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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  July 22, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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densely packed smoke particles in the atmosphere moving into the eastern half of the bay area by sunday morning. a lot of that will still be elevated in the atmosphere on the first day but through sunday night into monday the longer it is here, the more gravity pulls it down to ground level, and that is when the air- quality deteriorates. it doesn't look like it will be dreadful and the worst will still be closer to the vicinity of the fires were you can see a lot of yellow dots on the map as we head into sunday and monday and if we add any orange or red indicating not healthy, it would likely be by monday and once gravity pulls those particles down closer to the ground level, we have to breathe it. we will look at what the conditions are like around the bay area and toward the weekend in a few minutes. hours ago, two members of congress entered legislation to study the effects of smoking wildfires and the smoke and planning research act would authorize $20 million for the
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epa to study the health impacts and what could be done to mitigate its effects. and now to the latest on the fires. the massive dixie fire has now exploded to more than 100,000 acres. they are working on control lines and are working to keep the flames from spreading to the northeast. >> we have a lot of aviation equipment and firefighters are working 24 hours a day to get around this thing and we are making progress out there and we have secondary plans in place and surge capacity engines in case any community is impacted. we do have those ready. >> it last check it is 17% contained. heart stopping new video shows us what firefighters are up against and this is the view from uc davis with fire crews battling the tamarack fire and this is what it looks like from inside their truck as they work to protect the housing development last night and the fire jumped state lines overnight and crossed into
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nevada and it has burned more than 50,000 acres since it erupted on the fourth of july. authorities say it was sparked by a lightning strike and it is now 4% contained. there are evacuations in california and nevada. this video is not just humans packing up getting to safety. you can see a herd of cattle rushing from the flames as the fire closes in behind them. now three aring onemplers toquire v businesses to require documents from employees before they enter the workplace. they say the majority of new cases we see right now are from unvaccinated people of working age and the move would protect their coworkers, families, and customers of local businesses. >> we are in a critical stage of the pandemic, one that
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action could change the course of the pandemic for good and save lives. >> to be clear it is at the mandate but a strong suggestion. health leaders in those three counties say they expect other help departments to jump on board as well and we first brought you the update live on cbsn bay area, which you can watch 24/7 streaming on our website or the news app. the test positivity rate right now in california is now 4.9%, an increase of 1.3% from the week before. starting monday anyone visiting county buildings in san mateo will now have to wear a face mask whether vaccinated or not. all staff and visitors will be expected where a face covering and county officials say an uptick in the delta variant is being blamed officials say the numbers are a harsh reminder that we aren't done with covid. >> those transmission rates rise so will people change their minds about masking up in public. we are live from martin is with
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that story. >> reporter: from local government offices all the way to the white house today, a lot of conversation about the possibility of the return of more stringent mask rules for a lot of people and this is the last thing i know you wanted to hear. so how might people respond to that and what with the message be from health officials. >> some people wear the mask and some people will be very defiant because once it is lifted i think it is hard to go back. >> reporter: with growing talk of a possible return to mandatory mask rules, some have already made that decision for themselves. >> i have a friend fully vaccinated and she got covid and she get tested and she said it was just a really bad cold, but i do want. >> it seems like a really low stakes common sense thing to do is to keep having the mask around and when you go inside put it on. >> reporter: others will be harder to convince.
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>> they felt the freedom and they are tired of being afraid and they feel they are safe. >> the delta variant changes the equation enough so that masks again become a very sensible addition protection. >> reporter: he is the former dean of the school of public health and he stresses that vaccines have proven to be very successful at preventing serious illness even with the variant. but you are more likely to contract the virus. >> even those immunized, especially because of the reduced effectiveness of the vaccine against the delta variant, even the immunized now again should be wearing masks and doors. >> do they know specifically how much less effective the vaccine might be against this new variant of the virus? >> reporter: the doctor was going through some numbers on
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that and the initial thought with the original strain of the coronavirus that the vaccines were about 95% effective at keeping you from getting that virus and they think with the variant it may be back down to about 75% and again it can keep you from getting really sick but maybe a little less effective it keeping it out of you. you can see how the margin for error starts to grow a little bit if you're walking into a restaurant with a whole bunch of people and the odds change a bit. so that leads us back to the discussion about masks again. >> when in doubt wear a mask. thank you. the white house said so far no decision has been made about changing masking guidance for fully vaccinated adults, but in a town hall, resident biden said it is possible that mask mandates could return for children under 12 and schools. that is already getting some pushback. >> we are not doing that in florida. okay? we need her kids to breathe. >> the covid response team set for the past few weeks 1 and 5
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of all cases have occurred in florida and more ses report ac u.s. yesterday. a live look at the white house now. president biden is celebrating what he calls a day of hope. earlier, he signed the crime victims fund act of 2021 to boost funds and support for victims of crime. >> between 2017 and today, the amount of money and these have gone down 92% which is a result of the 70% reduction in victim assistance programs and grants. this means that for a lot of victims the help they need is not there any longer. >> the bipartisan bill includes counseling expenses, medical bills, and lost wages for those victims. looking live at capitol hill right now where there is a showdown over the committee tasked with investigating the january 6 attack on the capitol . house speaker pelosi is reject two of gop leaders picks, gym banks and gym jordan
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. the two are outspoken allies of former president trump and meanwhile mccarthy is accusing the speaker of an abuse of power and has threatened to pull all five of his pics. >> this is a sham committee and politically driven by speaker pelosi. >> it doesn't matter today what she does with that committee because it won't change the outcome of what it seems like a predetermined or already written report. >> when statements of ridiculous and fall into the round of you gotta be kidding, there is no way they will be on the committee. >> mccarthy said republicans will conduct their own investigation and democratic committee members plan to move forward with their first hearing next tuesday. still ahead, the nfl is threatening to not pay players and the league's new covid
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rules about being pressured into getting the vaccine. $20,000 for a trashcan. why san francisco thinks that could fix the city's garbage issue. the garlic festival is making a comeback in gilroy this year and the food favorites you will get to enjoy and the new drive-through model designed to be covid safe.
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for the first time since the 2019 mass shooting at last year's covid shut down the gilroy garlic festival is making a comeback. but as we report, there will be some big changes here. >> reporter: there will be some
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changes, but a lot will remain the same. i am here in gourmet alley where the food is already grilling for a special dinner tonight for some of the volunteers and you have the grill master right there and over on this side you have kevin, one of the pyro chefs about to do his thing. isn't that what makes the gilroy garlic festival famous? now, you are going to have to plan ahead and preorder and drive-through to get your food this year. >> can you smell that basil? >> reporter: garlic festival volunteers are prepping the food on gourmet alley and the distinctively garlic odor is once again wafting through the air. we are at gourmet alley where all the garlic food you have been waiting to have for the past few years will be here. tom klein is happy to have the festival back but says it has been a difficult two years in the mass shooting in 2019 and then the covid lockdown in 2020.
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>> we have been challenged with no revenue last year and this year the volunteers are doing their service in kind to us to help us raise money for the festival because we need that help. >> reporter: the reimagined festival starts with pre- ordering food online and things like pepper steaks, sausage, scampi, garlic rise and garlic bread. >> right now i am going through the garlic festival drive- through. >> reporter: cars will sneak around the church parking lot and around the back of the church where they will get to see the famous chefs in action. and then they will be served through the window but will have to eat off-site and the entire property is fenced and gilroy police already have a watchful eye on it. >> watching this come together over the last few weeks has been phenomenal. >> reporter: these neighbors are excited and proud to have the skill down festival back and in the backyard. >> we are gilroy strong. >> they certainly are. so many changes this year, as you just showed us. what about the scheduling of the events?
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>> reporter: the scheduling will be completely different as well and it is usually held over a weekend, but this year it will be over to weekend starting tomorrow and then through this weekend and also the next weekend, which will be july 30 minus august 1 in the hours will be from four clock p.m. until 7:00 p.m. on friday and then from 11:00 a.m. to seven a clock p.m. on saturday and sunday. you will have to do that pre- ordering to make sure you can get your food repaired for you, and you can google the garlic festival 2021 and the results will pop up so you can order the food and come out here to support that and they have been at it for so long here in the south bay and have had a fficul thathey're yiback. >>hat isght. ll >> reporter: we will give you one last look at the tips grilling on the oak and the sausages. if you could just smell it through the television, you would love it. >> that is just mean.
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we are getting close to dinner time and that is cruel. >> reporter: yes. we will be eating good and gilroy tonight. >> no question. some sad news for you. former coach for the 49ers and the raiders has died nearly a week after a bicycle crash. he had been in critical condition in the hospital since he was hit while riding his bicycle near his home in danville over the weekend and the jets, whom he was an assistant coach for currently confirmed the 58-year-old died today and he was about to start his 26 nfl coaching season and he leaves behind his wife and his three daughters. to the drought emergency in the latest map is out and you can see the bay area remains in the same combination of that exceptional category and extreme drought and the san jose state professor said the drought is comparable to the states most severe drought in the 1970s. >> what i am most worried about
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is prolonged drought will have severe impacts on agriculture thisne and for example tions fo reusing water for my laundry to water outside. she said we could better mass the quality of water on how we use it. thousands of people still being evacuated in central china after torrential rains in the hunan province and the death toll has risen to 33 and there are devastating floods trapping some residents in their homes for three days without electricity or water or food. and in the same area an unusual sight in the floodwaters. a small school of orange fish swimming along the sidewalk inundated with water. hopefully, they will somehow be able to swim back to a nearby river. >> you feel that flooding and wish we could have a little bit
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of that here. just a little bit of that water. just in the reservoirs and forget about falling as rain but restocking the reservoirs, but unfortunately it doesn't work like that. we will look at what we do have in store as we get closer to the weekend. the heat dome builds a little bit closer to the bay area so temperatures, especially inland, will be noticeably warmer tomorrow and then as we head through the weekend we will see a transition to a weather pattern that allows some monsoon moisture speaking to us and the dry thunderstorms are always a concern right now it doesn't look like lightning will be the case but also as the onshore wind weakens maybe even turning offshore, some of the smoke from the wildfires elsewhere in the state will start drifting into the bay area and we will talk about that a get at 6:00 and track it as it gets closer. right now we have fog and we look in the direction from sales force tower and active
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quickly again today and temperatures struggled to warm up around the bay and they did warm-up inland with 90 degrees in concord with 83 degrees right now in livermore and that is closer to normal for this time of year and 79 in santa rosa with 73 for the moment in san jose and the fog will spread but it won't be that dense or thick to start the day tomorrow which means it will dissipate quickly and we will be looking at unobstructed visibility for most of the bay area by 10:00 friday morning except right along the coast where it will be a little bit tougher to shake but i do think you will see some sunshine along the coast as we head toward midday into the afternoon. temperatures drop into the 50s across-the-board and 50 is the cool spot in santa rosa with 59 the warm location in antioch and most of us in the low to mid 50s by early in the morning which is close to normal for this time of year and high temperatures tomorrow depends on where you are with low 60s
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along the coast and mid-60s for san francisco, which is close to average and low 80s for san jose and a little further into the 80s as you go further inland into the santa clara valley and the north bay reaching mostly up into the 80s and low to mid 80s with hotspots as you go inland in the east bay in the tri-valley likely to reach up into the lower mid 90s with the hottest spots around fairfield and antioch and reachiup in pelf of the 90 n't thk we will see any triple digit temperatures even around rent would which is one of the hotspots overall and the fire danger index, with hotter temperatures you expectto clb but there are some yellow areas indicating halfway up the index scale from 0 to 10 but most of them topping out around 4 and as we go into the first half of the weekend, it will be toasty inland on saturday, not that much higher as the onshore wind weakens and it helps to improve the situation a little bit in terms of the wind gusts, but then it can't deliver moisture in terms of higher relative humidity. and here as we go to the weekend it is pretty close to average temperatures for san francisco and oak went in san jose but cooling off slightly after tomorrow's pump and temperatures and we warm up again by tuesday and wednesday of next week with more clouds monday and tuesday with some of
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that monsoonal moisture. inland will be hotter especially inland parts of the east bay and mostly in the middle portion of the north bay tomorrow and everybody cools off saturday and sunday back to near average temperatures and then we climb again tuesday and wednesday. it is not a full-fledged roller coaster ride, but there will be some ups and downs over the next few days which is what we expect during the last month of july, some hot temperatures inland and more fog along the coast. >> you are talking about the fact that smoke may move in late sunday or monday, but will be like it was during the campfire when it was twilight at midday? >> that is unlikely to happen in the dense smoke will be closer to the actual fire but we will probably get a taste of it literally and we could smell it by monday and we see it already sunday when it is higher up. >> we are talking moderate levels. >> right. at this point. coming up a warning to players in the nfl. the leagues tough new covid
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policies. >> mask upper show proof you are vaccinated. the new guidelines you may have to follow the next time you walk into a bay area restaurant. >> our news app gives you 24/7 access. team usa is ready for the olympic games, and so is erica! she's got the fastest internet, with wifi speeds faster than a gig. so when all of team usa is going for gold... ...her wifi can power it all, and more. i. love. you. can your internet do that? cheer on team usa with wifi speeds faster than a gig.
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welcome back. the nfl has a tough new policy on games that will get canceled because of a covid outbreak. the league rules apply to outbreaks caused by unvaccinated players if the game can't be rescheduled. would forfeit the game and be
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credited with the loss and what is more, players on both teams would not be paid for that game. part of the memo to teams the nfl commissioner said the operating principles are allowed to us to play a full season in a safe and responsible way and address possible competitive or financial issues fairly. the nfl said more than half of its teams have vaccination rates greater than 80% of their players. we are counting down to the 49ers preseason football. we are your home for all preseason action starting on august 14 against the chiefs. today we hear from a member of the squad who just inked a record deal. >> fred warner is staying in santa clara becoming a highest- paid inside linebacker in the nfl. >> thankful and so excited to be back in the bay and for a very long time a lot of wins on the way may be so it is time to training camp next week. let's get it. let's do it.
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>> his deal is for five years and $95 million with 40 million of that guaranteed and he has started every game over the last three seasons. some are calling the 24- year-old big bread fred. >> that works. still ahead, some bay area bars and restaurants rolling out new rules and why you may need to start showing proof that you are vaccinated. outrage over the school mask mandate and the group of parents taking the elections. one of the problems with these trash cans is
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