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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6am  CBS  July 21, 2021 6:00am-6:59am PDT

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francisco. the possible new requirement to get into hundreds ofbars. and if you are on the hunt for a for selling the most homes over asking. it's wednesday. july 21th. the fog making an appearance this morning. >> let's get a first check of weather and traffic starting with mary. >> good morning. got to love the on shore flow. that pacific ocean breeze for us. today will be a little cooler compared to yesterday. little below avenue average. foggy conditions, areas of even patchy drizzle along the coast this morning and temperature spread from the 40's, 50's and 60's this morning. san jose you are at a mild 60 degrees. chilly in santa rosa t upper 40's and mito upper 50's concord, livermore and san as wehead through the afternoon clearing inland.
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upper 70's for the south bay and san jose. mid-80s's for the inland east bay and concord. around the bay in the 60's and cool, cloudy and breezy along the coast in the upper 50's. let's check in with a look at traffic. and we are still dealing a big rig accident. this is southbound
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. the city offered a possible solution to the biggest sticking point between the two and that is who pays that $500 million in off site infrastructure improvements. the city said it could be paid by state and federal grants. >> the grand slam home run would have been voting for our proposal. there was a yes proposal voted on. we need to analyze what it means and how it impacts the club and the future of the project. >> we know it was disappointing today that what was voted on by the council didn't have full consensus from the team. >> a councilmember weighs in the next 30 minute on if the a's will stay or go. we are live in east oakland.
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>> and a lot of fans waiting for that answer. thank you so much. stay with us in our next half hour as justin said. we are live with the oakland city councilmember who was the only no vote on the howard terminal plan. why he said the a's should stay right where they are. the live news desk and we got up date from the san jose pd. they have reopened the roadways at the scene of a fatal crash. it happened at around 11:00 last night. the man who was hit was taken to the hospital where he died. police closed that area to traffic for about five hours this morning as they conducted their investigation. at this point no word on the driver who hit the man. waiting for more information on that. that was the city's 30th h the year. hit ruatened still uly . r ran a red light and hit another.
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a man driving the car that was hit was thrown from his vehicle and pronounced dead. the driver of the other car, fled the car and was never found. we will keep you updated on the search for that driver. a woman with dreams of running for city council will instead spend six months in jail for crashing her car into a pedestrian, killing him. yesterday a judge sentenced her to six months after reducing her felony charge of manslaughter to misdemeanor gross negligence. in december 2019 days before christmas, the president of the women's march bay area and a candidate for san jose city council crossed over a bike lane and into tim starky, killing him instantly. the 66-year-old was standing near his truck in los gatos. he was getting ready to help a friend put up christmas lights. >> to say we were disappointed
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is an understatement. it was a shock to all of us. >> plan to explore other legal opshrespects the moin court because her dad would want it. going live to la this morning where the governor will be discussing the state's efforts to address crime and reduce retail theft. time after time we have seen videos like this play all over the bay area. suspects running into luxury stores, and leaving with their arms full of expensive handbags. today the governor will meet with leaders, legislators and local officials for that news conference. it starts at 10:30. new to the coronavirus. the cdc said over 80% of new infections are caused by the
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delta variant. it's blamed for more than 120% spike in new united states cases in just the past month. a live look at san francisco where pretty soon people who want to hit bars may have to show a vaccination card. customers would have to show proof of vaccination before they can enter. the alliance represents 500 bars, not all of them would be required to participate. a formal decision is expected next week. wildfire in yuba county forcing evacuations. the french town fire has burned nearly 100 acres since it started yesterday afternoon between french town and dobbins. here is another angle. you can see the sky turning that orange that we remember all to well from last year here in the bay area. and high winds continue to fan the fire south of lake tahoe. it's now burning in multiple directions near the california, nevada border.
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the fire is threatening a community. it's burned nearly 40,000 acres. and the smoke from these fires so bad it's affecting the air all the way over on the east coast. this map from purple air quality showing all that red. the good news, our air is fine here in the bay area. the thick smoke from the fire complicating the fire fight by preventing cal fire choppers dropping water. in other parts of the state where fires are burning crews haven't been able to use that air. the biggest enemy has been the high heat and dry lands. time now is 6:08. olympic opener and a stunning loss. the soccer score in tokyo involving two bay area athletes. and ahead,. >> this is the way that we can help keep everybody safe. >> a back to school mask battle. and the new coronavirus case rate among kids.
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and a bay area family holding out hope. hear from the wife of the runner missing for two weeks. here comes the sunshine taking you high above the fog this morning for a fantastic start to our day with our sutro camera. we will talk about our cooler temperatures this afternoon coming up. and we are getting first reports of a new crash at a bay
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students will be headed back to school but whether they will be masking up may depend on where they live. so far at least nine states úha prohibits school districts requiring masks in schools. other states have mask require members which fall in line with the latest recommendation from the american academy of pediatrics. and all school staff should
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wear a mask. this is how we can help keep everybody safe and to protect everybody in the community and especially right now. those children under 12 without access to the safe and effective vaccine. >> more than 23,000 new cases july 8th to the 15th were kids nearly double from the end of june. a live look in tokyo where the women's soccer team had their 44 game winning streak snapped by sweden during their opening game. the united states lost 0-3 as their first loss since 2017. let's see if team usa can bounce back for their second match. we are hoping, this time against new zealand. the bay area has two stars competing. 28-year-old abby and 22-year- old tierna davidson. they are never played together at sacred heart propose but now form the defensive back field with a goal of gold. team members are the first pair of sisters to play on the same
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olympic roster. >> coming up on cbs this morning how they say their rivalry pushed them to be the players they are today. >> not a bad thing. >> sometimes. we have been talking about in this morning. it's a bitter sweet day. it's my last day with you. >> before you started your career you started somewhere. >> i started somewhere. >> here is a look back at her getting a feel in the broadcasting business as a sports anchor in college. >> and the football game wasn't the only thing happening in fort collins. midnight madness took place and it was slamming. >> and you weslammias well. >> he was slamming. >> my goodness. that was college. that was a long time ago. >> you look just like your youngest daughter. >> you do.
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>> really? >> sierra. >> i see all your daughters. >> you should tell my husband that. he thinks they all look like him. my gosh. it's so much fun to take a look back. >> and you the whole crew moving to colorado, back home. with reso happy for you. of course we will miss you. >> i will miss you like crazy. we saw each other in the make up room. try not to cry. there's a little magic here. it's very rare. >> let's move on. >> take it away. >> all right. okay. let's start with our fobeau with our sutro camera and high above the fog, that sunrise
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this morning. a lovely start to our day. let's show you the temperatures from 59 in concord, 57 in oakland. 58 livermore. san francisco 65, 60 in san jose, a mild start there but check out santa rosa. a chilly start at 48 degrees. looking at 21-mile an hour winds in fairfield with that delta breeze. looking out light conditions at sfo. eight miles an hour. seven in livermore, ten in concord and some gusty conditions to the pass. gusts up to 31 miles an hour. track that on shore flow. that ocean breeze and that is what is keeping the smoke away from us. i'm sure you heard us talk about all of the wildfire -- the wildfire smoke for most of the country they are dealing that. for us here in the bay area with those westerly winds, pushing that smoke to the east. method raid air quality for the coast as well as for the santa clara valley. you can see the westerly winds
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and there we go with that smoke. from burning in -- at least in the sierra. oregon area. you can see all of that smoke in orange and red, yellow across the upper midwest. down through the south as well as for the east. most of the country dealing with hazardous smoke out there and of course we know all about that here in the bay area. that good air quality. as we go hour by hour on future cast you can see clear skies through the afternoon inland and for parts of the bay i think that cloud cover may stick around for you. then as we head through the tonight and into tomorrow we will see that surge of low cloud action and fog. sunset at 8:27. daytime highs for the peninsula looking at 73 in san mateo. 75 for redwood city. south bay upper 70's.
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inland east bay topping out at 86 in concord, pleasant hill. 90 for antioch and brentwood. around the bay, from a cool 61 in san francisco, 60 in daley city. the east bayshore line in eda.p leandro. mid-80s's in santa rosa. 94 for ukia and for lake port. just minor day to day changes for the south bay in san jose. as we look to the inland east bay. little warmer through at least the weekend and north bay as well. stayingcool with the clouds. let's check in with gianna. how is it looking for the bay bridge? it's looking busy. arou 5:4teringtughonjure six have e gh oks crash.
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like it was just a minor fender bender over on the shoulder. not adding to the delays but it's already busy. have you brake lights at least beyond the foot of the maze and the east shore freeway approach starting to slow down. just plan for that as you head out the door. if you are taking 680 just a heads up here. we have slow and go conditions, southbound 680 between washington and mission. this is due to a crash involving a big rig. big rig toppled over. it's on the automall parkway off ramp. no the off ramp is shut down. it is a 26-foot long big rig carrying about nine tons of produce. it'll take time to clear. they will need a heavy duty tow truck. plan for that. use 880 as the alternate. just south of there you may see slowing and we have a crash northbound 680 at that 262 connector. busy ride as you head through the grade and the fremont area this morning.
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super commuters, check out the sensors on the westbound 580 map. you can see a lot of red popping up. 42 anyones 205 to 6840 on that westbound 580 ride. >> thank you. the time is now 6:20. coming up, where it's probably impossible to buy this morning unless you are paying big bucks. this is from the treasure island camera. you can see the bay bridge along with the city of san francisco. we will be right back. 6:20 is the time. and on cbs this morning, gayle king talks to jeff bezos and his brother after their histor
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berkeley is making real estate history in a new situation for the east bay. a new report from ranked berkeley number one on the list of cities that routinely sells the most homes for over asking price in the united states. buyers paying 19% more than the list price. a big reason supply is still super low. >> one berkeley home made national headlines back in march. it sold for a million over asking. the midcentury home received 29 offers in just 11 days. it's located in berkeley and features three bedrooms, two bathrooms, across more than 2400 area feet. it sold for 2.3 million, double the list price. >> that's a lot. another east bay city has
6:25 am
seen short term rental listings fall during the pandemic. the number of listings in oakland fell 40% from may 2020 through march 2021. it's the third biggest drop out of 20 markets analyzed. the time is now 6:25 a critical vote but no answer. how will the a's respond to the city's term? we are live with a councilmember who voted no. and in the next half hour on kpix45 and streaming on cbsn bay area berkeley hoping to fix the housing shortage on campus but opponents say what about us? the controversy for cal next. and a live look outside. that back up on the bay bridge. we have a check on traffic
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just like timmy here. my name's lucas. it sure is bobby. if are you just waking up with us here are your morning headlines. san jose police investigating another crash that killed a pedestrian. it happened overnight. roads reopened about 45 minutes ago after being shut down for hours. this is the 30th traffic death of the year in san jose. live to oakland the battle over the future of the a's not letting up as negotiations over new waterfront ballpark continue. the city council passed a proposal keeping both sides in
6:30 am
the game. the a's president is reviewing the new proposal. a 4.3 quake hit the far northern california coast. it was centered about 30 miles south of eureka. that area is sparsely ted,o rep damage. good morning. it is 6:30 on wednesday, july 21th. >> good morning to you. just a matter of minutes we are live with the oakland city councilmember who was the one no vote on the terms for the a's howard terminal plan. let's get right to mary with a quick check of the forecast. >> good morning. we are looking at temperatures a little cooler for today. that ocean breeze kicking in for us. that on shore flow has returned for the bay area. you can see with the san francisco camera, mark hopkins hotel camera. it's a gray start. low clouds, even a little area of coastal drizzle and high above the fog, just a fantastic wat s this
6:31 am
morning on the sutro camera. as we go through our day we will see the sunshine inland. upper 70's in san jose and the south bay. up land east bay, concord, 90 arou e bay in the 60's. anbreez upper 50's. let's check in with gianna with the traffic. good morning. they are busy especially for that ride along 680. if you are traveling through the grade or into fremont we have a traffic alert in effect. the automall parkway. it's completely shut down for a crash involving a big rig on its side. it's a large truck about 26 feet long and it's carrying nine tons of produce. they are waiting on a heavy duty tow truck. it's causing brake lights on 680 even though all lanes are open. as you work through use 880 as the alternate in the meantime. are working an earlier
6:32 am
crash. thvea live look at los angeles this morning where the governor is set to speak about some new state efforts to address crime and retail theft. they have been rampant. have probably seen the videos of gangs of teens stealing thousands of dollars of goods. walgreens had to close several locations because people would walk in and take whatever they want and target now closing at 6:00 p.m. because of the thefts they have been dealing with in san francisco. we are going to see what the governor has to say about this coming up at 10:30 this morning. we will cover it for you. >> all right. thank you. happening today a big new construction project is expected to be passed in
6:33 am
berkeley. >> but it's controversial because it would remove existing housing. the university is evicting residents of the eight unit rent control building currently on the site. berkeley side it needs the new dorm because cal has the worst housing system with about 40% of students unable to live in berkeley. a protest is planned at the proposed new dorm site. a live look at the big board. stocks opening in the green. you can see the dow up about 145 points or so. the numbers come after stocks surge yesterday make up much of what was lost the day before. a like look at oakland in about two hours the mayor is expected to speak out after the city council voted to move forward on terms for a new ballpark for the a's at howard terminal. >> here is what's at stake in the deal besides the team itself. 35,000 seats for the fans,
6:34 am
3,000 residential units and more than 18 acres of public parkland. the big question is will the a's stay in oakland or will they go? >> the a's. when you were talking about the vote yesterday. were you the one no vote. why? >> i'm an a's fan. i grew up here in oakland, east oakland and valued the team's partnership. my goal is to keep the a's at the coliseum. i think we have all the infrastructure, all the space, all the transportation, and certainly it's the best investment for the citizens of oakland to maintain the a's at the coliseum. i know the issue. there's a term sheet that's been presented to them. they already have said no in many ways. i want to also maintain the coliseum as a possible site.
6:35 am
last night we approved a term sheet for the african american entertainment sports group that has the opportunity to lease or purchase the oakland side of the coliseum. i think that there are many opportunities, i know that the a's keep saying they want a waterfront ballpark. they are want a waterfront ballpark but i don't see waterfront in las vegas. the reality is, you know, 24 is a business by the fisher family. you know trying to make more money and at the same time oakland right now has many emergencies that i need to invest my money to make sure that the streets in oakland are safe, clean, and protect our children and families. that's my ultimate goal. i want the a's in oakland. we have the facility at the coliseum. we can tear down the stadium. we can use that money to rebuild the stadium and certainly the a's could have a greater role because they own half of the coliseum.
6:36 am
so i believe that is the best economic plan, partnership that we can offer for the a's to stay in oakland. >> we have a term sheet on the table as they analyze that how long do you think that process will take? >> you know the a's are pretty much said no to many of the -- what's being proposed. we have to just get down to the point. you want to stay in oakland? are you rooted in oakland? are you committed? oakland? if you are why are you out negotiating with other cities that you want to relocate to? i went through that with the raiders and my goal is to represent the residents of oakland. i have said it to the ownership of the a's that i will do everything possible to keep the a's here in oakland at the cole selfand we have another property that became available where the old raiders training headquarters was there in
6:37 am
alameda. beautiful site. attractive, five minute from the airport and certainly we can incorporate that in our negotiations to keep the a's in oakland. >> you can't help but feel for the fans, sports fans and the residents of oakland seeing the raiders go, seeing the warriors go and now possibly the a's. hopefully it all gets worked out. we really appreciate you coming on the show and talking about it. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. thank you. >> far from over. we will watch and see. the life span for americans is shorter. new government data shows life span in the united states has reached it's lowest levels since 2003 with people living just over ye corovirus dehs ribud most of the cline. the pandemi for some groups more than others. hispanics lost three years, nonhispanic blacks slightly less and nonhispanic whites 1.2 years. one woman lost her father. >> do you think your dad would
6:38 am
still be here if not for coronavirus? >> yes. yes. i do. he was robbed of years of his life. we were robbed of him. >> the life span decline of a year and a half is the biggest one year drop since world war ii. more than 1.5 million children of worldwide lost a parent or grandparent due to correspondx. the study called it an overlooked consequence of the pandemic. researchers say the loss of a caregiver is linked to increased substance abuse and mental or behavioral issues. this morning friends and family of a missing bay area runner are holding out hope that he will be found even though police called off the search. >> now his wife is speaking out as the search for her husband enters the second week. >> we think he is still out there. we are not sure where. we don't know where. that's why we are asking everybody to help us look. >> his car was found at a
6:39 am
trail head on pleasanton ridge where he was set to go on a run on july 10th. his family believes he may have traveled as far south as heyward. happening today harvey weinstein is back in california to face more charges. he faces nearly a dozen counts involving five women. he maintains they were all consensual. is he already serving a 23 year sentence. the time is now 6:39. debris from the condo collapse in florida nearly cleared out. the new pictures. and coming up, a key infrastructure vote happening this morning on capitol hill but will a deal be reached? we are live. and the market just opened about ten minutes ago. let's take another check on that big board.
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the time is 6:43. a like look from the mark hopkins camera this morning. new, we are getting new images of the scene that have collapsed condo in surfside. >> take a look at the photographs. you can see what was once a towering pile of debris is now nearly an empty pit. nearly 22 million pounds of debris have been cleared since the collapse on june 24th. since then 97 bodies have been recovered. time now for your money watch report. a vote on capitol hill. diane king hall. first, how is the dow looking? >> good morning.
6:44 am
well, markets are recovering more ground today with trades underway. the dow is rallying 210 points over in the tech sector gains there. s&p500 gained two. ? a bipartisan bill would allow debate to start. republicans have indicated they plan to block the debate because they don't know enough about what's in the bill. >> all right. diane king hall. thank you. we appreciate it. time for a look at what's >>ony sonow from mng. >> hey michelle. good morning. ahead on cbs this morning the interview with jeff and mark bezos. why jeff thinks his work could
6:45 am
eventually help tackle pollution on earth. and florida senator marco ru bio talks about the surge in coronavirus and the protest in cuba. also nine time olympic medalist allison felix joins us. how she is using her voice to create change and financial security for moms like her in sports. that's coming up at seven. i gather it's your last day and you are going to colorado. congratulations. we will miss you. >> thank you so much. thank you. that means so much. i'm staying with cbs. i'm staying with in the family and i'm excited. >> that's what i heard. are you still in the family. >> yes. >> are you still in the family. >> for sure. i appreciate it and tell everybody i said hi. especially gayle. my bff. >> thank you. good to see you. see you at seven. >> all right. >> yeah. it's the last day. it's a tough one. it's a tougonm moving back home colorado. we are excited about that. >> as we say good-bye to you or see you later. >> see you later. >> we want to time at kpix
6:46 am
through the years. >> let's do it. >> let's do . welcome. >> thank you so much. my first day in. >> yeah. fresh from i-80 driving denver. we are thrilled to have you. >> good morning everybody. it's monday, july 19th. >> good morning everybody. it's tuesday, july 20th. >> napa city council will vote on new limits on water use amid a worsening drought. the dixie fire is threatening two communities about 30 miles north of paradise. the deadly wine country wildfires hit a year ago today. >> thank you so much for coming and waking up this morning. we will get you some coffee. >> happy birthday. >> thank you. >> eat a piece of cake for me.
6:47 am
>> penny taught me how to say happy birthday in chinese. >> pretty good. >> if i could get them a ticket to the super bowl. >> you have >> what kind of power do you have? >> you have connections. >> let me hit him. i still think it was a good pass and i did that in heels, thank you very much. >> i have a miami shirt and it's super bowl liv right there. i'm representing. >> the stage is set. everybody is ready to go. its being filled. the seats being filled. >> who was bronco sweats on right now? >> nobody. >> my co anchor. >> i was going to take it home to my husband. >> it's for me. >> give your best friday face. >> 3, 2, 1. >> lalala. >> sorry. sorry. sorry. unprofessional. >> good afternoon. thank you for joining us. >> we love each other.
6:48 am
we hung out over the weekend. it was so much fun. >> just went by so fast. i had such a good time. i ha had many ng . rst of al at hairstyles. >> you have. >> and colors. >> change overred years. the outfits changed a little bit. >> rocked all the looks. >> you did. >> thank you for that video. this is -- you know it's tough for me to say good-bye because we have so much fun. i mean we just saw how much fun we have. >> we are a family. >> some of that stuff was not on air. just so you know. >> be very clear. >> like the songs. >> i don't know if we have time but i want to say that i love this team so much. everybody in the control room.
6:49 am
the directors, christian, mike, simon, paco, mateo, the floor director is matt but i call him mateo, mary, lyn, gianna and katelyn, hailey, molley, emily, everybody. >> that's a long list. >> it's a long list. i love you so much and i have had such a great time. nearly a decade here. >> we love you so much. we wish you the best and we will remain family and friends. take it away. >> so hard. >> hard. >> get the tissues out. >> we love you so much. i can't believe this is your last day. we are friends for life. friends forever. >> all right. let's get to the weather here and we have a beautiful sun up for you with our weather. we have that classic bay area ns hotel ou camera those gray skies, low clouds and areas of fog and abo the fog a pretty view there.
6:50 am
we are looking at 59. oakland at 57. livermore 58. san francisco 55. san jose at a mild 60 degrees and a chilly 48 in santa rose a. you can see a big temperature spread this morning already. as we go through our day we are going to see temperatures slightly cooler and i will show you this in just a moment. wind speeds eight miles an hour. looking at ten in concord and 21 in fairfield. here is what you can expect. low clouds, areas of fog and patchy coastal drizzle this morning with that on shore flow. more of that normal july weather pattern for us in the bay area. slightly cooler temperatures as we go through the afternoon. minor day today to day changes. we are looking at that weather pattern stick around for us as we go through the end of the week. temperatures staying close to average. as we take you hour by hour on future cast.
6:51 am
that low cloud action and that strong ocean breeze. as we look to the daytime highs for the peninsula, at 73 in san mateo. 75 in redwood city. for the 78. in san jose, for the inland east bay. from 86 concord and pleasant hill. 90 in antioch and brentwood. mid to upper 70's. a cool day around the bay. 60 in daley city. mid-60s's for the east bayshore line. oakland and san leandro. woe are talking upper 70's to low to mid-80s's. and mid-90s in ukia and for lake port. there we go with the extended forecast. san francisco and oakland. you can see temperatures just slightly warmer by the end of week. inland. by the end of the workweek in to the weekend. few more clouds streaming in by
6:52 am
the end of the weekend into early next week. the north bay as well and staying cool at the coast with the clouds in the mid to upper 50's. let's check in with gianna. still track that big rig crash. yeah. delays growing along 680. this hb 680 atautoll paway. that's where the off ramp is shut down. it's carrying about nine tons of produce. they are need a heavy duty tow truck. in the meantime no lanes on 680 are blocked. look at the red on the sensors. it's slow and go. probably due to people trying to exit off the freeway. since it's blocked we are looking for a different option. 880 may be the best bet to avoid the brake lights as you work out of the grade in to the fremont area this morning. 26 minutes at last check was your travel time to go south 680 down to about 237. plan for that this morning if you are taking 680. again that off ramp to automall parkway is closed. all that produce.
6:53 am
that big rig trailer ended up on its side. we have a crash at 262 mission boulevard. that its been out for some time. bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights turned on just before six. it's back to busy, we have brake lights off the east shore freeway. looks like delays as far back as the foot of the maze with the slowest approach being 840 and still about 44 minutes for your travel time. westbound 580 from 205 toward 680 for that ride in to the pass. a little windy as well so be careful. the portion between antioch and the east shore. we have brake lights between pittsburgh and bay point. connecting onto 242 we are starting to see a slow ride southbound as you work toward 680. a new crash just in to the traffic center northbound 101 at coyote creek drive. two left lanes are blocked traffic is backed up into san martin. that's a look at your morning ride. time now is 6:53.
6:54 am
one of the greatest places in aprently. >> whthe
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if there were a button that would help you use less energy, breathe cleaner air, and even take on climate change... would you press it?
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take age live look at the coliseum this morning where the a's are fight over a new ballpark. in about an hour and a half we will hear from the may ear of oakland about all of this. the city council passed the proposal last night for a new complex. more than 18 acres of public parkland but still some sticking points as to who would pay for what. the a's new deciding is if there is a reason to keep negotiating. the mior has been optimistic. as we take a look at the roadway, that off ramp is still
6:58 am
blocked off. the south bay camera. the mount hamilton cam a. beautiful blue skies as we start off the day in the south bay and here say live look with the sutro cam a. you can see that fog rolling in. a really pretty view this morning. we have low clouds, areas of fog and patchy drizzle along the coast this morning. that strongo shore flow. temperatures will be cooler compared to yesterday and a few degrees below average. inland with the sun. upper 70's. that sea breeze in the 60's and we are looking at upper 50's, cool, cloudy and breezy along the coast. back to you. >> all right. thank you. we all think the bay area is great. now one town is being called one of the greatest and he and. >> time magazine revealing it's 100 greatest places in the world and on that list, napa valley. time said the area's road to
6:59 am
recovery following devastating wildfires and the pandemic demonstrates napa valley's resilence. other spots include a town in portugal that's home to the longest suspension bridge and antartica. >> you aren't going that far. >> i am not. >> you are moving away to colorado. going back home to denver. >> yes. going back to my hometown. i'm staying with cbs so i'm so happy about that. i'm so sad and leaving all of you. is that carla? >> that is. she snuck in. >> sorry. i just saw her. she is one of our directors and i love everybody here. this really is a family and i said this over and over again. this is not happen very often in this business. our friendship with all of us and i just love you. you all are the best. >> yeah. we love you too. >> only you could maeyes sweat on live television. goodness. >> you know its pay back for
7:00 am
making me cry all morning long. >> are you welcome. thank you for watching. >> thank you. good morning in the west. good morning we welcome you to "cbs this morning" on wednesday, july 21st, 2021. anthony mason, i'm gayle king. tony is still a baby leave. jeff bezos says his trip is the beginning of a much bigger adventure. what he and his brother mark told us after the flight, seen by critics as a distraction from problems here on earth. >> breaking overnight, flash floods turn deadly inn colorado with torrents destroying homes. how many people escaped with just moments to spare. >> we are in tokyo, with the new uncertainty over the olympic games, as positive covid cases continue to rise. see how the organizers are trying to keep everyone


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