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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  July 17, 2021 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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we do have a red flag warning tomorrow in the bay area, for a possibility of lightning. but i've got good news, coming up. the massive growth of a fire raging tonight in the sierra. will smoke make it into the bay area? and violence in oakland spills over into chinatown. how citizens have had enough and what they are doing about it tonight. and another sign of the times, a major league baseball game tonight is stopped because of gun violence. we began in the bay area where electrifying weather may be on the way, but what it might spark wouldn't make a
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dent in the drought. >> a red flag warning is coming up. it has got nothing to do with hot weather. >> the possibility for dry lightning tomorrow. memory is so fresh from what happened last august, this will be nothing like that. that was totally over-the-top. what is coming our way tomorrow will be far more tame between 5:00 in the evening and monday 5:00 in the evening. it's only a 20% chance of dry lightning. which means the lightning bolt reaches the ground, but the rain evaporates before it gets here. if you look at where the red flag warning's are the same timeframe, it is only in the mountains. the elevations that are lower enough to have been under the influence of the marine layer, enough humidity down here the fuels, grasses, twigs aren't as
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dry as they are at higher elevations. that's really the reason why we are talking about this. this possible lightning given tomorrow, coming from the desert southwest, is kind of run-of-the-mill. it's the fact we are so dry here , that's why this is a big deal. we are going to look at this and i will timeout the specifics in just a bit. notes where wildfire burning south of lake tahoe tonight. exploding in size, in just three hours. it is the tamarack fire. it has burned more than 21,000 acres and more than 100 firefighters are rushing to contain the flames. the fire was to 6600 acres and has nearly tripled in size since then. only three homes are reported to have been destroyed. evacuation orders are in the town of markleeville. these photos are from lake tahoe with the big cloud of smoke at the north shore.
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and the dixie fire in butte county has spread to more than 39 square miles in the feather river canyon area near paradise, which was decimated by the camp fire in 2018. evacuations are underweight in a wilderness recreation area and a warning for residents. california says the blaze is 5% contained. foot traffic is way down in chinatown this weekend and it may have to do with two recent attacks against asians. >> reporter: even before these two latest robberies, oakland chinatown turns into a ghost town after 5:00. some restaurants will stay open, but most places are closed after 5:00. that's because a lot of
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shoppers don't feel safe after a certain time and don't want to get robbed. with the thursday and friday robberies a lot more people are staying away. the co-owner of new cold metal restaurant is trying to restore safety and confidence. they installed eight cameras outside and more inside. but also added more exterior lighting. >> we have a lot of cameras. >> reporter: was worse than car break-ins are the violent robberies targeting shoppers. >> a lot may be afraid to come out. >> reporter: the thursday and friday robberies happened at ninth and harris streets. >> it's very scary. >> reporter: many people witnessed the robberies. one man who tried to stop it was pistol whipped. >> we come in pairs, carry pepper spray and my girlfriend
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has a stun gun and or had his own swivel. >> constantly. >> turning and spinning. rresi and shoppers feel sa, y am c at businesses, free of charge. on saturday she teamed up with magnolia minimart and small businesses to fund raise. >> yes there was the support of small vendors, but we are here to support the community. it is a win-win for all of us. >> we have a lot of people that came out today. i'm so grateful. the community is amazing. >> you have any idea how many cameras they are trying to install in chinatown? >> reporter: roughly 25 cameras. keep in mind there are already a lot of cameras. these 25 will be placed according to the organizers,
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strategically around chinatown. >> got it, thank you. asian american business leaders, celebrities, journalists and political figures are responding to the rise in anti-asian hate crimes. tonight they launched a new bay area job called stand with asian americans. organizers say events like this that help bring change. >> we are not just names and signatures, we are people with stories. how do we get together across the u.s. and start telling our story to ultimately end hate crime? >> among the guest speakers state attorney general rob bonta, facebook executive eric noda and are very young kpix5 reporter betty yu. in san mateo troops took to the streets today. they mobilized in safety onn ian wo wh walk
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they want all seniors to feel safe when they step outside. >> nobody should be having that feeling, to prevent them from doing that. it's so important for them to feel the vibrancy to go out and socialize and go about their daily lives. >> organizers handed out personal safety kits that included whistles and fijian sirens. they plan to make 10,000 more to distribute. a scary moment at the nationals and padres game in washington, d.c. today. a shooting outside the stadium caused fans to exit their seats. we can see some exiting the stands and some staying inside. washington, d.c. police say four people were shot outside the park. >> we thought it was fireworks at first.
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a couple people started running. then as he saw more and more people running we heard more shots and we realized it was real. everyone started ducking for cover. >> a message on the scoreboard initially told the fans to stay put, but later told them to evacuate the stadium. more than two dozen police cars, ambulances and fire engines responded to the scene. the washington nationals game against the san diego padres has been postponed until tomorrow. now the fight against coronavirus. new mask mandates popping up because of an increase in cases. local health officials announced new recommendations in at least seven bay area counties and the city of berkeley recommending everyone wear a mask indoors regardless of vaccination status. >> we will see news from
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counties and have to follow that. other than that i'm not going to force people to wear the mask while they are indoors dining and drinking. >> they are doing that because there is a pretty good rise in the number of covid cases. mostly among the vaccinated. and because of the rise of the delta variant. taking a live look at lax, where a new county mandate there requiring people to mask up goes into effect at midnight tonight. the mandate is for people who are both vaccinated and unvaccinated. again, this is los angeles. the move comes as every state across the nation reports covid- 19 numbers rising. a disturbing pattern fueled mostly by the contagious variant. >> the vaccines are still very, very effective in preventing disease. we've got to get people vaccinated. these are life-saving interventions. >> the cdc says unvaccinated
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americans are driving the spike in the cases of covid-19. the unvaccinated people account for nearly all of the deaths and almost all new hospitalizations. and next, it is one thing to ride a coaster, another to climb it. were called for park visitors to evacuate. a federal judge says the dream is over for countless immigrant children brought into the u.s., contrary to law. and we tell you how bad the drought is by showing you what they are doing
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♪ we have new video out of los angeles. it shows the moments a man climbs a 300 foot roller coaster . this is playing out at knotts berry farm, just before 9:00 tonight. the park was evacuated from the area around the supreme scream roller coaster. the man eventually climbed down and was taken away in an ambulance. not far away, demonstrators gathered outside disneyland in anaheim today. some former employees say they are still unemployed annt to go back to the magic kingdom. >> enough with the corporate greed. it's important these workers have their seniority ri able to
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their feet. >> 28,000 workers were laid off when the park closed more than a year ago, and thousands more were furloughed. disneyland says it is bringing hundreds of cast members back every week and continues to pay benefits to furloughed workers. disney released a statement saying it has been bargaining with the group. we will have a long history of successful negotiations and we will have conversations to reach a fair and direct wettable agreement. taking a look at the white house right now, president biden is deeply disappointed with a federal judge in texas who ruled the 2012 daca program is unconstitutional. today daca recipients and supporters gathered in washington, d.c. to protest yesterday's ruling. daca stands for deferred action for childhood arrivals. the program protects and documented immigrants from
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deportation if they were brought to the united states as children. >> while i may have daca, for the time being , this is not the reality for my parents, who always carry the fear of essentially being targeted by immigration. it's not enough for just me to have permanent protection. my parents deserve citizenship too. >> yesterday's ruling called for the government to close daca to all new applicants. president biden says the u.s. justice department plans to appeal. the late congressman john lewis was remembered today. it's the one year anniversary for his death. ceremonies were held to honor the late georgia representative . the civil rights icon died last year at the age of 80, after battling pancreatic cancer. back in the bay area the iron house sanitary district hosted the opening of its recycled water fill station. community members were given tips on how to conserve water. you can see people filling up
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water tanks with gallons of the recycled water. >> they asked us to cut back 15% and we have done probably 25% and our landscaping started to suffer. why not but the recycled water to use? our garden is loving it. >> recycled water is free for oakley and bethel island residents. neighboring communities are welcome to sign up for the service, but for a fee. we have just the man with weather coming in. >> we start out with a story you guys were talking about earlier, the tamarack fire. it is burning near the small town of markleeville. the smoke , the plume is so large you couldn't miss it on the satellite today. we've gotten to that part of the fire season where there are fires putting out enormous plumes of smoke visible from space. that's the tamarack fire.
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today the air-quality is fine at tahoe, but they definitely saw the smoke. the question is, how long before we start to see the smoke at home? the good , with the wins going, in our favor, you can see everything is getting pushed off the other way. there are file complexes burning. that tamarack is just the most recent one. you can follow this into oregon and the same story applies. let's talk about this red flag warning, the possibility for lightning strikes tomorrow. here is where it's coming from. that is the summer monsoon, the show was thunderstorms that happens every year in the desert southwest. totally normal. also totally normal, every once in a while those thunderstorms will get pushed far enough west they come to california. tomorrow will be the first day of the season that that happens.
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i mentioned i had good news in regards to the forecast tomorrow. watch what happens to those thunderstorms. they are playing our way. stopper there. as we get into the afternoon they are really stretched out. the way the winds have changed, it wants to pull some of the action further off the coast. which means it spreads out whatever thunderstorm energy there is. which means, now, we've got a better chance that they will miss us as a comes across northern california tomorrow. that's what it looks like by the time we get into the afternoon. this is when we get into the heart of the red flag warning. notice most of the actions of the sierra- this is tomorrow. this is just one forecast run on this. it's not going to look exactly like this tomorrow. it's not like we are going to a thunderstorm near livermore at exactly 7:00. this is a good representation
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of what it will look like. there is not a lot to it. this is good news. again, remember, it says so much more about how dry the landscape is. we only need one stray strike of haveg problem on our hands. that's why we have the problem on our hands. but thunderstorms coming our way are not a big deal. there some lightning off in the distance. not this year. this year it's a much bigger deal. morning lows for tomorrow go into the low 50s. the demise of to what they did today. in case you didn't notice today, we started a warm-up. we went up about 10 degrees for a lot of inland locations. it's part of the same pattern tied into the center of high- pressure driving the storms our way. was squashed to the marine layer today. didn't get far enough inland,
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as it had. tomorrow will be just like that . we will be in the mid-70s for many communities in the bay. low 80s, mid-80s in santa rosa. wave that san francisco, oakland and san jose first. we will fill everybody else in, and the second. let's get the three major committees. look at the difference from the mid-60s and 70s in san francisco to around 80 and san jose. if we look at this a slightly different way let's take inland eastland here. think inland contra costa, inland alameda county, that's your line. this would be more like santa rosa's numbers. you can see there are significant enough differences. it is worth pointing that out, when you do a seven day like this. at the beach, this is the way it has looked for the last several months in the way i will look for the next several months. as i used to say in the 1970s, it's not just one sports
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segment, wo! both bay area big leaguer's stubbed their toe, but did it hurt them? in the big picture, where did the giants and a's stand headed to sunday?
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♪ ♪ ♪ hey google, turn up the heat. ♪ ♪ ♪ receive a chargepoint home flex charger or a public charging credit. see your volvo retailer for details. baseball up top. i will give you the good news, because that's the kind of guy i am. the giants still have the best record in all of baseball. the view from the gateway arch, e giantsand ca can see sceless until ler neill ok ony e second inning. seems course extending, paul goldschmidt's turn. he has been doing this his whole career.
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a two run homer made it 3- 0. steven duggar singled and then it would be misplayed. it allowed wilmer flores to eventually score. the giants got on the board. that was it. a two run game in the ninth. it ended a two on, two out groundout i mike totman. cardinals 3, giants 1. the dodgers won so that san francisco wins the west with a game over l.a. in oakland, a's, mark canha was back in the lineup. he missed three weeks with a hip issue. bottom of the one, a two out rbi double and that is how the scoring started. pitcher frankie montas was dealing until cesar hernandez got him in the face. an rbi double tied the game. then he scored again and lied 2- 1. reyes crushed a solo job and
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bounced into a luxury sweep. look at that! 3- 1, cleveland. two on, two outs and andrus rounded in a test rally killing moves. cleveland wins it 3- 2. houston also lost, so oakland remains 3 1/2 back of the astros in the al west. segment two, why this nba finals is going at least six games. and something happened tonight we
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nba finals and it's a series now. are you ready for this? for the first time, finally, a team won on the road. i give you bucks and sons, game five. phoenix at home has been money. great crowd. somehow came back from 16 points. bobby portis, corner pocket three. the box led by five in the third and looked for more.
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to holiday poked away and all discord 27. to the early fourth quarter, pj tucker drove and gianna's onto google took over. son cut the lead to five, but chris middleton had mike an answer! devin booker gave the sun sliced. a big bucket here with 90 seconds left. second straight 40 point game for booker. when you drive inside, please have a plan. to holiday just stripped it away with 20 seconds left. made him pay at the other end. he scored 32. bucks when it 123- 119. milwaukee could win their first title in 50 years when they host game six on tuesday. rascally rabbit! couldn't catch him during that third round of the men's open. let's look at jordan spieth,
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fourth wall and a long one. he would later tie for the lead.:, at 14, a former cow there. i always have to say it. and luis houston is in at the top. speaking of, look at this one on the 16th t. it's a part of the 3 and he stuck the landing. an outright lead at 69. leads morrow, by one headed into the final round on sunday. spieth is three shots back . shut out premier lacrosse league, you have an all-star game tomorrow at san jose.
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