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tv   CBS Overnight News  CBS  July 27, 2021 3:42am-4:00am PDT

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their services with hip names like essay jedi. these are legitimate platforms offering academic assistance. but some students use them to pay writers who will do anything for thm an urgent essay to an entire college degree. william has firsthand experience of this with one client. >> i did his degree and right now i'm doing his masters. i'm also going to do his ph.d. >> reporter: he is the most successful of the two, earning over $2,000 a month. he secures work for himself and other writers. the american student pays between $20 to $50 a page. william takes a 75% cut, but kenyan writer can earn as little as $5 a page. the kenyans are also giving
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details so they can complete assignments and access the university library. they showed us some of these and we were able to verify these were students enrolled at u.s. universities. joanne is doing entire courses gi me anfhe essays. >> argumentative essay on emotional support animals. i also did research on the invention of insulin. >> reporter: they're passing with distinction with their help. and william is writing all the papers for a social psychology student who is getting straight as. the kenyans are so good at their job, that sometimes they get asked to dumb things down. >> i looked at it, and i said this doesn't look like you. this student is like, could you please lower it down. >> reporter: between them, they say they have enabled american students to cheat their way
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through everything. from u.s. history to engineering. even medicine. >> i think the state of cheating at colleges and universities is serious and getting more serious. >> reporter: ethics professor david lettinger has been sounding the alarm for years. >> we trust that our doctor has actually been to medical school. cheating leads us to overall social corruption, because it leads us to having a cadre of professionals who can't actually do the work that they claim they can do. >> reporter: the kenyan writers say cheating requests come from students everywhere, small, online colleges to major state universities. >> we have the name and we got the knowledge and experience. >> reporter: he now wants to quit the cheating business. but with so many kenyans living in dire poverty, there are plenty of graduates waiting to take his place. the kenyan students we spoke to believe it's impossible to shut
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down the cheating industry, saying if websites are closed they'll find new ways to operate. debra patta, nairobi, kenya. more disturbing news this morning on the pandemic. covid infection rates are now surging in all 50 states, as the delta variant spreads through the unvaccinated. as of last week, more than 97% of people admitted to the hospital for covid had not gotten the vaccine, and nearly all of those dieing from the virus are also unvaccinated. that's leading to new restrictions and protests both here and overseas. thousands took to the streets in multiple countries protesting mask mandates and other restrictions. demonstrations in paris turned violent over a law requiring people to show they have been vaccinated or tested negative to enter restaurants, planes, or public spaces. australia, italy and the uk also had protests. elizabeth palmer reports.
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>> reporter: thousands of demonstrators came out in paris to protest against stricter anti when thecu tned us drsehe crd. but that public anger didn't deter french legislators. they passed a law that will make vaccines mandatory for health workers, and vaccine passports essential to get into museums, cinemas, and festivals. outside the leuve museum, checks were under way, which took nellie off guard. at first i was furious, but i calmed down and realized there were medical reasons to be rigorous. at the eiffel tower, the system was working smoothly. everyone showing electronic proof of vaccination or a hard copy. and for those who didn't have either one, there was rapid on-site testing.
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so anyone who had a ticket could enjoy the views from this famous land mark, newly reopened after nine months. all across europe, there have been demonstrations. in athens, where the greek government has said health work verse no choice vaccinated. and in italy, where a peaceful crowd marched against the vaccine passports they will soon need for places like gyms and museums, and for indoor dining. as tourism comes to life again in europe, people may not love the new rules. but they do believe they're better than another lockdown. and evidence from france shows that they are definitely boosting vaccinations among the reluct reluctant. "i can't want to," admitted ruben, qubut there are too many restrictions. people like ruben may be more interested in getting a vaccine passport, but to public
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skateboarding gold medal hopes. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: in southern california, skate parks are as common as starbucks. seemingly one on every block. but this one is different. because now it's training ground for an olympian. you're going to the olympics. >> yes. >> reporter: as a skateboarder. >> yeah. >> how does that feel? >> it's crazy. >> reporter: skateboarding, born out of rebellion, is now taking center stage at the world's biggest sporting event. with competitors like jordan barrett, joining the olympic legacy. do you feel like an elite athlete? >> no. i don't. i mean, i look at other elite athletes and i'm not going to say i'm not driven. but it's a different program than what skateboarding is. skateboarding is unique in its own self.
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a lot of people wouldn't call it a sport. it's a lifestyle, a way to express yourself. so to showcase that to the world is exciting. >> reporter: she thinks her biggest competition will come from the japanese team, but is wondering how commentators and viewers will adapt to the sport. >> here's another thing that people will have to have to get used to, the names of tricks. an egg plant is a variation of a hand plant. a snail fish is a type of grab. lip slides, disaster. we're going to hear judges go, she just did the snail fish. i hope there's some sort of skate dictionary or something. >> to bring in new fans and to appeal to a younger generation is very, very important to the olympics. these are x games gold medals. >> reporter: ron created the x games in 1995. three years later, the international olympic committee added snowboarding.
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but it took 20 more years to bring x game style sports to the olympics. why did it take two decades to get these in the summer games? >> skateboarders are very protective of their culture and sport. and they wanted the presentation of it to be right. i think it took a while to have that comfort level with the skateboarding community. >> front ten double, yes. >> reporter: the rewards could be huge. just this past january, the winter x games were syndicated to 500 million homes in 192 countries. they attracted 105 million video views across social and digital media platforms. >> you're appealing to youth, and these are the fans you will want to stay with you for a long time. >> does it come down to money? >> everything comes down to money. >> reporter: but the ioc isn't just betting on skateboarding. this year in tokyo, it's adding climbing, karate and surfing.
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endino is representing the united states in the surf competition. >> i've always been a big olympic nerd. once i heard surfing was going to be in the olympics, i was excited. >> reporter: but this one depends on mother nature. if the big waves don't roll in, it's harder to compete and to win. >> it's like tom brady going out and he can't find the ball. that's how it is, for sure. >> reporter: no matter what happens in tokyo, fans of extreme sports see the olympics as yet anothe example of once obscure hobbies becoming professional sports. added sponsorships and tv viewers, and that means more people can become professional athletes in the future. >> we all want to do what we love for a living. and that's what the olympics are allowing skateboarders and surfers and rock climbers to continue to do.
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>> the big moment for jordan barrett comes a week from tomorrow when she rides in the woman's
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last year, we brought you the story of a lobsterman from maine, and his best friend, a sea gull he named red eye. well, there's a heartwarming update to that tale. steve hartman found it "on the road." ro >> reporter: it can be a lonely job. pulling lobster traps way out here in the gulf of maine. but for 15 years, captain john makowski had company, a faith portland companion. in fact, he says maybe a little too faithful. >> she comes to the window, looking at me from this far away, just staring at me. >> reporter: as we first
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reported last summer, john's stalker girlfriend, who he named red eye, just showed up one day and never left. until she suffered a leg injury. john knew a sea gull couldn't live long like that. how hard was it for him? >> oh, very, very difficult. >> reporter: john's wife, debbie. >> to watch john and how -- to see how sad he was, i could tear up right now. >> i don't know why i was so emotionally crushed, but there was a piece missing. i was beginning to wonder how much longer i felt like doing this. >> reporter: so in an attempt to save his passion for the sea, he tried to save that sea gull. actually caught her and brought her to the center for wildlife in maine. the staff nursed red eye, while john spoiled her with brown haik, her favorite kind of fish. and just a few weeks later, red eye was ready for the wild once
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more. >> perfect. >> reporter: of course, the wild was never really red eye's thing, which is why still today, great ocean, red eye somehow is finds him. >> that a girl. >> reporter: since we first told this story, life has only gotten better for red eye. she's now been immortalized in a children's book. and recently started bringing a new beau to the boat. john named him hero, because he's very protective. almost as protective and adoring as the captain. now steering that third wheel. steve hartman, "on the road," in the gulf of maine. >> and that is the "overnight news" for this tuesday. for some of you, the news continues. for others, check back later for "cbs this morning" and follow us online at any time at reporting from the nation's capital, i'm chip reid.
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it's tuesday, july 27th, 2021. this is the "cbs morning news." vaccine mandates. local governments are clamping down as covid cases surge nationwide. the new restrictions and the president's ground breaking announcement. barbara boxer attacked. california's long-time senator is robbed in broad daylight. athe suspects took f 80-year-old former politician. osaka out. a stunner at the olympics. the world's biggest tennis star is eliminated from the competition. good morning. good t


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