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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  July 20, 2021 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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at evening, i'm elizabeth cook. >> and allen martin in for ken bastida tonight. a change in plans now, as apple was gearing up to welcome back workers. here's why -- covid cases across california are on the rise. in just the last month, the state apps positivity rate jumped from 1% to 4.2%. kpix 5 apps len ramirez in cupertino, where apple is reportedly postponing its return to office plans. >> that's right. apple had a pretty conservative plan to begin with. it wasn't planning to bring employees back to its cupertino main campus here until at least september, but now with this covid surge, they're pushing it back at least a month. >> reporter: apple's gigantic so-called spaceship campus no -teto loomeven ll workers. around campus, mostly security people and a few tourists were visible, but very few employees, and according to bloomberg news, the company is pushing back return to office plans from september to october because of rising covid cases. >> there was a new kind of virus called delta.
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>> reporter: o chin wong doesn't work for apple. he runs a small financial services startup, but his 15 employee company is dealing with the same is tech giant. >> we are supposed to be back on july 1st, and we postponed the back to office plan until three months later, october or november 1st. >> reporter: google planned to bring 60% of its workers back for a few days a week, beginning in september, but now the timeline is in question as the company monitors what it calls a dynamic situation. >> we are not planning on changing our plans. >> reporter: meantime, the city of san jose is moving ahead to gradually bring back 6000 city employees and reopen city hall on august 2nd. >> not ever but he is going to be coming back and working five days a week. >> reporter: this week the county of santa clara brought back many of its 22,000 employees who were still
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working from home. >> we prepared by getting ascertainment of every employee's vaccination status. >> reporter: ceo dr. jeff smith says over 90% of county workers are vaccinated, and everyone must be masked in all public areas of county buildings. but many public and private company employees are in no rush to return to the office. >> their productivity is way up, so they've been able to work from home successfully, and we really want to push employers like the county in that direction. >> lynn, is it all in the numbers as to whether the county might rethink its back to the office directive? >> they are going to be looking very closely at one specific set of numbers. if they start seeing any crossover. in other words, if vaccinated people start getting infected with covid, that would set off alarm bells, and they would obviously then have to rethink their plan. but it doesn't look like we are there at this point, and let's hope that never happens.
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>> looking at those breakthrough cases, as they call it. all right, len. thanks so much. a live look at oakland where the city is playing hardball on the a's new stadium. city council through in its own pitch for the new ballpark, but it might not be enough to keep the team rooted in oakland. kpix 5 apps kenny choi reports on how fans are reacting to the big boat . >> the mayor insists that the two sides are very close. the city council apps votes today doesn't necessarily mean that a ballpark will be built, but it essentially gives the green light for the city to continue negotiations with the a's. but the a's president sees today's developments in a very different way. one of the major developments from this morning, the city promising the a's franchise a developer won't be responsible for the projected $352 million for off-site transportation infrastructure costs, but the city also bumped up its demand today from 30% to 35% of all units to be built as affordable housing as part of the project. >> we are very close. the primary difference is that oakland is standing firm on community benefits and the sources for funding them.
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>> the current term sheet as it's constructed, and with its current language, is not a business partnership that works for us. >>to fans today, who are hopeful, but realize the team's future is in jeopardy. >> if i could do anything to stop them from going, i'd definitely vote or whatever i got to do to keep them here in oakland. >> of course we don't want them to move. that's been a big part of our lives, memories-what, i'm not going to cry. >> the a's need to remain in oakland, like they stay rooted in oakland. they need to figure out a way to keep this team here. look at all these people here hanging out. we love the a's. we've been fans, win or lose, rain or shine, we can't afford to lose another team here in the bay area. >> the mayor insists that the city is eager to continue talks
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with the a's but the a's haven't made any comments or commitments about continuing negotiations at this point, instead saying they are analyzing some of the amendments the city proposed today for the first time. and before today's meeting, caddell had already announced that the franchise had made plans to visit las vegas, to explore other options this week. you spoke to some of the union workers at the port today. what did they have to say about today's developments? >> we spoke to the east oakland stadium alliance. they are the group that's representing some of the businesses in this area, as well as some of the port of oakland workers and some of the unions, and they are saying that this project would disrupt operations at the port and threaten jobs, and simply saying that this proposed project by the oakland a's simply doesn't make sense for the port of oakland and the unions there. we covered the city council ballpark vote and the mayor's response live on cbsn bay area. you can watch 24/7 streaming on or on the kpix 5
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news app. new at 6:00, friends and family of a missing runner from pleasanton are refusing to give up, even though law enforcement have called off their search for the man. kpix 5 apps andriali pleasaon more >> they are still holding out hope that philip kreycik is still alive and they are expanding the search area, saying it's very likely he's no longer in the pleasanton ridge area, that this area has been exhausted by searchers. >> we are all baffled that we haven't found anything yet, not even a trace, like a piece of clothing or a shoelace, or anything. >> reporter: but as philip kreycik's wife, jenny dow, speaking about the search for her husband that is well into its second week. his car was found at a trailhead on pleasanton ridge, where he was set to go for a run on july 10th. he never returned to his car.
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because philip ran ultra marathons and has wilderness experience, his father thinks it's possible he's made it out e ng that we think now. he could've gone a long, long distance, so even if you're living in an area where you say, he could never have made it 20 miles over here in the time period that we are talking about, it would've been very easy for him to get 20 miles away from the center of town. >> they're asking people to be on the lookout for someone who is disoriented, and to check ring cameras and out holdings, and often parks, to see if he's there. philip his father to a three- year-old boy and a 10-month-old girl. jen has tried to explain his absence. >> i said that he probably had a long run, he may be lost, but we and so many other people are helping to look for him. >> reporter: jen, who met philip at mit, said he loves walks and cooking for his family. >> he truly finds joy in just the simple things, like looking out off of our window at the
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sunset and post meal, to look at it, -- >> jen said she is focusing on moving forward minute to minute, caring for her children and continuing the search for her husband, the family thinks he could be as far south as a word, perhaps even make it to the iron horse trail, and perhaps all the way even back to berkeley because he may be just confused or disoriented at this point. >> it's just break and what she has to tell those kids. just heartbreaking for everybody. andrea, thanks. now to some dramatic video out of hayward. it shows a police officer pulled a man out of a burning car. take a look. >> get out, get out, get out! >> it happened last month. officers responded to reports of a car fire, and when they arrived, they found a man asleep in the parked car while
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flames shot out of the hood of that car. the officer was able to pull him to safety. > n they were one rt driving ended up in a pool. chopper 5 flying over the scene. this happened near fruitvale and cherry avenue just around 1:30. no word on what happened before the crash, but as you can see, the pool is next to a parking lot, and a mangled fence can also be seen in the water. fire crews say no one was in the pool at the time. an east bay deputy accused of shooting and killing a man will stand trial on voluntary manslaughter charges. danville officer andrew hall is charged with killing vladimir arbil ada in november of 2018. today a judge that a jury should decide whether hall was acting in self-defense. police say arbil ada stole a car and drove it at the officers, causing hall to shoot into the car 10 times. the judge's ruling comes just
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four months after hall shot and killed another man. in march hall responded to reports of a man throwing rocks on highway 680. officers say tyrol wilson approached paul with a knife before the officer shot him. that shooting is still under investigation. in today's case, the judge dismissed a charge of assault ú officer hall. he's going to be back in court next month. still ahead on kpix 5 and cbsn bay area, the big changes coming to sonoma county fire departments just as wildfire season begins to heat up. >> speaking of wildfires, wait until you see where all that smoke is going, and if you look outside, it's a begins. not the bay area. mark was the bay area city just ranked among the greatest laces in the world. the fog is making its return to downtown san francisco but still some fog peeking through for the moment. track that fog as it makes
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welcome back. i'm brian hackney in the newsroom. sonoma county will consolidate its firefighting services, helping to make things a little more efficient. county supervisors passed a motion to combine 29 departments across nine cities, down to 18 fire departments. there will also be six municipal departments and 12
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fire protection district. most of the county's smaller fire departments are short staffed and underfunded, and the goal here is to reduce overhead costs and to coordinate firefighters across the county. >> making sure that we are all working together, that we are not a bunch of fiefdoms, some of which have the money they need, some of which don't. let's keep going in this direction where we are working together for the common good of everybody in the county. >> the county still needs to negotiate agreements among the fire agencies. they are planning to use money from both sales and hotel taxes to help cover up to $8 million in consolidation cost. the board is also working on a ballot measure to increase the sales tax for fire protection, and that could come before voters next year. a similar measure failed back in 2020. on fire watch, the state will now be getting help from fema to battle a massive wildfire near paradise. federal funds will be used to combat the dixie fire burning
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in butte and plumas counties. the fire has grown to nearly 60,000 acres and is 15% contained. meanwhile, we are getting a firsthand look at the conditions firefighters are facing south of lake tahoe. take a look at these flames from the tamarack fire, engulfing all of the brush and trees. the fire is burning nearly 40,000 acres there and threatening hundreds of homes. >> it's a total loss. you just have to walk away like they ask you to, so that's been the hardest thing. seeing all the power lines completely exploded and down, not very hopeful for anything coming to them anytime soon. back in the bay area, firefighters battled a brush fire in san jose this afternoon. these flames broke out about 3:00 p.m. at the corner of jackson street near watson park. a nearby homeless encampment was evacuated. no structures were threatened nor reports of any injuries,
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but there was a tense situation in solano county after a fire erupted today near the lmu complex burn scar. for the second year in a row a two-mile stretch of homes and buildings was evacuated in vacaville. crews were able to get those flames under control within about an hour. the fire spread to 30 acres. all the evacuation orders have now been lifted. taking a live look outside, back here at home so far we've been spared from any of that smoke drifting into the bay area, but where is it all going? >> here's an answer, show you the statue of liberty barely visible through the haze of that smoke. the plume is traveling nearly 3000 miles east, causing an air quality advisory for the entire state of new york. to the drought emergency now, a meeting to discuss water shortage regulations in napa city has just resumed. the council is recommending an urgent ordinance demanding the community reduce their water usage by 20%. we'll keep an eye on this meeting and bring you details as they come in. >> we are in dire straits,
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paul, but our overnight low is deceiving. a little chilly at night, which actually helps with the fire threat locally. the cooler our temperatures get overnight, the more the humidity goes. and even if we are not getting any actual moisture other than some patchy drizzle, the plants will breathing some of that humidity overnight, and at least not dry out entirely. we'll take what we can get. areas of low cloud cover and fog again with that patchy drizzle possible along the coast, but otherwise just more normal july weather, maybe a couple degrees below average tomorrow and again on thursday. but minor, day-to-day changes, even once we warm up a little but as we head into the weekend . it's just going to be back to almost exactly normal for the middle of july. looking outside right now, plenty of sunshine from this perspective. all the fog is behind the camera, temperatures stand in the 60s around the bay, 60 in san francisco and 65 in oakland, 70s in san jose, still
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73 degrees, same as last hour with 80s farther inland, but 80s in july, not going to complain about that. we are well short of 90 degrees for the warmest spots. 86 degrees right now in concord. 71 degrees in menlo park, which is where we find shadow for this evening's dog walking forecast, or fetching forecast as the case may be. nothing heavier than a dog with a ball. >> translator: are going to steadily drop down as we head through this evening but menlo park in the shadow of the coastal hills not going to see too much of that fog spreading in during the evening hours. overnighting tomorrow morning that might sneak in. it is a bit breezy out there. the strongest gusting the 25 to 35 mile an hour range along the coast. further inland those wins aren't quite a strong and they should relax as we head into tonight but they're not going to stop entirely. the wind is stirring the atmosphere around as we head into early tomorrow morning and that onshore breeze is still going to be with us tomorrow,
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straight from the west to the golden gate and kind of spreading out into the inland valleys. not sure what happened to our data there but trust there will still be wind tomorrow afternoon. let's take a look at the visibility's. that's going to be a concern around the bay and even spreading a little ways into the inland valleys tomorrow morning, but it backs up quickly already by 10:00 a.m. forecast models indicating unobstructed visibility's for san francisco, so that's a rapid diminishing friend to the fog. we'll see if it actually happens that fast. temperatures tomorrow start off in the 50s across the board and then we start to warm up once the fog dissipates. temperatures around the bay will start to improve, topping out in the upper 50s along the coast with temperatures in san francisco making it up just to around four barely above 60 degrees. mid to upper 60s for the east bay, upper 70s for the santa clara valley, 70s for san jose with 80s farther into the santa clara valley, and low to mid 80s for the north bay, and mid to upper 80s for the east bay. we get out of the way, show you the seven-day forecast. temperatures to warm up a little bit friday and saturday, continuing into early next week. we just got to wobble around by a degree or two each day. no major changes day to day, a little more cloud cover ever had by monday and tuesday. same thing for inland parts of the east bay and the north bay as well, and along the coast. the gray skies tough to shake
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and temperatures barely approaching 60 degrees. we'll zoom in for a closer look at tomorrow's temperatures at 7:00. cbs evening news is coming. >> here is norah o'donnell with a preview. >> coming up after kpix 5 news at 6:00, busting that back to school budget. why are prices for clothes and school supplies skyrocketing? we've got that and more news tonight right here on the cbs evening news. clearly it's a bonding moment for the two of you. did you have a moment with the two of you up there? >> we did. we had a couple of those moments. we had about 25 minutes on the ground with the crew capsule sealed, so it's just the four of us in there, and my brother and i, we picked seats so that we could see each other from our seats, so we could look over, and we did. we had some really good, quality time there. also on the cbs evening news, cbs this morning's gayle king sits down for an exclusive one-on-one with jeff bezos and > sprother following t brady returned to the white house. >> you understand that, mr. president? >> i understand that.
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>> the a's may not have shovels in the ground for the stadium, but they have brooms in their hands for the sweep. frankie montas trying to figure out who would hit the first
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home run. how about that man, matt olson? his second straight day with a home run. a's up 1-0. plenty of otani fans at the coliseum today. but there would be no showtime. kaprielian, seven strikeouts in six shutout innings. bottom six, ramon laureano, the big three run jack last night, says fill it up with chevron today, drives in one. angels missed the cut off man, allowing olson to score. a's win 6-0, they're 9-3 against the angels this season. wilson made his big debut earlier this month after nine seasons in the minor leagues. today the 31-year-old got his first career base hit. but wilson wasn't the only athletic struggling to put that moment into words. >> to go out and get the first hit out of the way, words don't
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really describe the feeling that you get from that. >> it's just a really special moment to see somebody like that come up here and get that knock. sorry, i'm -- really happy for pretty cool. this is, too. giants minor league player drew robinson played his final game with sacramento today. went out on a high note last night. this incredible catch. robinson, who survived a suicide attempt in 2020, is retiring, and will join the giants front office as an advocate for mental health. you don't need to ask aaron rodgers how disappointed he is to still be a green bay packer. rogers reportedly turned down a contract extension that would have made him the highthe nfl.
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and tom brady and the bucks back at the white house today. it was brady's first visit since w was in the oval office. he used one of his really low points last season to relate to president biden. >> we had a game in chicago where i forgot what down it was. i lost track of one down in 21 years of playing, and they started calling me sleepy tom. why would they do that to me? >> brady also said, 40% of those polled say that tampa bay buccaneers did not win the super bowl. >> oh, come on! >> everybody had a good sense of humor about it. it's good. >> good stuff. and i like they both had aviator glasses on. >> very cool. >> very presidential. thank you, dennis. up next, why you don't have to go far
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emergency planning for kids. we can't predict when an emergency will happen. so that's why it's important to make a plan with your parents. here are a few tips to stay safe. know how to get in touch with your family. write down phone numbers for your parents, siblings and neighbors. pick a place to meet your family if you are not together and can't go home. remind your parents to pack an emergency supply kit. making a plan might feel like homework, but it will help you and your family stay safe during an emergency.
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new at 6:00, we all know the bay area is great, but now one town in particular is being called one of the greatest laces on earth. time magazine unveiling it's 100 greatest places in the world, and on that list, napa valley. more of an area than a town but time says the area's road to recovery following devastating wildfires in the pandemic demonstrate napa valley's resilience and trademark hospitality. >> they had to rebuild after the earthquake in 2014, so they've been on that road to
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recovery for a while. >> federalist community, no doubt. thank you for watching at 6:00. the news continues streaming on cbsn bay area. you can find it on the kpix captioning sponsored by cbs captioning sponsored by cbs ♪ >> o'donnell: tonight, mission accomplished: jeff bezos launches into space in the first unpiloted fully civilian sub orbital flight, ushering in a new era of space tourism. t >> two, one... >> o'donnell: the world's richest man becomes an astronaut. >> best day ever! >> o'donnell: the ten-minute historic flight, exactly 52 years after the apollo 11 moon mission. how the moon landing inspired a 5-year-old bezos, and what's next for blue origin. plus gayle king sits down with the billionaire and his brother. summer surge: alarming news tonight that the delta variant accounts for more than 80% of new covid cases, and the new study about the effectiveness of


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