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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  July 27, 2021 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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you know when you're at ross and find just what you need... to make any space your space? (sighs) yes! that's yes for less. get the best bargains ever for every room and every budget. at ross. yes for less. now on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area a major announcement expected from the cdc today.
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how the agency may be back pedaling on its guidelines for people for masking up inside. good afternoon. as coronavirus cases rise across the country, a federal official said that the cdc will recommend that even vaccinated people wear masks inside in areas of high spread. the agency's former director said we are on a dangerous path right now. >> we can see as many as 200,000 cases a day, four times the current rate with in another four to six weeks. >> we are joined by dr. peter hong. as we wait for that official guidance, is this surprising to you? >> it's not. i think that the cdc has been more deliberate in this particular decision than say the decision to free masking for those who inat in the last guidance they gave. i think they are being more
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deliberate. it's not easy. there are different outbreaks in different parts of the country. at end of the day the hospital resources will be more strained by areas where folks are not quite as well vaccinated as other areas. >> and we are also seeing more mandates to get the vaccine. the governor requiring it for health care and state workers or they will face mandatory testing do you think local leaders will follow suit? >> i think one other consequence of what the cdc guidance will do is give cover to areas, private institutions, organizations, businesses to enact similar mandates or recommendations, you will see a mix of those two in the next few weeks. >> all right. dr. hong, thank you so much. we have been spending a lot of time with you. and people are weighing in on the possible indoor mask recommendation on social media. some skeptical that everybody
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would even follow a nationwide mask mandate. others say they shouldn't have been relaxed in the first place. looking live now in san francisco, in less than 24 hours all new city employees will be required to get vaccinated before they start their new jobs. city leaders trying to figure out how to get more people vaccinated overall. justin andrews live at city hall. you just got more details on how this would work. >> yeah. every new hire must be vaccinated unless you show a reason of why and they say that reason must be something religious or medical issue. when it comes to this the city hall said that the must wear a mask in order to enter. san francisco is the first city and county to do this in the state. here is something else. no city employee will be able to substitute a negative coronavirus test for prf of vaccination. i talked to san francisco's
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human resource director. she said the new mandate adds to the announcement requiring all 35,000 city employees to be vaccinated. once the vaccines receive full approval from the fda. employees will have about ten weeks after the vaccines are approved to get their shots. the vaccines are currently under authorization by the fda and expected to be approved in a few months. city worker who refuse to be vaccinated and don't get medical or religious exemptions could be fired. >> really are focused on the consequences at present. we are focused on the advantages and on the education. our policies do say that we may consider discipline up to and including separation from city service for noncompliance employees. we are a long way away from that. we are more focused right now on the health orders.
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all city workers. we are talking police officers, to firefighters, city clerks and even janitors. this does not count for teachers though because they are employed by the school district. we are live at city hall. i'm justin andrews. new, the governor just discussed efforts to improve health care access and affordability while continuing the push to get more people vaccinated. >> rightly said roughly 250,000 people are eligible for coverage. only about 235,000 [inaudible] preventive care. there are 7700 new cases in california. the test positive rate is 5.4% over the last seven days.
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we brought you the governor's update live on cbsn bay area. you can watch 24-7 streaming on or the news app. a new poll shows the recall election tightening among those most likely to vote in september. the new poll found 50% likely to vote no on the recall and keep the governor in office. the potential yes votes now at 47%. one of the candidates running to replace newsom was in san francisco this morning. >> he has failed this great city and he is failing our great state. as violent crime is skyrocketing in every part of california. >> some of the republican candidates running to replace the governor will hold a debate next month. too washington. the house committee set up to investigate the january capitol incident has started its work holding it's first public
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hearing today. witnesses include law enforcement who were on the frontlines that day. skyler henry reports most republicans have refused to participate in the committee. >> we will be in order. >> bennie thompson opened up the first hearing of the select committee investigating the january 6st the assault with a graphic video of the attack. united states capitol police officer harry dunn was breathing hard just watching the video. is he one of four officers injured in the attack who testified before the committee. >> to be honest, physical therapy is painful and hard. i could have lost my life that day. not once but many times. >> the chairman said the committee will follow the facts in its attempt out what happened and prevent is tá from happening again. >> we know that efforts to subvert our democracy are ongoing and a major part of the select committee's work will be
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to find ways to eliminate that threat. >> the chairman said there is no place for politics as his committee searches for the truth. house minority leader discounts the investigation after the house vmea he nominated. she willon pick people wants as that becomes a failed committee and a failed report. a sham that nobody can believe. >> two republicans, agreed to sit on the committee. one said they will investigate president trump's role in the attack. >> we must know what happened here at the capitol. we must also know what happened every minute of that day in the white house. every phone call, every conversation, every meeting, leading up to, during and after the attack. >> several republican house members have called on the minority leader to punish the
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two for their decision. skyler henry. another live look from washington. the department of justice has ruled former trump officials can testify if the committee calls them as witnesses. today the suspect in the atlanta spa shooting plead guilty to four counts of murder. robert aaron long will face four life sentences without the possibility of parole and 35 years. he faces four more murder charges in fulton county. in march long went on a shooting spree at three different massage businesses. is he accused of killing eight people, most of them women. we are hearing for the first time from simone biles after their surprise withdrawal from the team. and how tokyo is struggling to balance hosting the game under a coronavirus state of emergency. and people hoping to get away in an rv may be disappointed. why the vehicles in such short supply. and we are still looking at high definition doppler just to track the rain moving through
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northern california. we have showers right off the bay area. in fact light rain moving through sonoma. this is coming to an end. i will show you the warm up. daytime highs starting to climb this unplugged device is protecting our beautiful coastlines and more. put off chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm to help keep our state golden.
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new, we are hearing there
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united states gymnastics superstar simone biles after she withdrew from the team finals. >> no injury thankfully. that's why i took a step back because i didn't want to do something silly out there and get injured. its been a long week. its beenye. i think we are just a little bit too stressed out. >> the team favored to win gold still made the podium with silver. she could still compete later. other headlines, osaki was eliminated in her third round match. a 17-year-old usa swimmer won the gold in the breast stroke making her the first one born in alaska. and carissa moore took home the first ever gold in surfing. as the games continue in japan so does the rise in coronavirus. tokyo just reported it's
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highest ever number of cases. more than 2800 while organizers reported seven new cases including two athletes. the prime minister is pleading with people to stay home. some are ignoring him. hundreds gathered to catch a look at a woman's road race over the weekend. the dow is down in the red about 150 points,drops in big tech companies are leading stocks lower. apple and alphabet will announce earnings this afternoon. it was tesla yesterday. the company said profit had more than doubled since the previous quarter topping over a billion dollars. that's more than ten times what it made in 2020. tesla set a company record produce more than 200,000 cars. rv's offer a home away from home and have become a popular way to vacation during the pandemic. the rv market is suffering the
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same shortages in other industries. the pandemic forced factory that make rv's to shut down temporarily. when they came back online they faced supply chain issues that continue today. shortages from lumber to furniture to appliances keeping makers from getting maa board overwindow because they can't get the window in or the ac unit. >> some are so sold out for up to a year. manufacturers are also suffering worker shortages that are slowing production. time for a check of weather with darren peck. >> there's a lot of sun showing up. we are not done with the rain. possibility still working through the north bay. let me show you what it looks like on high definition doppler. it's good in the northern sacramento valley. i'm concerned about what is happening in sonoma. the rain looks good off the coast.
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few lightning strike was that. it's -- the rain hitting the ground here along 101. this is going up through sonoma starting from just the northern edge of san pablo bay. working in to santa rosa. i will come in on this last frame. santa rosa this is your frame. it's up 101 and we can pull out some of the detail. this is right halt the intersection of 1o 1 and highway 12. we can follow this over toward the west. a few showers just to the south. as we come back over and check out santa rosa and get back over into wine country, actually. a few of these showers working through sonoma valley. pardon me while i enjoy looking at high definition doppler. that's the shower on future cast. it picks it up. that's pretty good for a forecast model to see that. it sees the better rain out here. let's see what it says happens next. we are done. showers will leave. they will work up through the north and clear out.
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watch as the clouds leave. the marine layer fills back in. perfectly outlining the border of the coast and squeezing in through the golden bait. we will see the man reason layer keep coming in, going out. leftover clouds still visibility. this is the east bay. here is oakland and those clouds are just the stragglers from what will clear out. looking back toward the bay bridge and after a very foggy start this morning, on the golden gate bridge we have beautiful skies here. plan on more fog in the morning as well. current temperatures out there have us 88 in livermore. 69 in santa rosa with that shower. daytime highs today, right on the mark here for low 90's in the south bay. the mid-90s in the valleys of the east bay. temperatures along the east bayshore line in the mid-70s. it'll be upper 80's for nevado and santa rosa and temperatures in the low 90's in lake. the seven day forecast for san francisco, oakland and san jose
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shows you we will stay right here. gets cooler by the weekend, especially in the city with more on shore flow and to pull out some of the micro climates the inland east bay valleys, tri valley, that's you on the top line compared to the valleys of napa and sonoma where we will be in the low 09's for daytime highs. quiet seven day forecast. just a bit warm. back to you. >> all right. thank you. it was a social media hit but the museum of ice cream is shutting down. it was closed at the start of the pandemic and never reopened. if first opened in september of 2017. for $38 people could wander through instagram friendly spots. no word on what prompted the permanent closuring. coming up you may want to add extra time to your travel plans.
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some business news. brace yourself for potential flight disruptions amid a fuel shortage. american airlines said it may have to add stops to trips due
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to fuel delivery delays. the carrier said the industry as a whole is suffering from delays because drivers and fuel and overseas travel restrictions will remain in place amid the spread of the delta variant. the biden administration said h restrictions of travel from the uk and more than two dozen other countries. right now the united states bars entry for most nonunited states citizens who have traveled to countries like brazil, china, and india in the past 14 days. still ahead, heading back into the wild. a sea turtle success story.
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yowill find heirloom tomatoes everywhere. farmer's markets, retail markets. it's the time. this is when they are at the peak of the season. so many different varieties. here is the key. they are only good when they are picked ripe. all the sugar content there which means the shelf life is very short. buy them and enjoy them that day or two- or three-days later at the most. with all the different varieties, i love the names of these. still the most important thing is a selection. when you buy them make sure the color is all bright and beautiful all the way around and very heavy for the size. look at the stem here. it's kind of cool when you bring them home on the counter.
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on the counter. storage one or two days, maybe three at the most. they are great. just sliced up in olive oil, little bit of cheese. i like that mint. it brings out the flavor of tomatoes. there you go. heirloom tomatoes. dozens of varieties. great for us. summertime. i'm your fresh grocer. always remember to eat fresh and stay healthy. they are beautiful aren't they? we are going to put rain on -- if you have a garden or maybe you are growing produce of your own. its light showers for the north bay. we track that in my complete forecast. it is just a few light showers for the most part up into sonoma. right along 101 in santa rosa. seven day forecast is going to stay just like this. sunny and warm. we will be done with the rain with in the next hour or two in the north bay and then we fall right back into normal. before we go, we have some new video to share of six endangered sea turtles being
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released back into the wild. a mississippi aquarium sent them back in to the water last week. they were treated after washing up on shore last year. now they are good to go. i love video of turtles. >> almost matched the baby giraffe from earlier. >> yes. check that out if you have it on funny giraff and -- a goose? >> some sort of small bird. have a great afternoon
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>> steffy: bye, kelly. have fun at the zoo with amelia. love you! >> finn: do you hear that, bud? your sister gets to go to the zoo, and you get to hang out here with your folks. >> steffy: are you gonna do one of your world-famous jokes? >> finn: i thought you hated my jokes. >> steffy: oh, your-- your dad jokes. >> finn: yeah? >> steffy: no, go for it. go for it. >> finn: okay, you know what? just for that, knock-knock. >> steffy: oh. i forgot. i have to review those pages, the financial reports. >> finn: oh. no, come back here. your mom's a nut, you know that? but she's also smart, fierce,
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and drop-dead gorgeous, inside and out.


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