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tv   KPIX 5 News at 7pm  CBS  July 23, 2021 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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kpix 5's andria borba is in san francisco, where there is serious talk about requiring proof of vaccination along with your i.d. >> reporter: with the delta variant surgeon, city business leaders are trying to figure out ways to stay open and prevent another covid related should down. the san francisco chamber of commerce has been pulling business owners to see if they'd be open to customers showing vaccination cards to get inside, much like flushing identification at a bar. more than 70% of business owners polled told the chamber they be open to the idea. >> we want to do everything in our power to protect both our employees and our customers, and what that could look like is requiring masks in the workplace or requiring proof of vaccination status. >> reporter: the city of san francisco itself is requiring all employees to get vaccinated, but the department of public health hasn't extended that mandate or even recommendation to private businesses per no other american city has asked for this kind of mandate to show vaccination cards to get
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inside, but the french government has, and the day that was announced, more than 1 million people signed up for their vaccine doses. in san francisco, andria borba, kpix 5. despite its relatively high vaccination rates, san francisco's new caseload is actual climbing faster than the state's. on the whole, california is averaging 5.9 cases for every 100,000 people. san francisco, there you see, 11.2. so is alameda county. in santa clara the seven-day averages just over half that. but officials there take no chances. the chronicle reports santa clara county is issuing a vaccine mandate for its 22,000 workers. there's no firm deadline for that yet, but unlike san francisco, which issued a similar order last month, santa clara says it is not waiting for full fda approval of the vaccine. now to the fire watch and an extremely close call for one
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crew south of tahoe. the fast-moving spot fire nearly overcame their vehicle from both sides of the road. this is a terrifying view from inside the tamarack fire as they continue to head toward safety. >> in this case the training paid off. a calm sense of urgency. they did what they had to do. >> reporter: the tamarack fire has covered 90 square miles in alpine county, and across the state line in nevada since light and sparked it nearly 3 weeks ago. it grew by 8000 acres in just the past 24 hours and is still just 4% contained. nearly 2 1/2 times that size, the dixie fire in butte and plymouth counties is now california's largest of the season. and while containment has also grown to 18% comp at least eight buildings of burned. embers from the dixie fire ignited a new one miles away, just north of the town of quincy. they're calling this one the fly fire because of its patient
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near butterfly valley. it's burned just over 1600 acres so far, but northwest of quincy it is raining ash in the town of chester, covering cars, buildings, streets, sidewalks, and then of course, there is the smoke. the national weather service shared the satellite images from the dixie fly fire zone. take a look at the sky over bay area bridges. >> the possible change on the horizon as we head into the weekend. >> we've avoided the smoke so far but the big picture pattern is going to change a little bit as we head through the weekend. lets it over to the video and show you what we're talking about. this big area of high pressure has been camped out to our southeast for the past few weeks but it's going to shift a bit as we go through the weekend. is drifting to the north, everything flows clockwise around areas of high pressure in the atmosphere. this one is way off the ground so we are looking about 20,000 feet up in the answer, but as that moves our northeast, that means those winds up in the atmosphere are now going to be going from east to west, blowing some of that wildfire
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smoke towards us. but we are talking about the mid and upper levels of the atmosphere. near ground level the winds are still going to be blowing along the coast or even onshore as we head early next week. that's going to be trying to improve our air quality while those mid and upper level winds are going to send that smoke towards a sunday with more success as we head into monday with the worst air quality likely setting rolling into the bay by monday night into early tuesday. it doesn't look like air quality at ground, where we have to worry about it, is going to deteriorate into the unhealthy category, but we are still talking about something several days down the line. smoke forecasts are notoriously tricky. we take a look at the forecast for different regions coming up in a few minutes. nearly 5 years after the deadly ghost ship fire in oakland, the criminal case is closed. the mercury news reports the judge ordered master tenant derek l mena to pay $5.8 million in restitution. most of that will go to attorneys fees and court costs. just under 200,000 will be split between the families of the 36 people who died in a
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2016 dance party inside the cluttered converted warehouse. it amounts to $5800 a piece to cover lost property and funeral expenses. many families have also settled civil lawsuits with the city of oakland and pg&e. as for l mena, he did not have insurance, and it's unclear how much, if any of that restitution order he can actually recover. he remains on house arrest in late county after taking a plea deal earlier this year on 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter. let's take a live look at san jose, which is investigating its 12 pedestrian fatality of the year. a total of three people have been hit by cars in the city this week, and two of them have died. it all started just before midnight tuesday when a man was struck and killed while walking in lanes near monterey highway and kirchner avenue. police say the driver stayed at the scene and cooperated. so did the driver who struck and injured a man early yesterday on the 2900 block of cove wood course.
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that was not the case earlier this morning, when a woman walking in lanes near tully road was struck and killed by the driver, who fled the scene. the suspect vehicle in this morning's hit and run described as an early 2000's red suv, possibly a chevy tahoe. if you saw anything, give san jose police a call. police are also still looking for the driver and another deadly hit and run on saturday. 24-year-old jose esparza was killed when a speeding infinity struck his car. police say the driver, who took off on foot, was trying to evade officers. police in walnut creek made an arrest in a quadruple shooting that left one person dead and three others wounded outside a busy bar. 22-year-old jose casillas flores is accused of opening firing, a 25-year-old man died. the three wounded victims are expected to survive. no word on what led up to the
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shooting. officers arrested casillas flores yesterday during a traffic stop. they say a search of his brentwood home turned up a handgun and ammunition. some movement on san francisco's long-delayed central subway project. sf mta has begun testing trains in the underground tunnels. this train arrived at union square station. the project begins construction in 20. it's not slated to open until spring of 2022. that familiar garlicky smell wafting around gilroy is stronger than ever. after two challenging years the garlic festival is back. the chefs cooking up a storm on gourmet alley. close your eyes, maybe you can smell it. organizers had to reimagine the festival this year because of the pandemic. >> both the barbecue guys in the pot guys, they run the joint. that's what we're all about. the garlic fries which everyone loves the garlic fries and our skin be, which is incredible stuff. so we got it all.
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you can come and get it. >> scampi, those pyro guys. you're going to need to order your food online first before you head down and pick it up, and you go through the drive- through. the event runs through sunday but it's on again next weekend. dinnertime. still to come tonight at 7:00, a bay area neighborhood fighting to keep it's only for open as covid cases climb. the california surge is getting so, so fast, one hospital is reopening its covid ward. >> it a a lot of ways it's like going backwards. we are starting to feel anger at people who just aren't taking it seriously. the state is shift its payment policy for people on unemployment. what it means for hundreds of thousands frozen out by fraud. it's an unexpected side effect of the drought. why the state is warning treasure hunters to stay out of one low lake or face high fines.
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if there were a button that would help you use less energy, breathe cleaner air, and even take on climate change... would you press it?
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there's your cold in that fog. a new costco is coming to newark. the city council unanimously approved the plan for the warehouse store and a new apartment complex at the new park mall. that development going to take the place of the former jcpenney and burlington coat factory. and for the 1% who have never seen a costco, here is a rendering of what a costco looks like. this one is going to have a 32 pump gas station. tonight there is a last- minute push to say a walgreens store in east oakland. the location at 81st and international, it's a target for thieves, and that, the company says, is a problem. set to close nestruggle for the already underserved neighborhood.
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>> i can't think of a closer pharmacy, or for people to go and get those medications that they need. all the way to high street? that's pretty far. >> one city leader says the store is the life blood of the neighborhood. walgreens being asked to reconsider that decision. california's coronavirus surge is getting so bad, a burbank hospital is reopening its covid ward. the providence st. joseph medical center is bringing back 30 negative pressure covid rooms to prepare for what's ahead. that comes just six weeks after nurses at that hospital held a celebration because they had zero covid patients. >> that the fourth of july, which is when all the family gatherings begin to happen, and all of the restrictions started to get lifted. it started to get bad again. pfizer announced today the
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biden administration has purchased another 200 million doses of its vaccine. but will there be any takers? a new associated press poll found a full 80% of unvaccinated americans say they definitely will not get the shot, or probably will not get the shot. just 3% say they will at some point and 16% say they probably will. fallout from the nfl's promise to penalize teams for outbreaks stemming from unvaccinated personnel. espn reports the minnesota vikings have fired offensive line coach rick dennison for refusing the vaccine. a major name change in baseball today, after retiring chief wahoo in 2018, cleveland is benching the indians for good. starting next season, they will be known as the guardians. the new name was select did from 1200 fan pitches and comes after years of criticism. >> if people are feeling a certain way about a team's name
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that maybe doesn't represent them in a fair way, i think that needs to be considered. >> with knowledge, the name change be difficult for some of us and the transition will take time. >> cleveland residents are already familiar with the guardians. that name refers to the two large statues near the ballpark put in place to protect the city. >> i like the logo, the wings on the logo representing the statues. now to our drought emergency. water levels at lake oroville are dropping to record lows, which could force the big power plant there to go off-line for months. cal iso says it will now need to pull energy from other sources to make up for the renewed supply. meanwhile state park rangers are warning people to leave what they might see at the bottom of fulsome lake alone. more than 100 years before the dam was built, the lake floor was used for gold-mining and farming. now the extreme drought has exposed some of the artifacts left behind. anybody cut taking or touching the items could face up to $250,000 in fines or even some jail time.
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the full moon could appear red or orange across much of the country tonight. that's thanks to all the smoke from our western wildfires. but we are not going to see that effect in the area. that's okay. we'll take the clear skies as long as we can get them. >> chief meteorologist paul heggen joins us now. he's tracking what's in store for us this weekend. >> the air quality is going to remain pretty good as we had to do we can. some of that smoke trying to drift in from the east for the second half of the weekend, but i think it's my monday and tuesday that we are going to see our air-quality deteriorating across-the-board. go with yellow dots in the forecast, indicating moderate air-quality. not the unhealthy for sensitive groups or just flat out unhealthy categories, but there is still time for this teaching, unfortunately for the worse. there's also time for it to change for the better. but we do anticipate enough of that smoke drifting in and settling into the lower levels of the atmosphere to deteriorate the air quality, but not nearly as bad as it was last year, or back in 2018 when the camp fire smoke blowed out into the bay area. no smoke, just fog right now.
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it is already drifting in. it's starting to thicken up as well, scaling salesforce tower. it's in there somewhere. five degrees warmer on the other side of the bay and only five degrees warmer than that with santa rosa. said four degrees in san jose, 84 in livermore, two degrees warmer in concord, still at 86 degrees after you topped out at 95. inland in the east bay was pretty hot overall. the fog is going to continue spreading out, trying to make its way further inland. i think it's going to have the most success, around santa rosa to start today in addition to around the bay and along the coast. but those in disabilities improve rapidly. around the bay it will take towards late morning until midday and along the coast i think we're going to see that fog taking a break during the afternoon. some sun sun peeking through to warm temperatures. temperatures tonight drop down mostly to the middle portion of the 50. that's normal for late july. high temperatures tomorrow are going to be very close to normal for this time of year, mid-60s in san francisco,
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around 70 in oakland, low 80s in san jose with highs concord reaching up to a few degrees above normal, but just above 90. let's zoom in for a closer look and fill in the rest of the map. right around 60 along the coast, 70s and 80s kind of mixed together down peninsula and the south end of the bay. it gets warmer and warmer as you head inland in the santa clara valley, from 82 in san jose up to around 90 degrees organ help. inland east bay, the tri-valley reaches up into the 80s and low 90s. low 90s around concord with mid- '90s as you had further east into solano and eastern contra costa counties. a little cooler when you get some of that marine influence. temperatures reach the mid- sixth for san francisco, upper 50s and low 70s for the east bay with a mix of upper 70s and low 80s for the northbay. that fog slowing down the warm- up and you're going to see some of that marine air try to blow up into the valleys during the afternoon, but not that far in. temps mac for inland mendocino county and lake county are going to be hot. well into the 90s a couple spots, ukiah and clearlake reaching above 100 degrees. for the rest of us, temperatures are going to remain pretty steady for san
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francisco and oakland. tomorrow, into the second half of the weekend and early next week, san jose actually backs down just slightly a couple degrees each day. you're very going to notice. to the, wednesday and thursday bring a warming trend across the bay area. it's going to be a modest warming trend for san francisco and oakland but temperatures will be on the warm side for san jose and oakland on thursday for the same thing inland in the east bay, is going to be flat-out hot tuesday, wednesday and thursday, approaching 100 degrees on day. the northbay isn't going to be that hot but above-average by the middle of next week, and even along the coast, temperatures are going to reach up into the mid-60s with a little bit more sunshine peeking through the marine clouds that are almost always there to start every day. brian hackney is going to be in at 11:00 with an update on that smoke forecast. a system designed to freeze fraud left hundreds of thousands of unemployed californians out in the cold. but soon their checks may finally be in the mail. and that famous guarantee in jeopardy tonight, the shortage delaying the to deliveries.
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unemployed californians may soon start getting their benefits faster than ever before. >> the edd just adopted a pain our policy to cut through that red tape. under the previous system, the unemployed had to verify their identity in order to get paid, but as countless of applicants told us, that led to long delays, sometimes months, to get their money. in the meantime, billions are being paid out on bogus claims. advocates say the new policy no longer punishes the unemployed for the state's administrative failures. >> people lost their jobs and they're still trying to recover, and there is a growing amount of debt that is putting a lot of pressure, specifically on families. >> it's really hard for me to even make ends meet now because it's just to put food on the table for my kids, it's really hard for me. >> the edd says under the new policy, payments for about 100,000 people sh
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again soon. if the garlic festival didn't make you hungry, how about this -- domino's pizza looking for workers to help speed up delivery times. the company says its staffing shortages in some parts of the country are causing deliveries by about a minute or two. dominoes says it is raising wages in hopes of attracting more employees. >> can't wait for that pizza, and can't wait for the season, or even the preseason, to catch the niners in
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>> the team reports for training camp on tuesday. players, coaches take the field at levi's the following day. fans are invited to come out and watch this year's lineup in action. tickets go on sale monday for 13 public practice sessions. >> you'll get there first look in action against some big nfl rivals right here on kpix 5. major matchups against the chiefs, the chargers and raiders starting saturday, august 14th. should be good to watch. thank you for watching. the news continues streaming on cbsn bay area. >> had a great night. we're going to see you back here at 11:00 .
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