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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5am  CBS  July 26, 2021 5:00am-5:59am PDT

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to stop it. this was a terrorist act against the community. >> a local black lives matter mural vandalized. the arrest and call for harsher charges. good morning. i am anne makovec. >> i am len kiese. good morning. we begin with risk of lightning as we look live over the bay area. lightning strikes but drought can make for some dangerous conditions. >> meteorologist darren peck is in for mary lee. the chance is low. >> a 15% chance today and tomorrow it's a 20% chance. the way len put that earlier was spot on. it's a low probability it will happen but if we get any lightning, there is high consequence to that if it does occur because of how dry the landscape is. as far as this morning, it's like every other morning. mid level clouds, no threat of lightning. that's the marine layer hanging out over east bay of the relatively clear over san jose.
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what happens, by 11:00, noon today, you will notice higher clouds start to fill the sky. remnants of thunderstorms that have already been happening in southern california. daytime highs, we are around 60 right now but daytime highs us it will parts of the bay area. it was low 90s yesterday. it will be low 70s in the bay. each one, coast, bay, inland, equally, a 15% chance for thunderstorms. not the most likely scenario but something to keep an eye on. how is the drive looking? good morning. it's looking a little bit busy especially if you are headed towards altamont pass this morning. west bound 580, usual brake lights. east bound we have a crash and injury accident in fact involving an overturned vehicle. it happened oud you've got y cr theris a lot activity on bound
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north flynn. we will see slight delays. we are seeing brake lights on the west bound side where we have the volume and commute out of the tracy area. there is spectator slowing making things slower than usua at this point. that is our busiest spot. the rest of major freeways are looking pretty good. keep in mind it is foggy and chp issued fog advisory for the golden gate. >> thank you. this week is starting where last week left off with growing concerns about the rise in covid cases. they've nearly tripled in two weeks nationwide. >> dr. fauci says u.s. is going in the wrong direction. what's next? where do we go from here? >> justin andrews is live in alameda where the governor will be talking about the cases in california. >> reporter: doctors are becoming strained and tired. they say it's like daja vu all
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over again. they say people are not taking advantage of the vaccine. that's why governor newsom will be in alameda today to talk about this, highlighting new efforts to encourage people to get vaccinated as this delta variant is ading. the governor's office says california has put more shots in arms than any other state administering well over 43 million doses. nationwide, only about 56% of americans have gotten at least one dose according to cdc. the u.s. is now averaging more than 43,000 cases of covid a day as delta variant fuels a 65% jump. yesterday dr. fauci spoke with cnn. >> we've got to get more people who relate well to the individual who are not getting vaccinated to get out there and encourage them to get vaccinated as well as trusted messengers in the community. we've just got to do better because we have the tools to do
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this. this is an unnecessary predicament we are putting ourselves in. >> reporter: doctors say these new cases are largely preventable. they say that's preventable by getting the vaccine. governor newsom echos that. i am justin andrews, kpix5. >> so frustrating. starting today anybody entering county buildings in san mateo will be required to wear a mask regardless of whether or not they've been vaccinated. the other story we are staying on top of, big wildfires in the sierra. take a look at video of the dixie fire. it looks like the middle of the night. it's not. this was noon yesterday. the fire has burned nearly 200,000 acres. that's about six times the size of san francisco. it's pushing fire crews to their limits. this morning certain neighborhoods are under evacuation warnings and others
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like town of indian falls have already been ordered out. >> the fire further up in the hills was throwing embers down into this community. it's just been absolutely bizarre with all the smoke. and you can't breathe. >> crews from across the state are teaming up to fight it but have a long way to go at this hour. the dixie fire is only 21% contained. smoke from dixie fire is complicating efforts for firefighters battling another huge wildfire, this one south of lake tahoe. fire crews say it is affecting visibility and air quality in alpine county, smoke forcing crews to limit use of their fire fighting aircraft. tamarack fire is burning more than 66,000 acres in lid ne27co we have seen videos of pretty brazen robberies but this one has people talking. it's been viewed almost 11,000 times since betty yu posted it
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on social media. you see a suspected thief covered with a black mask in a san francisco walgreens checking out what appears to be make up before dumping it into a backpack. the security guard approaches and the suspect ignores him and keeps taking merchandise and slowly walks to another aisle. no word on any arrests. in oakland, china town this morning, police chief is going to join alameda d.a. and fbi to talk about their plans to reign in crime. that follows two robberies in broad daylight earlier this month at ninth and harrison streets. many people witnessed the attacks and one man who tried to stop the robbery was pistol whipped. some are installing surveillance cameras to try to protect people who live and shop here feel safe. several small businesses teamed up to raise money to cover the cost of the cameras. >> what's happening is messed up and we are tired of it. we want to do something about
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it. >> we come in pairs, carry pepper spray. then my girlfriend has a stun gun. our head is on swivel. >> constantly. >> constantly turning and spinning to be sure to be safe. >> roughly 25 cameras are being installed throughout china town aimed at deterring attacks or at least catching them on video. fremont police on the hunt for a hit and run driver that killed an elderly father. the victim's 24-year-old son says he is basically on his own. he is dealing with a huge loss and struggling to pay for his father's funeral and cover his mother's medical bills. he is pleading for that hit and run driver and any waits to come forward. sham was hit by a car june 30 in fremont. he died a week later. police say at the time of the crash sham was pushing a cart full of recyclables. the suspect driving a dark colored sedan stopped brief liv police say before driving away. >> i think i am more angry than
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sad because someone just hit and ran, you know. what kind of person just does that? >> fremont police say the suspect's car may have moderate damage to its front bumper, hood, or windshield area. eight minutes after 5:00. a local black lives matter mural defaced, community outraged. calls for harsher charges. still ahead, from the pfizer shot to polio or mumps vaccines. the pop up event today to get kids in the east bay ready to head back to school. i want everybody that was there to get charged. >> a bay area woman shot in a road rage incident. why her family says not enough is being done to find those responsible. we are starting your morning commute with a busy ride into altamont pass. we've got a crash plus lotof brake lights building in the area. i will have details plus a look
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at your travel times. here is a look outside before we head
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with sleep 3 only from nature's bounty we have our eye on bad weather conditions in japan. of course that is where the
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olympics are. there is a typhoon set for tomorrow morning forecast to disrupt at least some parts of the game. archery, rowing, sailing have adjusted schedules. you see a live look at the radar there, that storm coming in from the east and again set to hit japan off the coast about 24 hours from now. it could bring strong winds and about six inches of rainfall, high waves as it cuts across that northeastern region. we're going to keep an eye on that. two suspects have been arrested in connection with vandalism of a black lives matter mural in santa cruz. they were accused of causing tire tread marks along the mural in front of city hall. >> some think the police are being too lenient. >> reporter: tensions ran high during the community meeting discussing vandalism of the blm
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mural. investigators arrested and charged a 20-year-old and 19- year-old for felony vandalism and conspiracy to commit felony. both are accused of taking turns of burning out and intentionally marking the mural. some question as to whether this constitutes a hate crime. >> this was a terrorist act.. >> reporter: santa cruz police say they're collecting evidence needed to make the case. if elements are met, will seek appropriate charges. >> determining whether it was an attack on the organization or the individuals who comprise the organization. we believe that that -- might boost it to the level. >> reporter: the mural did take extensive damage with tire marks from the beginning to the ending of the letter. grooves are dug into the piece
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and there may be damage to the road. for community members the defacing of the mural is symbolic. >> definitely sends an emotional damaging psychological message of there is a segment in the community that doesn't want you. >> anger is righteous. this is not about just some rubber on paint. this is about 600 years of continued nonstop onslaught genocide of black and brown people the world over. when situations happen like this, they trigger us. >> the two men have not been charged with a hate crime. police say they're looking for more suspects involved with that vandalism. a live look at sfo, one of many airports where demand for air travel is staying strong, airline ceo say bookings trend upward despite rapidly spreading delta variant. demand for pass ports. >> people showing up by the
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hundreds to fill out applications at post offices. this was a scene sunday at a post office in southern california. a passport fair had been scheduled and workers turned out early after they saw the huge turn out. >> if we are unable to get to everybody in line at the time we will be handing out numbers and doing everything we can to set them up for an appointment. >> for the past three or four months, i haven't been able to get an appointment. >> post office is planning more passport fairs after the state department shut down the appointment booking site. 5:15. let get a check of weather and traffic beginning with darren peck. it's going to be a typical morning. it's just mid level clouds over the bay area today. it's not low enough that it shouldn't have significant consequences on air travel this morning. that's the view down 880.
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we've got mid level clouds here and it's a relatively cool morning but very much in line with what you would expect, mid to upper 50s. things will start to look different once we get to the early afternoon. if we switch from looking at the temperatures and put the map that shows us where the clouds are and where they're not, there is 880, the clouds we were looking at for east bay, san jose relatively clear. it's cloudy for the city, so much so it is misting out. this is one of the marine layers where you get light mist on the car. that's if you are in the city. there is a fog advisory on golden gate bridge because it is low and thick enough there. it's a gray start for valleys of sonoma and napa. watch clouds melt back by the time we've gotten to late morning, 11:00 a.m. at that time you will notice the next batch of clouds, higher clouds coming in today, different than we would typically see. these are leftovers from thunderstorms that have been going to our south and east in
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l.a. and the rest of southern california. the impacts here pretty much get summed up like this. through this afternoon and again on tuesday morning there is about a 20% chance for isolated thunderstorms and gusty erratic winds that can go with that for really any location in the bay area. here is what we are looking at. it was an active night last night through las vegas with a major complex of thunderstorms that rolled through southern nevada and has worked to southern california. you see all the rain. what we care about is what happens next. if we watch development later today, another complex of thunderstorms develops over sierra by late morning. then those storms try to hold together to get here by tuesday. there is our 20% chance for isolated thunderstorm. if we take a closer look at that, the high resolution forecast model which gives us the best depiction we can get, we have to keep in mind
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computer forecast models don't often get this exact when we look at the forecast for isolated thunderstorms. there is our 20% chance for first part of tuesday. daytime highs today, we'll be in mid to upper 80s for inland locations. that's about a five to seven degree cool down from yesterday. 77 santa rosa, 70s for much of the immediate bay. we've got san francisco, oakland, san jose noticeably warmer for san jose by later this week. as we look at the forecast for inland east bay compared to inland north bay, it's going to be hot by wednesday through friday with temperatures nearing 100 for some inland locations. gianna, how does the drive look? good morning. it is busy for those heading into altamont pass. super commuters, we have already got brake lights out of tracy as we get onto 580. two separate trouble spots, one east bound over north flynn.
5:19 am
a vehicle over turned. it's blocking that left lane. you have a lot of activity on the scene for emergency crews. west bound there is a trouble spot repowetwo accidents in the area. i will zoom in and you see all the red on censors. speeds are down about 12 miles per hour in some spots, sluggish conditions, plan for that as you head to work. 45 minutes is your travel time west bound 580, 205 towards 680. that's really our only slow spot. east shore freeway, highway 4, 101 checking in problem free, no delays out of south bay. golden gate bridge is not bad as far as traffic. things are lightly traveled out of marin but chp did issue a fog advisory over night for the golden gate bridge. it does foggy north of there along 101 out of sausalito. a heads up if you are traveling out of marin into the city. if you are headed out of east bay into san francisco, traffic
5:20 am
conditions are light. it's an easy ride out of oakland emeryville across the bridge into san francisco. we are starting to see extra volume. that will change as morning commute progresses. a live look at the san mateo bridge, traffic is at the limit in both ctiowith no u. toni third season of new me on the cw. it will pick up in final moments of season 2 when max evans interpreted by actor nathan dean comes face to face with an alien that looks like him. liz settles into her new life and career in l.a. >> he represents what max could have been. max grew up on earth and spent his life suppressing who he is and trying to just be human. then we meet this man who didn't have any of those restraints. >> it is a complicated system, a lot to navigate. >> watch roswell new mexico on the cw at 8:00. this is never good when you come face to face with an alien
5:21 am
that looks like you. >> no, but apparently it's a good show. our producer haley is endorsing the show. >> she swears by it. have to take her word for it. still ahead, the covid shot might not be required at schools but others of course are. how one east bay school is making sure students don't have an excuse to not get vaccinated. at 7:00 on cbs this morning, delta variant fueling a rise in covid cases in all 50 states. inside a hospital where unvaccinated patients are urging others to get the shot. a cbs news investigation kenyan writers on how they get paid to complete american students' college assignments and sometimes their entire degrees. in tokyo, the stunning loss at the olympics for men's basketball and a surprise in women's gymnastics. coming up new at 7:00, how will people in san francisco fare in a major earthquake?
5:22 am
it may depend on what kind of building you live in. the city has quietly compiled a list of buildings that could be more vulnerable. >>know that th are safe, at least many of them. they need to be looked at, analyzed to determine and some hard decisions will have to be made. >> tune in for our
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welcome back. 5:25. a live look at san francisco, a live look from our treasure island camera. the start of a new school year is less than a month away. >> west contra county school district is holding a vaccination clinic at richmond high school to be sure kids are up to date on mandatory shots and covid vaccine if old enough. >> because of covid, doctors' offices were closed. the vaccine now is only eligible for 12 and up. it is not a mandated requirement that's necessary for school enrollment. tdap, polio, mmr, those are required. >> pfizer expects a milder dose of the vaccine ready by september for kids between 5 and 11 years old. 5:25.
5:26 am
all the wildfire smoke is choking tahoe. there are questions over whether or not it can impact our air quality in area. in the next half hour on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, it's a big
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z4fn3z zi0z y4fn3y yi0y
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on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, lightning storms back in the forecast this monday morning. meteorologist darren peck is going to time out the risk. smoke blanketing tahoe causing hazardous conditions. will it move our way? we look at the bay area's air quality. live to alameda where governor newsom will push for more people to be vaccinated. where things stand right now. everybody was there and everybody had a choice to speak
5:30 am
up about it. >> a road rage incident leaves a woman dead. why the victim's mom says just charging the shooter is not enough. good morning, it's monday july 26. i am len kiese. >> i am anne makovec. we begin with the risk of lightning later today. darren, it looks like it is minimal but could lead to dangerous conditions. that's the way we need to think about this. it's a 15 to 20% chance we see isolated lightning between today and tomorrow. if it does actually happen, even though it's a low chance, it would be a high consequence situation because of how dry landscape is. more on that in a second. it's not an issue. we are starting with classic mid level clouds out there. it's misting in the city, marine layer is so deep. you can see how cloudy it is down 880 for oakland. san jose you will wake to relatively clearer skies but you will notice higher clouds by late morning. those are remnant clouds from thunderstorms which have taken place well to our south.
5:31 am
upper 50s to low 60s. look at the forecast today, five to seven degrees cooler inland. we are only going to the mid 80s today. a few clouds in the afternoon and, yes, read the fine print, 15% chance for isolated thunderstorms. i will be back with more on the rest of that and why tomorrow looks more likely. gianna. thanks. let's start with a live ok the golden gate bridge as we check your monday commute. traffic is moving for the most part at the limit. no delays out of marin into san francisco. there is a fog advisory in effect for golden gate issued by chp overnight. it is foggy there this morning. be careful as you work that area on the roadways this morning. a couple other things, we've got brake lights into the altamont pass, a couple crashes both directions at north flynn east and west, causing extra busy conditions as you head through. a new injury crash reported blocking right lane east bound
5:32 am
after discovery bay boulevard. 5:32. we have a close eye on the dixie fire. it is the state's largest burninth so far this year and eck new video. almost 200,000-acres has burned. it is 21% contained. this is from chico showing the difficult decisions. 16 buildings have been destroyed. over 10,000 are threatened. mandatory evacuations over highway 79 and south of lake almanor. we will get an update from firefighters later this morning on the progress they were able to make overnight. we'll keep you posted. a look at the view from the sunny side resort on lake tahoe. typically it's a good spot to see across the lake. as you see, the view is hidden by smoke from the dixie fire
5:33 am
anne was just talking about along with the tamarack fire. air quality with parts of the northern lake tahoe area deteriorated to hazardous levels yesterday. y d risk of poor air quality over the weekend but most of the smoke missed us. here is a quality across our re you see most is in the green and yellow. >> we are thankful for that. 5:33. today, governor newsom coming to the east bay to make another push for vaccinations. >> rapid rise in covid cases has doctors worried. they have almost tripled in two weeks. delta variant is highly transmissible and running up cases in california. justin andrews is live in alameda sorting through the numbers. where do we stand this morning? >> reporter: governor newsom says now this pandemic basically is the pandemic of the unvaccinated. he says more people need to be vaccinated and y he will be in alameda county in a matter of hours to talk about this. he is encouraging people to get
5:34 am
the shot as the delta variant is rapidly spreading. in california, about 63% of the state has received at least one dose of the vaccine. only about 56% of americans though have gotten at least one dose according to cdc. the u.s. is averaging more than 43,000 cases of covid a day as delta variant fuels 65% of a jump. dr. anthony fauci talked about this. take a listen. if you look historically at the modeling that's been done over the last 18 months, for the most part, it's been pretty accurate. i am not sure it would be worst case scenario but it's not going to be good. we are going in the wrong direction. >> reporter: you heard him. he said "we are going in the wrong direction." live in alameda county, i am justin andrews, kpix5. daily average of new cases
5:35 am
has spiked almost 50% with increases in all 50 states and 90% of u.s. jurisdictions. in southern california one nonprofit was hoping some cannabis would entice people to get a covid shot. it hosted a joints for jabs benefit in long beach, handing out $10,000 in cash, starbucks gift cards and marijuana dispensary credit for anyone who came and got a vaccine. a japanese company has joined the race to develop a pill. trials began this month and are likely to continue until next year. the company is months behind pfizer and merck which started later stage tests. demanding justice, they want others in the case to be held accountable. a 25-year-old was delivering pizza june 17 when shot nine
5:36 am
times. baker later turned himself in. he was in a car driven by a man who war t only baker is being charged. they say they should also be held responsible. >> i want everybody there to be charged because everybody was there and everybody had a choice to speak up and they didn't. the only reason we have them was because they got caught. >> he was an aspiring rap artist who lived in concord. he would have turned 26 last week. authorities investigating a highway shooting that left a woman dead. this happened saturday in concord along west bound highway 4. this was near port chicago highway off ramp. the driver side of this camry was riddled with bullet holes. a minor engeseat was hit and a bullet shattered
5:37 am
back seat window barely missing a baby. >> it's shocking to hear that it happened so close to our home. >> it's sad to hear. it's just tragic. you don't know when you are walking up to a vehicle what you might find. >> police are checking cameras and license plate readers installed between antioch and pittsburg for clues. new, a blinding sand storm led to a deadly pile up on a highway in utah. six people died and several others are in critical condition. it happened yesterday afternoon on interstate 15. that's about 150 miles south of salt lake city and wreckage shut down the interstate in both directions as air and ground ambulances responded. at least 20 cars and trucks were involved in the crashes. check out this video, this is out of northwest china. a sand storm engulfing a city on sunday. within minutes the sand storm turned the sky yellow. apparently sand storms are common in china but have become
5:38 am
more frequent this year. a big problem that's forcing flight delays and cancellations. plus big tech companies set to roll out quarterly earnings starting today. diane king us live in today's money watch report. good morning. good morning. happy monday. tesla headlines a big week for earnings. electric car maker rolls out results. tesla announced record numbers in april. the ceo said sales had more than doubled and demand for vehicles remained strong. it's a big week for tech earnings this week. bit coin bounced back in a big way sunday and continues to trade higher this morning. crypto currency topped $39,000 for first time in more than a month. investors are piling in amid speculation amazon might start accepting virtual currency after advertising a position. a shortage of jet fuel
5:39 am
causing flight cancellations and delays. it is made worse due to a spike in fuel needed by aircraft fighting chain issues, and shortage of driver> e aring air bnb is of ths inn of the hostess with the mostest, north carolina and california tied for highest overall. 310 properties made the cut. southern charm out weighed west coast for the top spot. lucky w cottage in north carolina took the top spot. guest house near mendocino was top place to book in california. >> still, we know the truth. west coast cool is the best. >> west coast, best coast. we were talking about that
5:40 am
earlier. i agree to disagree. i am on t, you know, trying to hold it down. >> i was trying to force you to agree with me. didn't work. >> see you at 6:30. >> it's fine. you go the it. thank you. 20 minutes before 6:00, a rush to the altar after a year of waiting. >> the i do boom in vegas. that's coming up on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. every time i apply for daca i feel like it is ripped out of my arms every single time. >> rallying for rights. demands from dreamers in the bay area. later, it could cost you a little extra to drive through streets of downtown san francisco. new congestion pricing proposal, next. a live look from our roof looking at the trans america pyramid. it is misting in the city but most places are waking up with relatively clear skies if outside immediate bay.
5:41 am
east bay you've got the clouds. we will talk about this small chance of thunderstorms which becomes focus by this afternoon and tomorrow. that's coming up in the forecast. it is a busy monday morning commute for your ride into altamont pass. i will have an update on a crash we have been following plus a look at highway four. a live look outside before break from our mark hopkins camera. kind of
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to give you a preview of what happened overnight. you are looking at southern california where the lightning is really moving through inland empire. if we go to the wide view, our chance may come later today into tomorrow. it won't look like what's happening in l.a. there is a small chance for a few isolated thunderstorms. we will time out likelihood coming up in the complete forecast flash flooding bit. 5:44. time for olympic medal count. so far u.s. has earned seven gold, three silver, four bronze, a total of 14 olympic medals. house committee begins investigating the deadly assault on the u.s. capitol in january. nancy pelosi has appointed a second republican, kensinger from illinois. we will bring you live coverage
5:45 am
as first hearing gets underway tomorrow morning. bay area dreamers rallied in san francisco calling for daca program to be fully restored. a recent ruling blocks all new applications. when do we want it? >> now! >> dark, to protect undocumented immigrants brought to u.s. from children from being deported. some demonstrating say they have been fighting for years for more rights. >> every time i apply for daca, i feel like it is ripped out of my arms every single time. the closer i get, the more i feel like people stop caring. >> this month's ruling by a federal judge in texas protects current daca recipients and their work permits. biden administration is allowing people to appeal to allow people to apply for the program again. a surge in weddings put on hold because of covid. >> even though it is not over,
5:46 am
many couples are heading to las vegas to get married. there was a large backlog of weddings that had to be postponed. one man says he has been waiting long enough and feels this is the right time. >> we have a chapel set up this evening and we are going to have the marriage ceremony. just a small get together and then we'll have a larger wedding at a more relaxed time. >> people were postponing for so long that now it's just like the surplus of people that were engaged. there are no venues, no resources for people to actually have their wedding. >> some people are opting to elope and say vows without that full ceremony and saving money too, i bet. >> yeah. that is a very expensive industry. that's for sure. 5:46. time for a check on our weather and traffic. let's start with darren peck in for mary. first thing i want to do is spotlight how likely the small chance is for thunderstorms. here is the headline and take
5:47 am
it'stomorrow, 15% chance today. it's really what we would call a low probability but high consequence situation. unique wording. low probability tells you it is not the most likely scenario. if it happens, it could be a significant issue which is why we will focus on it. considering what happened last night with thunderstorms that were quite impressive to our south and east, this is something we will have to watch closely. let me show you what this looked like over the last eight hours. major complex through las vegas last night is in los angeles. that's quite impressive to see that kind of a complex of thunderstorms make it into caw s might pact usto home, futurecast forward, and watch the redevelopment of another complex that starts to develop
5:48 am
by the afternoon over the sierra. then those storms while they will be likely a significant thunderstorm event in the sierra, as far as consequences at home, some of the thunderstorms are able to hold together and this is where we introduce the 20% chance for thunderstorms in the bay area most likely coming tomorrow morning. we've got a chance today, a 15% chance in play. most likely we notice clouds, higher clouds overhead into the late morning and early afternoon. you will in the that throughout the day. here is the close up view at home, using best information at this moment. this is high resolution rapid refresh model. it's the best model you can look at when you get this close to an actual event. even this cannot be taken literally when it comes to thunderstorms in the bay area because they're so difficult to nail down in a forecast because they happen so rarely.
5:49 am
everything has to come together just right. there is quite a widespread of possibility for isolated showers, some coming with thunderstorms. it wouldn't be heavy rain but it would be light rain and of course it's lightning that would be the big concern. that's going to be our focus over the next 36 hours, primary focus in the forecast. temperatures are still important with the clouds. we will only be in mid to upper 80s for daytime highs. inland locations of east bay it will be 80 in san jose, 70s for much of the bay. seven-day forecast, san francisco, oakland, san jose. notice the warm up in san jose, mid 80s by second half of the week. if we look at this for inland valleys of east bay on the top line compared to valleys of the north bay which is the middle line, you see a warm up. we will be in the upper 90s for highs for concord and livermore. that's the line for thursday
5:50 am
and friday, low 90s for places like santa rosa by the end of the week. it's looking busier than usual for a monday morning if you are headed into altamont pass. there is a trouble spot around north flynn. most activity is east bound 580 but causing brake lights west bound as well. tow crews arriving, an overturned vehicle, east bound 580 at north flynn. it looks like it may have hit the center divide. a lot of activity until they clear this. tow crews are there so hopefully they'll clear this quickly. slow and go out of tracy getting to 580, extending beyond north flynn. east bound highway 4 after discovery bay boulevard, two cars involved. traffic is slow in both directions. at least the right lane is blocked as you head through. no word yet as to when the lanes will reopen or clear.
5:51 am
taking a look at travel times, 47 minutes, seeing that red on our travel times for the commute on the altamont pass. inrchange things look better north or south bound 680. golden gate bridge, overnight chp issued a fog advisory. limited visibility might be an issue. keep that in mind out of marin into san francisco. right now we are not seeing major brake lights or issues. bay bridge, starting to see extra volume especially on the upper deck of the bay bridge into san francisco. no crashes and no metering lights. that's a look at your morning ride. let's get a look at some entertainment headlines. mark hammel revealing he's had secret voice over cameo in every star wars film since 2015. the actor who played luke sky walker says he lent his voice
5:52 am
to play other characters. terry cruise will receive a star on the walk of fame this friday which is his birthday. rumble hits theaters next year. jungle cruise premiered at the disneyland theme park near the famous ride that inspired it over the weekend. it follows johnson and blunt as their characters travel through the amazon rain forest to find a tree with healing powers. jungle cruise opens in theaters on friday. looks like fun. >> it does. coming up, an iconic bay area event returns, what the fulsome street fair looks like post covid. today on the drew barrymore show, tonight show host jimmy fall on stops by to chat about five
5:53 am
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y4fn3y yi0y
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one of san francisco's most iconic events making a come back. >> a dimmed down version of the fulsome street affair returned. it looked different than years passed. this year the t fulsom st was more of a vendor focused event. there was a tent where they gave out covid vaccine. >> there were a lot more people than i expected and i have been prolonging on getting my vaccination because of what i
5:56 am
have heard on social media and stuff. but i saw that the station was here today and i just decided it's my life, let's take care of this. >> instead of the typical fulsome street fair, organizers will be returning on september 26 for an event called mega hood 2021. i don't know if you are familiar with the normal fulsome street fair. >> i am not. >> i don't know what i can say about it on television that would be appropriate. so i will just say look it up if you want to see pictures. >> and you will tell me in the break. >> i will. governor newsom headed to the bay area this morning. >> in our next half hour on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, plea as vaccines plateau. a man run down in the middle of the street. the driver
5:57 am
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on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, chance of thunderstorms and lightning. meteorologist darren peck explains low probability high consequence situation. all eyes on the huge dixie we are talkinsix times the size of of san francisco. what's next in the fire fight? as covid cases spike, where does california stand. dr. fauci warns the u.s. is going in the wrong direction. >> this is an unnecessary predicament we are putting ourselves in. viral video of a bay area robbery. security guard watching it go down and doing nothing to stop it. this is a terrorist attack against the black community. >> the arrest and call for harsher charges after a


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