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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6am  CBS  July 27, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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200,000 cases a day. four times the current rate. >> we are live with a local expert discussing the rising cases as e delta vari takes hold >>whis required to get vaccinated or undergo weekly testing. and when i started to move away from him he came behind me and pushed me hard. >> a former senator attacked in broad daylight. later the dixie fire burning nearly 200,000 acres. the worsening conditions as the fire spreads. >> we start with that risk of lightning. looking live in the east bay. one of the spots expected to see some form of dry lightning and possibly rain this morning. dry conditions, plus lightning could create for a dangerous situation. >> let's get over to darren for an update on the storm risk. >> i'm happy to say it's low here at home to see any of the
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lightning. there's a lot off the coast. that's 100 to 200 miles. there's another band of rain off monterey county that i will track with you in future cast in just a bit. we will see how likely that is. here is what's going on. it's just high clouds. that's 880. that's the view over much of the east bay. that's a higher view from the top of the sales force tower. you can see things from the top of the sales force tower. we aren't socked in with the marine layer though it's foggy at the golden gate. temperatures in the low 60's. the daytime highs a warm up. mid-90s. for the inland locations it'll be mid-90s. once we are past two we are out of that mild threat. let's look at the roadways. couple things to look out for. we have first reports of a crash westbound 84. that right lane blocked and
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traffic is busy. use the bridge instead as the alternate. check out these brake lights. look at that red on the sensors for that ride along the peninsula. this is due to late running ro work using alese brlits. at least three left lanes are blocked. traffic is stacked up. 280 looking better for that commute if are you going northbound. four times the current rate with in another four to six weeks. >> you heard it there. the united states is on track to see upwards of 200,000 new coronavirus cases every day in just a few weeks. >> we haven't seen numbers like that since january. right now we are averaging more than 50,000 new cases a day. that's up more than 60% over last week's seven day average.
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>> nearly 44% of counties have what the cdc considers to be high coronavirus transmission. that means 100 or more cases per 100,000 people or at least a 10% positive rate in the past seven days. included on the list, alameda, and solano. california will require state employees and all health care workers to show proof of vaccination or get tested weekly. >> this as state leaders aim to slow rising coronavirus infections mostly among the unvaccinated. justin andrews is live this morning and there is also a new city requirement. >> yes. san francisco will require all new employees to be vaccinated before they walk into city hall and start their new job. this kicks off on wednesday and is the first city or county in the state, maybe the country to require all city workers to be vaccinated. all new hires must get the shot unless they can show a medical
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or religious exemption. no city employee will be able to substitute a negative test for proof of vaccination. less than 24 hours ago the governor mead the announcement that the health care workers and state employees will now be required to get vaccinated or get tested weekly if they cannot verify vaccination. this takes effect august 2nd for state workers and august 9th for health care settings including outpatient and long term care facilities. >> it's a choice to live with this virus. with all due respect you don't have a choice to go out and drink and drive and put everybody else at risk. that's the equivalent of this moment with the deadliness of the delta virus. you are putting other people at risk. >> the whole idea behind this is to get more people
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vaccinated. city and state leaders say if more people are vaccinated this variant will hopefully stop the spread. and later in the show we are live with a local expert from ucsf. we will ask if he thinks more local groups will follow the mayor and governor's lead. starting thursday people in san francisco will have to show an id and vaccine card if they want to drink inside a majority of the city's bars. that's the word from the san francisco bar alliance that represents more than 300 bars. customers can also show a negative coronavirus test. >> we just looked at the data and said this is the best way to protect our staff and families. i don't care what joe rogan says. the data doesn't lie. we are looking right at it. an unvaccinated person is more likely to contract and spread the delta variant than a
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vaccinated person moderna is expanding its trial for younger children. the original one was scheduled for nearly 6800 kid. it's unclear how much bigger the trial could be. the drug maker said it plans to ask for emergency authorization before the end of 2021. the fda has requested that both moderna and pfizer expand their trial for kids five to 11. this as a precaution to gather more information about rare side effects including heart inflammation that turned up in vaccinated people under the age of 30. this morning there will be a vaccine clinic at monterey high school. it runs through thursday. new, a record number of coronavirus cases in tokyo.
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we have just learned simone biles is out of t finals. we hearing it's due to an injury. with her out the team fell to the russians. an armed robbery under investigation this morning after barbara boxer was robbed and assaulted. it happened on 3rd and harrison. boxer was out talking on her new i-phone. who teens followed her and one attacked her. >> when i started to move away from him he came behind me and pushed me hard and then, before i could fall, he grabbed my phone. >> did you hit the ground? >> i did not hit the ground. i said why would you do this to a grandma?
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>> she said she was shaken but not hurt. she was able to walk to a verizon store. a spokesperson for the oakland man mayor extended her well wishes for a speedy recove re. a live look now at san francisco, city hall where later today city leaders set to speck on a historic city budget. this ahead of a final vote on items including more police, factored in to the two year, 26 billion-dollar budget. big chunks. housing, early education and public safety. taking a live look at oakland now where local lawmakers say they will open a city hall office in east oakland if they get the votes. this is to improve access to city services for thousands of people who cannot make it downtown. yesterday councilmembers
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directed the administrator to look into the possibility. the time is 6:08. a slow rebound. the action plan to make bay area transit more attractive. and still ahead on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area 200,000 acres burned thousands of families evacuated and update on the quick moving dixie fire. and it could come with -- an consequences. that's at 6:30. and here is your fog advisory on the golden gate bridge. that's a typical start to the day. we are going to look at the high definition doppler and the lightning strikes off the coast of california and some that may try to get here through the early afternoon. we will track the likelihood of
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for 12 months. switch today. the dixie fire has burned an area larger than the size of
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new york city. we are talking more than 198,000 acres. fire crews who came from across the country to identifying
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. > out with high definition doppler any time there is this much lightning you have to take a look. it's off the coast. still looks -- everything and what we can see right now in terms of lightning is pretty far removed from the coastline. let's take a look down to the south. that's where we may have a better chance to see some of the showers. that rain moving off the coast of the santa cruz mountains and it was more -- focused on monterey. it'll continue to move off the coast. what you will notice are the
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high level clouds that go along with this pattern of thunderstorms. the high clouds stay with us. you can see and hear from the view of n the future cast on top of what would be livesatellite radar. that gives you the overview. watch this closely. there's still the chance of a few showers. a few will work off the marine coastline. perhaps the more important thing is the back edge of the cloud shield right there as the clouds clear out and we get this to sunshine by the time we get in to the early afternoon. marine layer hangs out at the coast and that's the pattern that will repeat for the next several days. at least the high clouds will give us sunshine. bay area wide by the time we get in to the early afternoon. as a result we get a warm up.
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daytime highs in the south bay are in the upper 80's and low 90's. 90 degrees for the daytime high. we will see numbers in the inland valleys of the east bay in the low to mid-90s. back up into the low 80's for the east bayshore line. it's 88 in santa rosa and we will see the temperatures climb up into the low 90's for parts of lake county today. seven day forecast for san francisco, oakland and san jose, shows us temperatures warming up into the mid-80s's for san jose, consistently for the next seven days and for the inland valleys of the east bay it's back into the mid-90s and that's a contrast if you look at the valleys of the north bay. that's the middle line. it's still warm but low 90's warm and the beaches, mid-60s's and marine layer gray. back to you. let's look at the roadways now. we have new information on this
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crash. we have been monitoring on the dunbarton. still out there. four cars involved. still blocking that slow lane. give yourself extra time. your best bet to use 237. take the san mateo bridge to avoid the brake lights. look apt these delays this is a map of 101 as you head in. we have road work. at least three right lanes are still blocked and traffic is slow as you head through. 280 looking a lot better than that ride along 101. northbound from sfo or san jose to sfo give yourself 66 minutes and we are tracking a slow riess bay bridge backed up. metering lights were turned on just before six and adding to this we have reports ofa crash right around the metering lights. just past where all of the brake lights are. making it extra busy out of the
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east bay into san francisco. live look at the san mateo bridge. extra volume as you work toward 101. a much better option than the dunbarton due to that crash in that area. a quick look at public transit. if you want to skip the roadways everything is looking good for bart. bay ferry, ace rail and muni. no word of any delays or issues. that's a look at the morning ride. when the pandemic started bay area bridge traffic dropped by half but public transit fell further. 90% and rider ship isn't rebounding like the roads are. many agencies only surviving with the help of huge subsides. the transit recovery task force approved a plan to make public options more attractist. the goal is to get all of that done with in the next three
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years. looking live at san jose, the airport is getting big time help from the feds. nearly $55.5 million. they saw one of the highest drops in passenger traffic in the country. now it's getting the grant money as part of the american rescue plan. it'll go toward paying off the airport's debt, operating costs and concession programs. airlines are facing a hitch as they try to meet summer demand. american airlines said it may have to add stops because of a fuel shortage. they are fighting the lack of truck drivers and a short fall in vehicles and fuel. no flights have been canceled yet. and it's a big day for the niners. the players return to training camp. and a live look from the sales force tower camera. you can see the transamerica pyramid. 6:20 is the time. we
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we are counting down to 49er pre-season football. the action kicks off in less than three weeks. happening today the 49ers begin training camp at the saf performance facility. next to levi stadium. the team will narrow down its roster to 53 men. trey lance will see a lot of action in pre-season games. you will get your first look at them in action against some big nfl rivals height here. major match ups against the chiefs, chargers and raiders starting saturday august 14th. going live to chase where the golden state warriors are gearing up for the draft later this week. they have a 7th and 14th
6:25 am
overall selection. general manager is staying pretty tight lipped. >> today. drafting, don't get mad if i'm -- we don't. that means something changed. >> we will find out who the warriors select thursday night. the draft starts at five. from rising cases to new vaccine and mask mandates. >> we are live with an expert. a house committee hearing is about to get started to investigate the january attack on the capitol. and a live look. it's 6:25 and the bay bridge
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6:30 am
due to injury. the american team fell to the russians. it's 6:30. >> good morning to you. let's get right to darren and we were fearing some dangerous conditions this morning. how does it look how? >> this will be the prime sometime. there is plenty of lightning showing up on high definition doppler. a sight we don't normally see over the water. it's out over the water. closer inspection shows us showers off the coast of the santa cruz mountains i. i will track that forward. there are more typical aspects. it's foggy on the golden gate bridge. we have less of a marine layer today. instead it's the high clouds and those will be with us for most of today because of this pattern of thunderstorms. let me show you the forecast. we will go to the mid-90s.
6:31 am
we will be in the mid-70s. in the bay. i will show you the rest of the forecast. a trouble spot along westbound 84. they have issued a special traffic alert. two lanes. that's why we are seeing all this back up on the maps and that's why they have issued a traffic alert. it happened at about 5:30 this morning. use the bridge as the alternate if your commute goes south of there. we are still tracking bake lights northbound 101. this is due to late running road work. new, berkeley police investigating a crash that killed a pedestrian and left another injured. this happened last night in the area of ashby. officials say when they responded to that scene two women were injured. one woman believed to be in her
6:32 am
50's passed away at the hospital. the others reported to be in ontion. now corus, fr job. >> the mandate as city and state leaders figure out how to get more people vaccinated. justin andrew is live and when does all of this happen? >> this kicks off tomorrow and it's the first city and county in the state, maybe the country to require all employees to be vaccinated. these new workers, the people who will be working here must get the shot unless they show an exepps. no city employee will be able to substitute a negative test for proof of vaccination. this adds to last week's announcement that the city will require all 35,000 of its employees to be vaccinated once
6:33 am
a vaccine receives full approval. the made announced that health care workers and state employees will be required to get vaccinated. that takes effect in early august. >> longer we wait to put out this disease the more likely that we will be facing another variant, another mutation that may not have, well, vaccines may not be as effective.. >> doctors say san francisco is vaccinated but we are also seeing high hospitalizations. doctors say about 90% of those in the hospital right now are unvaccinated patients. we are live at city hall in san francisco. the department of veterans affairs is the first major federal agency to require its
6:34 am
health care workers be vaccinated. >> in the tug of war between vaccines and the variants we should continue to bet on vaccines. >> yesterday more than 50 health organizations called for all health care workers to be required to get the vaccine. right now a house select committee is meeting to get to the bottom of the january 6th attack on capitol hill. the committee includes seven democrats and two republicans. today at first public hearing for police officers who tried to defend the capitol will testify. the hearing will focus on security failure that let a mob storm the building. it just started moments ago and we want to warn you some of the things are you about to hear may be disturbing. let's take a listen. >> because we need to understand our history if we want to understand the significance of what happened on january 6th and our role as
6:35 am
members of the people's house. i'm talking about the peaceful transfer of power. 200 years ago in 1801 a house of representatives did one of its jobs laid out in the this body cast 36 ballots and settled the contest of president of the united states. what followed was a first peaceful transfer of power in our country's history. we know that since then our history has been far from perfect. >> you have been listening to the first public hearing. members say they intend to follow the evidence wherever it leads them. leave the store. >> and we are hearing the
6:36 am
woman who took this cell phone video of a man who appears to be openly shoplifting from a walgreenss. she said it happened just before ten in the morning on july 1st at. the man walks to another part of a store and puts more items in to ia black bag. she recorded because she had seen people shoplifting their several times and is pretty worried the store may close if it keeps happening. walgreens has closed some stores in san francisco, siting theft problems and it plans to close another in oakland due to organized retail crime. >> i feel that no consequence. they have no remorse and don't think about the people. they don't care about us, about the neighborhood, the people who are shopping because that's our store. >> the california retailer's association said san francisco is among the top ten cities in the country for organized retail crime. we reached out to walgreens and
6:37 am
san francisco police for comment but haven't heard back. in the east bay the mayor of antioch is revealing a new crime prevention package. >> have a job to do. i wasn't elected to be anyone's friend. i was ejected to make sure we turn things around. >> the kids off the streets by giving them job opportunities. the mayor plans to enforce the public nuisance laws in an effort to clean up neighborhoods. we are getting a look at a plan for the next part of a future bart station. >> san jose's little portugal neighborhoods, the area near five wounds church designed to be a new urban village. a common concern in this community that the new bart station and urban village will
6:38 am
push them aside. >> it's to eliminate all the small mom and pop stores and some of the [inaudible]. the flea market has been around for i don't know how many years and look what the park did to it. >> the business network said they are working with bart and vta to lessen the impact on existing businesses. the time is 6:38. delta variant cases surging and a new prediction will soon put cases at a six month high. >> so what needs to be done to get cases under control? and if you are hoping to take a trip over seas many spots still off limits but does the biden administration have plans to lift the travel plan? and the market just opened ten minutes ago. let's check the big board. the dow is down more than 240 points right now. cbs money watch reporter diane king hall with a closer look.
6:39 am
we will talk about the house investigation into the january 6th riot and the future of the republican party. and we will look at the impact of the first federal agency to impose a vaccine mandate. and we will talk to a former direct ear of the cdc about what needs to happen with the schools to reopen safely this fall and we are getting in the pool with ashley dawson. ashley. we will see you at seven. attention, california. new federal funding of $3 billion is available to help more people pay for health insurance — no matter what your income. how much is yours? julie and bob are paying $700 less, every month. dee got comprehensive coverage for only $1 a month. and the navarros are paying less than $100 a month. check to see your new, lower price.
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high definition doppler. plenty of it over the water. there's another band of showers to the south. we will wathat and track the likelihood of any rain or lightning between now and about one this afternoon e recast. today the earnings parade continues on wall street with big tech in focus. apple, microsoft and alphabet will announce their results later this afternoon. tesla earned $1.1 billion in the second quarter and for the first time passed the billion dollars mark. it also set a company record producing more than 200,000 cars. a check on stocks and how much longer the president expects to keep the travel ban in place. diane king hall is live. good morning to you. >> good morning. trading has been underway for little more than ten minutes and investors taking chips off the table in the early action
6:44 am
ahead of that tuesday torrent of earnings. the dow down 230 points over the tech sector. nasdaq down 75. s&p off, meantime overseas travel restrictions will remain in place amid the spread of the delta variant. the white house said it has no plans to lift restrictions on travel and the ua and more than two dozen other countries along with brazil, china, south africa, india and iran. the united states currently bars most citizens who have traveled to those country. >> cbs money watch. thank you. from new vaccine mandates to cases surging we are getting morin sight into the biggest coronavirus headlines. we are joined by a doctor from ucsf. thank you for joining us. >> my pleasure. >> let's your reaction to the governor requiring health care and state workers to get the vaccine or do testing? do you think we will see city
6:45 am
and county leaders follow suit? >> yes. i think we are seeing a sea change here. i think we are at a crossroads right now. hospitalizations starting to trickle up. because of the mayhem caused of the virus, these measures are going to be seen over and over again. we have seen new york, we have seen the va. we are seeing the state of california. >> right now across the country we are seeing cases rise as the delta variant takes hold. the former cdc director said the united states could see 200,000 cases a day with in the next six weeks. we haven't seen numbers like that since january. way. do the cases look like right now in the bay area and what do we need to do to get this surge
6:46 am
under control? >> there's only one simple reason. it's simple but very hard to do which is vaccinate as someone keeps on telling me, one of my colleagues it's vaccinate, not lockdown. it's vaccinate in a way to maintain the economy. i don't think we are in a business of shutting down again hopefully because of the hospitalizations relatively still manageable but that can change. i think we need to help understand that problem and address it more, you know, head on. >> yeah. hopefully we don't get to that point. let's talk about masking up. yesterday san mateo became the first bay area county to reinstate the mark mandate. >> do you think more counties will start to reinstate mask mandate s? >> they will. as cases continue to go up and this is leading and -- bleeding in to hospitalizations which is the most feared outcome. you see people in masks and
6:47 am
it's just because just like with the vaccine requirements and the workplace, for state workers, the honor system is not necessarily working. i think because of that everybody has to mask up because you can't really tell who is vaccinated and what isn't. >> yeah. very good point. thank you so much for joining us. >> my pleasure. thank you. let's get you caught up on weather and traffic. we have a look at the live radar. there's a good amount of lightning. first let me show you the views on this day. some things very typical. look at the marine layer. i have another bridge i want to show you that i think -- that is just a fantastic -- like the postcard view.
6:48 am
there's the live view of 880. i want to show you the live view and the midlevel clouds. that's not the marine layer. these are the midand upper level clouds that will be with us for the first half of the day today. we don't get into clear blue sky until we get to the early afternoon. its part of the same system that's giving us the chance of thunderstorms and you see a lot of lightning this morning. the big picture view. play this forward. that skirts the bay. pretty much stays off the water. one more play through. off the coast of marin. then watch the back edge of the clouds clear out by the time we get to the early afternoon. still a small chance we get a shower, maybe stray, the odds
6:49 am
are low. let's look at the rest of the forecast. it'll be warmer. once we get to the back edge of the cloud shield and break-in to the clear blue sky it'll be a warm day. in the low 90's as we get into the valleys of lake county. here is the seven day forecast. san francisco, oakland and san jose. we have the three outlined here. look at the bottom line. the mid-80s's. open in the city, low 70's. now we pull out the micro climate. when we look at the inland valleys on the top line the mid- 90s are about four to five degrees warmer than the valleys
6:50 am
of the north bay. its going do be cooler in santa rosa. that is very typical. all right. back to you. let's look at the roadways. the roads and you plan to take the dunbarton you may want to reconsider. we have a crash involving four vehicles. only the left lane is open. that means the two right lanes are shut down. traffic is squeezing through. we are seeing a significant back up because of that. stick with your alternates. its been out since 5:30. we are still tracking brake lights this is northbound 101. all that red. that's due to road construction. three lanes still blocked. have you brake light out of san mateo. if you are going toward sfo and you have the early flight you may want to give yourself a few extra minutes.
6:51 am
use 280 and cut over on 380. that may be your bet best. your travel time improving slightly. 58 minutes northbound 101. if you are taking westbound 580 in to the pass looking at a 38 minute commute and that yellow just popping up on the highway 4 sensor. the brake lights out of pittsburgh. metering lights are on and it's a 15 minute drive. 80 through oakland. museum of ice cream shutting down permanently it never reopened. the popular site first opened in september of 2017. $30 visitors can wander through instagram friendly spots.
6:52 am
no word on what prompted the permanent closure. next. expanding vaccine trials. why the fda is asking moderna and pfizer to add more children to their studies. and it's a stand off like no other. streaming today on cbsn bay area being a dad on tv and in real life. we hear about the reboot airing on paramount plus.
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san francisco is requiring all of its new employees to be vaccinated before they start the new job. this means you have to get a shot unless they show a medical or religious exemption. no city employee will be able to substitute a negative test for proof of vaccination.
6:56 am
this mandate adds to the announcement that the city will require all 35,000 of its employees to be vaccinated once the three vaccines receive full approval from the fda. the governor made a mandate that requires health care workers and state employees to be vaccinated or get tested weekly if they cannot verify their vaccination status. the state requirement goes into effect in early august. the governor said that the vaccinations will rep bring down the numbers as the delta variant continues to spread. in san francisco. justin andrews. time for a look at the other top stories. >> the fda has requested moderna and pfizer to expand their trial this is a precaution to gather more information about rare side effects including heart inflammation that turned up in vaccinated people under the age of 30. moderna as said it'll expand
6:57 am
its trial. oakland police launching an investigation after former united states senator barbara boxern was robbed and assaulted. it happened in the middle of the day on third and harrison. an investigation in to the deadly attack at the nation's capitol is underway. republicans have called for a boycott but at least two gop lawmakers will take part. city leaders will discuss and vote on a new budget. a proposed two year, $26 billion plan includes more money for police and pandemic recovery, housing and early education. we will go live to tokyo where simone biles won't compete in the finals. the associated press reporting it's due to an injury and with her out the american team -- may be tougher for them to beat the russians. they fell to the russians. a traffic alert continues. we have all these brake lights
6:58 am
on the westbound side of the dunbarton. traffic slow. use the san mateo bridge or 237 as an alternate. northbound 101 own of the slowest spots. late running road work causing a lot of brake lights. the metering lights are on an traffic is backed up. the san mateo bridge westbound working toward 1o 1. cloudy view over the bridge. it's the lightning showing up at high definition doppler stealing the show. that's almost all well off the coast. we are watching the light showers to the south which will try to get here. there's only a small chance we see any of that happen. it'll stay cloudy. ? is just the old marine layer over the golden gate bridge.
6:59 am
different than the higher clouds. low to mid-60s's. daytime highs going -- into the mid-90s. make no mistake. when we get in to the blue sky it'll be warm you. that's about a seven degree jump. it'll be in the immediate 70's. back to you. >> all right. thank you. a very unusual standoff at the oakland zoo. if goes to show you that the little guy isn't alwaysa prayed of the big guy. a little goose had just built her nest when a giraffe tried to check it out. the goose was not phazsed. she just kept on biting him. she is one tough little lady. >> you aren't invited. >> that was her version of get out of here. >> it worked. thank you for watching kpix5 news. don't forget the news continues all day. >> cbs this morning is up
7:00 am
next. have a wonderful tuesday. good morning to our viewers in the west. welcome to "cbs this morning." the surge in new covid cases. leads to the first vaccine mandate by a federal agency. how it could set a precedent. plus, the potential precedent on openings. police officers testify on capitol hill about being attacked by a pro trump mob on january 6th. we'll ask republican congresswoman liz cheney why she's defying gop leadership to participate in the investigation. breaking news from the olympics, a stunning


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