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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  July 22, 2021 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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will have a drive-through twist. the top story, a surgeon covid cases and now local health officials are going to employers to help boost vaccination rates. good evening. we begin with health officials from three bay area counties urging employers to require covid vaccines. >> we will go straight live from san jose with that. >> reporter: today we learned that the vast majority of people getting infected with covid and ending up at the hospital are those who are 20 to 50 years old and unvaccinated and basically working age adults. today, bay area health officials are applying a not so gentle nudge to their employers. >> the health officers of santa clara and other counties urge all employers to consider lamenting workplace covid-19 safety protocols that require their workforce to get fully vaccinated as soon as possible. >> reporter: contra costa, san francisco and santa clara counties are strongly recommending employers require written documentation of vaccines and not just a verbal
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attestation and require more testing and masks for unvaccinated and only allow for a few exceptions like where medical conditions or strongly held religious beliefs. >> i will add that there are no major religious groups am aware of that are opposed to covid-19 vaccines. >> reporter: this announcement comes like large employments like google have begun phasing employees back into the office and this week we learned apple relayed their return by a month. >> we like recommendations and we are really hoping especially a lot of our larger employers will get on board with us. >> reporter: firing unvaccinated employees should be a last resort but employers are obligated to provide a safe workplace. >> so if there is an employee who is creating an unsafe work environment, there are consequences for that, but i would definitely advise consultation with legal experts and in employment law. >> i think and urging is better than a mandate.
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>> reporter: the silicon valley leadership group said what companies need right now is flexibility. >> i think what is good about this kind of approach versus a mandate is it allows the companies themselves, who best know their circumstances, and best know their employees and office culture, to decide what is most prudent for those companies. >> they say anything about wearing masks indoors at work even if you are fully vaccinated? >> reporter: if you do work indoors and you deal with the public like in a restaurant or grocery store, they recommend that you wear a mask and when it comes to an office or indoor type of situation, if you can figure out that everybody in the offices vaccinated, then you don't need a mask, but we have seen that isn't easy to do, so they are recommending, it is another layer of protection to put on a mask
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even indoors in an office even if you have to have or have been vaccinated. we are getting a lot of reaction on those work place vaccination recommendations. charlotte said why stop there. mandatory vaccinations .. she said nobody should be forced to do it if they choose not to and a big mike wonders how work laces are going to verify if you have had the vaccine. >> we brought you the county vaccine announcement live on cbsn bay area which you can watch 24/7 and streaming on kpnx -- they are bringing back mask mandates for all inside buildings and starting monday employees and members of the public will have to wear masks inside county buildings here regardless of vaccination status. the signs are already up. san mateo county has over and 88% vaccination rate, but the supervisor said the virus does it know county limits.
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a number of bay area health departments are recommending residents wear masks indoors in public areas, and it is creating confusion. we hit the streets to ask people what they think about it. >> i think there is some confusion going on and it is an evolving dynamic and sometimes i think i have to put on a mask in the store because i don't know. >> i think if you're comfortable and take the risk to not wear one, don't do it. >> if they say it is a recommendation in different places and i think i would go on what feel safe in that moment. the dixie fire in butte and plumas county's has ballooned to more than 100,000 acres making it the state second mega fire of the year and nearly surpassed the year's largest wildfire, which was the duckworth complex fire and it grew to 5000 acres. more than 3900 firefighters are battling the dixie fire and some coming from as far away as florida to help us out and the fire is now 17% contained. >> we have a lot of aviation
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fixed wing helicopters and firefighters are working 24 hours a day to get a line on this thing, and we are making progress out there. >> researchers at colorado state released this a view of the smoke from e as thrafire and this of course from space. the tamarack fire south of lake tahoe has ballooned to more than 50,000 acres after jumping into nevada. firefighters shared some video of trees and visitation -- vegetation on fire on both sides of the roadway and they are being fueled by the whipping wind with more than 1200 firefighters fighting the tamarack fire, which is now 4% contained. this heart stopping video from uc davis fire crews giving us an inside look on what they are up against and imagine being in that vehicle. this is what it looked like as they worked to protect the housing development from the marackre lastnight. paul is joining us now. is any of that smoke coming our
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way?'s some of it will come our way and the dense and worst air quality will be closer to the fires themselves but we have been lucky so far and that stretch of luck will run out to some extent. we can look at the smoke concentration forecast map in the short-term it does remain the same and the onshore breeze continues to blow it away from the bay area but as we head into the weekend we will see some mid-level weakening and shifting and allowing some of that to back up to the eastern half of the bay area on sunday and a lot of that will be above ground level so while you may see it overhead you may not smell it or have any issues at ground level t nday, the longer it is in place, more gravity pulls it down, and that is what we see deteriorate for the bay area. so the air-quality forecast we are not going with orange or red dot just yet so we have to
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see how much blows in and how much makes it the ground level but we expect it to be moderate across the board on monday and if we would add any orange or red dots indicating unhealthy air, it would be inland in the east bay and into santa clara valley next week and we will look at how the weather will behave between now and the second half of the weekend when the smoke arrives coming in a few minutes. in santa clara county a 32- year-old inmate has died and a second man found unresponsive in a bathroom in the correctional facility. they were found after four clock this morning and the names of the two inmates have not yet been released. a man is now behind bars accused of sexually assaulting several young victims and deputies arrested luis lozano in unincorporated morgan hill. he faces eight counts of felony molestation charges and being held without bail. and now for the first time since the 2019 mass shooting in last year's covid shutdown, the garlic festival is making a
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comeback. >> we report the financially strapped organization making some big changes. >> reporter: some big changes, but a lot of the food favorites will be the same and i am here in gourmet alley where they have been prepping up some the fragrance. we have shrimp scampi right there right now and here we can show you some pepper steak and how does that look? they have been prepping this for a volunteer dinner they are having tonight here in gilroy for all of the people who volunteer to make this event happen. the format will be very different because of covid. people will have to preplan and prepay and drive through. >> this year it is the vendor and you preorder your food and you pick the day and time and what you want to buy and that they you come and register at the check in and drive around
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and they h ll adgo. , al wil to ekenstarting tomorr july 30 through august 1. this will be open from four clock p.m. until 7:00 p.m. on fridays and then from 11:00 am until 7:00 p.m. on saturdays and sundays and you can prepay and order your food on the garlic festival website and you can find it by googling garlic festival 2021 and order your food and support what they are doing here in the beautiful city of gilroy. >> it does sound like a great idea, this drive-through because it is normally so hot and if you don't want to be out in the heat all day long you can stay in your car and the air conditioning can help and you can still enjoy the best of the garlic festival. >> reporter: that is one of the greatest silver linings ever, because, you are right. one thing that has not changed
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is the hot weather here in late july in gilroy but you can get an air-conditioned ride through gilroy and pick up the food and us some people said they will have parties in the area and in their backyards with friends using all of this food from the gilroy garlic festival. people will have a great time this week. >> maybe they will sell just as much garlic ice cream. next, we do have some breaking news in the case of a missing young man. a live look out at san francisco where they are cracking down on trafficking. the strike team is headed to the bay area to take down entire criminal networks. >> we are trying to prevent those drug dealers who -- gun dealers selling firearms illegally to people who aren't authorized to have them. the university of california hiking tuition for the first time in years. how it is different from
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earlier tuition increases that sparked protests. this mansion hits
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breaking news, within the past 10 minutes received a sad update from richmond police and search for antoine whitley, the young man who disappeared after taking an override over the richmond san rafael bridge in february. >> this morning a body was found in the water and police
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believe it was whitley and they say there is no evidence of a crime being committed. the justice department is taking aim at gun trafficking here in the bay area. >> they are creating new teams to disrupt illegal gun sales and reduce gun violence. lookliveout at san francisco, it is one of five cities where they are launching drug -- gun trafficking strike forces focusing on bringing down gun trafficking networks. earlier today we watched and asked this security analyst about why san francisco was chosen. >> it is centrally located in a lot of transportation getting in and out, but there is also a good network of law enforcement agencies here who work very well together in the bay area and we are trying to prevent those gun dealers who are selling firearms illegally to
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people who aren't authorized to have them. >> strike forces will be created in chicago, new york, los angeles and washington dc and this new initiative comes as leadership for the bureau of alcohol, tobacco, firearms sits in limbo. david chipman's nomination has been stalled as gop leaders in the national rifle association work to think it. >> there at the front lines of our efforts to battle gun violence and so we are very hopeful that the senate will soon act on his nomination so the atf will have a confirmed director in place for this very important operation. >> he is a two decade atf veteran who served as an advisor to a major gun-control group. he would be the group's first formal leader since 2015. the university of california and tuition is going up for the first time since 2017. this time it is different from earlier tuition hikes. new in-state undergrads for fall of 2022 will pay about 530 more dollars bringing base
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tuition just over $13,000 a year and that rate would be locked in for up to six years for first year and transfer students and the university officials hope this would be more palatable than the doubled digit tuition hikes that happened a decade ago. a big wet mess in santa rosa today. this is not a new water feature in front of montgomery village. police say a poorly timed lane change cause the driver to crash and share off a fire hydrant and luckily nobody was injured. that is not ideal in the middle of a massive drought. we are getting a better look at the west unprecedented multiyear drought. right now i'm of two thirds is dealing with exceptional drought as the highest level in recorded history and in all more than 95% of the western u.s. are under drought conditions. tell us something we don't know. we have been talking about it
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every single day and it seems to be getting worse and worse. >> people are doing what they can but we have to cut back more. a lot of times bite choice but drought conditions for the bay area didn't change and we have the latest update from the drought monitor, so at least some not as bad news but we will see some fog along the coast not too far inland and similar to the pattern of the past few nights. it will be hot inland tomorrow and saturday and closer to normal by sunday and monday, as we head toward sunday and monday we will retract the return of monsoonal moisture and clouds but it looks like without the dry lightning threat but also return of some wildfire smoke to the bay area by earlier next week and we showed you that a few minutes ago and temperatures right now in the 60s through 80s and 85 in concord and 75 in santa rosa with 72 in san jose and very nice conditions this evening and this comes from san ramon and we are happy to share that
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picture. temperatures here are in the 70s right now and they will drop off quickly once the sun goes down into the upper 50s by 10:00 this evening and some of that fog will try to sneak into the tri-valley as we head into the morning but it won't spread out too far from the bay. because it will be a raggedy layer of fog it will dissipate quickly and unobstructed visibility for most of us by 10:00 a.m. and even along the coast to see the sun breaking through in the afternoon. temperatures drop to the 50s across-the-board and high temperatures tomorrow will be above average inland but close to normal around the bay. a mix of upper 60s and low 70s for oakland and the east bay and low 60s along the coast but low 80s for san jose and closer to 90 further inland into the santa clara valley. low to mid 80s for the north bay and temperatures will be hotter and low 90s in the tri- valley and mid-90s into the
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upper half from fairfield to antioch to brentwood but the fire danger index will remain lower than half way up the skill tomorrow afternoon, which is at least some good news. it is never zero but we can keep them as low as possible and every bit helps. a similar pattern for the next two days and down a bit saturday through monday but backup tuesday and wednesday and the toasty us day next week will be wednesday, especially inland and for the north bay temperatures getting up closer to 90 and it will warm up a little bit along the coast into the mid-60s and you can see some clouds indicating monsoonal moisture without the dry lightning threat. we have the cbs evening news coming up. >> here is what we are working on coming up at 6:00. the stunning announcement from the nfl sending a message to players about vaccines and what it could mean for the upcoming season and other sports teams and businesses and the cbs evening news is minutes away.
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the nfl will get tough on its players but we say goodbye to a great one out of the league and how does the highest- paid inside linebacker splurge with his new
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the league appears to be strong-arming its players to get the covid vaccine. check this out. the nfl informed its teams today that if any games or postponed due to an outbreak unvaccinated players, that team will have to forfeit is the game can't be rescheduled and players from both teams will receive game checks if that occurs, and the team with the outbreak is responsible for any financial losses. a very sad segue to greg knapp. the current jets assistant died today from injuries he suffered from a bicycle accident last weekend in the east bay. he was a former offensive coordinator for the 49ers and the raiders and he was 58. >> to the awkward frown turned upside down. a smiling fred warner any put pen to paper and signed a new five-year $95 million contract extension that will take care of those closest to him. >> the thought of being able to provide a home warehouse for my mother one day and even buying
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a home myself and i have somewhere to call home for me and my future family and little things like that mean the world. >> the acer in seattle tonight and the giants, the first team and 60 winds are there to close the series and moving pictures on the late show. >> about last night. this is the 9th inning with the two run blast helped turn a 2-1 deficit to a 4-2 win. he was booed off the field and tyler rogers bounced back from tuesday's blown save with 81234 his 11th save of the season and four perfect innings of relief after logan web got his attention. >> that was fun to watch and that was sick. you know, what are they say? >> something is wrong with the
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left phalanges. >> they must've been really stretched out today. >> that is giannis antetokounmpo among a sea of bucs fans during the nba championship parade celebration today and tucker certainly enjoyed himself and so did brooke lopez in the former stanford star was asked where he plans to take that larry o'brien trophy. >> you know where i am going, right? where my going? splash mountain. where my going? that is right. >> he has a house inside disney world and i don't know about you, alan and liz, i would go summer tropical but given their budget, i would probably go to marin with my cigar and close
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friends. >> sounds good. a million-dollar view. still ahead, this unique san francisco mansion with a colorful past is up for grabs, but there is a catch. coming up, a kpix 5 original report. the monarch butterfly is on the verge of disappearing and there are far fewer of them migrating to the california coast and tonight the state wide effort underway to throw them a lifeline and what you can do to help. watch the
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a very distinctive san francisco mansion is hitting the market. >> even if you have deep pockets to swoop it up, there is a catch. because you can't live there. the eureka valley estate called the alfred e clark mansion, and it is on the market for just over $5.8 million in the four- story baroque style home has 15 apartment units and a cottage. >> all the units are occupied with tenants right now, so if you buy the house you can't live there. it is being sold because the long-term and died. it was built in 1890 by a lawyer who never lived there himself in the mansion went on to house a hospital, a sanitarium and served as employee housing for standard l thowr nelid
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there that would be appropriate because it is part of the deal. >> it would look so spectacular at christmas and halloween. thank you for watching. captioning sponsored by cbs captioning sponsored by cbs >> o'donnell: tonight, the big news from the n.f.l.: sending a message to players about vaccines and what it could mean for the season-- could other leagues and businesses take a page from their play book? the n.f.l. puts players and teams on notice: threatening pay and penalties if unvaccinated players cause a game to be canceled. we have all the new details.ta and the new warning from the c.d.c. director: why she says america isn't out of the woods yet. plus, the mom who held a vaccination clinic at her son's funeral. >> i was kind of angry-- not so much at him-- but because he did not take the vaccine. >> o'donnell: breakthrough cases: how is it possible that someone who is vaccinated can


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