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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530pm  CBS  July 22, 2021 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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the queen mary has been profitless for operators that failed out of ownership for years in the city has now forced to decide the freight -- fate and one option is to tow it out to sea and thinker and the tourist revenue with it and that would cost over 100 million and another option is to preserve the ship in place and that is about 25 million to 50 million. >> everybody comes to see the queen mary or it is on the freeway and they come to see th
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to put her on land and bring her back to her former glory and that would cost $500 million. how would you like to take a five-month long cruise around the world? i would. but tickets for the world cruise one on sale last week and the price began it more than $73,000 a person and it went as high as 200,000. but the price did not seem to stop a lot of people. it sold out in less than three hours and the mariners set sail for miami on january 6 of 2024 and the ship will stop at 66 ports and 31 countries. up next online scammers targeting californians and a new study out on why younger people are being sucked in. coming up, and original report, the monarch butterfly on the verge of disappearing and there are far fewer of them migrating to the california coast. you feel kind of helpless like, oh my goodness, what is going on and how can we fix it.
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new at 5:30, some parents are suing to end covid restrictions, specifically the state school mask mandate and as we report, some infectious disease experts are now calling for a compromise. >> reporter: it began with a small group of parents who successfully sued the state to reopen some san diego schools and now the group has grown and is fighting the mask mandate. >> we are at a different stage and need to adjust. >> reporter: founded the reopen california schools facebook group which filed a joint lawsuit with let them breathe. >> now we have issues with quarantines and mask mandates and testing. >> reporter: in addition to challenging those who they call on the state and mask mandates and the controversial and confusing issue with varying guidance from state and international bodies and the parents point to a lack of school specific evidence that masks prevent spread in class arguing instead that masks inhibit learning. >> race in the data are they
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necessary to keep kids safe? >> the data has been mixed and it is a fair point of the parents and it's not necessarily based on good studies in children but it has been shown in other studies and in adults and we do know that barrier methods work. >> reporter: this expert initially supported the parents fight pointing to data that indicates vaccinated adults reduce transmission even among unvaccinated kids and studies that show little difference in transmission between masks and unmasked students, but she has recently changed recommendations. >> reporter: a few weeks and we spoke and you didn't feel that strongly about masking and what is changed? >> the delta variant. >> reporter: coming up, new recommendations and the compromise that she is urging state health officials to consider. >> there is no response yet from the states public health department and the agency has previously said it doesn't comment on pending litigation. we are getting a first-hand look inside a southern california hospital that is seeing a flight surgeon
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patients. doctors at this orange county er say it is the result of a fourth of july weekend and now more than two weeks ago. >> pneumonia and loss of oxygen comes later on in the second week casa typically around the eight of illness is when we see patients seeking care in the emergency room because they really can't breathe and they do need supplemental oxygen and that can last for anywhere from 8 to 14 the 20 days. >> doctors were there could be another jump around labor day and in the winter with people in doors. a 65-year-old cyclist is in the hospital tonight after a sacramento county sheriff deputy apparently hit him and drove off. we have why the incident is not being investigated as a hit and run. >> this is like i said bike central right here. >> reporter: it is an area popular for people riding bikes.
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it is an area of focus now of a crash involving a sacramento county sheriff's deputy accused of backing over a cyclist in carmichael on wednesday. investigators say the deputy was responding to a call when she unknowingly backed into a 65-year-old man riding a bicycle and she continued on to the call without stopping until a witness called 911 reporting the crash. >> i don't seriously think a deputy would try to do that on purpose. >> reporter: how does the deputy not know they hit someone? >> a sense of awareness and understanding surroundings all critical. >> reporter: he said at the same time. >> there are distractions they deal with and in this case i understand there was an emergency call to which the officer was responding. the noise that may have been in play and i don't know if the siren was founded or the noise of traffic or maybe the belief or perception that the officer hit a curb. >> reporter: a lot of people would argue there is a lot of accountability with this deputy that was involved in a way looked at as people in our
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community that should have the highest situational awareness regardless of whatever situation they are in at the time and what would you say to that? >> i absolutely agree to that and that's a legitimate observation and i have no reason to doubt it will be properly addressed in this case. >> the sheriff's office said it's internal affairs of -- division is investigating. more californians are falling victim to the most recent online scams according to a new report. around $4.2 billion was lost on fraud last year. we have the length scammers will go to get your information. >> reporter: teresa had just lost her job last month and was looking for employment on facebook jobs. >> the first thing i saw matched my qualifications and i thought this was great. truck she got this text the next day asking for an interview and it lasted three hours and was all done online. >> everything was by the book and nothing seemed odd to me. truck she was offered the job and during the online on
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boarding process, she gave them everything from her social security number to her drivers license and banking information and it turns out there was no job and teresa was taken by online scammers and they made an unemployment claim using her identity. >> get this. that the last date of employment as march 20 of 2020, so they wanted 15 months of back pay. >> reporter: according to a recent study by identity verification website, californians lost more than $621 million to online scammers in 2020 alone and that is three times what was lost in 2017 and the age group that had the biggest loss was 18 to 39-year- olds. >> they are using methods they shouldn't use unknowingly and giving out information because their friends do it all the time and they don't think there's anything wrong with it. >> reporter: the most common scam they reported was business
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e-mails being compromised and romance scams were second. >> the best advice to protect yourself is to ask to meet the person even if it is over zoom before handing over any personal information and the studies showed that most thieves one after victims personal identity. it was christmas in july today for one very special little boy. the macy's in downtown sacramento transformed their training room into a winter wonderland for a seven-year-old recently diagnosed with leukemia and made the early holiday request through make-a- wish foundation. he also got a special message from the north pole today. >> hello, pastor, do you know who this is? of course you do. >> i love it. he is so excited and everything is great. i am very thankful. >> unbelievable what that organization does. santa said they will spend the day together and grab hamburgers when he visits
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sacramento in november. and no doubt the weather will hopefully cooperate for him and santa an be cool and crisp. and the department stores will have their christmas trees up in a few weeks anyway. we will take a look at the weather. the onshore breeze continues keeping temperatures around maybe below normal near the water day and also keeping the smoke pushed away from the bay area, we have to add the qualifier to that for now. it does look like it will change into the second half of the weekend and into early next week and we will look at the air-quality map tomorrow and the moderate forecast for parts of the east bay and central bay and both san francisco and oakland and around san jose, but these are locally produced and not the wildfire smoke towards us just dead and that is more likely by sunday or monday and possibly continuing into tuesday and we will track that coming up at 6:00.
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blue skies right now over downtown and i love this perspective from the top of the mark hopkins hotel and temperatures are all over the place with 50s and 60s and 70s and 80s and 90s and that is a bay area afternoon. 92 in concord today and santa rosa at 86 which is close to normal for this time of year and san jose 76, about 5 degrees below average in san francisco also below normal topping out at 61. it is still 90 in concord and upper 80s in fairfield and low 80s and livermore and mostly 70s for other inland parts the bay area with 60s around the bay and temperatures around the coast are in the middle portion of the 50s. through the rest of tonight, fog will spread back out and it will across san francisco across the bay but it won't make too much progress into the inland valleys by the morning and it will be a raggedy layer and not take too long to dissipate and back up toward the coast which should see clearing skies toward late morning and maybe clearing along coast tomorrow. tonight temperatures drop into the low to mid 50s and close to normal for this time of year and high temperatures tomorrow all over the place and low 60s
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along the coast so if you degrees warmer and a mix of 70s and 80s down the peninsula and south end of the bay but temperatures reaching up into the 80s and around 90 here as you had further inland toward morgan hill. inland in the east bay, will be the hot spot mostly low 90s for the tri-valley with the hottest locations further inland and into the upper half of the 90s but staying away from 100 degrees just barely. mid 60s for san francisco and temperatures in the north bay into the low to mid 80s and further north temperatures will be hot. you will reach 102 and be the hotspots inland and for portions of mendocino and lake county as well. temperatures follow the same pattern here and down a little bit saturday and sunday but then back up by tuesday and wednesday of next week and we will be tracking some additional cloud cover sunday and monday and tuesday and that is associated with an area of monsoonal moisture trying to surge up toward the bay area,
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but at this point it does look like we will see some clouds but i don't think we will see dry lightning with the last batch of monsoonal moisture and the temperatures in the east bay will be the hottest but the north bay will be toasty especially by the middle of next week or along the coast and we may even get up to the mid-60s by tuesday and wednesday. we will have the smoke track and looking at it will drift into the bay area coming up. taking aim at gun trafficking here in the bay to crack down on illegal trafficking networks. plus the county is urging employers to mandate vaccines and what health officers are saying to companies worrying about facing legal action. this multimillion dollar opulent mansion with a colorful past hits the market, but if you have enough money to buy it, there is a big catch. still ahead, taking trash to another level. why san francisco thinks $20,000 cans will
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try to make sense out of this. the city of san francisco wants to spend $20,000 on a garbage can. >> that is $20,000 for each can and we sent our reporter to ask why the city would spend so much money on a trashcan. >> reporter: it sounds like a lot in the city wants to replace these green trash cans you see around the city and you
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can see one right behind me or right near the lamppost and they want to replace it with bigger, smarter, and better looking ones but the prototype cost $20,000 per can and is one supervisor puts it, it is a fox news headline waiting to happen. >> reporter: trash goes in, but much too often comes out. >> they go looking for drugs and things to recycle and they bus them open and they pull things out and sometimes they get to full. >> reporter: these have sensors alerting crew when they are full and they believe they will be more tamper-resistant and block rodents out and keep sidewalks cleaner. >> $20,000 per can is ridiculous. >> it is insane. >> reporter: the cost even have designer names. finalist number one is the salt and pepper a number two is the slim silhouette. number three is the sosq all featuring rollout liners or totes that can be mechanically lifted instead of manually taken out. >> why are we still doing this
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rather than putting out a bunch of different types of cans that already are produced and much cheaper. >> reporter: the department of public works did this in the 90s and even they admit the 20 k price tag is expensive for a prototype but they promised the cost will go down once it is mass-produced. >> san francisco will have the best trash cans in the world? >> absolutely. that is the goal i have. >> reporter: this model won't be considered and they say they have maintenance issues including a handle getting stuck although this one seems to be fine. >> frankly the model for other cities, i want us to be that and for portland and new york and sydney were ever it is across the world to come and take our cans are tried to model their cans after ours. >> what happens next? is this a done deal? >> reporter: it is not. the board of supervisors has to approve the funding and the plan is to test out these three models in the fall and kick the
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final one possibly early next year. the problem is the cost. so the prototype cost $20,000 and dpw said the final one should cost about $4000 and to give you a comparison, one of the green ones that had to be replaced recently by the city cost a little bit over 1200 that it is still a lot. >> that is a lot of money and i think about how many trash cans we have in the city. it will be interesting to see what happens with this one. >> reporter: exactly. there are 3000 of them. >> thank you. right now, driving through a raging firestorm and new
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video from the fire lines and what crews are up against. a come back after a mass shooting and covid shutdown and how the gilroy garlic festival will have a drive-through twist. the top story, a surgeon covid cases and now local health officials are going to employers to help boost vaccination rates. good evening. we begin with health officials from three bay area counties urging employers to require covid vaccines. >> we will go straight live from san jose with that. >> reporter: today we learned that the vast majority of people getting infected with covid and ending up at the hospital are those who are 20 to 50 years old and unvaccinated and basically working age adults. today, bay area health officials are applying a not so gentle nudge to their employers. >> the health officers of santa clara and other counties urge all employers to consider lamenting workplace covid-19 safety protocols that require their workforce to get fully vaccinated as soon as possible.
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>> reporter: contra costa, san francisco and santa clara counties are strongly recommending employers require written documentation of vaccines


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