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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6am  CBS  July 22, 2021 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, newest drought map dropping just minutes ago. this morning, where the bay area stands. how bad is the delta variant? bay area counties that would be back in the purple tier if it still existed. what one expert says we should all be doing. dramatic overnight video as big wildfire near tahoe jumps the state line and the chance that some of the smoke could hit the bay area. good morning. it's thursday july 22. i am gianna franco. >> i am anne makovec. len has the morning off. a first check on your warm forecast. of course it depends on where you are in the bay area. >> gotta love our bay area micro climates once again at play. cool at the coast, mild around the bay, warming inland this
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afternoon, that typical july weather pattern for us in the bay area. tracking on shore flow, low clouds, areas of fog along the coast and around the bay. upper 40s in santa rosa, 50s from oakland, livermore, san francisco, san jose, 60 for concord. through the day we will see sunshine as we look to inland locations, upper 70s in the south bay in san jose, inland east bay, concord, 89, 91 antioch, 90 fairfield, 60s with sunshine this afternoon. let's get your travel times. good morning. if you are headed towards altamont pass, super commuters, already busy. we are seeing some yellow. 37 minutes 205 towards 680. it's one of our slowest spots. all major freeways are clear. 80, highway 4, 101, not seeing brake lights or delays. a live look at the bay bridge
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toll plaza. they have not officially turned the metering lights on. it's started to back up at least to the cal trans parking lot. we are seeing extra volume out of emeryville, oakland, into san francisco. your travel time is 37 minutes for the altamont pass commute. update on breaking news we are following in san jose. the driver has been arrested, a driver accused of running over a person at about 1:00 this morning. it happened on cove wood court in san jose and the person's injuries are considered life threatening. that person is in the hospital right now and again the driver is under arrest. this is the second pedestrian hit in san jose in the last couple days. police are still investigating a crash that killed a pedestrian around 11:30 tuesday night near curtner and monterey. a man was walking outside a marked cross walk when hit by a pickup truck.
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he died at the hospital. with the injury this morning, that was the 30th traffic fatality in the city this year. to covid and delta variant, new concerns this morning. the numbers aren't good. nationwide, new infections have more than tripled in a month. cdc now predicting rate of covid deaths will rise well into august. locally sonoma officials say they have detected at least 115 cases of the delta variant so far this week. thata spike from the 68 infections recorded less than two weeks ago. last check, daily covid transmission rate is 9.5 cases per 100,000 people. then there is this, startling news about where bay area counties would fall if california still had color coded tier system. >> remember that tier system, the purples, reds, yellows basically dictating everything we can do and what we could not do. justin andrews is live in
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walnut creek this morning taking us through this latest surge. good morning. good morning. three bay area counties would be under that purple tier if the state was still using that system. yes, that includes right here in contra costa. we remember that purple tier was most restrictive one. it really hurt businesses' bottom lines. most places could be open though but with modifications and only at 25% capacity. bay area news group analyzed the numbers and right now the delta variant is spreading so fast, alameda, solano, contra costa counties would be back in the purple. so is it time for health leaders to take action? >> if we start getting more pressure on hospitals, more pressure on icu beds, it may end up mandated. i think people right now are pretty comfortable with keeping these as recommendations. but i just want to make sure
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that your viewers understand that recommendations are important for their own safety, especially if they've been vaccinated. obviously if unvaccinated masks are hugely important but maybe not as important as getting vaccinated. >> reporter: governor newsom tossed out the tier system about a month ago. what is he saying now? i will have that when i am back at 6:30. i am justin andrews, kpix5. >> i think mentally it would be difficult to return to the tier system. think about the fact that the flood gates have been reopened now that the reopening happened and everybody has been planning. i mean, to have that go by the way side. >> exactly. think about this. businesses were really impacted. if this continues we can see more restrictions and like i said, the businesses, their bottom lines will be hurt. they may have to shut down. this has a ripple effect really on all of us. >> we will continue to follow it. justin andrews live in walnut
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creek. more restaurants and bars planning to require proof of vaccination just to enter. we are following spots right now requiring a shot to come inside. eli's mile high club and palmetto restaurant, as for san francisco latin american club, oasis and visuvio in north beach. a owner says it is march 10, 2020. you see the storm coming and no one has the courage to sound the alarm. as for unvaccinated people, eating outdoors is still an option. surge in cases not scaring travelers apparently as we take a live look at sfo, tsa reports around 2 million passengers are passing through check points approaching prepandemic levels. to oakland where there is a fight to keep walgreens from closing. two city council members will hold a news conference to urge the chain not to close the
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location. it is at 82nd and international boulevard. council members say it serves seniors and low income residents. also in oakland, police searching for the person they say broke into several cars in downtown area sharing this video of the crook in action smashing the back windows of at least two cars parked along the street. authorities say the suspect is wanted for several burglaries in downtown and lakeshore area. dramatic video just into our newsroom overnight after that big wildfire near tahoe jumped the state line into nevada. check this out. it looks like something out of the apocalypse. you see red skies and trees on fire. flames were racing down highway 395 north in gardner ville, nevada. the wildfire has burned over 40,000 acres and last check, there was no containment. dixie fire this year is sending massive plumes of smoke over butte county. the fire has gone to over
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91,000 acres and authorities in plumas have issued new evacuation orders. earlier this week pge acknowledged power lines may have started the dixie fire. now the utility is announcing it plans to bury 10,000 miles of power lines in california to prevent equipment from sparking more fires. canada getting hit with all that bad air quality from the fires. one spot above washington had aqi in the 300s. 6:08. new tools on the way to help spot wildfires faster. cal scientists are developing high tech spotters thanks to a half million dollar grant. the goal is to equip fire fighting flames with improved detecters. realtime technology would provide data on flame length, wind speed, humidity helping predict where and how fast a fire will spread. a few minutes ago, a new update on how bad our drought really is.
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take a look. latest statewide drought snapshot showing all that maroon and that's not the color we want. >> mary lee is joining us to explain what we are looking at. how bad is it? it's pretty bad that. maroon is exceptional drought, the very worst drought category. we just got our latest drought information about a half hour ago. not much has changed since last week but you see the dire situation with our drought conditions. looking at an exceptional to extreme drought for the entire bay area and for the state, looking at 100% in moderate drought in orange, that is severe drought. 95% of california is under severe drought. 86% is in extreme drought and 30% of the state is in an exceptional drought, the worst drought category. in our next half hour, i will be speaking to san jose state university professor, chair of the environmental studies department, with more on our
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drought situation. back to you. >> thanks. if you have a question for our drought expert tweet us. use #kpix. 6:09. a home bought by beyonce on fire? the video just into our newsroom. >> also ahead on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, honoring a fallen chp officer, memorial in solano county. how would you like to travel on a
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welcome back. some people in antioch who lost their homes in a vegetation fire say it could have been prevented. >> firefighters say the fire started near a dumpster near 4:00 yesterday and spread quickly. 70 firefighters on scene to battle the fire that damaged six cars and four apartments. >> just getting off work, we came home to nothing. there is nothing. no beds, no clothes, no tvs,
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nothing, no picture of my granddaughter. all gone. >> a whole bidding of people have nowhere to go. >> people who live there say they have had ongoing issues with a homeless encampment nearby and they believe that could have been the cause of the fire. >> i have a 1-year-old so honestly my first thoughts were to get her out safe. that though was extremely scary and she was crying the entire time. >> investigators have not released the official cause of the fire. a home owned by beyonce catches fire. it happened last night in new orleans garden district. 22 firefighters responded knocking it down in 45 minutes. crews say the cause is not known but the 3 story mansion has been owned by, management company owned by beyonce since 2016. no injuries reported. an up side to the drought
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in marin. >> we are talking about cleaner water at the beach. as part of the beach report card released by environmental group heal the bay, marin's beaches were among 93% of 500 beaches that received high marks mostly due to below average rainfall the summer before. >> funny to think about it that way but we'll take it. if you are headed to the beach today, mary, what can we expect? we are going to see those cooler temperatures. along the coast, afternoon sea breeze kicking in, you will see temperatures in the upper 50s to low 60s with those clouds. everywhere else, clearing and sunshine. here is a lovely sunrise, beautiful sliver of a sunrise in between that low cloud deck as well as those higher clouds in the sky this morning, a spectacular sight as we start our day. we are looking at low clouds and foggy conditions, patchy fog along the coast and around
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the bay but inland already catching that sunshine. temperature spread this morning from 60 concord, upper 40s in santa rosa, another chilly start for you. calm to light conditions as we start our day with generally westerly winds at sfo, 15 concord, 17-mile per hour winds in fairfield. that sea breeze keeping us at least on the pleasant side, seasonal temperatures for this time of year and we will keep this weather pattern going over the next several days. hour by hour on futurecast, you see sunshine inland and around the bay with clouds along the coast. tonight into tomorrow, patchy fog working its way back in along the coast and around the bay for tomorrow morning and clearing in the afternoon. it is nice to have good air quality once again today in green, good air quality for north bay, east bay peninsula, as well as south bay, moderate air quality for the coast. with westerly winds pushing smoke to our east and away from
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us but as we look to the end of our weekend we will start to see changes, a change in wind direction out of the east and that could bring more smoke into the bay area as we look to sunday, monday, and even into tuesday. watching this very closely for you again by the end of our weekend and early next week, we could see smoke drift back into the bay area, monitoring that very closely. let's check our daytime highs, peninsula, mid 70s in san mateo, south bay, upper 70s in san jose, inland east bay from concord, 91 antioch and brentwood, tri valley, low to mid 80s. 63 in san francisco, catching clearing and sunshine this afternoon inland at least for the east bay. shoreline, mid 60s in alameda, upper 60s oakland and san leandro. north bay mid 70s to mid 80s later today topping out at 94
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in ukiah. around the bay, not a lot of change, similar conditions through the next days. san jose you will see daytime highs in the 80s starting for our weekend and early next week. inland east bay, warming up to the 90s friday into saturday. north bay, cooler as we head through next week and upper 50s low 60s along the coast. let's check with gianna for a look at traffic. if you are headed to altamont pass we are tracking a lot of brake lights west bound out of tracy, starting at mount house. you see all the red on censors to about north flynn as we get to 580. wind advisory is still in effect for altamont pass. that was issued by chp overnight. be cautious if in a high profile vehicle. 37 minutes from 205 towards 680. a live automatic at 880, near
6:19 am
colosseum, traffic is looking great. no delays. south of there, i am getting first reports of a crash south bound 880 on the off ramp, looks like it may be blocking the road way. a little bit fog this morning but overall a 19 minute ride from highway 37 down to the golden gate bridge. a pretty easy ride if headed into san francisco out of marin. bay bridge toll plaza, they have not officially turned on metering lights but we are starting to see this back up out of the east bay, oakland, emeryville. only about a 13 minute drive from the maze as you head into san francisco. a quick look at the san mateo bridge, a 13 minute commute between 880 and 101. of course tail lights heading west towards peninsula and we are seeing extra volume as you work your way through. today, chp is holding freeway memorial dedication event for an you wasser killed in the line of duty.
6:20 am
the chp officer died back in 2018 while he was conducting a traffic stop. he was hit by a truck that veered on to the shoulder of i- 80 in fairfield. he was 46 years old, a 19 year veteran of the force. interstate 505 near i-80 interchange will be known as officer kurt griss memorial highway. on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, will delta variant put a damper on favorite summer festivals? organizers weigh in. an original report, monarch butterfly is on the surge of disappearing. there are far fewer of them migrating to the california coast. >> you feel kind of helpless like oh my goodness, what's going on and how can we fix it? >> they are an icon telling us about how our ecosystems overall are functioning. >> we need to do everything we can to try to save them.
6:21 am
>> the statewide effort underway to throw monarchs a life line. what you can do to help. watch the butterfly project on the kpix5 news at 7:00. the city that never sleeps got another reason not to because the sun is glowing red in new york. red skies ahahhh. beautiful l day in balaltimoe
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welcome back. 6:24. a live look now outside at our mark hopkins camera looking east, trans america pyramid. a beautiful shot. some of the most popular summer festivals in bay area are making a come back. >> last year everything was going virtual including the san jose jazz festival and we know it's just not the same.
6:25 am
fremont festival of the arts was canceled all together. there may be fewer vendors, fremont's festival of the arts will be spreading out. that will allow more spacing between booths for social distancing. san jose jazz fest expanding its footprint moving indoor stages outs doors. >> i think that people will have the feeling of being safe at our festival. >> have been emphasizing outdoor programming. we have a little bit less indoor stage offerings this year. >> you might notice fewer acts in attendance because live performers are in particular will i high demand because venues nationwide are relaxing pandemic restrictions and trying to book those acts. live music, so good to have it back. >> i know. i miss it. i am married to a musician and i would love to see him perform. >> yes. we want to see pete play. 6:26. a better idea of how bad the
6:26 am
drought is. now we are asking what happens next? we'll talk to an expert live. also in our next half hour on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, startling analysis, bay area counties that would be back in the purple ti
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about 30 minutes ago we learned a driver is under arrest in san jose after yet another person was hit by a car, second in two days. it happened over night on cove wood court. the person hit has life threatening injuries. police searching for this suspect caught on camera breaking into several cars. that big wildfire near tahoe has jumped state line into nevada. take a look at this dramatic video overnight. tamarack fire has burned over 40,000 acres. latest drought conditions out minutes ago. it is not looking good. we will ask an expert what is going on live in a moment. good morning. thanks for joining us. it is 6:30 on thursday july 22. i am anne makovec. >> i am gianna franco. len has the day off. we begin with a live look outside. enjoy the nice clean air. there is a chance that the smoke from the wildfires further north could make its way to the bay area. >> say it ain't so. poor air quality is the last thing we need now.
6:31 am
let's go to mary lee with a check on the forecast. good morning. good to moderate air quality for the bay area today and the next few days but longer range weather models bring more smoke back to the bay area as we look to the end of our weekend and early next week. i will show you futurecast in a few minutes. a live look with our treasure island camera looking at the bay bridge in san francisco with partly cloudy skies, temperatures from the upper 40s, chilly in santa rosa, 50s downtown san francisco. oakland and concord you are 60 with that sunshine this morning. through the afternoon, sunshine inland, upper 70s, 80s, low 90s and around the bay clearing with 60s. gianna, you are tracking a crash on 880. >> south 880, it's blocking the off ramp. a couple cars are tangled up. not a lot of info but i know
6:32 am
chp is on scene. we see slowing on south bound side of 880. past that san lorenzo area. they have not officially turned on metering lights but we have a back up at least to the cal trans parking lot. give yourself a few extra minutes there. 14 minutes from the maze as you head into san francisco. across the upper deck, a little slow as you come off the skyway into the city. 6:32. new, you remember the state's coronavirus tier system? >> i sure do. three counties would be back in the most restrictive tier if the system was still in place. justin andrews is live in walnut creek. justin, could we see a return of the past? >> reporter: when you look at the transmissions, they have about going way up. doctors say that's because we are seeing more people out and
6:33 am
about and probably many of them are not wearing a mask. they also point to that the delta variant is easily transmissible. this is not a good sign especially for businesses. in fact these businesses are scared because covid cases are back pedaling. the question, is it time for health leaders to take action? bay area news group analyzed numbers and if the state was still under the color coded tier system, contra costa, alameda, solano would still be in the purple tier. the most restrictive one. under the purple tier, most businesses could be open but only at 25% capacity. listen to what the governor has to say about this. >> you want to move beyond this, want to deal with not having to deal with masking, not have to deal with any trepidation around having to read about this variant or that variant, get vaccinated. we can end this quickly if
6:34 am
everybody went out and got vaccinated. it's free, no requirement, cost, status. get vaccinated, get that second shot in a few weeks, in a month or so this could substantially at least in california be behind us. we have work to do. >> an assembly woman puts it like this. she says it's time to do something uncomfortable, make vaccinations mandatory. i am justin andrews, kpix5. >> thanks. today cdc is set to meet to discuss whether or not covid booster shots will be necessary. >> cdc will be addressing concerns about efficacy of the johnson & johnson vaccine. meantime, president biden said he expects fda to grant emergency use authorization for children under age 12 to get the vaccine soon. he also said unvaccinated students should wear a mask in school this fall. australia's prime minister is apologizing for the country's slovac seen roll out.
6:35 am
only 15% of adults over 16 have been fully vaccinated. that is despite the plan to fully vaccinate all adults by end of october. also getting heat, britain's prime minister being accused of pushing confusing reversals over isolation rules and vaccine passports, critics questioning lifting of restrictions in england as infection rates remain extremely high. a live look from san francisco where the da's office is investigating potentially fake lawsuits against several businesses in china town. a fraud hot line for victims is also available. lawsuits appear to come from lawyers who say businesses did not comply with americans with disabilities act. in the past weeks almost 1200 cases have been filed against chinese owned businesses in china town and irving street. other businesses are getting
6:36 am
letters threatening lawsuit unless they pay $75,000. >> we will take all the information and conduct potential criminal investigation. >> no one is taking advantage of a disability rights movement to undermine the small businesses. >> da's office has assigned two full time investigators to look into the claims. a quick check on the big board now this thursday morning, stocks opening down. dow is down about 90 points. these numbers are coming as we learned of a surprise spike in jobless claims, just rose to 419,000 from what had about than a pandemic low. bay area regulators are imposing new rules onto two massive oil refineries. the move comes after years of prohe test to reduce amount of air pollution. the management district will require chevron's richmond refinery and refinery in martinez owned by p bf energy to cut down on particulate
6:37 am
matter. rules don't take effect until 2026. concerns over reservoir levels in santa clara. they are down to just 25% of normal. last month people there were asked to conserve water but savings so far have been pretty small. >> this could be just as bad as covid in its own way, running out of water. think of lack of business confidence. think about what happens to folks when they have no water. >> emphasis in the district so far has been on education. but if a reduction in water usage doesn't dramatically increase, enforcement could be around the corner. the latest drought conditions were just released an hour ago. the entire bay area continues to see extreme to exceptional drought conditions. joining me is a san jose state university professor, chair of environmental studies department. as you know, we had a very dry winter with incredibly slow snowpack in sierra. lakes and reservoirs are drying
6:38 am
up. what are you most concerned about? how does this drought compare to previous ones? >> this drought is comparable to the most severe the state experienced in the mid 1970s. things are worrisome but we are taking actions that i think will hopefully get us through this season and even if conditions continue for the next couple years, we still have enough management systems in place to keep us going for the next couple years. what i am most worried about is prolonged drought will have severe impacts on agriculture and also forced restrictions for suburban and urban users. >> catherine, where do we go from here? >> i think we need to think a bit more outside the box with regards to nonconventional uses and sources of water. so in the water field, we talk about matching quality of water to the use. so for example, we don't need
6:39 am
to use tap water to irrigate most outdoor lawns. that accounts for 50% of household water use. thinking of more creative ways for example, using clothes washer water again outside in your landscape is a great way to save water at the household level and also thinking more strategically about how to help our growers. 75% of the water we use in the state actually comes from the agricultural sector. >> i know your research focuses on sustainable water resources management. can you talk more about that? >> yeah. i think it all goes back to thinking about how do we take the water molecules that we have, separate them from the things that we don't want, contaminants of emerging concern, nitrates, other contaminants, and think of ways of reusing the water in ways to
6:40 am
replenish groundwater aquifers and combine with other sources of water for fountains, landscape irrigation. there are many different ways we can reuse treated waste water and water that falls as rainfall from the sky in terms of catchment and rain barrels and many ways we can think more creatively about how to use every drop of water that we can in the state. >> such good information. thank you so much for your research, for your insight. we really appreciate you coming on our show. >> of course. thank you. 20 minutes now before 7:00. imagine dumping your trash into a $20,000 can. coming up, bay area city ready to roll out the pricey plan. the question, who is going to pay for it? that's next on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. later, a train flying off the tracks intentionally. where you can find the world's fastest bullet train. the market just opened
6:41 am
about ten minutes ago. investors reacting to new job less numbers.
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good thursday morning. 6:44. a live look with our treasure island camera looking at san francisco. you can see that fog. if you look at the sales force tower, sun reflecting on the tower there. we will see clearing and sunshine through the day. the forecast where you live coming up in a few minutes. new, san francisco sidewalks are getting pricey trash cans. >> we are talking up to $20,000 for the new prototypes, city department of of public works will replace the current green trash receptacles with 15 of these silver prototypes. the goal is to do this from november to january next year. the city is paying for the
6:45 am
program but once the new mass produced cans roll out they will apparently be funded by trash rates. stocks opening in red in a $1.5 billion push to those who need it most. diane king hall joins us live from the new york stock exchange. good morning. pressure on markets this morning in the early action after a surprise jump in jobless claims. they rose to 419,000 last week. claims were expected to be better than that. with trading underway for a little more than ten minutes, dow is down 13, clearly a push pull between bears and bulls because it's been higher and lower than triple digits. we'll see how this day shakes out. investors look to be hiding in the tech sector. more than $1.5 billion in emergency rental decision to cash strapped americans in june. the government helped out
6:46 am
290,000 households. that is a more than 50% increase than numbers in may. economically we are not out of the woods yet. >> . >> thank you so much. president biden not giving up on his infrastructure bill. despite the defeat the vote was largely along party lines. they'll bring up the bill again monday. >> to monday. it's going to not only increase job opportunities. it will increase commerce. úit' we will get it done. >> the bipartisan group working on the deal released a statement saying they've made significant progress and are close to final agreement. olympic organizers say two more athletes tested positive for covid. both are livermanning in olympic village. 12 new cases were announced bringing the total to 87. first lady of the u.s. dr. jill biden just arrived in tokyo ahead of the olympic games. she's set to attend the opening
6:47 am
ceremonies of the games. that is tomorrow already. new, getting into the olympic spirit. >> nurses helped crochet gold medals for the mini team usa. celebration kicked off with torches passing torch along hospital halls. look how cute. parents also joining in keeping score. each new gold medal baby got colorful outfits to take home. i mean, come on. >> that's pretty cute. 13 minutes before 7:00. time to get a check on our weather and traffic. mary. those babies bring a smile to your face. we are looking at beautiful weather in the bay area. hopefully that makes you smile. a live look at san francisco, you see the sunrise as well as some patchy fog out there. we are starting off our day with low clouds and some areas of fog along the coast and around the bay but sunshine inland. you see that temperature spread
6:48 am
from 60 in concord, 50s oakland livermore, san francisco, san jose, chilly start in santa rosa at 48 degrees. calm to light conditions, westerly winds at sfo at 10, 17- mile per hour winds in fairfield as we started our day. we are tracking that sea breeze keeping our weather on the quiet pleasant side and that will be the case as we head through the next several days. this typical july weather pattern for the bay area, we will keep it going as we take you hour by hour on futurecast. you see sunshine inland as well as around the bay and some clouds along the coast. very similar to yesterday as we look to tonight into tomorrow morning, low clouds and fog stream right back in along the coast and around the bay and then clearing in the afternoon. good air quality thankfully in the bay area once again for today, good in green, north bay, east bay peninsula and south bay with moderate air quality for the coast.
6:49 am
westerly winds push tag smoke to the east and away from us. as we look to the end of our weekend and early next weekend we could see a change in our winds, winds taking more of an easterly to southerly direction and that can mean we can see smoke drift into the bay area as we look to sunday and monday and tuesday. this is our smoke concentration forecast model here bringing smoke into the region. we are going to be watching that very closely. it's a while away and we have our eyes on it. let's check our daytime highs, mid 70s in san mateo. 77 santa clara, 78 in san jose this afternoon with that sunshine. inland east bacon cord 89, 91 antioch and brentwood, low to mid 80s for the tri valley this afternoon. around the bay with clearing and sunshine, 63 san francisco, 68 oakland and san leandro. north bay mid 70s to mid 80s and topping out at 94 for
6:50 am
ukiah. san francisco and oakland, around the bay, temperatures holding steady over the next several days. south bay in san jose, warming up to the 80s for the weekend and in ex week with more clouds streaming in inland east bay from 80s today and 90s friday and saturday. let's check with gianna for a look at traffic. getting busy out there as we see more cars on the road. it's that 6:00 hour. that thursday morning commute is ramping up. west bound 4, a crash blocking number two lane from the left. look at the red as you work west bound. busy out of pittsburg, you will see brake lights into bay point and down to nine miles per hour in some spots. pack your patience if taking highway 4. the ride on the altamont is a busy one west bound 205 to 680, a 37 minute
6:51 am
commute. traffic elsewhere if you are headed through south bay, so far traffic has been light. we haven't seen many issues. a quick look at travel times on bay area bridges, some yellow on the richmond san rafael bridge, ten minutes castro street to 101. 12 minutes bay bridge commute into the maze into san francisco. they did turn metering lights on around 6:42. things will be a little bit backed up through there. traffic is backed up beyond the 880 over pass but not quite to the maze. if approaching off of 880 traffic is pretty quiet through there. the crash along 880 has been cleared. mass transit, if you want to skip the brake lights, everything is on time. bart, cal train, ace, rail, muni checking in problem free. tesla has a change of heart
6:52 am
saying it will most likely accept bit coin again as a form of payment once it is more eco friendly. apparently it uses a lot of power. the auto maker began taking the crypto currency in february but it was halted because of environmental concerns. 6:52. ahead, covid cases making an uncomfortable come back. what the cdc is predicting. also next on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, a second person hit in two days. what is going on in san jose? new details from police, next. good morning. ahead, president biden says children under 12 could be eligible to get that covid vaccine soon. we'll talk about that, about the delta variant's threat to kids. on eve of the olympic opening ceremony new rules about protests by athletes coming in
6:53 am
are new scrutiny. brandi carlisle is out with a new single and she's here. the grammy award winner joins us to talk about going back on the road and how her own story inspired her new music. you can kind of say she's right on time. get it? we'll see you at 7:00 straight up. streaming today, from the music industry to wine industry, we'll hear from a vallejo native e40 about how and why he made the switch. watch at or on the kpix app. a live look from our mark ho
6:54 am
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♪ comeme on, get yourur motor rununning ♪ yoyou just heaead out on t the y ♪ lookoking for sosome tchotchs
6:56 am
♪ and d whatever c comes our wy ♪♪ yeyeah darlin,n, go make i it n mí amomor, take ththe world in a a love embrbrace ride a all of your love e at once anand explode ininto space..... ♪ born to be wild ♪ start youour californrnia roadp anand time for a look at this morning's other top stories. >> an hour ago we learned a driver under arrest in san jose after yet another person was hit by a car. this is the second collision between a vehicle and pedestrian in two days. it happened overnight on cove wood court.
6:57 am
the person hit has life threatening injuries. nationwide new covid-19 infections have more than tripled in a month. deaths will rise well into august. latest drought snapshot shows most of the state under extreme conditions. the darkest red shows in areas in exceptional drought cat gore torrey. the big wildfire near tahoe has jumped the state line into nevada. look at the red skies and trees on fire. tamarack fire has burned over 40,000 acres. last check there was no containment. in oakland police searching for the person they say broke into several cars in the downtown area, sharing this video of the crook in action smashing back windows of at least two cars along the packed street. we are dealing with brake lights especially along highway 4 west bound as a crash near bailey has been cleared to the shoulder but still sluggish into pittsburg into bay point this morning.
6:58 am
a few brake lights onto 242. metering lights at the bay bridge, backed up almost to the foot of the maze with east shore freeway ride our slowest on approach but not bad across the upper deck as you head into san francisco. beautiful blue skies in the south bay, good morning with our mount hamilton camera from lake observatory. you see that patchy fog in san francisco with our treasure island camera. as we head through our day, very similar to yesterday. we'll see clearing for most of us, upper 70s in south bay in san jose, 91 antioch, clearing in the 60s this afternoon and upper 50s along the coast. san francisco and oakland holding steady over the next several days. next week, a few more clouds by the end of our weekend into next week and warming inland east bay as we look to friday
6:59 am
and saturday. north bay, a little bit cooler by next week and temperatures in the upper 50s to low 60s along the coast. >> thanks. new, china ruling out what is expected to be the world's fastest bullet train. >> it is so fast it levitates. it is called mag lev short for magnetic levtation. it can travel up to 373 miles per hour and uses electromagnetic force to levitate above the track with no contact between the train and rail. developers in china need to build more of the special tracks though before the public can use the train on a large scale. california could learn a little something on the high speed rail. >> for sure. >> it's super cool. these other countries have the high speed rail thing locked down. a great way to get around. >> i would try it. levtation, awesome.
7:00 am
>> cue that song. >> exactly. >> thanks for watching. >> the news continues all day on cbsn bay area. >> cbs news this morning is coming up ne good morning to our viewers in the west, and welcome to "cbs this morning." it's thursday, july 22nd, 2021. i'm gayle king with anthony mason and vlad duthiers. tony dokoupil on baby leave. president biden says kids under 12 may soon be eligible for covid vaccines. how this could affect the fight against the virus as case numbers surge. plans for a bipartisan committee to investigate the assault on the capitol fall apart. we'll show you the partisan clash over who should be on it and what's next for the investigation. there's new trouble at the olympics just one day before the opening ceremony. we are in tokyo with the latest


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