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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  July 28, 2021 1:37am-2:10am PDT

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y4f7fy yi0y now at 11:00, breaking news, and emmy-winning actor rushed to the hospital from the set of his hit show. with the cdc reversing
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course on basket guidelines, tonight we are clearing up any confusion on what it means for the bay sewe are still seeing flareups hours after a massive fire abrupt it in a creek bed. of flex alert has been issued for tomorrow. dangerous temperatures on tap for parts of northern california. we are tracking those conditions. we begin with breaking news. emmy-winning actor bob oden kirk is in the hospital after collapsing on the set of his hit show. a source tells the associated press that the 58-year-old was shooting his final season of amcs better call saul when he collapsed earlier today. it's not clear exactly what caused him to collapse or how long he may be in the hospital
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we will have the very latest on thmorning news starting at on 30. in just one hour thcity requirnew ty employs to be vaccinated against covid-19. similar mandates are being discussed all across the country to read all of this in response to the growing threat from the delta variant. still a lot of questions following the cdc sudden reversal on guidelines for indoor masking. reporter andrea borba got some answers about what it means for all of us in the bay area. >> reporter: it really depends on what county in the bay area you live in. whether or not you should be really strictly following these guidelines. it all comes down to transmission rates. the rise of the delta variant
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of covid-19 now has the agency recommending indoor masking for both the unvaccinated and llthv are where you live or eat in the bay area, even with high vaccination rates, if you live in solano, contra cocisco county, grab those masks again. >> we need a lot more people vaccinated. >> reporter: the reason for the change, how easily delta spreads, even in fully vaccinated folks. >> we are learning that the cases for people that get reinfected, some of these people shed a lot of virus, comparable to those who are unvaccinated. >> reporter: even asymptomatic, delta is tricky enough to stick to the vulnerable like those with compromised immune systems and little ones who have been previously spared by the virus. >> the delta is more capable fe
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>> reporter: nationwide infections have quadrupled since july and dr. john schwartzberg says that delta has changed leads to more hospitalizations or deaths like we saw in december and january, that is a disaster. and we have to aggressively act on that. which means we have to make changes in the way we live. >> i think what a lot of people are worried about our children. they seem to be more susceptible to this variance. what is the cdc saying about school coming up this fall?
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>> reporter: the cdc is urging all schools to reopen in the fall but they are asking the teachers, staff and students be masked at school. >> thank you andrea. take a live look from capitol hill where vaccines may soon be required for all federal employees. sources are tells that announcement on thursday. csu officials announced that all cal state university faculty, staff and students will need to be vaccinated to return to campus in the fall. for all the guidelines in your area you could had to now to our fire watch, the crews are keeping a close eye on a fire burning in the brush near coyote creek. len ramirez joins us from the scene where flareups are still occurring even hours after fire erupted. >> reporter: a battalion chief told me that the fire crews
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will be here all night. this is the reason why. we can still see some flareups in the creek bed. just a few moments ago we heard one of these tall trees actually falling down. it's very dangerous for firefighters to try to get in there area so they are just watching the buildings. with flames inching closer to buildings and smoke overshadowing the text campuses, one tech worker took out his companies garden hose to douse the dry brush to slow the spread. what are your concerns? >> from the buyer leaping over the parking lot to the building. >> reporter: the fire took off at around 4:00 p.m. near mill river lane area residents were asked to shelter in place for many came out to the levy instead. >> we packed a little to go back just in case.
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>> reporter: the flames did burn a quarter- mile stretch from both sides of coyote creek. >> it's very difficult to access with water supplies. >> reporter: it also created all heavy smoke cloud that covered the valley all afternoon. >> you just don't know with all them trees. with those embers up there, we could have a problem. >> reporter: you can see that the fire crews are still on the scene. i checked with the battalion chief just a few moments ago and tells me that the cause of the fire is still undetermined. some scary moments in napa tonight as well. g usbut rupted at
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thankfully crews were able to stop them from spreading very far. of flex alert has been issued for tomorrow due to the extreme heat expected for parts of the northern california region. everyone is asked to conserve electricity between 4:00 and 9:00 p.m. there is of massive dome of high-pressure that is extending over the west coast. as a result it is warm and much of the country and the bay area as well. although not quite as warm as it was today. 60s along the shoreline, 80s along the water. you have to go farther east to get into the 90s and up to 101 in fairfield. that is why they have the exthe
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area, but for the outliers, it will be hot. in clear lake and ukiah the numbers are in excess of 100 degrees. pg&e is saying that supplies are limited so we need to conserve electricity. i will have the complete forecast in just a few minutes. taking a live look at the san francisco where there is a new twist in the fight over a school mural that some people consider to be offensive. betty yu is live at washington high school tonight with a judges surprise decision today. >> reporter: a superior court judge overturned the school board's decision to remove a massive mural here saying that the school board did not obey state rules. this is the mural at the center of a years long legal fight. it's ca the life of washington. a fixture at george washington high school for more than 80
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in two placone mul critics point to negative depictions of native americans and slaves. >> maybe the content is controversial according to our mind-set nowadays. but at the time it was a very valuable work of art. >> reporter: in 2019 the san francisco unified school board voted to cover up the artwork and alumni board sued and the judge agreed stating that california, as a matter of long- standing public policy places enormous value on its environmental and historical resources and that people are entitled to expect public officials to give more than lip service to the laws designed to protect those resources. the order added that the school board did not conduct an environmental review for removing the mural as is required by law. the former art teacher who discussed the murals with her students says that she supports the judges decision. >> i find the whole idea of
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slavery offensive of course, i find the degradation of the indians atrocities, but it is a history. and this is where we learn history, it's illustrated by paintings. >> reporter: a residents daughter attended washington and although she binds the subject matter disturbing. >> i'm very glad they are keeping it. it needs to be kept in the curriculum as a teaching tool. >> it's kind of interesting. the school board decides to cover this thing up and then they get reversed. interested in what their reaction to this latest legal maneuver is. >> reporter: i did reach the school board president and all she said was that the board received the order and that they are legal counsel is currently reviewing it. >> we will stay on the story, thank you betty. the effort to recall
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governor gavin newsom is apparently gaining momentum. a newly released l.a. times poll shows 47% of likely california voters support the recall of new sum compared with 50% who oppose removing the democratic governor. the top republican candidate aiming to replace newsom is larry elder. the same poll shows elder leading other contenders in the race. still ahead, a major announcement expected from the survivors of that horrific mass shooting at the gilroy garlic festival. new details are emerging on the deadly plane crash on a golf course near lake tahoe. a dire situation at bay area reservoirs.
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a live look from washington tonight where hearings are underway on the january 6th attack on the capital. the house select committee heard powerful testimony from four police officers on the trauma they experienced that day. >> i could feel myself losing oxygen and recall thinking to myself, this is how i'm going to die. chanting someone in the crowd, get his gun and kill him with his foreseen a video mixed with
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previously released clips showing online officers dragged into the mob and be in. in their testimony officers made clear that they were there to support president trump's effort to overturn the results. kevin mccarthy called the hearing a scam, holding a press conference beforehand and blaming speaker nancy pelosi for the failures on that date. tomorrow the town of gilroy will mark two years since the deadly mass shooting at the annual garlic festival. the survivors are expected to announce that they are expanding their lawsuit to include the gun manufacturer that made the weapon that was used in that attack. three people were killed, 17 more hurt, when the gun man opened fire at the festival in 2019. victims previously announced lawsuits against the festival organizers claiming that proper safety precautionwere not in place. we have new information at a deadly plane crash in lake
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tahoe. two crew members and two passengers died when the luxury jet came crashing down onto a golf course. witnesses captured this shocking video when the plane burst into flames yesterday when it was trying to land at the truckee tahoe airport. the jet narrowly missed homes and even a school bus. >> just watching it you are in shock. it was surreal. it's like that's not really happening, is it? >> investigators have not released the names on board and it could take weeks to determine the cause. california's severe drought impacting bay area reservoirs hard. many of them are extremely low as you know. the reservoir in morgan hill is 80% empty. the 10 reservoirs combined they are only at 13% of capacity.
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within the last few hours the sunnyvale city council voted to declare a water emergency. the plan calling for a 15% reduction in usage and restricts when properties can water their landscaping. anyone breaking the rules will get to warnings first and then come the cash finds. let's go to brian now. we saw, can we even call it water? >> you can count them they were so little. the nearest thunderbolts were about 200 miles east of the bay area. we got about .03 inches of rain. right now, looking toward san francisco, the numbers are 3-9 degrees warmer than they were at this time last night. at now at 70.
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the fog is coming in and that will keep things cool by the shoreline. but you can see how warm it was today. it was 98 inland, about 10 degrees above average. there is no dramatic warming trend, it just continues to stay about as warm as it has been. the time lapse here shows what happened around the bay area, but well offshore. we've had some high clouds filtering in over the , yocan see there will be a thin layer of high clouds coming in from the southwest. that high pressure well to the east of us is still popping up that southerly flow. so, we will begin story tonight
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up a few clouds tomorrow. temperatures remain in the 90s inland. and smoke moved out of the area. we are looking for may be the upper air quality to suffer a little bit which would have made for easier conditions. those are a couple of bits of good news. and then tomorrow, some high clouds, 90 plus with a cooling trend returning by the weekend. overnight we will range in the mid-50s, and tomorrow sunnyvale will be at 83 degrees. hayward is at 80 and over in the east bay and the farther east you go the warmer it will get. 81 at vallejo, and then high clouds will come in. 89% refill, those of the high temperatures we are seeing around clearly. and in the city, san francisco
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baseball up top. not much set up needed, dodgers and giants, great pitching, clutch hits and check what team made the key mistake. logan webb, trotted out there with six innings, 1-0 dodgers, until buster posey put a stop to it. an rbi single to center, clutch head. dangerous max muncy put it in play but the runner was thrown out at the plate by darin ruf. i kept the game tied at one.
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turning point, same inning, two giants on and look what happened. you almost never see an overthrow like this from a major leag codylangere go-ahead error and that is how the giants won 2-1. now san francisco leads l.a. by three games in the n.l. west. >> that was crazy. there were a couple of us sitting up here like holy crap. that was cool. we were all yelling and high- fiving and stuff. happy that he threw the ball the way he did and we were able to score. >> the a's new pitcher, and a break going the a's way? sean murphy is back and it dropped. how about hits it
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deep. the padres then put up five runs in the fifth inning and took the lead manny machado, and the padres when 7-4, the a's fourth straight loss sending them six games behind front running houston. nfl, they checked in for training camp. they will be on the practice field tomorrow in santa clara. for the first time since their super bowl run in miami, kyle shanahan and john lynch had a non-zoom press conference with the media. topic number one, quarterback. jimmy garoppolo and trey lance. >> jimmy is coming in as the number one and trey is coming in as two. there is no rookie that will just come in and be ablegame. katie ledecky, the stanford alum was nowhere to be found in the 200 meter freestyle final.
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australia took the gold but one hour later, the decade by a large margin won the 1500 freestyle, an olympic event available to women for the first time ever. it was her sixth career olympic gold medal and she still has more events. she is the most decorated female swimmer in history. she is the world record holder in that event and she seemed happier for erica sullivan. shows you a little bit about katie ledecky. a northern california
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majestic mountains... scenic coastal highways... fertile farmlands... there's lots to love about california. so put off those chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm when less clean energy is available. because that's power down time.
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tonight one northern california restaurant is struggling to find workers but hiring a new kind of help. >> the servers are all robots. they turn to these high-tech employees when business started picking back up. the food gets picked up and rolled out to designated areas where human servers can deliver to the table. the manager said her employees are stretched thin and she can't get enough humans to come back to work. ployees. hortage of tion thof t
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the late show with stephen colbert is next. >> thanks for watching. the news continues streaming on cbsn bay area. have a good night. - hi everyone and welcome to the legal help center. today we have legal professionals standing by to answer your questions and give you a free consultation.


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