marine layer is in full effect this morning. it is great in the city and that is what looks like on the bridge that if we leave the vantage point from looking only at the city and take a look at the san jose, we have mid-level clouds on here. it is not like it is a fog issue anywhere outside of the golden gate. we will get rid of the clog by the time we get to late morning. there is the current numbers. if we come in for a closer look and put the clouds there, this is what the marine layer looks like. it is working its way up 101 and through santa rosa. coming in from the petaluma gap. then something else comes up.
5:48 am
past 11:00, the higher clouds come in. we are still somewhat under the influence right now of that large complex of thunderstorms in the desert southwest. there is no rain in the forecast but we will see the high clouds come in today. this guy will look different. if you notice yesterday you will notice again today. we are not dealing with any smoke or wild fires. in the big picture, there is no rain anywhere near us but on the futurecast, watch what happens. here are the high clouds. the thunderstorms will redevelop over here over the sierra. we will do this each day this week. here's thursday. or high clouds to come back our way. more thunder storms in the sierra. by the time we get to the weekend, and into sunday timeframe, some of the storms are going to try and get pushed farther west again. we are not time out thunder storms coming back it to the bay area, hopefully we will not have to, but some we will need to keep an eye on because it has been an act to summer and sometimes it gets here. the daytime highs the mid to upper 80s done in the south a.
5:49 am
here is the real warm-up happening today. these temperatures for the inland valleys. upper 90s. 98 today impressed pleasant hill. walnut creek is 96. pleasanton is 89. mid-70s for the east bay shoreline. 91 in novato. plenty of high 90s and even a couple hundred coming up in mendocino county. if we look at the seven day, this upper 60s for the city. mid-70s for the town and then the mid-80s in san jose. take a look at the microclimates here. staying hot until the weekend. that is when we will cool back down. let's get through friday with these near 100 degrees temperatures and then it will feel a lot better for everyone. how does the drive look? things are getting busy out there this morning. we're tracking the lights at the altamont and then a trouble spot in san bruno. we will start there with a
5:50 am
structure fire. the road is completely shut down in both directions between huntington and the 101 freeway. it is reported that 5:00 this morning. according to san mateo county fire there are no injuries reported at this time. they're asking you to avoid the area as they deal with that. this is between huntington and the 101 freeway. we will keep a close eye on that. right now, 101 is clear as you work your way through there. we are tracking some slight delays as we had southbound 101 into south city. a lot of places we go into the altamont pass. it is busy for the super commuters as you go out of tracy getting onto 580 itself all the way to northland. no accidents but the usual stuff as you work your way westbound toward the 586 dublin interchange. we will see it is it gets busier this morning. getting busy for the right northbound 101, we are tracking a view what brake lights there.
5:51 am
crashes in the south. the travel times northbound 101 over towards sfo, that is the easy 41 minutes. the altamont pass commute is 37 minutes from 205 over towards six 80. we are starting to see the backup building as we work our way westbound. for heading of east bay into the city, things are starting to get a little bit crowded as we work our way across the upper deck of the bay bridge. that is look at the morning ride. it is 5:51. does time for the morning's entertainment headlights. the venice international film festival has the line of. it includes the last dual from ridley scott and the film spencer starring kristen stewart as princess diana. ghostbusters afterlife is stirring up some fan fury.
5:52 am
is stars paul rudd and carrie can. it hits afterlife in november. the weekly show will feature interviews with food-service. this series highlights the role that these heroes have had on how the stories can spark social change. it is 8 minutes before x:00 z4fn3z zi0z
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y4fn3y yi0y
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5:55 am
one northern california restaurant struggling to find workers and is hiring a new kind of help. >> the new employees are robots. they turn to the high tech employees when business started picking up. he gets picked out and rolled out to a designated area where the human servers can deliver it to the table. employees are stretched thin and she cannot get enough humans to return to work. >> this is the direction that restaurants are moving in now because of the worker shortage. >> a make sense right now because of the shortage of employees. this is the only solution that we are finding. >> the robot is being used as part of a two week trial but they plan a keeping it going
5:56 am
well beyond that. that is a 2021 thing. yes. but it is also what george jetson would do, too. >> what was the robot's name? rosie. >> okay. >> the things that are in this brain of mine. it is 4 minutes before 6:00. thousands new covid cases reported in tokyo. the record highs since the pandemic began. and coming up next, governor newsom
5:57 am
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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news . right now on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, the area of the cdc says where your mass to the gym again or anywhere else and doors. the big question now, it will the bay area listen?
6:00 am
governor newsom pulling his own kids out of summer camp out of masks. how the move could impact him in the recall election. and the largest wildfire not slowing down. the concerning new numbers and what crews are facing next. the overnight show bombshell at the olympics everyone is talking about. i am anne makovec. >> and i am len kiese. kick is the warm-up and some power concerns as well. there is a flex alert or ski everyone starting at 4:00 today. balance in look at the weather and traffic with meteorologist darren peck . upper 90s today for the inland valleys. 97 or 98 in contra costa and alameda county. that is where will be felt the most. look what is going on today. the marine layer's have just the right height. it barely makes up to the tip of the transamerica pyramid and with the camera on top of the salesforce tower, a unique view, we get to see that scene today. i love it when it works out that way. it is


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