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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530pm  CBS  July 16, 2021 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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cook. >> i'm alan martin. several bay area health directors urging everyone, even those fully vaccinated, to mask up indoors in public places. >> joining us now is doc there kirsten bibbins-domingo. she is chair of the epidemiology department at ucsf. what do you make of these new mask commendations? >> i think they're wise. i think our public health leaders in the bay area are trying to give us the warning. they're watching the rise, the uptick in cases, and even though the cases are low and the hospitalizations are low, there is clearly a trend for moving up. and in this environment, we have to be cautious. all of us have to do our part, and that is in the most risky environments, indoors, for all of us to mask up. >> you told us yesterday, we got to keep an eye on those numbers, and here we are going for it. but at what point might we go the route of l.a., we go from recommending to requiring the masks again? >> l.a. has both a larger uptick in cases and hospitalizations, and they have a lower vaccination rate, frankly, than the bay
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area. so i think l.a. wants to be cautious, given the large size of the county, the more densely packed areas in the county. i think our public health officials will be watching closely, and once they see it happening, they might take other actions. but right now, recommending is just communicating to the public, be cautious. >> we know the bay area has a pretty good vaccination rate. do you think it will be hard to sell wearing masks again to people who are already protected, who feel like they should have been able to throw them away. >> it's been the big discussion, will asking people to wear a mask somehow give people the idea that the vaccines aren't effective. it turns out in the bay area, i think people are mostly cautious and you still see a high degree of mask wearing even before the word that came out today from the county public health officials. so i think yowill see people adopting this, and mostly i think what we want to make sure is that people are clear that the best thing that we can do, in addition to masking
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immediately, is making sure that those people who are still on the fence about vaccination really get vaccinated, because that's the most important thing to protect us against the virus. >> i just sorted my masks into those i want to keep and as i want to get rid of. now they're all going into the keep tile. let's not rush this thing. how much can we blame the spike in cases to that delta variant? and there's these breakthrough cases that we are seeing. >> this is clearly a convergence of reopening, having good vaccination rates, but not perfect vaccination rates, and some parts of the state really having low vaccination rates, and then this delta variant. the delta variant moves just so much more quickly from one person to another person, and that combination is really proving to be much more than we thought it was going to be, and that's why we are making this change at this time. it turns out the vaccines are still highly effective in preventing vaccinated people from ending up in the hospital.
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the vast majority, 99% of the people in the hospital really are those who are not vaccinated, so the vaccines are effective. >> that's key. >> what about children, doctor? i know they are not eligible to be vaccinated yet. should we be worried this new variance can impact them disproportionately? >> i think one of the reasons why the recommendation is for everyone to mask indoors is precisely because a large proportion of the public who is not vaccinated, can't be, because they are children. we are wearing masks to protect ourselves. we are wearing masks to protect those around us who might not get full immunity from the vaccine because they have an immune compromised situation, and to protect those who are not vaccinated. so all of those really are the reasons, and for children, that is one of the reasons why they will be continuing to mask, because they don't have the
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vaccine. >> it's good to explain that to them. i had my granddaughter who is 11, she said why do you get to go without a mask and i have to wear a mask. she did understand when we laid it out. >> i think many families are wearing their mask and have been for a while, in solidarity with their children who are not fully protected, and that's the type of attitude we all have to have at this point. >> dr. bibbins-domingo, thank you so much for joining us this evening. las vegas is also recommending the use of masks indoors once again, for everyone vaccinated or not. that advice could affect the casinos, concerts, the clubs. yesterday, nevada health officials reported their biggest one-day jump in covid cases since february. and as we've mentioned in los angeles county, it's not a request. starting tomorrow, and indoor mask mandate goes into effect regardless of a person's vaccination status. l.a. county has recorded more than 1000 new cases per day for the last seven days. the pandemic has been long and difficult for all of us. hello. but for some who have been infected with covid-19, it can be a night mare that just
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never ends. covid long haulier syndrome is when covid patients have lingering health problems in covid symptoms, even months after the coronavirus is no longer within thonscie in ukwe avcovid. >> the data we have says you really can pick up different patterns of autoimmunity and people who have long covid. i hope that within six months we have a simple blood test that you can get. >> experts say long covid can develop from any form of the infection, whether it was mild, severe, or even asymptomatic. the condition impacts people of all ages, including children, and people who were previously fit and healthy. at 5:00, police investigating a car break-in and robbery in uptown oakland. happened this afternoon about 1:00 on the corner of 19th street and broadway.
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officers say the victim called to say she was being robbed. no word on the suspect's descriptions or the personal belongings they took off with. fairfield police have identified the victim in a deadly domestic violence incident. they say 36-year-old erica avelino was found dead last thursday in the 200 block of pennsylvania avenue. the suspect was later found in san rafael. he was booked in solano county jail for murder, violation of probation, and other charges. millions of dollars in state resources will be going toward combating asian hates. >> this last year has been such a very, very challenging year for our community. we knew that once covid hits, we saw people talking about boycotting chinese restaurants, people avoiding chinatown, people avoiding anybody who looked asian, or harassing anybody who look asian. >> this week, governor newsom signed off on more than $150 million to help stop crimes against asian americans over the next three years.
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most of that money will be given to community organizations aimed at victim services. we first brought you that news conference live on cbsn bay area. you can stay up to date 24/7 streaming or the kpix 5 news app . the romance is back in paris. how couples are celebrating the reopening of the eiffel tower. and the inspiring story of a young lady named america. how hard work helping her fulfill her dreams. coming up on you at 6:00, and aggressive coyote in gate park, even charging at toddlers. how human behavior makes playing this unusual case.
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delicia: this is where all our recycling is sorted -- 1.2 million pounds every day, helping to make san francisco the greenest big city in america. but that's not all you'll find here. there are hundreds of good-paying jobs, with most new workers hired from bayview-hunter's point. we don't just work at recology, we own it, creating opportunity and a better planet. now, that's making a difference.
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that's a beautiful shot outside. speaking of which, for many of us, being outside in nature can be a calming experience during tough times. as kpix 5 anchor michelle griego shows us, this week's students rising above scholar has found her piece at a special east bay farm. >> it's a way for me to forget about everything. >> reporter: of america cotenant moving through the farm and orchard at castle mott high school, touching the leaves of nearly every plant and flower she sees. >> really calm. >> reporter: adjuster, both curious d coing for the 18- is my peace, the farm, the plants. i don't feel stress. i don't feel overwhelmed. it's a place where i feel at peace. >> america, a transplant herself, moving here from utah with her mother, siblings, and grandparents, an immigrant
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family originally from mexico, struggling financially in the bay area. >> things were not as easy when they came from utah to california. we struggled as a family. it was really hard for my mom and my grandparents to find a job. >> reporter: the family making ends meet by selling homemade donuts in their east oakland neighborhood. america, than in grade school, helping every day. >> i remember going to school and coming from school, and just going straight to work selling donuts. it was hard for me because it was like school, then work, then come from work and go straight to doing my homework. >> we've got america over there , want to share with us? >> reporter: studying became a haven, and when america came to castle month, she found peace and purpose at the farm, first as a volunteer, and now as a paid intern, graduating as her school's salutatorian. her family's dream fulfilled. >> they moved from mexico to the united states to give us a better life and have a better
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future. i just feel proud of myself for making it as far and i'm going to continue working hard, and i'm going to continue making them happy. >> reporter: now, america is heading to uc davis, the first in her family to go to college, with a first name she says brings this question to mind. >> i wasn't named after the country. that's what a lot of people believe. and no, that's not true. i was actually named after a professional soccer team in mexico. my mom is a huge fan of that team, and she said, you know, when i have a daughter i'm going to name her america, so here i am. my name is america. >> reporter: america, for the outside world, and at home -- >> they don't call me america at home. they call me flower. >> reporter: a perfect nickname for one so at home amongst the blooms. >> i love being at the garden, being at the farm. there's a connection.
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>> reporter: for students rising above, i michelle griego. >> america was born in utah. she said she is proud of her name and doesn't mind answering questions about it. she is planning on studying landscape architecture and wants to open her own business after college. to learn more about students rising above and its scholars, just go to our website, >> she's an inspiring young lady. a group of young bay area football players got the experience of a lifetime this week. athletes from los gatos high, bellarmine, homestead, irvington, santa clara and college park all invited to play on the field in a tournament at levi's stadium this week. this all part of the 49ers and nike's 11 on initiative. the 49ers say it's back to school season approaches, they're committed to hosting more live events and supporting high school foot all across the bay area. by the way, los gatos defeated ellerman to win wednesday's tournament. levi's stadium getting ready to welcome back fans, but they need more workers. the 49ers hosting a job fair
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tomorrow for several game day positions and they're planning to pay better than ever. >> pay rates, $18.50 an hour for guest services, which is $1.50 more than we've ever paid. >> anybody 18 and older can stop by leave a stadium between 10:00 and 2:00 p.m. tomorrow to try to snag one of those job openings. kpix 5, your home for 49ers preseason football, kicks off at levi's stadium. the date, august 14th against the kansas city chiefs, and we are counting down. >> just try explaining this one to your insurance company, the literal fishy reason behind a huge dent on this car.
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well, love is definitely in the air in paris. today the eiffel tower reopened to tourists after being closed for more than eight month because of the pandemic. this couple among the group that made their way to the top deck, and the boyfriend down on a knee there, popping the question. his girlfriend was totally shocked, but said yes. >> i'm happy, yeah. i don't know, speechless. >> i think she was surprised.
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the couple said they have always wanted to visit the city of lights, because it is so romantic and so beautiful. try explaining this to your car insurance company. a driver in wisconsin says this massive dent on the hood of his car was caused by a carp, and in case the situation seemed to fishy, the carp was actually found a few feet away. the driver suspects a bird probably grabbed the fish out of a lake and then drop it while flying over the car. stunning new images from nasa's juno spacecraft are giving us a closer look at a very distant neighbor. this is a time lapse from juno's recent passover jupiter last month. it also got a great view of jupiter's largest moon. juno has been surveying the gas giant since 2016 to gain insights into its composition, structure, and magnetic and gravitational fields. >> the colors. some lightning, too. >> it has its own weather.
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there's lightning within those clouds, some huge lightning. lightning here on earth is enough to cook us, but the lightning bolt on jupiter are just orders of magnitude bigger. we are concerned about our own threat. let's take a look at the weekend, low cloud cover and fog as we head through tonight. coastal drizzle still possible but probably not as much as the past few nights. weekend temperatures are going to warm up in the fog retreats quickly tomorrow. as we warm-up we are bringing more moisture so we are watching for the possibility of dry thunderstorms developing late sunday, and that threat is going to continue into monday morning. let's talk about the setup with that. is because there is monsoonal moisture well off to our south and southeast. it's going to be making a break up towards us. the area over the bay area now is dry. not a lot of moisture in the atmosphere, kind of in the mid- levels about 10,000 to 12,000 feet up. you can see the greens heading towards us. it's not a lot of moisture
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compared to what's centered further down to our south that we are at least going to see more cloud cover by sunday and continuing into monday, and that cloud to ground lightning is going to become possible if those thunderstorms actually develop. it's only a 20% storm chance. you have to get all the ingredients to come together exactly the right way and at the right time. so you have to have basically the right proportion. just think of making a batch of chocolate chip cookies, you have everything in the bowl except butter and you put that in 12 hours later after you've cooked everything, it doesn't matter, the cookies aren't going to turn out. we need everything to come together exactly right and hopefully that won't happen. forecast models do indicate cloud-to-ground lightning in the heisey area but nothing in the bay area. that's the best case scenario, these storms just don't develop in the first place. this is one run of one forecast model, and we're going to get more data as we head into that we can. so we'll keep you up dated in terms of that storm threat. there is still an 80% chance that all of this is -- look at the regular clouds and radar version here. there is the fog spreading inland tonight, but not as far inland and it backs up eakly, even a little sunshine peaking along the coast and i don't think we are going to see as
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much of it on early sunday morning, either. what what happens as we head through the day sunday. you'll see the clouds from the self. moisture in the mid-levels of the monsieur, confident we're going to see more cloud buly li radar simulation indicating a very low potential of any of those storms actually getting going. but when you have a very low potential of lightning striking in the very dry vegetation, it's still something we have to focus on. looking outside right now, it's a beautiful evening out there. temperatures managed to make it up close to 90 degrees in fairfield and concorde, close to 80 degrees in san jose, mid- '80s for fremont, 60s in san francisco after we get to the 50s yesterday. only 55 degrees in pacific. current temperatures in the 60s around the bay with temperatures further inland, a mix of 70s and 80s. 75 in san jose, 86 concord, 88 degrees in fairfield, 64 at sfo and just a couple degrees
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cooler downtown at 62 degrees. low temperatures tonight are going to drop down to the 50s, pretty much where we've been every night for the past several nights, waking up saturday morning mostly in the low to mid 50s and high temperatures on saturday very close to was normal for the middle of july. it's been a little while. mid-60s for san lo80s in san jose with high temperatures further inland in the east bay climate closer to 90 degrees. let's zoom in for a closer look. right around 60 along the coast, not too much change for you. instead of 60s and 70s we have 70s and 80s down the peninsula and around the south end of the bay with mostly low to mid 80s in the santa clara valley, including that 82 degree high in san jose. temperatures are going to warm up to the mid-80s for the tri- valley, around 90 degrees for concord and into the low 90s as you had further east in solano and contra costa counties. 92 degrees is hotter but it's not that hot for the middle of july. mid-60s for san francisco, mid- 60s around richmond and berkeley with low 70s for
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oakland and san leandro, low to mid 80s for the northbay until you had much further north, inland mendocino county and lake county are going to climb back into the 90s again but at least you're going to stay short of 100 degrees. here's the seven-day forecast, part one focusing on san francisco, oakland and san jose. the same pattern for everybody with temperatures warming up as we head through the weekend into early next week. just a matter of how much we warm-up, obviously cooler in san francisco compared to the east bay and compared to san jose in the santa clara valley . then temperatures drop back to below normal as we go through wednesday, thursday, and friday. inland in the east bay, high temperatures close to 90 into the first half of next week. the northbay also warms up, mid- 80s, then you're back into the low 80s as we go through wednesday, thursday, and friday. just not much change along the coast. you are consistent, right around 60 degrees, just a little sunshine peaking through the clouds. we can be happy about that. we have another date on that lightning thread at 6:00 and also lighten things up a bit with the dog walking forecast. more on possible dry lightning concerns. a fire weather watch issued for parts of the bay area. we are talking to cal fire about the preparations underway. plus, a coyote killed after posing a threat to public safety. how experts say you learn some
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osteo bi-flex, plus vitamin d >> the city of san jose has shut down one of the largest temporary homeless shelters in
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the south bay. as kpix 5's kit the reports, the site at the san jose convention center is getting cleaned up and ready as the downtown economy starts to rebound. >> so this here in downtown san jose is what's known as south hall. it is a semipermanent tent structure right next to the convention center, and for the past 15 months of the pandemic, it's been an 80,000 square-foot temporary homeless shelter. but this week, that chapter comes to an end. >> reporter: for juan korea, south hall has been his home for more than a year. he was grateful for the time off the streets and got a taste of routine and community. >> you're getting told to leave. are you upset, mad, anxious, worried? >> not at all. whatever comes our way, we have to go back to the street, like i said, for me it's a good place and i appreciate what they're doing. sometimes it's harder to find us another shelter. >> reporter: the city of san jose opened up the temporary shelter shortly after the first lockdown of 2020 two help local
5:58 pm
shelters with social distancing. at its peak, south hall housed 285 people a night, serving a total of 1300 people. linda marie mabe are is moving to another shelter and can only take two bags. >> what's the plan now? >> i guess i'm going to have to toss one of my blankets and a pillow. >> it was time to start winding down our temporary shelters. >> reporter: reagan manager is the deputy director of the city's housing department, and says with vaccination rates up in covid rates down, they began moving the homeless to other shelters or temporary housing two months ago. >> as our city begins to resume normal activities, gatherings are allowed and team san jose has started to see bookings for their convention center space. so all of these things sort of created this environment where we could start looking at safely closing this temporary shelter and finding alternative housing.
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>> reporter: bookings like emerson van gogh, the traveling digital art exhibits, will be inside south hall starting september 24th. in august, two more conferences are coming, design, and silicon. in october, hamilton is coming to town. and in exactly 4 weeks, san jose jazz is returning to downtown, albeit at half capacity. executive director brandon rawson says when they started getting calls and emails of support from devoted fans, they knew the time was right. >> the idea of being able to come back is reflective of the whole community having put in that work and had that shared sense of responsibility and the benefits of that are about to come to fruition. >> reporter: in san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. preparing for the unpredictable. the possibility of dry lightning in the forecast raising concerns for firefighters. the fire weather watch just issued.
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an aggressive coyote and golden gate park killed after charging a toddler's. how human interference may help explain this unusual case. first, our top story on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. don't ditch your mask just yet. masks are back in the bay area. the recommendation to wear masks indoors once again. good evening, i'm alan martin. >> and i and elizabeth cook. just when we thought we were in the clear, bay area counties now recommending everyone wear a mask indoors. here's the overview. the peak of this graph shows covid cases at the peak of the epidemic. now we are much better today, but the concerning number is that seven-day positivity rate, now 3.7%. this time last month it was below 1%. >> let's get right to juliette goodrich, live in downtown pleasanton with how this new mask recommendation is going down. >> a lot of people caught by surprise. they thought it was just southern california. now this mask is a
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